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  • Baby troubles.

    This was requested by sweet @teammorningglory, (67/71)

    Prompts: 67. “Aw, you’re blushing.” and 71. “Are you really flirting with me right now?”

    Amelia and Link are still adjusting to living/ taking care of a baby, and they both navigate it together. It’s just a little bit after the birth, and in my mind Amelia and Link are living on their own.

    Really fluffy and cute, no smut but still a little hot.


    “Is he down yet?” Amelia wondered, sliding under the covers hoping to get some rest.

    They were checking on him in shifts everytime he cried, and it was Link’s turn.

    “Just got down, I hope he’ll stay down it’s almost 3 AM.” He admitted, wrapping an arm around her waist, kissing her nose quickly before she closed her eyes.

    “Babies are hard work.” She told him sleepily.

    It was a subtle confession out of her own sleepish delerium, but it was also very true.

    Neither of them could’ve expected such a small baby to be so much work, but it was definitely a good type of work. They were raising life that could one day create more life if he felt so inclined.

    “It’s never going to be easy, but we got this.” Link convinced her, but also himself.

    “Mhm.” She mumbled half passed out, waiting for him to wish her a good night.

    “Good night.” He finally told her, resting his head on hers.



    The next morning Amelia was the first to wake.

    The neurosurgeon walked in her sons room, quietly to not create any sudden movements.

    she rubbed his back in circles trying to soothe him as he began to cry suddenly out of shock.

    His mother had woken him up abruptly trying to change his diaper, and he didn’t like how fast it all happened.

    “Shhh. It’s ok baby.” She whispered, continuing to caress his little body, smiling wide when the little boy wrapped his whole hand around Amelia’s finger.

    She waited until he was void of any discontentment or confusion, and changed his little diaper, proceeding to pick him up and take him downstairs.

    The brunette put him in his little crib downstairs, turned on kids YouTube, and made some coffee for herself all the while Link slept.

    She figured she’d let him rest until his body woke him up because he took her shift for her the night before.

    After they drifted off to sleep Scout cried at about 5 AM needing to be changed and fed.

    Though it was technically Amelia‘s turn, link grabbed one of the milk bottles from the fridge that Amelia pumped, and did it all himself.

    He noticed how deep in slumber she was, and this time Amelia did the same for her boyfriend exactly like they should.

    They were a team.

     About an hour later link finally got out of bed, coming down the steps to the smell of coffee and pancakes.

     It looked like she was finishing up her last batch, monitoring what she was doing, until link came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

    “Good morning.” He whispered huskily in her ear, his bare front touching her silk night gown.

    “Hello.” She turned around in his arms after flipping her pancake.

    She kissed his lips, smiling into it as Link did the same.

    “You taste Like coffe.” He mumbled, placing his hands on her cheeks to really kiss her.

    “Do I? Wonder why…” She giggled taking the flesh of his bottom lip into her mouth to tease him, all the while staying mindful of the food she was cooking.

    Amelia separated them momentarily, placing the contents in individual plates as Link grabbed his own and made way to the table.

    They sat close, eating while checking on a sound asleep Scout from time to time.

    “So pancakes… Coffee….” Link tiptoed, wiping the syrup of of her mouth with his finger.

    To that she rolled her eyes playfully, and took a small breath.

    She wanted something.

    Not a very big something.

    But still.

    “I want to go to the park today. Just so we can get out the house, maybe we could find a little place for lunch… Besides, baby’s first official outing, it’s cool.” She suggested, and Link furrowed his brows in confusion.

    “Why would I say no to that? I wanna get out out the house as much as you do, and Scout needs some sun.” He explained, getting up to throw his plate as well as hers in the sink.

    “I don’t know, you’re exhausted. I figured maybe you wanted to stay in for a while.” She shrugged.

    “I am exhausted, but I do wanna leave this apartment. We need good air.” Link justified, hoping she wouldn’t overthink it.

    Now Sitting on the couch, he invited her into his embrace watching as she peeked in scouts crib.

    “So after nap time?” She asked, grabbing the remote to change the channel.

    “After nap time.” He approved, kissing her cheek chastely when she joined him where he wanted.


    The car ride to the park went smoothly, only after Amelia checked. double checked. and triple checked that they had everything they needed.

    once they arrived Link placed their stuff on the grass with a blanket, laying on his back to look at the sky.

    He figured they were at the park, so why not just enjoy it.

    “Come here.” He told Amelia, who was right behind him in movement.

    She had the little one in her arms, but laid him on her chest mimicking her boyfriend.

    “I like this.” she intertwined their hands, looking at the clouds.

    she wasn’t aware that life could be like this.

    This good.

    For starters she was now a mother… A mother to a functioning healthy child, as well as her child’s amazing father.

    It took her a while to get this far.

    From addiction to heartbreak, two figuring herself out, and to finally having it.

    she had a good man.

    A Beautiful baby.

    A wonderful job that she loved.

    A community of people that wanted to see her grow and learn.

    And she couldn’t have thought that she would have the opportunity to live worry free, looking at the clouds with her family.

    It was incredible.

    “Me too. we should do this more often…Especially if all goes well today, we’ll know he’s good in public.” The ortho surgeon turned on his side, looking that his girlfriend discreetly.

    “Definitely.” She closed her eyes, taking in the rays of light on her face.

    they sat there for about 30 minutes but Scout fussed, disrupting the comfortable silence.

    “What the heck?!” Amelia wondered, quickly remembering that was a poor reaction.

    changing the narrative she placed her son in between Link and herself, frowning when it did nothing.

    “Is he hungry?” She wondered.

    “I don’t think so, he fed well before we came.”

    “Does he need a changing?” She questioned once more.

    “Let’s see…” Link creased his forehead, smelling his boys little bum.

    “Yep, that’s the one.” His face soured, causing all Amelia’s distress to fade.

    She laughed loudly, looking around to find a bathroom.

    “I’ll change him.” Link took the job for her though it wasn’t an issue for his girlfriend.

    “Really? It’s no biggie.” She tried, but Link was quick to shut her down with a kiss.

    “I got this. You go find a sandwich or something.” He picked up the baby, patting his back while he bopped for stimulation.

     Amelia did as suggested and grabbed a sandwich for herself and for her boyfriend at the little kiosk next to where they were seated, and waited until Link came back with Scout.

    she got a little worried when they didn’t come back as soon as she thought they would, but once they came she beamed.

    “My boys!”

    “We’re back. sorry it took so long, we got a little lost.” Link apologized, taking the sandwich Amelia was holding.

    “Ham and swiss.” She destinguished the type, taking scout back on the blanket. 

    They eventually settled once more, staying at the park watching the scenery and talking for about two hours.

    they planed to stay longer until…

    “Shit.” Amelia cursed horrified.

    “What?!” Link asked, looking at her with the same scared face.

    he looked around in every direction, until he saw it.


    Scout’s spit up all over Amelia.

    “I need wipes. Lots of them.” She called like a drill sergeant, and Link in one swoop grabbed them from the bag.

    Amelia sat up and took the wipes her boyfriend tossed in her direction, making it a priority to wipe his bib and his face first.

    “Yuck!” She exclaimed wiping her fingers, and her now filthy shirt.

    “I need more.”

    “On it.” Link grabbed the full pack, cringing at the smell when he got closer to her.

    “Stop making that face.” Amelia grimaced, trying her best to clean herself.


    “I’m disgusting right now.” She groaned, no matter how hard she tried there was just more and more spit up to be discovered.

    “you’ll never be disgusting… Hot… Even with spit up, you make it work.” Link smirked regaining himself, but chuckled when his significant other frowned.

    “Are you really flirting with me right now?” she scowled, trying to stay serious.

    “Most definitely.” Link smirked, pulling her senses to the brim.

    “you smart ass.” she joked, reddening in her face.

    “Aw, you’re blushing.” He teased, quickly surrendering when she had her- ‘your sleeping on the couch.’ Look on her face.

    “come on let’s go home and get you guys cleaned up.” He quickly shifted his tone.


    Later that night after they finally put Scout to bed, Link drew a bath for the both of them so they could unwind.

    They could only do it every so often, and now that Scout had been sleeping for over an hour, he thought it was the perfect time for them to do it before he woke abruptly.

    “I feel like I still have spit up somewhere on me.” Amelia felt disgusted, sitting with her back against Link’s front.

    “You don’t.” He promised, sticking his face in her hair to smell her.

    He loved the scent of her hair as she just switched to lavender shampoo.

    “So today was a good day once you get past the spit up… Right?” Link wondered.

    “Yeah, i’d say so. He was really good today which isn’t a surprise, I just wish we could’ve stayed longer.” Amelia acquired, thinking about how relaxing it was before the incident.

    “Definitely. Maybe he’ll get calmer if he’s out and about, it’s just gonna take a little while.” Link was sure, but he wanted to see the mother of his son’s face.

    He lifted her chin gently so she was looking at him, immediately assaulted by her blue pools and asked.

    “Today was a good day?”

    “Today was a good day.” She emphasized, kissing his lips.


    Sorry if this seems rushed, or poorly written.

    Good morning, evening, or night to ya’ ;)


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  • Masterpost

    Ongoing Series 

    Kindergarten: Amelia and Owen are still together and it is time to put Leo into school. They go to take him to Kindergarten and they meet his teacher, Mr.Lincoln. 

    Professional Development: After the events of the conference Bailey ships all the department heads to a camp for a week.

    Completed  Series: 

    Then you Came: What if Christopher never died? Amelia is a single mom fresh out of the relationship. Link is the new doctor in town. What will happen when the two meet?

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     Songbirds Shuffle: Amelinks love story told through a series of one-shots based on songs.  

    Tuesdays  Love Like This  U & Us Scared Like I’m Gonna Lose You Ghost of You

     Then you Came One-shots: One-shots surrounding Amelia, Link, Christopher and the family they build.

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  • How To Save A Life Pt 2

    *In the OR* Owen POV

    “We’ve definitely got some new bleeding.” I say whislt trying to remove the packs from link’s stomach as I’m doing so Richard begins to speak “Remove the abdominal packs carefully they may be stuck.” he says.

    I nod whislt removing them ensuring that I’m careful “irrigation” I ask the scrub nurse.

    After a few minutes Maggie walks in “flip on the echo. I’m gonna go up through the groin. Parker I need you to assist. She says looking at the intern she then looks down at Link and then to a scrub nurse beside her. "Catheter.” she states whilst prepping the area, she reaches for the catheter and begins the procedure. “It’s going in easy so get the T. E. E ready.” She says to Parker.

    He hands her the T. E. E “I’ve got access. Balloon is advanced. Extra stiff guidewure, please.” She reaches her hand out and Parker hands her the wire, she inserts it whislt staring at the echo machine “Okay, the occluded in turn on the doppler.”

    “Minimal VSD flow.” Parker adds

    Maggie sighs “Good. Then we’re done here, pulling out.”

    “I’ve still got active bleeding coming from somewhere” I say frustrated

    “Okay, let’s recheck the retro peritoneum” Meredith says

    “Clamp and give me a tie, please” I say holding my hand out

    “No hang on” Webber says “I got a lumbar vein avulsed in the vena cava. Two allis clamps.”

    The monitors suddenly start beeping “Idioventricular rhythm.” Parker shouts

    “What?!” I yell

    Bailey looks up at the monitors “Pressures down. 55 systolic. Push one of atropine” She states

    “CVP and pulmonary artery pressures just went up.” Meredith informs us

    “It might be an air embolus” Maggie says staring at the monitors

    “alright” replies Richard “pull back on the PA catheter”

    “Yeah, and hang more FFP and factor VII” I say sternly

    “but we’ve already replaced his entire blood volume” the nurse informs me

    The monitors then start beeping eratically “We’re losing him” states Meredith

    Maggie walks closer to Link “starting cardiac massage, push one of epi!”

    She’s massaging the heart when she yells “Find whatever is bleeding and shut it down”

    “How about an amp of bicarb?” Bailey asks

    “No” replies Maggie “Push 3 of epi and another atropine”

    I’m trying to find where this bleed is coming from when I hear Maggie talking to Link “come on, fight! You can’t leave her Link. Fight come on!” she’s beginning to say it louder now “FIGHT!” she sounds defeated but after a moment the monitors start to beep steadily

    “There it is. He’s coming back.” says Webber reassuringly

    “Systolic 70 and rising” Meredith adds

    I take a deep breath “I’ve got it. the bleeding is controlled”

    “ICPs stable for now” Bailey says

    “Let’s get him up to the ICU and monitor him closely”

    Amelia POV

    I’m in the ICU staring at Link “We’ve done everything we can we just need to wait for him to wake up.” Maggie says whilst hugging me “Koracick is going to come up shortly to do a neuro check” I dont reply instead I just nod “are you okay?” she asks. I can feel the water forming in my eyes and I shake my head, a tear falls and I let out a sob Maggie just holds me, I can see Jo and Meredith talking about something further down the corridor I would normally ask what it is their talking about but on this occasion I already know.

    After a while I pull away from Maggie’s embrace and I go to sit beside Link. I hold his hand so he knows I’m here, I don’t say anything though I just sit there in silence. I was sitting with him for about an hour when Jo turned up “hey” she said upon opening the door “is it okay if I come in? I brought coffee.” she tells me.

    I just nod and reply with a quiet “thank you” she sits beside Link and holds his hand “it’s hard to see him like this, he’s always been the strong one you know?” she doesn’t look at me, she just keeps her attention on her best friend “it’s weird cause when I was with Paul I didn’t see Link at all but he was always there you know. I mean he wasn’t there but I knew if I needed him he’d be there for me, I can’t explain it he’s my-”

    “He’s your person.” I say cutting her off

    She looks at me confused  “He’s what Alex was to Meredith before he left. He’s your person” I smile sincerely

    She looks like she wants to speak but I stop her “it’s okay, Link would say you’re his person too. Maggie’s my person” I smile

    Jo smiles too. After a moment, Tom and Owen walk in “Shepherd, I’m gonna do a neuro exam, okay” he tells me

    I just nod and let him do his job. After a while, he checks the monitor and looks towards Owen “His brain waves are slow and irregular”

    Jo looks up with hope in her eyes “So does that mean that with time he could–”

    I cut her off “No. He’s gone, he’s not gonna wake up” I say coldly just staring at Link.

