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  • Melancholy pt.2

    Thank you @teammorningglory, and @amelinkcutiez

    Prompt: You should write a series about Amelia being the one to fall for Link while he plays hard to get.

    Description: Amelia has been working at Grey- Sloan for quite sometime, and one day she meets a cancer patient. She’s memorized with him, but this guy isn’t easy. He has rules, number one: Dont fall in love.

    Important: for the purpose of the plot and storyline there are a few slight changes. I will inform you on the way, and keep you guys updated.

    (This takes place about a week later)


    Upon texting and talking and texting, we haven’t really seen each other much. He’s mysterious, but I kinda like it. I’m beginning to feel like he’s an actual friend, even though we haven’t been very friendly. The conversations are short, and I can tell he’s keeping me at a distance.

    Maybe he’s trying to be safe, and I don’t blame him. I’m a hook up kind of girl, and I know if he wanted to, he would be a relationship kind of guy. I don’t know if I’m into those types of men anymore.

    I don’t really know what I’m doing here. I moved here, a few months ago, after I got sober and needed a change in direction. Seattle was the second best place I could be, and I’ve made a decent life right here.

    I have an apartment. And even though it’s messy, and I’m barely here because of work, it’s still a house. maybe it doesn’t feel like a home, but I do come home to it sometimes.

    Also, I have a few decent friends, and a few people I like to call my family, however the only real family I had left has either shut me out, or died.

    It’s safe for him to keep me at a distance.


    I wouldn’t even call us friends. How can I be a friend to somebody right now, when my own body isn’t a friend to me.

     We talk and we text, but I think I’m doing what’s right for myself and her. besides, I don’t know if I can even have a real feeling for a girl like her at the moment. Sure, she’s pretty and smooth with her words, But maybe she’s trouble. I don’t know if I can trust her, let alone myself, and I don’t want to hurt anyone.

    All of this could get really messy, because I don’t know if I’m living or dying. I’m just existing right now.

    I lost my job, but I have enough money to support myself. I don’t have many friends here, besides the people I work with and they don’t seem to get me. somehow this girl does, and it scares me.

    it’s scary.

    I managed to get a nice apartment, enough money for my medical bills, and I’m still miserable. I can’t bring someone down while I am down. A relationship doesn’t need that.

    A relationship needs assurance, and support.

    It’s safe for me to keep her at a distance.



    Amelia woke up, followed her routine, and made her way to work.

    Her day wasn’t that busy, but she found she had a hard time focusing. she was either checking her phone, going through old texts, or waiting for her phone to ring. she wasn’t this type of girl, she didn’t do this to herself.

    she knew better than to get attached to somebody too quickly anymore, after having so many failed love attempts. it was like loving somebody wasn’t for her, and a relationship could never work out for her.

    ‘you’re gonna ruin him.’ She thought.

    ‘You have plenty of friends, stick with these.’

    Her mind kept on searching, with thoughts that were both professional and unprofessional, friendly and non-friendly, but she pushed them all down.


    she went back to her case, and felt like she found some peace of mind. 


    Link went to another doctors appointment once again disappointed.

    It was just about physical therapy and checkups, as they were trying to create a plan to remove the cancer, but it wasn’t enough to make him feel like there was progress.

    He didn’t know how long all of this would take, but he was tired of just sitting around the house feeling depressed all the time.He wanted to work, he wanted to make people feel better, and he wasn’t sure of the rest, but he wanted more than what was being given to him at the moment.

    He would probably end up going back to that bar, in hopes to waste the day away.

    Though he wasn’t one to get drunk, getting a little tipsy wouldn’t be a problem and it wouldn’t be bad.

    What else did he have to lose?


    After about sleeping for the whole day, link went to the bar, and sat at an open stool.

    he settled for a few drinks, and drank in silence, until he heard it.

    He heard her.

    “seems like bars are kind of our places, Huh?”

    It was a failed attempt at flirting, but it was unintentional.

    Link turned around, and kept a mutual face. It didn’t look bad, but it didn’t look good. 

    “I guess.” He smiled genuinely, and cleared a space for her next to him.

    She sat down, taking off her coat, as Joe appeared.

    “Ah, seems you’re together again. Fate?” Joe joked, revealing obvious discomfort.

    both parties shuffled in their seats, and looked at each other weirdly. Joe quickly wished the joke wasn’t said at all, and headed to get Amelia her usual drink.

    When he came back, they were still staring at each other, so he interrupted. 

    “Club soda. Lime.”

    He sat it down, and Amelia came back to reality beating herself up in her mind. she found herself acting like an idiot once more around the guy, but she didn’t even know she had feelings for him.

    She needed to stop being this way. 

    She took the drink, downed it, and debated on leaving. She didn’t want to make the guy uncomfortable, and he was obviously uninterested.

    Amelia grabbed her purse to collect her money, and avoided contact with her “friend?”

    Voluntarily getting up to end the agony, Link stopped her.

    “Where are you going?” He asked.

    He was aware it was a weird encounter, but he didn’t want her to leave. She was the only company he received in a while, and she was very entertaining.

    Though he wanted to keep her at a distance, and he would, He also wasn’t a cold man.

    He loved people, and respected women like they were queens, and this girl wasn’t any different.

    “Home. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and i’m a little bit sleepy.” She lied. She had absolutely no work to do, and she didn’t really want to go home.

    Even if sleep was calling, she wouldn’t pick up, and the boy had a hunch about it.

    “You don’t have to go. You can sit and i’ll go.” He rallied.

    He didn’t mean to upset her.

    She gathered her stuff, and said her goodbyes. “Maybe we’ll cross paths? I don’t know.” She laughed at herself embarrassed, and Link bit his lip.

    He was weighing his options:

    1. ask her to stay.

    2. it’s best. Let her go.

    Both of them had consequences, but one of them was easier.

    He let her go.

    “I’ll see you around.” He told her.

    Amelia frowned but not too wide to let him notice, and she turned away from him. She didn’t know if she would see him again, but it didn’t matter.

    It was for the best.


    a/n: I don’t know if this makes any sense, and I’m kind of loopy.

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  • The sky is falling.

    hi, so this prompt was requested by @amelinkcutiez. thank you so much, and I hope you all enjoy.

    93. Kissing in the rain and getting soaked.

    89. Dancing in the rain.


    his arm was thrown around her waist, and he was sleeping as if nothing was bothering him.

    Amelia on the other hand was wide awake, awoken by the sound of pitter patter on the window.  she looked at her side of the room, staring at the raindrops one by one. they fell perfectly, and Amelia was growing impatient.

    she was awake, and she didn’t want to be alone. She turned in her boyfriends direction, and kissed his lips. Once. Twice. Three times, until his eyes fluttered open.

    “Good morning.” She smiled, kissing him again in rejoice. She was glad he was awake.

    “Amelia, it’s 3 AM. I wouldn’t dictate your ideas, but you have work, babe.” He mumbled, remaining in his sleepy state.  he turned away from her, and Amelia was visibly upset. If only he could see her face.

    she didn’t say anything else, instead she got up from the bed. She walked straight outside in a pair of his boxers, her t-shirt, and felt the rain on her skin.

    It was cold but she didn’t mind, until her boyfriend came outside. Link wrapped her inside a towel, but she shook it off of her shoulders.

    “no.” She shrugged. “Baby, come on.” Amelia grabbed his arm, and pulled them into the freezing rain. If there’s one thing Link knew about her, was not to underestimate her sporadic ideas. So, he wrapped his arms around her waist once they hit a stopping point, and she involved her’s around his neck.

    She kissed his lips for what seemed like the thousandth time, and he smiled. “Dance with me.” Amelia told him. It wasn’t a command, but it was a statement.

    Her boyfriend complied, and they began swaying in silence.

    “Slow dancing needs music.” He confessed, forcing Amelia out of her silent oblivion. He waited as she put her head on his shoulder, and replied. “Okay, well sing to me.”

