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  • Wanna be a cool circus athlete like Ami? Here’s a cool jacket just for you! (I know it doesn’t look that accurate but I hope it looks alright) 

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    ami_1212one: あみなな


    Oh Mann


    Oh, man


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    ami_1212one: でんあみ



    Ich habe gerade angefangen, einen weißen Rahmen zu tragen.


    I just started using a white frame.


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    Solider of water, sailor mercury! In the name of mercury, I will punish you!

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    ami_1212one: ONEPIXCELのMVみてね

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    Schaut euch das Musikvideo zu onepixcel an.

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    Watch onepixcel’s new music video.

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  • “Good morning, Your Highness. My name is Zoey. I’m from the neighboring kingdom of Timori.” A woman with dark purple hair stared at the young Queen with brown eyes that glittered almost red in the light that streamed through the windows of the castle. “I have come here to offer assistance to Hyrule on my kingdom’s behalf.”

    Link stared at this strange woman from his seat next to Zelda. The clothing he wore was uncomfortable, high-collared and stiff. He shifted in his seat slightly, casting a sideways glance to the Queen. Zelda sat perfectly straight, her arms placed on the rests of the throne. She tilted her head slightly.

    “Timori once attempted to invade us. Though, of course, it was a very long time ago, what reason do we have to think that has changed?” She raises an eyebrow at Zoey, who simply chuckles.

    “Your Highness. The current ruler is but only 17 years of age. She knows well of the history of Timori and Hyrule, but she cares not for it. She wishes to remedy that, and I do as my Queen asks of me. I give you my word, we only mean to help.”

    “You know, Ami, I could always marry her and create an alliance, so that way they can’t invade us!” The younger Zelda snickers, earning a harsh glare from the Queen, while earning a snort from both Link and Zoey. “What?! It could work!!”

    “She is right, Your Highness. That would be a suitable way to improve relations with the countries. The Queen is almost of age to be married, and I’m sure she would not mind meeting the princess.” Zoey smirks a bit, winking at the younger Zelda.

    Link struggles to keep his laughter back from his spot, earning his own glare from the Queen, and promptly quiets back down. He shares a glance with Zoey, who sends a smile his way, before returning her attention to the elder Zelda.


    Link slowly knocks his head against the wall of the empty hallway. He presses his cheek to the cold stone, rubbing his face with his hands. “‘Oh, wear this corset’, she says, ‘you’ll look so good in it.’ Yeah well thanks, Ami, I couldn’t fucking breathe in this bitch the entire time!” Link mutters to himself, yanking his tunic up, and twisting his arms back to grab onto the tied knot at the top of the corset. He pulls at it fitfully, roughly unlacing the hell-garment, and throws it to the floor. He pops the buttons on the front of his tunic, pulling the stiff collar away from his neck.

    “Yes, because these clothes would be so practical if that Timorine came in here and tried to kill us all! Yes, put your fucking ‘hero’ in tight ass clothes that he can’t even breathe in just cause they make his ass look nice!” Link kicks the corset across the hallway, flipping two middle fingers at it.

    A low chuckle sounds behind him. “Hero of Hyrule, Link, correct?” Link whips around at the sound, coming face to face with chocolate-brown eyes. Link’s back reflexively goes straight, his hands folding together in front of him. He steps back, uncomfortable with how closely the Timorine soldier stood by him, and cleared his throat. She bows, keeping her eyes on him. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

    “Ah, yes, of course. Same to you.” Link bows back, holding her stare.

    “I see the Queen had you in some…rather uncomfortable regalia.” She walks over to pick up the discarded corset. “Though I will say, it does fit you well.” She smiles, winking at him. Link’s face goes red, as he clears his throat again.

    “Thank you, Lady Zoey.” He turns his head to the side, resituating the large metal headpiece that he still wore. Cold leather ghosted over his ear, gripping onto the metal, and pulling it off. He instinctively goes to grab Zoey’s wrist, and is met with a knowing smile.

    “Quite the crown you have here. Of course, it’s only fitting for a King.” Zoey inspects it, running her thumb over the gleaming metal.

    “Um…I am not the King. I am simply the advisor. She requests I wear that to attest to my status as the Hero, nothing more. I always thought it was a bit dangerous given Ganon’s minions…” Link mutters that last sentence, earning another chuckle from Zoey.

    “Yes, that probably isn’t very smart to broadcast your status when there could still be enemies around. Though, I doubt it. After his defeat, even the creatures that had begun to find their way into Timori disappeared. I don’t think there is anything to worry about, Hero.”

    Link stares at Zoey a moment, his eyes flickering from his headpiece still in her hands, to her eyes. She was taller than him, her boots giving her a few extra inches, but it was clear even without them she had a large presence. “May I have that back now?” He extends his hand towards the hunk of metal, his eyebrow quirking in annoyance when she holds it out of his reach.

