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  • cataclysm-suggestions
    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    finally finished this! here's the Borderlands AU version of the Cataclysm girls!

    #my art#borderlands#borderlands oc#Harper#April#borderlands au #April is a Siren who as a kid was left to die in an abandoned weapons factory #they obviously did not die and now they are a complete cryptid #they don't speak but can understand spoken English with a bit of difficulty‚ and they know ASL but struggle with the grammar of it #due to not having been taught it until after she was abandoned aka after the language acquisition critical period #Harper worked for Hyperion but somehow managed to completely avoid most of the cutthroat corporate culture by having no ambition #and being good at what she did #a lot of doing paperwork for other people and forging signatures and whatnot #I don't think she got her transition from them but idk if it'd be possible to get black market estrogen on Helios #eh probably #posting this to this blog instead of to my main bc uhh why not lmao
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  • micechicken
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    So. Cursive is taught because it helps develop fine motor skills but ASL helps develop both fine and gross motor skills, plus it allows for access for Deaf and HOH people to communicate if we teach children that.

    #squeak squeak #when they make you write the pledge not to cheat #you are supposed to write it in cursive but they are not teaching it in certain areas anymore #so you can print it now #i know both cursive and ASL #nit that cursive is hard
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  • theseancekid
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    hey i wrote this in one of those tagging games once but this is a reminder that my Klaus knows ASL! he’s not completely fluent, (and it was actually a bit harder to learn because he’s left handed) but he spent a lot of time teaching himself when his jaw was wired shut, and then continued to learn it even after because it was super helpful on missions (and to talk shit with allison at dinner while the other siblings weren’t paying attention)
    #klaus deadass speaks 7-8 languages depending on the verse!!! #although he’s not like FLUENT fluent in most of them by the time he reaches 30 #he’s most fluent in german spanish and asl #he can hold decent conversations in french #and he can very very roughly translate ancient greek and latin lmao #*【  ☂  ┊  ❛ 𝐌𝐚𝐲𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲'𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐊𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲'𝐬 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐚𝐲 ❜  】        ➤        headcanon
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  • kotor
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    ok so im not sleeping for the next 48h. i hate my life

    #it speaks #i have 3 papers to do and a presentation by sunday #2/3 papers are 2000 words #and my presentation is exclusively in asl #and i also worked 9h today :) 5h in the morning #and then 9h on sunday :)
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  • taizi
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    literally sobbing about portgas d ace in 2021 ​😎​✨​

    #life is a curse and one piece is a prison #but no honestly im crying about the asl brothers like the hurt is fresh and new #blah
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  • bearsizedant
    15.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    anxiety making me doubt every single thing I’ve ever said or done ‘was that a normal human interaction????’ I sure as hell don’t know. ‘you ever wonder if these are even words anyone would ever actually use in that order and not come across as absolutely unhinged?? ?’ well now I fucking do

    #asl;hlsadjfksdjfl;ksjfl #gonna simply begin the process of evaporation and become a cloud of water vapor #i will become a stalagmite #manifesting myself to be a worm under a slab of concrete #if i look in the mirror and say 'i am feeling happy' 3 times in a row my father will appear and cause me to simply cease existance
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  • abbsarosebud
    14.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Recent Events™️

    #so uh #selective mutism is fun #my Spidey Senses are constantly tingling #and by tingling I mean Loud Loud Bright Loud badBAD feely touch no touch shirt tag sock seam aaaAAAAALOUD #I got super hearin babey #also I’m very glad I took asl it’s very useful #and also my friends are learning and that makes me feel n I c e #eye strain tw
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  • tittymusic
    14.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    fine man bickslow,,,,also laxus' fight w jurassic jura was so good, so fine too laxus pls come to life

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  • denkilightning
    14.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    hoh! dsmp! georgenotfound. just because.

    #but why would we learn bsl when we can learn asl- #because im the deaf one here and youre gonna deal with it fucker #dsmp georgenotfound #he started loosing hearing in like mid childhood #learned bsl and made the rest of the dream team + callahan learn it #he always signs along when he speaks #he communicates w/ callahan via sign and sign only #after the festival he taught tubbo basic bsl and then only spoke to tubbo bsl so he could get used to it without feeling weird #he stims by siging blue repeatedly because nd! gnf rights (/rp) #*mine#dsmp
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  • trafalgaylaw
    14.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Smol Shanks needs to stop giving me baby fevers

    #most op kids do tbh #but young shanks and the asl bros are SOMETHING ELSE #i've been wanted kids for ages but i need to get my shit together and my health sorted first #red hair shanks
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  • 3hour
    13.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    i really hope i get into all the classes i want this semester .. im already sick of the mandatory ones i just wanna have fun please god