    It was the sweetest voice, and his heart sunk deeper and deeper.

    Every time she spoke, he realized just how much he loved her. They could be doing anything, anytime, and she would light up the whole scene.

    She was the brightest without trying, and he admired all of her.

    Even the things that annoyed him.

    He sung a song with a soft melody about love, because what the hell else would he do?

    It was slow and perfect as they swayed to the music, and time slipped away from them.

    Mid dance, Amelia thought of everything Link was thinking of.

    He was so gentle and kind with her, and it made her feel as if she was the only girl in the world. he made her want to do cheesy things like dancing in the rain, and make out like highschoolers.

    Though they were new to the term, they could definitely use it. They were in love.

    The type of love where nothing else matters when you’re with your partner, and you are exactly that. Partners.

    You know what your significant other thinks, feels, and knows, with one look, and you are so connected through everything.

    She could only dream of it, and now she had it.

    When the song ended, Amelia could barely spring up words mesmerized by his blue eyes.

    usually link will tell her that her eyes are captivating, and that she could undo a man with one simple glare. Little did he know, he did the same for her.

    she still couldn’t speak as he was looking straight into her irises, so she went in for the kill.

    she kissed him, sweet and slow. They weren’t in a rush, and they would never be in a rush together. She groaned, feeling his warmth as he slid his tongue through her entrance.  she smiled, and allowed it.

    they didn’t care about the rain dripping on their face, they didn’t care about the cars passing by. they didn’t care that they had shifts in a few hours, and they didn’t care that they were soaking wet.

    “The sky is falling.” Amelia grinned, as they separated their lips for air.

    “mmm, Let it fall.” Link hummed. “All that matters is right here, right now.” 

    he was about to place his lips back on his girlfriends, but Amelia stopped him. “what about the shifts? Don’t you want to go to bed?”  She teased, and he picked her up.

    she quickly and closed her legs around his waist, and he whispered against her, “I want to stay here, until there is no more sky left.”


    A/N: goodnight 🌙


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  • starting over pt.3

    Backstory: Link gets into an accident, causing him to have memory deficits. He wakes up to find out he has a girlfriend, and a son.


    she walked in the small room once more. leaving Scout with his aunt, outside the door. Amelia wanted to make sure, Link knew how crucial this is. Everything their son knows will be twisted, to fit Link’s adjusting. She didn’t want it to be mentally draining for anyone- much less him.

    “Bye, bye.” she grinned, inching herself inside the door, and waved at the smiling baby. She wanted him to have a sense of normalcy, before the chaos. She turned around to face her boyfriend and the smile she had, decreased. She looked to the floor, and uttered “you wanted to see me.”

    It was pitiful and it was sad, but she didn’t know what else to do. “did something happen?” he asked, referring to their supposed son. He wasn’t in the room, and he wanted to see them both. “No, he’s outside. I just wanted to make sure you were ready.” Amelia frowned, biting her lip.

    Link responded with a head nod, “I am, ready.” He sat up against the headboard, and waited as Amelia went back in the hall.

    She carried a small boy in the room. His eyes were crystal blue, and his smile was just as wide as his mother’s could be. “Da.” The boy cooed, when placed in his fathers arms. Link took one look at the boy and decided, “He’s mine.” it was like in a matter of seconds his whole worldview changed.  it wasn’t a matter of: why don’t I remember? but a matter of: I want to remember.

    he so badly wished to remember the birth of his child, the conceiving of his child, and the way he fell in love with the beautiful woman who was staring at him.

    “I’m so sorry.” Link apologized.

    It was a straightforward statement, and the apology made sense. If the situation was reversed, Amelia would be sorry as well.

    She looked at her boyfriend- although she wasn’t sure what to call him at the moment- and shed a tear. She sat in the chair closest to the bed, and watched their interaction. “It’s gonna be fine.” 

    she wasn’t fond of the idea that his memory was gone forever, so she chose not to believe it. “It’s just amnesia, you’ll- we’ll be ok.” She told him and mostly herself. All of a sudden, Scout cried after noticing his mothers discomfort. his mom was crying, and he grew fairly upset.

    Amelia sadly grunted and wiped her face. Link’s eyes widened and he gave the wailing baby to his mom. She looked him straight in the eyes- blue on blue, and Scout stopped crying. “M-ma.” he tried the equivalent of “mama” and rested his small head on her chest. Gripping on her shirt, she sat back down in the chair and caressed his back.

    “He’s not like this, I’m sorry.” She frowned even harder than the first time and Link shook his head. “Don’t apologize, He wanted his mom… Tell me about us.” He questioned.

    “Us?” Amelia needed more information.

    “Yes, I want to know everything about our little family.” He smiled, and for the first time Amelia did as well. It was the first genuine smile she had been able to show, and it made Link entirely too happy.

    He wondered if her smile did that to every man, but he quickly shoved the new found jealousy out of his mind. “Ok.” Amelia settled. “We were technically a hookup, but I think we both knew it was much more than that.” She looked up, recalling the events.

    “You were so kind to me, and I hadn’t felt the comfort of a man- or at least the right man on a while.” She admitted. She continued to tell him about everything they went through, and everything they started and then link began asking questions. “Do we get along?” 

    it was to make sure that obligation wasn’t an issue, and Amelia made sure to tell him. “I love you very much and the truth is; this is my first relationship, where I haven’t doubted much.” She explained.

    she daydreamed about the many times in the past relationships where she was untrustworthy, and felt she didn’t trust her partner, and remembered how it changed with him. Not only was the father of her child extremely patient, but he was also insanely loving and passionate. He knew how to love truly, and never judged his girlfriend over anything.

    Link smiled at her words and went on, “Do we we fight?”

    “We have disagreements like every other couple, but we’ve only had one nasty fight.” She began to hesitate. she didn’t know where boyfriend’s biggest fear was hearing about their relationship. what if he forms conclusions after hearing the baby drama situation, because going through it was already hard enough.

    “Can I hear about it?” He noticed her shy tone, and Amelia looked straight into his irises. Her eyes were powerful, and he was lost in them in a minute.

    “Well I mentioned we were a hook up, and there was a question about the baby’s paternity.” She paused for a second to see his face. he was still engaged and comprehending it all, but he was more focused on her words. “…Anyways, we took a little bit of a break until I figured it out, and he was yours.” She finished, leaving link upset with himself.

    “so we just broke up, because he wasn’t mine?”

    He couldn’t actually believe that he as a person would do that. yes, it was in the right intention and he truly had a right to know, but there were many other ways they could’ve figured it out and evaluated it together.

    Amelia shook her head and wished to continue until the nurse came in to give him meds, explaining what they were for. They both loured, Amelia moved out of the way and allowed the nurse to finish her task.


    Four hours passed, and scout successfully stayed in his fathers arms. he was sleep when it was getting late, and Amelia figured he would be hungry soon. she had already pumped, and she would need to leave to get her milk- so that would mean she would need to go home.

    “we’ll be back tomorrow? If you want that.” She let him choose, and sadness filled his body. his abdomen began to twist, and he quickly protested. 

    “No, don’t go! Wait, if you go, I don’t have anything holding me back, I want to see my house.” He clearly choked out his sentences, stopping the neurosurgeon in her tracks. She was picking up her stuff, about to pick up her son.

    she thought about it for a second, and I mean really thought. she wondered if it would be good for him, and good for her son, and even good for herself. this could be really messy, and she had a three-month-old.

    Amelia began to ramble, “I mean it could be good for your memories, but we have a baby. He has to be in a calm environment, and so should you. I want you to be absolutely sure that you-”

    “Are you always rambling?” Link cut her off, laughing. he had never seen someone act so calm and collected at one point, but a total hurricane in other aspects. She was fairly unique and obviously a beautiful person, he could understand why he fell in love with her.

    “Yes.” She nodded, finally able to breathe.

