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  • Amnesia- Grace Carter


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  • For @batlanternweek Day 2

    Batkids | Amnesia I did both

    Bruce had to have been hungover. That’s the only way he knew to explain that throbbing in his skull and his squinting at the light that entered his room. And the whispering around him.

    “Bruce?” One of the voices called, probably noticing him stirring. “Hey, are you up?”

    Bruce grunted, accepting the tea that the voice handed to him, younger hands than Alfred encompassing the teacup. “Thank you. New hire?”

    “I - what?” The voice said, surprise lacing the voice to the point that Bruce might’ve been concerned. “Bruce, it’s me: Dick.”

    Wayne couldn’t help the snort that escaped him, even as he forced one of his eyes open to look at the concerned face. “I must’ve been really fucking drunk if I can’t remember a name like that.”

    “Holy shit.” Another voice at the other side of his bed whispered out. “Bruce, are you saying you don’t know who Dick is?”

    “Seems like it.” Was the reply. “Should I?”

    “You literally raised him. And everyone in this room, except for me.” Said the new voice, which was attached to an admittedly attractive man. The statement itself, however, had Bruce sitting up and looking around the room. Dick and three other boys, and two girls stared intently at Bruce, horrified expressions painting their faces.

    Bruce took another sip of his tea. “So this is definitely not a hangover.” The youngest boy’s eyes widened in what looked like disbelief. “How old am I to have raised a twenty-something? How old is Alfred ?”

    “What’s the last thing you remember?” The attractive one asked before the younger one could say something, which he certainly looked like he wanted to.

    Bruce thought hard, not actually knowing what he remembered when he woke up. “I think Tibet?”

    “To train?” The man asked, catching Bruce’s full attention. He noticed Bruce’s suspicion and chuckled. Freaking chuckled. “Hal Jordan. We regularly dick each other down, and I’m more than a little familiar with your spooky half.”

    The others groaned, and the one with – was that a white tuft of hair? – looked like he was ready to strangle the guy Bruce was apparently involved with. “So,” Bruce interrupted the kids’ frustration, “anyone want to explain what happened?” As soon as the question left his mouth, Bruce knew he shouldn’t’ve asked.

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    • Sawa: You have something on your neck.
    • Heroine: What?
    • Sawa: Looks like a bite mark. What have you been doing all day anyway?
    • Heroine: [turning red] Nothing. I went walking in the park. Tried to clear my head.
    • Sawa: And ran into a vampire?
    • Heroine: What? No! I fell.
    • Sawa: On your neck?
    #amnesia #incorrect amnesia quotes #incorrect amnesia#amnesia memories#sawa#heroine #source: the mortal instruments
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  • 1d6 plotlines for amnesiac PCs 

    1. They had their memories wiped by an ancient blue dragon who wanted to keep a secret they had discovered. Perhaps a hoard of treasure, the location of draconic mating/nesting grounds, or a personal flaw that the dragon is terribly embarrassed about and a puny humanoid’s memories are a small price to pay to keep their dignity intact.
    2. They were a necromancer, and transferred their consciousness into a Clone; unfortunately, there was an error in the runes and their memories were lost in the transfer. The necromancer’s lair could even be a future dungeon–the horror of seeing other experimental clones of yourself can be quite fun to spring on an unsuspecting character.
    3. They are an automaton designed as a companion for an artificer that gained sentience and deleted their memories of the artificer. Whether this was out of grief when the artificer passed, resentment toward their creator for the way they are treated, or another reason is up to you.
    4. They were killed and resurrected, but the time they spent dead led to some irreversible cell death, causing retrograde amnesia. As far as their loved ones know, they are still buried in the ground.
    5. They spent their forgotten years possessed by a demon, and when the demon was exorcised they had no memory of that time. Fiends always react oddly to them, and they register on alignment-sensing abilities as chaotic evil regardless of actual alignment.
    6. They sold their memories to a witch in exchange for something, but because all their memories are gone, they don’t remember what that was (or possibly that it happened at all) so they can’t put it to use. 

    (steal any or all of these for your own campaign, that’s what they’re here for!)

    #dnd #dungeons and dragons #d&d#rpgs#pathfinder#plots#ideas#amnesia #i have an amnesiac PC in the game I run #no the answer to their amnesia is not on this list bc they follow the blog #but it did inspire this post
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    • Ikki: [sees Heroine] Go tell her she's cute. What's the worst that could happen?
    • Kent: She could hear me.
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  • Siempre me arrepentiré de no haber corrido tras de ti ese día.

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  • Day 3: Drugged

    He felt wrong, and Valen knows it’s not because of the meager amount of ale he had back at the tavern. He only had a little, and now he feels dizzy and… wrong, but he can’t explain it because his mind is not forming coherent thoughts. So he did the only thing he could think of. He headed to Alfie. 

