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  • ahh, i thought six of crows was the first book in the grisha universe! turns out its shadow and bone????? i– reading out of order drives me crazy but i feel like i am being introduced to them for the first time tho so it doesn’t sound like im missing out????

    #amandabookthoughts #six of crows #shadow and bone #i was tryin to read this before the show came out #i want to see what the hype he #but i am reading out of fucken order???? #ahh #why did nobody tell me shadow and bone is the first book #!!
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    im mad i spent two days reading In a Holidaze and being so so so sooo let down!!! I let it all rip on Goodreads but I’m still mad and its circling my brain now. what happened!! Although most of the goodreads review of this book was positive, I feel so let down!! Absolutely no problem was resolved!! Lukewarm drama at best!! Nothing!! Makes!! Sense!!! i literally want to give it as much ZERO starts as possible because it was so not good!!! The writing is good though; like reading it was less a pain in the ass. but how can someone fuck up a romcom like this??? like it can be cheesey as shit!! it can be cliche as hell!! give me all the troupes!! but what the actual fuck was this?? i dont buy the coupling, I dont buy the time traveling, i dont buy the “universe”, i barely buy the twenty something crisis involving career and living situation. ahh!

    i have unhoneymooners on hold at the library and its by the same author! I really hope its not a big let down like this one because honeymooners actually sound fun to read!! anyways I’m gonna go read Six of Crows now.

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    Haha this is basically One Day in December except it was the bride and her marriage lasted like 2 years instead. But we are happy Laurie found Jack again ☺️. I guess it seems the groom would rather be with the other person lol???

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  • One Day In December is such a good novel. I can’t believe I read the scorpio book recommendation and picked this up; whoever the astrologer person from the library is they really hit the mark. My god im literally sobbing. This is so goood!

    Laurie and Jack have the most ordinary and mundane yet antsy and frustrating love story ever. I mean, this is a romcom so obviously they’ll end up together but the book spends like +300 pages making it seem impossible for that to happen! So many life moments that really shove them together but also tear them apart. So much unspoken tension!! So much unspoken truths!! so much to lose!! But as it near the ending and they’re both really figuring out their lives instead of finding distractions, or brushing aside feelings and red flags, and BOOM right in the feels. ahhh, i’ve never teared up for a love story before but I did for this! wow!!


    “Might as well,” I grumbled. “My love life is official dead.”

    Sarah screws up her finished-with fish-and-chip paper. “You’ve only got yourself to blame,” she says.

    She’s referring to bus boy, of course. He’s reached near-mythical status now, and I’m on the very edge of giving up on him. Ten months is a long time to look for a complete stranger on the off-chance that they’ll be single, into me, and not an axe murderer. Sarah is of the vocal opinion that I need to move on, by which she means I need to find someone else before I turn into a nun. I know she’s right, but my heart isn’t ready to let him go yet. That feeling when we locked eyes–I’ve never had that before, ever.

    i dog-eared this page because this is meeeeeeeeeeeee. not that ive ever had a love at first sight sighting in my entire life (but no one is gonna stop me from not making eye contact on public transport and hoping for the best!!). i love that Laurie is just as wistful; makes me feel better about myself (and makes me foolishly hopeful!!!) lol.

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  • so i started this new book called “one day in december” and it literally is the dream scenario i would fucken die for! main girl makes eye contact w the handsome man! shes on the cramped bus! hes sitting on the bus bench reading! he looks up just as she wipes the mist from the window!! and its like electricity when their eyes meet! split second later, the man stands up getting ready to jump on the bus BUT THE BUS PULLS AWAY!! and she keeps watching him and hes standing there dumb founded!!! ahh1!!!

    hello??? public transportation romance???? love at first sight??? electricity!!!??? hes reading!!!! he’s wear a navy peacoat???? ahh!!!! i was literally screaming!!!

    #amandabookthoughts #one day in december #romcom#ok granted #this is such a fucken cliche #but a little fun fact about me #is that i love public transportation #(u know when none of the bad things happen) #but its like the concept of getting where u need to go and not feeling so alone #not worrying about a car is so good #i like that u can just day dream without others bothering u #and u can truly see the world around u #i considered living in japan for a bit just to experience the public transportation #and i am still considering it lol #im the dumbass that falls in love w the strangers on the train #not that i do anything nor does he #but its the ~concept~ #it COULD happen which i fucken love
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  • If only Anya’s eyes were blue like the sea or green like an emerald. Instead, her eyes were brown–lovely, dreamy…melted chocolate brown? Rabbit fur brown?

