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  • Mend the bridges… Part 1


    I’m back!🤪 Yes this is the continuation of Narcissistic Cannibal. This will be divided in 2 parts. Because it would be tooooo long 🤦🏻‍♀️. The next part will be better . I promise 🙏 also I will make my masterlist so help me God. I know it’s difficult keeping up with me and my snippets. I love comments and feedback. I change things to benefit my story telling peeps so dont get mad if something doesn’t correlate with the series.Anything is possible when magic is involved remember that too.

    Bold: Thoughts , spells , memories

    Kudos to the gifs creators… my god I love ya guys . Very visual author here 😜

    Characters: Elijah😍 , female reader, Klaus, a bit of Hayley and Freya.

    Warnings: None

    English is not my first language. I cannot stress this enough. I apologize for any grammar mistakes. I always have fun writing even though I’m nowhere near there yet. It never dampens my spirits . I hope you enjoy .😘🤗🙌🏻

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    Niklaus sat on his study having a drink , pondering on the days events . Rebekah had been returned to them and was save and sound , Elijah was still in his room where he left him and Titan had imprinted on his daughter making him Hope’s new protector ,leaving Y/N somewhat defenseless .


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    “Love wait” he called Y/N on her wait out . “Yes brother” her nose was red from crying . “You are always welcome to stay in the compound if you want to be closer to Titan” he smiled. “That sounds wonderful Niklaus and thank you for the offer but I’m afraid I must decline. I know I’m not welcome at least by one of the members of this family and I do not wish to sever our ties further. Titan is where he needs to be”she paused “at your daughter’s side protecting her from harm just as fate intended”. Klaus nodded solemnly . “I just…didn’t think it hurt this much , he’s been with me for centuries I mean Elijah and I saved him and We …she stopped herself the sound of his name brought her pain. Her features changed taking a serious tone “he will be cloaked for any stranger who enter this home only family will be able to see him , if he perceives a threat towards Hope he will kill on sight … just take good care of him Niklaus please promise me”. “I give you my word love” he closed the space between them and pressed his forehead against hers. “If you have a need for me , I will be here” he watched as she left .


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    Taking a sip of his drink he lifted his eyes to the door where Elijah stood.

    “Niklaus I”… the elder sibling started only to be interrupted “What the hell was that Elijah”?! Klaus roared breaking the glass on his hand. “You are lucky that it was Y/N. If it would have been me I would’ve beheaded you and put your head on a pike. How could you treat her so poorly to even have the audacity to suggest that I have laid with her Klaus growled. I’ve never looked at that woman with any eyes other than a sister. “Brother I… “ No” Klaus cut him off . “Tell me the truth ? Are you jealous of the bond I have with her ? Because yes we have a bond but not the one you think , we are bound by our fathers and their mistreatment”. The elder original didn’t seem to understand. “Do you know why she lost it , why her power was unleashed? . Because you reminded her of her father” .

    Elijah eyes widen in confusion.

    “Her father displayed her to his friends . I do not know if it was the first time or one of many . But what I stumbled upon that day was appalling to say the least.He fondled her and called her names while she fought him. He pinned her like you did while he told her she was a savage, a whore just like her mother and when I spoke her eyes pleaded at me to save her that’s when I saw her loose control . I saw with my own eyes how she killed 7 men with no effort. You know first hand how her father treated her. How could you Elijah ? In a thousand years I’ve never seen you treat a woman that way especially Y/N”Elijah looked at his hands then back at his brother silent he had no defense what he had done was unforgivable. “That’s why we are bonded because she reminded me of Mikael. She is a strong witch and one of our best allies . Now I don’t know how you’ll do it but you will make amends with her”.

    “Niklaus I cannot” Elijah body shook with rage.

    “And Why bloody hell not Elijah ?! Give me one good reason” the hybrid shouted.

    “I dont know !!” Elijah screamed his wooden colored eyes turned black . “All I know is every time she’s before me , every time I hear her voice I feel this rage , this … this… hate that I cannot control . I want her blood , I don’t understand where it comes from brother . I can’t explained it but it’s there as tangible as that glass you just broke .I don’t even recall my time with her, even those fleeting memories I have of her ,I cannot seem to hold on to. Klaus was in deep thought this was not normal if memory served him right Y/N was one of the most important women on Elijah’s life. “Why did you ended it with her” ? The hybrid asked . “I”…. Elijah went to respond but found himself with no answer. “I don’t know, I dont think I ever did ”. “You realized that this is not normal , that someone has been in your head brother” Niklaus said watching his brother tensed .

