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    17.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #∴∵ 🐍 ∴∵ 「 DECODED LOGS OF DR. MOBIUS. 」 analysis. #∴∵ 🐍 ∴∵ 「 LET ME SHOW YOU... THE REAL MANTIS. 」 skills. #∴∵ 🐍 ∴∵ 「 THE SERPENT RULES THE GARDENS OF EDEN. 」 visage.
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  • jestayork
    17.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Who was the prison made for? a summary of the running theories.

    (all characters are /rp) While it doesn’t really matter to the story, Dream’s mysterious motivation is an important part of his characterization.

    The vault was initially described as intended for someone capable that he can’t kill.

    No one in particular: It’s not unlikely that the prison was made just to be intimidating. Anyone that Dream decided was annoying could go in there for a week and be let out again. A system like this is ideal for the “big happy family” goal, as it discourages working against him with some immediate and unpleasant consequences.

    Dream himself: This is true in a meta sense, since this is what cc!Dream was planning. I don’t think Dream is that much of a masochist though. He was very concerned about the security of the prison, which would be very inconvenient to himself. Dream is a decent planner, but he’s not Moriarty - what could he possibly think he’d get out of it? Why wouldn’t he want to enjoy his success?

    Sam: A good bit of irony, but doesn’t make much sense beyond that. Sam is resourceful and could be a threat, but he didn’t have much in the way of an agenda at the time. Dream’s allies are a limited resource.

    Tommy: The prison was commissioned about a week after Tommy burned down George’s house. You can say he only loosely fits the description of “capable” - despite being a skilled fighter, he always encourages people to underestimate him, preferring to stash his belongings and wear cheap armour.

    Dream directly said to Tommy that the prison was not planned for him, but he had changed his mind. It is possible that Dream was lying to try and manipulate Tommy into believing his imprisonment would be due to his own mistakes, aiming to further destroy his morale. To make him think that if he just surrendered, Tommy would still have his freedom. This theory is in line with Sam’s accusations against Dream.

    Technoblade: At the time the prison was commissioned, Dream and Techno were not allies. It possible that Dream was apprehensive about what Techno could do, but later realized that he and Techno have common goals and set that concern aside (for the time being). This narrative is also reasoning for Phil, who could be leverage against Techno, especially since Phil only has one canon life.

    Skeppy: the Skeppy cage would only be able to contain him for so long.

    Tubbo: Potential leverage against Tommy and New L’manberg. Dream doesn’t respect him all that much though, and probably wouldn’t have any issue with killing him.

    Wilbur: While dead at the time the prison was commissioned, Dream did have the revival book in his possession. He may have been planning to revive Wilbur and hold him in the prison for negotiations.

    Quackity: Not that likely, but definitely not impossible. Quackity does have a dangerous charisma and very little interest in Dream’s ideals. Also, irony.

    Ranboo: Since Ranboo hadn’t done much at this point, this theory is dependent on whatever his backstory is.

    Fundy: Dream clarified on the same day he commissioned the prison that they are not engaged in the SMP, which is convenient timing...  and that’s about it.

    Everyone else: The other server members haven’t done much to aggravate Dream, so it seems unlikely that he’d single any of these people out.

    The Egg: If you could move the egg, the prison would be a good place to put it.

    Drista: If you could contain her, that might be useful, but she can just punch through any block.

    Someone not on the server: maybe Dream was living in fear of Michaelmcchill. What evidence do we have against this? well, I’m waiting.

    #dsmp#Dream smp#analysis#long post #this was mostly so I could sort everything out in my head. #pandora's vault#theory
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  • lucinferno
    17.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    i know these two scenes are hardly comparable [solomon - pop quiz i kid you not! context being he is influenced by a curse that brings out the child in him vs finn - adventure time: together again, context being he is in a dream-like state where he is with his best friend, not cognizant of the fact his best friend is dead] but i think the sort of courage and bravery the two must put on despite how alone they are inside can be something of a topic to talk about. how finn the human carries the burden of so many around him- him being previously-known as the only human left, and how solomon is recognized as the strongest sorcerer to live, even being granted immortality [yes, though a slip-up, but he's immortal nonetheless!] thus making him feel solely responsible for the human realm. and how finn and solomon both feel alone, but completely repress that feeling because they're supposed to be strong and brave, but despite it all, they feel alone enough to inadvertently cry, unknowing why tears stream down their face,,, yes i understand solomon is like, literally mentally childish which explains it in a much more simple and less pretentious way but i just can't stop thinking about this. because if solomon were to be induced in a dream-like state as finn were in together again, just maybe he'd have free-flowing tears floating away from his eyes, with the same confusion marked upon finn's face?? anyway. hi.

