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    in intermittent squalls
    we decry impermanence.

    mass rituals lessen
    the private seclusions
    orbital desires propel upon us.

    skin-deep lies blesses bearers;

    a transgressor moved the needle
    on the doomsday clock


    we move cyclically
    if at all.
    1/20 - lebuc - mourning a legend

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  • give me bleach

    put plastic in my mouth

    heave mood swings my way

    stub your Parliament Lights out
    on my neck

    lie to me.
    deceive me.

    put your heels in my groin

    paint me with lipstick

    snort diet pills

    pop QVC into the syringe

    force your anger on top
    of my frail shoulders

    pull the wool
    over my eyes

    I want it

    Jesus Christ

    I want it

    and worst of

    I may just
    love you

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  • When it comes to love I don’t believe that it’s just bad luck haunting me, because deep in my heart I’m aware of how I am afraid to be vulnerable; to let someone see. So I hold them at distance. Push them away should they get too close, while keeping them within reach because I’m still scared of being alone. Craving intimacy, yet I do not know how to deal with it properly.

    w.s.w. // walking paradox

    #whensilencewrites #w.s.w. #my own#poem#poetry #writers on tumblr #poets on tumblr #excerpt from a book i'll never write #quote#spilled ink#words#alt lit#literature#aestethic#love#anxiety#shy#introvert #fear of commitment #distancing#lonely
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  • I do not know
    how to be loved

    you kiss me
    and I flinch
    because the universe comes alive
    all at once
    and the brilliance is startling
    to behold.

    You whisper my name
    as if it were a prayer
    when I have only heard
    the ghosts

    and you hold me
    as if I was leaving
    when I have never
    learned to stay.

    You keep me
    in the hollows
    of your heart
    even though I am more burden
    than I am relief 
    but you insist
    that I am the peace
    you have been longing for.

    I do not know
    how to be loved
    but I refuse
    to let go of your hand

    and I would risk
    a thousand pains
    just to breathe your name

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  • You give me the feeling that
    At night before you fall asleep
    Your eyes fill up with tears
    And your bed fills up with fears

    Well honey let me tell you that
    I know it might seem scary but
    You’re the loveliest I’ve ever seen
    You turn my days into a dream

    And you give me the feeling that
    In the bathroom when you look into
    The mirror you don’t see who I know
    You see the child of your fear’s ghost

    Well honey let me tell you that
    I know you might seem ugly but
    Your face is my life’s light
    The stars of my life’s night

    And you give me the feeling that
    When you step on a weighing scale
    You see the numbers multiplied
    You let fear take over your eyes

    Well honey let me tell you that
    If I could in my power then
    I’d smash every scale in the world
    I’d get back all the food you’ve hurled

    But I’m not a good person
    And I don’t know how to say these things
    So I’ll store these words like a diadem
    Maybe you’ll manage to find them
    When you’re looking for yourself
    One day.

    - b&r

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  • Grimace.

    I want you to go and stay gone…

    But whenever you come back I realize how much I miss you.

    I realize how much I still care and part of me wants to welcome you.

    To say, Oh honey, where have you been?

    But I remember what you did to me.

    I remember how you broke me,

    I remember how you left, and why.

    Every time you came back, what you took from me,

    Then suddenly….

    I don’t miss you.

    I don’t want you to come back.

    I want to rip your heart beating out of your chest.

    Just to hold it for a second, the cold flesh against my skin.

    Just to prove to the both of us that this whole time you had it…

    Before I crushed it in my hands.



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  • This is the morning
    when the dream forest teems
    with the loveliest monsters
    waving goodbye

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  • To maintain my awareness
    while driving this bleak
    midnight highway
    I conjure up
    the vision of your grandma
    dancing tipsy on the porch
    dressed only
    in that frilly
    pink nothing

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  • a young
    George Washington
    jacking off
    for the
    first time
    a cherry tree

    a virgin

    watching for

    as he
    does his

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  • you melt into me, vanilla ice-cream dripping onto my skin:

    gentle yet urgent.

    lips press like petals on ripe buds and I

    b l o o m

    the heat of summer swells in our bodies,

    the oldest magick we know is stirring,

    humming vibrations in our chests and throats.

    then, there is nothing at all but the chaos fizzing in our eyes,

    the merging bodies are pale ghosts compared with our entwining spirits;

    pale jellyfish tendrils, nematocysts charging - charging - almost - !

    (and we are these tangling threads, now)

    I’m lost here, where there is no beginning or ending,

    where nothing is permanent yet nothing is fleeting.

    sand-gold time burns away like dying suns,

    screaming out with ecstasy.

    those humming vibrations, that beautiful magick bursts free

    and I feel it all, everything, all at once:

    I am serenity, I am peace,

    I am yours.

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  • a man in a cowboy hat

    carries two litres of antifreeze

    past the abandoned flower shop,

    his eyes too frozen over

    to let out the tears.