    “Of course, Hero.” She moves to place the piece back on his head, stepping very close to him.

    “Could you please not call me ‘Hero’?” Link whispers, his body tensing from her proximity.

    Zoey hums, placing the crown on his head, and fiddling with it until it was placed properly. She steps, smiling at him.



    “Why do I always have to be the one to do this shit?” Link mutters to himself as he places a book onto one of the many shelves in the large castle library. He huffs, glaring at the massive piles of books. “We have a fucking librarian for a reason. But no, I don’t know how to say no to people and just end up in here for hours on fucking end doing someone else’s job! Yes, be the hero, Link! Be so super helpful and do everyone’s fucking jooobbb! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He places his face in his hands, screaming into them.

    “Would you like some help, Hero?” An amused voice sounds very close to his ear. Link whips around, quickly pulling a dagger from his belt and swiping it at the source of the voice. An unnaturally cold hand caught his wrist, the blade inches from the Timorine’s face. “My apologies, that probably was not a wise thing to do to a stressed Hero.” Zoey had only been there a few weeks, but seemed hellbent on sneaking up on Link every chance she got.

    Link huffs at her, pulling his hand away. “Could you stop calling me Hero? It’s annoying. And quit standing so close to me!”

    “Tragic, really. Would you like some help with these books?” She smirks at him, chuckling at the annoyed glare he sends her way. Without waiting for an answer, she grabs one of the books, reading the spine. Link grumbled to himself, grabbing a book of his own. He turns to look at its spine, but his eyes begin to wander.

    Zoey wasn’t wearing the heels she wore when she arrived, and she was most definitely taller than most women he’d seen. Her hair was a deep purple that could almost be mistaken for black. She wore a short white cape on her left arm, the back longer than the front, and connected to her clothing with a jewel shaped like an inverted triangle. Her black top extended into a skirt that was sectioned into pieces that fanned out, covering matched leggings that holes running down the sides. Her flat black boots had crimson red stitching that matched two feathers braided into her hair. She snickered, holding the book in her arm, pressed against her side, and turned towards Link. She tilted her head, smiling at him.

    “It’s not polite to stare, Hero.” She passes by him to place the book on a shelf.

    “Um…that’s not where that goes.” Link raises an eyebrow at her, moving to take the book back off the shelf. Zoey doesn’t move, watching his movement as he takes it and places it on the shelf two rows above where Zoey had put it. “Close, but not-” He stops short, noticing how close she had gotten once more, the smile still present. Link could feel her breath, which was almost as unnaturally cold as her hands had been. She rests her arm on the shelf, leaning closer to him. “-close enough…”

    Link’s breathing got heavier with every second. Her eyes definitely had a red tinge to them, her pale skin almost grey. She didn’t look like a Timorine, known for their light hair and dark skin. She was so much taller than he was used to, and her smile held an unsettling emotion. Her teeth were sharp, canines that seemed perfect for biting. Her long nails were painted black, with a purple sheen to them that seemed to match her hair.

    “Hi.” She whispers, inches from Link’s face. He swallows, his eyes moving to stare at the books in front of him.

    “Hi…” He whispered back, his hand still lingering on the book he had placed onto the shelf. “What are you doing?”

    “What do you think I’m doing, Hero?” She moves again, turning the two of them so that Link’s back was against the bookshelf.

    “Okay, why are you doing it?”

    “Do you not want me to?”

    “I don’t know.” Link’s hands grip the edges of the shelves behind him, his nails digging into the wood.

    “I’m not going to kiss you unless you say I can, Link. Can I?” Zoey’s nose barely pressed against Link’s, that smile never wavering. She was the same height as him, but it felt as if she was engulfing him.

    Link’s hands found their way to the side of Zoey’s shirt, holding onto the fabric as she got closer. Another chuckle emitted from her, and this time Link felt it. Freezing cold lips met his, just as cold hands winding into his hair.

    He felt like he was being swallowed whole. Every worry he had had the past few months were now the farthest things from his mind. The frantic fear and pain he had felt every day was gone, leaving only her cold hands and russet eyes.

    A hesitant cough breaks the two from each other, Zoey quickly stepping back, her hands folded behind her. The Princess stood in the doorway of the library, smiling mischievously at the duo.

    Link clears his throat, waving to her. “Hey, Mira….What…are you doing?”

    “I think the question is what are you doing? Though I guess the answer to that would be Lady Zoey.” She cackles, running out of the library with Link quickly running after her.

    “HEY GET BACK HERE!!!” He sprints down the hallway, leaving Zoey alone. She snorts, shaking her head. She begins to walk out, waving a hand. A black smoke engulfs the stacks of books and quickly places them in all of their rightful spots. The heavy door shuts behind her.


