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  • amamiweek
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    rantaro amami week starts tomorrow! remember to tag your entries with [ # rantaro amami week 2021] and [ # amami week 2021 ] and to tag this blog so that i see everything you put out!!!

    #rantaro amami#amami rantaro#rantarou amami#amami rantarou#amami week #amami week 2021 #rantaro amami week #rantaro amami week 2021 #help me oh god #i only have two fics done
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  • samsilverlight
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Green haired bois💚

    Im blaming @velociraptorawr for indirectly making me post this lol:)) *honorable mention HxH (2011) Gon Freecss with his black green/ dark green tipped hair?*

    Okay so two of them are vampires, another two participated in killing games, the other two are sporty bois, and there are two boys with their weapons, and then we've got.... one smartass nerd and one depressed-need-a-hug hero

    #green hair#sakuya watanuki#servamp#azusa mukami#diabolik lovers #azusa's hair in the animated version is green right? im gonna trust my eyes even tho his non anime version hair is black gray or something- #ikuya kirishima #free! #midorima shintarou #kuroko no basket #lubbock #akame ga kill #roronoa zoro#one piece#izuku midoriya#deku #boku no hero academia #ishigami senku#dr strange#amami rantarou#danganronpa v3#shin tsukimi #your turn to die #gon freecss? #hunter x hunter #green haired bois #i can include my raddish son right? #fav green haired bois #okay ill stop tagging now
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  • shsl-box-split
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Rantaro is still available to purchase! Send an ask if interested!

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  • sweetsnap
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    the beloved

    #danganronpa#danganronpa s#rantaro amami#danganronpa v3#ndrv3#drv3#rantarou amami #happy danganronpa s #danganronpa s ultimate summer camp
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  • koropote
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #amami rantarou #new danganronpa v3
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  • mod-aster
    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    More Rantarou Amami sprites

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  • mod-aster
    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Rantarou Amami sprites

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  • kamucolle
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    PriRoll has announced their October designs for the Danganronpa birthday cakes, macarons and cupcakes!

    Each order comes with either a round or heart badge of the design.


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  • forbidding-souda
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #fuyuhiko kuzuryu #fuyuhiko kuzuryu x reader #byakuya togami x reader #byakuya togami #hajime hinata x reader #hajime hinata #shuichi saihara x reader #rantarou amami
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  • dgrpprideflags
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    piratecoric flag picked from rantaro amami!

    requested by: anonymous and also me!

    #danganronpa#piratecoric#rantaro amami#rantarou amami #it’s an avocado #canon <3 #i could’ve done better with a cg but i didn’t feel like it #mod taka
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  • yourfavisfullofmalice
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Rantarou Amami from Danganronpa V3 is filled with malice! His head is also full of shotput! Too soon?

    Requested by anonymous!

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  • deadmandairyland
    04.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Hi! I’m here to bring you yet another Danganronpa tier list: the sexuality tier list, which you can find here.

    Now I’m going to be honest here: I don’t really have any LGBT headcanons. It’s just not really something I focus on much when it comes to fandoms. Instead I usually just focus on ships, and as a result from that I tend to present a lot of characters as LGBT in fanfictions and posts I’ve made or reblogged. In other words, a massive chunk of my “headcanons” here are a direct result of shipping (as well as information I’ve picked up from the games themselves). That being said, it was interesting to actually think about this for once, so I’m kinda glad I did the tier list. And it gave me an excuse to bring back the rainbow color scheme I usually put in my tier lists for aesthetic reasons.

    The original tier list had Straight at the top, but I moved it to the bottom for two reasons. One, this is Tumblr and that’s not what you’re here for. Two, I gave it a neutral color, and having a gray section next to a white section (i.e. the title of the list) like that looked bad to me. I definitely prefer this setup just on aesthetic alone.

    Because this is largely based on ships, I feel it needs to be said that representation does not factor into this chart in any way. I know it probably looks bad that the only character in the Lesbian category is one of my least favorite (though NOT hated or even disliked, I should point out) characters in the main series. That has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a lesbian. She’s just a jerk, and usually not in a way that’s at least entertaining enough for me to like her.

    Also keep in mind that this is just the main cast of the main series games. If you were to include characters from the DR3 anime, UDG, or the spin-offs, the Gay, Lesbian, and Ace categories would get more rep, certainly. Think Juzo, Yui, Takemichi, that gay guy with the trumpet, etc.