    #steve.txt #im trying to get into asl spanish creative wr and baking ORRR film comp :heaves: #oh also an art class but its like. a back to basics one bc i am so fucking rusty even tho i draw every day scream
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  • isolement
    13.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    if you practice ramadan, feel free to unfollow/block me for the month, cos i do swear n whatnot on here

    #literally me irl // ooc #in other news im having to redo an ASL test because the teacher didnt get my file but graded me for an A anyways #and i lost the original file for it #upside down smiley face
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  • shikabanerhondo
    13.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    Talking about him

    missing him 

    #one piece#fanart #Monkey D.Luffy #Portgas D.Ace #D brothers#ASL bros#Sabo #or well hes talking to sabo so i mean #Manga#Anime #ace and luffy #or well #Luffy talking about ace #this is My blog and I get to choose the coping methods
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  • kerra-and-company
    12.04.2021 - 6 days ago
    #gw2#kerralind#aurene#i-mybrunettelady #the portal stone is canon here because I want it to be and kerra needs to be able to see aurene more #also this results in her using the waypoints a frankly ridiculous amount of times #if the asura didn't end up giving her a discount and she wasn't already used to being exposed to a crap ton of ley-line magic #it would be a problem #my fics #this also leads to a lot more awkward interactions with kerra and caithe #it's an experience #this is also what helps them start to heal #the fact that they both care for aurene and have to coexist when around her #none of that's shown here I just went on a tag ramble because why not asl;dfad
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  • oathkreeper
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    (taking 3 different language courses in one semester because im insane and pursuing a lingusitucs/modern languages degree) haha seems like a good time to also try to pick up some tagalog and learn more about the grammatical structures of old english :)

    #im stupid im an idiot im a genius im living in your floorboards im the drive thru girl at popeyes im your boyfriend im a tortured artist #to be clear im only taking on language class right now because i stopped being batshit #but a few semesters ago i was taking german japanese and french all at once #and then the next semester took mandarin and japanese together which was. so dumb #at least elliot talked me out of also taking arabic and ASL at the same time god bless
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  • dollierockin
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    24 mar 2021

    dwsa dump 1: oops all melchritz

    2 / 3 / 🦋

    #melchior gabor#moritz stiefel#melchritz#spring awakening #deaf west spring awakening #dwsa#daniel durant #austin p mckenzie #listen i do not like melchior but i think about moritz all the time and unfortunately sometimes that involves melchritz brainworms :/ #over the mini lockdown i was in halls and i spent the entire time putting dwsa asl videos on the common room tv and just teaching myself #i already knew word of your body reprise from the last time i got Really Into dwsa (when i wrote my essay on it) but #now i also know touch me! #optix 👁‍🗨 #type: digital ⭐️
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  • articulateyoungcapitalist
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #i barely remember any spanish tho ajdjrjehe #and my school offers asl classes so when im in the right grade i want to take it #anyways thanks anon i love talking about myself so this was fun
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  • filopodia
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I really love when you’re learning a language and you’ve just been repeating sentences or translating them back and forth snd then all of a sudden it’s like boom organic thought in target language and tldr I realized last night I can sign “I get anxious when I’m high” from that tiktok trend I’ve had stuck in my head for three days

    #technically I signed cry instead of anxious but that’s more accurate for me lmao #I am following correct grammar and not just a transliteration because I love asl grammar and also wanna be like signing accurately??? #also obsessed with the rhetorical question thing it does #absolutely how my brain wants to naturally think which slaps
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  • ninja-knox-ur-sox-off
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #knox rambles#asks#anon#ASL;KDFMAWEOF#MOnkie Kid#*wheezes* #Careful I'm slipping into crack content today bring it up to much and I might actually make this an AU #I WILL NOT BUT YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL AKSMFOWE
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  • ninja-knox-ur-sox-off
    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    So, @winterpower98 Just posted a li’ll something about a swap AU, but between the Traffic Light trio and some of the JTTW crew. You can read about that here for context for this snippet that i promptly wrote after she shared the idea slkdfmawe 

    Anyway, without further ado: 

    Have some words >:P

    (2,114 words to be precise)

    Red Son watched Wukong get involved in things he should never have known about and felt his anger build with each passing attack that his kid was forced to thwart.  

    Monkey King, Mk, he had no right, he had no right to suddenly thrust himself into his kid’s life. He had no right to reappear after so long and take Red Son’s kid, to turn him into someone made to fight his battles for him. He had no right to take something dear to Red Son and twist it, and take it, and change it until he barely recognized him anymore. 

