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    This Is Still Totally Fine

    "Shuna~ Don't you wanna spend time with your Grampy ?" Sullivan asked his granddaughter, who was laying face down on her bed. Shuna groaned. Professor Kalego had been riding her so much about catching up, she felt like she was dying. Sullivan had been extra clingy towards Shuna since Iruma had been busy with student council. Both her teacher and her grandpa were killing her and she hadn't been able to hang out with Alice or Clara since they were forced into different Battlers.

    She felt a hand on her head. She strained her neck, looking up to see Opera, with a cup of hell-grey tea.

    "Here. This will make you feel better." Opera said, sitting it on her nightstand. Shuna just whined in response. Opera looked at Sullivan. "I think it's okay if Shuna misses part of school tomorrow." They said. "I've never seen her like this before."

    "My poor sweet granddaughter !" Sullivan cried. "My grandson is away and my granddaughter can't even sit up ! I wish there was something I could do !"

    "We can let her take a nap until dinner. I think that's what's best." Opera said. Sullivan sadly agreed, deciding it was best to let her rest.


    "There you are Shuna sweetie~ Eat all you want !" Sullivan cooed as Shuna sat at the dinner table, wrapped in her blanket.

    "I'm not really hungry Grandpa..." Shuna said softly. "I'm fine with something light, I don't feel like eating a full meal."

    "Are you feeling okay ?!?" Sullivan asked. "Opera, get the thermometer !"

    "No, no, I'm fine, just-" she was cut off by a yawn. "I'm just really really sleepy... Professor Kalego had me summon a familiar today, then he had me do this obstacle course to decide my demon ranking and the weirdest things happened." She yawned again. "Professor Kalego came through the summoning circle and he started panicking, demanding that I stop the ritual but I didn't know how and he started going off about how this 'wouldn't happen again' after some teachers came in and stopped the ritual now I'm not sure if I even have a familiar so he's gonna force me to take it again but he wants me to use a different parchment paper." She whined. "I think he just loves to bully me..."

    "If you want, Young Miss, I can give you one." Opera suggested. "Human-Demon familiar summoning is different than regular demon familiar summoning and I wouldn't mind as long as you don't summon during inopportune moments. Besides, it's only for one year."

    "Really ?" Shuna asked, surprised. Opera nodded. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    "Now, tell us what happened during the obstacle course." Opera said.

    "Hey ! I'm her Grampy ! She should be telling me !" Sullivan protested but his protesting went ignored.

    "Well, I almost died first of all since Professor Kalego pushed me into a pit. I was being graded on time and had to get there in at least 30 minutes." Shuna said. "I started walking, almost got eaten, impaled, a whole bunch of other stuff but then Iruma texted me and told me to whistle as loud as I could. I did that, and I got picked up by a giant bird thing that carried me all the way to safety."

    "I see..." Opera said quite darkly, their ears flattening.

    "But then, when I reached into the ranking owl it started screeching but it didn't give me my rank, it gave me...hold on." she stood up and left the room before coming back... holding a sword?

    "What ?!?" Sullivan exclaimed.

    "Apparently, Professor Kalego said that this was forged from the stone Cane used to kill Able and the demons took it, making it into this ? It also has the symbol of wrath carved into it. It might be a seal." She said, quite confused, to Sullivan and Opera, who were shocked. "I don't know how it works but Professor Kalego tried to take it from me and it grew a mind of it's own and immediately flew to his throat but I grabbed it and it stopped. Professor Kalego said to take it to you but I got lost on my way to your office and forgot. I just tossed it in my locker until it was time to go home."

    "My sweet Shuna, let Grampy see the knife." Sullivan said. Shuna gave it to him. Sullivan started transferring some of his magic energy into the blade, the blade began to grow. "Shuna, you have acquired what is called The Blade of Wrath. This is not a toy. I don't want you getting hurt but it belongs to you now." He said, giving it to her. "Now try some spells, try...La fire."

    "Okay then..." Shuna said, holding the sword. "La fire !" She said. Suddenly, the sword was on fire, producing turquoise colored flames. "Wow..." she said.

    "I've placed a dial on the bottom handle of the sword, so it's similar to Iruma's ring. There's devil, demon, ifrit and pandora but try to stick to devil or demon unless you're in danger." Sullivan informed. "You can use simple transformation spells to make the sword smaller so it'll be easier to carry around."