    “We don’t know that Amelia” Owen says

    “I’m a neurosurgeon, you can’t sugar coat it for me. It’s very unlikely that he will wake up from this” I say firmly, wiping away my tears

    “Unlikely.” Tom says “there’s still a chance that he could wake up”

    “Even if he does, there could be too much damage” I tell him

    “We won’t know that until he wakes up”

    “If he wakes up” I say. I look around the room and everyone in it, I decide I can’t sit here anymore and stand up from my seat “I need some air” I say leaving the room.

    Jo POV

    Amelia walks out of the room and I have the urge to go follow her but my body doesnt move I just stay put and hold on even tighter to Links hand. I look at Owen and Tom and give them a weak smile “thanks” I whisper.

    The two men nod their heads and leave me alone with my best friend. I turn to look at Link and smile “you need to wake up you know.” I tell him

    “Amelia doesn’t want to admit it but she needs you, we all need you. What would we do without our Ortho-God?” I chuckle to myself “I’m gonna tell you something that’ll put a smile on your face - well it would if you could hear me” I say smiling “I spilled coffee over Mrs Peterson on purpose, I know you always wondered but it’s true I did!” I can feel his judgement “she was the most annoying customer though Link! She was an ungrateful cow - you can’t deny it!! It didn’t work anyway though did it cause I had to pay for her dry cleaning with my tips” I sigh. “please wake up and come back I can’t lose you too” I say my voice breaking.

    Owen POV

    Soon it’s nightfall and everyone is waiting for a sign that Link will wake up - we are all together standing in his room. Amelia is sitting beside him with her head rested against his bed, Jo is sitting across from her with her head in her hands, Meredith and Maggie are just pacing back and forth and I’m standing with my back pressed against the wall. The night goes by and there’s still nothing, he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of improvement.

    It’s morning now and myself, Bailey and Jo are standing in front of the nurses station waiting for Koracick to finish his neuro exam. The doors open and he walks over to us “We’re giving Amelia the room” he says solemnly

    “Did you see anything?” I question

    He just shakes his head and looks down, I take a deep breath and lean my head back.

    “That’s okay though right, cause he’s gonna come back from this. He’s gonna wake up right? He has to wake up, there’s still time isn’t there? I mean there’s still time–” Jo says it with such urgency in her voice that it breaks my heart, she just wants her friend back.

    Tom cuts her off but he doesn’t answer her question directly instead he replies with “ I know Shepherd is his family but has anyone called his parents? ”

    Jo immediately starts to sob “oh god” she says between breaths and she rests her head against the countertop.

    Bailey looks up and simply tells everyone “I’ll do it”.

    Amelia’s gonna lose the love of her life I think to myself knowing I can’t help her.

    Amelia POV

    I sit and stare at Link. He looks so peaceful yet he doesn’t look like himself. That’s probably because he’s battered and bruised but somehow after everything he has gone through he looks at peace. I give him a smile and gently press my lips against his hand. I can feel the water forming in my eyes and I sense my voice quavering.

    “Baby, please wake up.” I say trying to hold back my tears “we need you, the little peanut misses his daddy and I miss him too” the tears escape me and voice breaks “I love you, you know, I’m in love with you and I can’t lose you too. Every man I’ve ever loved has died but please don’t follow in everyone else’s footsteps please survive.” I take a moment to gather myself “please just wake up Link. Please fight. Please, please” I keep repeating those words and I gently rest my head on top of his hand when suddenly I feel his fingers move.

    My head shoots up and I look down at my hand - his fingers have gently wrapped around mine. I sigh and suddenly the tears that are streaming down my face are no longer sad ones they’re happy tears. I smile and look over to the love of my life and I see his bright blue eyes staring back at me. “hey” I say softly

    He looks like he’s trying to say something but I stop him “don’t fight the intubation, I’m gonna go get someone, okay” he nods slowly and I leave the room to find someone.

    Link POV

    Amelia runs out of the room and moments later she returns with an army of surgeons. Koracick walks over to me and asks me to follow his finger - he then completes my neuro exam. Throughout I watch Amelia, I see her smile growing wider and wider and I see her breath a sigh of relief when Maggie embraces her “He’s okay” I hear her whisper.

    “Okay. Nice reflexes Link. Looking good.” Koracick tells me whilst updating my chart

    I turn my head to the side to see Jo sobbing “I’m okay, Jo” I chuckle

    “I know, I just thought I’d lost you” She says between sobs

    I’m about to say something but then I hear Amelia’s voice getting closer “We all thought we lost you” She sighs. She strokes the side of my face and breathes “thank you for coming back to me”

    I smiled at her softly “I’ll always come back to you” I kissed her hand gently.

    “I love you” she said whilst pressing her lips against mine

    “I love you too” I say as we pull away

    “So when can I see my boy?” I ask eagerly

    Amelia laughs “I’ll go get him okay” she turns on her heels and walks past everyone standing in the room and exits.

    I look at all the people surrounding me “thank you”

    “for what?” asks Meredith

    “For saving me” I say

    “we should be thanking you” says Meredith

    I furrow my brows “for what?”

    “for not giving up” Maggie sighs

    I shake my head “No, thank you for bringing me back to the woman I love and to my son, I can’t thank you all enough”

    “we wouldn’t have it any other way” Owen says with sincerity.

    I look over to Jo who is still sobbing “Jo, I’m okay” I laugh. She still continues to cry though “I know something that’ll make you smile” I say cheekily.

    She looks at me confused

    “I heard what you said” I laugh

    “What?” she questions

    “I knew you didn’t spill coffee on her by accident”

    Her eyes widen and she falls back into her chair “you heard that?!” she grimaces

    “every last word” I laugh

    She starts laughing too as does everyone else in the room, then I hear the door open revealing the love of my life and my baby boy.

    I can feel a smile growing on my face “Hi buddy!” I say excited

    Amelia walks over to me with our son rested against her hip, she reaches for his hand and starts talking in a baby voice “Hey daddy, hello” she says. I laugh.

    She walks closer to me and I reach my hand out to touch my sons arm. Amelia leans in closer so I can kiss his head, she doesn’t let me hold him though, I’m not strong enough - not yet.

    “are you okay baby? Is he okay?” I ask looking at Amelia

    She nods “He’s okay, Link” she tells me reassuringly “you’ve just got a few bruises haven’t you buddy but you’re strong just like your daddy, aren’t you” she says pulling faces towards our son. I laugh.

    She looks at me “He’s still got a vomiting bug though”

    My brows furrow “oh no, you still sick bud?” I ask him knowing he won’t answer.

    “Okay.” Amelia sighs “I’m gonna take him back, I don’t like him seeing you covered in all these wires, I’ll be back shortly alright?” she says, whilst leaning my son closer to me so I can kiss him goodbye

    “okay” I smile “bye buddy!” I say waving goodbye to my son.

    When Amelia returns everyone says their goodbyes so we can spend some time together. When we are alone she asks me the question.

    “What happened, Link?” she asks

    I look at her concerned “I’m sorry, he was crying and I took my eyes of the road for a second and bang, I don’t know what else to say. But I’m glad he’s okay, I couldn’t live with myself if anything bad happened to him”

    “I’m just glad you’re both alive, you had me worried there” she says sadly

    “I’m sorry for putting you through that, you didn’t deserve it.” I say reaching out for her hand, she takes it “I love you so much” I add

    She looks at me and smiles “I love you so much”

    I’m just happy to be here - alive, sitting with the woman I love, there’s nothing I want more than the two of us to be together whether it’s in this life or another.

    Amelia slowly climbs in my bed, assuring that she doesn’t adjust any wires, she gently rests her head against my chest and takes a deep breath in. I rest my arm against her shoulder and everything feels fine. I feel safe. Suddenly all the hurt and pain I was feeling vanishes all because I’m with the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier.

    “I love you, Amelia Shepherd” I say pressing my lips against her forehead

    “I love you, Atticus Lincoln”

    (Hope you enjoyed this, it was just a little idea I had. Thank you to all of you who are reading my stories, liking them and commenting - it really means alot, thank you)

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  • How To Save A Life

    “Hey where are you guys going?”

    Amelia asks as she walks past me and the little peanut in the hospital lobby.

    “Well, daycare paged me said he was sick”

    “Daycare paged? Why didn’t they page me?” she questions

    “They probably knew you were in surgery” I reply casually

    “Okay, so are you taking him home?”

    “Yeah, I haven’t got any surgeries scheduled so I’ll stay with him until he’s better”

    “Okay” she replies

    “Bye buddy, I love you!” she says in a baby voice

    “What do we say, bye mommy, goodbye” I I say looking at our son whilst waving bye to Amelia.

    She just laughs and presses her lips against mine “I love you” she smiles

    “I love you too” I say. I take breath and turn away heading for the hospital doors.

    I strap our little peanut into his car seat whilst pulling funny faces at him to make him smile which he does.

    I get in the front seat and start to drive we are nearly home when he starts to cry, I turn back to look at him and suddenly everything goes black.

    Owen POV

    “Incoming! Remember multiple Blunt trauma protocol” I say to the interns behind me whilst running towards the rig.

    The doors open and a paramedic steps out “John Doe. Tachycardia and hypertensive en route, obvious head and chest injuries.”

    I begin to examine the patient but the paramedic continues to tell me more information “lorry crashed into his car he went through the windshield. He was conscious en route. He has baby, their coming in the next rig.”

    “Okay, Schmidt take rig 2 and page peds!” I yell.

    Maggie comes rushing out of the ER doors “I’m here” she says upon her arrival. I inform her of the patients history.

    I then turn to look back at the paramedic “How are his vitals?” I ask

    She looks at me “Last one was 80 over palp

    he’s lost alot of blood too so make sure he gets fluids.”

    I nod, before I could do anything the patient began to hemorrhage.

    “is that blood coming from his chest?!” Maggie asks concerned.

    “Let’s get him to trauma 1 now!”

    Suddenly an outburst of surgeons enter the trauma room, Grey, Webber, Bailey, Avery and Parker all walk in.

    “Where’s shepherd?” I ask

    “Did you page her?” Grey looks at me

    I turn to look at Helm who shakes her head “page her now!” I say

    “No breath sounds on the right, set up a chest tube” Maggie says looking towards Parker, she looks at him for a second then returns to listening to the patients chest

    “ Left upper quagrant is looking clear but I need those drapes to prep his chest” she pauses for a moment still checking for breath sounds “Hold on there’s blood in the upper quadrant. He needs a central line, I’m gonna do a subclavian.”

    She looks towards me and I nod. The doors open and Amelia walks in

    “What we got?” she asks whilst putting on a trauma gown

    “John Doe he was tachycardic and hypertensive en route with obvious head and chest injuries. A lorry crashed into his car. He had a baby” I add

    “oh my god” she says whilst walking towards the patient

    “I paged Link but he hasn’t answered”

    “He won’t.” she said looking at me “Baby was sick in daycare so he took him home”

    “Oh no everything okay?” I ask concerned

    “Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be fine”

    She looks down at the patient “Okay, Sir I -”

    She didn’t finish her sentence instead she just stood there in a trance, with fear is written all over her face.

    “Shepherd” I say trying to pull her out of it.


    “Shepherd” I say again, this time louder.


    “Amelia?” Maggie questions

    Nothing. Everyone is staring at her. She doesn’t move.


    She snaps out of the daze she was in and looks at us all scared

    “its Link” she breathes

    “What?!” Meredith questions

    “It’s Link.” She says again, this time she had an edge in her voice.

    Amelia POV

    “You’re okay, you’re okay” I say looking at the man I love trying to reassure him.

    He looks terrified, his eyes have water glazed over them. He takes my hand and grabs it fiercely. I look at him confused then it dawns on me.

    “Oh god.” I say taking a step back

    “OH GOD ” I run out of trauma 1 and head towards trauma 2.

    I barge into trauma 2 and see both Schmidt and Hayes assessing my little boy. Hayes adjusts his head and looks at me

    “I don’t need a head consult Shepherd. This one’s okay” he smiles

    “He’s okay” I pant

    “Yeah?” he looks at me confused

    I just stood there trying to catch my breath. Schmidt looked at me concerned and walked towards me

    “Dr Shepherd are you okay?” he asks

    I just looked at him with tears forming in my eyes and shook my head “No. Link and him were in a car accident. He’s the John doe.” I spit out all at once.

    The two men just look at me shocked. “He’s okay?” I question my voice starting to break

    “He’s okay, Shepherd. He’s got a few brusies but that’s all. I think he has a fever though his temps a bit high” Hayes reassures me.

    “Yeah he was sick in daycare, Link was taking him home” I walk over to my son and force a smile, I cuddle him close to my chest and look towards the door “Schmidt I need you to stay with him okay, I need you stay by his side and page me if anything happens”

    Schmidt stares at me “Yes Dr Shepherd”

    I take a deep breathe and run out of trauma 2 and head back in trauma 1.

    I walk back into trauma 1 and everyone’s heads turn to look at me - they just look sad and concerned. Jo was there now too, she looked like she’d been crying, I could feel her pain but I didn’t say anything instead I just walked over to the love of my life. You could barely recognise him, half of his face was bleeding and covered in grit. His whole body was covered in bruises, he’d definitely taken the worse of it. I grabbed hold of Links hand and he opened his eyes to look at me.

    “Hey” I smiled “Don’t worry, he’s fine. You’re gonna be okay, we got you.” I said it in the most convincing way possible, but i’d be suprised if he believed me cause I didn’t. I had no idea if he was going to be okay but I had to have some hope. I took a deep breath and wiped away my tears “I’m gonna do a head consult,okay?”

    “Koracicks on his way” Owen informs me

    I just nod and look at Link “Can you blink for me?”

    “Okay, Pupils are equal and reactive. It’s a depressed skull fracture with a probable bleed so let’s get him up to CT” I say

    “it’ll have to wait” says Owen “temp is 35 degrees, keep giving warm fluids so he doesn’t get hypothermic”

    “His extraoculae movements intact and there’s no obvious spinal deformities” Bailey informs everyone “let’s hang two bags of o neg”

    I look at the chaos that’s happening before me “no he’s A positive. he’s A positive.” I tell her.

    She looks at me, then at the nurses “scratch that types specific, A positive”

    “You gotta push that LR.” Meredith states.

    “Call upstairs and tell them to prep an OR.” Owen tells Helm

    “On it!”

    As we started to move Link the monitors began to beep erratically.

    “He’s in V-FIB” Jackson yells

    “He’s crashing.” Jo states.

    Maggie started instructing everyone on what they needed to do.