    #solomon technically is crying because he thought he annoyed mc but in a way - mc is one of the few people solomon finds solace in #so of course if he felt he hurt them- he'd feel alone. like hes done a mistake that will make mc leave him #anyway. yeah im procrastinating on studying ##text #obey me solomon #pop quiz i kid you not
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  • wandmore
    16.09.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    General Note

    I’m gonna put this here because I need to put it somewhere. This isn’t at any specific asker, it is at everyone.

    Stop telling me anything extra about the darn wands. If you know I think something is rare or unlikely then just give me the wand, don’t try to justify it. Don’t tell me it’s for an OC, or that it’s your wand, or that it’s a wand for X character in your story. Don’t tell me Hogwarts houses or Ilvermorny or personality type or zodiac or anything, because all of this will bias the reading. If you tell me you’ve read my blog and seen me say that I don’t think a wand wood or core is common and yet you still choose to use it and comment on the fact then I am going to think you’re 1. rude, for ignoring what the blog has already said and 2. a dumbass for still going for it. That will colour the reading I give. If you tell me, say, that a character is Gryffindor, I am going to tend towards stereotypically Gryffindor concepts in analysing them. If you tell me an Ilvermorny house I am going to assume you are American and, as a non-American, certain stereotypes are going to come into play! 

    Meanwhile, if all you tell me is the wand, then all I have to go on is the wand! All I have to go on is wood and core and length and flexibility and I have to figure things out based on that and that alone. No notes that disregard what I or canon say, no additional details that’ll bias my thoughts, nothing. All I have is the wand.

    This is why I ask for the wand and nothing else, because additional details muddy the waters. Because additional details will annoy me, or otherwise flavour my reading. Because other details are a useless distraction that will make whatever analysis I give less useful than it could be.

    Am I understood?

    Going forward wands with additional details are uniformly going to be deleted. I’ve a few in drafts that I’m keeping for now, but as I say in my pinned post, I am only going to answer asks which interest me these days and that means if your ask irritates me by having details I explicitly say that I do not want, your ask is being deleted.

    #A PSA from the mod #Wand analysis
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  • okpktoo
    16.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    “there’s barely any romance this season!”

    correct but these moments pretty much make up for it imo

    #ml s4 spoilers #there’s more moments but these are the big ones #miraculous ladybug #mlb s4 spoilers #hack san #mr pigeon 72 #umbrella scene#adrien agreste#adrinette#ladynoir#ml#chat noir#ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #ml analysis
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    16.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago
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    16.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Vedic Astrology : Daily Panchang – September 17th, 2021

    Vedic Astrology : Daily Panchang – September 17th, 2021

    Daily Panchang – September 17th, 2021 Samvat 2078, Bhadrapad Month of hindu calendar, 11th day – Ekadashi, Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Shravana and will be till 03:35 Hrs (IST) on 18-09-2021, Moon will move in Dhanishtha nakshatra at 03:35 Hrs (IST) on 18-09-2021. Atigund Yog, Vishti Karan. Sun Rise in New Delhi will be at 06:11 Hrs (IST) and Sunset at 18:20 Hrs (IST). At…

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  • aylinnworld
    16.09.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Musings about introduction of series: The Case Study of Vanitas episode 11, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Akatsuki no Yona

    I liked the idea that Jeanne went on a date with Vanitas in hope of making him despise her. I guess it may not work this way.

    As for the show I have some predictions:

    Noe having an ability to see someone past and Vanitas whose past is mysterious, these two pieces of puzzles just fit too well-together not to be used. I am waiting for the moment Noe will suck Vanita’s blood and see his past. Seeing how his past is kept mysterious, I expect it to happen rather later than earlier. And I doubt that Vanitas will just happily and openly share his past and feelings with Noe.

    Some things I do not like that much.

    None of the female characters feel interesting to me. They are sure physically badass, but in terms of personality, they don’t feel interesting.

    Also I have been thinking how the beginning of Vanitas compares to other stories and this are my thoughts:

    Too heavy world-building at the beginning of the story. I am not a fan of stories where introduction focuses heavily on world-building at the beginning. I do not care about world-building that much. I would rather prefer that the story at the beginning aims at making me emotionally invested in characters, which is what I liked about first episodes of series such as Akatsuki no Yona. It made a good job at making audience feel for Yona - hitting hard with the sense of betrayal, crushed hopes, heart-wrenching conflict between friends, etc. 

