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  • ynnaf-selfnotes
    09.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Note to self #42

    Your strength matches your ambition.

    Go after what you want!

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    09.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago
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  • thedeafprophet
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    “You were once my one companion You were all that mattered You were once a friend and father Then my world was shattered “

    Some Nemesis Ambition angst in these trying times 

    #I will use phantom lyrics in my art post i cannot be stopped #this isn't anywhere in particular i was just Feeling Vibes #anyway F in the chat for Josie and her brother Gabriel huh? #fallen london#ambition nemesis#oc: josephine#my art#blood cw #just for the bit there #honestly made myself so sad drawing this....
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  • marjorieivy
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #i was only talking about an edit but i just really want it to come out how i want it to !! #this is just the loveliest thing to have in my inbox :))) #i hope you manage to find all the ambition past you missed !! #lost things can always be found :)) #love letters
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  • joymanuco
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    A woman of sepulchral glamor, the widow Honorade, in her own words. If you’d like to join our game’s merry community and get all of the latest news about ‘Ambition: A Minuet in Power’, click here to join our Discord.

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  • snowy-edits
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #❄️️Raising me as a hero who could exceed All Might; just to fulfill his own ambitions. I hate it. - Not a Request 🧊 #❄️Never forget who you want to become. - Conversations️ 🧊
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  • khhcorner
    08.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    [IG Story] 211208 ash.island

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  • freedom
    08.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    GOD u kno what I am a stinky swamp rat and there is NOTHING wrong with that

    #what I love most is to lay in bed and fuck around on the internet!!!!!! that’s so valid bc it makes me happy and content!!!! #we don’t need goals and ambitions and to kick ourselves over going nowhere when we’re happy where we are!! #nem.txt #I actually feel happy. for the first time in months I don’t wanna kms
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  • chaotic-lemons
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    If I didn’t have adhd, anxiety, poor time management skills, and zero confidence….. I could make a universe to rival the god/s creation

    #bruh#fight me #I could do so much #write a novel #sell art#make bank #be a doctor #idk #the world would drown in my ambition #adhd#anxiety#self confidence #poor time management skills
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  • veniteme
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hunting for Gems

    episode 4

    ash island x reader


    When Ash Island is forced to participate as a producer for the latest season of Show Me the Money, he knows it won't be easy. But when his partner is you, a rising producer from H1GHR, maybe it won't be as bad as he thought.

    Show Me the Money X Episode 4 - Round 3: 1 on 1 Battles

    And the 1:1 Battles continue! Two contestants rap on the same beat, and the producers vote on which was their favorite. The winner takes all the fight money, while the loser is eliminated.

    Rappers called up at random to challenge someone to a 1:1. Next up is Pay-One.

    "I would like to challenge Lee Gunho," Pay-One says with a smirk.

    Lee Gunho quietly walks onstage with his head slightly lowered.

    "Is there a reason you chose him?" the MC asks.

    "I just feel like I could beat him pretty easily." Murmurs start throughout the crowd as they react to such bold words.

    Caylo, one of the rappers people expect to win the whole show, leans over to his friend to discuss. "Gunho's not bad though?"

    "Is he? I don't remember him from last round," his friend whispers back.

    Caylo frowns, "I thought he was pretty good..."

    Who do you think will win between the two of them?
    Caylo: I stood next to Lee Gunho during the first round. I was really impressed when I heard him rap, he's really good. I thought he did well during the second round as well.
    Do you not think Pay-One is good?
    Caylo: ...Let's just say his rapping is of the same quality as his personality...


    Once you see Pay-One vs. Lee Gunho listed as one of the matchups, your lip curls in disgust, letting out a noise of distaste.

    "What's up?" Ash asks, trying to read over your shoulder. "Oh, those two got put together? Interesting combo. At least that means an easy win for your kid right?" he comments.

    "Yeah, but that means he has to spend time and interact with that d-bag. He deserves better company than that," you say, very obviously unhappy.