    “I’m surprised the Hero of Hyrule doesn’t live in the castle.” A low voice sounded in Link’s ear, causing him to jump.

    “OH MY GODDESSES DO YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS DO THAT!?!?” He whips around, snarling at the woman who had somehow managed to get into his house. “How’d you even get in here?! I locked the door!!”

    “Lock’s broken.” Zoey points to the door, and Link groans.

    “Of course it is, of course it fucking is. Because everything I own breaks.” He stomps over to the door, fiddling with the lock. Suddenly, he stands up straight, and turns on his heel. “Wait…did you dye your hair?”

    Zoey’s hair was no longer the deep purple it was. “I’m Timorine, I have naturally white hair. The color’s finally fading out.” Her hair had changed to a much lighter purple, though it was still very vibrant.

    “Oh. Right. Why the fuck are you in my house?”

    “I was wanting to speak with you, but Lady Mira said you like to be out of the castle as much as possible during the week.” Zoey runs her fingers over the wood table against the wall, before jumping up to sit on it.

    “You just really like following me around, don’t you? Real suspicious, Zoey.” Link walks back over to her and leans against the table, staring at the ground.

    She snorts, scooting over the table to sit behind him. She wraps her around his waist, tucking them under his arms and over his stomach. “Yes, very suspicious.” She presses her nose against his cheek. “Because who could resist such an adorable Hero. I might just have to eat you.” Zoey presses her teeth to Link’s ear, cackling at the shiver she earned from him.

    “Is that a promise?” He smiles, grabbing onto her arms that were locked around him. He turns, pulling from her grip and grabs onto the front of her shirt, pulling her off the table. He continues to walk backwards, guiding her towards the bed on the other side of the room.

    “Of course.”


    Days felt different with her. They felt right. I would wake up to her. Even as I got sicker, I didn’t realize it with her around. She was even able to help me figure out why I was getting sick.

    Apparently you aren’t supposed to kill your Dark.

    I fought my Dark image in the Great Palace. And I defeated him. Ran him through. You’re not supposed to do that.

    Your Dark is the other half of your soul. Same goes for them. I was his soul’s other half. But even he didn’t know we weren’t supposed to fight. At least not until I won. I think he realized it. I remember him reaching for me. His body was there for a while. These shadows had poured out of him, his glowing red eyes turning completely black, matching his skin and hair. I decided to bury him.

    He looked so tiny. It felt like I was looking at a younger version of myself. When we buried him, his hair wasn’t black anymore.

    It was purple.

    Zoey would sometimes sit by herself on the roof of the house. Just staring at the sky. She’d speak about other worlds. She spoke about Darks and what they were, how they worked. I never questioned her knowledge about them, but that was just another thing on the list of stupid shit I’ve done.

    Apparently, when a Dark loves someone so much, a kiss from that person can turn the Dark’s hair white, and purify them.

    She kissed me one night, and her hair turned white.

    Then she tried to kill me.

    I know she didn’t want to do anything she did.

    I know she loved me. I don’t blame her for what happened.

    I was angry for a long time. But that was just because I didn’t realize what was really happening.

    Not until that freak jumped out of the mirror and took my place.

    Not until the little blue-eyed demon that I once killed crawled into my lap in that stone cell.

    Every time I was with her, I felt like I was being consumed by her.

    I felt like I was being consumed by him.

    But I’m still nothing but a tyrant. Someone who flailed for control over his life when he was losing it and ending up hurting a lot of people.

    I deserve this.


    “The Hero is not fit to protect the people anymore, Queen Zelda! Something must be done! He has run off with that Timorine and could lead us all to ruin!”

    “You will not tell me how to rule my kingdom! I know Link better than any of you. He is sick. He could die soon. He and Zoey have been planning their trip for months.”

    “It seems that Timorine soldier knows him better than you do, Queen. She is always at his house, and he has only been getting sicker since she arrived.”

    “Link has always been sick. Since the battle he had at the Great Palace, he has been sick. Her arrival has nothing to do with it, that was inevitable. Zoey has done nothing but help our kingdom. The princess and Queen Lasata are engaged, and Hyrule is flourishing. Do not speak of her in such a way.”

    “There was blood and shattered glass in the Hero’s house, Your Highness. His bathroom was covered in a black, tar-like substance. She might not be as innocent as you think she is.”



    Hands gripped the back of Link’s neck as he threw up the black tar that was hellbent on pouring out of his mouth. One hand was cold, the other warm. The creature’s voice whispered into his ear.

    “Give up, Link. Just give up. Let me help you.”

    “No, no no. Let go of m-HRK!!” More tar poured out of Link’s mouth, covering the floor and glass that was scattered over it.

    “Link, just lay down. You’re sick…”

    “I’M SICK BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU STUPID MIRROR!” He shouts, whipping his arms back to dislodge the hands from his body.