    Compering to Mo Dao Zu Shi, it was interesting to see in Mo Dao Zu Shi some dude resurrect from the dead some other dude who was told to be an infamous evil dude. The first answer that he is only there to kill some bullies did not felt satisfying and indeed by episode two Wei Wuxian notices that ‘First the forbidden ritual, and now the sinister arm... guess this isn’t that simple’ I was like ‘yes, yes, yes, I am curious too if there is something more behind it’. Wei Wuxian thinking felt relatable and struck a chord with me. The issue with the first season of MDZS I have is that after making me interested in who and why brought back from the dead the main character, it started answering how he became the Yiling Patriarch, which felt off to me. The novel doesn’t do it, so it felt more consistent.

    I came to conclusion that my personal preference is: more focus on characters at the beginning > more focus on world-building at the beginning. 

    Once I feel for a character and care for them, I will be far more willing to listen to whatever info dump about the world the author has in store.

    I kept watching Vanitas or rather returned to watching weeks later after stopping on episode 3, because this story was made by the author of Pandora Hearts. I don’t regret it, but I feel the earliest episodes are lacking. 

    It was fun to think why Vanitas made me properly interested later than others stories, which made me more emotionally invested in earlier episodes. 

    #vanitas no carte #the case study of vanitas #mo dao zu shi #grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation #akatsuki no yona #It was supposed to be about the Case Study of Vanitas but turned out into analysis of what makes successful introduction to a story for me
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  • beebibibble
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I need to find similarities and differences between Simon and Grace for homework besties pls help with ur analysis and theories of infinity train b3!1!1!!!!!1!1! Also pls reblog I need halp

    Also pls pray @oweeeeendennis approves my homework too😭😭✌️

    #finish infinity train #infinity train #infinity train book 3 #grace monroe#simon laurent#owen dennis#brrrrr #infinity train fanart #infinity train spoilers #book 3#cartoon#analysis#theory#psychoanalysis#help#homework
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  • colddwater
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the fact that Several people have interpreted that song as a) praising bezos or b) "downplaying what he's done because bezos didn't make wishes he made his money off labor etc etc" just really. it really shows how painfully literalist gen z culture has gotten. the good old "the curtains are just fucking blue" syndrome. like it's genuinely wild to see teenagers and young adults taking every work of art completely 100% literally and refusing to discuss possible meanings and condemning everything based on their literalist interpretations. and I say this as someone who's gen z and in school and sees my peers doing this sort of thing in class discussion all the time.

    like I completely get that some people are just very literal, I'm autistic myself, but it is Genuinely painful to watch this cultural shift towards literalism lmao

    #james.txt #critical thinking skills? literary analysis? art analysis??? don't exist when u have to make sure ur not consuming anything Bad #don't rb this bc the context of the video would be lost #I may make a post abt it at some other point that gets into it without referencing that video
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    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #THERES A LOT GOING ON HERE AND I APPRECIATE YOUR ANALYSIS BUT. FR ?? #tw caps#unfuckable squipcourse
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  • dreamingsnowflake2013
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Interestingly, both Hayame and Issei were almost kissed by someone else earlier the day and both stopped the other person from kissing them. So now, Issei finally gets to kiss the woman he actually wants to kiss and, even though, Hayame ends up fidgeting and having a mental breakdown afterwards, the truth remains the same - she doesn’t push Issei away or stop him like she did Seigo. She not only allows him to kiss her, she is actually enjoying it and lets him linger for so long and is a breath away from leaning into the kiss and reciprocating it. It’s exactly the moment she realizes this when she finally recoils from Issei. However, he doesn’t allow her to bolt and avoid him. His loving piercing gaze fixed on her, he insists that he wants her. 

    When Hayame looks away and stops herself from reveling her real reservation about being romantically involved with him after trying to friendzone him, Issei uses his hands on her face to make her face him, wanting to see those beautiful, expressive eyes that never lie and looks into them as if he wanted to see inside her soul. You can spot the apprehension and desperation in Issei’s eyes, as he fears Hayame may actually hate something about him that or that there might be another insurmountable obstacle but is still determined to try to overcome whatever stands between them.

    When she timidly tells him, her vulnerability plain for him to see, Issei realizes he hasn’t been the only one being insecure about his age. The woman who so magnificently claimed that she didn’t feel any less because of her age and lack of wealth feels insecure and Issei wouldn’t have it, wouldn’t allow her to doubt herself. 

    So he tells her he doesn’t give a damn about the age difference in what must be one of the most earnest, reverent, sweetest and loveliest reassurance of unconditional love ever which shakes Hayame to the other! 

