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    25.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #target answers #target!killer #target!sans #target #string!error #string!sans #string#dreamtale rebuilt #asks and requests are needed and appreciated #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale au #undertale ask blog #ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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    25.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    #target answers #target!killer #target!sans #target #snack!horror #snack!sans #snack#dreamtale rebuilt #asks and requests are needed and appreciated #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale au #undertale ask blog #ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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    25.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #target answers #target!killer #target!sans #target#dreamtale rebuilt #asks and requests are needed and appreciated #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale au #undertale ask blog #ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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  • darling-jack
    25.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    T-There's something in the water! Quick, everyone get out of the water, it's Whumptober 25!

    Y'all I will tell you what- once we get to day 31 I am going to keel over then and there. This is exhausting. How the hell do people post once a day year-round?


    Laid in his Grave

    Summary: He should have known better than to give credence to a goddamned rumor.

    Tags: Whump, hurt, angst, blood

    #whumptober2021 #no.25 #Hide and Seek #Escape#Flight#Hiding #red dead redemption #red dead redemption 2 #fanfiction#fanfic#arthur morgan#Whump #Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence #Angst#Hurt#injury
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    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    A Dr S that doesn't torture Carrie often?? How???

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  • mischiefhasbeenmanaged
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    *Modern AU*

    Harry: Daddy what’s the lowest common denominator?

    James: *matter of factly* reality tv

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  • lulu-pink-cat-princess
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    BBC ghosts AU where at the time of Thomas’ death, Isabelle is in the early stages of pregnancy with Thomas’ son. When her son is born Isabelle, she calls him Thomas after his real father. She pretends that her son is Francis’ own.

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  • ask-dreamtale-rebuilt
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #target answers #target!killer #target!sans #target#dreamtale rebuilt #asks and requests are needed and appreciated #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale au #undertale ask blog #ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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  • cyancoyotes
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    goodnight but only to people that voted not to exile tommyinnit

    #listen I’m just thinking abt the alternate universe where we won I have so many thoughts about that timeline #welcometomyteddytalk
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  • lame-bagels
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    the main characters are kyle and kenny, but stan, wendy, butters and cartman will play big roles as well. shelia is also featured quite prominently as well as kenny’s brother kevin

    i will post concept sketches, comics and ref sheets as soon as i am able too ^^

    a basic plot summary:

    the year is 1967, kyle has been working at his mothers corner store for the past three years. due to his father leaving at a young age he’s been steadily taking on more responsibilities as his mother had aged. his school grades slipping to the point of nearly failing his sophomore year. everyday is plagued with monotony and his passion for life has completely depleted. he can’t seem to shake the feeling of his life passing him by as his sense of self slowly withers away.

    ever since he could think, he’s heard stories of the horrors of his town. adults and children alike whispering about cults, dismembered animals, missing children, the hermits at the edge of town and the church basement smelling of corpses. kyle’s never believed any of it, just idle town gossip framed as the truth, trying to add some much needed intrigue into the boring small town of fairplay park. but even so the back of his mind wonders if he could really chalk up the mangled animals up to just mother nature. if maybe stanley wasn’t lying when he said he smelt decomposing remains in the church.

    those thoughts become front and center once he sees a stranger walk into the corner store.

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  • holland24-7
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions. (Part 1?)

    Tom Holland x Reader.

    SUMARRY: The aftermath of broken promises and hearts. (I suck at summaries but at the same time I love it because there’s no better way to describe this fic.)

    A/N: This is a fic a wrote a long time ago in my native language and I decided to adapt it to English. This is only the first part of it but I’m not sure if you would be interested in reading more so for now I only adapted this part, let me know if you want to keep reading about this story, if not you can take it as a One Shot. THIS HAS NOT BEEN PROOFREAD SO EXCUSE ANY TYPOS, ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE.

    WARNING: A little bit of soft smut with this so please if your underage do NOT interact with this post.