    Shuna hummed in thought.

    "Cherushille." She said. The fire disappeared and the sword shrunk till it was only about the size of a butter knife. "Well, that was interesting. I'm gonna put this in my bag and head to bed. I'll just skip dinner Grampy." She walked out of the room. Sullivan and Opera looked at each other. This could mean trouble but they decided not to speak on it.

    "My grandkids worry me sometimes." Sullivan said with a sigh.


    "Thanks for the ride to school Grampy." Shuna said, stepping out of the carriage. After getting some sleep, she felt better so she was able to go to school at the regular hours.

    "Anything for you Shuna !" Sullivan said. "Have a good day at school !"

    Shuna looked at Opera.

    "Thanks for the parchment paper Opera." She said, giving them a hug. Opera's ears perked up as they blushed. Shuna walked to the entrance of the school, where she saw Iruma standing with Amerie and the rest of the student council. She glared and approached him.

    "O-Oh hey Shuna !" Iruma said, looking at his ticked off sister.

    "Some big brother you are !" She said. "Some really cool things have been happening to me and you've been missing out because Millitary Princess and the Snitch Brigade have you playing with them !" She said. "And not that I'm not grateful but Grampy has been wearing me out and if you don't come home soon, I will drag you home."

    "Excuse me, you do not address a member of the student council that way-" Johnny said, however, Shuna's glare stopped him.

    "And you." She glared up at Amerie. "You separated my friends and my brother into separate Battlers ! I have no Battler yet since I'm still yet to be given a rank but I want them back and when you're done playing this game I expect them back ! Asmodeus won't stop calling my phone crying because Iruma isn't able to answer his texts and Clara's getting restless !"

    "I'd advise that you address me with more respect." Amerie said, in a tone that would make anyone flinch but Shuna stood her ground.

    "You haven't earned it yet." Shuna said, shooting her a glare as Iruma stood in the middle, completely petrified as people started to gather around to see the stare down.

    "Shuna ! Please just go and apologize to Amerie ! You're making a scene !" Imura practically pleaded. Shuna huffed and looked away.

    "I'll go. But I'm not apologizing to the princess. Everyone else might be her obedient servants but I'd rather choke than bow down." Shuna said, walking away with a 'hmph'. Iruma sighed.

    "I'm so sorry for my sister's behavior. She's just really rough around the edges when it comes to people she doesn't know and she's scary protective." Iruma said. "But if she got to know you like I do, she'd see that you actually have a lot in common."

    Amerie didn't answer, she only watched as Shuna walked into the school. She hadn't seen a fiery demeanor like that in a while. With some discipline, she could have some potential. She wondered if she'd have an interest in joining the student council once she gained her rank.


    "Hurry up and preform the ritual, we haven't got all day !" Kalego snapped at Shuna, as Shuna was on her way to burn the parchment paper. Kalego and her were the only ones in the class.

    "We haven't got all day, meh meh meh. Chill, I'm doing it, Professor Snape." Shuna muttered, mocking her teacher, as the ritual began. The circle opened up and out popped a red catlike creature that was the size of a large tiger or lion. It looked absolutely ferocious until it just yawned and approached Shuna. Shuna recognized that the beast wore a braid in it's main and had red eyes. Shuna approached it, looking it in the eyes.

    "Opera... is that you ?" Shuna asked, tilting her head. Kalego visibly flinched.

    "You did use my parchment paper, Young Miss." Opera said. Kalego let out a short whimper. Shuna squealed and hugged the beast.

    "Oh my gosh, you're so cute !" She said, nuzzling their cheek. "Kitty kitty kitty !"

    "This isn't forever, Young Miss. Just for a year. That's why I didn't mind it." Opera said, despite Shuna cuddling him.

    "Shuna, call them away !" Kalego yelled. Shuna grinned at Kalego's fear.

    "That's my teacher Opera, the mean man who picks on me." Shuna pouted.

    "Don't tell them that !" Kalego panicked as Opera glared at him. Shuna giggled until someone burst into the room. It was Sullivan.

    "Hey Grampy !" Shuna said, suddenly sweet. "Look, Opera's a kitty now !"

    "I was wondering how it would go, since Opera gave you permission to use their parchment." Sullivan said.