    And it’s also a profoundly symbolic reversal from how mocking and derisive he used to be about her age to his denial stage to now, when Issei accepts everything about her because her age is a part of her and he loves every piece of her and wants to have them all, making good on his declaration to Kikuno.

    Also, I have watched my share of romantic dramas since 2006 but I don’t remember if ever a male lead literally THANKED HIS GIRL FOR ALLOWING HIM THE PLEASURE OF SPENDING A DATE IN HER COMPANY LIKE ISSEI HAS. It’s like something straight out of a regency novel or a man would do 100+ years ago than from a contemporary drama, yet it feels so raw and real when Issei says it, making it even more poignant because Hayame keeps deprecating herself for messing up their evening when he has loved and enjoyed every second of it.

    Finally, Hayame spends a whole sleepless night mooning over Issei’s kiss, his confession and their date night and staring open-eyed and besottedly into a wall which is a stark and symbolic contrast to how annoyed she used to be and writhed the whole night when she accused Issei of spoiling her memory/dream about Seigo and turning it into a nightmare. 

    Her insomnia and wakefulness convey that she no longer has the need to escape into a dream about a lost past to seek solace because she has something, or rather someone, palpable that keeps her awake and that she told Issei the truth when she admitted she wanted different things now - she wants him.

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  • whogavemoththerighttohyperfix
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My look on encanto Part 1

    This will probably not be any good at all because it’s 11pm on a Thursday night and I wrote this is 15 mins but here it is anyways because this movie is my new hyperfixion
    Sources if you wanna check them out.

    Good morning America

    The Disinsider

    Trailer link

    Another good way to get updates is the channel Aussie Disney girl and her encanto playlist

    My encanto playlist on YouTube of different theory’s and stuff

    I’m gonna start with the teaser trailer because it’s probably got the most stuff I can work on but all the other official and leaked stuff have less potential to be true because concept art and stuff

    you can see the tree in frount of the house which has been on the cover of one of the books which means there will probably be a scene on it.

    My guess is the start of a song where she’ll be sitting down and then it’ll pick up my guess, probably something like “how far I’ll go” from moana.

    The house clearly has different themed rooms for each character and it was said when giving the description of the character Antonio.

    “When you receive your magical gift, what comes along with that is a new room for you to use your gifts in. As a member of the family who didn’t get a gift, Mirabel didn’t graduate from the nursery so she’s been living [there] with Antonio, her youngest cousin.”

    So the rooms may have special things in them relating to improving powers.

    The butterflies seem to be a reference to “one hundred years of solitude” where one of the characters were surrounded by butterflies.

    Encanto seems to have a lot of references to one hundred years of solitude probably before encanto is also based on magical realism.

    Also since the house is where everyone gets their magic it’s clear that the house is also magical.

    In one of the descriptions from Disney Twitter it says the magic starts to be in trouble when Maribel starts noticing magic in the house.

    In the teaser they are seen preparing for a party or something like that and I think that the first fifteen to twenty minutes will be when the story will start. And everything will unplay from then. .

    The scene with the candle also seems important.

    I’ve seen some people say it looks like their amazed or shocked but to me it seems more like fear and alarm and considering from an interview that the candle is what gives them powers then it might have something to do with that because of how the grans looks down

    I’ve not got much else to say about the trailer so I’m gonna move onto the next bit

    Just some additional theory’s

    It was revealed in an interview during the party Antonio will get his power and his room. Which I’m pretty sure is what the giant tree actually is.

    It was said in the tweet that all the rooming are based on different parts of Colombia so the tree probably is part of his room

    Also you can see Hammoks and bridges hanging off the tree so until I see anything pointing to otherwise I’m almost 100% sure it’s his room.

    Mirabel obviously has self assteem issues with being the whole only person without a power

    So maybe She might see that her last cousin is moving on and getting his place in the family while she’s being left behind and she yells at her family

    the giant tree seems like it’s going to be important other than just a room somehow but I can’t really tell just yet.

    I think the type of songs the movie will have will be some preparing for the festival, Mirabels song probably about not fitting in but keeping a smile or something like that, Luisas song that they talked about, a song at the festival, maybe one later with a type of ‘the next right thing from frozen 2’ ,a villain or antagonist song, and an ending song where there all happy and stuff

    There’s not much out get but I’ll probably do another thing with what I think each of the characters will do in the movie and what I think their arcs may be.

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  • crastlefolke
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #POV: your scrolling though mccreddit looking at fanart and analysis and then you just see THIS #mate... google it yourself #idk why i find this so funny maybe im just tired
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  • into-daylight-hope
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Qui-Gon Jinn: Certified Hypocrite, Fascinating Failure, Mass of Contradictions

    For starters, I am just going to let direct quotes from the man speak for itself.