    “But that’s impossible we cannot be compelled” Elijah stated the fact . “True but you can be spelled brother” came from a female voice .

    “Ahhh Freya nice of you to join us , it seems I was right our brother suffers from a magical affliction can you help him”.

    Freya nodded. “Come with me”. They walked to her room . “Elijah I need your blood”she handed him a dagger which he took and made a nice clean cut on his hand, his blood pouring on a metal basin. “Ummm do you have anything of hers brother” she looked at Elijah. “I do not”. “Lucky for you I do” Niklaus smiled giving Freya a few strands of Y/N hair . “You have to thank your niece for that she was playing with Y/N and seemed enthralled with her hair”. Freya sat down and started chanting “Revela incantare veritas … Revela incantare veritas … Revela incantare veritas”! Freya’s body shook strained by the power passing through her body that soon her eyes started to bleed .Klaus and Elijah paced back and forth . “Stop Freya!”Elijah started to worry . “Revela incantare veritas … Revela incantare veritas … Revela incantare veritas” Freya screamed and stopped. “Sister”? Klaus called. “Brother”she panted while looking at Elijah “you have been cursed . I’ve never seen this magic before this is old magic older than Dahlia, Esther this is ancient magic, it is … it has to be”. “Curse ,I don’t understand who did this to me?” “I don’t know but it’s not only you Y/N suffers the same curse . All I know is that whom ever it was Elijah they didn’t want the two of you together. They wanted you to hate each other and for what I gathered they succeeded”.


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    “Is there anything that can be done?”Klaus spoke . “They cannot tolerate themselves in the same room with out being at each other’s throats , especially Elijah he is mostly affected and he triggers Y/N”. “Well”… the witch paused deep in thought. “I can use your bracelet with a calming spell to diminish the curse effect so that when you are near her you won’t have the urge to rip her head off , maybe it’ll help with your memories as well”. “That will be most useful”. “I’ll get right on it”. “Thank you sister” Elijah came close to his elder sister and kissed her forehead “Please rest, promise me” . “I will as soon as I’m done”.


    “Niklaus… a word. You said that Hope was playing with Y/N so I can asume that she’s been here in the compound”. Elijah met with Klaus his bracelet newly spelled.

    This is temporary brother but it will help you”Freya said while placing the piece of jewelry on his wrist. “I don’t know her well but she’s noble brother like you . I can sense it. If this war is to be won we need people like her”. “I agree” he spoke softly “Thank you sister” Elijah left to meet with Klaus.

    “Yes Elijah she was here and she met Hope and before you put my decision to contest let me tell you . You are wrong she’d never hurt Hope. I dare say that fell in love with her as soon as she saw her , it was a sweet sight to behold”.


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    Klaus smiled remembering Y/N s face when she saw Hope. “She’s beautiful …brother oh my god” Y/N put her hands on her mouth in awe. “You want to hold her?” Hayley asked. “Yes please!”she answered her excitement getting the best of her. Hayley carefully placed Hope in Y/Ns arms and Y/N melted. “You’re adorable little niece. I have wished for you for centuries” she whispered. “You will bring all of us together my love. Nik she’s perfect” she kissed Hope’s forehead. While the baby girl played with a lock of Y/N’s hair. “Now little niece , I have someone who wants to meet you. Revela” she spoke while going down on her knees. “Oh my God!!”Hayley shouted. “Calm down luv” . “What do you mean calm down thats a panther , a big ass panther”. “It’s s ok Hayley , Titan is my companion he’s friendly”. Hayley looked at Klaus and he nodded. Titan carefully walked towards Y/N and Hope. “Isn’t she beautiful Titan”? Yellow slit eyes inspected the child before him and purred in agreement. Hope little hands reached for Titans whiskers and pulled blue eyes set on yellow and Titan bowed down to the infant making Y/N gasp. “What is it love?” “Niklaus he … he… inprinted on Hope” . “What?!” Hayley asked shocked. “He has … it’s done”. Y/N bowed her head to her companion and walked towards Klaus and Hayley and handed Hope to them. “Are you certain?” she went on her knees to her long time friend and he only purred and licked her face. “So be it … nothing will reverse it , protect her and this family with your life if need be . I’ll miss you my friend” . Y/n’s heart sank at the sudden overwhelming feeling of sadness that took hold. She had to leave. “My Titan … always and forever” she bowed and rubbed her body against the big cat.


