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  • fanartandvents
    14.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    No joke though I seriously wish I'd kept my word and drew something because now I can't and I want to but I don't have the energy what the FUCK

    #migraine from chewing gum too long and my bones loathe my ass #this happens every time so don't worry about that #no but seriously. why didn't I draw when I said I would #now here I am 😔 #not art but art related #I just feel weird again and like #I JUST said something about it I said it felt like some weird void opened up around me? #like it's pressing but also it's empty and I can't do anything against it #it's not even lonely it just makes me anxious #something about me being the same person as I was in the past #which honestly I'm holding back from turning into a rabid animal about because I GENUINELY don't feel like anyone sees the work I've been #putting into bettering myself and trying to stop my toxic behavior from the past #like I'M NOT THE SAME PERSON AS I WAS IN 2018. 2019. LAST YEAR. THIS FUCKING JANUARY. #I've also been in/out dissociating and I was TOXIC when I was younger because I thought being traumatized and #having what had happened to me was NORMAL. I didn't SEE an issue because I didn't THINK there was #and if people don't want to see how I've grown past that and have been making steps with what problems I have now #I genuinely would never want to talk to you #don't even fucking look at me. #vent ish??? #I definitely lost myself in a tangent in tags
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  • sampoststuff
    14.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Heyo! Here’s two drawings for @icefir upcoming chapter for her story on the @allstarsstorymode867 blog! Go ahead and check the story out!

    #my art#mileena #mileena mortal kombat 11 #original characters (not mine) #they’re known as hyena furthers within the story #allstarsstorymode #side note and tangent: imma try to get back to posting more drawings #I just got done with spring semester but I kinda have to start back at square one cuz I changed my degree #and I gotta soon do an exam in order to get access to more classes for the fall so rip to me #also I’ll probably gravitate to posting more original characters among other things #however! at some point this week I plan to open up my ask box once again #and I’m also getting a Kofi account set up in case any of y’all wanna support me
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  • elventhespian
    14.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Script Comparison 5/? - Will attempts to speak to Elizabeth (aka the "How long do we continue not talking" scene)

    Budget Draft:

    Other Early Draft:

    Two different versions for this one. I now assume that the top version is an older version of the script, but the top one actually leaked later. I like the version that ended up in the movie, largely because of how it was acted and directed, but have to admit I kind of liked the budget draft and would have liked to have seen that version acted out.

    It seems it took a while for them to figure out how Will and Elizbeth's breakdown of communication and trust would go.

    #PotC#AWE #at world's end #pirates of the caribbean #Elizabeth Swann#Will Turner#willabeth #In any case I like both versions more than the silent one #I prefer that their breakdown of communication is not for lack of trying idk #It also spells out Elizabeth's mindset better IMO #Also tangent but I gasped at the opening image for this scene with the ship cutting through the mirror sea in the night #But nobody includes it in potC gifsets??? #Pot #PotC Script Comparisons
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  • rainyhuman
    14.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    been seeing people have a lot of feelings about the second season and tbh as a poc i LOVED seeing victor's relationship with his parents. i just felt it was so accurate and it wasn't too much or too little. and i'm glad they talked about the privilege white lgbtq people have. i loved seeing victor's mom come around, it made me cry. the conversation about how you feel like your parents have given up so much for you and you dont deserve to go against them. like yes, victor's mother was homophobic but she changed, she came around. yes she should be held accountable for the homophobia but her growth and effort should also be acknowledged. like just knowing that my parents might come around is very hopeful and this is the first time i'm seeing rep that resonates with me. the conversation rahim and victor had in the dark room was so important in acknowledging that white people will never get it.