    "Since I finished all of my stuff, can I get my rank now ?" Shuna asked, ignoring the distraught Kalego.

    "Since you didn't pull out a ranking, but finished the course on time and summoned your familiar, I can only give you a ranking as high as Bet." Sullivan said. Shuna nodded as Lord Sullivan summoned a pin, giving it to Shuna to put on her uniform. That's when the lunch bell rang.

    "Oh Shuna~ To celebrate, how about you eat lunch with Grampy in his office~ ?" Sullivan asked.

    "Sounds great Grampy ! Let me just turn Opera back first then we can all eat lunch ! I'm getting tired of eating alone." Shuna said with a hum, like there was nothing wrong. Kalego's eye twitched.



    "Is something wrong, Young Miss ? You haven't touched your lunch or your Hell-Grey Tea." Opera said, watching Shuna pick at her food.

    "It's fine, it's just..." Shuna sighed. "I'm glad I have to two to keep me company but I kind of miss eating lunch with Iruma and my friends is all." She said. "That student council princess separated everybody and now I'm just a little lonely is all. I always have trouble making new friends so I don't feel comfortable going outside of my social circle. " she huffed.

    "Hopefully Iruma will be done soon... I miss my precious grandson..." Sullivan teared up.

    "I miss him too..." Opera said. They all sighed, gloomy.

    "I know !" Shuna said. "Shopping trips always make me feel better ! Maybe I can steal Clara and Alice from their battlers and we can all go shopping !" She turned to Sullivan, giving him puppy eyes. "Pwease Grampy ? We can even take the carriage..."

    "OF COURSE !" Sullivan said, unable to resist his granddaughters puppy eyes.


    "YOU TEXTED AND SAID THIS WAS AN EMERGENCY ?!?" Alice and Clara both shouted, running towards Shuna, panting.

    "It is an emergency." Shuna said. "We haven't hug out in forever so I've decided that you're skipping your Battlers and going shopping with me, no ifs ands or buts, now get in the carriage before Princess finds out I stole you." She said. "I was going to try to steal Iruma but she's been glued to his side and she would've came too if I said it was an emergency so you shall suffice."

    "You dont have to tell me twice, I'm getting tired of the new magic battler !" Alice said.

    "And the game battler is getting boring !" Clara said.

    "And besides..." they both said before hugging Shuna. "We missed you too !"

    "Alright, alright !" She giggled. "Now get in the carriage before someone sees !"


    [Insert Clara's 'Su-Ki-Ma !']

    "Hey Misstress Shuna ?" Alice asked as he watched Shuna pick out some dresses.

    "Yes, Azz-Azz ?" Shuna asked, too busy putting dresses in Opera's arms to really acknowledge him.

    "Something's been bothering me. If your Master Iruma's sister, why didn't you come to family day at the Battler party ?" Alice asked. Shuna and Opera tensed up. "He could've introduced you to us. He never really mentioned you before at all."

    "Well Azzy, To tell you the truth..." Shuna said. "I was in a juvenile detention center and Grandpa didn't want anyone to find out that his granddaughter was a juvenile delinquent and bring embarrassment to the family name, so he kept me a secret until I could control myself." She lied. "But now that I'm better, I'm allowed to be seen in public !"

    "Oh...I see." Alice said, as he pictured what mighty and ferocious demon the past Shuna had to be to get locked away by Lord Sullivan.

    (Imaginary Delinquent Shuna)

    Meanwhile, in the corner of the store, Lord Sullivan cried at his grand daughter's word.

    "Shuna how could you tell them that ?!? I would never be embarrassed of you !"

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    choose wisely

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    iruma to the rescue!

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    Iruma-kun! characters as my favorite fanfic lines

    Agares: Do NOT monologue at me about your issues. Keep them inside like the rest of us pal.

    Allocer: I may not be beautiful, but at least I know a lot of useless information

    Asmodeus: like yeah I’m gay, but I also have questionable morals and blood on my hands so fucking try me.

    Ameri: That’s so romantic, I’m staring to tear up, but I refuse to cry while Old Town Road is playing.

    Clara: [at clara] “Is...Is she carring that baby like a Gucci purse?” he managed to choke up.

    Elizabeth: You want me to weaponize my thiccness for the forcess of good?

    Gaap: [at Gaap] “Let’s grab the himbo and blow this joint.”