    Some excerpts from Master & Apprentice

    Wise words.

    Wait a minute...

    😯😯 What the hell is happening here? All quotes are from the same man in one book.

    Qui-Gon Jinn doesn't have an ounce of self-awareness and it is so hilariously terrible.

    What is even better (or worse), this is perfectly in line with The Phantom Menace characterization .

    I mean,

    Remember when he said all this than spent the rest of the movie obsessing over prophecies, the chosen one and literally the future?

    "He still has so much to learn of the living force." Qui-Gon Jinn about Obi-Wan in the council scene

    After that scene

    "The boy is dangerous. They all sense it why can't you?" Obi-Wan Kenobi about Anakin Skywalker to Qui-Gon Jinn

    You see Obi-Wan, Master Jinn here has completely lost any sense of "here and now" between his crusade against darkness and divine mission to save the Galaxy.

    This in turn, unsurprisingly blinds him to the fact Anakin is not suitable to become a Jedi. Or at least not ready to directly move on to becoming a padawan.

    Anakin himself would suffer in a road that is not meant for him. But he is not planning for Anakin the child. He is thinking about The Glorious Chose One.

    He is the chosen one. You all must, see it.

    And yet from Qui-Gon's perspective it is Obi-Wan who doesn't understand the Living Force.

    I have to say if he is truly a student of the living force as many fans claim he has been failing the class for at least 8 years.

    Let's move on to another set of entertaining and horrifyingly oblivious quotes from M&A.

    If you look upward you can observe Mr. Here and Now in his natural habitat.

    He really acts like future is set in stone than thinks he is the right person to talk about about concentrating in the moment. Unbelievable.

    Let's look at this dialogue again. In contrast with the excerpt from above.

    He is all about the future when it suits him. But when Obi-Wan makes a remark on it he obviously should just focus on the moment. This is actually the third time in this post where he contradicts himself while specifically chastising or criticizing Obi-Wan for something Qui-Gon actually does.

    Now I don't think Qui-Gon acts with malice. But it is important to point out his obliviousness has become a way of ensuring he is never in the wrong.

    He suffers from an immense hubris. And a man obsessed with prophecies and chosen ones definitely has some kind of savior complex.

    But notably Jinn doesn't actually want to put any effort into enacting real change with his limited yet existent capabilities.

    He turns down a council seat in M&A because he thinks it would hold him down. From what? Dear God, the reason they offered him a seat was for different opinions. Qui-Gon can complain all he wants but one time he actually had a chance to make his opinions a reality he freaking bailed.

    Why? He doesn't want to face his own limits. He can't bare to try and fail. It is much easier to sustain a superiority complex when you are complaining from the sidewalk.

    So he fixates all this belief onto prophecies, visions that will magically cure the Galaxy. And of course his place to help fulfill them. To the point where it is the one thing that keeps him standing.

    He has binded meaning of his life and belief for goodness dangerously close to his supposed importance in the Galaxy. (You can feel the influences of his former master)

    His absolute refusal to engage with reality turns him into mass of contradictions. Cause he doesn't know what he will find or become if he is mistaken in his belief of himself.

    He can't face reinvention on the event of defeat.

    But this situation was different. It had to be, because the only thing Qui-Gon knew to be absolutely true was that his vision was real.

    Oh by the way, his vision turned out to be false. But when does being wrong ever stopped Qui-Gon Jinn?

    No words.

    Only Qui-Gon could have come near declaring himself a prophet after making a mistake. Maybe stop and reflect man? Just stop and think about your actions.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: I have a bad feeling about this.
    Qui-Gon Jinn: I don't sense anything.

    Of course you don't.

    Honestly he doesn't have much to speak for in the cosmic force department either.

    (There is the whole force ghost thing I guess. But I have no idea if that is more connected with living or cosmic force. It seems to be more about spiritual enlightenment. Which is ridiculous when you consider Yoda had go through so many trials, face his darkside, learn to truly let go just for Force priestesses to deem him worthy enough to study immortality. Yes Qui-Gon never became a force ghost but he had started his training before he died. And much of Yoda's tests on TCW was about self-awareness. It is not just about being a good person. How did Force Priestesses approve Qui-Gon "I was meant to misinterpret this vision." Jinn? I would understand if he became wiser after death and faced his flaws and all but he never was on that level before he died. You might say even Anakin became a force ghost. But I would remind you, Anakin in the end broke out of denial, acknowledged the wrong of his ways and took that leap to the light side. Self-awareness seems such an important key to becoming a force ghost. Right there with selflessness. Personally it doesn't quite feel right for a character whose biggest flaws are their lack of introspection and hubris which we never see him rise above to be the one that discovers immortality again. It feels more like a rushed plot point to explain how we get from A to B.)

