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    Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Star Wars dads, and all the other dads out there. May the force be with you!✨💙

    Dads and their kids
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    anakin: i’m going to bed early today.


    anakin: is that the sun

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    A Girl Like You

    Pairing: Little bit of Wolffe x fem!Jedi Reader

    Summary: You end up having a lightsaber sparring match with Anakin and the clones watch on from the sidelines. Wolffe admires the view.

    Warnings: 13+, Wolffe eyeing up the reader.

    Word Count: 2k

    Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at writing some sort of battle scene, I hope I pulled it off alright. This is mostly a fic about the Dathomiri/Mandalorian reader in order to help me practice writing battles, but I have thrown in Wolffe being cheeky because I couldn't resist. Any feedback is always appreciated, as are reblogs! Fic is below the cutoff, thanks very much for reading x

    You’re not entirely sure how you got yourself into this situation. You’d been sitting among a few members of your battalion, the 104th, along with General Skywalker, Commander Tano, the usual suspects from the 501st and a few of the Coruscant Guard commanders, getting yourselves ready to head out for a night out among the lower levels of Coruscant. While you’d been waiting for the last few stragglers to get some fresh armour on before heading out, Anakin had somehow dragged you into some pissing contest about lightsaber designs and which were the most effective in combat. You carried a double bladed weapon, and Anakin had been poking you about how ineffective he’d found them to be in battle. You know he was just trying to get a rise out of you and you hated that it worked.

    So that’s how you ended up here, with the challenge of a sparring match presented to you by Anakin. He wanted to test his theory as to what weapon was superior in battle.

    “Loser buys the first round at 79’s for everyone” The General suggested. You looked around, there must be at least twenty of you heading out tonight, would your credits even cover that?

    “You’re on.” Guess you could always get a few waters and lie to the men. Fox could probably do with a slow start to the drinking anyways.

    The three Jedis present used the force to clear some tables out the way, creating a space for the fight. Ahsoka outlined some rules before the event began, which were; no force use on each other, no dirty tricks and please don’t actually hurt each other. Should the latter happen, at least they had Kix there ready to fix them up, even if he was supposed to be off duty.

    Once the space was cleared, you got up from your spot amongst the Wolfpack who were hyping you up like you were some pay-per-view sports person about to head into the ring. The 501st boys were cheering for Anakin as Rex gave him a pep talk before sending him off into their makeshift battle arena.

    The two of you took your spots opposite each other. You were both still wearing your usual battle clothes, just clean alternatives. Anakin’s fresh, dark coloured robes were neatly wrapped around him, his growing hair hanging just above his eyes as he readied himself for the fight.

    You yourself were in a form fitting grey and white jumpsuit which flared slightly at the leg. The sleeves were short, showing off the grey Dathomiri markings on your arms which were dotted across your fair Mandalorian skin. Your whole ensemble was finished off with a single, battle-worn shoulder piece which carried the Wolfpack insignia. Your short blonde hair was in it’s signature half up, half down look, keeping it out of your way.

    You both readied yourselves and your eyes met. You could feel the confidence radiating off of him and you knew exactly why. Despite being the same age as Anakin, you were still a Padawan under Master Plo. However, from your Master’s recent suggestions, that wouldn’t be the case for long.

    You took a moment to calm yourself. Remembering your training, you let the audience disappear until it was just the two of you. You opened your eyes and readied your lightsaber. You took the handle and held it out in front of you, the space for the two blades coming out either side of your grip. You clicked the weapon on and it buzzed to life. Two green blades in perfect unison. You twirled the weapon around your fingers, pulling it to your side as you got into your initial stance. Leaning back on your right bent leg, your left outstretched in front of you, one half of your weapon inches away from the right side of your head, ready to go.

    Anakin had done the same and with some flare, had gotten into his stance. You were both ready.

    “After you, Skyguy” and with that, Anakin took the first lunge. You brought your lightsaber up just below your chin, holding it sideways to block his straight swipe down across your head. Your faces inches apart before you both pushed off of each other and started stalking around in a circle, waiting for who would make the next move.

    An unspoken understanding in the air between you both, the knowledge that you could push each other to your limits, in a way the Jedi wouldn’t normally encourage in training. The thought sent a slight thrill through your body, you always went into every battle with utmost control, always trying to be a model Commander. You always had to prove to the council that you weren’t a threat, that you could the resist the dark side that came so naturally to your kind. But right now, for the first time, you could really let loose and trial your power with Anakin as you knew he’d be doing the exact same.

    The tension in the room was thick, the focused stares between the Jedi entrancing everyone present as they danced around one another.

    You both rushed to the centre of the space, sabres clashing right in front of your faces. A cyan glow lit up your features, both sporting wicked grins. The power you both held evident among the spectators. You thought you heard a few gasps from the crowd, but all your focus was directed at the Knight in front of you. His feral smirk held as he spoke from behind the clash of your weapons. “Don’t get too flustered now, I know I look great under blue light”

    “Don’t flatter yourself, General” You chuckled as you pushed off each other. Stalking once more.