    Tom looked at you across the table and just by looking at his watery eyes you understood how much you hurted him, he was not the type of guy that would cry but now he was a step away from do it and it only made the situation worse. You hated yourself, you really did and the worst part was that even if you wished with all your heart you could change it there was no way you could do it and you had to live with that.

    Tom didn’t spoke for at least the next five minutes and you were too scared to say something that would make everything worse, if that could be possible.

    “Was he good?” He asked and your face twitched in pain just hearing his voice, a combination of anger, sadness and frustration maybe a little bit of confusion.

    “Tom ...”

    “Was he?” He interrupted you before you could say anything, his tone changing to a more demanding one, he wanted answers, no, he needed them, he needed to understand why this had happened. You tried to reach out for his hand across the table but he immediately pulled it out of your reach, that hurt, but it was not your place to say anything about it.

    “Why are you asking me this?” You said in the lowest voice possible, even if you wanted to speak louder for him to hear you, you couldn’t, you were going through so much pain that it was physically impossible for you to do it. You closed your eyes picturing the events of the night before.

    *“Are you sure you want to do it here?” you laughed ironically.

    “He’s never home, don’t worry about it” *

    You squeezed your eyes tight together before you could picture in your head what happened next. Somehow you remembered it so vividly but at the same time it felt like your brain blocked it out and you were thankful for that, you just couldn’t stand watching over and over again the look on Tom’s face when he got home to surprise you but instead he ended up catching you while fucking with another guy.

    “Because I need to know if it was even worth it y/n” your heart fell to the floor for the tenth time in the past hour. How could you look at him and not hate yourself for what you had done? How could he look at you and not feel betrayed, heartbroken and angry? How?

    “It wasn’t worth it ...” you whispered, and then his face and expression changed to one of sorrow, he was even more puzzled than before trying to understand when everything went wrong.

    “Was that a one time thing?” Oh no ... how could you explain to him that this had been happening for at least a month now? You got up from the table panicking not knowing how to respond without hurting him even further and the truth was that there was no way to do that, whatever you said was going to hurt him, not matter the answer of it was a yes or a no, because that only made more real the fact that yes, you had cheated on him, several times, and he ended up discovering it. “So it was a regular thing, huh?” He answered to himself before you could say anything but your silence was more than a confirmation for him.

    You heart felt heavy with guilt and what hurt you the most was that you loved Tom, you did even if he wouldn’t believe it now, you just felt really alone, but at the same time that wasn’t Tom’s fault. You knew the kind of job he had, you knew that would make him spend weeks away from you and yet you decided to still date him, but this, this was different. He was so busy first filming Spider-Man and then so busy with the press tour that he spent away almost five months, in which he barely talked to you, not because he didn’t wanted, he was dying to do it, he wanted to text you, call, FaceTime, see you in person, hug you, kiss you, make love to you, but he couldn’t because of his damn job and still he never even thought about being with someone else, to him you were absolutely everything and even if he couldn’t see or be with you he you knew you were worth the wait.

    But it was different with you, you were so damn selfish, only thinking in what you wanted that you ended up giving into your wishes, putting at risk the most important thing in your life, your relationship with Tom. It was no secret to anyone that he treated you almost like a princess, he would spoil you whenever he could with everything you wanted, I mean he was faithful to you even when he had models, actresses, singers, millions of girls sliding into his DM's, to him it was only you and the reality was you were not able to do the same for him and that was probably the biggest mistake of your life.

    “I love you Tom, this was just a stupid mistake” woah, after minutes of silence that was everything you could think of? The most lame, stupid and cliche thing ever to say after someone cheated. He laughed ironically.

    “I bet it was y/n, I bet it was” I mean, what else could he say? His mind was in blank exactly like yours. You made your way to him and signed him to pull his chair back, leaving a space between him and the table. His arms were crossed over his chest and you carefully untangled them and sat in his lap, one of your hands went to his hair and you started caressing it, while the other one was lying of top of his chest. You could feel his muscles underneath the fabric of his shirt, he looked more ripped than the last time you saw him. He looked up at you and passed his arms around your waist, his eyes connected with yours.