    also OMFG the conversation his mom had with the priest AND with adrien aaaaa

    #love victor #AAA dude the muslim rep im so happy about that!!!! #still don't know what to feel about the love triangle tho #also lake and lucy 👀👀👀 #AND pilar and felix aaaaa #also GOOD for mia #im glad shes figuring out her shit #also really happy felix's mom got the help she needed!!! #love victor spoilers #homophobia#tangent #but the only thing that really pissed me off in this season was the insertion of the love triangle. maybe just let victor be single and #friends with rahim #yes they have chemistry but it also felt really out of nowhere and forced #like i do agree with the point others are making in saying that not every gay person dates the first gay person they meet #bc that's exactly how it looks like #STILL REALLY EXCITED FOR THE MUSLIM GAY REP THO #forgot to mention... if someone is still reading this 😭😭😭 i was sad lake and felix broke up tho :(( i loved them together
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  • alluringallura
    13.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    not to cause any controversy or anything, but can I say that zane can and will rant about bread for 3 hours straight and eveyone will lsiten in pain because "bro what the fuck are you talking about" is their response to zane speaking about specific techniques on how to knead dough, and after which he will talk about the types of yeast (like the actual yeasts and not types for bakin) and how it contributed to making a loaf of bread rise.

    Also applies to detectives and pirates

    #ninjago #ninjago masters of spinjitzu #zane#zane julien#zane ninjago#shitpost #Now i may not know anything about kneading techniques or yeast other than its function #but I want tk rant about bread #also the reason why zane rants about anything period is because of someone asking about where the fuck the bread is #and he tells thwm #But also in exchange kinda goes on a tangent #now was I going to do this about jay? yes. #but zane suits this hc better fjsjcnsjcj
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  • outlivespast
    13.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    EGOISM  ( 23% )   :  excessive concern with one’s own pleasure or advantage at the expense of community well-being.

    MACHIAVELLIANISM  ( 17% )   :  manipulativeness, callous affect, and a strategic, calculating orientation.

    MORAL DISENGAGEMENT  ( 37% )   :  a generalized cognitive orientation that differentiates one’s thinking towards unethical behavior.

    NARCISSISM  ( 23% )   :  an all-consuming drive towards ego-reinforcement and an egotistical interest in, or admiration of, one’s self.

    ENTITLEMENT  ( 30% )   :  a stable and pervasive sense that one deserves and is entitled to more than others.

    PSYCHOPATHY  ( 47% )   :  deficits in affect and self-control (i.e. callousness and impulsivity), as well as a lack of remorse, antisocial behavior, and volatility.

    SADISM  ( 40% )   :  a tendency to humiliate others via cruel or demeaning behavior, or the propensity to intentionally inflict physical, sexual, or psychological pain on others in order to assert power or for pleasure and enjoyment.

    SELF INTEREST  ( 23% )   :  the unprincipled pursuit of gains in socially valued domains, such as material goods, social status, recognition, achievement, and success.

    SPITEFULNESS  ( 50% )   :  a tendency to engage in behavior that would harm others but would also entail harm to oneself.

    TOTAL DARK CORE  ( 32%, 14.89% lighter than the average person )   :  your total Dark Core factor. higher scores indicate a darker personality.

    TAGGED   : @heartborrow xx TAGGING  : u!!
    #yeah that's valid #sadism is a lil high but i say that as like. one of our first interactions is of him setting someone on fire... #but like not like to inflict physical pain but psychological yeah #it was also in defense of his friends which is really where that comes to play #vs it being about power anyway that's a tangent #study. #a lot can happen in one queue.
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  • rains-pace
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    what if bench trio were characters in a cartoon? haha jk. unless?

    #dream smp#mcyt#tommyinnit#ranboo#tubbo#bench trio#clingy duo#allium duo#bee duo #i want to clarify the caption is a joke this isn't a miss officer and mr truffles situation ok #i just wanted to draw benchtrio but I hurt my wrist so bad this week and I needed to use a simpler style #i usually draw in this style for like warmups or little design tests but its fun #my normal style cant be exaggerated this much like.. with the eyes #i like drawing big eyes sometimes i think its cute #uh? forgot what i was saying i went on a tangent its like 1 am when I'm writing this #anyway i just thought this would be fun and I got to make a fake little cartoon logo for them #thats all i think!! these are my most recent designs for them tho which is good cuz I keep forgetting details when I sketch them #so hopefully this will help me remember #also i made this in clip studio!! most of my art is made in firealpaca cuz I've been using it for like 5 years but #ive been using clip studio recently to try it out and now I'm using them interchangeably they're fun #uh thats all i think byeee love u
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  • mylestoyne
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #hiiii alex sorry it took me so long to answer this I went to target #started typing a tangent about bittersteel but deleted it sorry aegor #also started typing my no head daemon & maelys headcanons but also deleted its too tangential #I just have so many blackfyre thoughts u know
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  • lux-has-too-many-fos
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Also fun fact Rico was named Ricochet in the early versions of the game when it was all about the wild west #He used to be a Kille that wanted to avenge robots from humans #But they remodeled him after they changed the course of the game #And now hes a grumpy bubblegum machine living with his bros 8bit and Brock #Also I realized Ive f/o'd everyone on the aracde trio except rico TwT #Sorry I went on a tangent there #Also have you seen the animations? #Those are goood #Edgar anon
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  • wendy130
    12.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #ask#others art #Cory my beloved sibling #Cory's art my beloved #small tangent in tags ---> #the expression- while simple- is v/ expressive hahghgh #also I just. like the horns and wings ghghh #the clothing is simple but effective and #jhjjhjjjjhhj the ears just. #mwah I love #I want to hug you so badly aghhhhhhfkskfskf ./hug #also. it is incredibly late rn so. am sleep now bnbbbkkkb
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  • johnny-and-dora
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    mythic quest is my favourite...workplace comedy? that can’t be right