    LMAO thats literally every fantasy writer’s thought process

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  • for some reason im actually pretty anxious about what to expect from acosf…i really wish i hadn’t overthought so many things and re-read the book so many times because i feel like i just created this alternate universe in my brain of how it should actually go and its tripping me up. the fandom is also crazy and they do influence my expectations of the series (i do enjoy the times when they analyze things because those are the good times). 

    i think i realize how much i kind of hate how SJM writes–she emphasizes a lot of feelings or the small reactions that makes it feel like it is significant but it ends up not being what you thought. acofas really fucked up my perception of all the characters and im so annoyed by that. why must you trick me like this?? or am i just bad at reading???

    i guess i am excited for acosf but it might be the last book of SJM i read tbh.

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  • spent literally the entire weekend and two days reading about lawyers and their fake relationship and its fucken amazing. i, too, want to be an accomplished lawyer who has to fake date with slightly younger but significantly sexier men who ends up being lovely people and then being like oh im in love???? and having a happy ending.

    anyways, should i become a lawyer yall? based getting A’s in my high school law class, i think i can totally do law. :)

    #amandabookthoughts #if i never met you #not that kind of guy #these contemporary romances are holding me over until acosf #but im so mad i brought the live show with sjm #i am really trying not to spoil myself #i feel like ive set myself up for disappointment #now i have to decide if paying 40 bucks for a book was worth it #i dont know if i can sit through an hour of sjm talking about a book that won't be in my hands until after the live #like come on #so ill literally waste money not watching it?? #i should have just gotten the regular copy #im so tired of acotar #:(#anyways #im on a reading binge again
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  • My friend just told me I had intense soccer mom energy when I said “am I reading the same book?!??” in regards to my entire distrain for ACOTAR and the fandom…I guess I need to stop 😔

    I will post two more (long) posts about acotar (one is anti elriel and I will say no more on that ever again regardless of what happens in ACOSF and SJM’s direction) and be done with it. I will stop and rest. And wait patiently until acosf and be happy with nessian and just be done with this series. I’m turning into a bad minded person that’s becoming too obsessed w the micro actions and behaviors of this series (and anticipating too much on what could be which will always lead to disappointment) 😔😔😔😔

    #amandabookthoughts#acotar#acosf #a court of thorns and roses #sarah j maas #sjm #im not even smart #but at least i cite the actual sources of my information #but ill stop #i do like having this dumb corner of the internet to broadcast my dumb thoughts
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  • i need help understanding mor and the dynamic between cassian and azriel.

    TLDR; i dont get why this dynamic is so important! for mor, its two issues here and they aren’t connected. mor can reject az and keep her true sexuality a secret so why is she so insistent on being shitty to az? azriel getting rejected isn’t going to break his entire heart forever; az is a big boy he will be ok. god i hate this dynamic so much.

    ok so this girl doesn’t have the courage to tell azriel that she doesn’t like him that way (or ever).

    but its been 500 years of pining; like ?? i think he knows his heart has been broken?? hes a spy master; his entire profession is him seeking secrets and i would even assume knowing how to read people and such. i feel like after 500 years, he can pretty much confirm shes not interested in him. and then using cassian whenever theyre together should also signify something? are we banking on azriel to be a Head Empty dumbo man who doesn’t have an ounce of self awareness and emotional intelligence here?? mor constantly flirts w cassian as a joke. mor needing cassian to be a buffer sounds like she just wants him as the third wheel but nothing else and thats really shitty thing to do. how can she think she can keep it up?? how can she also assume cassian won’t try to find love?? she doesn’t love az why stop him from finding love???

    she straight up only likes females no? she’s already sleeping with other people. thats a known fact. azriel has also slept w other people. they dont sleep together but they do just hang out–like buddies?? they go to ritas, they hang out in the houses at valeris, they do night court jobs together-ish but thats it? that sounds like what friends do. so if she rejects azriel, the worst that seems to happen is that they won’t hang out like they used to.

    i flipped through ACOWAR to make sure im not missing anything and this is part of what she says:

    “I’m not sure I can give my entire heart to him in that way. And…and I love him enough to want him to find someone who can truly love him like he deserves. And I love myself….I love myself enough to not want to settle until I find that person, too” (ACOWAR, 592)

    “I should tell him. I need to tell him. Mother above, after last night, I should. But…It’s gone on for so long. So long. I’m petrified to face him–to tell him he’s spent five hundred years of pining for someone and something that won’t ever exist. The potential fallout…I like things the way they are.”  (ACOWAR, 593)

    she says this shit!! two contradictory paragraphs!!! how are you gonna be like let az find love/i want to find love and then backtrack and be like wait i like this dynamic??? what??????? in between those two line she says this:

    “It’s stupid, I know. It’s so stupid and cruel that I do this, but…I slept with Helion just to remind Azriel…Gods, I can’t even say it. It sounds even worse saying it.”