    “Amelia I want to go home… To our home.” He clarified and Amelia sighed in relief.

    At least they were going to be with each other.



    “So this is our house… well for the time being, we are moving.” She pointed to the boxes, and link smiled. “We’re really building a life.”

     it was still shocking, but it was a good shock. for the first time he felt like he had something special and that he had a purpose for someone else other than himself. he was living for his girlfriend, his baby, and himself to be a provider and to witness the joy that came with it all. unexpected was an understatement, but now he hoped to expect the unexpected. 

    He wanted to see everything unfold, and he wanted to want it all.

    “yes,it’s pretty great.” Amelia adjusted the boy on her hip. “Now would usually be the time where I feed and pump but you probably haven’t eaten. I can order pizza, but I do have to get this one fed.” She leaned into the door, resting the weight on it. 

    Link understood and Amelia set to order, laying Scout in his high chair.


    The pizza arrived, and they ate discussing the things that were comfortable, not wanting to get into the worse topics. She wanted to go at a pace that was likable and easy for him, and she wanted to start helping him find his memories.

    After they finished eating, Amelia went upstairs and ran a bath for her son, as Link decided on undressing and getting in the bed. she closed the door, not sure of what he was pleased with and Amelia bathed her son talking to him like she usually did.

    “Scout, I need you to be brave when you grow up.” She started a conversation with the toddler. “yesterday we talked about strength, and you are very strong already. But I need you to be brave, and help others in need.”

    she actually talked to her kid every night in the bath, and told him everything he could be and everything he already was. Link stood outside the door sitting on the bed, listening. she was definitely devoted, and definitely a good mother.

    “ba, ba, bu.” the boy babbled as Amelia let out the drain, and she get the both of them ready for bed. she got fully clothed in the bathroom which was unusual, being so open around her boyfriend dressing anywhere.

    she walked in the bedroom Clutching scout who was only dressed in a pull up, and smiled. “I can sleep in the guestroom, and you can sleep here.” It was only a suggestion.

    “no, you’ll sleep in our room with me.” He possesively told her. usually Amelia would make a snarky remark after the demand, but she was happy. He was taking control, and it looked like he felt an interest to her. “Ok.” she giggled, and mad her way to put the three month old to bed.

    The Young-ins father was right behind The woman, and they put him to bed together. it was a routine thing ending with I love you’s, and then they were off to their own bed.

    she lay there with her nightgown and link gladly joined her. “I’m sorry I should’ve asked, should I change?”

    What she usually would wear- was a revealing nightgown, that was comfortable for her and delighted her boyfriend in every way possible. although he wasn’t thinking about it until she said anything, he truly got a glimpse of her in the night.

    her night dress showed a little bit of cleavage, but not too much. It outlined her flat stomach, and further down closer to the blanket you could see her toned legs. for a mother who just had a baby, she definitely didn’t look like it, she was a superhero in his eyes.

    “Absolutely not, I think you’re beautiful.” He said to fast before filtering his words. He blushed, and Amelia felt her heart do a 180.

    she didn’t say anything but he definitely knew she appreciated it and heard it. He hoped he was making her happy, but he actually meant it. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “So tell me more about you… Anything, I want to know it all.” He asked intrigued, lying on his side.

    “Me, ok.” She laughed and accommodated the both of them laying on her side as well.

    she started with the basics, “I usually get up early anyways no matter what time, to pump and feed. i’m trying my hardest to breast-feed for as long as I can, and I’m really proud of how healthy scout is.” She adjusted her head. “sometimes I have to wake you up, because you’re a heavy sleeper but usually I’ll make breakfast and we eat together.” She finished talking about them as a pair.

    she then talked about her childhood like he requested and told him about the tragedies. He just listened like Link usually did, and it felt like her boyfriend was going to come back to her.

    At least she hoped he would.


    I don’t know if this was long or not, but happy hump day!!


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  • Are you asking me out (epilogue)


    A/N: I miss it already.


    You are tired,

    (I think)

    Of the always puzzle of living and doing;

    And so am I.

    Come with me, then,

    And we’ll leave it far and far away—

    (Only you and I, understand!)

    You have played,

    (I think)

    And broke the toys you were fondest of,

    And are a little tired now;

    Tired of things that break, and—

    Just tired.

    So am I.

    But I come with a dream in my eyes tonight,

    And knock with a rose at the hopeless gate of your heart—

    Open to me!

    For I will show you the places Nobody knows,

    And, if you like,

    The perfect places of Sleep.

    Ah, come with me!

    I’ll blow you that wonderful bubble, the moon,

    That floats forever and a day;

    I’ll sing you the jacinth song

    Of the probable stars;

    I will attempt the unstartled steppes of dream,

    Until I find the Only Flower,

    Which shall keep (I think) your little heart

    While the moon comes out of the sea.

    - e.e cummings


    “you don’t have to worry, about anything, I will take care of you and I will be the shelter you deserve and need. i’ll be the one you come home to, and the one you lie with at night. i’ll be the father to your children… if you let me, and the man you’ve always desired. i’ll be the guy my father raised me to be, and the person you writhe for… The type of guy to show you off, cuz you’re just so damn gorgeous, and a friend to the children you already have…. I know you have your responsibilities, and I know you have your priorities, but we are in this together…”

    “Two years ago, I wouldn’t have expected any of this. I couldn’t imagine being loved by somebody who only wanted me, and I couldn’t imagine waking up and wanting to feel your lips on mine. I’m the woman I never thought I would get to be, and it’s all because of you… I hope to be your biggest support, and The one you tell everything. The person who makes you laugh… and makes you cry. I hope to make up for the time before we were mature, and had it all figured out. I hope you want me when I’m old and ratty, and you love our children… All of them. we are family now.

    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in

    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere

    i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done

    by only me is your doing,my darling)

    i fear

    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want

    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)

    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant

    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows

    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows

    higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)

    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

    - e.e cummings


     We can say yes or no. We can say we are finished. We can say I’m just getting started. we can say I’m ready. We can say I want this. We can say I do.

    “Do you Atticus Lincoln, take Amelia shepherd to be your lawfully wedded wife?” It wasn’t even a question.

    “I do.”

    “Do you Amelia shepherd, take Atticus Lincoln to be you lawfully wedded husband?”

    “I do.” She smiled.

    “I now pronounce you husband, and wife.”

    the end.


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  • A Day Off

    So A very nice human came into my inbox and requested two one liners and then a prompt. The prompt was: Amelia and link have sweet, slow-ish, sex.- I’m not kidding, and I thank you for being so straight to it in the funniest way ever.

    The two one- Liners requested:

    40. “you talk too much.”

    72. “you might not like me, but you definitely want me.”

    I hope you enjoy it :) Keep requesting one-shots!! I’m going to do all the ones I can, before I do another multi-fic.


    Pretty excited to have a day off, Amelia and Link were going to make the most of it. They already made plans to lounge around Link’s apartment, and Amelia wanted a day full of cuddling and sex. “Good Morning.” Amelia rolled over to face her boyfriend. It wasn’t that early in the morning, but Amelia wanted to jump start the day. No matter what she tried, Link Just wasn’t getting up. She tried poking him, playing loud music, calling his name, and nothing worked. So, she just resulted to kisses.

    She kissed his neck. His naked shoulder. His chest. And finally, his lips. He began to wake, and fluttered his eyes open, still invaded by sleep. He saw her face, and an instant smile crept on his lips. “Good Morning.”