    “Do you still love me?” you asked and he sighed.

    “How could I stop loving you in a couple of hours when I have loved you for years? I don’t think I could, even if I want to “ it was an honest answer, you could see it in his eyes, plus Tom was not the kind of guy to lie. You pushed yourself a little bit down so your face could be closer to his, he didn’t pull away and you thanked him for that, felt like a good sign. The hand you had over his chest went to his cheek and you whipped away the small tear that left his eye.

    “I don’t want you to leave me Tom, please don’t, I need you I want to be with you, I need you” your forehead was resting against his as this point, tears streaming down your face getting your cheeks wet and at the same time Tom’s as well. You felt how Tom squeezed you harder against him and it felt like he was reassuring you that he was not going to leave.

    “I love you so much even though I want to hate you y/n I know I can’t” he whispered before cutting all the distance between you and him and finally pressing his lips against yours. The wetness and softness of his lips gave you so much comfort, finally something that you had been longing for a while was happening. Even though a lot of time had passed since the last time you kissed him the sensation was very familiar to you. His tongue made his was way through your lips and teeth to finally touch yours.

    The kiss began to feel more passionate and you knew he felt it too, his fingers began to dig into your hips. In a quick movement you settled a little bit better on his lap, passing your legs one on each side of his. Your pelvis collided with his and you could hear a slight moan come out of his mouth.

    “Y/n...” he groaned, however, you couldn’t stop, your hands were intertwined in his hair pulling it gently and now it was you who let out a small moan when you felt a bulge grow in his pants, understanding that he wanted the same thing you wanted, I mean you were probably as hot as he was, maybe even more.

    “Fu-fuck Tom” you whispered against his lips. After a couple more seconds you tried to pulled away but he stopped you grabbing the back of your head and pulling you into him once again a little bit roughly, you didn’t mind, this was something usual in your relationship, whenever Tom would come home after being away for weeks rough sex was a must, no question, because it showed how much you had missed each other, it was probably the first thing you guys did when he got home.

    “Don’t ...” he ordered and you obeyed, as you were used to when you guys had rough sex, it was him who was in control of the situation and your only role was to be his little bitch, to satisfy him in any way he wanted and you didn’t mind, you loved the way he fucked you like there was no tomorrow and then after you both were done he was back to being his usual Tom, the one that would take care of you, and whisper cute and lovely things to your ear, it was like having the best of both worlds. “I’ll make sure to erase every trace that he left on you “ he started saying, this time parting his lips away from yours and starting to kiss your ear, your neck and finally going down all the way to where your breast started. You moaned louder when he licked your cleavage between your breasts, the sensation was killing you “I’m gonna make you mine, fuck you full of my babies, so nobody ever comes close to you again” he looked up to you, his eyes dark with desire and you surrendered to him, you were at his mercy, he knew it and he also loved it.

    “Ye-yes, please” you could barely talk but that didn’t stop you. You began to unbutton your blouse with Tom's gaze fixed on each movement you made, exposing the lingerie you were wearing, Tom's bulge was growing more and more and you could feel it in your area, which caused you to get more and more wet every second.

    “Yes what?” he asked you, of course he knew what you were talking about, but he wanted to hear it from your mouth.

    “Yes, I want you to fuck me so hard I forget about every other man”

    Contrary to what you thought, that night didn’t solve all the problems that your infidelity would soon unleash, no, this was only the beginning of a long journey for the two of you, this was only the beginning of what you would realize soon to be the end.

    #tom holland #tom holland au #tom holland imagine #tom holland oneshot #tom holland x reader #tom holland x y/n #tom holland x you #one shot #tom holland fluff #tom holland blurb #tom holland reader #fanfiction#fanfic #tom holland smut #alternate universe
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  • vrnicky
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    THE TALES OF THE DEMONS: bad reference sheet.

    Frisk- Marie

    Soul trait: determination, has a crack from past abuse. How its still that bright? She can't even explain it.

    Age: 20, still in college.