    When you clashed again, it was all a blur. Hit after hit. He was relentless. Your weapons created a bright light show as you kept up with Anakin’s offensive. He pushed you further back, the wall behind you growing closer. You blocked his next hit and took a moment to plan. He was getting confident, too confident. You could use that to your advantage.

    You ducked below his next swing and went for his legs, causing him to do a backflip back to the centre. Finally, some breathing room. Now it was your turn to go on the offensive. You charged forward and restarted the fast pace. Delivering blow after blow to Anakin’s defence. Your double blades keeping him on his toes as you made sure to never favour one side of your weapon.

    You were both high from the strength you put on display, you don’t remember the last time you let loose like this. You were both sweating slightly, grinning at the enjoyment of such a challenging fight. One strike from Anakin had you swinging your lightsaber over you shoulder to guard your back, as you blocked a particularly dirty move from the General. From the sidelines, you heard Ahsoka reprimanding her Master and reminding him that this was only a sparring match. You raised your eyebrow at the General who just shrugged, still sporting a confident smirk on his face. It was on.


    The clones were mesmerised. Of course they’d seen their Jedis fight hundreds of times in battle, but they never had the time to just watch and appreciate. The pair were so different, where Anakin was like a controlled tornado, skill and strength on the brink of being unleashed. Your approach was measured, plotting, more like a slow song building up. Every move you made was calculated, as if you were playing a game of chess.

    Wolffe couldn’t help but appreciate the view as you lunged an attack at Anakin. You and Wolffe had been fighting alongside each other for years now but he’d never really seen you like this. Your orange eyes sharp, body tense, feet light as you danced with Anakin. Green and blue clashing. Your moves so smooth and flowing into one another yet contrasted by displays of dangerous power, reminding him of the waters back on Kamino. You looked incredible and he couldn’t help getting pulled into the atmosphere, cheering alongside the rest of his brothers. There was a new feeling in his chest as he watched you battle. Their Jedi. His Jedi.

    He continued to stare as the fight raged on. He bloomed with pride when his eyes found your Wolfpack insignia on your shoulder, which perfectly matched your battalion colour-scheme outfit. Speaking of, his eyes couldn’t help themselves as they drifted along your body, finding all the places where that jumpsuit hugged your small curves just right. The way your toned arms strained as you swung your weapon. The way your skin markings lead beneath the v-neckline you’d left at the front of your jumpsuit from the zipper, teasing almost. You were a vision. Maker get ahold of yourself. He shook his head, as if it would clear the racy thoughts from his mind. It didn’t.

    Back at the event, there were lulls and peaks in the fight, moments where you were studying each other and others where your lightsabers were in near constant contact as you fought to keep up with the other’s moves.

    “You’ve got this General, take her down” Jesse shouted from his position in the sidelines.

    “Commander, kick his ass!” Boost piped up in your support.


    The crowd getting involved seemed to spur Anakin on further, your next clash resulted in him being able to swing your lightsaber from your grasp. Kriff. Suddenly you felt the tell-tale heat radiating off his weapon onto your throat, only a few millimetres separating them. The 501st were cheering in support of their General while Anakin looked over to his adoring fans, soaking up the praise. You just smirked from your defenceless position.

    “You shouldn’t get so cocky, General” you stated casually, pulling him out of his moment.

    “What?” Before he could react, you knocked his weapon away from your chin as your right leg hooked around the back of his and sent him sprawling onto his back. You used the force to grab his weapon as you went to kneel on his chest, his own lightsaber now readied towards his throat.

    The crowd watched on in shock for a few seconds before the Wolfpack jumped out their seats and started cheering. You’d officially just defeated The Chosen One in a sparring match.

    You chuckled at their reactions and Anakin’s pout before helping the General up. You returned his weapon and watched as he stalked back over to his battalion, his pride in tatters. Looking over at your own squad, Comet and Boost were winding up Jesse and Fives over how their Jedi was superior.

    As you made your way back over the 104th troopers jumped on you chanting “Wolfpack! Wolfpack! Wolfpack!” some of them even started howling. You just laughed and pushed them off you.

    “You’re such dorks” you chuckled, ruffling Sinker’s hair as he walked back to his seat.

    “I believe you dropped this sir” Wolffe came over and extended your weapon out to you. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to retrieve your weapon from wherever it’d be thrown in a fight.

    “Thank you, Commander” you said with a smile. You were both standing slightly away from the others who were still teasing the 501st, with help from Commander Thorn. Wolffe had a strange look on his face, like he was contemplating something.

    “You looked good out there” he piped up, his usual bravado replaced with something more unsure. However, his walls were back up before you could tell what it was.

    “You telling me I look good, Wolffe?” You teased, hoping to wind him up a little bit.