    “You’re up!” Amelia said surprised. She was usually the one up late, and Link often talked about it. Now she knew how he felt. “Mhm.” He barely acknowledged the question, and kissed her lips. It started sweet and slow, but then he invaded her mouth with his tongue. Amelia trembled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She played with the hair on the back of his neck begging him to go on, as he lifted her nighty rubbing his hands up and down her sides. “Now this is a good morning.” Link laughed, but she wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

    “You talk too much.” Amelia scowled. She didn’t want to talk. she wanted him to be inside of her, or she wanted to ride him. It didn’t matter, she just wanted to orgasm. “Talking is good.” He reminded her, “You talk a lot.” And Amelia giggled but quickly stopped herself. “I don’t like you.” She pouted, trying to keep her annoyed facade up. “You may not like me, but you definitely want me.” Link responded to her lie, and Amelia just rolled her eyes. Of course, he was right but she wouldn’t let him know that.

    She flipped them over so she was on top, and stared at her boyfriend, “Hi.” She grinned. It was the first time today she set herself on pause just to look at him, and she fell more. She traced his eyebrows and touched the place where the worry lines usually were, and noticed there weren’t any. He looked so content, and the thought of that made her feel truly, truly safe. Suddenly she didn’t want to rush, she felt like they had all of the time in the world.

    “What?” Link asked, noticing she wasn’t as eager and impatient anymore. “What are you thinking about?”

    “You.” Amelia confessed, and Link propped up his elbows to kiss her.

    This time it stayed nice and steady, as neither of them wanted to hurry. After all it was their day off, and they didn’t have anywhere to be. They only pulled back when air was thin, and Link lifted her nightgown over her head.

    He always Enjoyed the view of her body and took pride at the fact that she chose him to share it with. She was petite and tiny, and she loved fully. But more importantly: He loved her.

    “I love you.” He whispered, flipping them back ove so he could tower over her. “I love you too.” Amelia giggled, but was quickly shut up when he made his way to kiss her neck. “Mark me.” She moaned, as he bit and sucked her. He slowly made his way down the landscape and praised her on the way down. It was like they were discovering each other’s bodies, but in a way that was so fragile, and delicate.

    He planted kisses up her thighs and invaded her center with a kiss, eating her out until he was numb for her.

    He looked up at her to see her back arched, and her eyes closed.He then made his way up her body, dotting another trail of wet passionate kisses and he looked at her. He was taking her in once more, as he slid his pulsing member inside her.

    He watched her adjust, and couldn’t help the moan that escaped his mouth, when his cock got bigger inside of her. Amelia melted in him, and wrapped her legs around his waist. He groaned as she moved her hips back and forwards pumping him deeper and harder.

    When she was nearing the edge, she slammed her hips faster against him, and gripped his back as he orgasmed inside her just before she peaked.

    Link came down first, screaming her name and watched as Amelia recovered shortly after- the same way. Waiting to pull out he kissed her once more and rested in the crook of her neck.

    Shortly after, Amelia took the lead, and it was definitely a day full of cuddling and sex.


    AN: Thank you for requesting!! Hope I lived up to it…

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  • Masterpost

    Ongoing Series 

    Kindergarten: Amelia and Owen are still together and it is time to put Leo into school. They go to take him to Kindergarten and they meet his teacher, Mr.Lincoln. 

    Professional Development: After the events of the conference Bailey ships all the department heads to a camp for a week.

    Completed  Series: 

    Then you Came: What if Christopher never died? Amelia is a single mom fresh out of the relationship. Link is the new doctor in town. What will happen when the two meet?

    Main: Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four   Chapter Five  Chapter Six   Chapter Seven  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10   Chapter 11  Chapter 12  Chapter 13   Chapter 14 


     Songbirds Shuffle: Amelinks love story told through a series of one-shots based on songs.  

    Tuesdays  Love Like This  U & Us Scared Like I’m Gonna Lose You Ghost of You

     Then you Came One-shots: One-shots surrounding Amelia, Link, Christopher and the family they build.

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  • Songbirds Shuffle - Ghost of You

    Song: Ghost of You by 5 Seconds of Summer

    Background: Link gives Amelia time to think after finding out Owen might be the father, right after Like I’m Gonna Lose


        After her appointment with Carina Amelia went home, alone. This was the first time in forever that she didn’t have Link making stupid jokes or singing purposely off pitch just to make her laugh. The car ride was painfully silent so she turned on the radio but it didn’t help in the slightest. She missed him and there was no running away from it. She missed him and he was probably only 10 minutes away, a reality that was unbearable to say the least. She wanted him by her side, no she needed him by her side but she screwed up and she had no other choice but to wait it out. She just hoped she wouldn’t be waiting too long.

        If she thought the car ride was unbearable she had no hope in surviving their bedroom. His clothes were all over the place, I mean he practically lived there. He really only went to his apartment when he needed a special shirt or to reference old textbooks and medical journals. She wondered what he was wearing, not in like creepy way but he definitely didn’t have a lot of choices back at his place. As she looked around she knew there was no way she was going to be able to sleep surrounding by reminders of him but she had to at least try.

        She stripped off her clothes and put on his old Mariners t-shirt, it was her favorite one and at the moment none of hers fit so she was wearing a lot of his. It was soft and it still smelled just like him despite her many uses and for some reason it was weirdly comforting. It was like he was still there by her side. She went to the bed only to find a note sitting on her pillow case, it must of been from before his accident. It read.

        Amelia, I’m so lucky to have the both of you in my life. I know this isn’t what we planned but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you and I can’t wait to meet our little peanut.

        There was no way she was going to be able to sleep in this room so she gathered up her blanket and headed down the hallway to Maggies room. “Maggie,” she quietly spoke not wanting to wake the kids “Maggie” she repeated a little louder when there was no response.

        “Amelia, is everything okay?” Maggie questioned she opened the door only to be met with a red eye Amelia.

        “No,” she breathed out Maggies question only causing Amelia to finally break, “Link left and I can’t sleep in that room” she began to explain but Maggie knew where this was going.

        “Come in” she ushered Amelia in and helped her get into the bed. She kept on repeating “I got you” in attempts to calm her down, she couldn’t really tell If it was working. Once the two of the them were situated in the bed Amelia explained everything that happened and she just let all her emotions run out. Maggie didn’t talk at all, that’s not what Amelia needed right now, right now all she needed to do was vent.

        “Can you text Link for me,” she finished up her story getting a very concerned look from Maggie, “I told him I would tell him how the appointment went and I don’t really trust myself texting him” she reached for her phone on the nightstand, “please,” she pleaded once last time giving Maggie the look that always made her break.

    “Fine” she grudgingly grabbed onto the phone, “What do you want me to say?”

    “Umm” she thought out for a second not wanting it to sound to attached or emotional. He just needed the facts. “Hey Link, the appointment went well. Peanut is as healthy as can be,” She told Maggie not knowing if it was too much, “Hows that?” She questioned.

    “Well it better be good because it already sent” she tried to joke around, “can we please go to bed now?” she pleaded to Amelia who looked like she was winding down a bit.

    “ Fine but you have to turn off the lights.”

    .     .      .

    Amelia woke up to a text from Link, well not woke up because that would imply that she had any sleep. The text was simple but it was stuck in Amelia head. It read.

    That’s great news!!! I’m so glad the two of you are good :)

    The two of you, that’s what was stuck in her head. Link was glad that the two of them were good, the baby and her. I mean the rational part of her knew Link and she knew he would still care but the other side of her, the pregnant and emotional side, was stuck on those simple words. He still cared maybe she wouldn’t have to do too much waiting after all, she just had to figure out who the father was.

    .      .       .

    She had just finished up the test when she spotted Link, he was standing next to Jo and he didn’t look well. He must have not gotten any sleep either because bags seemed to make their home under his eyes. They weren’t laughing just talking, Link had said something about Alex being away so she assumed Link was staying with her.

    Whatever they were talking about must not have painted Amelia in the best like because when she looked back Jo was staring at her, giving her the look. She took that as her sign to leave, deciding to check up on one of her patients before Link spotted her.

    . . .