    Ash lets out a laugh, never hearing you speak such harsh words before. "I know he's not the greatest, but what'd that guy ever do to you?"

    "He's just so... gross," you say for lack of a better word. "My group was near his in the first round and all his lyrics were just about his big dick and fat ego." At that, Ash makes a face of disgust.

    "Plus he kept making creepy comments about having such a 'cute young girl' on the show every time I walked by," you add, nearly shivering at the memory.

    Ash's expression hardens as he hears your words. "He said what?"

    "It's fine, Gunho's gonna knock him out anyway. It's not a big deal," you try to brush it off. It obviously doesn't work as Ash remains tense for the rest of the round until Pay-One and Gunho are called to the stage.


    Round 3: 1 on 1 Battles

    As Pay-One and Gunho enter the stage, Ash Island and Saf are rather quiet, with Ash sporting a rather stony expression.

    Even as the other producers ask the boys questions, Ash and Saf never say a word. Pay-One tries to earn cred with Ash by mentioning how he was judged by TheQuiett last season.

    Ash's only response is "DJ, play the music," and so the round begins.

    As expected, Gunho blows Pay-One out of the water. To Ash, it's almost laughable how bad Pay-One is. Despite his disrespectful and distracting behavior during his competitor's parts, Gunho still manages to tear it up on the beat.

    Saf finally breaks her silence to give her praise to Gunho. Her long list of compliments for him as well as her confession to liking him since the last round cause his ears to turn red in embarrassment.

    "And what'd you think of me, babe?" Pay-One asks with a wink.

    Not even sparing him a glance, Saf turns to Ash. "We'll announce the results now!" he states.

    Without even pausing for dramatic effect, he says, "Pay-One, you will not be moving on to the next round. Bummer."

    As the boys are leaving, you and Ash do a subtle fist-bump, Ash with a smirk on his face.

    He calls back out to Gunho, and the boy stops. "Great job today."

    Gunho turns around to him with a big smile on his face, "Thank you!"

    Saf waves at him enthusiastically. "See you in the next round!"

    #ash island x reader #ash island imagines #ash island#hg#khh scenarios#khh imagines#khh#khiphop#khiphop imagines #ambition musik imagines #ambition musik
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  • khhcorner
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    [IG Story] 211208 ash.island

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  • grodyego
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    lrb i had never heard of this woman before come to find out shes 83 years old and has published over like 50 novels. literally what the hell

    #maybe i should get some ambition going in my brain or whatever apparently anybody can get published #over and over and over again
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  • usergreenpixel
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    1. The Introduction

    (This review is dedicated to @idieonthishill , @frevandrest , @michel-feuilly , @theravenclawrevolutionary and @tairin )

    Hey, Citizens! I’m officially back with a review I’ve been meaning to make for a while now.

    “Ambition: A Minuet in Power” is a visual novel/dating simulator game set in Frev and it actually came out really recently - in summer.

    It actually has been on my radar ever since I joined the Frev community and accidentally stumbled upon it while browsing tags related to Saint-Just.

    Now, usually games like this one are not particularly interesting for me but I am prone to being hooked so I got the beta version free of charge on Steam (which is also where I bought the full version later).

    And it was actually the beta version of this game that led to my fateful meeting with one of my friends, Citizen @idieonthishill , as she was also playing the beta version at the time.

    She has a fantastic review of her own right here and it sums up the pros and cons of the game really well. And here is a review by another friend of mine, Citizen @frevandrest , and it’s also really good.

    I was hesitant about making my own review at first because I really didn’t want to repeat my friends’ words like a broken record but here it is because we have a lot to talk about here.

    Okay, now that you know the gist of my backstory with this game, I think we can proceed to the actual review. I won’t cut it any slack for nostalgia points and there will be a rant below so get ready.

    Let’s find out what this game is all about.

    2. The Summary

    The visual novel’s protagonist is a commoner called Yvette Decaux, who comes to Paris to look for her missing fiancé but, when shit hits the fan and she gets basically ditched by said fiancé, she has to learn to survive and navigate the complicated political situation on the eve of the French Revolution.