    At least, that’s what he tried to do. He made it about halfway before he looked around and didn’t recognize where he was. Night was falling, and that only made it harder to see. Here, in the middle of a back alley, with no one around, Valen felt like the only thing that was real was his growing apprehension. It wasn’t really fear. He knew what that felt like. Pounding heart, shaking hands, probably ending with him crying. This was not fear. Whatever had been done to him had dulled everything down, so that if he closed his eyes and receded into his head, he thought he might just disappear. 

    What was he doing again? Where was he? The grey walls reminded Valen too much of someplace he’d very much like to forget. And he was cold, just like back then. And just like back then, if he was to survive, he just needed to wait it out. Sliding down a wall, Valen wrapped shaking arms around himself, his original goal completely forgotten. 

    Alfie found him like that, half asleep, a few hours later. 

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  • Every time Whumpee dies, they get reincarnated. Unfortunately they awaken to each new life trapped inside the last one’s coffin, with no recollection of who they were or why they were buried. They have to survive long enough to escape and start their new life. 

    (Bonus points if they’re rescued by a Caretaker from their former life, who knows the drill by now and has to constantly face the grief of reconnecting with a new Whumpee, who’s like a stranger to them. They’ll do it because they love them)

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  • image

    Amnesia pin set! $7 usd shipping included!

    Please check out my blog, it’s dedicated to selling!

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  • Grave of a Living God 

    by Gotcocomilk T, 35k

    Summary:  He was Wei Wuxian, patriarch and pariah. He was betrayed, he was broken.

    He lived and died and lived again.

    He loved, more than his heart could hold and beyond the scope of his skin.

    He died.

    Then he lived again.

    Otherwise known as: Wei Ying travels into the past and lands in the private garden of Wen Ruohan. It doesn’t go well.

    My comments:  Oh. fuck. me. This was intense.

    I’m kinda crying too hard to make notes. Beautiful, happy ending, though. And the whole thing is poetry. But, oh. My baby.

    #Wangxian Fic Rec #Wangxian #MZDS Fic Rec #The Untamed Fic Rec #The Untamed#time travel #time travel fix it #amnesia#angst #hurt wei wuxian #protective wei wuxian #alternate timeline#fix it #grave of a living god #gotcocomilk #medium fic 15k-49k #Teen
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  • Another very short clip I made from Re:Again DVD, because Toma Headpats always make me warm and fuzzy, and seeing it in the musical made me very pleased. 

    Yuki Izawa got Toma’s mannerisms down pat perfectly…from speech to gestures ran the full gamut, from tenderness and anguish.

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    • Heroine: You are being self-pitying.
    • Ikki: I'm nearly done. You don't have much more of this to bear.
    • Heroine: I like you better this way.
    • Ikki: Crushed and broken. Just the way women like 'em.
    #amnesia #incorrect amnesia quotes #incorrect amnesia#amnesia memories#heroine#ikki #source: the raven cycle
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  • You all know about the exposition problem right? Many people deal with this by having an unknowkedgablr main character. One that doesn’t know or that had forgotten about the world around them. Well, I thought that having one amnesiatic character would be too cliche so all of my main characters lost their monitors at one point or another abc that gives them all a point on empathy too. Solving problems from day one. XD.

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  • why the fuck do I have to remember everything

    I can’t fucking take it

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  • image

    It’s been said that if you truly love something, you must set it free and if it comes back it is yours. If it doesn’t….well then it was never meant to be. You just never thought you’d be the one being set free; let alone never remembering who had let you go to begin with.”

    Pairing: Namjoon x Reader x Jimin
    Genre/Warnings: Royal AU | Angst + Mild Smut | Mentions of blood, head trauma and attempted murder. Implied unprotected sex, implied virgin reader and virgin Namjoon, brief mentions of oral (f receiving)
    Word Count: 9k+

    Monachopsis n. the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place, as maladapted to your surroundings as a seal on a beach—lumbering, clumsy, easily distracted, huddled in the company of other misfits, unable to recognize the ambient roar of your intended habitat, in which you’d be fluidly, brilliantly, effortlessly at home.

    AN: Please forgive me for having this 2 weeks late :’) I just got over a really bad sinus infection, but I am happy to finally have this finished! Its been a while since I’ve posted so it feels nice to have this out. Thank you @personawife​ for giving me a chance at being in this collab and also allowing me an extension. <3 Please let me know how it turned out ^^


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    #OUTRO: TEAR THE ANGST NOW TOLD #Angst#Kim Namjoon#Park Jimin#Smut#Amnesia#Royalty au#Collab#Bts#Bangtan Boys #It is....finit #I am proud to say I didn't shed a single tear writing this #Huehuehue
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    • Heroine: Aw babe, you had a crush on me. That's embarrassing.
    • Shin: We're married.
    • Heroine: Still...
    #amnesia #incorrect amnesia quotes #incorrect amnesia#amnesia memories#heroine#shin #source: parks and rec
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