    Iruma: (...) “all while his brainworked itself into overdrive from the mental gimnastics he was attempting in order to figure out what the fuck was going on.”

    Jazz: I told him ‘hey if you died I would legally be obligated to come after you and drag you back’.

    Kalego: (...) ”I’m not evil” He reminds himself on a daily basis. “I am justifiably petty.”

    Kerori: I’m a professional dancer today, and a potencial Dance Mom tomorrow. I have options. 

    Lied: I never asked to be born and yet here I am. Alive and Suffering.

    Opera: I don’t think it ever ocurred to me you could do something as ordinary as die.

    Purson: I’d say I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in lying.

    Sabnock: Kids beating the shit out of each other is just modern day equivalent of dueling at sunrise and I stand by that.

    I beg you send me your favorite fanfic lines

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    Ameri is sooo cute in this episode 😍

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    you make maiden Amelie cry

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    “tfw Iruma’s almost definitely a human and you should report him to your dad, but also you have a lot of manga in human language you really want translated” -QuillWyvern

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    Ameri from Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun. Fun anime I didn’t think I would enjoy, it’s light-hearted fun with strangely wholesome demons.

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    "The Fallen Crest Family"

    Chapter 4: Mela Ami, The Mysterious 14th Misfit Student (2)

    As the lunch bell rang, Ameri shows up out of nowhere and drags both Iruma and Alice to a room and lock themselves inside.

    Ameri: "Sorry for the sudden rush but this was important and I had to be sure no one else can hear us. Do you remember when you asked for research help about the Crest Family?"

    Iruma: "Y-Yeah."

    Ameri: "Well, I actually had the liberty to ask my father for the closed case files about it, but I promised him not to tell anyone else and to give it back once we all looked at it, I'm sorry, I couldn't just text classified info."

    Iruma: "It's alright Ameri, I appreciate this. Thank you."

    All three of them look at the files, as it talks about the crime scene. Pictures of the place burned books and dried blood stains. It seemed like the building itself was still perfectly intact. The case files talked about every name that was counted in as deaths, all except one.

    Iruma: "...Melody Crest."

    Alice: "It says that she was the only one who wasn't counted as dead, since her body was never found and was reported missing for years until the case file got closed."

    Ameri: "It's too bad too, I was told she was a prodigy student of Babylus who was labeled as a Misfit."

    Iruma: "...By chance, do you guys know what the Crest Family Bloodline Ability is?"

    Alice: "Their Bloodline Ability? Oh, their ability is very rare and was told that the family members barely shows it off unless it was for emergencies. Balam knew Melody Crest during his time with her so he remembers it well, once and only once she has used it in battle. The Bloodline Ability Sacrifice, the ability to sacrifice a piece of themselves in exchange for power be it healing, strength or protection. The more power needed, the more they have to sacrifice themselves."

    Iruma: "Sacrifices a piece of themselves..."

    Ameri: "We should ask more details with Balam then if he knew about the Family Bloodline and we can go to the Crest Family home afterwards."

    Iruma: "Oh yeah, speaking of which. Ameri and Azz, can we have one more person help with the investigation. She too want to learn more about the Crest Family Slaughter, and she knows a lot about the Crest Family through her own solo research before."

    Alice: "What's her name?"

    Iruma: "Her name is Mela Ami-."

    Alice: "Iruma Sir, did you just say Mela was a Ami?! Like part of Kirio Ami's family?!"

    Iruma: "Um y-yeah?"

    Alice still remembered when Kirio returned to the Battler Room. His eyes that has been taken over by the succumbed by his wicked phase and returned to origins. If Mela is a Ami, then he can't take chances with her being a accomplice to Kirio.

    Alice: "Why didn't you say she was a Ami?!"

    Ameri: "Alice calm down. Iruma, you are aware of the problems this might turn out if we bring her right? You know the reasons Kirio left the school, so why would you associate yourself with another Ami?"

    Iruma: "Because she was a illegitimate child of the Ami Family and was abandoned at a young age, so she resents her family and prefers not to be mentioned as a Ami. I doubt she even knows who Kirio even is."

    Ameri and Alice looked to each other. Both had their suspicions, but it was clear she probably hasn't even met Kirio. Suddenly a phone call from Clara in Iruma's phone stops the silence between them.

    Clara: "Iruma-kins, where are you? Me and La La already finished our lunches in the Cafeteria and playing what she calls Luffy Pow!"