    As Yvette, players can be royalists, Jacobins or something in between. This game allows the players to date various love interests (some historical) , gossip, attend events and amass respect and authority.

    So yeah. Let’s see what the execution of this premise is like.

    3. The Story

    First of all, I like the premise of a commoner (Yvette) marrying a noble (her fiancé). It was a thing but really rare and provided a great opportunity to marry into nobility. This explains why Yvette’s family is eager to see to it that the marriage happens and sends her to Paris.

    I also like the fact that we have several endings, like being a royalist, getting executed and leading the revolution. It really gives players room for experimenting with their choices in the story and helps to keep the experience fresh.

    That said, as pointed out by @frevandrest , most of the story takes place before the Storming of The Bastille and the other years of Frev are pretty much briefly glossed over in the end so it’s safe to say that we have some major pacing issues.

    It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes there is so many side quests that it becomes alarmingly easy to lose track of the main story with the missing fiancé and all that, so this game is definitely not for those who like more linear and straightforward stuff.

    4. The Characters

    Yvette herself isn’t a character in her own right, and I think that’s some wasted potential right there because I personally don’t like “blank slate” characters. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have an appeal too but it’s just not my cup of tea. I do like that she is not straight though (as in we have female love interests and male ones).

    Then there are the love interests. Unlike Yvette, they each have a personality and are fleshed out quite well but sometimes can dive a bit too much into old cliches.

    For example, Saint-Just in the game is the stereotypical rebellious bad boy who hates authority ™️, which is a disservice to the complexity of his real counterpart if you ask me. My friends have talked about issues with Antoine in detail in their own reviews so I don’t want to repeat everything they say. Just trust me when I say that this Saint-Just is something else...in a bad way.

    To be honest, I prefer love interests like Alex (a merry and kind soldier), Élisabeth Vigee Lebrun (a free-spirited artist) and Ludovico (a sweet Italian priest). They’re all cool in their own ways and I love them.

    There’s also a bourgeois widow, Honorade, but personally I didn’t like her so far. I don’t know why, just didn’t click.

    The love interest I disliked the most though is the fiancé, Armand. He had zero excuse for ghosting Yvette and basically not showing up because he is so caught up in the revolutionary stuff. Yvette should’ve dumped him on the spot because she clearly deserves better and I mean it!

    Anyway, aside from the love interests, some other characters are great too, like Camille, Yvette’s maid. Camille is basically a sweet, cheerful and loyal cinnamon roll and I love it. She deserves all the best things out there.

    5. The Gameplay

    There are several factions in the game and each one is represented by a specific love interest. You can determine who wins in the struggle of the Crown and the Revolution via convincing various love interests to join one or the other. I think that this is a pretty cool idea, if a bit unrealistic and ultimately makes Yvette a character with too much influence on history than one person would logically have.

    It’s also pretty hard to balance peril (you get it while doing risky stuff) and credibility. Get your peril too high and your reputation will suffer. If the credibility is too low then a lot of options in the game aren’t available to you. This is honestly a nightmare to keep track of and I really wish it was a bit easier.

    I also don’t usually like visual novels(like I stated above) so I don’t really recommend it to those who dislike that category of games.

    6. The Setting

    Strangely enough, there isn’t that much Thermidorian propaganda but, unfortunately, too many Frev events are glossed over which, for me at least, kind of breaks the immersion.

    Other than that though, the designs and the backgrounds are quite pleasant. Credit where it’s due.

    7. The Conclusion

    All in all, an interesting experiment and an attempt to do something new with Frev, which I appreciate.

    That being said, the pacing issues, the challenging gameplay and the fact that they completely screwed over Saint-Just makes this game more of a guilty pleasure for me than something I can honestly recommend unironically.

    Of course, if you want to check it out, I won’t stop you but I will understand if you don’t.