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  • why don’t you wrap your hands

    around my neck, bruise me so

    you can’t let go.

    and when my struggles cease

    and my skin feels like snow -

    that’s when you’ll know

    (bury me by my favourite tree:

    when the flowers grow, I will be free)

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  • the hire car was silver grey

    came with a full tank

    return policy same

    no sat nav

    just a map of the islands main roads

    & these black lines?

    those are the local roads sir

    leading to peoples homes

    ok I said thank you

    & off we went

    following the main roads

    stuck in tourist traffic

    lemme lookit that map

    & we set off you know we did

    on the black line roads

    all gravel sand humped up by use

    leaving dust clouds behind

    & all went well

    for a day or two

    until I found myself

    in a garden wedged on a rock

    excuse me sir I’m stuck

    es ok he smiled

    just rock it

    between first & reverse

    it’ll back out

    & he was right it did

    I suspect this was not

    his first rodeo

    neil benbow

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  • you can take your
    crying clowns, yin and yang,
    and every single one of your
    sticks and stones
    but you can’t take the words you’ve said.
    words, once you’ve said them
    they belong to whomever heard them.
    I wonder what percentage
    of thoughts are my own–
    how many have been from
    the television antimatter
    emitted from a screen.
    things begin at the middle
    and end at the start.
    we wore our fear
    like a uniform–
    the majority
    prefers the minorities scared.
    some how our less
    is their more both
    physically and spiritually;
    my daydreams mix with my flashbacks
    I don’t think of a time when I’m happy
    instead I think of a time
    when I was a little less sad.
    poverty 101– just because your heart broke
    and your wallet broke and society broke don’t mean
    something else will.

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  • The Ever Blue Sky.

    The sky was in shades of blue when I met you.

    What a sad hue, I thought, because the rest of the world was painted in reds and violets.

    When we cross the street, I’m looking at you rather than my feet. A smaller version of me smiles in the reflection of your sunglasses.

    It’s been such a long time since you’ve smiled, my mind whispers.

    Heart racing, palms sweaty, a reminder that I can still live and breathe and feel. Familiar, but distant, like a memory of a life passed.

    Something inside soars when you smile, when you laugh, when you say my name.

    This is normal, Logic reminds me.

    Familiar, but distant.

    The shadows that once lingered don’t find their hold in the sunlight, when we stand here, you and me, under the ever blue sky.

    Change happens when you least expect it, Time smiles.

    And then paths diverge and the earth tilts back in its axis, and I’m walking away on legs not quite steady.

    Heart racing, palms sweaty.

    I’ll visit you, my dreams promise.


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  • a cabal of women gather at the local watering hole;

    they say if ever there was a time to fly, this was it.

    there’s a whisper between chords –

    the man in red

    will bewitch you

    look out.

    a man dressed all in white leans 

    out of an office block window

    holding a docile, raggedy pigeon.

    others flock to him and cock their heads

    waiting for him to speak, but -

    tiny beady eyes see red / become red

    blood and slick feathers.

    the man dressed in white lets the survivor loose

    with a codeword tied to its stump of a leg.

    the bird flies low

    (taking us back to the women

    with their gossip warnings)

    too low!

    low enough for devils to scratch its belly

    (bite sized entrails

    spill onto the grass)

    the man in red lurks by the back door

    tapping his fingers against brick,

    the fingers he’s used before to rip and tear

    the wings from angels who strayed too close.

    the women were wrong,

    the time to fly has passed:

    it’s already too late.

    #poetry#alt lit#poetryriot#twcpoetry #this is an old one but I really like it
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  • with my nobody readers
    my mollusk like chest
    my vision skewed eyeballs
    with my hang nail pain
    my to be expected broken heart
    I slide through this home
    on two wheels
    ready for a journey
    that will take me
    into arms and mouth
    of another gamble

    with my words for no one
    my typing fingers of sorrow
    my broken cherry on a page
    with my  glass eye necklace
    my familiar plan to be revealed
    I walk through this cold blowing wind
    able to  handle it
    with amusement
    and a childlike wonder

    pain can be
    ever beautiful
    at times
    when the heart strings are frayed and busting
    with each clicky click
    of the cartoon clock

    and I know that
    with each one of my
    exposed to a insecure maiden
    I come out with an Everest ego

    knowing what I do,
    ready to move
    along in
    no hurry now
    because she will
    when I am so low
    like the buckle
    on my boots
    I walk – not run
          with the barking of the neighborhood dogs
          so to be a unpleasant memory
    moaning but not groaning
    allowing myself
    one last adventure
    at this very age
    of forty

    so sing it Gloria..
     I will survive
    with my steel wheel heart
    my dancing feet of happiness
    my soft mattress on your back
    with my proud lovers  stance
    my rather pleasant lump in my throat
    I move along
    picking up speed
    as it all
    comes in closer
    to me

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  • Cold Shoulder.

    It’s not about all the plans we made, it’s about all the times you didn’t come through.

    It’s not about all the lies you told, it’s that you thought I was dumb enough not to know the truth.

    It’s not about all the things you said, it’s about what you didn’t say too.

    It’s not about all the stuff you tried, it’s about all the easy things you wouldn’t do.

    It’s because you kept saying it with your mouth, even though your actions didn’t express that “I Love You.”

    It’s because I was so willing to try, and even though you said you would, you refused.

    It’s because you weren’t even sorry and I still had to forgive you.



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