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    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago
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  • fanfictionqueen
    18.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Hire a Boyfriend Pt.2

    Fandom: Supernatural

    Dean Winchester x You

    Prompt: HiBoy is an app where people can rent boyfriends to go out on dates. Ronnie is a 30-year-old woman whose love life -or lack of it- seems to be important to her family. She is tired of the awkward questions about babies and marriage and decides to pretend to be in a relationship for her cousin's wedding. There's just one tiny problem. Her rented boyfriend, Dean Winchester, is more irresistible than she thought.

    Part 1 here

    Part two: The Second Date

    The party has just started when I see him, my ex James is standing by my cousin joking about who-knows-what. I’m not surprised, I was expecting he’d be here since he’s a family friend. However, that does not prevent the growl of displeasure that comes out of my mouth. James has been the only stable boyfriend that I’ve ever had. We went to the same middle school along with my cousin. They befriended since they were older than me, and then she introduced us. At first, we didn’t really care for one another, it was until after college that we tried to date. It didn’t end well. I do not feel for him any longer, but the bad blood is still there.

    “Is there a problem?” Dean, who is by my side, asks. He is wearing a nice tux with a bow tie. His hair is slick back and he has a small beard that only makes him look more handsome.

    “No problem, I just saw someone unpleasant” I answer eyeing James. He follows my gaze.

    “Ah, ex?” He smirks, is he making fun of me?

    “Is that obvious?”

    He chuckles charmingly, “only a bit.” And then he proceeds to take my hand and lead me in the opposite direction. I guess greeting my cousin will have to wait. We walk hand in hand to the bar, where he orders a beer and I ask for a cocktail. While we wait I see my mother approaches us and I whisper in Dean’s ear “incoming.” He shivers and I hope it’s not in dislike.

    “Darling, you left the church in quite a hurry, we didn’t really have time to talk!” berates my mother as soon as she’s near us. What she said is true. We arrived at the ceremony just in time to sit before it started and we left as soon as it was over. Then, the party started two hours ago and we just arrived. I do not mention that we have plans to leave as soon as possible.

    “Yeah, well… I left the present back at home” I lie, we spent all that time driving while listening to rock music on repeat. We also had a very serious argument on who is better, Asia or Kansas. I just wanted to kill time.

    “I see” she gives me a mischievous look and I don’t think she really ‘sees’. She turns to my fake boyfriend, “so, Dean, right? How come we’ve only heard about you now?”

    Dean smiles handsomely and my mother brightens in her spot. I guess I know now why he is so expensive. “We wanted to make sure what we had was serious before meeting our families.” I choke on my drink. We did not talk about saying we’re serious. I give him a warning glance but he seems to ignore it. “Are you alright, honey?” My mother seems to swoon over him even more at the pet name. She gives me a subtle nod and I have to restrain my eyeroll. She barely knows him! I guess she really is desperate for me to settle down.

    I calm my coughs and murmur “excuse us, mom”. I don’t wait for a reply and drag Dean towards a secluded space. The music is louder here and I almost have to yell when I say “what the hell was that?” He gives me a look as if he doesn’t understand and I specify, “you told my mom we were serious, now she’s definitely going to expect you at family gatherings.”

    He has the common sense to look regretful, “are there a lot of gatherings in your family?”

    His face is so genuine that I have to force myself to calm down. “No, not a lot, but we get together more than the average.” I sigh, “it’s ok, whatever, I’ll figure out something later.”

    Right after that, we decided to share a few dances together. Our time on the dance floor is kind of awkward, I can tell that he is not much of a dancer and neither am I. So after three songs, we decide that is enough and head to the bar instead. We both seem to be happier at the bar. Time passes by quickly and four hours later we're still drinking while he tells me a funny story about a customer at his workshop. I try not to laugh very loudly when he gets to the ending. I know that I've been unsuccessful because of the glances that the barman throws at me.

    During those hours, my mom tried to gain our attention once again but we managed to deflect her questioning about our relationship into my cousin's wedding dress. My aunt has also tried to sneak up on us a few times, and even my uncle who first started the conversation with Dean about cars and then about our relationship. Who said that men didn’t like gossip?

    I'm still laughing when a man's voice sounds near us. “How long has it been since I last saw you smile?” Dean is looking behind me in curiosity, I don't need to turn around to know that it’s James. I know his voice. Still, I look his way.

    “Hello James, fancy seeing you here.” I greet him out of manners. I don’t want to see his ugly face.

    “Ronnie, you look as lovely as I remember.” He says and the sarcasm is so obvious that even Dean notices.

    “Well, I wish I could say the same.”

    He's about to say something back at me when Dean cuts him off. “Hi I’m Dean, Ronnie's boyfriend, and you are?”

    “Your predecessor,” he smiles devilishly, “you should run away while you can, man.” By now I'm so used to James' antics that his comment doesn't even hurt anymore, but I can see that Dean is bothered by it. He's creasing his brows in anger.