    “Start bagging him. Get him on his back

    Starting CPR, get me an incubation tray

    Ready to intubate. Hold in line stabilization”

    I didn’t do anything. I just slowly backed away from everything that was happening and lent against the wall and I just let fear take over my body.

    “Charging to 120. Clear” Jackson yelled.

    “Still in V-FIB” Maggie looked at the monitors “Charge paddles to 200”

    “Charged to 200. Clear.”

    The monitor starts to beep steadily. “Sinus Tach.” Maggie states, “He’s back.”

    “Get the ambu on and let’s move. Everybody ready? All right go go go let’s move. Go!” Owen yells

    Suddenly I’m standing alone in a trauma room not knowing what to think. I stand there for a few seconds and let the feeling of grief engulf me. Every man I’ve ever loved has died, I think to myself. “every single one” I whisper out loud. I shake my head to get rid of the thought. Link won’t die Amelia, say that outloud, my brain tells me.“ Link won’t die” I say and I gather myself and run out of the room and head towards the OR.

    *In the OR* Owen POV

    The chaos that was taking place in trauma one has now moved into the OR everyone is scrubbed and ready but there are too many surgeons in here, everyone is doing too many things at the same time.

    “Quiet” I yell above the noise “everyone who isn’t needed leave, those of you who are staying take a breath. This patient is one of us he needs to survive and he won’t if we rush through this so take a breath. Clear your head and get in the game”

    Everyone looks at me and nods, then Tom walks in “CT shows a large epidural and subdural. I need to get in there. Is he under?”

    I nod in his direction “All right I’m going in. I need a 10-blade”.

    He begins to cut, I look towards Bailey

    “scalpel” she says leaning her hand out to Bokhee. Just as she’s about to cut Maggie speaks “Someone needs to keep an eye on Amelia”.

    I follow Maggie’s eyes and see that the OR gallery is empty. Jo steps back from the table “I’ll go. Link’s basically family so I shouldn’t really be here. I’ll go make sure she’s okay.”

    As she walks out of the OR, Meredith stops her “Jo. Check the plant room, that’s where she goes when she’s stressed” Jo just nods and leaves the room.

    “Okay, let’s get him open” Bailey says starting to cut Links skin.

    I’m trying to find the bleeder when Koracick starts to give us some info “There’s your subdural, let’s zip the dura get him compressed. Give me some bone wax.” he says looking towards Helm.

    “I need more lap pads” Meredith yells

    I snap back into focus “I’ve got a bleeder everywhere let’s get control of this liver lac before he gets unstable.”

    Bailey and Meredith begin to hand me lap pads but as they are doing so one of the nurses starts talking “body temps dropped to 32 degrees”

    “Okay, he’s hypothermic” says Meredith

    “I need a retractor in here” I say trying to stop the bleed, the monitors start beeping “his pressures dropping!” I shout

    “He needs time to recuperate, if we don’t pack him and get out now, he’s gonna bleed to death. So let’s get set up for a temporary abdominal closure.” Meredith says

    For a moment we all share eye contact, nobody saying anything we are just speaking through our eyes. After a moment Bailey breaks the silence. “Let’s pack him”

    “What happens then?” asks Helm

    “We take him up to ICU and hope he survives the night. If he does we open him up tomorrow and try again” I say answering her question.

    Jo POV

    I’ve just walked out of the OR and I’m looking for Amelia “Have you seen Dr Shepherd” I ask a nurse who is passing, she just shakes her head in response. At first I head to daycare to see if she’s there with her son but she’s not I then check the attendings lounge, stairwells and all the on call rooms - nothing. After looking everywhere I decide to head to the plant room where Meredith said she would be. She was right. Amelia is sitting there with her son on her lap, Shmidt is stood outside the door “Why are you here?” I ask him confused

    “Dr Shepherd asked me to stay on guard” he replied shakily

    “Okay” I say confused “I’m going in though” I don’t let him stop me instead I just open the door and walk straight in.

    Amelia looks at me “Is he okay?” I ask pointing to my nephew

    “Yeah” she pauses for a moment “he’s okay, not hurt at least but he has got a stomach bug”

    “Can I take him?” I ask gently, not wanting to pressurise her

    She nods and allows me to take my nephew from her arms “hi” I say in a baby voice. I walk over to the door and grab Schmidts attention “Levi, can you take him for me but - -”

    “page you if anything happens?” he finishes.

    I chuckle to myself “yeah, thanks”

    I walk back into the plant room and sit beside amelia, she doesn’t cry but she looks broken.

    “He’s gonna be okay” I say, pressing my hand against her shoulder reassuringly

    “No he won’t” she says turning to look at me. Her eyes are red and I can hear her voice break as she continues to speak “he isn’t gonna come back from this-there’s too much damage” she sobs

    I shake my head “No, it’s Link. He’s survived cancer he can -” she cuts me off

    “He won’t survive this” she says shakily

    “but Kepner came back from this remember”

    “Kepner wasn’t thrown through a windshield, Jo”

    “I know. But he’ll be okay. Link would want you to think that he’ll be okay, he always looks on the bright side” I say with a perky tone trying to lift her spirits

    She turns her head to look at me, she doesn’t speak instead she just stares at me coldy, after a moment her mouth befins to speak “Jo, he isn’t coming back from this and I need to say it out loud and let the words shock me cause in the past I’ve not let it shock me until the last minute and then I’ve been in denial and I’ve gotten high of drugs and I can’t do that this time” she pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath I can hear her voice shaking “I have a son now, so there’s somone I need to focus on other than myself. I have to say the words outloud and realise that another man I love is going to die.”

    She rests her head in her hands and begins to sob. There’s nothing I can do other than to let her cry her tears.

    Suddenly the door opens to reveal Parker. “They’ve finished. He’s in the ICU, they had to do a temporary abdominal closure but he’s stable for now. You can go see him” he says, he then walks out of the room.

    “That’s good” I say turning to look at Amelia

    She wipes her tears and replies with a simple “yeah”

    Amelia POV

    “What’s his status?” I ask walking into Links room

    Helm looks up at me “He’s in SVT I gave him denosine and some diltiazem.”

    “Okay, thanks you can go” I say to her whilst walking to Links bedside. I watch her as she leaves, when she’s gone I grab ahold of links hand “hey, so baby’s fine. He’s okay, really. He’s a little bruised but it’s nothing he can’t handle, he’s strong like you, ya know.” I say, my voice breaking “although, he is still throwing up but Schmidts with him so he can deal with that” I chuckle to myself, it only lasted a moment because I looked at Links face and realised that he looked nothing like himself - he was unrecognisable. “I need you to be okay, alright?” I say waiting for a reply “I can’t live without you Link so I need you to come back to me, please” I beg. I sit there and wait for him to respond but he never does, I rest my head onto his bed and cry, I just cry until sleep overcomes me.

    Bailey POV

    Webber, Hunt, Grey, Koracick and Pierce are all stood in my office discussing Links procedure

    “He has got a whole in his heart, he needs bypass to fix it and he needs it now” Maggie says decisevly

    “But bypass would mean alot of heparin” Meredith contradicts her

    “Which is a setup for a rebleed” Koracick adds

    I interrupt “The traumatic V.S.Ds can close on their own”

    Koracick nods “Which is why we should wait to repair the heart”

    “He’s not stable enough to wait” Maggie says frustrated

    “Pierce, if you put him on bypass he will have a rebleed and I don’t know if he will survive” Koracick tells her

    “Maggie, is there another way that could mean he doesn’t need bypass?” Richard asks her

    She pauses for a moment and closes her eyes, I watch her in anticipation waiting for her to speak but she doesn’t. Instead she walks back and forth with her eyes shut still. After a while she stops in her tracks and starts to speak “I could use the percutaneous repair, I’d place and extra stiff wire deep into the pulmonary artery so I wouldn’t need to use the formation of a loop which would mean no bypass and no heparin”

    “which avoids a rebleed?” Owen asks

    “If so, I still want to be in the OR monitoring him incase anything happens” Koracick says looking at me

    “Done” I say nodding in agreement

    “Okay, let’s go”

    Amelia POV

    I’m woken up to Links monitors beeping erratically “whats happening?” I ask panicking when Helm and Parker enter “His pressures bottoming out, flash pulmonary edema.” Helm says, she begins to listen to his chest but Maggie enters and does it for her instead “His lungs are full of fluid. He’s bleeding out. Alert an OR let them know we’re on our way down” she yells.

    (Hope you enjoyed this! Hopefully I’ll have part 2 up tomorrow. Thank you to everyone is reading my stories it really means alot 😊)

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  • The Perfect House

    (Hi, please remember to like/reblog this story, hope you enjoy!)

    I was standing at the nurses station looking at my schedule for the day. I didn’t have much planned just a DBS and a craniatomy, nothing I couldn’t handle. I was looking at the tablet when I felt Links arms wrap around my waist.

    “hey” he whispered into my ear

    “hey” I breathed.

    “So guess what?” He said smiling whilst twirling me around so I was facing him.

    I looked at him with raised brows “what?”

    “i found us a house” he squealed, I could see his eyes widening - he looked so happy.

    “You did?” I asked excited

    “Yep. It’s just right. Now I’ve only seen pictures but my god Amelia it’s perfect. It’s nice and big so there’s plenty of room for when guests stay and it has all of this land around it which is great for when I’m playing baseball with the little peanut” Link exclaimed

    I chuckled to myself “that’s great babe, can we see it?”

    He nodded “yeah, that’s what I came to talk to you about, do you want to check it out tonight?”

    “Yeah, sure” I said smiling

    “Great! I’ll call the realtor”

    Link kissed my forehead and walked away, I followed him with my eyes and I could feel a smile growing on my face - god I love that man.

    I’d just finished my craniatomy and I was feeling exhausted. I was walking down the corridor when Meredith appeared beside me.

    “Are you going to be home tonight?” she asked but before I could answer she continued to speak “cause Andrew asked me out to dinner and I want to make sure someone will be home with the kids”

    “Will Maggie not be home?” I asked confused.

    “No, she’s got a date with that Winston fella”

    “When are we gonna meet that guy?”

    “Who knows? Anyway, will you be home?”

    I grimaced “No sorry, Link and I are looking at houses” I paused “Well, a house” I corrected myself.

    Meredith sighed “uhhh, I’ll just reschedule dinner then”

    “sorry” I sighed

    “It’s okay. Talking about houses my old realtor called and told me that the old house is up for sale”

    I looked at her suprised “the house Derek built?”

    “Yeah” she nodded

    “Why would your realtor be telling you that?” I asked dumbfounded

    “Well, I still own all the land surrounding the house and when I sold it I asked her to contact me if it ever went up for sale again” she replied casually

    “Why?” I asked, still confused.

    “because.. I don’t know, I guess I thought one day I’d be able to go back there but I’ve moved on now and I think moving into a house that my dead husband built me will not be moving forward it’d be taking one hundred steps back” she laughed “Anyway, I gotta go, good luck house hunting” she placed her arm on my shoulder and walked away.

    Link had been going on about how perfect this house was the entire car ride, “it’s so spacious babe”, “it’s all open plan too” he was so enthusiastic that I was beginning to feel nervous, what if I didn’t like it? As we pulled into the driveway my heart stopped.

    “Here it is! Home sweet home” Link grinned

    I didn’t move, I couldn’t speak I just sat there. Link rested his hand on top of my knee “everything okay?”

    His words pulled me from my trance “uhhh, this was Derek’s house” I breathed

    Links eyes widened and his eyebrows furrowed “I thought Derek lived in a trailer before moving into Meredith’s” he said

    I nodded “he did but then he built her this house. Her dream house. This is where they lived. This is where I lived until he died.” I sighed.

    “oh my god, babe I’m so sorry, If I had known I would have never”

    Before he could finish rambling I shook my head rapidly and interrupted him “No! It’s okay, you didn’t know. I loved this house, I always loved this house. You’re right it is perfect and if Meredith’s okay with it then I think we should make it ours” I smiled

    Link smiled too “are you sure?” he asked looking concerned

    I nodded “I’m sure but I need Meredith’s blessing first.”



    “okay” he nodded

    “I love you, you know that” I chuckled

    Link chuckled too “I did know that cause I love you too”

    (I’m sorry if this is bad!! I had an idea and decided to run with it so apologies if this is all over the place, thank you so much for liking/reblogging my stories it means alot. Also, if you have anything you want me to write please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to give it ago, thanks!)

    #amelia shepherd#atticus lincoln#amelink#amelinkfanfic #grey's anatomy fanfic #greys anatomy#grey's anatomy#meredith grey #amelia shepherd atticus lincoln #amelia and link
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  • Songbirds Shuffle - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

    Song: Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor, John Legend

    Background: Follows Links recovery period, directly after “Scared”


        “You ready to go home” Amelia cues as she enters Link hospital rooms. She already knew the answer. Link had been itching to get out of this room since the second he got in and Amelia wasn’t really a fan of the hospital beds either. Link kept on insisting that she g0 home and get an actual good night rest but she wasn’t going to let that happen. She didn’t want to leave his side at all and no amount of his reasoning was going to change that. It didn’t matter if he was right, a fact that was evident by the back pain she had been sporting for the last week.

        “You kidding me, never been more ready. One week is way too long” He laughs practically jumping up off the bed completely ignoring his cast and the bandages still wrapped around his chest.

        “Wow Cowboy, you still have broken ribs, take it easy” she moved to his side and grabbed onto his hands to steady him in front of her. She knew he didn’t want to be babied but she was going to do no matter if he liked it or not. “You got it?” she asked as they continued to walk towards his wheelchair, he was stumbling and doing a terrible job at hiding it.

        “Amelia I can walk by myself” he reminded her, “All you should be worrying about right now is taking care of our little peanut,”

        “Oh okay so you wouldn’t mind if I just” she joked as she let go of Links hands and acted like she was going to push him over.

        “Amelia Shepherd don’t you dare” he yelped out towards her trying his best to stabilize himself on his uneven cast

        “I thought you didn’t need my help” she laughed at the image in front of her.

        “Well maybe I was wrong” he flirted as he reached out toward her and managed to wrap his hands around her waist “Come here” he whispers before pulling her in and looking down into her eyes and giving her his famous smile. “I know exactly what you can help me with” he continued to flirt as he pushed her hair behind her ear and rested his thumb on her chin.

        “You are in no shape for that mister” she jokingly pulled back and slapped his arm.