    “So you see brother .Today she’s been stripped of everything she’s held dear . She will need you , someone she” …. Klaus struggled to find the right word … “appreciates”not daring to say love.

    “Niklaus I don’t think that’s wise, she killed me ”

    “Oh it is wise Elijah because you deserved it Any way while we have gained a very ancient and powerful ally , a protector for Hope ,Y/N has lost her companion surrendering him with out question. Titan will never leave my daughter and he …

    “He will never return to Y/N yes I understand ” Elijah finished for Nik feeling a tinge of sorrow.

    “She tried not to show it but it broke her , I know what that animal means to her and how much she adores him” .

    “We rescued him from certain death , he symbolizes what we promised to each other of course she adores… ” Elijah stopped himself looking at his bracelet Freya’s spell was suppressing the curse and he started to remember things. Niklaus nodded “Go to her brother and mend the bridges” leaving Elijah alone to contemplate how in the hell he was going to make peace with Y/N.


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    dare I say a concept

    #branjie#tropes#alternative universe #someone make it happen
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    Elena:“What are you doing here?”

    Elijah:“I wanted to check if you were all right?”

    Elena:“I am. Thank you. You?”

    Elijah:‘I am fine, too.“

    Elena:"Katherine, too - so you made your choice? After everything she has done - the way she played you - I thought you’d -”

    Elijah cut her off midsentence, capturing her lips, strong and sultry, filled with passion, hard and soft at the same time.

    Elena opened to him, exhaling a small muffled moan, her body dissolving into his as he depened the kiss.

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  • +¹8

    Laurits is one of the boys who fell for Fjor’s charming smile. His cheekbones, eyes, voice: they charmed, lured and completely drowned in the pool of love. Fjor is an asshole. That’s about it. And if the first as a devoted kitten walked next to his beloved, the one who kind of loved in return. Then the second took advantage of it, knowing that Laurits would do whatever he wanted. Until one day Fjor tells Laurits everything. That he had spun him, used him, taunted him to some extent. But now he’s found a replacement. Or maybe two or three: «what does it matter to You?» To allow yourself to be pushed around and blindly believe in love? It’s in the past. Laurits is changing. He’s changes so abruptly that everyone will bow at his feet. And the thirst for revenge for the crippled heart will grow every day. Fjor has no idea that for the first couple of months after the breakup, he secretly masturbates to a new webcam-star — Laurits Seier. No one knows that Laurits is involved in such a hobby. For now. The real Laurits in life is no worse, he begins to flirt, be impertinent, and most importantly: attract Fjor. Only it’s too late to run after a naive boy, he needs to seek new trust from a stubborn guy, in whose closet lurk not skeletons, but things much more interesting.

    «I hate you, Fjor Jutul. For breaking my heart. I hate you, Fjor Jutul. For what you’ve done to me and what I’ve become to get enough of your loss».

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    New AU? New AU.

    Also a DTIYS for Instagram (@/ellillustrations) / ends: 25th March

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    Rafik turned into Micheal Afton 👁️👄👁️

    Rotten body with plants inside-



    Me: *slaps Michael* this is for Chris

    Also me: *kisses Michael* and this is for your life :’)

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    (Romantic Alternative Universe)

    Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader / Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

    Story summary: Summer after summer Emily Lane returned to the small town of Rockville, South Carolina. It was the only time of the year when she could escape from her obligations, enjoy nature and do what she loved most, draw. But during the summer of 2001, love came into her life, turning her future upside down.

    A/N: This story has two parts. One is set in 2001 and the other in 2010. The idea came to me thanks to Nicholas Sparks / Sorry for my spelling mistakes, English is not my native language, I am learning.

