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  • draconianfiire
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️;;
    #ffxiv#xiv photos#gpose #au ra // raen #katsu ishiku #img.post #the idea of alphi and katsu learning sage together is adorable #and then her surprising estinien at some point with a new healing job
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  • electric-type-ratgirl
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Btw if undertale if you spare every enemy mettaton will be really strong, but if youre doing genocide he will only have 1hp and be the easiest to kill. The reason for that is because mettaton is made by alphys who cant work under pressure and when she sees everyone dying, you might not see her at the front lines but she is actively caring about the situation so much she can barely work. Other examples include her handwriting and grammar getting messier when the determination experiment starts going in wrong, in her journal (and ofc her stuttering). She is very efficient when shes not stressed tho lol. Relatable

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  • alpacasandwine
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Yeah yeah, the genocide route is sad and all because you kill people just to get a new ending and stuff

    But have you thought of how Mettaton feels in a neutral route if we kill him?

    He and Alphys basically toyed with Frisk to make a show, the bombs stuff, the almost being killed with a chainsaw or the fire, yeah, it was all a show and we as players enjoyed those parts becasue they are fun, but consider, those events are real for the characters in the game, specially for Frisk since they are the one whose life was in danger (or aparent danger at least, probably none of those things were even meant to be really dangerous, besides of the mercenaries in the core).

    Now picture this, Mettaton finally faces Frisk in battle, a last show where either Frisk kills/defeats Mettaton or Mettaon kills Frisk and takes their soul, but even in a serious scenario like this, Mettaton doesn't take it seriously, it is just another show full of drama and laughs. In a pacifist route Frisk plays along, dances, eats expensive food, and makes a good show for all of Mettaton's fans... but in a Neutral Route (one of the versions of it were Mettaton dies at least) Frisk doesn't play, they start to attack Mettaton, and he is starting to take real damage, he takes it with humor at first, moaning and still dancing since he knows this will bring good ratings... but then his arms fall off, and he starts to struggle to keep saying his funny dialogues about cameras, lights and drama, and then his legs surrender as well. For Mettaton all of this was just a funny game, he had killing us as his goal, but in the end what he really wanted was to have the human as a special guest in his shows. He then probably realizes, all of this time, he was playing games, at the expenses of Frisk's life being in danger (or at least that's what the human would assume), while he was dancing and posing, the human was fighting for their life, this was not a joke for them. Mettaton probably realzies that he has no right to be angry at the human for trying to kill him, they are just defending themselves, Mettaton deserves this for being so selfish and wanting to become famous using the human's soul, this is the fate that he deserves...

    Now, I need to remind you, we as a player are not fighting for our life, we are just playing a funny game and having fun seeing what would happen if we killed Mettaton, but Mettaton doesn't know this, all of this is real for him, Frisk is probably also just having fun considering that we control them, they are most probably don't fighting for their lifes either, but Mettaton also doesn't know this.

    So we kill him, and proceed with the game, and Alphys talks to us, feels bad for Mettaton's death but tries to hid it by saying that she can always create another robot. If Mettaton fell all of that, what would Alphys, someone who is already dealing with low self steem and with the whole amalgamates situation? She was working with Mettaton to make this show about a killer robot where she was the hero by helping Frisk overcome these problems, she is the one that put is in so much danger (or what the human would assume to be real danger). She knows the human was fighting for their life, so much that she even reveals Mettaton's weakness, basically giving us the key to murder her friend. And what's the worst part? That she can't be mad at the human, they are just trying to survive, not only she caused all of this mess to begin with, she also facilitated to us a way to kill Mettaton. And now Alphys knows that if Frisk was determined enought to take Mettaton's life to survive and go home, they would surely fight with Asgore.

    And so, Alphys can only tell us that we need to fight Asgore and take his soul if we want to cross the barrier...