    Wukong was never the heaviest of sleepers, but Red Son could tell he wasn’t sleeping nearly as much since he’d become Mk’s successor. He was restless, paranoid, jumping at the littlest of sounds that he shouldn’t have noticed anymore, in a way that reminded him of how he was when they had first met, back when he’d first took a young, shaking kid under his wing and into his shop, into his life, giving him support and safety when he could find none in the places he’d once known. If he’d ever had any in the first place, and Red Son didn’t think he did. 

    It had taken years to get to the point they were at, to have built up trust enough for Wukong to flop down on his couch after a long day, unafraid of putting his feet on the coffee table, even after Red Son told him not to, because he knew, even if he was loud, even if he was angry sometimes, he knew that Red Son would never tell him to leave, that he would never hurt him. 


    And then Mk had come along, and in a matter of days, he had taken all of that, and uprooted it, ruining everything Red Son had worked so hard to build with his kid. 

    He was through with letting him abuse his kid. Through letting him give him responsibilities he didn’t deserve to have weighing down on him, and power he didn’t need, powers that never should have been his. 

    High on his anger, his defensive rage, his bitterness and his refusal to let go of past hurt, Red Son shifted into his demon form, and proceeded to make the worst mistake of his life. 

    Wukong didn’t recognize him. He was counting on it. Too arrogant to be cautious when the Demon Bull who seemed to know a lot about Monkey King offered to train him. Or rather tricked him into demanding he be trained. Red Son knew Wukong well. He was as prideful as he was powerful, egotistical as he was selfless. It didn’t take much to coax him into asking for training, to convince him it has been his own idea all along, and the Demon Bull was simply doing him a favour. 

    Red Son built from the ground up all over again, but this time, instead of it coming from a place of care, compassion, and kindness, it was from a place of overprotective rage and bitterness, of anger that he had never really let go of. 

    He planted seeds of resentment inside his kid. He coaxed him to think of the Monkey King as a hindrance more than a help, to put distance between him and his mentor. 

    He was so blinded by his unshakable commitment to seeing it through that he didn’t see… he didn’t see the way Wukong changed under his tutelage, didn’t see the way he slept even less than he already did, the way he snapped more often and always seemed to have the staff on hand rather than hidden in his ear. He didn’t notice what he was doing to his own kid. 

    His plan came to head and he took Wukong’s Monkey King powers the only way he knew how, the way he’d been preparing for since he’d first approached him in his demon form: 

    By force. 

    He knew Wukong was too attached to them to give them up willingly, he knew he’d never understand what the powers were doing to him, what Mk was doing to him, how he was being harmed by them. High with his rage and bitterness and hidden behind the shield of a form Wukong did not know was his, did not know was Red Son, he ripped Monkey King’s powers right out of him, and pinned him to a mountain with the staff he could no longer wield to keep him out of harm's way. 

    Out of harm's way, he’d thought, mere moments after harming him himself. 

    He pulled Monkey King’s powers into himself, because he knew he would need them, because this was what he’d been preparing to do since the moment he’d begun planning this, because he had known he would have needed Monkey King’s powers in order to truly stand against him. To stand against him and to win. 

    He bulldozed through the sound of pain Wukong made when he forced the powers out of him, the yell as he hit the mountain, the look of betrayal and hurt, only barely masked by stubborn pride, as though he were telling himself again and again that it didn’t hurt because it didn’t care. He ignored all of it, barely registering any of it, so completely focused on going through with his plan, on ensuring Monkey King would be out of their lives forever that he didn’t realize… didn’t see… 

    Monkey King came to him, saving him the trouble of flying all the way to his island, to his secluded mountain of solitude and hypocrisy. He arrived like he was the one protecting Wukong and Red Son’s rage sparkled and crackled until it lit up in an inferno consuming him inside and out and they fought. 

    The power of Monkey King was immense. It was earth shaking and burned him with the heat of the sun, rising up and burning away everything in a white blaze. 

    Luckily for Red Son, he was used to the feeling of burning from the inside out. 

    The ground shook under them with every blow, it was invigorating and added all the more to his rage, to be able to punch with enough force to send the Monkey King through several mountains, to actually hurt him; to bring pain to the untouchable. 

    He almost forgot Wukong was watching them. 

    Almost forgot his kid was there. 

    The mountain started to shake apart. 

    The mountain that his kid was one, and he didn’t notice. 

    “Red!” Monkey King yelled at him, blocking a blow. He hadn’t been throwing many punches, Red Son noticed distantly before his rage swallowed up the thought. “You have to stop this!” 

    “I don’t have to do anything,” he snarled back, throwing another punch fast enough that he was knocked off his feet and hurtling into the side of the mountain. He lunged after him, roaring. “You are never going to interfere with my family again!” 

    He slammed into him, pushing him back further into the rock of the mountain, cracks spider-webbing across the entire surface, up and up and up and-- 


    His scream was sudden and unexpected and the entire world ground to a halt. 