    The next time she saw him they were in surgery. It was an emergency case so she had no choice but to page Link. The OR was silent and that wasn’t really Amelias speciality so she blurted out, “I did a paternity test,”

    “Okay” Link simply stated as if it was a mundane task. There was hardly even a reaction in his face and Amelia couldn’t take the silence she was forming so she continued on.

    “So you can just go down to the lab anytime to take it too,” she looked for his response again and there was still none, “If you want that is”

    “Okay,” silence again, “I’m all done so page me if you need me,” he finished looking towards Nico and then left, leaving Amelia alone once again, well alone surrounded by the OR staff. An OR staff that was trying to hide the fact they already knew what was going on.

    . . .

    Okay. Okay! Really that was all you could think off Link thought as he scrubbed out. He could have said a million different things. He could have said how he missed her, how he loved her, and how he regretted everything he said yesterday because all of it was true. He kept on replaying that moment trying to think of anything else he could have said but it was all blank. He wasn’t lying when he said he was scared she might go back to Owen, that option always seemed to be there and once he finally thought they had gotten past it all, she might be pregnant with his baby. He knew Owen would want to be in the picture and he was terrified that he would be pushed out so he did it for her, he left and he hated himself for it.

    He always played it safe, he wasn’t uptight or anything but he never risked it when things really mattered, when his heart was on the line. This was a trait he always credited his parents for and right now it wasn’t protecting him, at this moment it was only causing damaging. Sure, there was a chance that Amelia would leave, a there chance that things won’t work out but Link was willing to risk it this time. He was willing to risk the potential pain if that meant he could have Amelia and their little family but he told her to take her time so all he could do was wait. Both of them now waiting for the other to make up there mind.

    . . .

    It was Friday when Amelia got the results back and she hadn’t seen Link since the day in the OR. Jo said he was taking some time off and Amelia honestly thought he just needed space so she gave it too him. But she nervous, completely and utterly nervous. She knew that these results would change her life completely. She hoped it was Links but she knew there was good chance it was Owens, and if it was Owens… She didn’t want to think about what would happen if it was Owens. She already chose Link and opening the results was proving to be quite difficult so she just stared at them, sitting down in the plant room all alone.

    .       .        .

        Link was spending his time off preparing his big gesture for Amelia. If he had any shot to be with her, he was going to go down swinging. So he had spent the last week fixing up the house. The house that would hopefully be theirs one day. He wanted to get her input on it first but the circumstances didn’t really allow for it so he just went in full force and the house was almost completely done, with the exception of some bedroom furniture and the finishing touches on the nursery. He really couldn’t wait to show Amelia. The truth was he missed her, putting the house together was just a flash of memories they would miss if he wasn’t her choice.

        Today was his first day back and he was on mission to find her. He had to see her and  tell her it didn’t matter, that he wanted her even if she didn’t want him back. He wanted to see her, to talk to her, to do everything with her, so he made his way to their place, the plant room.

    .     .       . 

        When he got there that was he saw her. She was sitting on the chair with her eyes fixated on the envelope in front of her, she didn’t even flinch when he opened the door.

        “Is that it?” He questions after clearing his throat, she jumps a little so he makes his way towards the chair next to her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he gives a little smile before sitting down and continuing “Are those the test results?”

        “Yah” she mutters out, looking up and force out a slight smile, “I can’t seem to open them”

        “Do you want me to leave?” He asks knowing how worried she must be and he didn’t want to make it worse.

        “No” she looks up at him before placing her palm on his “Please stay.” He stayed silent just giving her a slight nod to acknowledge her request. The two of them just staring down at the envelope. “Link, I’m scared” she admits “What if it’s Owens?” her voice shakes a little at the thought and Links heart breaks for her. He knew this must be killing her.

        “Come with me,” he simply responds only somewhat ignoring what Amelia had just said, “I want to show you something”

    .       .        . 

        When they got to the house, Amelia was confused to say the least.

        “Link what are we doing here?” She questions looking around at the now dimly lit neighborhood as Link helped her out of the car and guided her towards the door. “Whose house is this?”

        “It’s ours” he simply states waiting to see Amelia’s reaction, “If you want it, it ours” he looked straight into her eyes this time and he could see her mind trying to wrap around his words. “I want this Amelia, I want you and our little peanut no matter who the father is. I don’t need test results to tell me what I already know, I love you” he pauses and puts his hand on her stomach “I love the both of you no matter what and I want this” his hands gesturing between the pair of them, “the question is do you?”

        Her response was simple but completely clear. She took his hand off her belly and intertwined them with her own. She looked straight into his eyes before getting up on her tip toes and planting a soft kiss and muttering “I want this too” before looking straight back into his eyes, she wanted to get everything out too. “I want you and only you. You” she pauses for a minute “You make me feel brand new Atticus Lincoln. When we started this I was scared, I’ll admit it” she paused again to chuckle about all the fears she had a year ago heck even an hour ago, “I was scared because you made feel so so perfect and I thought something had to be wrong, I didn’t deserve it but you proved me wrong. You are the best thing to ever happen” she wiped the tears off her cheek and grabbed onto his hand. “Now show me our house”



    That’s it for this little miniseries folks. I know I almost took as big of a hiatus as Greys working on this one but life has been crazy (and this time I fully heartily mean it). I just finished moving and recently started college so I’m still trying to get a good schedule but I hope to at least start writing one chapter a week because I love to write this couple hopefully as much as you like to read them. Sorry if this chapter was a bit eww, I started it like three different times (months inbetween) and have been lacking inspiration since I finished my 3rd Greys rewatch. Sorry for the wait and till me what you want to see next

    Story note: I know the events of this series don’t add up exactly, try to just focus on each miniseries as their own little universe.

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  • Starting over pt.6

    Backstory: Link gets into an accident, causing him to have memory deficits. He wakes up to find out he has a girlfriend, and a son.

    * [smut]


    With her words echoing in his ear, “I want to make love until sunrise, Link.” He took action flipping them, towering over her. She laid her head on the pillow under her, and smiled. Link lifted his shirt over his head, and stared at her “I’ve wondered how it would feel like to be with you, but I don’t want to hurt you.” He explained his concerns. “This is our first time after Scouts birth, and I want it to be special.”

    “It will be, you love me.” She said, reassuring herself, but telling him.

    She wanted him. she wanted the electric feel of his tongue in her mouth, and downing her pleasure. She wanted him inside of her, closing her eyes, falling apart around him.

    “Please. It’ll be ok, just- show me you love me.” She begged, and he couldn’t say no. He was always very generous, and he wanted to give her everything in that bed.

    Link kissed her lips all the way down to her neck, and then her hem line of her shirt. He took it off, and looked at Amelia’s kind blue eyes, in insecurity. “My body? Is it di-”

    “you’re beautiful.” He stopped her, with a single digit on her lips.

    He unclasped her bra, revealing her shapely breasts. He placed his head between the two, and kissed down to her stomach, while he removed her pants- pulling down her panties with it. Link wanted to see all of her, before he got started.

    He kissed back up her body, looking at Amelia still tense. “Sweetheart, You don’t have to worry.” He assured her. “You are the most beautiful thing, i’ve ever seen.” He cupped her face in his hands and smiled, “This is all, perfect.” He kissed her.

    Her boyfriend removed his jeans, downing her. He kissed her center, worshiping everything she had, sucking he clit. Amelia moaned, and it was the best sound he’d ever heard. “Fuck, I love that sound.” He admitted, amusing her. She giggled, turning him on further, and he lost it.

    “I want to lose myself in you.” He groaned, pulling his boxers off.

    He stroked his tip, Placing it at her opening, and she whimpered in anticipation. “Tell me when…” he told her, waiting until she was ready.

    “…Now.” She whispered, quickly melting when he entered her. She grabbed his hands to grip, not daring to close her eyes. She wanted to see him explode with her.

    “Open your eyes, babe. Fly with me.” She retorted, rounding her hips in search of a rythm. They found it together each moaning each other’s name:

    Amelia, Link.

    Link, Amelia.