    I don’t want things to escalate, so I interfere. “Get lost James, the only reason you are in this wedding is because Hillary still puts up with you.”

    Before he even has the time to think of a comeback, the bride (my cousin) comes to our spot. “James, I hope you are not bothering the guests,” Hillary says with a warning tone.

    “No, no,” he says “I was just getting to know Dean, Ronnie’s new boyfriend.”

    The mention of my name next to the ‘boyfriend’ word seems to catch Hillary’s attention. She looks up and down at Dean and then back at me with a wink. So, another approval I didn’t need. “Well, I hope you guys are enjoying the party.”

    Even though she is still looking at me, the question seems to be directed at Dean, so he answers. “Yeah, it’s ah, very entertaining. Uhm, congratulations.”

    I already said congratulations earlier, so I don’t add anything more. “No problem guys, keep having a good time, James and I are you gonna go over there to chat a bit”. And then she drags James away, he protests at first but then complies. I don’t know how I ended up dating him back in the day. He's too much of a child.

    “Well, that was interesting” mumbles Dean.

    I sigh, “well, that was too much”. Dealing with my family is always tiring and I’m reaching my limit. “I think I’m ready to go if that’s ok with you.”

    Dean watches me carefully. “Yeah, no problem. Why don’t I drop you off at home?”

    I’m too exhausted and drunk to question him if that’s allowed in the renting-boyfriend system, so I let him take me to his car. I climb in the passenger seat and give him my address. It's not like he’s going to stalk me later, right? This is supposed to be the last time we’ll see each other.

    I must have dozed off for a moment because next time I know, he’s shoving a burger in my hands. “What?” He says, “don’t give me that look, you barely ate anything at the party.” I’m about to protest so he adds “just put in on the bill, you’ll pay me tomorrow through the app.” Fair enough, I shrug and take my first bite. The surprised sound I make is very noticeable because Dean smirks at me. “Pretty good, right? Best burgers in Kansas.”

    We don’t say anything else the rest of the way to my house. We just eat burgers and listen to soft rock music. The night is warm when the Impala parks home.

    Hiya!! Do you have $3 dollars to spare? Contribute to my Ko-fi page, all donations are welcome.

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    a photo my friend took of me:)

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    18.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I have decided if I ever get married, since neither of us are probably going to wear a dress or carry a bouquet, the answer is clearly a donut toss. The rules are simple: we both toss a donut plushie. Whoever catches it keeps the plushie and gets some donuts. Donuts are basically big rings anyway, right?

    #I am never going to get married probably but this seems like a fun alternative #and anyone can get a donut
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    18.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    If I could take you somewhere,

    I’d take you to the darkest place.

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    18.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    i'm terrified that by the time i go back to uni i won't be able to differentiate between normal language and tumblr-speak because i've spent so long being mostly online (because of the pandemic ect). i'll use one "bestie" at a bad time and immediately be clocked as someone who regularly reblogs destiel content on tumblr

    #alternately Carry On Wayward Son will start playing while i'm in a public space and i'll just jump out of my skin
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  • keepingupwithcaryl
    17.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    So.. Whilst I'm doing my missing assignments, I'm thinking, hmmmm. Thinking yes. Something I rarely do.

    My mother described Carol as 'la vieja' (which means the old woman) and asked if Daryl and her were hooking up on the show or not. When I told her they weren't she was so happy, then said, and I quote 'ese es mi hombre y no me va a dejar por esa vieja.' (Translation: that's my mans and he is not about to leave me for that old woman).

    This was after school and I wanted to die-

    I wanted to lie to her so bad and tell her they had sex on top of a car and got caught by Maggie so badly- y'all have no idea.

    So.. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk, I'm gonna go back to failing😏✌🏻.

    #caryl#carol peletier#daryl dixon #the walking dead #twd #my mom loves daryl #he's her bf #in her alternate reality #and i love carol #help
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    Love my clips 🔪

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    17.09.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    AU of infinite where daisy’s a member of faction paradox

    actually while I’m here let’s just make the vox a faction cell

    infinite feels a bit post-War anyway

    #it’s the plundering of alternate timelines as a plot point #bioshock#bioshock infinite#daisy fitzroy#faction paradox #given that she aligns herself with an imperialist Rosalind Lutece would be a homeworld agent if the homeworld still existed #doctor who expanded universe #doctor who #eighth doctor adventures
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    #goth gothic gothgirl alternative emo dark grunge alternativegirl punk gothgoth gothaesthetic metal aesthetic witch halloween art gothicst... #gothic#goth aesthetic#photography#girl#cute#onlyfriends #black and white #aestehtic
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    Hello my lovelies I’m going to share with you a series of articles about the political parties and the policies of drug reform. Look at what each major political party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats.. Written by Rachael Davies of Green Queen Magazine.. Xx 😉 ❤️ 💚 https://greenqueenmagazine.com/category/social-voice/?s=09

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