    * indicates smut

    • Prologue (In process)

    PART ONE [2001]

    PART TWO [2010]


    • Emily Moodboard
    • Bucky Moodboard
    • Steve Moodboard
    • Countryside Playlist


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  • A QUE PONTO EU CHEGUEI! Cof, cof..

    Beleza, vamos lá.. Eu estava assistindo uns vídeos de The Promised Neverland e também tinha ido assistir apenas um show.

    Mas ai minha mente do nada criou uma ideia tipo.. “ Hmm, e se a gente fizer the promised neverland com APENAS UM SHOW? ” E então.. Eu fiquei tão inspirada que fiz aquelas artes..


     WHAT POINT HAVE I GOT! Cough cough..  

    Okay, come on … I was watching some videos of The Promised Neverland and I was also going to watch a regular show.  

    But then my mind out of nowhere created an idea like … “ Hmm, what if we do the promised neverland with REGULAR SHOW? ” And then … I was so inspired that I did those arts … 

    #regular show #the promised neverland #alternative universe
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  • War Time AU║Bill & Fleur 1997

    “I am going to start dinner, but keep going wizout me.” Fleur whispered against Bills ear before she stood, using Bills leg to push herself up onto her feet from the sofa that she had been squeezed in between Bill and Tonks as order business was discussed. 

    She felt the blood drain from her head as she moved from the sitting room full of order members and into the kitchen where the voices began to fade. She grabbed the bench for support, catching herself while she swayed with dizziness before lowering herself into the kitchen floor. Fleur pulled her legs up to her chest letting her head rest against her knees, her breathing had become shallow and quick as her body fought to pump oxygen to her brain. She took long deep breaths in and out endeavouring to control her drumming heart and spinning head. 

    “Fleur?” A voice filled the kitchen sending a jolt though Fleurs body. Her head shot up and collided with the cabinet behind her. “Uh.” She winced before responding to the voice. “Yes?” She massaged the back of her head. 

    “What are you doing down there?” Molly rounded the end of the counter and peered down at a very pale looking Fleur. “I was feeling a little dizzy but I am better now.” Fleur spoke using the counter top to pull herself back up onto her feet. Her face flushed red, embarrassment driving her to her feet long before her body was ready to be vertical again.

    “You don’t look well Fleur.” Molly diagnosed, “Sit down.” Molly pulled out one of the seats from the kitchen table and guided Fleur into it. 

    “I am fine, only tired and I ‘ave not eaten as much as I should ‘ave today, eets been so busy around ‘ere today wiz ze guests staying and ze order meeting. And wiz Beel being away at work all night I ‘ave not been sleeping well.” Fleur tried to explain as Molly moved through the kitchen. The fear grew each evening as Fleur watched Bill disappear into the night for his evening shifts at Gringotts. She worried each and every time that he left out that door, worried for his safety, worried if he would return to her. The dark and eerie nights brought fear that consumed her, it filled her with terror and unrest. The darkness outside shell cottage brought the shadows that moved, the noises that sparked her imagination and the nightmares that plagued her sleep. There was no Bill to calm those fears, just an empty bed and an empty house. Most nights they sheltered wizards and witches that sought refuge and a place to hide in the spare bedrooms of Shell Cottage, she wasn’t completely alone on those nights but they couldn’t give Fleur the comfort and peace that her husband did by just being there by her side. 

    “Eat.” Molly instructed placing a piece of chocolate cake in front of Fleur. “If you haven’t been eating your blood sugar will be low.” 

    Fleur followed her mother-in-laws instruction, using the fork to shovelled the sweet brown dessert into her mouth, the icing staining her lips. “Thank you Molly.”

    “Why don’t you go upstairs and rest?”

    “Thank you but I am fine, I will finish preparing dinner.” 

    Fleur tried to stand but Molly pushed her back down. “I can do that.” 

    “I am fine, I will rest once Beel ‘as gone off to work.” 

    “Is this the first time you’ve felt dizzy?” Molly questioned. 

    “I felt a little dizzy zis morning and I vomited but I zeenk eet eez something I ate zat my body did not like, I did not ‘ave an appetite since zen, but zere was no time to eat if I was ‘ungry.” 

    Molly looked at Fleur up and down. 