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  • warwaged
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    one day I’ll make a compilation of every single time the twins bully each other

    #but also one of every time we see alisaie worried about alphi #‣ out of character { the mun } —  ❝ THAT GLOOMY GIRL WHO SIGHS A LOT. ❞ #I have thoughts and feelings about my children #I'm also trying to make replies to all of you who wrote me amazing starters ok #I'm just hungry and waiting for food to arrive so rn I have no brain power just thoughts about the twins
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  • clowngeneratedcontent
    21.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    like. ik i’ve only rly talked about toriel’s relationship w sans but GOD. imagine a family cooking night with toriel, sans, papyrus, frisk and flowey. the whole [insert surname that isn’t dreemurr here] family….. 🥺🥺

    #bee.txt #ut/dr#safeutdr#cc #plus chara if u think they should come back post-pacifist #they all make a pie together and while papyrus and flowey don’t exactly understand it they’re both eager to help #(even if flowey doesn’t want to admit to anyone including himself JDHSJSJJFJG) #MAN just. man. these characters live in my head rent-free #i care about them SO SO SO MUCH #and before u say that i’ve forgotten alphys + undyne + the ghost cousins. i actually think of them as being more like extended relatives #like. alphys + undyne are frisk’s sapphic aunts and the ghost cousins are. well the ghost cousins HDHSHSHJF #and asgore’s there too ig just not nearly as involved. he has a gamerbox that frisk likes to play on HDHSHSHJF
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  • utus-sutaguraundo-au
    21.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Shyren swaps with Monster Kid in this au, let me explain why:

    Chara swaps with Asriel in this au

    Swapping him with any other npc wouldnt make sense, and i thought Shyren made more sense

    They both have siblings

    I swapped the amalgamates with the gaster followers


    I feel like Alphys protecting Shyren in genocide would make a good bond

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  • utus-sutaguraundo-au
    21.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Alphys reboot!

    Now based on concept art Alphys, as requested by @oatsfromhell

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  • utus-sutaguraundo-au
    21.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    * Uh, today's status report, huh?

    * Well, sure.

    * Huh? If i captured the human?

    * Well...

    * ...no.

    * I did my best to fight 'em, but..

    * Wait, you're gonna give their soul to The Queen yourself?

    * Let's just think for a second, capiche?

    * I believe... that they're a nice person.

    * We shouldn't treat them like a threat 'cuz they're human. That's racism.

    * Howzabout we just-

    * ...

    * ...welp.

    * ...Don't say i didn't warn ya.

    Here's Alphys! The Royal Guard's Leader, Starground's savior, with armor built by Doctor Undyne!

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  • rocenmatner
    21.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    ✨ Its movie night time  ✨

    #and I still try my best drawing backgrounds #and fail miserably #undertale#frisk#alphys#my art
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  • rebu72
    21.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    What’s it all about Alphie?

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  • superkirbylover
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    * (It's you and your friends!)

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  • alilsakurablossom
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #human au #human! mettaton #human! papyrus #papyton#college au#undyne#alphys #undyne x alphys #mettaton x papyrus #mettaton#papyrus#toriel#my works#fanfiction
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  • delihar
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kris wearing a dress 😳😳

    Yeah it was berdly’s funeral

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  • linaharutaka
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    friendships that are so important to me

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  • ut-poppy-askblog
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Thanks to everyone for following! We're still working away at Poppy Buys Milk, we've almost finished redesigning the map.

    As for ACT 2's progress, here is a small look of things to come.

    Also, remember that OOC asks are always open!

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  • yugogeer012
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    They clearly can get along well

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  • aetherbun-xo
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    I'm getting some practice for some writing so I can do good at school, so leave me some requests!!

    I WILL write for:




    Pretty much any series!

    I WON'T write for:

    Modern MCYT

    Mainly Modern MCYT

    yeah that's it so far LMAO

    I WILL write:



    Character x Character

    Character x Reader

    All genders

    All pronouns



    Mental Illness (to an EXTENT)

    I WON'T write:


    Smut (I'm a minor)

    Anything to do with sex, consentual or non-consentual

    Self inserts

    Child readers

    Will update as I see fit

    Send in your requests and I'll get to them as soon as I can!! 💛

    #eddiewrites#fnaf #fnaf x reader #freddy x reader #roxy x reader #chica x reader #monty x reader #foxy x reader #mangle x reader #x reader #undertale x reader #sans x reader #papyrus x reader #undyne x reader #metatton x reader #alphys x reader #egos x reader #youtuber x reader #avengers x reader #happy potter x reader
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