    The hands finally moved, and the voice quieted. Link continued to throw up the heavy substance, until finally, it slowed down, allowing him to breathe. He looks up, a large piece of his broken bathroom mirror showing him how terrible he looked.

    His skin was covered in angry black marks, his mouth stained with whatever black liquid was fighting its way out of his body. Tears flowed down his cheeks, and a sob broke through the fitful coughing.

    “I don’t wanna die…” He whimpers, pressing his fingers against the glass.

    A hand shoots out of the glass, grabbing Link by the throat and pulling him towards it. His vision goes black, the warm hand pressing into his skin, the cold one holding onto his arm. The voice whispered into his ear again.

    “You’re sick because of yourself, Link. But you aren’t going to die. Because I’m going to save you~”


    “You are a Majora! Light and Dark Reflections should never Converge without their Wards present!! And you have used your power to throw one of your Wards into the hands of Pitches! You think we are going to let you back into the Mirrors?!”

    “I am…simply…trying to help him….”

    “You think throwing your Ward into the hands of Maligna and Luculen was helping him?! No, you just wanted to BE him! MAJORA!”


    A scream echoed through the realm made of mirrors, setting off a shockwave that knocked the traitorous Reflection back.

    “You will take on the Infection your Ward had. And you will get just what you wanted. His life. But you will forget you were ever a guardian. You will live in the pain he did, and you will not know the love he had. Because that is all a little tyrannical majora like you deserves.”


    A cough rocked through the body of the man curled on the floor. Glass dug into his hands as he sat up, frantically trying to pull himself up. Sapphire eyes caught sight of a large chunk of a broken mirror. Long curly brown hair framing a pale face. He pressed his hands to his face, the left one cold against his cheek, the right one warm.

    A shocked gasp broke the man out of his stupor, causing him to whip his head towards the door. A woman with thick auburn hair stared down at him in shock.



    “N-no…It’s Mira. Link, where have you been?!” She kneels on the ground, pressing her hands to his face.

    “Ami…” He repeats, catching a piece of her hair in his fingers. “Hi…”

    “I…Hi, Link.” She stops, sighing, and yanks him into a hug, which he hesitantly returns.

    “You’ve been gone so long, Link. We were so worried.”


    “Ya know, you don’t have to talk to them like that!” An unexpected voice chimes from the group. All heads turn to the young princess, her hands resting on her hips, a disgusted sneer on her face.

    “Oh really?”

    “Yeah, really. You’re acting like you’re the fucking king or some shit.”

    “Well, I kinda am. I’m the King of this fucking town. What I say goes, here.”

    “Well, nobody likes a tyrant.”

    “Well, sometimes, sweetheart, tyrants are the only ones who get shit done.” He laughs, opening the door. “Unless you want to head to that nasty hotel too, I suggest y’all get in here. It’s about to rain.”


    Character Unlock:

    -Reflection of the Hero of the Decline and his Dark: Tyrant

    Known Powers:

    -Thunder Magic

    -Fairy Magic

    -Shield Magic

    -Jump Magic

    -Life Magic

    -Fire Magic


    Known Eras:

    -Era of the Decline

    -Era of Restoration

    -Era of Collapse


    Welcome to the Reflection.

    You will be meeting the Reflections of the Hero of Time and his Dark next.


    “What are you going to call yourself, Hero?”



    So yes. It is confirmed. Tyrant is not the Hero of the Decline.

    That lovely title goes to our HBBNF protagonist, Bound. His Dark is Lepus.

    Funny thing, I hadn’t intended for Ty to be a Reflection. Bound was actually going to be the Reflection, and I hadn’t finalized whether Lepus was ever going to show up or if I was going to keep him dead. I decided Ty would be a Reflection around….June of last year? Probably .<. It was a while before I released the first HB chapter. But it took a lot longer to figure out how I wanted that to be shown. And I eventually decided to have him be a Convergence of Bound and Lepus’s Reflections.

    Also, “Ami” is the Queen Zelda, the elder Zelda from the end of Zelda II. “Mira” is the younger one, and is the Princess.

    Ami, Mira, Bound and Lepus are all available for questions.

    As of right now, the kingdom of Timori has no significance it was literally just an alibi for Zoey. If y’all wanna see more of it, maybe I could develop it? But probably not.


    The next chapter will be a regular HB chapter, then we’ll meet the next two Reflections.

    Stay crazy, my Lovely Proxies~!!!

    Creator Twitchy out~

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  • onepixcel_official: 「 DO IT,DO IT 」 MV公開!! 2月26日発売のメジャー1stアルバム『LIBRE』より、

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    “DO IT,DO IT” MV published!! 2/26 from Major 1st album “LIBRE” released.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.





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