    “Are you pregnant?” She questioned. 

    “Pregnant? Do not be silly No.” she shook her head with a laugh. 

    “I cannot be pregnant. My avoir ses règles…menstruations? ‘ave been regular. Ze last one was lighter zan normal i zeenk eet must be all ze stress. Ze same zing ‘appen during ze triwizard tournament.”

    Molly looked at Fleur in unbelief and wandered out of the kitchen leaving Fleur alone while she lifted another piece of cake into her mouth feeling her dizziness easing with the sugar her body was beginning to digest.

    “Try this.” Molly returned to the kitchen with a vial of translucent liquid. “If you pee in a cup and then add this potion, about a teaspoon, if it turns pink your pregnant.” She explained handing it over to Fleur. 

    “Thank you, but eet eez impossible, we ‘ave been doing everyzing we can not to.” Fleur desired to be a mother, to share a baby with Bill but she had agreed with Bill it was too dangerous with the war raging throughout England. Bill had explained how strongly he felt about bringing a child into the world with fighting and persecution and fear. She too feared that scenario, her baby, her love and joy hurt and killed by the death eaters turned her stomach. 

    “Just try it.” Molly replied turning to the fridge. 

    Fleur studied the vial briefly, her heart wandering off with her mind imagining creating a family with Bill, a little boy with ginger hair smiling up at her while he was snuggled safely in her arms. Quickly the daydream turned dark, death eaters swirling around her, fighting to take her baby. She forced her way back to reality, to her kitchen, pocketing the vial and moving to help Molly. 


    Fleur shifted against the sheets, rousing from a heavy slumber, slowly and reluctantly she opened her eyes finding a brightness behind her eye lids. She rocketed up pulling her wrist up to her eyes squinting at the round face, reading 5:40. Her bounding heart slowed as she realised she hadn’t slept through Bill’s return home. She lifted her head and surveyed the room, the lightbulbs were still glowing, illuminating the bedroom from the night before it had been the light fixtures not the sun that she had first concluded. The book that she had been reading the evening earlier was still open beside her. She must have fallen asleep reading last night. That wasn’t normal. Fleur hadn’t been sleeping well while Bill was away working nights, it always took her hours to fall asleep and she never stayed asleep very long before she woke up startled by dark nightmares. She must have been extremely tired if she had fallen asleep so early and slept through the entire night. Fleur pulled back the covers and swung her feet over the side of the bed, her feet searching for her slippers. A wave of nausea washed over her, her head spinning. Her fingers clutched at the sheets below, wishing away the feeling, but it didn’t improve, it only built. Fleur flung herself up onto her feet, using all of her energy and speed to transport herself to the bathroom, just in time for the little of last nights dinner she had consumed to fly from between her lips and into the toilet bowl. She knelt on the cool tile floor as she heaved over the toilet, her heart racing as she tried to force air into her lungs between each hurl. She came to rest against the bathroom wall, trying to catch her breath once the heaving had subsided. 

    She forced herself up knowing Bill would be home soon. She splashed cold water against her face and set her toothbrush to work washing away the foul taste that lingered in her mouth before emerging from the bathroom looking washed out and exhausted. 

    Fleur stood at the window overlooking the back garden of Shell Cottage, the sun hadn’t yet peaked above the horizon but the darkness was surrendering and the stars had disappeared. The rising sun sent shimmering rays across the hills behind their house, the sky painted with gold and pink flecks. Her eyes scoured the space beyond the window for movement, her ears listening for the sound of an arrival over the chirping of the birds waking. 

    With a crack her eyes bolted to where the sound had come from and found a tall shadow crossing the lawn. 

    She flung open the door, stepping out onto the porch, pulling her robe tighter as the crisp cool morning air bit at her exposed skin. “My Sweet Ginger Pie.” She exclaimed, her eyes twinkling with excitement and relief, wasting no time she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him tightly against her body. She could feel a dampness press through her thin pyjamas from Bills wet and mucky work clothes but it held no interest to Fleur, all that was important to her now was having her husband back home and in her arms. 

    “Ow was your night?” She questioned stepping back, her arms releasing him from her hug but weaving her fingers around his as she pulled him inside, closing the cool morning air behind them. 