        “I was gonna ask you to push me to the car, get your mind out of the gutter lady I don’t need my child absorbing all your nasty thoughts” He joked back and he pulled her in as close her stomach would allow. He wasn’t aware of the thoughts flooding her mind due to the ending of his comment. She needed to tell him or at least figure it out what she was going to do.

        “You were gonna ask that? Really?” She smiled knowing where this was heading.

    “Really” he caressed he cheek again before leaning in and meeting his lips to her. It was a simple kiss but it was perfect for the moment. The two parting shortly after and just continuing their gaze on each other.

        “Uhum” Nico cleared his throat causing the couple to force their attention back on them, “I have the release papers for you to sign,” he put up the papers in his hand as he continued to stand in the door frame, awkwardly.

        “Thank you” the two whispered towards him before Amelia went over to sign the paperwork, when she turned back around Link was already sitting in the wheelchair with their bags resting on his lap. “Well someone is anxious to leave” she laughs before pushing him out the door, Link telling her to stop by Nico so he could make sure everything in his service was squared away.

    “Okay lets head home” he placed his hand on her and the two headed toward the car.

    . . .

        It was Links third day home and Amelia was still waiting on him hand and foot. He felt bad, he was suppose to be taking her not the other way around. I mean she was over halfway through her pregnancy and instead of using her vacation days for rest she was using it making sure he was okay but he had to admit she was doing amazing. Her compassion only proved to him that she was going to be an amazing mother.

        When they first got home she had Meredith and Maggie bring the mattress down stairs and she had made their own makeshift bedroom in the family room, he thought that was were it was really going to stop but it was just the beginning. Since then she had been making him breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all of them being breakfast food but he didn’t mind) and constantly asking if he needed anything. If this was under any other circumstance her attentiveness would be cute but all of her kindness just made him feel more guilty. Guilty for not being the man she needed right now.

        “Amelia you really don’t have to do all this” he began when they were eating their lunch.

        “I want to” she reassures him placing a soft kiss on his cheek before getting up, “What do you want to drink?,” she asks as she heads into the kitchen.

        “I don’t want anything” he slightly snaps at Amelia not realizing before it was already done “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to”

    “It’s okay,” She made her way back to the couch and played with his hair in attempts to relax him a bit. “What’s wrong, Link?’ She continues to play with his hair as she moves his face so their eyes meet, "you can tell me anything, you know?”

    “It just … I feel useless” he admits breathing out,  “I’m suppose to be taking care of you, making you food and getting you drinks not the other way around ,”

    “Link, I told you I don’t mind” She rests her hands on his cheek and slightly carcasses it.

    “But I do,” he said placing his hand on hers but still trying his best not to look into her eyes when he makes his admission “I feel guilty.” The mention of guilt reminding Amelia of all she been hiding the past few days. The thing that had been eating her alive, the thing she had been trying to compensate for with happy memories hoping he wouldn’t leave when he found out.

    “Don’t” she reassured him, “I’m fine, I want to do this trust me” she emphasized the want but she could tell it still wasn’t enough for him so she shifted around so her head was now rested on his shoulder. “When you were in the bar” she stopped at the memory of the event before starting again, “when you were in the bar I have never been more scared” she looks up at him to see his reaction and was met with this softened eyes, “Just ask Jackson I was a complete mess,” she laughed a little. “I thought I was going to lose you and I don’t ever want to lose you” she rested her hand on his chest to make sure that he was still here, that he hadn’t disappeared, “I don’t want your name to ever be added to that list” she didn’t go into more detail because Link knew the list she was referring to, the list of all the men she had loved and lost forever.

    “Ame-” he started

    “Don’t say anything” she interrupted as she toyed with the buttons at the top of his shirt, pausing a second before lifting her head up to meet his eyes, “Just let me take care of you” her hands now back on his cheeks, one on each side, “please just suck up your guilt and let me do this and then when you are all better you can spoil us rotten,” she laughed out a bit and touched their noses together. “Deal?”

    “Deal’” he softly smiled down at her before going in for a small peck on the lips.

    “Now get lets get dressed, the kids are going to be home anytime and I kinda said they could draw on Uncle Links cast” she laughed before jumping up  “I swear they are great artists,” Link giving Amelia his goofy grin as his response, “What?” She smiled

    “I just love you”

    “Well, I love you too” she responded grabbing the pillow next to her and chucking it at Link, “now get up!”

    .     .      .

    Today was finally the day that Link was getting his cast off and he couldn’t wait. His ribs were all healed up so that meant that after today he could finally take care of Amelia again. It also meant that he could go back to work but as Amelias due date came closer that idea became less and less desirable and he hoped he could talk to Bailey about taking some more time off so he could get everything set up before their little peanut arrived. He refused to let Amelia do anything without him so they had a lot to set up.

    What Amelia didn’t know was that Link had spent the last two weeks secretly house hunting from the couch and he had finally found the perfect one. It was 4 bedrooms, had a big backyard, and was walking distance from best school in the district, he knew all those things were kinda far ahead but he was pretty confident that they would make it there. They were perfect and he was going to surprise Amelia with their perfect home after their appointments.

    “Well don’t you look excited” she smiles down at the giddy Link as she walks down the stairs

    “Of course I am, I get to get this torture device off” both knowing he was referring to the boot and he limped his way over to Amelia “and I get to see my little peanut for the first time” he placed his hands on Amelias belly and just smiled. Their exchange only making what Amelia knew she had to say harder so once again she waited, trying to hold onto the happiness. She knew It would bite her in the butt but she couldn’t help it.

    .     .      .

    “Okay you’re all set,” Nico chimed in after taking of Links cast, “I’ll spare you the details boss”

    “Thanks,” Link shook his hand “I’ll be back on Monday, so hold down the fort until then,” and with that Nico left the room leaving just Link and Amelia alone. Link was now behind Amelia with his arms wrapped around her waist “I can’t wait to see my little peanut, 24 weeks strong” He kissed her cheek and rocked her back and forth.

    “Um 32 actually” she whispered hoping her wouldn’t question any further but knowing he probably would.

    “32 weeks, that’s not right,” he just continued to rock her back and forth as if she simply misspoke.

    “Um actually it is, Carina told me last time” she turned to face Link trying to see the look on his face.

    “Why didn’t you tell me,” he smiled still not figuring out the importance of those 8 weeks, “We have so much we need to do” he grabbed onto her hands.

    “I didn’t know how too, I didn’t want to lose you,” she could she confusion set in on his face, confusion he just seemed to shake off. He was good at shaking things off.

    “You are never gonna lose me Amelia” he tried to reassure her thinking she was still speaking about the accident, “I’m right here, I’m always going to be here.”

    “The baby might not be yours Link” She interrupted as she backed away from him, maybe that wasn’t the best way to tell him she thought

    “What?” She could hear his voice break a little bit, “What do you mean he may not be mine?” He paused before finally putting two and two together “It’s Owens isn’t it?” He sat down and rubbed his hands through his hair.

    “There is a chance it is, yes” she confirmed his belief and with that sentence all of Links plans fell down on top of him and he desperately needed to sit down, “but Link this doesn’t change anything for me,” she sat down next to him but he didn’t even acknowledge her.

    “You don’t know that” he muttered still looking down at his legs “You don’t know that,” he repeated slower.

    “Yes I do,” she grabbed his hand but he brushed it off, “Link I love you.”

    “You loved Owen too and I was just your rebound remember, you don’t know if it really changes anything,” he got up and headed towards the door, “listen I love you Amelia, I do, I love the both of you” he looked down at her belly  “and if it was anybody else it wouldn’t matter. But it’s Owen and I’m not stupid enough to not think you might still have feelings for him, that the both of you might still have feelings,” he paused trying to work up the nerve to finish what he needed to say, “You need to think about what you want and I need to think about what I want.”

    “I want you Link” she pleaded as she walked towards her.

    “Just take some time Amelia,” he looked at her one more time “and text me about the appointment,  please” and with that he walked out of the room leaving Amelia behind.

    “I guess I did lose you” she whispered to herself


    Thank you so much for reading, I have one more part I am going to push out for this storyline and then I’m on the the next so if you have any song recommendations or any ideas that you’d like to see now is the time to reach out. As always don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts and reach out. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll type you later.

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  • Song: U & Us by Quinn XCII

    Background: Just after they officially start seeing each other Amelia has to reassure Link of her feelings.

    Meeting at the coffee cart had kinda become their thing. They met there in the morning, after surgeries and whenever one of them sent the little coffee cup emoji, which was now becoming their version of a bat signal. Today was no different.

    Link was walking up with Jo when he spotted her. She was wearing a pair of tight black jeans and the navy blue blazer that folded into her curves perfectly and she looked hot. He knew why she looked so good, they had a big presentation on the quadriplegic they were working on restoring movement for.

    “I don’t know how you expect me to focus today” he whispered in her ear from behind, spinning her around so he could get the full look “god you are so beautiful”

    “Why thank you” she went up on her toes to peck his lips “You don’t look too bad yourself” she went in for another kiss only to be interrupted by Jo’s groans.

    “Guys I’m right here” she groaned at the couple in front of her. She was glad that Link was happy but she didn’t need all that happiness displayed in front of her all the time.

    “Sorry,” they said in unison before parting, Link resting his hand on the small of  Amelias back. He smiled down at her and she smiled right back up.

    The three of them continued to talk about the day, the presentation that was happening this evening the key focus. They were all laughing until Amelia got a page, she kissed Link on the lips before heading in the hospital. None of them noticed Owen had been there watching from the back of the line the whole time with a very confused look on his face.



    Amelia had just finished her consult in the pit when she started to search for Link. She thought they could use the three hours they had left to their advantage, to practice their speech of course. Her luck wasn’t working that well so she paged him to the green room, it was kinda their spot. She smiled at the fact that they had things and spots.

    She was so trapped in their memories that she hadn’t noticed Owen trailing behind her only becoming aware when he slams the door behind him.

    “What are you doing?” she questions turning around to see the look on his face. He looked like he was in pain like something bad that happened. “What’s wrong? Is Leo okay?” she moves towards him trying to get a better look at his face.

    “You and Link” he stutters out and Amelia knew exactly what was going on, “You and Link are together.”

    “It’s none of your business Owen, you left me, you chose teddy remember” She backs up from him but he just continues to come towards her. She wasn’t scared but she didn’t want to be near him.

    “Amelia I’m choosing you” he pleads out to her grabbing her hand only to have her pull it away

    “Stop Owen”

    “No Amelia I want you” he got close to her this time, wrapping his arms around her so she couldn’t move “I want you” he whispered before putting his lips on her still mouth. She tried to push away but he wouldn’t budge so she just stood there hoping he would stop.

    and then it happened. Link walked through the door, the noise finally causing Owen to stop but before Amelia could explain herself he was out the door.

    “Link” she yelled out but it proved itself useless, he was gone and she was left with just Owen. “Owen I don’t want you,” he grabs her wrist again as she goes to leave but she shakes it off. “I want Link” She looks in his eyes she needs to know he is hearing this, “That’s not gonna change because you’ve had some realization. Link is the better man here so leave me alone,” she turns away looking at him one more time before she exits the room. She needed to find Link.



    Hour 1

    He was nowhere to be found. She checked every single room and nurse station and he was still nowhere. He wasn’t even on the board for surgeries, he was gone just like that.

    Hour 2

    He still was nowhere to be seen. They only had 2 more hours until the presentation and she just hoped she would find him before then.

    Hour 3

    She asked around and no one had seen him. At this point, she just hoped he would show up to the presentation at all.



    It was finally time for the presentation and Amelia was still alone. Tom was there making his wise-ass jokes but she was still alone, waiting for him.

    She kept on checking her phone to see if he had responded to one of her many texts but the result was always the same, no response. She hadn’t heard from him or seen him since the incident. It had only been three hours but she missed him, it was ridiculous she knew but even when they weren’t together she always knew he was there, that he was an option. He wasn’t there this time and that fact made Amelia feel incredibly lonely in a room packed with people.  

    Tom and her were just about to take the stage when she heard feet shuffling behind her, she looked back to find Link. He was looking straight ahead not even acknowledging that she there, he didn’t even give her that stupid little wave she always looked forward to. He may have been there but at the same time, he wasn’t.

    “Hi” she whispered still looking at him hoping he would look back this time, he didn’t. “I’ve been looking for you” she softly smiles trying to break the ice that thickened the longer he stayed silent.

    “I went out” he gruffly states back still not looking back at her. He was clearly in pain and Amelia wanted to just reach out and comfort him but she didn’t. She was the source of his pain and he wouldn’t even look at her so she must be the last person he wanted to comfort him.

    “Oh okay,” she mumbles looking down at her hands now, “Li-” she tries to begin to explain what happened earlier.

    “Let’s get this thing started” Tom interrupts clearly not reading the situation, “What did I miss something?” he says looking at the very pissed looked on Amelia’s face.

    Link gruffed at Tom’s statement before walking ahead of the pair onto the stage.

    “Trouble in paradise Shep?” Tom leans down to Amelia’s ear and whispers before following the ortho surgeon and leaving her trailing behind.



    Link hardly even looked at Amelia during the presentation and when he did it was just for a second, looking away faster each time. It was like he couldn’t even stand the sight of her, he never acted this way before. She kept trying to catch his eye and give him a smile but it never worked, he didn’t smile or even smirk back. They were less than strangers on that stage and Amelia hated every second of it. It was crazy to think about how excited the two of them were this morning.



    “Link” Amelia shouted towards him once they got off the stage and to her shock he listened. Well, he did more than that, he was looking at her.

    “It’s okay Amelia,” he begins “I know your guys’ history, I know I was just the rebound,” he wasn’t looking in her eyes anymore, his eyes fixating at the textured walls around him, “I just wish this wasn’t how I found out I was being dumped.”

    “He kissed me” she steps towards him not caring about giving him space anymore. He was in pain and she needed to be there, she needed to make him feel better.

    “I know, you don’t need to rub it in my face,” he put his hands through his hair.

    He kissed me” she repeats hoping he would understand this time. “He told me that I was what he wanted, that he wanted to be with me and not Teddy,” she paused to examine his face, resting her palm on his cheek. He looked like he was getting it so she continued, “and I told him I wanted you. I want you Link not Owen” she smiled up at him.

    “You want me” he repeated putting his hand on hers.

    “I want you” she continues to smile up “I only want you.” and with that Link filled up the gap and kissed his girl not separating until Tom made another one of his side comments, something about a ken doll but the two of them were still caught in each other gaze. Amelia didn’t even bother making a comeback.