    Until they fell apart one after the other.

    Watching Amelia completely knackered, he kissed her forehead. “That was- you’re perfect. Absolutely perfect, and mine.” He enforced, deciding that they were each other’s.

    He pulled out of her slowly, but Amelia had other Ideas.

    “It’s not sunrise, we aren’t done.” She smirked determined.

    This time she wasn’t so shy. She showed him things he didn’t even know he liked, and made him fall apart in a way he wasn’t aware was possible. She definitely knew what she was doing, and they did in fact:

    make love until, sunrise.


    link was laying on his back, while Amelia was on top of him with her arms wrapped around him.

    she had finally drifted off as the sun came up, but Link couldn’t. He was thinking about how everything went. He could distinctly remember her body, and felt bliss. He had it all.

    A son, A house, a steady job, and a great girlfriend. All that was missing, was, marriage.

    They had a child and bursting passion for each other, but still were on a boyfriend and girlfriend basis.

    He thought about all of his restored memories, and then he felt something in his mind.

    Why hadn’t he married her?


    This is short, but sweet.

    I hope you guys are well!!

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  • Starting over pt.5

    Backstory: Link gets into an accident, causing him to have memory deficits. He wakes up to find out he has a girlfriend, and a son.

    * This is set about a week after the breakdown, and a lot has changed.*


    “Good Morning.” Link smiled, staring at his girlfriend. She’d just woken up to see him- not-so-discreetly staring at her. “mmm, hi.” She fluttered her eyes open and then laughed at him. “you’re staring at me.”

    Yes she was teasing him, but it did make her feel good. He told her he loved her, and maybe that was enough? Maybe it didn’t matter if he got his memories back, maybe they would be in love, and that would be enough?

    “Of course I was, but that’s not the point.” He admitted with no apology.

    They were both on their sides, and Link hugged her tight. He wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her cheek. “What time do you have to work?” He asked, already frowning at the thought of her working. He wanted her to stay and talk, and he wanted to hold her hostage in their bedroom, but he knew he couldn’t.

    “In about an hour, but I have to get up now.” She told him, moving her head off of his back. He only held her tighter, and asked: why? The upset tone obvious, she uttered “I’m gonna cook us breakfast, and I need to get scout cleaned and ready.” In all honesty, she did it everyday, and she could’ve sworn she told this link.

    “No. I’ll do it. You go shower, or rest, or do something melia’.” He tried to break from their hug, but this time Amelia was the one who didn’t let go.

    “What did you say?” She asked. She could’ve sworn she heard him call her by a nickname. “No. I’ll do it. You go shower, or rest, or do something?” Link questioned. He wondered if he said something wrong, once again.

    “No, after that.” she redirected him, causing him to pester his thoughts.


    “Yes that. Did I tell you that?” She smiled hoping she didn’t, removing herself from his hug.

    “No, I always call you that? Don’t I?” He adjusted himself, resting on his back. He was still looking at her in counfusion, but Amelia was overjoyed. She jumped over him without reason, straddling his hips. “So i’ve never told you that since the accident?”

    “No.” He promised, finally understanding the true meaning of it. “It’s a start, your nickname. It’s something.” He admitted.

    He kissed her face, his hands swimming in the mass of her curls groaning at the feel of her soft lips. She sighed and pulled back. “This is ok, we’ll have time.”

    She jumped off of him, and put on a robe. She wasn’t tired anymore, she was fully awake and in need of food. “You coming.” she turned around before exiting the room.


    They spent the little slither of the morning with their son, cooking breakfast and engaging in small talk. Sitting on the couch, closer than the previous days they conversed scout.

    “Did I give him that name? I had to, it was me and you settled.” He laughed, thinking it surely wasn’t her. He felt pretty comfortable with himself at the moment, and was sure of a lot of things. “Yes, Scout was not my first choice.” She cringed, but smiled serene. “But he’s the cutest little Scout i’ve ever seen.”

    Amelia picked him up and played with his chubby cheeks, all the while Link watched.

    “And to think we made him.”

    That statement made so much sense in both of their minds. They met under normal circumstances, but got together in a peculiar situation. It was just a one night stand, but they became one. They became love.

    “Yeah, and we did a pretty good job.” She stated, and there was no objections.

    Amelia made her way to work, happy for the first time since Link’s accident. She made her way to her sisters, practically lighting up the room with her glass-like beam.

    “Well someone’s happy, did you have sex?” Maggie questioned a little to serious for her sisters liking. She didn’t want her sister to get hurt, and she didn’t want Amelia to lose it. She knew sexual intimacy was very important for Amelia, especially since she found a man like her boyfriend. From what Maggie could tell, they brought out the best in each other and she never saw Amelia as happy with any other man.

    “No, but we might.” She truthfully acquired. “It was just a thought I had, because he remembered something.” She bit the corner of her lip, and Meredith tensed her gaze. “He did?”

    She wasn’t sure if that came out out in the right, or wrong way. She was just curious.

    “Yes, my nickname.” She told them, and before they could tell her it was nothing, she went on. “I didnt tell him, and it’s a start. Don’t rain on my parade, just be happy for me and nod.” She nodded in example, and they did the same.

    Meanwhile at the house, link was left in the house. He was incredibly careful with their child, and took care of him like the good father he was. Of course it’s a learning curve, but it was one that was worth it.

    He stared into his sons blue eyes, and simply just melted. “You look like your mama.”He kissed his cheek, “And maybe a little bit like me, but i’m not the one who matters i’m this case.” He started a conversation.

    “Your mom grew you, nursed you, and got you out of her tummy, she deserves all of the credit.” He moved scout onto his bare chest, using skin to skin, bonding.

    “when we had our first night with you, she was a natural and it made me love her even more. She knew what to do, despite some minor faults.” He closed his eyes, settled on the couch. “Even from your first day in this world, she was the best mom.”

    He was so present with Scout, he hadn’t even noticed that Amelia never told him that information.

    When Amelia finally went home to her family, she was exhausted. She knew scout was probably bathed and in the bed, but she was going to go to him anyway. She kissed him goodnight and made sure he was tucked in, before going to the master bedroom.

    Upon arrival she saw Link in his boxers, and he looked freshly showered. “Hi.” She mellowed. It was good to be home.

    “Hi, how was work.” he invited her open armed, for a hug and Amelia cling to him. “It was good, but it was also tiring. I did a long surgery today, but I don’t feel too tired.” She furrowed her brows, and pulled back to kiss his lips.

    it was slow at first, but quickly elevated.

    They remembered the kiss they shared this morning out of pure excitement and happiness, but this was different. for Link it was familiar, and something that wasn’t foreign. It was like he knew her, forever and it didn’t make sense.

    For Amelia she felt the same way, like he was different. Like there wasn’t anything holding them back, it was like it was before.

    she climbed on top of him ridding herself of her jacket, as well of her shoes. Amelia pushed him on his back, and stared at him. “I don’t know if this is the right thing, but then again I don’t know if there is a right thing to do in our case.”

    She leaned her face into his, her hands on his chest but he stopped her. “You don’t deserve this, but I understand.” He turned his head out of her direction.

    “I want to make love to you until sunrise, but what would that make me?” He asked, filling Amelia’s head with thoughts.

    “ it would make you my boyfriend, it would make you the father of my child. It would show me love, for the first time in the past month or so.” it was like she thought about that answer forever.

    “Forget about her situation, please. I know this is an ideal, and it’s not what you want, but let’s just be us for tonight.”

    Just for the night.


    What they do next, isn’t crazy. it’s not a poorly made decision, or something that will cause ruckus, but something they both wanted. They are in love, and they know it.

    Memories are memories, and you can make more. Are they happy forever, though?

    we can ask all of these questions, but at the end of the day,

    “I want to make love until sunrise, Link.”


    A/N: Enjoy, and stay safe.

    I can’t tell if this is a long or short, but I think we are all on the same page for the next chapter? 