    #mythic quest #i really liked the new episode and it actually made me cry at the end #it’s so funny to me that they’ve just gone on a cw tangent in the middle of the season #and left all the conflicts of the main plot completely hanging for so long so now we’re desperate to know what’s happening #i’ve literally never seen a show do that before #and i find all this cw stuff so interesting but also i miss brad lol #shut up sian #god knows what’s happening in the mq offices rn fhsksks all we know is cw taking a shit in a desk
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  • ultragreedier
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    pov I infodump abt my hatred for d-n schn--d-r in the tags of a post by accident and then proceed to do the same on discord to my partner,

    #pov my ramble rant tangent abt my hatred for him turns into a rant abt how much i hate b-tch h-rtman and s-th mcf-rl-nd #bc of completely different reasons #mainly boiling down to their art style makes me want to kill everyone in the room and then myself #and then i proceed to go on abt how actually Every Adult Cartoon Looks Like Shit Also The Animation Is Stiff Also Kill Me!! #posts i can use to convince my mom that i do in fact have adhdJWSNDJFJFSAF #talky
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  • princessquinnella
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hold my tongue… or go off? Hold my tongue… or go off…

    Ya’ll KNOW my deep seated / complicated love / hate relationship with the TinkerBell movies! XDD Just got a lovely ask I am both excited and hesitant to answer because I don’t wish to overwhelm them to go off like I usually do with this subject matter lol

    I read the fairies books daily, (as a child and even nowadays) often more than 10 times a day (including the OG Never Dust / Pixie Dust / Pixie Hollow trilogy. They were my only escape. I was so attached to these characters and lived so much in their world (I still do but that’s another thing due to trauma and me still being trapped but I digress…)

    When I heard they were making a MOVIE at 8 years old about my fav fairy and character?! That my hyperfixation and beloved Tink was to be seen ON SCREEN?! I was SO EXCITED - I couldn’t wait to have my lovely worlds and characters I’d grown up adoring show up on screen! Which story would they tell?!


    None of the characters I loved best showed up either. Particularly the fairy I felt absolutely most close to, was Rani - the only fairy without wings (the only disabled fairy!) - as I am the only physically disabled person in my house and traumatizing bullying at home from my own sibs and at school and constant doctor appointments was the reason for my constant need for escape (I digress lol)

    (Four Clues for Rani is sometimes hard to read actually if I’m having a bad I hate myself / the issues of my disability day… so that’s always fun.)

    They majorly changed the world, the few characters they did include were severely watered down to bare bones of what I had been so in love with and adored AND NONE OF THE MAIN FAIRIES SHOWED. I grew to love this set of stories as it’s own thing but the pain was still there. Like physical pain - it even happens sometimes when watching movies just the memory of feeling betrayed by this whole thing lol I know they had issues with copywright and stuff apparently but that doesn’t change the fact I as a tiny child felt utterly confused and betrayed lol

    I got my ADHD / Autism diagnosis years later at 17 and BAM it all clicked into place / why I still continue to hyperfixate on these fantasy worlds / NeverLand / Fairies, and my difficulty of change - especially major change - is severely hard for me to cope with.