    “I want you too by the way” he jokingly smiles back down at her

    “That’s good” she hits his chest before going back up to peck his lips “Where did you go by the way?” she questions up at him.

    “Let’s just say I’m stocked up on Chips for the next year” he laughs out before going in for another kiss. This time there was no Jo or Tom stopping them from continuing. This time it was them and only them.


    This was a short chapter but still took forever so I apologize. I was just stuck every time I opened the computer but I still managed to get this up so that’s why it’s not that good. Thank you so much for reading this story and for supporting me. I really hope to be starting up on my new series now that I’m a little less stuck. As always don’t be afraid to reach out with any feedback or ideas. Thank you and please leave any songs you want to hear for me.

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  • Prompt: Can you please do a fic with Meredith and Maggie meeting the baby? Plz don’t forget to like and repost my fics if you enjoy, it makes all the difference! Also, please keep sending prompts and any questions. They make my day! Hope this lived up to expectations!💕


    Amelia was in awe of the tiny baby lying on her bare chest, his little head peeking through the neckline of her thin hospital gown. This baby was alive and breathing and not going to live for only forty-three minutes. She didn’t know whether she was relived by this idea or even more scared, knowing that this baby would be a product of her own parenting.

    “Hey, Mommy,” Link said softy, his forehead resting on the doorway as if he’d been standing there awhile. “You okay?”

    “We’re good,” she answered before shrugging. “I can’t seem to get him to latch.”

    “The nurse came?”

    “Yeah,” she mumbled. “He was good for a bit but then stopped the minute that she left. I haven’t been able to get him on since.”

    “He’s sleeping?” Link asked.

    “Yeah,” she replied, gazing down at the little resting infant on her chest. “He seems alright.”

    “Maybe, he’s just not hungry.”

    “Maybe.” Link moved to the bed, kissing her forehead and reaching behind her ear to tug at the elastic holding her hair in place. The chocolate curls came tumbling down from the loose bun.

    “There we go.” He smiled. “I’m a lucky guy.” He met her deep blue eyes with a lopsided grin.

    “I’ve never felt better in my life, sweaty and exhausted. Not to mention the horror movie scene going on below the covers.”

    “They stitched you up?”

    “While you were gone. Nothing like getting your vagina sutured without pain meds.”

    “Amelia—” Link winced.

    “Yeah, just you finally think the pain is over they inform you that they have to suture up all the perineal lacerations caused by your six foot two boyfriend’s baby coming out of your five foot three girlfriend’s vagina.” Link chucked, pulling Amelia’s hospital gown neckline towards him as he peeked at the little baby sleeping on her chest. “He wouldn’t fall sleep unless it was skin to skin contact. I had to take him out of his onesie and everything. You missed a lot of crying.”

    “My kinda guy. Don’t settle for anything less than the skin to skin stuff.”

    “Link.” Amelia rolled her eyes, stifling a yawn.

    “You tired, babe? Want me to take him?” Link offered.

    “Sure but if he has a meltdown I’m leaving.”

    “Oh so every time our baby cries, from now on, you’re just walking out?” He teased. “Don’t worry he knows his daddy.” As Link rolled up her gown and lifted the baby into his arms Amelia was shocked to see that he didn’t even stir. Instead, he only burrowed into Link’s chest further and babbled sleepily. “See? Daddy’s boy.” To which Amelia rolled her eyes. “Meredith and Maggie we’re asking about you and the baby. I told them I’d ask to see if you were up for a visit.”

    Amelia’s eyes widened. “I completely forgot. Of course they can come meet him. It’s probably a good time since he seems so relaxed now.” She reached for her phone and sent a quick text to their sister group chat. “I’ll just get changed and maybe take a shower. Are they still at the hospital?”

    “I’m not sure. They were in the attending lounge when I saw them. They could’ve gone home but I’m not sure.”

    “Okay, well tell them I’m showering if they come and will be right out.” She leaned over to give their little boy a kiss on the forehead and Link a quick one on the lips. She entered the small bathroom attached to their room. Happy to get out of the thin and uncomfortable material of the hospital gown she undressed quickly before stealing a look at herself in the mirror. She frowned as she studied her reflection. Her chest was enlarged, swollen and tender to the touch. Most likely from the failed attempts to get Jake to nurse. She ignored her stomach and was surprised to find her vaginal area discoloured with bruising. With Christopher her labor had been debatably easier and had experienced bruising but nothing like she was witnessing at that moment. Shrugging she turned on the shower and stepped in. She wasn’t shocked to find bleeding, which was minimal and normal.

    She soothed her greasy scalp with the no fragrance shampoo and conditioner in the shower before washing the rest of her body cautiously and stepping out of the shower. She used the pathetically small towel hung up on the ring beside her before pulling on the pyjamas that Link had packed her. They’d decided on Jake Derek Lincoln after not only Addison’s husband, but the man who helped Amelia through her first pregnancy. Derek after the obvious. They’d talked about hyphenating their last names but it just seemed like too much of a mouthful and Amelia had made him promise that if he ever hurt her that she’d force him to sign off for it to be Shepherd immediately. To which he’d laughed before shrugging and saying that it didn’t matter that much to him anyways.

    When she opened the bathroom door she was surprised to find Meredith and Maggie in the hospital bed. Link glanced up at her from his chair.

    “Still doing okay, babe?”

    “All good,” she sighed, moving to the edge of the bed.

    “Sorry, we couldn’t go home before seeing the baby. Maggie’s been complaining all day,” Meredith grumbled, a hint of joy, however, behind her eyes.

    “I would’ve said you could come earlier—”

    “It was worth it,” Maggie interrupted softy, her eyes not moving from the little bundle in her arms. “Hi baby. Have you guys decided on a name?”

    “Jake Derek Lincoln, for now.” Amelia answered, narrowing her eyes at Link who chuckled.

    “Until I screw up apparently,” Link teased, patting his lap for Amelia to come sit.

    “Are you guys staying the night?” Meredith asked, eyeing the neurosurgeon’s obvious discomfort as she lowered herself slowly onto his lap. “Sorry, Amelia, come sit on the bed.” Amelia put a hand up and shook her head before leaning comfortably onto Link’s chest. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her legs up carefully.

    “I’m trying to get Carina to let me go home. I feel almost safer in the presence of all of you than here,” she joked. “I just want to sleep in my own bed and we already have the crib set up and everything. Though, I doubt he’ll be leaving our arms for at least tonight.”

    “Fair enough. You’re lucky your room is still yours. Since you’ve been at Link’s apartment so often Zola’s been begging for your room.” Meredith smiled before lifting the baby from Maggie’s arms and into hers.

    “Hey…” Maggie whined. “I can go talk to Carina and then we could all leave together. We’re off until tomorrow.”

    “Perfect,” Amelia nodded thankfully.

    Prying the baby out of Maggie and Meredith’s grasp was almost impossible. Amelia had finally fallen asleep on the couch and Link has been attempting to convince them to give the baby up for the last half hour.

    “You are the perfect baby,” Maggie cooed. She wasn’t wrong. Jake had hardly stirred other than to open his big blue eyes and gurgle happily, maybe grasping a finger before falling back into a motionless sleep. Although, to Amelia’s disappointment, was still having trouble relieving her of her swollen and sore chest.

    “He has been pretty great today,” Link chuckled, running a hand distractedly through Amelia’s hair and wishing they could be upstairs so that he could be holding her and their newborn son. “I think they’re both pretty tired so we should probably head up now.”

    “I could do this all night,” Meredith smiled, recalling on her days with Ellis curled up in her arms as Jake was now. “It’s weird to think these days are over…but probably for the best,” she laughed softy before handing Link his little boy.

    “Thank you guys. Jake is really lucky to have a family like this to grow up in.” He was reminded of how little love had been shared between his parents during his childhood and promised silently to never raise his child the same way. As he glanced over at Amelia, sleeping soundlessly in his lap, he knew that it wouldn’t be difficult. “Hey babe,” Amelia yawned, her eyes opening into slivers. “Time to go upstairs. I’d carry you up but I don’t think I could manage you and the baby.”

    “I guess those days are over,” Amelia mumbled tiredly.

    “Goodnight, Amelia,” Maggie said as her and Meredith watched the two make their way out of the living room.”

    “I can’t promise the kids won’t be all over the both of you tomorrow,” Meredith called. “They’ve been asking me about their new cousin constantly for the last couple of weeks. I’ll try to keep them at bay so that you can get some rest.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Amelia sleepily answered.

    Once they were upstairs it took all of Amelia’s effort not to crawl into bed. She left Link to change Jake’s diaper and get him into pyjamas and walked into the bathroom. She changed into a loose pair of black shorts and an oversized t shirt. After washing her face, she examined the blood situation and returned to the room to find Link fast asleep with Jake babbling happily on his chest, playing with his father’s hair. “Oh so now you’re awake.” Amelia sighed. She lifted the baby into her arms and winced as Jake applied direct pressure on her chest.

    “Usually when you complain about being sore a message helps,” Link teased, now awake.

    “You’re not coming anywhere near my boobs for a very long time if this guy can’t get it together,” Amelia groaned.

    “Well in that case let’s figure this out,” He smiled, pulling Amelia in between his legs and resting her back on his stomach. “I asked the nurse for some tips before leaving and she said you just have to try and cup it like this.” He wrapped an arm around her helping to guide Jake. “There we go buddy. Now here, Amelia, give me your hand. Like this, babe.”

    “Oh,” she murmured as Jake finally latched on. “Why did you let me suffer through hours before telling me this.”

    “Meredith and Maggie—”

    “Could’ve waited!” Amelia exclaimed. Link laughed, burrowing his face in her neck apologetically and breathing in the sweetness of her perfume. Amelia relaxed into him. “Thank you.”

    “No problem.” It wasn’t long before Amelia nodded off. Link removed the satisfied baby from her arms. Careful to not wake Amelia, he set Jake down, removing his scrubs and changing into a new pair boxers before crawling into bed. Not wanting to put Jake in his crib just yet, he placed the sleeping baby on Amelia, who cradled him in her sleep and wrapped his arms around her. Completely content with watching the both of them resting, he knew, that for himself, it would be a sleepless night.

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  • Slow.

    This wasn’t a request but I wrote this a while ago.

    I wanted to write the 16x01 scene when Amelia clears the confusion that she didn’t break up with Link.

    I wrote the exact scene, a little moment after that, their date, and the aftermath. The only thing I changed was them going back to the hospital, and a little bit of the date (If that makes sense)

    Just bare with me lol


    “Bipolars, please.” link asked his ortho intern.

    “Look at the posterior cord.” Amelia pointed to the camera in the O.R. They were working on a surgery together, and the tension was evident.

    Ever since Amelia talked to the ortho surgeon, she had a feeling they weren’t on the same page as a “couple”.

    She didn’t quite know where she went wrong, but she sure was willing to fix it.

    “I do not know how she held onto her husband for that many hours. I’m thinking I would’ve let go at about the twenty minute mark, if not sooner.”

    “Sounds about right.” Link grimaced, aware of the evident pettiness and harsh undertones in his voice.

    He knew it, and so did everyone else in that operating room.

    “Ok, so, clearly, we have had a misunderstanding, can we talk after surgery?” The neurosurgeon wondered, but Link had other plans.

    "I’m happy to talk now.” He answered matter-of-factly and Amelia rolled her eyes.

    She didn’t think it was rational to talk about it given their business setting, especially since they weren’t alone.

    “I’m not listening.” Nico shared.

    “And I don’t care.” Jackson added.

    Amelia shrugged, “I like you… a lot. I would like to keep seeing you. What I don’t want to do is bury myself in you. You know what I mean?”

    “No he doesn’t.” Jackson answered bluntly, clearly listening and caring.

    “He doesn’t? you don’t?” She looked around the room, on one side happy that Jackson butt-in.

    “Of course he doesn’t. You’re not speaking in a language any dude could possibly understand.” Jackson wasn’t understanding how Amelia didn’t see the issue and Link agreed, “they’re not wrong.”

    “I would like to go on dates with you, and to get to know you better before I’m all in, because I have a history of going all in too fast, and I would like to change that.” She looked across the room again, “better?”

    “Better.” Jackson nodded.

    “Better.” Nico agreed.

    “Better.” Link smiled, and they finished their surgery this time in better spirits, happy to know where they stood.

    As they were scrubbing out Amelia took it as an opportunity to talk more. She needed to deflect, and still felt the need to get everything off of her chest.

    “Can we talk somewhere? In an actual room or something?” She questioned, playing with her fingers to remove the uncomfortableness.

    “Yeah… Sure.” Link accepted, grabbing her hand to take her to the blue room.

    He closed the door behind them, and Amelia spoke first as she sat down in the chairs.

    “Link, I never said I didn’t want to see you.“ She needed him to know that, honestly confused and a little annoyed by what he had implied.

    "But you didn’t say you did.” Link looked at her trying to make her understand where he was coming from, but she didn’t.

    “I’m sorry.” That’s all she could think of saying.

    There was an uncomfortable silence the lied on the surface.

    Link gathering his thoughts.

    Amelia analyzing the situation.

    “I want this to be a real thing, Amelia. I want to go on dates with you, and I don’t want to stay hidden in your house when I come over. I want to be with you, the question is: do you want to be with me?” Link stood against the door keeping his distance from Amelia.

    He wished it didn’t have to be this hard.

    “I do.” She nodded.

    “Really?” He wanted to know, visibly insecure.

    It was a standard reaction to getting dumped, and the uncertainty of the situation itself.

    He’d gotten so used to her in his bed, at work, or just seeing her, and without her it wasn’t what he wanted.

    It was an unexpected feeling, but then again, that’s what falling in love was.

    "Link, I want you. I do. I just wanted to go slow, I never meant to make you feel like I was dropping you on the side of the road.” Amelia blankly darted and then she added, “come sit with me.”

    Link stayed frozen in place looking at her so she said it again “come sit with me, please.”

    And he did.

    He sat in the white chair across from her and told her, “I want to take you to dinner.”

    “Oh really? what type of dinner?”

    “Just a dinner. A nice dinner. I want to go on a date with you.” He repeated differently, patting his lap for her to sit.

    “The Italian place on fifth. Me, you, and pasta.” He explained, and Amelia sat in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck while he put his hands on her waist.

    “Me, you, and pasta.” She smiled.


    The drive to the Italian restaurant was like two teenagers on a first date. Amelia was giggly and silly, and Link was the same way.