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  • starting over Pt.4

    Backstory: Link gets into an accident, causing him to have memory deficits. He wakes up to find out he has a girlfriend, and a son.


    They spent the next few weeks honorably working on his memories, and allowing link to bond with his son.

    Amelia requested to take off work to be with the both of them, but Link assured her he didn’t want it to be an inconvenience.Their connection was growing fast and Link could understand why they were together.

    She would be affectionate with him no matter what, although she felt it might be too much. They made a set of rules to follow so everyone in the house could try to live as safely and comfortably during this time period.

    One: Dont hide anything that’s too scary to bring up.

    Two: Always be the person you would be if the situation never occurred.

    Three: If you are ever uncomfortable, express it.

    Four: don’t do anything that might confuse or change anything.

    The last one meaning intimacy. Link decided on it, because he felt it wouldn’t be fair. If he slept with her he wouldn’t feel right with himself, and deep down Amelia knew it would be straining. Even if their first time started as “no feelings” and not knowing each other, they truly couldn’t do it again.

    Even if they both had the urge.

    Amelia was sitting in the living room, doing tummy time with Scout. She’d just showered him with Link, and now he was in the shower. She dressed Scout in a pamper, and carried him to the main level. Taking fruits and water into the carpet, Amelia plugged the pump in and let her son watch tv while wrestling with the few toys.

    She pumped and fidgeted on her phone for a few minutes. Checking emails, texting Meredith and Maggie their progress, and completing everything she needed to do before the next day. She was so focused on her phone, she didn’t have time to look at her surroundings. Link walked in the living room and he looked as if he’d seen a ghost.

    He never saw Amelia like this, At least this version of him has never seen it. She was in a big t-shirt adjusted to see her breasts faintly. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, and it tripped him out.

    If that wasn’t enough she was in a pair of boxers that had to be his. Her toned legs looking just as creamy and smooth as they usually did. She was definitely turning him on.

    Link kept on thinking suggestive thoughts. He wondered if she was just as innocent and giving in bed than he has observed. Would she give her self fully to him pouring out her heart, or would she take control and show him just what she had to offer.

    He thought about those legs wrapped around him, and his head between them and he had to remember the circumstances. No sex.

    She finally made contact with him, noticing he had been “slightly” been staring.

    “Hi.” She blushed. Amelia hoped to finish and clean up before he arrived where she was, and now that he was looking at her, she couldn’t choose between feeling embarrassed, insecure, or flattered. Of course she knew how her link felt about her, but this was different. What if he didn’t remember her body, and she wasn’t what he expected.

    It didn’t help that her pregnancy weight was floating around in her mind, and she thought it was going to change things. As if everything wasn’t already changed.

    “uh— Hey.” He focuses his attention on her breasts, and shakes his head in a fast paced manner.

    “Sorry, I planned to be finished with all of this, but you got out of the shower faster than you usually do.” She smiled kindly, her eyes pooling into his own, only how Amelia’s could.

    She was feeling anxious. How does this conversation go? How would it end?

    “No, it’s totally fine… Hey, are those mine?” He pointed at her/his boxers.

    Amelia froze and bit the corner of her lip, “Yes… they were on the top of the dryer, and I used to wear them all the time be—” She stopped to fully form a sentence. “before the incident… I’m sorry I should’ve asked.” She completed, and Link shook the thought out of her head.

    “You don’t ever have to apologize for something as silly as this. You can always wear my clothes.” He assured her, and Amelia looked down. That’s exactly what Link would’ve said, and it gave her hope as well as sadness.

    Sometimes he would actually seem like he was back, and then he would forget something as simple as her family relationships, and it would bring her back to size.

    He noticed her face, and stepped closer to her. “Did I say something wrong?”

    He was inching close to her and Amelia ignored him, putting the pump away. It wasn’t that she wanted to ignore him, but it was easier than breaking down in front of him.

    She gently picked up her baby, and caressed his peach fuzz. She left link, placing Scout in his crib for a nap. Amelia ignored him for about five minutes until link followed her into their bedroom.

    He grabbed her hand, and she turned to him. Her eyes were wide with desire, and a mix of anger. The gloss in them made it known that she was on the verge of tears, and he began to worry.

    “Tell me what I did, was it a memory? Did I interrupt you?” It was the caring in his eyes, that made Amelia do what she did next.

    She removed her hand from his and she laced them on his face. Link knew what was gonna happen next, but he didn’t stop it.

    They had rules.

    She kissed him once. That’s it.

    She looked at him, and he kept his eyes closed. She traces his face and whispered against him, “We were going to have sex before you got into your accident.” He slowly opened his eyes and she continued. “I was so nervous for you to see me naked, because we hadn’t done it since Scouts birth. I’m different, and my body is— I just, want you.” She begged, tears falling freely.

    Amelia began kissing his neck, fumbling with his belt. She wasn’t taking advantage of him, she just wanted him.

    His body, his kind words, the way he handled her, the love he gave her, the swift movements of them together when he was inside of her, him moaning her name, or truly just him.

    “Amelia.” He whispered, the sensations causing heaven through his body. He was hungry for her, and he did have needs.

    She was a desirable woman, but he just couldn’t.

    His girlfriend continued her attack on him until she finally broke the clasp on his jeans. He moved her hands and stopped her once more, and she spoke again.

    “I know, this version of you doesn’t love me- but we were happy.” She sobbed, resting her head against him.

    She buried it in his neck, and he leaned against her.

    She kept on crying and she admitted, “Please. Please, just tell me something.” she sniffled. “Tell me you remember me moving in here, tell me you remember something, lie and tell me you love me.”

    She winced knowing he didn’t, but he surprised her. “I do, I love you.”

    And with that she looked up at him.

    “Amelia, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with you. I do, and I love our son, but sex isn’t an option.” He truthfully quoted. “I want you so bad, I mean look at me.” He looked down at his pulled down pants, and his erection springing up out of his bottoms.

    Amelia giggled with mirth, and sighed against him. She kissed his temple because she just couldn’t help it, and he closed his eyes feeling her comfort.

    “We are gonna be ok, Just wait… We just have to wait a little bit longer.” He promised, and he hoped it was valid.


    A/N: this was short, but it also broke my heart.

    Also it’s not finely proofed.

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  • Are you asking me out? Pt.8


    A/N: This is part eight of my story ‘are you asking me out?’ If you wish to read the last chapter it is under this one.

    Fair warning ⚠️ (smut)


    Amelia walked inside links house and looked around. It felt peculiar to be inside his home, it felt like something was different, better.

    Link grabbed her bag and sat it on the counter. He then proceeded to grab two glasses and pour some water.

    He didn’t want to seem like he had been fawning over her, but she mentioned the last time she was at his house that her favorite drink was chamomile tea.

    she said no matter the season it always seemed to calm her down, so Link bought some.

    “I have water, coffee, and chamomile tea.”

    With that last part Amelia looked at him and burst out laughing, “you bought that because of me.”

    Link looked at her as if she was crazy, and denied the whole thing, “nope- absolutely not.” He shook his head and amelia wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “You keep it up and you just might get lucky.” Amelia smirked.

    She thought it was quite cute that he had something she liked in his house. it felt like a calm and safe environment, and it was so easy to be with him.

    “Oh really.” Link raised his eyebrows bringing his nose close to hers.

    Amelia closed her eyes and link kissed her again. It felt like he could kiss her 1000 times, and never get tired.

    He placed his hands on her cheeks and Begged for enterance to her mouth with his tongue. Amelia sighed and quickly let him in. She moved her arms from around his neck, to play with his dirty blonde locks.

    Only pulling back once they couldn’t breathe anymore, Amelia made the first move.

    She fiddled with the bottom of the shirt and he separated his lips from hers.

    Groaning at the detached contact Amelia pulled his shirt up quickly, and took her own dress off as well. 

