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  • not voting is a vote for trump.

    writing in a candidate is a vote for trump.

    voting for kanye is a vote for trump.

    does joe biden suck beyond words? yeah. but he is the only option. we cannot manage four more years of trump.

    #american politics#2020 election #please dont let us have another 2016 #i fucking hate joe biden but you bet your ass im gonna vote for him #if you can vote please do
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    White Petals

         The Republic lies in the blossoms of Washington.  
         —Robert Bly

    White petals
    drop into the dark river.
    Heedless of political significance,
    they ride out to the sea like stars.

    I’m the space explorer.
    I travel to a planet
    where there are no plants or animals.
    Everyone lives in harmony.
    I don’t want to go home.

    I’m the pioneer man and the pioneer woman,
    both at the same time.
    I build my house with my own hands,
    and it’s beautiful,
    with simple, perfect lines.

    I’m the farmer waiting for the vegetables
    to grow, so I can eat.
    I’m the hunter aiming at the bear.
    I don’t want to shoot it, but my family needs meat.
    The bear gives me a long dumb animal look.
    We’ll use his skin for blankets,
    his fat to light our lamps.
    Our cabin will stink all night.

    I’m the cabin boy who graduates to captain.
    Shipboard sex is rough, but it suits my taste.
    I’m the man on the steps of the house
    where the President’s widow lives.
    All night I wait for the stranger
    to get out of his car
    so I can flash my look of recognition.

    I’m the cowpoke who sleeps with his horses.
    I’m the man who loves dogs.
    I’m the cranky President sneaking away
    to swim in the Potomac.

    I’m the black man.
    I close my eyes
    and it gets dark inside.

    I feel the sun on my face.
    I see the light through my eyelids.
    It’s bright, intelligent
    free of all cares.

    I’m the heir of a great American family.
    My success is guaranteed.
    Unexpected tragedy is all that can stop me.
    I’m the popular senator teaching his son to shave.


    Tim Dlugos


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  • 2024 be like: ‘Tonight our presidential debate is between Kanye West, the Go Compare man, a completely ordinary horse and Elmo.’

    It eventually gets down to Elmo and the horse, until the DNC resurrects Joe Biden through blood magic to try and get him a second term.

    #plot twist: bernie sanders was controlling the elmo puppet #politics#america#american politics#2024 election
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    #my reaction to this nonsense via a series of john mulaney reactions #kanye west#america #presidential election 2020 #donald trump#politics#american politics #4th of july #hamilton#john mulaney#election 2020 #black lives matter
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  • i cannot fucking believe that a whole ass family of people is so dimwitted and detached from making the world better for normal people that they’re using the election as a publicity stunt/to feed the ego of someone who’s already well-known. like idk how fucking cold-blooded you need to be to do this while hundreds of thousands of people are dead from a killer virus that’s still increasing in infections, racial tensions are high because cops won’t stop killing bipoc, and a whole generation of people won’t be able to retire. idk how you could dismiss this election as nothing but a pr stunt when this could mean putting another republican in the supreme court. idk how you could do this when people are dying as a result of the people in charge of government, thereby valuing your own egos/bank accounts more than LITERAL HUMAN LIVES.

    #politics#american politics#tw politics#tw trump #tw police brutality #tw police violence #tw police mention #tw coronavirus#tw death#leelannoying
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  • I was browsing the “enemies to lovers” tag on AO3 and I screenshoted this

    #fanfiction #enemies to lovers #fanfic#ao3fic #this image causes me physical pain #bernie sanders#joe biden#cursed#but why #thanks i hate it #politics#american politics
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  • Watching Hamilton, and all I can think is:

    a) America needs a revolution to fix a bunch of the mess we’re in and

    b) The mess we’re in is so fucking stupid with such obvious damned solutions (treat all people with dignity and respect) that it feels absurd that we are arguing over it.

    AND YET!

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  • Reminder~

    Protesting against a tyranical and unjust government is the most valid way to celebrate the 4th of July~

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  • hey it’s the fourth so unhappy reminder that a country who consistently and intentionally hurts and ostracizes it’s own people despite it’s foundations being rooted in freedom from that exact unfair treatment does not deserve to be celebrated and instead of lighting off fireworks and donning the flag you should be putting your time and money into equality movements and the pockets of all POC whose ancestors backs were used as stepping stones to “progress”

    #fourth of july #4th of july #america#American politics #and that's that on that
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  • Let’s talk about the Black Hills, Rushmore, and Trump….

    #american politics #we should give it back #if rushmore is so important #maybe we shouldn't have put it on someone else's mountain #it isn't that difficult to not steal things
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  • Let’s talk about Trump, the Founders, and a list you need for July 4th….

    #american politics #trump is anti-american and his cult following doesn't care #because they are too #they all hate what america was supposed to be
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  • #american politics #republicans aren't even trying to hide their corruption anymore #they're just keeping it from being criminalized #they want foreign interference in our elections
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  • My white conservative relatives always seem to get angry that “no one wants to follow the rules anymore! Everyone wants an exception!”

    They may think this looks like everyone asking for special treatment, but what you really need to take into consideration is who the rules are written for. Are people really trying to make themselves an exception, or were the rules created to put them at a disadvantage?

    This is the epitome of white privilege. You assume that the only reason people are angry is because they want “more than they already have.” When, in reality, they are asking for the same consideration that you were born into. Having to think about that for the first time does not mean that suddenly everyone wants to be an exception to the rule. It means that we want to rewrite the rules and systems fairly for everyone.

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