    It was strange to think that they were both very experienced adults, but around each other they were able to show a side of their selves that wasn’t hidden- just brought out when they were with each other.

    “This is nice.” Amelia smiled, putting a lock of hair behind her ears.

    She stared at the dirty blonde before her, and couldn’t help but feel safe.

    She was safe.

    “It is. I like this- dating. Are you gonna let me take you home, and kiss you goodnight?” lol smirked.

    “I’ll do more, I’ll let you take me to your home and kiss me wherever you’d like.” She flirted and Link chuckled slightly, but realized his jeans suddenly feel tighter.

    They were going slow, but what did that truly imply?

    “I just might have to take you up on that.” He said, flirting back.

    “You will.” Amelia was sure, starting a game of footsie under the table with him in good fun.

    “Ok… Try this.” Link held up a plate, changing the subject.

    “If I eat anymore i’m gonna have to unbutton my pants.” Amelia informed him jokingly, in which he responded with,


    “Ok, new game.” She giggled, putting her plate to the side. “Name three things that you have never done, but you have always wanted to do.”

    “Oooh. Good one. Okay. Surfe a 20 foot wave, ride a camel through the sahara, and uh- Cure Parkinson’s.” He answered the prompt, exactly like Amelia expected.

    “Now you. Same question.” Link went on.

    “Go to a psychic medium and talk to my dead father, get licensed in scuba diving, and… Have sex with more than one person.” She hesitated the last one, but strangely felt okay when Link laughed.

    “You’ve never done that?!” He seemed surprised.

    “You have?!” She was even more surprised.

    “I lived in venice beach for a year.” He justified.

    “So did I.”

    “And you never had a three way? Those are offered like mints in Venice Beach.”

    “I had a medical practice there.” Amelia defended herself whilst taking a sip of her tea.

    “Oh- yeah. Well, I worked in a bike shop.” He saw both sides, and they laughed it off continuing their dinner.

    They ate until they were full, somehow making way for desert, until Link finally made way to the check.

    “Are you ready?”

    “Mhm.” Amelia responded, grabbing her small purse.


    “Thank you for dinner.” Amelia muttered as she took off her coat and shoes, happy to be back in Link’s place.

    “No problem. I’ll let you pay next time if you really want to.” He lied referring to the conversation they had about Amelia wanting to pay.

    Link told her that she didn’t need to especially since he was taking her out, but she wanted to anyways.

    “Whatever.” She playfully rolled her eyes, heading to the living room.

    “You wanna watch a movie?”

    “Yeah pick one, i’ll get some drinks.” He told her, and they rested in each other’s arms on the couch.

    “Really?” Link shook his head at her movie.

    “What?! It’s in season.” She giggled, knowing it definitely wasn’t in season.


    “I love it.” He kissed her temple, letting her have it.

    The movie was practically almost over and Link didn’t want to say anything.

    She wasn’t sleep, but she was relaxed.

    He felt the rise and fall of her chest even, and a smile appeared on his face.

    “Amelia?” He whispered.


    “What do you mean by going slow? Because I don’t have an agenda, so I want to know what I can and can’t do.” He explained, feeling her tense a little bit.

    He just held her tighter, and eventually she loosened up.

    “What do you mean “can and can’t do”? You don’t have to suppress anything if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s gonna be different than before, we both have growing feelings and- I, I-don’t know.” She admitted.

    She didn’t want to go too fast and tell him she was in love with him, but she also didn’t want to go at a pace that was too slow and leave him bored.

    “We’ll find a pace together.” She thought, and Link nodded against her.


    “Okay.” She repeated.

    “You wanna go upstairs?”

    “Yeah.” Amelia took action, leaving his embrace quicker than he thought she would, and wrapping her pinky in his.

    They walked upstairs,

    one behind the other,

    and Amelia furrowed her brows with a flustered look at the door.

    She was terrified.

    “Link… Can you just be with me tonight? I know you want sex, and honestly I want sex, but can we just-”

    “Let’s get dressed and go to bed.” He agreed, and that grin appeared on her face once more that night.

    Regardless of anything he didn’t want to force it.

    If this was their pace and it meant no sex then it was ok. He was happy to just have her to hold.

    That was more than enough.

    The brunette stepped in his tidy room, looking around before looking in two drawers to get a pair of boxers and a t-shirt for herself.

    She knew his drawers like they were a head Lac, and the thought of it made Link feel some kind of honor.

    The girl had only been to his place a few times, but each time he noticed her little things.

    She got dressed neatly folding her dirty clothes placing them on the armchair, Placed Link’s t-shirt on unaware that it went to her knees making her look like a child, and when she went to the bathroom to wash her face and finish, she came back to Link in bed.

    “Come here.” He opened his arms wide, and she fell into his embrace giving him a chaste kiss.

    “Goodnight.” He whispered, but she didn’t say anything back.

    She was thinking.


    “Hey link, I’m not saying we won’t have sex forever because we’ll- ya know but I-”

    “Goodnight Amelia.” He cut her off, just wanting her to be present and with him.

    “Just relax, I’m here, okay?”

    “Okay.” She sighed.


    A/N: Tell me what you thought ;)

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  • That One Morning.

    Prompt: Amelia and Links first time as a real couple spending the night with each other.

    no smut, just fluffy and cute.

    This would include that day that night and the day after.

    64.“Your bed head is really cute.”


    “Hey.” Link found Amelia in the consult room, looking at scans.

    she had her eyes focused on the computer screen, but her hands were in her hair finishing her two braids.

    “Hi.”  she turned around in an instant, and smiled immediately.

    They were finally dating or at least they were dating unannounced.

    “So… I was thinking tonight after your shift, we could have chinese at my place and maybe if you wanna- you’ll stay.” Link proposed, and Amelia widened her eyes.

    “The night? Stay the night?” She needed clarification.

    “If you want to.” Link confirmed, peering over her.

    He was standing right above her, and the height difference intimidated Amelia to a certain extent. He made her nervous, just by being there.

    “I do… want to.” She fumbled, and Link smiled.

    “I’m only asking, you don’t have to be nervous.” The male amusingly told his “girlfriend”, and Amelia smiled.

    “I’ll stay the night with you, I just need to go to my place and get clothes. i’m thinking I’ll get my stuff, and meet at your place… That means you uphold the task of getting Chinese food.”

    “I can roll with that.” He told her, and silence fell through the room.

    “Link.” Amelia interrupted his thoughts.

    “Yeah?” He wondered.

    “I’m gonna work now.” Amelia pointed to the computer screen.

    “I’m not stopping you.” He smirked snarkily, in hindsight loving how cute she looked when she got this way.

    “I’ll see you tonight.” She rolled her eyes, knowing she’d just made a fool of herself.

    “Mhm. I’ll send the adress.”


    Later that night as Amelia was rung up to Link’s complex, He let her in and took her little overnight bag.

    “Hey.” Link smiled, pulling her in for a brief hug.

    “Hi…” The neurosurgeon wrapped her arms around Link’s neck, smelling his scent briefly before she asked.

    “The food? I remember being told that i’d be fed.” She joked, and Link sat her stuff down heading to pick up a box.


    “Good.” Amelia smiled, and looked around his apartment trying to familiarize herself with some of his stuff.

    She had never been to his place before.

    “This is nice.” She meant it.

    “Yeah- it’s not necessarily “I’m a hot shot seurgeon in Seattle”, but more of an “I just moved here, so it works apartment.”” He degraded himself, and Amelia frowned.

    “Don’t do that.”

    “Do what?” Link wondered totally oblivious to the situation, directing her to the couch with the food and drinks in-hand.

    “I think it’s a nice living space… You have everything you need, and it’s not that bad of a commute. I like it.” She assured him, and for some reason it made Link’s cheeks swell.

    He never quite understood “blushing” until her met her.

    “Well thank you.” He settled, sitting next to her- not too close, but not too far.

    “I mean it.” She looked at him seriously, and this time he was the one making a fool of himself.

    “So, Dinner and a place to crash. all that’s missing is a movie.” Amelia stated matter of factly.

    “Here.” He gave her the remote, “You pick.”

    Together they chose a silly Romcom, with each passing minute of it unaware how close they’d become.

    By the end of the movie, Link was practically Amelia’s pillow, noticing she’d fallen asleep shortly after the first hour of the movie. He just didn’t want her to wake up.

    He had his arm wrapped around her shoulder, and his free hand was lost in the gentle caress of her short hair.

    She felt like the softest thing in the world, he couldn’t get enough of her.

    “Amelia?” He whispered, trying to peacefully bring her out of slumber.

    “Hmm?” She grumbled, not pleased to be awoken, but almost confused at the situation she was in.

    At One point she was awake, and then she just wasn’t.

    “You fell asleep, let’s get you to bed.” He tried, but she didn’t want to move at all.

    “Amelia?” He wondered.


    “Just- Let’s stay on the couch.” She protested, cutting him off in the process.

    “My couch isn’t that comfy.” Link warned her.

    “Fine.” She gave in, not wanting to point out the fact that she enjoyed it when he played with her hair, of even just touched her at all.

    That’s why she didn’t want to move.

    They cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, Amelia insisting to wash the dishes because of the “smell” they would leave if she didn’t.

    No matter how hard Link tried to tell her that one day wouldn’t hurt, especially if she was this tired, she did them anyways, wiping the counters down while she was at it.

    “The bathroom is right… there.” Link pointed in the hall to the spacious wash room, hoping she’d finally be ready to sleep.

    “Ok. My stuff, here or…”

    “Yeah, just leave it here.” He directed her to the small table in his bedroom, and she sat her things down, grabbing a towel and heading to shower.

    When she came back she noticed Link changed already, he was in bed looking at tv.

    Flipping through channels in deep thought he had barely noticed when Amelia appeared in his bed, with her nightgown on.

    She thought about settling for different clothing since she didn’t know how comfortable he would be sleeping next to her, but then again they’d already seen each other naked.

    “I don’t know how you do it, Link. Your water pressure is terrible.” Amelia complained, making him notice her.

    “My water pressure is awesome- I set it myself.” Link grinned, and Amelia rolled her eyes pulling the blankets up her skin.

    She sat against the headboard just like Link did, and squinted her eyes at the content on the tv.

    “What am I watching?” She looked unimpressed.

    We are watching baseball.” He patted her, surprised when Amelia grabbed his fingers to play with.

    “What’s the point of this game?” She asked.

    “To win.” Link blankly admitted, Kissing her forehead when Amelia once more deemed unimpressed.

    “Well who’s playing?” She changed her question.

    “My team.” Link told her, and Amelia knew it was the Mariners.

    She nodded, and in each other’s company they watched the game unfold.

    From time to time Link would fill her in on what was happening, laughing and joking at how serious and playful the both of them could be with each other.

    It was just great to be able to do that.

    To just simply be.


    The next morning sleeping side by side but facing each other, Link was the first to wake.

    He fluttered his eyes open feeling dumb when he saw her face and instantly smiled. He felt dumb only because he didn’t want to get too attached, just to get broken up with or turned against in a way.

    Link genuinely liked Amelia, he just did.

    “Hello stalker.” She Laid her forehead on his, closing her eyes like she was about to drift again.

    As she fell once more, Link analyzed her features:

    Her face: Peaceful, free of any worry or dismay.

    Her eyes: Closed, but beneath he knew well what they looked like.

    Her brows: Perfect amongst each other, even and trimmed.

    Her freckles: Special, he just couldn’t get enough of them.

    And her hair:

    “Your bed head is really cute.” He admitted out loud, surprised that she was just resting her eyes.

    “You’re flirting with me this early in the morning?” Amelia asked, but she knew the answer.

    “So what if I am.” Link casually stated, and Amelia smiled by default.

    “Good morning.”

    “Good morning, how’d you sleep?” He questioned, and Amelia wrapped one arm around his waist.

    “I slept good, your bed is comfy.” She said.

    “Well I’m glad my bed was of service.” The ortho seurgeon kissed the girl, quickly upset when she stepped out of the cozy embrace, throwing on his sweatshirt that was in the nightstand.

    “Where are you going?”

    “Come on- i’m cooking.” She smirked at him before leaving the room and waiting for him to follow.

    He walked into his kitchen to see her already locating stuff for pancakes.

    “Pancakes?!” He wondered.

    “Of course. The only thing I can make without screwing up.” She giggled, and Link slid up on the countertops to watch her.

    It was like she knew where everything was, it was kinda exciting.

    “I like you in my apartment.” He told her without ample time to think about what they were.

    “Well I like it in here.” She smiled, and he went in to kiss her.

    It was slow and endearing, but once Amelia positioned herself in between his legs, he grabbed her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “Do you want me to make coffee?” Amelia mumbled out of breath between kisses.

    “Mmm, just kissing right now.” Link did the same, swirling his tongue in hers.

    They continued making out without protest, until they smelt something off in the kitchen.

    “Burning.” Amelia muttered.

    “I feel it too.” He reffered to his skin igniting on hers as he gripped her with his hands roaming.

    “No… The pancakes.” Amelia laughed, pecking his lips once more before dealing with the mess.

    Together they finished pancakes, eating breakfast with each other like Link couldn’t have imagined.

    They felt like a real couple.


    “So what are we?” He asked discreetly, as they somehow ended up clothless in each other’s arms.

    “What do you mean?” Amelia widened her eyes, terrified at the subject.

    “This us… You and I?” He reiterated.

    “We’re people enjoying each other’s company.” She pranced around the true definition.

    “Amelia you have to give me something. We can’t keep on doing this.” Link told her, looking at her like he was disappointed.

    “I know.” She admitted.

    “Are we dating?” He pressed.

    “We’re hanging with each other.” She went on.

    “Hanging with each other naked?” Link tried not to get upset.

    silence fell through the room, and Amelia was disappointed in herself. She knew how this must’ve looked- like she was taking him for a ride… A very long one. 

    “I’m scared.”

    “I know.” Link kissed her forehead.

    “It’s just- this is good, and putting a label on it might mess it up. I don’t want that.” She explained.

    “I don’t want to mess this up either.” Link covered her back up, feeling her shiver.

    “Then we don’t mess it up.” Amelia convinced mostly herself.

    “We won’t.” Link promised.

    “Let’s just be happy. Date, and be happy.” Amelia decided.

    “That’s all I truly wanted.”


    good morning, evening, or night ;)

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  • Perfect.

    prompt: “ohh if you can do 51 & 52, that could be so cute” - @tw1sted-m00n

    51. “Your hair is really soft after you wash it.”

    52. “Ssh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair.”