    “I will start on breakfast if you want to shower?” She rose up on her tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss against his cheek, sending him upstairs before turning back into the kitchen. 

    Fleur was slow in preparing breakfast, pulling items out of the fridge was a battle this morning as she listened to the running water of the shower upstairs. With the pan heating up on the stove top she opened a bag of bacon, reaching in and placing the rashers in the pan, it didn’t take long before the meaty smell wafted into her nose and turned her stomach. Fleur felt her belly lurch, her torso contracted as she gagged, the temporary colour from her face from Bills return now draining. She forced her legs to move towards the sink where her body heaved choking on the last of what was left in her gut. Her fingers blanched white as she clutched the side of the counter. 

    When there was nothing left, she lent over to open the window letting the fresh morning air leak into the kitchen and rid the house of the nauseating smell of bacon. She wiped the green bile smeared against her chin with the backside of her hand. I only bought that bacon last week, she thought to herself, covering her mouth and nose with her hand as she turned off the stove with the almost burnt bacon and threw the cooked meat into the rubbish bin along with the bag of raw rashes concluding that it must have gone bad for it to smell that terrible.

    Fleur had collected herself enough to throw a few eggs in the pan and toast some bread by the time Bill had returned back down to the kitchen. “Tea?” She questioned from the kitchen table placing her cup of ginger scented tea on the table so she could reach the teapot. 

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  • Sacrifice, Chapter 32

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff & James Bucky Barnes

    Tornare a casa era sempre un piacere, specie per Wanda. Non vedeva l'ora di farlo visto che la maggior parte del tempo che perdeva in ospedali o cliniche era costretta a fare esami su esami. Flebo, siringhe e tanto altro. Così tanto che ora il suo braccio era quasi pieno di lividi. Ma non era solo quello, sommersa di nuovi farmaci e anche di quelli vecchi con un doppio dosaggio.

    Era davvero una fatica, una tortura per Wanda che pensava che tutto, più o meno, poteva essere nella norma. Ma a quanto pare non era così. Il suo medico curante, il signor Strange le aveva consigliato di restare per altri due giorni a casa, solamente mercoledì mattina avrebbe fatto ritorno a scuola. Anche se non avrebbe voluto…

    Dov'era Clint in questo momento? Avrebbe potuto dargli lezioni private come aveva fatto tempo fa ma in fondo non avrebbe avuto neanche tempo per organizzarsi con lei. Salì in camera sua accompagnata da sua madre che le posò il suo borsone sul letto, pian piano lei avrebbe messo a posto tutta la roba che c'era dentro di esso. Sua madre poggiò anche una busta sul mobile messo alla destra della sua porta del bagno.

    “Farò la frittata con le uova per cena, vuoi che te la porti qui oppure riesci a scendere?”

    “No, credo che riuscirò a scendere…nel caso ti manderò un messaggio"disse lei.

    Fece un respiro profondo e poi si alzò lentamente da letto dove era seduta iniziando a prendere il suo borsone e svuotarlo.

    "Va tutto bene?"chiese sua madre.

    "Si…"le rispose anche se nè lei né sua madre credevano a quella riposta.

    "Okay, nel caso ti servisse qualcosa…puoi chiamare me o Pietro”

    “D'accordo…aspetta prima di scendere devo chiederti una cosa"chiese lei fermando la mamma sulla soglia di camera sua.

    Passarono alcuni minuti prima che Wanda prendesse coraggio e chiese a sua madre una risposta, una risposta a tutti i dubbi che fino a questo momento l'attanagliavano.

    "Oltre Natasha…non è venuto nessun'altro a trovarmi mentre ero in quella clinica? Intendo i miei amici…"chiese lei sentendosi libera dopo molto tempo.

    Sua madre fece un respiro profondo, sentendosi in dovere di raccontare la verità a sua figlia che la guardava con occhi speranzosi. Vedeva che glielo chiedeva con pietà e non poteva certamente deludere sua figlia.

    "Oltre Natasha non è venuto nessun'altro…tranne per una sera”

    Wanda si rattristò un'attimo ma appena sua madre riprese a parlare subito alzò lo sguardo verso di lei guardandola con occhi pieni di speranza.