    With that said, let’s go through the list:


    Not gonna lie, one of the reasons why Rantaro is here (and not in Ace) is because of ships. Though I do sometimes ship him with girls, canon suggests he’s not interested in dating girls, and most fans seem to headcanon him as either gay or ace because of this, so I respected that. That being said, I also acknowledge he’s a very popular character in mlm ships, and at the time I was putting this together I hadn’t gotten to Taka yet so the Gay tier was still empty, and Byakuya was already sitting in Ace, so all of that swayed me to putting Rantaro here instead of Ace.

    Taka was much easier to place here. He strikes me as a closeted gay man who probably doesn’t even realize he is gay. “Hey, let’s all hang out in the bath, guys! Getting naked is essential to form bonds with your fellow man! No need to be ashamed, it’s tradition!"


    Again, ships. I only ship Hiyoko with one other character, and as soon as I say that you already know who she is.

    Bisexual (Male Preference)

    Akane is mostly here to account for any wlw ships I may have of her (e.g. Hina, Sonia maybe). Obviously she has a thing with Nekomaru, so Male Preference.

    Chiaki is here for the same reason as Akane. I’ve shipped her with characters like Sonia and Ibuki before, but she really digs Hajime.

    Chihiro honestly could have been anywhere in the Bi and Pan sections, but I ultimately went with Male Preference because of ships, specifically the fact that outside of the more... R18 circles of the Interwebs Chihiro tends to be shipped with guys more often than girls. Also doesn’t hurt that my OTP is Naehiro. I mean, have you seen how often Chihiro blushes around Makoto? (There’s more to it than that, as I’ve covered in the past. I’m just trying to add more fuel to the fire.)

    Himiko is probably one of the few characters that isn’t here mainly because of ships. I do think she has some attachment towards Tenko, but I also get “I’m uncomfortable around her” vibes from her, and there are moments where she seems to crush on Kokichi (of all people) so that’s why she’s here. Still very much bi, though.

    Hina has a crush on Makoto and has a complex around wishing she was more feminine so she can attract boys. So why isn’t she in the Straight section? ...Because Sakura, duh. And Kyoko too. And any other wlw ship you can think of that might work with Hina.

    Honestly if it wasn’t for Miu I probably would have considered putting Kokichi in Gay. Again, while shipping plays a big part of my choices here, much like with Rantaro I have no qualms with putting a character in a tier that contradicts any ships I might have with that character, if those ships aren’t something I’m super invested in. This is a very important distinction, because it’s why I let ships sway my hand for so many of these even if I am also okay with going “Just because I ship this doesn’t mean I headcanon it” as I did with Rantaro. And honestly Kokichi’s ship teasing with Himiko does come off as more trollish than a sign that he’s into her, but he really gets into his back-and-forth with Miu, in my personal opinion, and he gets into it far more often with her for that matter. It’s why it’s one of my favorite ships for both of them tbh, and it’s because I like the ship so much that I just can’t ignore it for this sexuality headcanon tier list.

    Maki... is here because of ships (e.g. Kaede).

    Sakura... is here because of ships (e.g. Hina). ...What, you were expecting me to put a guy in the example? Remember, she has a boyfriend in canon.

    Sayaka... is here because of... NOT ships, but DRAT. Yes, really. (”We really got down and dirty, Naegi-kun.”)

    Sonia... strikes me as someone who swings both ways. I can’t describe exactly why I feel that way, but yes.

    Bisexual (No Preference)

    Celeste wants a harem of vampire boys but shipping her with Kyoko is also very popular and honestly i feel like it would fit her character. She’s got a look that says “I could get any ass I want and I know it.”

    Ibuki is decked out in blues and pinks, and also I ship her fairly evenly among both boys and girls. She just screams bi icon to me, more so than any other character in the series.

    Junko is either bi with no preferences or pan. She is an equal opportunity heart-and-soul-breaker and lust-for-despair machine.

    There is no Mukuro in this list, but honestly I would probably put her where I put Junko anyway.

    Kaede... is here because of ships (e.g. Miu, Maki)

    Honestly I had no idea where to put Kirumi, so I just randomly chose one that I wouldn’t regret later if I ever put more thought into who I shipped her with.