    Thank you for requesting ;)

    I should probably inform you that I wrote this with the idea that Amelia and Link were staying home with their boy, during the pandemic. So this is set around coronavirus time.  technically it’s a big one shot, where Amelia and Link are spending time with their son, and spending the day together


    Amelia shuffled in bed looking over at her boyfriend.

    He was totally relaxed with his hair over his face, and his muscular body only being held back by a blanket and his boxers.

    It couldn’t have been later than 9:00, which was surprising to why her son hadn’t woken her up yet with a cry or a loud babbling signifying that he wanted some attention. Instead it was just silent, and she enjoyed it. She stared in Link’s face, looking at how peaceful he was, and ran her fingertips along his dirty blonde eyelashes with serenity. She inched her body even closer to his, and kissed his pink lips.

    The neurosurgeon wasn’t expecting him to wake up, but Link skillfully wrapped an arm around her to place his hand in her hair and bring her back in.

    He placed a kiss on her lips and moved slightly to place one on her neck. Taking a second to fully wake up, he shifted so they were forehead to forehead.

    “Were you staring at me?” He smirked, obviously messing with her.

    “So what.” She giggled, pecking his lips to lose the conversation. “Are you gonna stop me?”

    “Definitely not.” He smiles, and in a split second he’s moving on top of her. “You’re happy today.” Link notices,

    “You’re glowing and I like it.”

    “It’s quiet, which means that son of yours is sleep.” She explained, flipping them so she was straddling him. He held her by her waist smiling while she was smiling, and they leaned in for a kiss at the same time.

    As it heated up, they heard the buzz on the baby monitor, followed by some light crying.

    “Spoke too soon.” Amelia giggled, pulling away from Link.

    “I’ll go.” She offered, already moving to grab her robe.


    Amelia was resting against her boyfriend on the couch. It was about 3:30, which meant they were initiating tummy time.

    Since scout was born a little early, the nurse thought it was best to do both: skin to skin, and tummy time- and though Amelia and Link hadn’t done it for long, they noticed how scout’s progress was developing.

    “Do you think we should be teaching him things? Like- I don’t know, I just want him to be informed..” Amelia asked, laying Scout on her bare chest.

    “Babe, he’s only a few months old, right now he just needs to be nurtured.” Link smiled, but Amelia was obviously disagreeing by her face.

    “I know, I just don’t want to do something wrong.” She replied, worrying for nothing.

    she always felt like parenting wasn’t for her, and though it got easier in the past few months-especially having to be home all the time, she still felt like she was going to mess it up. 

    “You can’t do anything wrong. You’re a good mother, Amelia.” Link assured her, in which she didn’t respond.

    “I can’t wait until we can get out of here and do stuff. It just feels like since this pandemic, we’ve gone in circles…” She started, rubbing her boys back into a nap.

    “What do you mean?” Link questioned, discreetly raising an eyebrow.

    “Like we’ll get to be a family in the real world after all of this mess goes away, I- I’m just excited.” She shrugged, and it made feel like they truly were a team.

    Besides everything and the pregnancy not being planned, they were working together and experiencing everything with no obligation. it wasn’t a job to act like a family- they simply were each other‘s family and they were building on it together. 

    “I’m excited too. I want to see how we act together in public, and I want people to come up to us and ask if he’s our son. It’s kind of romanticizing it all, but I don’t know-” Link gushed, feeling embarrassed.

    “I know exactly how you feel.” Amelia assured him.

    “We’re actually parents, how did that happen?” She joked, laughing but not too hard to wake up Scout.

    “We had copious amounts of sex- that’s what happened.” Link smirked, seeming proud of himself.

    “Don’t be smug you knocked me up.” Amelia frowned playfully looking at him, even though she was actually very enthused.

    “I think it turned out nicely.” Link reminded her looking down at her chest.

    “Yeah it did.” She admitted closing her eyes in comfort, heaping more thoughts.

    “Do you think he’ll be a good kid? I’ve been trying to figure out what crowd he would be in, and I can’t.” She brought up a new topic, totally baffled.

    She remembered herself as a teenager and as a child, and she couldn’t decide what she wanted for her son. He was so little, he hadn’t even formed a personality yet. When he grew, would he want to rebel, or would he be a family guy who enjoyed his studies? 

    It was all surreal.

    “I think he’ll be a good kid, but he might be high strung like his mom.” Link told her, blankly.

    “What if he’s gay? What if he doesn’t like people at all?” She ranted.

    “Well then he’ll be gay, and he won’t like people.” Link shrugged, signifying it didn’t matter.

    “All that matters and all I care about is that he’s loved, and he’s safe.” Link furthered, and they were in agreement.

    “You’re right.” Amelia relaxed a little.

    They sat in silence, and after a while Amelia looked up to see Link with his head on the decorative pillow with his eyes closed.

    She was watching him for a bit, so when he happened to open his eyes, he looked tired.

    “Go to sleep, you look exhausted.” She lifted her head to receive a kiss, and he ever so slightly reciprocated it.

    “oh… Link, before you sleep?”


    “You’re a good dad.” She informed him.


    Later that night after fighting with scout to sleep, they stared at the little boy in awe.

    “He sleeps like you.” Amelia laughed, rubbing Scouts cheek as they were looking over him.

    He was tucked in his crib, perfectly safe.

    “You watch how I sleep, everyday?” He teased her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

    “Maybe…” She didn’t confirm or deny, “Come on, I want to take a shower with you.”

    After technically playing around in the shower, whether it was link spraying her with water, or Amelia squirting soap all over him, they finally rested inside hoping to have an uninterrupted night. (Even though it wasn’t gonna happen)

    Amelia threw her night gown on and settled in the bed as She watched link do the same.

    Routinely they turned on the TV, and embraced each other as link put his eyes on hers. By instinct he threw his hands in her hair, and smiled as his fingertips massaged her scalp.

    Your hair is really soft after you wash it.” He confessed.

    immersed in the relaxation he was giving her, she didn’t respond. She just loosened her face allowing herself to feel good, and Link didn’t stop what he was doing.

    Honestly motherhood and fatherhood was really hard and tiring, and Amelia being Amelia decided she would not sleep until she knew everything was absolutely ok.

    He couldn’t imagine how exhausted she could be- well he could, because he was tired himself.

    He just wanted her to feel ok.

    In a matter of time her breath leveled, and the rise and fall in her chest was so calm he felt she had fallen asleep. He chuckled slightly to himself, loving the fact that she could rest- and all of a sudden he caught himself in a braid.

    He was braiding her hair, lost in his thoughts when Amelia opened her eyes wide.

    “Are you tying knots in my head?” She over exaggerated the situation, acting as dramatic as only she could be.

    “Ssh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair.” Link shut her up with a kiss, and she looked at him like he was lying.

    “Where did you learn to braid?” Amelia asked out of curiosity.

    “I taught myself, I’m versatile.” He laughed at her words as he split more of her hair into three.

    “But someone had to give you an idea to learn how to braid. That’s- I didn’t expect that.” She made it a big deal, and didn’t know how much Link found it amusing, and adoring.

    “I’ve seen you do it for Mere’s kids, and I watched. Besides, what if we had a girl? I might’ve had to braid their hair.” He truthfully admitted, and Amelia nodded.

    “That is true… okay goodnight.” She decided.

    “Mhm.” Link didn’t feel the need to say anything other as Amelia was fighting sleep.

    Although she didn’t open her eyes he could tell what her internal expression was. She wanted to hear him say something back to her, she didn’t want to be left hanging.

    Goodnight Link.” She repeated.

    “Goodnight Amelia.” He muttered.

    “I love you.” He placed his lips on her forehead, and watched as a smile crept on her face.

    He continued his task until he drifted off to sleep, and about two hours later they heard the baby monitor go off.

    “Noooo.” Amelia groaned.

    “Don’t worry about it. This time i’ll get it.”


    Thank you, and good morning ❤️

    I hope this is what you were expecting, if not I can try again.

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  • I’ll show you.

    Amelia openly doubts her body while she’s pregnant, and link gets upset..

    The only reason this is an a prompt, is because I wrote a prompt incorrectly for the second time, and didn’t want to waste it.

    Smut… Like very smutty.


    Amelia and Link decided to go to the beach to relax on their day off. Amelia was excited to wear her red bikini, as she was gaining a little bump on her belly.

    She was laying out on the beach chair soaking in the sun while her hand was dangling across, holding her boyfriends hand. “This is nice.” Amelia admitted, opening her eyes to look in his.

    “Yeah, I think so.” Link chuckled, shifting on the chair. He closed his eyes once more, a few minutes later walking to the ocean.

    “What? Where are you going?” Amelia widened her eyes alarmed, propping her elbows up to watch him.

    “Swimming.” He gave her one word, holding out his hand while walking backwards, hoping she’d join him. Amelia did skipping to his place as they made there way to the water, happily.

    They let their feet get used to the temperature, Amelia wrapping her ar legs around his waist, while link held her up placing his arms under her butt.

    The couple rested in each other’s embrace, feeling out the waves, while speaking to each other. Amelia: resting her head in the crook of his neck. Link: resting with his head on her shoulder.

    “You’re starting to show.” He referred to her tum.

    “Yeah, you’ll have a chunky girlfriend pretty soon” Amelia giggled, noticing how he didn’t quite laugh.

    “Come on… I’m kidding, babe.” Amelia tried, moving her position so she was at his eye level. She placed her hands on his cheeks, kissing his lips as he looked upset with her. “What?” She asked.

    “You look so good, pregnant.” Link told her.

    “mhm.” Amelia nodded, but she obviously wasn’t believing him.

    “No- I mean it.” He smirked before going on, “You look good, all pregnant in this bikini.”

    Link kissed her earlobe quickly sucking lightly.

    “Do I?” She played stupid, the way he was playing with her ear turning her on.

    “Yes.” He huskily, whispered.

    “I bet i’ll look even better when it’s off of me. All nice with my extra skin.” Amelia confidently told him, noticing as he became more and more upset.

    “What? You don’t do jokes now?” Amelia asked, feeling weird when his grip on her loosened.

    “No I like jokes… When they’re funny.” He seriously told her, and Amelia understood.

    “sorry.” She cringed.

    “I don’t like it when you talk bad about yourself. You don’t have a reason to.” He sunk further into the water, slightly rolling his eyes.

    “I know.” Amelia told him, and silence quickly fell into place.

     The rest of the beach day felt ruined.

    ~ ~ ~

    Later that day as they were walking back to the car both of them were still silent.

    it wasn’t awkward after what Amelia said, but she could tell something was bothering him. She knew it was primarily her fault, and she had to say something about it.

    When they settled in the car, it felt like the right time.

    “I’m sorry.” Amelia admitted. “I shouldn’t have said anything about my body, I know how much it bothers you.”

    “That’s not the point. Do you know why it bothers me?” He emphasized, looking at her.

    “Yes.” She thought she did, but he was going to tell her anyway.

    “That baby is mine, and it’s growing inside of you. Do you know how amazing that is? To be in love with someone as strong as you, and have them willingly give up their body to create another human? you’ve given me everything Amelia- I’m going to be a dad.” He smiled, the words shocking his girlfriend.

    “Ok.” Was all she could say.

    “And by the way… You’re still very sexy.” He smirked.

    “Oh really? How sexy?” She bit her lip, knowing it would drive him wild.

    “When we get home, i’ll show you.” His voice lowered, and the ride home was suddenly more anticipating.

    They walked in barely getting their socks and shoes off before taking action.

    “You were serious.” Amelia felt her breath shallow, watching as Link undressed himself.

    “Yeah.” He responded pulling his girlfriend closer to him, already dropping her pants gasping when he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear since she changed out of her wet clothes.

    He quickly put her on the counter, and Amelia’s eyes widened. “Here?” She questioned.

    “Yes.” He mumbled, not even minding to remove her top. Instead he told her to lie down, and relax.

    She did as she was told, and gasped as he rubbed her clit looking down at her.

    Link caught her lips in a demanding kiss swirling his tongue with hers, causing Amelia’s senses do divulge. The first moan of pleasure hit the surface as Link whispered against her mouth.

    “You feel so good.”

    He stroked her clit in circular motions getting faster and faster. Amelia yelled as he spread her legs wider, entering her with two fingers.

    “Oh my gosh.” She gripped the edges of the table, needing something to hold on to. Her eyes were closed as he slid against her walls, starting her orgasm.

    “you’re so wet.” He moaned, calming his strokes, feeling Amelia groan when he stopped what he was doing.

    She caught her breath, opening her eyes as she wondered. “What are you doing?”

    “I want to finish another way.” He knelt on the floor dragging her legs to the edge.

    Before Amelia could catch up with him, he was already inside of her with his tongue.

    “Shit-” She cursed, putting her hands in his hair.

    “This is my favorite part.” He smirked.

    “I want you to come for me.” He Went back in with one finger, still eating her out as she bit her lip.

    “Come baby-”

    “I’m coming.” She held on to his hair, as he stimulated her clit with his tongue, making her sensitive.

    She writhed against him, feeling her walls clench around him, milking his hands.

    “Thank you.” She giggled, watching him wipe his fingers on a paper towel. He then grabbed her waist as she sat up, and whispered against her.

    “Do you need more convincing?” He asked.

    “Yes, definitely.” She joked wrapping her arms around him.

    “I don’t want you to talk about yourself ever, again. I mean it.” He seriously told her, staring into her eyes with more love instead of lust, and she nodded.


    He removed her from the counter, her long shirt covering her legs as she grabbed his hand.

    “Babe?” She said.

    “mhm?” He replied, inching up the steps with her.

    “You make me feel sexy.” She admitted, and that’s all he ever wanted to hear.


    A/N: This is- smutty.com


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  • Masterpost:

    please note that these aren’t all of my fics, just the ones I think deserve to be seen and read. i’ve made a lot of progress, and I’m very proud to display these for you guys.  I also will try to update this every time I answer a prompt or start something new, but sometimes I forget.- M.

    “safe” - Amelia doesn’t feel well and can’t sleep. she attempts to rest in an on call room and link tries to help her.

    “A day off” - Amelia and link kick off their day off. *smut*

    “76” - This is a smut one liner prompt where Amelia and Link have sex in the bathroom at a work function.

    “The sky is falling” - Amelia and link dance and kiss in the rain. Very cute and fluffy.

    “Morning sex.” - Amelia and link have a day off, and they start their morning with sex. * pretty smutty. *

    “Mine.” - Amelia has the potential to gain a neurosurgeon colleague that she’s very fond of, which makes link a little jealous and possessive. Just a fluffy oneshot.