    Especially when those changes are placed upon the only thing that gave me joy and escape at 8 years old - worlds I knew better than the back of my own hand suddenly being altered and changed to where I couldn’t just enjoy my brain had to reconnect with these characters and stories I was so used to.

    Now yes I DID fervently play Pixie Hollow Online I ADORED PIXIE HOLLOW ONLINE I could actually fly around my special little world and interact with fellow fairies and do things the fairies did! 🧚🏼‍♂️ (it’s where Quinn and Rainy (Me and Keri) @frecklydork actually met lol The Secret of the Wings is practically our movie, two sisters from separate worlds finally finding each other after so long and connecting - that is the only reason I tolerate it because of those warm feelings, I legit just turn Tink into Quinn, and Peri into Rainy and so despite the GLARING errors the movie makes in continuity and everything from the other movies, that movie is amazing for me lol (Also I’m a sucker for Romeo and Juliet stories sue me and my romantic ass lol)

    I have my own dark headcanons for Lord Milori but this post is long enough and going off on too many tangents as usual BECAUSE I CANT SHUT UP ABOUT THIS ONCE YOU GET ME GOING AND I CAN JUMP AROUND TO EACH ONE IF YOU DONT PUT ME ON A SHORT LEASH!!! You literally CANT. Lol

    I adore the movies for their own thing I apologize for anyone thinking I’m putting down the movies (It can certainly be taken that way) but I ADORE the movies but still find the topic a major hyperfixation on the changes from book to movie and this is only place I can even rant about it - though @frecklydork is usually the only one I feel comfortable sharing with lol LOVE YOU SIS!!! 💚💙

    #Guess I went off?! #Tinkering Away! #I’d fly backwards if I could this topic is just SO deep rooted and personal for me lol #Latest ask legit has me aggressively flapping and shaking like LOVE LOVE LOVE talk about my hyperfixation but it also goes into a lot #if PAINFUL parts of that hyperfixation I’m still grappling with to this day lol #Don’t get me comparing my beloved comfort books and characters to the movies unles you want me GOING OFF AND GOING ON BELOVED / DISLIKE #TANGENTS!!! #TinkerBell#Disney Fairies
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  • shadeswift99
    10.06.2021 - 4 days ago
    #i often struggle with seeing what strats people use in pvp stuff and using them myself without having them verbally explained #just an information processing thing i guess #but i knew enough to know that whatever the hell they just did was incredible in terms of communication #they beat out so many teams full of people whose main content is pvp; who live and breathe it and keep up with every update #and they beat them out because they were SMART about it; it was beautiful #the role assignment; how good they were at falling into their individual place in the team while staying adaptable #the way they said only what they needed to when they needed to to leave lines of communication free of clutter #but were still extremely open with each other and didn't head off on any tangents on their own #.... it's possible that i am now talking about the part that was least interesting to most people #but i just really like analysing dynamics between people based on how they mesh in a fight #OH WAIT I JUST REALIZED i can watch the training vods - #i think Ren had a few #hell yes give me that sweet pvp knowledge please yes - #second hand pvp training plus more blue bats content? YEAAAAH #anyway. yeah. from so many perspectives blue bats good #i also am absolutely addicted to how encouraging they were to each other and in what ways when #it was so nice to see #ask#blue bats #is that a tag? probably
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  • yaroantheo
    09.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Genuinely what do I do if my fic becomes the longest m***s*h fic on fucking ao3 and possibly of all time. How do I live with myself how do I look myself in the mirror and not perish every day until I’m dethroned

    #it’s looking more and more likely by the day 🥶 #this is NOT a humblebrag I’m so riddled with regret here it’s ridiculous #writing this fic has unlocked an entire new spectrum of experiences and some of them?? are bad #I just like.......there’s still more to say............ #it’s because I spend 1000 words at a time on dumb tangents about like pillowcases and ice cubes huh. #also we CANT let the longest fic be charhawk we just can’t #but also whyyyyyyyy me.
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  • thoughtfulfangirling
    08.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    “Dream House as Generation Star Ship.

    Eventually, everyone forgets. That's the worst part maybe. It's been so long since anyone's seen Earth, so long since that first crew made their way shipward, leaving behind their beloved planet wreathed in smoke and ice.