    This post got out of control 😂. I honestly just wanted to point out lack of communication might be one of the reasons Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have trouble understanding each other but it is sometimes even harder to understand Qui-Gon when he actually says something. Cause ration is not what drives him.

    Qui-Gon is such a complex character. He is undeniably good especially compared to other SW characters. Yet for all fandom's deifying he might be the most flawed Jedi we see on the franchise. (The ones that fell to the dark side not included.)

    It is a shame wider fandom completely write off his flaws to the degree I can't even recognize the character when they talk about Jinn. Cause that Qui-Gon is so hard to feel empathy for.

    When people constantly make statements like "He is The Wisest sw character." his hypocrisy stops being amusing. It doesn't end on screen or page instead often used to bash other characters.

    An unbelievable analysis from Wookiepedia:

    When Jinn saved the Gungan exile Jar Jar Binks, who in turn swore a life-debt to him, his compassionate nature was such that Jinn took the hapless Gungan under his wing, much to Kenobi's dismay. His empathy toward all life forms, including the most pitiful and unfortunate, was Jinn's greatest strength. Additionally, he remained understanding and patient with Queen Padmé Amidala. During the short time they knew each other, he never asked for her to do more than she was willing to.

    You know out of the two, Qui-Gon was the one who insulted Jar Jar to his face. And he didn't took Jar Jar under his wing. They forced him to take them to a city where Jar Jar could have been punished for entering. Now it was the pragmatic thing to do. For all three's survival not for their own gain. Understandable. But compassion is just pushing it.

    Also he never asked Padme to do more than she was willing to do?

    Padmé : Are you sure about this? Trusting our fate to a boy we hardly know? The Queen will not approve.
    Qui-Gon Jinn : The Queen does not need to know.
    Padmé : Well, I don't approve.

    And he is aware she is the queen, herself. Padme was nearly tearing out her because of this man in TPM.

    What is weird, Jinn in his bewildering hypocrisy probably thinks he is being admirably compassionate with Jar Jar, highly understanding and patient with Padme. We clearly see he is not.

    Out of universe he has been a force ghost for decades now but fandom is nowhere near acknowledging his flaws than he is.

    And honestly SW doesn't have that many major morally complex characters. People like Maul, Palpatine, Anakin,Ventress don't think they are serving a higher purpose or oblivious to the evils they commit.

    Emotionally complicated, yes. Going through moral dilemmas, no.

    Three major characters come to mind who make huge mistakes, condone or commit atrocities while thinking they are in the right/with good intentions/for a greater cause. With varying degrees of culpability.

    Qui-Gon. Padme. Dooku.

    In that order.

    Let these characters be interesting instead of demonizing nearly inhumanly selfless Jedi characters. (They make mistakes too but funnily enough they are still way better beings than most people on our planet.)

    By the way I found the epitaph "Fascinating Failure" from the article here. Especially the last paragraphs make some interesting points. ⬇️


    This post might seem harsh but that is expected since it focuses on Qui-Gon's flaws.

    "People are more than their worst act,” Quote from Qui-Gon Jinn in Master & Apprentice
    #qui gon jinn #Qui-Gon Jinn #obi wan kenobi #Obi-Wan Kenobi#meta#character analysis#pro jedi #in defense of the jedi #long post
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    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    b byler ....

    #byler#loona#will byers#mike wheeler #byler is canon #byler obsessed#st4 #mike wheeler x will byers #will x mike #mike x will #byler analysis#byler evidence#byler fanfic#byler fic#byler headcanon#byler rights#byler theory #byler is endgame #byler is real #byler art #heart attack chuu #i feel like mike would be yves but im not sure
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    c!Wilbur has some complicated relationships, I wanna talk about them

    Disclaimer 1: This is my interpretation on the character’s current (and maybe future) interactions. The perfect interpretation only exists in your mind and you’re valid if it’s different from this one, because it means we’re not clones, and we don’t have to fight each other for dominance (I hope)

    Disclaimer 2: I tend to be distracted and overthink things like a dog with new toys so there may be tangents here and there

    With that said, I mean it in the nicest way possible when I say c!Wilbur absolutely sucks at maintaining relationships

    Ok hear me out. He obviously showed he cares for his friends and close ones, but he has trouble understanding others’ feelings and is too stuck on his ideals and perspective to be able to keep his bonds genuine and healthy. Because of his misconception that everyone is afraid of him, he tries to distance himself from most of the people, or he (intentionally or not) manipulates people to get involved in his business