    “To remind him that you’re not interested.” (ACOWAR, 593)

    what is this?? literally what the fuck?? this line right here makes mor sound like such a dick. this is literally cruel; she knows hes got intense feelings for her but she does this still?? is this some kind of power trip she likes???


    yes it can be heart breaking to lose a friend but at the same time stringing them along and being so elusive is worse is it not?? yes it will probably hurt az a lot especially if his feelings are super intense but i think they as characters are capable of going past this. it might not be like before, but they will still be supportive of one another.

    but also consider this: what would be the consequence of rejecting azriel? will he go on a rampage? will he shut out the IC forever? will he abandon them? is there a darkness to him that makes mor afraid to speak her actual feelings? cuz i feel like at worst it would be a few awkward moments here and there but ultimately it would just be over with and they will be friends again. does she really believe that az would continue to be a hopeless puppy following her around in the hope of her loving him forever or does she think he’ll reject love forever if she rejects him? she hasn’t given him actual romantic love back so he might not be missing much. and even her words about fucken helion just to remind az she’s not interested is treating him shity enough (which also leads me to why does he love mor? did he know her before rhys brought her to the illyrian camp all those years ago when she and cassian did it?) i know she wants to keep liking females a secret, but rejecting az won’t make people automatically assume she isn’t straight.

    i can’t help but think literally all of mor’s reasoning for not telling az and keeping the dynamic going is garbage. the stakes aren’t that high! shes being a bad friend and stifling both cassian and azriel! idk how az’s heart isn’t already breaking?? im really mad SJM is trying to play this up as a big thing and making this dynamic seem so important to these characters but for mor, its two issues here and they aren’t connected. mor can reject az and keep her true sexuality a secret. azriel getting rejected isn’t going to break his entire heart forever; az is a big boy he will be ok. god i hate this dynamic so much.

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    #amandabookthoughts#acotar#morrigan#the morrigan#azriel#cassian #mor x azriel x cassian #a court of thorns and roses #a court of wings and ruins #sarah j maas #acotar discourse#acotar thoughts #mor x azriel #sorry folks for the long post #this has been bothering me for a while #so i am putting it into words #truly i am open to a discussion #is this consider bad writing?? #SJM#inner circle#mor #a little bit #anti mor#moriel #a court of mist and fury #a court of frost and starlight
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  • ACOTAR fandom on insta annoyingly ships Elriel and it’s driving me crazy. Love a lot of the fanart but my god seeing Elriel is not it. Pls stop it.

    #acotar#anti elriel#amandabookthoughts #i would be mad if elriel became canon #yeah idk why but i do venemously hate elriel
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  • “Hey,” Cassian said, catching my arm. His hazel eyes were more green than brown today. “I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to hit a nerve. Az only told me because I told him I needed to know for my own forces; to know what to expect. None of us…we don’t think it’s a joke. What you did was a hard call. A really damn hard call. It was just my shitty way of trying to see if you needed to talk about it. I’m sorry,” he repeated; letting go.

    This very scene solidify my fucken love and loyalty to cassian. this was just — excellent! this level of emotional intelligence is what all men should strive for! 

    a man who said a shitty thing and recognizing that the other person didn’t find it funny and APOLOGIZING properly for it!! nowhere does he put blame on the other person, no where does he get defensive! he understood at the very least that it was a sensitive topic and owned up to it and apologized!! cassian is so much more than just the buffer and goofy aggro jock character. hes literally so receptive of the little things and i love that for him and i love to see more of men like him!

    #amandabookthoughts#cassian#acotar #a court of thorns and roses #pro cassian#nessian#cassian simp #a court of mist and fury #acomaf#illyrian warrior#illyrian general#hello #nesta is gonna feel so loved by cassian #im gonna ignore that one bit in acofas #cuz that felt out of character #but this #this is the cassian i fucken love #its actually interesting since hes also a war general #which means hes gonna take a big hit emotionally #whenever there is war #:( #but this was my top 10 fav moments
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  • Of course I made a The Folk of the Air Playlist. Densely pop and full of songs about yearning, magic and monsters and love. 2 hrs 42 min long.

    Personal notes on these songs in relation to the characters:

    Cardan is very Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin and The Prince by Madeon energy.

    Jude x Cardan is If I Ain’t Got You by Dan Talevski and Slow Dancing by Aly & AJ 

    But before Jude and Cardan got to know each other: Be Kind by Marshmello and Halsey and Fallin’ (Adrenaline) by Why Don’t We, gold rush by Taylor Swift, Grey Area by Grey, Sofia Carson, and cowboy like me by Taylor Swift

    Jude and Madoc’s relationship is best summarized with my tears ricochet by Taylor Swift and a bit of exile by Taylor Swift ft Bon Iver

    Jude and Taryn’s relationship is very seven by Taylor Swift

    Jude growing into her own person is very Look At Her Now by Selena Gomez, I’LL SHOW YOU by K/DA, mad woman by Taylor Swift, and Pretty Savage by BLACKPINK

    Cardan and Gang is very Team by Lorde, i don’t want to talk about me by Stereo Jane, R3HAB remix, Rotten to the Core by Sofia Carson and Monsters by Midnight Kids.