    I’m pretty sure Nagito being bisexual has some degree of canon attached to it??? I think??? I’m not entirely sure tbh, but fuck it. I’m doing this for fun anyway, so this doesn’t really matter.

    Shuichi, like all Danganronpa protags, is bi as fuck. I also find him to be more shippable with guys than the other two protags, so IMO he has no preference.

    Toko might have a thing or two for pretty boys, but... Komaru, I mean, this isn’t exactly shocking, I don’t think. Probably was closeted before she met Komaru. I mean she did focus on Hina’s boobs a lot in DR1, let’s not forget.

    Tsumugi, much like Kirumi, is here because I haven’t put much thought into her ships.

    Bisexual (Female Preference)

    Gundham has a thing with Sonia in canon, but I can see him being bi. So... yeah, ships again.

    Hajime, like all Danganronpa protags, is bi as fuck. It’s just that his Chiaki and Mikan game is just too strong.

    Hifumi might claim to only like 2D, but his interest in Chihiro both in human form and computer program form (and the fact that this didn’t go away after the gender reveal) places him here.

    Kaito strikes me as a closeted bisexual. The kind that could start any given conversation with “I’m not gay, but...”

    Kazuichi also strikes me as a closeted bisexual, only his “I’m not gay, but...” is rooted more in dumbass than it is in systematic homophobia.

    Korekiyo... is here because of ships (e.g. Rantaro).

    Kyoko is bi as fuck, and I can see her having a preference towards girls in particular. She gets shipped with girls a lot (e.g. Celeste, Hina, Yui, and even Junko and Mukuro), and when she is shipped with boys it’s usually just pretty boys (e.g. Makoto, Byakuya, Ryota, Shuichi, and, depending on your interpretation, Chihiro). Also note that aside from Makoto and maybe Byakuya, Kyoko’s girl ships are far more popular than her boy ships. Just something I’ve noticed over the years.

    Leon... is here because of ships (e.g. Chihiro).

    Mahiru is here because I’m pretty sure she has a thing for Hajime in her FTEs, but obviously she tends to get shipped with girls more often (especially Hiyoko), and I agree.

    Makoto, like all Danganronpa protags, is bi as fuck. It’s just that his Kyoko, Hina, Sayaka, and Mukuro game is just too strong.

    Mikan may be interested in Hajime somewhat, but her obsession with Junko cannot be ignored, no matter how much some of you may want to.

    Mondo is another character that strikes me as a closeted bisexual. He is said to strike out all the time with girls, so I do think he’s attracted to women. And I do get some vibes that he’s attracted to Chihiro pre-reveal. And if circumstances had been different, I imagine he probably still would have been post-reveal. But obviously it’s his bond with Taka that I feel cements his sexuality in, at the very least, an mlm category.

    Tenko... is here NOT because of ships, but because I’m pretty sure she’s at least sort of interested in Shuichi because of some canon thing... and also I don’t want to put her in Lesbian just because it feels like I’d be stereotyping the Lesbian category if I do that. If we were to compare her to the character that I did put in Lesbian, Hiyoko doesn’t treat people like shit because they’re men, she’s an equal-opportunity asshole. Still not the best representation for lesbians by a long shot, but at least Hiyoko doesn’t follow the stereotype of a man-hating lesbian. She’s just like that, and that’s okay. But putting Tenko there, especially if she’s shown some degree of interest in a male character at some point in the game, just rubs me the wrong way personally, because it would feel like I’m ignoring canon just to stereotype her. But that’s just a personal hang up of mine. No disrespect intended toward anyone who genuinely feels that Tenko is a lesbian. Maybe you see something there that I don’t, and that’s perfectly fine.


    I don’t remember exactly how her FTEs went, so I’m not going to get into that, but Angie just comes off as pan to me, like gender doesn’t fit into the equation at all for her.

    Gonta I can see as either pan or ace. I feel like he wouldn’t care about gender, and honestly the only reason I decided to put him in Pan rather than Ace is because of that scene with Miu.

    Imposter is not only pan, they are currently OT3ing it up with Ibuki and Ryota as we speak, and that’s a fact.

    Keebo... is mostly here because of ships. A lot of ships, actually. Mostly male ships (Kokichi, Shuichi, Kazuichi, and, depending on your interpretation, Chihiro) but there’s also Miu to consider. And the Miu game is SO strong that I put him in Pan instead of, say, Male Preference.