    They had to get out. They knew it. Everyone knew it. But they were lucky and found a ship, and they set course for somewhere else and settled down, and when they had children, they told their children stories of where they used to live. They left out the worst parts maybe, because even now, surrounded by chrome and glass and stars, the acute bite of the planet's betrayal has lessened, and by the time they passed on, and the ship was still careening away, the children of the children of the first crew had only the faintest wisps of understanding of what used to be.

    By the time they got to somewhere else—a beautiful planet with singing stones and citrine trees and soil that smell like cumin and water you can walk over—no one could even remember why they left earth to begin with.

    I suppose it must have been terrible, they said uncertainly. We took so much effort to leave. It must have been the worst place. But that nagging sensation of doubt was so profound, they eventually gave it a name.

    Nonstaglia, noun.

    1) The unsettling sensation that you are never able to fully access the past, that once you are departed from an event, some essential quality of it is lost forever.

    2) A reminder to remember, just because the sharpness of the sadness has faded, does not mean it was not once terrible. It means only that time and space—creatures of infinite girth and tenderness—have stepped between the two of you, and they are keeping you safe, as they were once unable to.”

    —In the Dream House: A Memoir by Carmen Maria Machado

    #Listening to this on audiobook so this is transcribed #Good chance the words are right but the formatting are all wrong from the text #My apologies for that #Still i needed this whole thing to revist #Especially this last part #It resonates so strongly #but makes more sense with the context and so... #Memory is a trip #both in terms of personally remembering things #but also... generationally #how much of queer history have we lost #how much do we not understand now of what the people who got us here went through #I think about that last thing a lot as someone who came out as or even before marriage equality was legalized even in the first US state #I feel the weight of the AIDS crisis sometimes but know so very little about it #I need to do more queer history reading #la de da #tangent in the tags #tf reads#quotes #in the dream house: a memoir #Carmen Maria Machado
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  • cattles-bians
    08.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    am in a weird number of facebook groups w a median age of uhh 50+ for various reasons n these can either be v charming (lots of motivational pictures and interesting articles) or absolutely cursed

    #side tangent but #i think um. intergenerational friendships and communication is important? #& sincerely believe hanging out w kids occasionally is important for ur social wellbeing #every time i look after these 6-11 y/os i feel like i understand myself better. its weird #and also theyre funny little weirdos #idk. we are living in a time of great social loneliness espc in the west and i have many thoughts swimming in my head #espc under late stage capitalism #in the words of karl marx- no im done IM DONE
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  • chiritori
    08.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    i feel like i am everybodys resident crazy bitch mutual & u know what. i embrace that

    #i go on long ass tangents in the tags of all my reblogs & write an essays worth of shinsei kamattechan infodumps per day #while my muts & also the old hs friends who still follow this blog & have realized who i am watch in horror #not to mention the unapologetic venting on main #ive grown to be so unhinged online over the past few years its terrible. but it also has largely to do w my mental health declining lol #i promise im normal in person i just need an outlet to be bonkers on
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  • memesbyeloise
    07.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Yeah the genshin girls might be sexualized but honestly the men kinda are too? And it’s so good?

    Like I can’t think of any other RPG game like this that has such attractive, cute and downright handsome male characters without forcing/demanding them to be either a “trap” or Straight Male™️ Power Fantasy™️ and I think that’s beautiful

    #except Diluc I think the Straight Males™️ would like him the most out of the others #although I’ll give him a pass since Crepus 👀 #you see the capitalization and the (TM)s? that’s a group #not all cis straight males are like that and I can assure you because my brother said and I quote #they’re all so funky i would also dress like this (referring to xiao) #anyways #this went in a tangent #also I’m very bi and I’m very gender envious because genshin made very very sexy and adorable characters #BUT I STILL THINK THE GIRLS SHOULD HAVE PANTS #and if you want to know where this rant comes from #yes it was because of Gorou #he goes nyaa~ #genshin#genshin impact#shitpost
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  • scarlets-speedsters
    07.06.2021 - 6 days ago
    #kdgsksbsfg no literally i say i'm unknowable but i also overshare #like if you ask me anything i'll probably go on a tangent and reveal too much #ask#bi-felicia-hardy#gaya tag
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