    Alice & Ameri: "Luffy Pow?"

    Iruma: "Sorry Clara, something happened but me and Azz are on our way."

    Iruma and Alice say their goodbyes to Ameri, as they go off to see Clara and Melody of the aftermath with what was basically a paintball fight but with giant cotton balls.

    Melody: "That was so much fun!"

    Clara: "Let's play again soon like this, okay La La?"

    Melody: "Yeah! I look forward to it! But first... Clera Ricos Disineria!"

    Immediately after saying those words, the paint cotton balls surrounding them disappeared. All three were shocked as they never saw a spell like this before.

    Alice: "Where did you learn to do a spell like that? I never seen anything like it."

    Melody: "Oh that spell? It was self taught. It's a spell I made myself."

    Alice: "You made that spell?!"

    Melody: "Yeah, it's something I've been passionate about for a long time. It's also how I was able to move up the ranks in my first year. Without my spells, I wouldn't be where I am."

    Alice: "Spells? As in plural?! You have more?!"

    Melody: "Why yes. After my exams, I can teach you guys a few easy Mela Spells I came up with if it interests you."

    Alice, Iruma & Clara: "Yes!"


    Time passed by so quickly, that school ended and everyone already left to go home. The teachers had a meeting with Lord Sullivan, who need as many teachers to volunteer to judge the Talent Exam. After a lot of discussions Kalego, Dali, Robin, Suzy & Raim decided to be the judges. Similar to the Musical Festival, she had to perform to pass with a 666 marm. But this would be different. No music specialist judges could come at last minute, so she would have to fight against teacher judges for a 66666 mark.

    Dali: "Are you sure this is okay? Sure she finished the Written Exam with ease, but don't you think getting a perfect 66666 for all five teachers is a little too much to ask for the poor girl?"

    Kalego: "She can handle it if she is ambitious enough to join the Misfits in Royal One."

    Robin: "Well I just look forward to see what she has in store! If she passed Kalego's Written Exam so quickly, I'm dying to know what she'll do next."

    Suzy: "Mm hm, same here."

    Raim: "Hold on... do you guys hear that?"

    Kalego: "Yeah, no one else should be in this school but us."

    Kalego and the 4 other teachers decide to investigate the sound and as they got close they realized it was more than one sound. The sound of a orchestra coming from outside.

    The peeked over to see multiple clones of Melody playing many different classical instruments with several other Melody clones singing in a chorus. The piece they were playing was Six Trillion Years & Overnight Story, a song they never heard before.

    Robin however stepped on a twig from behind and in a panic, Melody stopped her music from loss of focus and turned off her clones, as they disappeared with their instruments.

    Melody: "Who's there?!"

    Kalego told the four other teachers to stay as Kalego was the only one to decide to reveal himself instead. Melody sighed in relief from his presence as he approached her.

    Kalego: "What are you doing in the school grounds this late?"

    Melody: "I was just practicing is all. I couldn't do it at home, and since the music rooms tend to close off bookings after 6pm, I had to find open space."

    He remembers that he had locked and kicked her off the Royal One room because school ended for the day. And if she stayed in the music room after school, she practiced for another 3 hours. That means she has been practicing all day, how is she not tired? But he looked at her face and saw worry and stress.

    Kalego: "You have a gift for musical talent. And to be able to play so many roles with mirror clones of yourself takes a lot of focus. And it looks like you have a performance picked out. So what's bothering you that can make you stay in school grounds this late?"

    Melody: "To be honest, I haven't chosen a performance yet. All the stuff you saw, it was just to help me think of ideas to make the performance better."

    Kalego: "But your performance was-."

    Melody: "Good? I know... but I want a performance that represents me. I wanna tell my story as I sing. I don't just aim for scores, Mr. Naberius, I aim to tell my identity on stage."

    For a small moment, Kalego saw "Mela" as Melody, repeating those same words all those years ago. But the moment stopped when he felt a hand touching his face, realizing he started tearing up.

    Melody: "Mr. Naberius? Are you okay?"

    Kalego: "I'm fine, get your hand off me."

    Kalego pushed her hand away as his tears dried off. Why was he remembering now? He pushed his memories of first year away because of the incident with the Crest Family was preventing him from pursuing his ambitions. He had to give up on her and deliberately tried to forget her. And yet, this girl who appeared so suddenly makes him remember the girl he tried so hard to push away. And then finally he asks."