    Just gonna lump them together because I have the same thing to say about both of them: Miu and Teruteru would **** anything that walks. What did I censor? Well, I’m doing the Nier: Automata thing, so you can put whatever you want in there and trust me, it would probably fit, for better or for worse.


    I know this is an unpopular opinion, because Naegami, but I just don’t think Byakuya is interested in anyone, at least not in that way. He might be fascinated with how common people live, because it’s so foreign to him, but that’s about it.


    Even though I do ship Fuyuhiko with some of the boys, his Peko game is so strong that honestly I can’t see him actually dating anyone aside from Peko outside of some very niche fanfiction.

    Honestly, Hiro was another one that I was just like “I have no idea what to do with you.” I think maybe his team up with Kanon made me eventually choose to put him in Straight? I don’t remember. I clearly didn’t put much thought into Hiro.

    I really only ship Nekomaru with Akane, so that’s why he’s here. I’m sure if I dive deep enough into my psyche I can pull an mlm ship with Nekomaru in it out of my ass, but like Rantaro that wouldn’t be significant enough to change anything.

    Peko is in the same boat as Fuyuhiko. I have shipped her with girls before, but her Fuyuhiko game is just too strong.

    Ryoma had a girlfriend once, and as far as I can remember he didn’t really seem interested in anybody in the game, so that’s all I have to go off of for him.


    So there you have it. Explanations for literally all of them! Explanations that were definitely not pulled out of my ass as I was typing them, nope, certainly not. Definitely won’t be tagging all of them, but I may tag the ones with the longest entries. And like all the tier lists I’ve done, this was just for fun and honestly any opinion I have for any of these characters could change at a moment’s notice because my brain is fickle like that. Tried my best to make sure that every tier had at least one character in it, but I did so without trying to force characters in places that I personally did not believe they should go. I hope you all enjoyed my dive into this area of fandom that I rarely dive into (the LGBT headcanons, not the ships, obviously). It was a lot of fun, and hopefully it will stay fun and not result in angry anons blasting me for my opinions. I am grateful that this never seems to happen to me, but I’ve seen it happen to others and I know what Tumblr is capable of at its worst. These are just headcanons and a matter of personal opinion, and if you disagree with them, that’s perfectly okay. Your feelings and opinions are also valid.

    #dangan ronpa#tier list#rantarou amami#kiyotaka ishimaru#hiyoko saionji#chihiro fujisaki#himiko yumeno#aoi asahina#kokichi ouma#kyouko kirigiri#mondo oowada#tenko chabashira#kiibo#miu iruma#teruteru hanamura #ended up tagging anyone who (at least in the editor) has four or more lines of text in their entry #or in hiyoko's case because i mention her a lot outside of her entry
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  • amamotaweek
    01.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    sighs. i had meant to get this post out earlier, but motivation is a triiicky game. regardless, as promised, here i am again with the prompts for amamota week 2021!!!

    amamota is my favourite danganronpa pairing which sucks because they do not get the appreciation they deserve. sue me for shipping two stupid, self sacrificing men who have vulnerability issues. every day i wake up, i think about them traveling together, and i drop dead on the spot.

    just like last year, this event will be running from november 1st through november 7th 2021, so get excited! you get two months to prepare and i hope that’s enough time. usually i would try and give more but ohhghghg (flails on the ground).

    here are the prompts i chose this year. a huge thanks to my secret assistant (;)) and @detectivesplotslies for helping me put together this year’s prompts, couldn’t have done it without you.

    day one/november 1st: scars/trust

    day two/november 2nd: art/music

    day three/november 3rd: audition/interview

    day four/november 4th: soar/sink

    day five/november 5th: heroes/sacrifice/stories

    day six/november 6th: trapped/shame

    day seven/november 7th: ghost/haunt/free space

    please tag all entries to this challenge with [ # amamota week ] and [ # amamota week 2021 ] and TAG THIS BLOG, @/amamotaweek so that i can see them!!! i want to see and boost your contributions!! if i don’t boost your contributions, dm me and i will absolutely reblog it right away.

    if you have questions, thoughts, or concerns, please dm me or send an ask to either this blog, or my main, @toxicisnotapineapple. i’m here to help!!! and as always, here are rules and guidelines under the cut.