    The only human that had succeed in the ritual, after her.

    She's studying to be a nurse specialized in pediatrics mostly. But looks like she has to worry about helping demons now...

    In personality she's really quiet but she isn't going to lower her voice when someone is not getting what they deserve, a really strong attitude about justice. Almost no one knows the true good nature of Marie. She has avoid the religion since she left the house of her parents, she just doesn't like it.

    Her left eye? She believes thats how she was born but... her mind blocked how a fatal mistake from her mother got her that way.

    Yay~ i finish her!!

    #just a chillin' taco #undertale #taco draws! #ibis paint x #my art #taco writes! #undertale au#undertale aus #my alternative universe #alternative universe #the tales of the demons #demon tales#ttotd #character information! #reference sheet#ttotd marie#ttotd frisk#ttotd lucifer#ttotd asgore#determination#my au #my au undertale
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  • doctavvius
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    because Eight Arms To Hold You is a self insert fanfic I was going to write in Piper owning a tarantula….they are illegal in New York City.

    #it’ll be fine it’s an alternate universe after all #oc: piper parker
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    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    lunaartblogAu grillbys

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  • nature-and-music
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    In sleep he sang to me In dreams he came That voice which calls to me and speaks my name

    Well I decided to make another Watermour/Phantom of the Opera fanart where Roger Waters is the Phantom and David is Christine Daaé.  This time I decided to draw David in a shirt and pants because I didn’t feel like drawing him in a dress this time.

    The anatomy isn’t very good here (especially David’s body and Roger’s torso looks a bit short since I rushed him).

    Click here to see the first version that I drew.

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  • nanazfruit395
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Piggyback ride ❤

    Them again for today, hope you like it <3

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  • thedragonweasley
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Sparks In Thrle Rubble. CHP 7

    "You?! You are Charlie Weasley?" Sabine shouted as loudly as her hurt body would allow. She was losing her strength and suddenly altitude too, but she waved off his help as Charlie stepped towards her to support her. As for the woman who had appeared from thin air, she would address that second, that would be the next thing she processed. Her therapist would be so proud of her.

    "Yes, but who are you?" Charlie rebutted gesturing towards her as she slowly eased herself towards the ground, her legs clearly no longer able to support herself. He snorted back a laugh at her, he couldn't help it, she was just disappearing behind the table but was too busy yelling at him to do anything about it.

    "-idea how long I've been...how FAR I've...and then you tell me your name is Ron and I'm just going to stay in this antique roadshow of a silo and then SHE" Sabine flails a hand haphazardly at the silent woman who seemed very aware she was about to be in trouble too, but not just with Sabine. "SHE just, you know, APPEARS OUT OF THIN AIR and informs the room that you are in fact Charlie Weasley, the human I have been looking for for a month and a half. Also, how did you know I have been asking all over the country for him?" She turned now to the red-haired woman.

    "You know what, you two clearly have some things to clear up so I'm just going to do that thing again and Charlie can, I'm sure, fill you in. Looks like we'll be telling mom, after all, I'll send Hermoine in. At least we won't need that obliviate." She winked and just as suddenly as she appeared she disappeared with an audible snap. 

    "GINNY" Charlie shouted after her, but he turned and walked over to the table that Sabine now had her chin on, one arm up in an attempt to keep her from completely meeting the ground. 

    "Come on, let's get you a proper setup. I think we do need to clear some things up and you are going to need something for the pain, those hounds are specialized in spinal wounds and yours was narrowly missed….narrowly" He emphasized. 

    Sabine flashed him a look to inform him of her still present annoyance at him and her situation, but she extended her free arm towards him to accept his help. She had begun to feel the pain and it was becoming more uncomfortable as the moments passed. 

    "So you did see those creatures. That….flare gun….it didn't...you didn't hurt them further did you?" She was mildly relieved that she at least knew he had seen them but had been starting to feel anxiety creep into her chest at the thought of them being injured and then left.

    Charlie stopped, midway through helping Sabine and stared at her, wisps of his hair falling over his eyes. 