    “Love bites.” - Link is scared that he hurt amelia, after he sees the hickey on her collarbone. A little smut, but very fluffy.

    “Are you sure?” - Link and owen go to the bar in an attempt to be friends, which results in a fight. Amelia picks him up, and they talk.

    “Makeup sex.” - Amelia and link finally reconcile after he finds out the baby’s paternity. They both want to have sex, but he’s scared he’ll hurt her and the baby.

    “The alleyway” - Amelia gets a new bra that link can’t help but enjoy. They go on a walk and have sex in the alleyway.

    “mhm you love me” - Amelia and link fight like an old married couple over blankets.

    “Together” - Amelia is worried about her first ultrasound, and link helps her talk about it.

    “I love you too.” - Amelia wants to have sex but Link is scared to hurt her.

    “I’ll die without you.” - Link gets hurt, and Amelia takes care of him.

    “Gravity Blanket.” - Amelia receives an upsetting update about work, and Link helps her through it with his “gravity blanket”

    “How we should’ve done it.” - Link’s thought processs/feelings after the break up (16x14) - the twist at the end is where they talk through it.

    “I’ll show you.” - amelia has doubts about her body. Can link show her otherwise? Smutty

    “Perfect.” - Amelia and Link spend the day with their boy.

    “You Dirty Woman.” - Link has trouble taking a big win, and Amelia helps him see the good in it.

    “San Diego.” - Amelia and Link’s first time at the conference. *smut

    “Date night.” - Amelia and link finally go on a date after Scouts birth

    “That one morning.”- Amelia and link spend the night with each other, still trying to figure out “what are we?”

    “Baby Troubles.” - Amelia and Link go on an outing with their boy and it doesn’t go as expected. Just some domestic fluff.

    “slow.” - Amelia and link decide to go slow.

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  • Are you sure?

    Prompt: I posted this earlier, but incorrectly. Basically Link and owen go out for drinks and it doesn’t end well.


    Link was sitting in a meeting with most of the department heads, regarding budget and resources. Though he had been to meetings like this every month, this month felt a little different. The reasoning for that was- this month was when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

    She was sitting across from Link on her phone, meanwhile owen was sitting directly next to him. It’s not like they had issues with each other, but they weren’t exactly best buds.

    After Bailey finally came and addressed everything, giving everyone the lay of the land, The meeting finished leaving Amelia who was talking with Bailey, and Owen and Link alone in that room. Being polite waiting for Amelia, link started a conversation with Owen.

    It started talking about work, but quickly descended with talking about hanging out, outside of work. Owen suggested they’d meet at a bar and have a couple of drinks, since it seemed link was going to be in Leo’s life and Link being Link accepted.

    It didn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but he wasn’t so excited about it. He honestly just didn’t know what they would have to talk about.


    “Let me get this straight…” She started, pointing her finger at him. “You said yes to having drinks with my ex- husband, who clearly isn’t your best friend.” She went on giggling at Link’s predicament.

    “It sounded like a good idea at the time!” He admitted, opening the door to another corridor. They walk on, laughing and joking about how this evening is going to go until link asks an honest question.

    “How do you think this is gonna go?” He voices his concern, beginning to get a little nervous. Not because he’s intimidated by Owen, but because he doesn’t know how he’s going to react if Owen gets too drunk and out of hand.

    “I- I don’t know. I think it’ll be what you make it.” Amelia honestly acquired, not sure what to believe.

    “I think that if he wants to act professional- which that is what Owen is, then it’ll be OK. Just try to relax and have fun, even though I know it will be hard.” She kissed his cheek as he watched her off to her next consult.


    later that day at about 8:30 at night, link pulled up to the bar waiting for Owens car to pull in.

    Link was laying against the back of his car, as he saw Owen Drive by in a parking space close to him.

    “Hey.” Link smiled, weirdly shaking his hand.

    Owen reciprocated the handshake, and they walked into the bar together.

    Link decided on his usual beer as Owen settled for Vodka.

    The conversation went on a little bit like it did at the hospital, formally talking about work and nothing else.

    they shared a few laughs, actually got along together, but that was until Owen was on his fifth round of shots.

    He started to become a different person, acting like a douche bag.

    “Link, you’re lucky.” Owen stated, trying to grab his jacket. “Thank you? What are you doing Owen, you can’t leave.” Link took the jacket back, trying be a god man.

    “Hey, what if I order you a cab. It’s the safer option, and tomorrow you can pick up your car.” He suggested. He didn’t want Owen to do anything dumb and he also didn’t want to feel bad if he let him drive, especially in the current state that he was in.

    Luckily Owen cooperated, and link called him a cab that would arrive in about 30 minutes.

    He didn’t want to be awkward so Link started more conversation, which was a big mistake on his part.

    “So, how have you been? I’ve been seeing you surgeries on the board, they’re big.” Link modestly admitted, being nice.

    Owen wanted to talk, but not necessarily about what Link wanted to talk about.

    “H-hey Link… When I was s-seeing Am-elia, She was Wild. S-She would make me feel a- and do things I didn’t even know I could… L-like in bed.” Owen smirked, not aware of his drunken state.

    “Stop buddy, you’re drunk and this isn’t the conversation we should be having.” Link tried, but Owen wouldn’t stop.

    “I mean it, n-no wonder you got her p- pr-pregnant. Even if it was a mistake, you still screwed her brains out.” Owen laughed, and this time Link wasn’t too nice.

    “You really wanna stop now.” He spoke in a dangerously low tone, but Owen had already gotten his coat, and walked outside. Link followed him to make sure he didn’t try to get in his car, even though he was upset.

    He grabbed Owens arm to try to hold him back from getting his keys, but Owen retaliated.

    It was a quick hard punch to link’s face, which ended in his nose bleeding.

    Suddenly they were fighting, and Link ended up blacking out after hitting him back three times harder.

    The next thing he knew he was picked up by his furious girlfriend, And he was taken to his own apartment.


    “It hurts.” Link squinted his eyes, his head pounding as his girlfriend held a cold rag to his head.

    He wouldn’t stay still- squirming as the rag was too cold when it was placed on the open wound.

    They were lying on the bed, Amelia right next to him, leaning over with the necessary tools to help him.

    “don’t move, they hit your head really hard.” She whispered, not sure if loud noises were going to affect how he felt.

    She also didn’t wanna say Owen’s name directly, because she didn’t know how he would feel.

    Especially after he had just been in a fight with him.

    “you know you can say his name… Owen. Owen hit me hard, Amelia and I retaliated.”

    He drowsily grabbed her hand, moving it off his head to kiss the top of her hand.

    “I’m sorry.” Link kissed her once more, Wincing as Amelia used her other hand to lay ointment on all of his wounds, blowing to give him a bit of pain release.

    “You don’t have anything to be sorry about.” She assured him noticing as he placed his hands on her waist.

    “you don’t have to tell me what the fight was about if you don’t want to. I’m just here to clean you up, We can really just- try to rest.”

    She put the medical gear to the side, lifting his arms up to get his shirt off.

    She didn’t know if he needed help, but she was going to give it to him anyway. He looked pretty upset and annoyed and she didn’t want to push him, because he would never push her.

    He let her take his shirt off, as he stripped down to his boxers. He then lay down dragging the covers over his body, while Amelia did the same.

    She dressed in her nightgown and laid close to him, putting an arm around his waist.

    they started to rest in silence, until link broke it.“We started drinks normally, and I actually had fun with the guy. Then as he started to get drunk he started talking about you and your performance in bed, and I didn’t appreciate it.” He paused trying to gather more of his thoughts.

    “I stayed kind and polite until he threw a punch at me for trying to help him back inside the bar until he got a cab. The guy punched me, so I punched him back harder, then we started fighting.” Link looked in her eyes waiting to see a trace of disappointment, but he couldn’t find it. She just stayed there listening to him like he would’ve listened to her.“Ok.” Amelia sighed, kissing his temple.

    “Ok?” He asked, waiting for her to say more.

    “Yeah, Ok.” She sighed, entangling herself in him. “I’m sure you’re sleepy, so let’s just rest, babe.”

    She said those words rarely as they started dating, but they always made him feel safe and loved.

    “You sure?” He questioned, already half sleep.

    “Goodnight.” She gave her last words, snuggling against him.


    I apologize for screwing up.

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  • Mine

    This is a one-liner orompt from @amelinkcutiez

    73. “you’re mine, do you understand? You belong to me.”


    “Did you hear about the new neuro guy?” Amelia smiled, walking up to her boyfriend.She was truly excited to have a fellow, and if all worked out, she would.

    “No, there’s a new guy?” he questioned, already knowing the answer, but she looked so excited. He wanted to hear it from her if it made her happy.

    “Yes, a new guy named Jake Weldon. He’s scrubbing in on surgeries, and i’m thinking about asking if he wants to observe or work with me on a few projects. It could be fun.” She admitted, starting a classic banter.

    “Fun, and really informative. Bailey said he has good technique.” She continued.

    Link stood there listening to her, with admiration. She always had a sparkle in her eyes when she was talking about what she loved, and it made him happy that she was getting what she was looking for. she was searching for a lab partner for a long time, and maybe be she was finally getting it.

    Pulling him out his thoughts, Amelia asked? “Are you okay, you zoned.”

    “Yes, I was thinking.” Link assured her. “Maybe, this guy will be the guy you’ve always wanted to work with. Baby, you just might find another brain geek.” He laughed, but was quickly stopped by her loud slap on his arm.

    “Ouch! You ass.” He laughed louder.

    “An ass you’re very fond of.” She giggled, and was interrupted by a page.

    “Seems my brain geek wants me.” She informed him. “I’ve got to go.” Amelia started walking, but quickly gave Link a kiss on the corner of his lips.

    Before she could get too far, Link stopped her. “Amelia..!”

    She turned around with a faint smile, and a questioning expression. Link put all jokes aside, and told her, “This is gonna be great.”


    She met the guy scrubbing in, and already enjoyed him. he had dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes, even though that was totally arelevant.

    Just like everybody told her, the man was smart, and he was quick with his work. He was a very strong and powerful surgeon, and she admired him fully. she could totally see herself working with him, and it almost made her giddy. 

    They already made plans to get coffee, and discuss protocol and information, and Amelia was really excited.

    Like Link said, it was gonna be great. And it was already great. she couldn’t wait to go home with him later that night, and talk his ear off.


    like she planned, she met him at his car since they drove together that day, and he smiled at her.

    “Sooo?” He dragged, excited at her look.

    she nodded and that was signal enough, that what she wanted… She got.

    He had a feeling he was going to be getting pretty lucky, because whenever she was happy, she liked to celebrate. 

    He was wrong.

    The whole car ride Amelia had her head buried in her phone, texting the man she met earlier that day. She was happy, and it made her boyfriend happy, but then again it didn’t.

    No matter how selfless he was, he wanted attention from his girlfriend.

    She hasn’t even kissed him or asked him about his day, and it didn’t help knowing why they weren’t talking that much. It was a man that wasn’t him, and it made his blood heat up.


    Pretty soon they arrived home, and Amelia suggested they take a bath like they always did.

    Link obviously complied, but as the tub filled and he stood shirtless before her, she didn’t give him her flirty smirk. He wanted to see it.

    He watched her giggle and smile, and he finally hit his breaking point.

    “Are you gonna get in with me, or am I gonna have to make my bath for two, a one person thing today?” He partly joked, but made it known that he was obviously a little serious.

    Amelia looked at him, and frowned. “Yeah, sorry. I just wanted to let Jake know that we’re set for Friday…” She explained. “I think we are doing coffee to go over concepts, it’s kind of cool…” She began to ramble, as she was undressing.

    “I just wanna pick his brain, I think he’d be fun to to talk with. Like deep brain surgery talks.”

    Amelia finished, looking at Link who was already in the bathtub, and rested against his front.

    She noticed he wasn’t responding or reacting to anything she was saying, and she looked up to him. “Are you okay?” She asked, with her big dopey eyes.

    He didn’t quite speak to her, instead he kissed her forcefully, making her turn so she straddling his front.

    Link kissed her lips, making them red and swollen, and he didn’t give her a chance to breathe, until She was growing concerned.

    “Baby, what’s wrong?” She asked, only to be kissed once more.

    “Link?” Kiss.

    “Babe?” kiss.

    “Li-” Kiss.

    “For the love of everything holy, stop kissing me!” She stopped him, looking deep into his eyes.

    “Did something happen at work today, or did something happen in general?” She asked, identifying the look in his eyes.

    It was longing and lust, which only appeared when he was horny, or protective and possessive.

    ‘It had to be one of the three…’ She thought.

    Which is why it was surprising when he flaunted a clenched jaw, and looked at her like he was loosing her. “you’re mine, do you understand? You belong to me.” He told her.

    “What?” Amelia nervously chuckled, she was very confused.

    “Babe, you’re confusing me.” She furrowed her brows, and link kissed her neck, gently biting her.

    “Jack or whoever you were talking to, has no place inside my apartment…” Link selfishly admitted. “You spoke about him in the hospital, in the hospital parking lot, In my car, and now he’s in my apartment.” He grimaced, not letting her speak.

    “He’s not your guy, I am.” He possesively held her chin, kissing the hickey he made.

    “I know that.” Amelia fumbled, as his kiss tickled her.

    “Amelia you’re my girl.”

    “I know!” She repeated wrapping her arms around his neck.

    “You didn’t even ask about my day, like you always do. I wanted to tell you that the costumes I ordered for us, were coming soon, and everything.” He furrowed his brows, the heavy frown upsetting his girlfriend.

    She realized she was being inconsiderate, and she should’ve been more mindful. Her boyfriend would’ve never done that to her, and it didn’t make her feel nice, that he was hurt

    “I’m sorry.” She kissed his temple.

    “I never truly meant to hurt you, I was too excited. All of my attention is going to you now, use me for whatever you want.” She smiled, and Link comprehended it, in pieces.

    “You weren’t too excited, i’m just jealous.” He admitted his faults. “I love you, and I shouldn’t have acted like this.”

    “I love you too.” She smiled.

    Their lips met once more, and as it heated up, Link reminder her, “So what were you saying about me using you?” He smirked.

    “Yeah, what about it?” She played along, knowing where they would end up.


    I didn’t do smut, but if you want it don’t be shy.

    Do y’all want it?

    (It’s also not proofed)

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