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  • Annem bugün bir şey söyledi. “Ben sana sadece mutlu ol diye yalan söylerim, üzül diye değil”

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  • I honestly feel like it isn’t enough, but my weakass body can’t handle more. 

    Any advice? :)

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  • 2 March 2020

    Today is the day classes were supposed to start if they hadn’t been pushed back until the 16th before I arrived here. Why were they pushed back? Because of coronavirus. Everything is because of coronavirus! I’m so tired of this virus being the cause of most of my problems during this trip. I keep going back and forth about staying or leaving South Korea. Part of me wants to stick to my guns and stay. It was my original proclamation and I don’t really want to go back on it, but another part of me can’t help thinking “Is this what I want out of my study abroad experience? Was this the semester I wanted?” So many things and events are being canceled or modified here in Korea. If I left and came back in the fall I would have a much easier and normal semester (I hope), but the issue with that is money. I don’t know if I have to money to come back to Korea again or to take summer classes to try to make up for the semester I lost.

    I hate that every day it seems my mind changes on what I should do. I feel like I should trust my instincts and stop doubting myself. I also am thinking so what? So what this semester might not have been the one I intended? That just gives me an incentive to come back to Korea again later in life to do some of the things I wanted to do. This study abroad trip was never meant to be my first and last time in Korea, in fact, I had always planned on coming back, for work, vacation, or otherwise.

    Staying here is a gamble. It means less support from my home university and it means I have to trust that the coronavirus situation will not get worse, or that KU will not cancel the semester altogether. This is such a weird point in my life where I really feel in control completely because this decision will mean a lot. I don’t want to make a bad decision, but my mom says there are no bad decisions. We just make choices and hope for the best. If something bad happens, we get through it.

    Yesterday, I thought I was going home, but today I’m feeling more prepared to weather to storm. Regardless, I intend to make a concrete decision sometime on Wednesday or Thursday.

    I think I might be letting other people’s fear get to me but I’m going to try and make sure that this decision is completely my own. Last night, I looked up scriptures for guidance and strength, I’m going use those to help me with this.

    On a happier note, yesterday me and my friend, Mari, went to the movies. We’ve both been kind of stressed and depressed with everything so I thought we needed to go out and do SOMETHING. We went to see Jojo Rabbit which was a phenomenal film. Granted, we did miss the first 15 minutes of it because Korean movie theatres don’t really do trailers apparently but nonetheless we enjoyed it. The funny thing about Korea, which also extends to its movie theatres, is that everything is kind of marketed towards couples. So at the movie theatre between every two seats is a connected armrest so that couples can more easily hold hands during movies. I found that funny and a small but interesting look into the dating culture here.

    After the movie, we intended to eat in the area (we went to the CGV in Dongdaemun in the Hyundai Mall) but we had got an emergency alert that some restaurant in Dongdaemun had a worker who ended up having coronavirus and that people who ate at the restaurant needed to go to the hospital to be checked. So we decided to head back to Anam to eat. We got Issac Toast (it’s like a breakfast sandwich toast shop) and finally tried Gongcha (a popular bubble tea chain). It was good, but like most Korean food, very sweet.

    Another thing I’ve noticed about Korea is that the flavor profile here is the exact opposite of the US. Where everything in the US is generally salty, everything in Korea is generally sweet. It’s kind of disconcerting sometimes when I bit in my bacon egg and cheese (and lettuce) toast sandwich and the bread was sweet, but not like a pancake. It’s kind of hard to describe.

    After this I think I’m going to make some backlog posts about things I’ve done so far in Korea that I wanted to talk about:

    Getting my nails done ( and the back streets of Itaewon plus Glamours Penguin)

    First noraebang (and the taxi driver who thought I was Korean??? It was 2:30 am and dark though so *shrug*)

    First impressions Myeongdong

    First impressions Gangnam

    First impressions Anam

    Look forward to these probably short blurbs


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    Anam kalk çamaşırları topla sonra derse geç diyor.

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  • #you're amazing toooo!!! #anam #letter left on my doorstep #in an invisible locket #ask game#loverstann
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  • the way she talks gets into every crevice of my heart, paint that you might try to rub off of wood but it’s always going to be there

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  • Geçenlerde bulaşık yıkarken elimden tabak kaydı, kırıldı. Babam, iyi misin bir yerine bi şey olmadı dimi dedi annem de, onu boşver kız evde bulaşık bırakmadı dedi canım anam tabaklarını daha çok seviyor.

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  • image

    it’s me, under login time, I decided to run the blog again. after tumbrl removed my three years of journal

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  • does anyone else feel like their ED has also messed with their ability to make decisions in general? Like my inability to not be able to decide on whether or not to eat a granola bar has also translated into an inability into decide if I want to take a left or a right when walking…

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  • It’s such a simple concept: the less I eat on a daily basis, the faster I will lose weight.

    Why can’t I stick to that concept?

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