    Kalego: "Have we met before all of this?"

    Melody: "No, we haven't. I only met Balam in a bookstore beforehand."

    Kalego: "...Tell me how you saw him without him detecting you?"

    Melody: "I use detection warding glasses."

    Kalego: "Why would you need them when going to the bookstore?"

    Melody looks down, twiddling her thumbs as her face turns a little red. Was she blushing?

    Melody: "O-Oh that... Well um... It was... because I was banned from going to the bookstore after multiple accidental spellcasting incidents from reading the spellbooks. I got too excited and I was always a curious person when it came to spells so I... I wasn't always thinking about the consequences. So when I would go there, I would use the detection warding glasses and for extra measure, I'd use a temporary silence spell I made myself so I don't speak out spells in the store anymore."

    So that's what happened. It would make sense that a girl who caused so much trouble at a store because of her ambitions and interests. Sullivan was right, she was a troublemaker when it came to her love for spellcasting. If she passes, chaos would ensue, he would have to ensure limits on the girl.

    Kalego: "...Tell me. How many times have you caused trouble with your experiments on spells? Give me a average number."

    Melody: "I guess like... 3-7 times a day."

    Kalego: "And how many of those are serious?"

    Melody: "Like... 1 or 2 a day?"

    Kalego facepalmed himself. She's worse than Iruma's attraction to danger. At least with Iruma, he tries to dodge danger and unintentionally puts himself in danger through reactions, with her though she speeds head on. Now worried about this girl's future, he's just thinking how her home life by herself. Probably a mess.

    Kalego: "You know what...I kept you here too long. Let me take you home."

    Melody: "Are... Are you sure?"

    Kalego: "Yes, and I guess I can help you try to decide your song as we go."

    That confused Melody for a moment, as Kalego didn't make eye contact with her.

    Melody: "Why thought?"

    Kalego: "Because I was suppose to kick you out originally but ended up stalling instead, so I take full responsibility for tonight. I don't want you doing this again, you got that brat."

    Oh. He was just worried in his own way. Kalego was always stubborn.

    Melody: Sure okay I guess-.

    Kalego: "Also, I want to see the state of you home. You live alone right? I need to inspect so I can confirm you living situation."

    Melody: "...Wait what?!"

    [Previous Chapter] [Next Chapter]

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    “I choose you!” (^_^)

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    a different version for tuff’s bday present (I will apologize forever)

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  • mangopie
    06.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Happy Birthday Tuffin!! I know you’re on tumblr but idk your blog name(s) so I hope you will see her this way somehow

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  • pills-in-a-little-cup
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ameri Azazel - Welcome to demon school Iruma-Kun!

    Been reading the manga, it's pretty funny, still need to see the anime adaption.

    #Ameri Azazel #welcome to demon school iruma kun #mairimashita iruma-kun #i waste ink #redhead
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  • emi-04
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Chapter 197

    #manga#mairimashita manga #mairimashita! iruma kun #mairimashita iruma kun #welcome to demon school iruma kun #iruma kun manga #iruma#suzuki iruma#irumi #evil cycle iruma #evil cycle irumi #evil idols#wicked phase #wicked phase iruma #wicked phase irumi #mairimashita! iruma-kun #the evidol games #evidol#ameri azazel#azazel ameri#ameri#crocell kerori#kuromu#mairuma
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  • capregalia
    26.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    *sobbing* ‘m gonna miss this arc so much ‘m not ready for plot yet

    #mairimashita! iruma kun #welcome to demon school iruma kun #suzuki iruma#crocell kerori#kuromu#ameri azazel#shax lied #this arc was so fluffy that it’s suspicious #what’s gonna happen
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  • capregalia
    26.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    fl—flustered irumeanie oh oh god... wearing ameri’s hat oh jesus

    #mairimashita! iruma kun #welcome to demon school iruma kun #suzuki iruma#irumi#irumeanie#ameri azazel #i seriously cant take much more of this #my heart is working in overdrive
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  • capregalia
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    image that makes my heart go brrr

    #mairimashita! iruma kun #welcome to demon school iruma kun #kuromu#crocell kerori#suzuki iruma#ameri azazel#shax lied #so good so pure
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