    “Maybe I am” he replied with a smirk, his eyes giving you a once over boldly in front of you. You blushed at the sudden attention. Well this was new.

    “You two Commanders done flirting or can we go now? There’s a free round waiting for us!” Ahsoka shouted from across the way.

    You and Wolffe looked at each other for a moment longer before you chuckled and nodded your head in the direction of the exit. “We should head off”.

    As you walked side by side with the clone Commander, you thought back to the way he looked at you. There was something in his eyes, admiration, maybe even want? You couldn’t tell, but you definitely wanted to find out. Maybe a few drinks would loosen him up enough to see what was going on in that handsome head of his.

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    #HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THEM 💙💙💙 #men in star wars want one thing and it's fatherhood #darth vader#anakin skywalker#bail organa#jango fett#sergeant hunter#han solo#din djarin#owen lars#galen erso#saw gerrera#cut lawquane#kanan jarrus#caleb dume#star wars #the empire strikes back #revenge of the sith #attack of the clones #the bad batch #the force awakens #the mandalorian#rogue one #the clone wars #sw rebels
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    #obikin#Anakin Skywalker#Obi-Wan Kenobi#star wars #obiwan has such a good face #still working on my lineart ':) #it's going#art
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    Random phone wallpapers I created this weekend! Like if downloaded/used!

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    Jedi June | Day 06 | Non-Attachment.

    Another piece for @jedijune ! I struggled with this concept because I wanted all this event to be Obi-Wan and Anakin, and both failed on this 😂😭 BUT I thought that Obi-Wan got to understand this with Qui-Gon's passing.

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    ANAKIN SKYWALKER + JAR’KAI in the Prequel Trilogy and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    #swedit#starwarsedit#tcwedit#star wars #the clone wars #anakinskywalkeredit#anakin skywalker#starwarsblr#thestarwarsdaily#*mine#*2021#*gifs#flashing tw #anakin with two lightsabers is smth else #I've wanted to gif the aotc shots since I first watched it 10 months ago haha why was it soooo zoomed out #thank you mr filoni for that duel with barriss
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    happy father’s day to all the daddies of star wars 😌

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    For Obikin Week. Theme bad day.

    When Anakin turned another suicide stunt adding gray hair to Obi-Wan's head.

    "Master, do you know what alcoholism is?"

    "Shut up, Anakin"

    #obikin#obi wan #obi wan kenobi #anakin skywalker#anakin#sw anakin #star wars anakin #star wars obi wan #star wars #obi wan x anakin
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    Happy gotcha day to the best lil Jedi Knights around! From pure babies to...well...bigger babies.

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    Happy Father’s Day to the space dads…and there’s a lot of em!

    the unexpected dads:

    The ones with actual biological children:

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    #star wars#anakin skywalker #obi wan kenobi #qui gon jinn #ahsoka tano#trilla suduri#cal kestis #qui gons padawans sith lord #fanfic
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    How Anakin Skywalker was born to a virgin?

    I am a fan of Joseph Campbell and the fact that so many of his ideas affected Star Wars gives me one more reason to admire him. As you read his take on the motif of the "virgin birth" you may see Shmi, Padmé, the Organas and all characters in a different light.

    From The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell)

    In India, there is this system of the Kundalini as it is called, the idea of the centers, psychological centers up the spine. And they represent a psychological planes of concern and consciousness and action. First is at the rectum and this is that of alimentation. The serpent represents this, you know, a traveling esophagus going along just eating, eating, eating, eating. And all of us – we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t eating. And the second center is at the sex organ center, and that’s the urge to procreation. The third center is at the navel, and this is where you eat and want to consume. It’s not the alimentary eating it’s the mastering and smashing and trashing of others. You see, this is the aggressive mood.

    The first is animal instinct, the second is animal instinct and the third is animal instinct and these three centers are located in the pelvic basin, you see. The next one is at the level of the heart. And this is the opening of compassion. And there you move out of the field of animal action into a field that is properly human and spiritual.

    In each of these centers, there is a symbolic form. At the base, at the first one [eating] there is the form of the lingam and yoni. The male and female organs in conjunction. At the heart chakra [the compassion center] there is again the [symbol of] male and female organs in conjunction but in gold.

    This is the virgin birth. It’s the birth of the spiritual man out of the animal man. [And it happens] at the level of the heart to compassion and suffering with the other person. That’s the beginning of humanity. (…)

    [In mythology, in all those stories, a God is born. And that God is you.] All of the symbols in mythology refer to you. (…) What that suffering [Jesus Christ on the Cross] is what ought to be going on in you. Have you been reborn? Have you died to your animal nature and come to life as a human incarnation? (...) It's symbolic of a spiritual transformation.

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    “Prepare a boarding party.”

    -Darth Vader, “Rogue One”

    #Darth Vader #happy father’s day 2021 #rogue one#anakin skywalker#evil fathers#Star Wars #rogue one a star wars story
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