    “Non so come abbia fatto ad entrare oppure a non essere stato preso. Era completamente vestito di nero e senza che me ne accorgessi era entrato in camera tua, non era neanche l'orario di visita…”


    “Si, se te lo stai chiedendo era lui…era James. Non pensavo che fosse capace di fare così tanto, ma da quanto ho capito voleva vederti dopo tanto che non lo faceva. Sembrava distrutto per altri problemi che ha ma non sono riuscita a capire che cosa…”

    “Il divorzio e il processo di suo padre"disse lei sussurrando e guardando il pavimento con occhi lucidi.

    "Ma a quanto pare non era la cosa che più gli importava in quel momento”

    “Che intendi dire?"chiese lei con occhi pieni di speranza e quasi lucidi.

    "Intendo dire che lui se è venuto da te è perché ha tutte le buone intenzioni di stare con te per sempre, non gli importa di quello che potrebbe accadere e neanche se sarà poco il tempo che starà con te…”

    “Mamma, lo sai che fra noi due è impossibile”

    “No, niente è impossibile con James, tu lo sai meglio di me. So che non vuoi che si sarebbe avvicinato a te, tanto da scoprire tutto quello che avresti voluto nascondergli, lo so perché ti conosco bene, sei mia figlia. Ed è anche per quello che so, che in fondo, tu lo vorresti solo al tuo fianco tutto il tempo che ti sarà necessario. Ti piace Wanda, non provare a nasconderlo a me che sono la tua mamma…”

    Le parole di sua madre la fecero riflettere fin troppo e sapeva che in cuor suo che quella era la soluzione migliore, affidarsi a James ed a come sarebbe andata. Anche se la paura di poter tirare fuori i suoi sentimenti e anche quella di non poterli esprimere al meglio verso di lui, per colpa di questo, la perseguitava. E non c'era modo di farle cambiare idea.

    “Ho cercato di mandarlo via anche io quando l'ho visto in quell'ospedale che ti ha portato dopo quello che era successo in quella festa”

    “Mi ha portato lui?"chiese lei a sua madre guardandola stavolta con gli occhi pieni di lacrime.

    "Si Wanda, ti ha portato lui…e anche se non ci credi o non lo vuoi ammettere, lui è il ragazzo perfetto per te"disse sua madre scioccandola ancor di più.

    Lei tolse lo sguardo da sopra di lei e lo poggiò sul tappeto che era ai suoi piedi, poteva sembrare che era concentrata su di esso come per capire di che materiale era fatto ma non era così.

    "Io vado di sotto, devo cucinare sennò chi lo sente tuo fratello, per qualsiasi cosa chiamami, okay?”

    Sua madre si alzò e le diede un bacio sulla guancia, uscì dalla sua stanza chiudendo la porta e lasciando Wanda da sola in preda ai pensieri. Se fino a pochi giorni fa era James ad esserne completamente preso, ora Wanda non sapeva cosa fare. Quello che le aveva raccontato sua madre, quello che aveva fatto James era stato da eroi.

    Era andato oltre ai mille pregiudizi che pensava che lui si fosse creato, oltre suo padre che se fosse stato in casa sicuramente gli avrebbe chiesto che cosa sarebbe uscito a fare a quell'ora. Oltre alle minacce di Rumlow che continuava a sentirsi superiore a lui e oltre alle menzogne di Sharon. Tutto quello che aveva fatto, dal primo istante in cui l'aveva conosciuto, fino all'ultimo con cui aveva avuto possibilità di interagire con lui, erano l'unica e grande prova che James Barnes poteva fare di tutto per lei.

    Non perché si sentiva in dovere, perché si sentiva in grado. Degno e meritevole di starle accanto per tutto il tempo che sarebbe stato necessario. Si alzò dal suo letto, asciugandosi le lacrime e andò a sistemare le sue ultime cose nei vari cassetti e nel suo armadio. Fin quando sul mobile notò che c'era una busta a cui prima non aveva fatto caso. La prese e la portò con sé fin quando non si sedette sulla sedia della sua scrivania e l'aprì vedendo cosa c'era dentro. Prese in mano per primo quello che era un orsacchiotto e lo girò in tondo notando che dietro la schiena c'era una cerniera. Dentro di esso c'era un biglietto piegato e Wanda lo aprì leggendolo.