    And I can elaborate more on that based on the few relationships he has so far after he was revived

    c!Tommy and c!Wilbur

    Ok, this one’s a little tragic. But many of Tommy’s relationships are tragic so, it’s expected

    At first, Tommy showed clear distrust and dislike on Wilbur, which makes sense because he died blowing up L’Manberg and his interaction in limbo wasn’t really a nice one

    (Also, I’m actually confused on why some people are confused about the difference between Wilbur from limbo and Wilbur revived, and I even saw some theorizing how the Wilbur from Tommy’s limbo was not actually him or something similar. Like, that interaction was years ago from Wilbur’s perspective, and he said there was a period of time when he was at his lowest point in his limbo. I genuinely hope I’m not the only one who connected the dots that Tommy met Wilbur when was at his lowest point or at least close to it)

    Anyways, in contrast to Tommy’s behavior, Wilbur is trying to act friendly towards him and relieve the old times. He genuinely cares about Tommy, but he doesn’t know how to properly approach him, so their relationship ends up slowly deteriorating because of it

    And this is shown more in the stream with Quackity, where he ends up manipulating Tommy. He wants to keep his close ones around him, so he naturally tries to convince Tommy to be on his side (to also relieve the old days by doing that), and because Tommy wants to not betray his family anymore (like, I get why, but why is this the thing he decided to learn and change about him based on that whole event in the past?? Bruh, you’ll just end up being more used because of it please just learn to act logically and get some therapy-), he sides with Wilbur even if he disregards his own feelings because of this decision

    But Wilbur’s human side realizes it’s not right to do that, and with seeing how Tommy looks at him like he looked in the Pogtopia era, something he wants to put in the past, he decides it’s better for both of them to distance himself from Tommy and find someone else to team up with

    They both tried to hold onto a relationship long gone in the past, and it ended up not working out because neither of them truly moved on from the bad events that affected their bond

    And with this “failed” relationship, Wilbur tries to go to someone else he wants to hold close: Philza

    c!Philza and c!Wilbur

    This one’s has sad connotations, but it’s mostly interesting

    Phil deeply cares for Wilbur because he’s his son, but he never got the right chance to address his feelings for having to take his third life. He showed he’s still feeling guilty for it, so this may be another reason why is so caring and attached to him. He wants to think Wilbur’s a fully good person, and he tries to support him and help him socialize to other people as well (and I personally found it funny how he was like “Go make friends or you’re grounded”)

    Wilbur also cares deeply for Phil because he’s his father, but he’s forcibly pushing his past behind to an attempt to move forward, because he doesn’t know how to address it, and this leaves some unaddressed issues between them. He showed he doesn’t agree with Phil’s decision of being an anarchist, and he feels like he’s treated like a child instead of an adult (also, I found it funny that right after he complained that he can take care of himself, he immediately panicked when a spider attacked him. Ah, irony, my beloved)

    But the interesting part is that Wilbur just found out Phil contributed to destroying L’Manberg, something he obviously cares about. The fact that Tubbo didn’t say the reason for it (well, not like he had the chance for it, since Wilbur cut him off) means something will happen between Wilbur and Phil’s relationship because of this new information. But the question is, what?

    Well, I have some possibilities in mind:

    - Wilbur will try to “put it in the past”, but he will clearly act different because of this information, possibly leading to a broken relationship later on because of the lack of communication

    - Wilbur will distance himself from Phil like he did with Tommy (which I tend to lean onto that)

    - Wilbur will actually talk with Philza about it (which I tend to doubt because, actual communication? On this server? With Wilbur? Less likely)

    - Something else, or a combination from above

    So, their relationship is about mutual care for each other, but is in danger of collapsing because of miscommunication. Only the future can tell how it will end up

    Now, with Phil trying to get him a friend, Wilbur goes to someone he’s not eager to team up with: Ranboo

    c!Ranboo and c!Wilbur

    This one is equally funny, interesting, and possibly damaging

    Gotta admit, this one actually surprised me, since Wilbur and Ranboo are polar opposites of each other, and I didn’t expect Wilbur to talk with Ranboo again after that first impression. But thanks to Phil, Wilbur gave him a second chance, which it can be seen as good or bad (let’s be honest it’s most likely not good)

    Wilbur changing his opinion on Ranboo after that personal talk shows for me his strong need of forming a connection with someone, and after him trying to distance more from Tommy for good, he needed a person to fill that space in his life. And Ranboo’s lack of spine- strong morals lead to Wilbur having the opportunity to interpret/treat him however he wants or needs at that moment, especially since he’s not seen as a “monster who can do no good”