    Apologies for a shorter review this time; I didn’t want to repeat what has been already said without me.

    Anyway, with that, let us conclude the 15th meeting of the Jacobin Fiction Convention. As always, more updates are coming soon!

    Stay tuned and stay safe!


    - Citizen Green Pixel

    #french revolution#frev#history#frev art#frev game#frev games #obscure frev media #jacobin fiction convention #louis antoine de saint just #antoine saint just #saint just#otome game #ambition a minuet in power #elisabeth vigee lebrun #thomas-alexandre dumas
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  • a-table-of-fics
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Oddworld: Conar's Ambition, Chapter 7, Draft 1, Part 6

    Mark looked to his astonished friends’ faces, then back to Conar.

    “Yeah, I think I’m gonna stay here, thanks. I don’t need to piss off another Glukkon, you know?”

    Conar nodded.

    “I get it, you’re a wuss. In all seriousness, can ya give me a map? I never got much outside of my routine.”

    “Oh, that?” Mark asked, reaching into his pocket. “Sure, I don’t think I’ll be usin’ it…”

    Conar returned to Slim, map in hand.

    “Right, so we got direction…”

    “Lemme see that,” Slim said, snatching the map and opening it. It unfolded to be maybe three times the size a regular map should be, and claimed to show all of Mudos. However, when Slim opened it, there were notes scribbled everywhere. There were a lot of “Don’t go here” and “Here be firing” messages, but there were also random notes, like fuel calculations or doodles. There were plenty of scribbled-out vents that were covering key parts of the map.

    In fact, the only clear part was the town they were in, along with a few surrounding neighborhoods. Among those, Slim wasn’t sure if anything was going to be helpful at all.

    “All I’m seein’ is the apartments, the post office, a few Greasy’s, some bars, Clunk’s…”

    “We have a post office?” Conar asked. “Maybe we could get the location from there…”

    “Maybe,” Slim shrugged, “but you might have trouble with Chairman there… you’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb.”

    “Well, I ain’t leavin’ my boy behind!”

    “I’m not asking you to. I just think you oughta know that I might need to ask around about this. We’ll figure it out when we get there.”

    “Right. For now, let’s see about gettin’ past Clunk’s goons.”


    It was about twenty minutes since Slim had made for the exit. Conar hadn’t heard any gunfire, so he could only assume that his companion had made it.

    They reallyshould have figured some kind of signal.

    “Is it clear?” he sighed, looking at Gene, who nodded.

    Well, it was now or never. Conar gave Chairman one last pet before giving a quiet command to run.

    Slim, meanwhile, was hiding inside a busted arcade cabinet. Somehow, a decayed Greeter was on the move, and it would not let up on trying to find someone in this area. What was worse, the Slig patrols were a lot more concentrated at this border, presumably because no idiot would try to break in or out of the front gates. The chain-link fence that broke a part of the wall seemed more like a dare than an actual security breach, especially as he would still have to somehow climb past that nasty-looking furnace that was just on the other side.

    #oddworld#oddworld fic #oddworld conar's ambition #draft 1#chapter 7
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  • byooregard
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why did I learn to draw, really, if not to unlock unlimited customization options on those girlsgogames dressups

    #this is what character design is really for #in the end #i have no ambition to be an animator or a video game artist or anything professional #i just wanna draw my little guys in different clothes #cleb talky
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  • boutiquepy
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    😎😎 • • • 👔 #Inspiration #Motivated #toptags #SuccessQuotes #MotivationalQuotes #Millionaire #Learn #Network #AlwaysLearning #Grind #Dedication #Ambition #Money #Hustle #BuildYourEmpire #Leadership #SelfMade #DreamBig #MillionaireLifestyle #GoodLife #Mindset #KeepGoing #DailyGrind #NeverGiveUp #Entrepreneur #LifeQuotes #StartUpLife #Marketing #Motivation #Business (en Boutique PY) https://www.instagram.com/_boutique_py/p/CXMOENUreDh/?utm_medium=tumblr

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