    Questo è da parte mia, mentre la rosa è da parte di James. Ti voglio bene, Rebecca.

    Chiuse la cerniera e portò l'orsacchiotto al petto stringendolo a sé e fingendo che fosse la piccola e solo dopo lo poggiò sul letto insieme al resto dei pupazzi. Prese di nuovo la busta notando che all'interno c'era proprio la rosa di cui Rebecca aveva scritto. La prese delicatamente, era finta e anche del colore sbagliato visto che l'avrebbe preferita rossa ma nonostante questo sentì il suo cuore riempirsi di gioia a sapere che aveva indovinato, per Rebecca o meno, il suo fiore preferito. Il cuore le batteva forte, gli occhi le si riempirono di nuovo con delle lacrime e sentì risuonare dentro la sua testa le parole che le aveva detto sua mamma poco prima.

    Lui è il ragazzo perfetto per te”

    Fece un respiro profondo e poggiò la rosa sul suo comodino. Scese di sotto per la cena e solo quando fu quasi ora di addormentarsi risalì di nuovo sopra, si mise il pigiama e prima di rimboccarsi con le coperte prese il suo telefono. Aprì la chat dei messaggi di James che non aveva letto in tutti questi giorni e si mise a  leggerli. Uno per volta, c'erano alcuni che continuavano, tutti in un solo giorno e in una sola notte oppure ad ore sparse. Ma tutti avevano lo stesso significato. Lo stesso obbiettivo.

    James sarebbe stato con lei fino alla fine.

    Decise di rispondergli, ma in una maniera completamente diversa rispetto a come si sarebbe aspettato James.


    Il colore non è il mio preferito e non avrei voluto riceverla finta ma mi ha sorpreso e mi ha reso molto felice che tu sappia quale sia il mio fiore preferito. Ci vediamo dopodomani a scuola…notte.

    Non aspettò nessuna risposta, perché sapeva che vedendo quel messaggio James sarebbe stato più felice che mai e più esuberante del solito. Peggio di come lo è stato durante quella partita a cui Wanda aveva assistito. Tutti e due, dopo un po’ di tempo andarono a dormire con il sorriso sulle labbra, l'uno nei sogni dell'altra e viceversa.


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  • So… A Bad Ending? :’)

    I’m working on the story. I’m not gonna make chapters to explain the whole au because my sanity is going down-


    Basically Rafik started to work on the Goliver (now it’s a laboratory) with his uncle (who became his father later)



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  • I was scrolling down a fanfic writer’s tumblr blog and saw an interesting prompt. It’s about Stiles is forced to wear ballerina high heels and complete house works with them. If anyone write any fics about this ,I would love to read one.

    This is what I wonder how Stiles will look in them↓↓↓


    Sorry for your eyes :P

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  • I have completely fallen into the DinCobb so here are some edits,  hope you like it snsnsns <3

    The only one that convinced me is the first

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  • AU where Crowley did went to Alpha Centauri,

    Since he left, his Earth had been destroyed because he wasn’t there to help stop armageddon.

    When he knew it already happened, he gave up his wings and built this blue box TARDIS along with some human-like technology.

    He regretted leaving his Earth, now he could never see Aziraphale again, so now he told to himself that he will save the new universe he’ll go to at any cost.

    But, he change his face every now and then. He has two hearts: one represent his supernatural entity, and the other one is human.

    On the new Earth, he saved a lot of lives.

    Meanwhile, Crowley forgot that Aziraphale is an angel. Aziraphale then tried to find Crowley in Alpha Centauri, but to no avail. Aziraphale then traveled more universes until he found the one where Crowley is.

    He found it, but remembered that Crowley probably thinks that he’s already dead, so he gave up everything and make himself human. He would reincarnate as blonde women throughout the years.

    Crowley, now The Doctor, then met a blonde girl at a shopping center named Rose.

    Aziraphale, now Rose, finally found The Doctor. But, since he gave up everything, he doesn’t remember anything.

    #doctor who#good omens#the doctor#aziraphale#crowley#alternative universe #you may use it as prompt #its free :> #i still don't know the difference of canon and headcanon ;-;
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