    But because of his rivalry with Quackity, he ends up using Ranboo for his personal needs. He puts his trust on him and treats him like a partner in crime, without considering his feelings. But it makes sense, because Ranboo didn’t sternly tell Wilbur he doesn’t want to do this, and Wilbur is just treating Ranboo like he treated Tommy in the old days, when they goofed around the server for the fun of it

    But there’s also another different interpretation. If we still consider the fact that Wilbur doesn’t understand Ranboo, then we can guess that these are also meant to challenge him, to see how far can Ranboo go with his kindness and choice of helping people. Ranboo intrigues Wilbur, becoming a buddy and a subject of interest

    The most interesting part from their relationship though, is how it will evolve. And judging from hints and what we’ve got so far, it will not be good. Wilbur puts his trust on Ranboo that he will do anything he asks and based on the two times he said at the end of the streams “I love that guy” and the “What a nice guy” from the last stream, something will definitely happen because of this trust. Like, at this point the red flags gained sentience and come into your house to beat you up, you can’t overlook them

    I do have some possibilities in mind:

    - Ranboo will set up the explosions and it will end up him feeling deep guilt because of it, becoming a “villain”, and proving to himself he’s not a good guy

    - Ranboo will lie, and he will not truly set the explosions (or he will intentionally sabotage them), and Wilbur’s whole impression of him doing anything people asks will crumble, aside with his trust (honestly if Ranboo will have the guts to do this I’ll immediately put him in the S rank from my personal favorite characters list)

    - Something will happen with the explosions that will force both Wilbur and Ranboo to change

    So, their relationship is built from trust (or “trust”, depending on how you see it), miscommunication, and it has the danger of ending in tragedy. Only time will tell how it will evolve

    Another relationship that I want to briefly talk about is the one with c!Tubbo

    Even if they didn’t interact that much after Wilbur got revived, you can see that Tubbo (rightfully so) does not trust Wilbur because of what he’s done, but he doesn’t hate him. He doesn’t hold a grudge, but he can’t afford to blindly trust Wilbur, with the danger of that trust being crumbled again, because he can’t afford to show vulnerability. Because once you show it, it can easily be neglected or even be used against you, and you can’t afford to give it to someone who already hurt people in the past

    And what does Wilbur do with this? He genuinely accepts the fact that he has to win the trust and wants to become better. But with his ideals and rivalry with Quackity, only time will tell if he will actually change for the better

    (Also, I wanna say that when Tubbo replied with Wilbur “But you didn’t” when Wilbur said he could have interfered at the execution, I don’t think this shows he blames Wilbur more than necessary for what happened. I think this was his way of telling him that the past can’t be changed and the “what ifs” don’t matter for him to decide if he trusts Wilbur or not, only the actions. But I also think it was most likely obvious what he meant at that moment to begin with, and I only use this PS as an excuse to talk about c!Tubbo because I love his character)

    So, the conclusion is that c!Wilbur’s relationships are as complex as him, and many (if not all) of them have the danger to end up in tragedy

    Man, he really needs therapy. Also, I do not trust cc!Wilbur to go easy on us with what he has planned with his character

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    what  flavor  is  your  muse’s  soul ?


    ah  little  kraken,  bold  are  you.  restless  sailor,  dauntless  fighter,  lower  your  sword,  let  me  see  your  shield.  ah,  of  course,  they  are  but  the  same  object.  oh  wave-tossed  ruffian,  lend  me  some  of  your  mettle  would  you?  you  have  been  struck  by  the  sharpest  of  spears  yet  you  still  stand  here  proudly.  but  off  your  guard,  elsewhere  of  the  battlefield,  you  will  find  your  spirit  can  parch  others.  your  words  are  but  weapons  crafted  from  your  soul.  little  lion,  sheathe  your  claws,  or  the  ones  you  love  the  most  will  suffer.  you  do  not  have  to  be  strong  all  the  time  love,  there's  nothing  wrong  with  being  soft.  vulnerability  is  not  weakness,  and  if  it  were,  what's  wrong  with  that?  strength  is  not  always  your  greatest  tool,  your  heart  is  good.  put  down  excalibur,  and  use  your  words.  you'll  find  they  will  carry  you  much  farther.  not  everything  in  life  is  a  battle

    #*  ⛥ ・゚:*  ——  ❝     THEY MADE HIM THE 6TH SACRIFICE   (  ANALYSIS.  ) #// o... oh....
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