    “Kid,” Mk said, like he had the right. 

    Red Son went flying. 

    He crashed into the side of the next mountain over, rocks falling all around him until he fell with them too, landing back on the ground with a slight stagger. He looked up just in time to see Mk saving his kid from their battle. From his battle. 

    A rock hurtled down towards them as Mk struggled, in a moment of weakness, hurt from the fight, and sluggish with exhaustion, to remove the staff that was keeping Wukong pinned and in the path of the falling rocks. 


    No, no, he was supposed to be safe. 

    Red Son was there in an instant, the powers he’d taken, stolen, giving him the speed required to be there to slam into the boulder with enough force to make it explode so only small rocks littered down on them. 

    Wukong pushed against the staff, and Mk pulled with everything he had and it came loose with their combined effort, and then Monkey King grabbed his chosen successor, who held the staff tightly, who held it even without Monkey King’s powers in him, and moved. 

    He hurtled away from the falling mountain, Red Son barely a step behind, holding Wukong tightly in his arms, protecting him from any stray falling debris until they landed on the ground, far enough away that there was no danger from the mountain. 

    Red Son watched as Wukong stumbled when Monkey King set him down, then he landed a short distance away. 

    “Red,” Mk said, sharp as a knife but with none of the hardness. Only a pleading exhaustion and anger.“Stop.” 

    Wukong stilled. 

    Red Son felt the world halt a second time as Wukong’s eyes flicked once to Monkey King, confusion on his face, then to Red himself, a series of emotions flashing across his face too fast to read. 

    Except it wasn’t. 

    Red Son knew him, he’d known his kid for years, and he could see every piece of information flitting through his mind as he processed, connected and pieced together the things he knew. 

    Red son watched as he blinked, his eyes shifting to gold, and could do nothing to stop it. 

    If he thought the look from before was betrayal, it was nothing compared to the expression that came onto Wukong’s face then. 

    His voice was small when he said: 


    He watched him as he paled, knuckles white from his grip on the staff, holding it so tightly his hands began to shake, eyes wide and disbelieving, pleading that he was seeing things wrong, but knowing only that it was the truth. 

    “Kid,” Red Son tried, stepping forward, reaching for him, feeling sick to his stomach at the horrible look that was directed at him. 

    He could see the emotions flashing across his face: the horror, the denial, the confusion, the hurt, the complete and utter betrayal. 

    The fear. 

    Wukong flinched. 

    He stumbled back, away from him, shaking. 

    Red Son’s heart stopped, and so did the rest of him, freezing in place, hooves rooted to the ground, completely still and unmoving as a ten ton stone. 

    In all the time he’d known him, even when he’d found him on the streets, even when he’d first come into his home, broken and alone and scared… 

    Wukong had never once flinched away from him like that. 

    His heart was crushing, crumpling up and squeezing until it was hard to breathe, he took an aborted step forward, and Wukong… 

    Wukong, who had never once admitted to being afraid, who was always louder then life itself, and yelled at the top of his lungs, and pretended, all the time, to be unstoppable, untouchable, even when he was young and trembling… 

    Wukong hid. 

    Behind Mk, he stumbled, scrambled, desperately, terrified, hurt. He didn’t even seem to realize he was doing it, grabbing onto the back of Monkey King’s shirt and holding on tight like a lifeline, like he was the only reason he was still standing, and looking at Red like… 

    Like he was someone he trusted who had stolen his powers, pinned him to a mountain, tried to kill his mentor, and nearly killed him as well in the process. 

    Red Son’s mouth went dry. 

    “Kid,” he tried, choked, and high, and afraid. “I never meant—“ he stepped forward again, desperate to explain, to tell him he never meant to hurt him, to tell him he’d never hurt him intentionally. (But he had, hadn't he? He’d known how this would go.) 

    He faltered again, as Wukong ducked behind Mk even further, breathing hard and shaking so badly it seemed he would lose his grip on the staff. 

    Picking up on his distress, (how could he not, it was so obvious,) Mk threw his arm out, shielding his kid from him, baring his teeth and tensing. “Don’t come any closer,” he said, the threat clear, and Red Son…

    He could do nothing but obey, frozen where he was at the sight of Wukong peering out at him from behind Monkey King’s shoulder, and he realized then, under his fearful, confused, betrayed, hurt gaze, with completely surety, that he had just done something terribly, terribly wrong. 

    Mk gathered Wukong up in his arms, eyes never leaving Red Son for a second, then leapt onto his cloud and was gone, just like that. 

    Red Son stood, alone on the mountain range, still as stone, and twice as hollow, and realized that because of his actions… 

    He had lost his kid.  


    Yeah, anyway-- 

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