    "They...the um…" He couldn't seem to find his words, he had been caught off guard by her question and was pleasantly surprised by the concern resting in her eyes, he hadn't quite noticed her eyes before.

    Charlie cleared his throat and brought Sabine vertical again as he scooped her up, placing his arms strategically around her wound.

    "The male was stunned mildly but there wouldn't be any lasting damage." He wanted to say so much more about the hounds, but he still needed to figure out what she was doing with that doxy, why she could see the other creatures and why in the bloody hell had she been looking for him so desperately. He could easily think of 5 or 6 witches just as capable as himself that were in the area regularly. So why would she be referred to himself specifically, who exactly did the referring? But Sabine needed pain management and rest so the interrogation would have to wait.

    "Thank you, Charlie." She said as he placed her in the inflatable chair so he could get a bed set up. "But what about the female? She was injured prior to you coming and I'm fairly sure she was gestating...pregnant, I think she was pregnant." Sabine clarified when Charlie raised an eyebrow at her. "And they were both so thin, is that normal for their species? Ouch." She whimpered at her pain.

    Charlie lingered over perhaps a moment longer than he should have but then released her into the chair. Her eyes pierced through him and he didn't know why it made him so nervous.

    "No, it's not, none of their behavior was normal. They don't generally hunt in a mated pair like that and they aren't even from this country originally and there are supposed to be only two left….things have been...off with mag-er with the creatures. " Charlie wasn't sure how to broach the subject of what she did and didn't know and he needed to get her set up for the night.

    "Can you um, can you turn around? I need to get everything set up and...well…" He thought he would be better at this but every time he looked at her his palms got all sweaty and he choked on his words. He couldn't figure out if it was all the blood on her clothes or the intense way her eyes cut through him. 

    "Is it for the same reason you haven't explained the appearing and disappearing woman?" Sabine asked, reminding him gently that she hadn't forgotten. 

    "Yes." He answered.

    There was a soft knock coming from one of the walls."Hello? Charlie? Oh, bloody hell."

    There was an avalanche of erasers and what appeared to be a case of sneakers, the left ones. Sabine turned to see what had caused the noise. Off to the side, Charlie still out of her vision, was a woman attempting to slide through a door that had been covered by the miscellaneous items. 

    Suddenly there was a blur of blue from where the fallen items had come from and a familiar chattering filled the air. 

    "Puck!" Sabine called, the pain beginning to sear again. Her small companion ignored her and flew straight for Charlie; Sabine, not thinking, let her gaze follow the creature. She immediately forgot about Puck and gaped, open-mouthed at the scene in front of her.

    Puck was harassing Charlie's face, thrashing all four arms and yelling something about getting the fire or starting the fire. She couldn't keep her attention on it because Charlie Weasley, while fighting off his assailant, had his burnt arm raised, holding a stick yet again. But this time she wasn't concerned about that, it was the menagerie of floating items that had her stunned. 

    Above Charlie flew an assortment of items ranging from small pieces of furniture to linens. They weaved in and out of each other's way while traveling to their intended location, slowly building what she realized was a makeshift bedroom. Sabine tore her eyes away from the airborne bed frame and returned to Charlie who seemed to be the conductor, the stick being the baton…..the stick….suddenly it clicked.

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  • anothermaxvidaccount
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Curious, have you guys made up any Maxvid AU(S) and what are ur HC(S) for those/thant AU'(s)?

    I'll go first ^^

    Super star AU: (if you don't know what this is, it s a AU where Max is a singer and David is a obsessive/stalkerish fan)

    Anyway, David has a folder of Max performance pictures, Audios, Videos, and some of them them you can't find just by a easy google search

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  • penpalspencil
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    made a tumblr university au....

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    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #alterwolf imprisonment/curse au #ask#anon#anonymous #in character post #(atlas; therapy nickname) #(lupus; alterwolf ghost) #(inside KO's head) #therapy carpool canon #session 41 #ok ko alternate universe #angst
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