    1. late entries will always, always, always be accepted! feel free to submit works as long after the event has ended as works for you. do not feel stressed to meet the dates i’ve set, those are merely guidelines!!!

    2. works featuring amamota in polyamorous relationships, such as amasaimota or amaoumota, will be accepted. do not feel pressure to put a specific focus on amamota in such works. of course i want to try and center these two boys for the week of, but i love those poly ships and i see no reason not to allow them for this week.

    3. works featuring amamota in a qpr (queer platonic relationship) will also be accepted. :)

    4. the unauthorised use, reproduction, or replication of other people’s works during this week will not be tolerated. if you are making edits, which is highly welcome and encouraged, please use art that you have permission to use, and make sure you give credit! tracing, stealing and passing off as your own, and other forms of plagiarism is absolutely not acceptable.

    5. please respect all other entries! we’re all here to have fun, right?

    6. problematic content such as incest, pedophilia, teacher/student relationships, and other such relationship dynamics will not be accepted.

    7. as this week is being hosted on tumblr, which has an nsfw ban, nsfw content will not be accepted for this challenge. i also am a minor and want to respect any minors who want to participate. however, you’re allowed to participate even if your blog does have nsfw content on it, just make sure that you don’t... tag me... in any of them posts.

    8. aus and crossovers will of course be accepted.

    9. trans canons of any kind, including transfem headcanons, will be accepted. however i will not be boosting content featuring cis genderbends. please respect this rule and if you publish content featuring transfem rantaro or kaito please specify on the post so i know to boost you! 

    10. the prompts are up to your own personal interpretation, including whether or not you want to use them at all! please feel free to use both, or neither, or take whatever meaning from them as you like. just have fun with it! you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do once you stop following the rules all the way.

    i think that’s all! once again, if you have any questions please feel free to dm me or shoot me an ask at any time, i will get back to you as soon as possible. i will continue reblogging this post and being generally an annoying motherfucker in the upcoming weeks as the event gets closer. thank you for your support, any promos are welcome!!

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  • amamiweek
    01.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    hey!! there’s less than a month left until amami week :)

    what do you headcanon rantaro’s sexuality and romantic orientation to be?

    #rantaro amami#amami rantaro#rantarou amami#amami rantarou#amami week #amami week 2021 #rantaro amami week #rantaro amami week 2021
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  • dgrpprideflags
    28.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    facelessneutral flag picked from rantaro amami!

    requested by: @drink-the-fanfic-juice

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  • dgrpprideflags
    26.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    corpsegender flag picked from rantaro amami!

    requested by: anonymous

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  • nagito-ex-machina
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “Momota-kun, you didn’t bring an umbrella?” “Eh, I figured that it would only be a light drizzle.” - (So anyway one day I just woke up and thought to myself amamota nation can have a little doodle, as a treat)

    #amamota#rantarou amami#kaito momota #this is just a little smth in between projects #btw it's raining where i am today so i was like. oh okay #how about i just draw them from memory #:) i missed them
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  • gprtskhvni
    12.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ✩ : Pastel Green Rantaro Icons

    ~ Like or Reblog
    ~ If Using / Saving
    ~ Don't Repost !
    #✩。❝ Icons ❞ ꒱꒱ #✩。❝ Edits ❞ ꒱꒱ #Danganronpa#Danganronpa V3 #Danganronpa Killing Harmony #Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony #Danganronpa Icons #Danganronpa V3 Icons #Killing Harmony Icons #Rantaro Amami#Amami Rantaro#Rantarou Amami#Amami Rantarou #Rantaro Amami Icons #Rantarou Amami Icons #Amami Rantaro Icons #Amami Rantarou Icons #Pastel Green#Polka Dots
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  • ministarfruit
    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    bad memory gang rise up

    #danganronpa#rantaro amami #breadfruit: amami rantarou #what's up amnesiacs!! #no short term memory folkadees!!
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  • forbidding-souda
    10.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #shuichi saihara x reader #shuichi x reader #shuichi saihara #rantaro amami x reader #rantarou amami x reader #rantarou amami#rantaro amami #byakuya togami imagines #byakuya togami x reader #byakuya togami headcanons #byakuya togami#danganronpa
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