    Link’s eyes widened when he saw her body. He softened his gaze on her chest and quickly snapped out of it.

    She was so desirable, but he never wanted to make her feel uncomfortable.

    Kissing some more, Amelia wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to his bedroom, Gently placed her down and dotted kisses down her belly button.

    Amelia moaned in pleasure and pushed his head further down in signal to keep going. he stopped at the top of her panties and looked up at her.

    “You sure?” He asked and received a nod from the woman beneath him.

    He pulled her panties down and dove his head into her most sensible spot. “oh my god- Link.” She gasped. She wasn’t expecting him to go so fast, but she was so glad he did.

    It Didn’t take much time to find her clit and he began sucking and licking the juices that soaked her. Amelia felt her eyes go to the back of her head and Felt every lick and suck.

    Pretty soon Link kissed his way up to her face and unclasped her bra. He took her right breast into his mouth and massaged her left one with his hand. He made himself delirious and noticed his erection had sprung up.

    Amelia felt it on her stomach and flipped positions so she was topping him.

    She unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down as well as his boxers. she looked at his whole body and Caressed his chest with her fingertips, “you’re so handsome.” She whispered.

    She wanted to give him as much as he had given her in that short amount of time, so she began grinding her bare body into his erection. 

    “Holy fuck- Amelia.” He screamed gripping her butt cheeks. She kept on grinding up and down, faster and harder and link knew he would come.

    He didn’t want to finish before her, he wanted to finish together So he flipped them over once more, and placed himself at her entrance.

    Staring deeply in her eyes link told her, “you’re the only one.”

    Suddenly everything wasn’t so fast. It was a dance, a beautiful passionate dance. It wasn’t just sex, it was mutual infatuation, and a little bit of love if that was possible.

    Amelia held onto him for dear life and they reached their climax together. They came undone with each other, screaming one another’s names.


    After about the third round- finally resting comfortably in each other’s arms, Link was caressing Amelia‘s brown locks and she was circling patterns on his chest. 

    It wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t rushed, it just felt right.

    Breaking the silence Amelia asked a question she had been wondering the whole night, “why me?”

    It took link by surprise, but then again it was Amelia. “What do you mean?” He wasn’t so clear on what she was talking about, and needed clarification.

    “Why do you only want me? Why do you want me at all?” She laughed at herself.

    It was kind of crazy to think that she just had that kind of sex with a stranger.  meaningful sex, with eye contact, caressing, and explosive feelings.

    Link kissed The top of her head and let it out, “I don’t know.” Was the truthful answer. “ you make me nervous, you’re gorgeous, we can talk about everything, and you just make me feel things.”

    It was so vulnerable, and Amelia was pleased with the answer. “Well likewise.” She giggled and looked up at him.

    She pecked his lips and admitted, “I’m tired, you’ve warned me out.”

     link laughed and held her tighter, fearing she wanted to leave. “So sleep.” He decided. “Stay with me, let me hold you.”

    And with that, caressing her back, and falling asleep himself, they were together and they weren’t going anywhere. 


    A/N: right?

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  • are you asking me out? pt.5


    a/n: part five!!


     The walk back to the car was awkward to say the least. I could tell that Betty wanted to ask but didn’t know how I would react. I get why she would be weird about it, everyone thought me and Owen would make it work, even I did.

    “Alright, spit it out.” I tell her. She’s staring at me, and I know this conversation has to happen.

    “who’s the dude?” she asks. I figure she just wants to know who he is, and if he’s gonna be sticking around. I want her to know that there is no compromise between her and him and my new found family will always come first. I realize that there is no true way to answer this question, because to be honest I don’t know who he is to me. We’re dating? we’re trying to date? Either way, I have to be totally honest.

    “He’s my guy friend, or my boy that’s a friend- I don’t know.” I’m waiting for her answer, because right now i’m feeling pretty stupid. Like a highschooler fawning over a hot football player.

    “Do you like him?” she keeps asking the easy questions, but it’s much more than that.

    If I didn’t like him I wouldn’t think about him, If I didn’t like him I wouldn’t give him the time of day, If I didn’t like him maybe I would be with owen. Liking Link isn’t the issue- Loving owen is.

    “He’s asked me out- on a second date. I wanna go but-” “But owen.” she finishes for me and I nod with a frown adding, “Not just with owen, also with you and Leo. Believe it or not we are family and you guys come first, I don’t want to jeopardize that.”

    Betty looks at me and chuckles to herself, “Amelia we are family. you took me in, you love leo, you take me shopping-” she points at the mall and continues, “and you love me, there’s no doubt about it. Don’t let us or your past with owen determine your happiness with anyone or anything.” suddenly she’s the wise one and I laugh at the irony.

    “Besides, he’s not unattractive.” She grins and I have a feeling we both have a mental picture in our heads.


    The boys are in the living area. I see owen playing with leo on the carpet and I make sure to acknowledge them both. “We’re back.” I raise my voice high enough for them to hear me from the garage.

    “Hey, how was the mall?” Owen beams a fangy smile and I think a bit. what to say? ‘I saw the reason i’m avoiding you,’ or ‘I’m going on date with a guy that’s not you.’

    Neither of these answers are rational, and neither of them would taste good on my mouth, “It was good, we brought gifts.” Betty responds for me and I look at her like a saving grace.

    “Gifts for us?” he asks and I chuckle, “you know we would give you something.”

    Betty gives the bags to them and they take a second to look. She picked out a red car for Leo and a bunch of baths toys to try to help wash time go smoother.

    Leo fights the tub so anything will help with the screams. even as much as a small rubber duck.

    As for Owen, Betty got the shirt and found socks for him in the front. Owen is always talking about his feet being cold so she found fuzzy socks just to see his reaction. We’re always joking around, and that’s one thing that gives me doubt. Will he make me laugh like our family does?

    “Fuzzy socks?” owen frowns and Betty and I try to refrain from assaulting laughter. “What’s wrong?” betty jokes and I can’t take it anymore, “you’re always talking about your feet, so- socks.” I point to them and he laughs.

    Pretty soon we are sprawled all over the living room laughing about something as futile as socks and i’m enterrupted by a phone call. I don’t even need to look down to know who it is, I saw him an hour ago.

    I excuse myself to my room and present it as work, “hey.” I say low, hoping no one hears me. Betty knows who it is, i’m not worried about that, but I still don’t wanna be too loud.

    “hey, you guys home safe?” He sounds so thoughtful and it makes guilt spring up again. I’m not taking him out for a ride, i’m a single, responsible woman, “yeah, we’ve been home for about an hour- all is good.”

    He doesn’t say anything besides an easy hum through the phone until he suggests we make the plans.

    he’s asks first, “does tomorrow after work suffice? Movies or dinner?” something in me wants to see him sooner. he was fun and kind, but it’s not an option at the moment. “yeah, dinner sounds good. do you need my schedule?”, “nah- I got it.”

    It surprises me for a second but i’m too tired to question him, maybe tomorrow.

    I need a shower, and i’m itching to rest for i’ve been out all day. “ok, you’ll pick me up at meredith’s or we’d go straight from work?”

    “i’ll pick you up at meredith’s so you have time to get ready… if you want- i’m not saying that you need to get ready and dressed up for me i’m jus-” he’s rambling now and I can’t help but giggle, “See you at 8:30 link. i’ll dress up for you and everything.” I tease. conversation is running easier, maybe just because we are over the phone.

    Somehow we ended up talking about work and our days and I look at the time. I’m sure betty has homework, I know leo needs a bath, and I know something needs to be done with food. “Well I guess I should go, I’ve got some things around the house, and I got to get myself ready for you.” I laugh again- not being as discreet this time.

    He laughs in vein and I don’t think he wants the call to end.

    To be honest I don’t want it to either, but It has to. “goodnight amelia.”

    “Goodnight link.”


    a/n: *silence.*

    I have no words.

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