    *Will still be moving and changing songs around but generally ready to be listened to :)

    #amandabookthoughts#amandabookplaylists#lit playlist #the folk of the air #tfota playlist #the cruel prince #the wicked king #the queen of nothing #tfota music#book spotify
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    “Jude, you can’t really think I don’t know it’s you. I knew you from the moment you walked into the brugh.”


    “He’s every bit as terrifying as any serpent.

    I don’t care. I run into his arms.”

    Cardan’s fingers dig into my back. He’s trembling, and whether it is from ebbing magic or horror, I am not sure. But he holds me as though I am the only solid thing in the world.”


    I feel a guard’s hand close on my arm. Then Cardan’s voice comes. “Do not touch her.”

    A terrible silence follows. I wait for him to pronounce judgment on me. Whatever he commands will be done. His power is absolute. I don’t even have the strength to fight back.

    “She’s my wife,” Cardan says, his voice carrying over the crowd. “The rightful High Queen of Elfhame. And most definitely not in exile.”


    another stand out is

    “You ought to have taken what we offered,” Lord Jarel says, swinging his spear down toward me. “Your reign will be very short, mortal queen.”

    Then Grima Mog is there on her stag, taking the weight of his blade. Their weapons slam together, ringing with the force of the impact. “First I’m going to kill you,” she tells him. “And then I’m going to eat you.”



    #amandabookthoughts#amandathoughts #the folk of the air #the cruel prince #the wicked king #queen of nothing #holly black #jude x cardan #im so fucken glad locke just died and we forgot about him #that was such a good move #not sure how i feel about taryn and the ghost being romantic #but whatever#anyways #mardoc on earth is gonna be funny as shit #also the complexity of his relationship with jude is so good #its like its fucked up but its like making peace w what happened #its learning about love #its learning to define love #the whole story is well done #its a bit fucked up #and jarring AS A MORTAL reading this #but it makes sense #vivi is constantly like THIS ISN'T NORMAL #and shes right #but jude makes do #i love the narration shifts #from anxiety to more like distressed and then cautious confidence #like we're growing through jude's eyes #its beautiful #good book series so far
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  • WOWOWOW THE WICKED KING IS SO GOOD!! ALSO CARDEN U SEXY MINDFUCKING TWINK!!! BUT IM SO MAD AT HIM! Jude is literally the only character in a book series where I am literally begging to cry. I didn’t feel the same anxious energy as the first book but this book I felt anxious because she’s wearing herself thin. She was juggling so many things and trying to play the long game and short game and trying predict what is to come. I mean she was doing so well but my god I was like I just want you to sit down and weep. Make an entirely new river with your tears!! She was so alone all the time and it was so sad to see. Open up baby! My favorite scenes were when Jude and Carden are together. Enemies to lovers and slow burn tropes are 👌👌👌. But I’m wary of rooting for them because of what Carden does at the end. I’m hoping he has a scheme in his brain that doesn’t mean the downfall of Jude. I mean shes so scared all the time and the fact that she keeps getting laughed at, that ending was heartbreaking. All these twists and games are so fun but makes me so anxious for a decent happy ending.

    But I’m literally so glad I was able to grab the entire series from the library because I would not have been ok waiting to see what happens in the Queen of Nothing. I legit finished the book at 4:36 am and only when to sleep so I can marinate on what happened so that when I wake up I can start The Queen of Nothing!!!

    #amandathoughts #the wicked king #the cruel prince #the folk of the air #amandabookthoughts
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  • I’m halfway through The Cruel Prince and I’m just– what the fuck am I reading?? This girl is straight up spiralling and going completely mad. I straight up thought this was a love story but it isn’t and it’s really really alarming. Kind of like a horror movie with bright pastel colors! Get Jude to therapy asap!!!!!! I wanted to reach in and like take her hand and be like just cry girl u gotta grieve!!! Let those feelings out!!! Wow everything is like high intensity. Like everywhere is a trap and also jude is a bit naive but still calculating enough. I’m on edge the entire time and I don’t like it!! The fan art really had me thinking this was going to be a fantasy romance smh!!!!

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  • i just started reading The Bridge Kingdom and i already love aren. HE HAS A BIG FREAKEN CAAATTT (cat boys will always be my favorite)

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  • im just impatiently waiting for either my books to be delivered or the library to come through with the next book sajkddfddffj i need to know whats gonna happen next!!! i am holding myself back so i dont spoil myself!!! i cannot follow the tags nor read the descriptions of the next books dklfjdklklf

    #amandathoughts#amandabookthoughts#acotar #a court of thorns and roses #i have been rereading acomaf #i love this second book
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