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  • linaxart
    01.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    AU-gust - Day 1: Ancient Gods - @augustwritingchallenge

    Andromache the goddess bc ofc. Bloody version under the cut

    don't repost. click to enlarge. reblogs apreciated 💕

    [ID: A digital fanart of Andromache the Scythian from The Old Guard. She's sitting in a throne in a cave looking at the viewer. Her arms rest on the armrests and there's simple carved drawing around her. Her hair is long and she's wearing her signature leather vambraces along with bone ornaments including a crown. She has a fur covering her shoulder and breast, a fabric skirt and a pelt thrown over her unshaved legs. The style is textured in beige and grey-green tones with simple lines. End ID.]
    [ID: The same fanart except Andromache has blood on her palms, her visible thigh and her lips. End ID.]
    #au_gust_21 #andromache the scythian #andromache of scythia #andy tog#andromache fanart #the old guard #tog#tog fanart #the old guard fanart #andy fanart#andromaquynh#immortal family #i made this like a month ago rip #andromache the scythian fanart #one pseudo paper on scythian gods was read #fanart#digital art#events #august writing challenge 2021 #au_gust#sketchbook#photoshop
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  • thirst-teenth
    31.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Quỳnh: I win

    Andy: I've got you pinned to the ground

    Quỳnh: I know ;)

    #and this is how history's greatest love story started. the end. #Andromaquynh#Immortal Wives #andy x quynh #Andromache the scythian #Andromache of Scythia #the old guard #tog #love their a mutual pining slightly angsty gettign together for the first time for them #but also consider. they're gay and they flirt a lot with each other #sparring as a manifestation and excuse for gayness 😌 #q#m#quynh
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  • lilolilyr
    30.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #usually I do try to reply to the fandom asks quicker than to like ask memes and stuff! #tho if you go off anon I'll probably reply even earlier :) #x #ask the blogger #andromaquynh #the old guard #my tog#random ask#random anon#fandom ask#tog#tog ask#tog script#answered#mine#personal 2021#jul'21 #30.07.21 #anon#not f#my andromaquynh#personal
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  • lilolilyr
    30.07.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • rhubarbdreams
    30.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Favourite Quỳnh headcanon: She's an expert at doing card tricks.

    And at any card game, for that matter. Can pick anything up.

    Andy watches her hands like a hawk, but she can never win a game against her and/or figure out how she did it.

    On the other hand, watching Quỳnh's face gives her away each and every time, because she simply cannot school her features.

    #Quynh #The Old Guard #The Old Guard 2020 #Andromache of Scythia #AndromaQuynh#fandom
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  • bewires
    29.07.2021 - 4 days ago
    #joe x nicky #kaysanova#immortal husbands#andromaquynh #andromache the scythian #nile freeman #yusuf al kaysani #nicolo di genova #the old guard #tog#fic#fanfic
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  • thirst-teenth
    29.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    I know I'm repetitive but I urge you to stop for a minute and please think about Quỳnh tenderly kissing Andy's scars.....suffer with me

    #its about how much emotion she can pack in the softest of touches. the weight of the silence. the long gazes #aaahh *dies* #also for a wing au pls pLEASE think about them patching each others up #carefully picking the other up when they cant fly on their own #andromaquynh #andy x quynh #immortal wives #Andromache the Scythian #Andromache of Scythia #Quynh #The Old Guard #tog#q#m #ive only done like two pieces of fanart depicting this and thats a travesty #offset only by the fact that im incapable of ever drawing them as anything but the softest ppl on earth
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  • veryoldmuchguard
    28.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    The time pre-Lykon dying (and for Joe & Nicky before they met Andy & Quynh and found out about Lykon) must have been absolutely wild. They didn’t know it was going to end! Ever!

    So while now there are actual stakes for them getting killed, all of the older immortals must have gone through a period of time when they were just like

    #the old guard #andy andromache of scythia #Quynh#andromaquynh#Lykon #yusuf al kaysani #nicolò di genova #joe x nicky #I feel like this is not explored enough #show me more reckless immortals who don’t yet know they’re not completely unkillable #anyone got a fic rec hit me up #if not consider this a prompt #fic prompts
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  • andromaquynh-ficrecs
    27.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Canon-Compliant Andromaquynh Fluff Fic Rec List

    Fic recs for fluffy TOG femslash fics on ao3, Andromaquynh unless mentioned otherwise, and absolutely no angst!


    and i'll never leave by @strangehighs

    2k, T, How dreams become reality, and yet they still feel like dreams.

    Ceremonial by @lilolilyrae

    1k, T, What did Andy give Quynh for their wedding?

    Wandering Hands by strangehighs

    1k, E, Travelling with only one horse is hard. Travelling with only one horse and Quynh's wandering hands is harder.

    Our Days by @cryhardanddanceharder

    <1k, G, Quỳnh learns Andromache has never celebrated her birthday, so she chooses a day to celebrate the existence of the woman she loves.

    Enough for now by InkDippedFingerTips

    1k, G, “We could just ask,” Quynh murmured into her ear.

    I could touch a hundred thousand souls but none of them would ever feel like home by @salzundhonig

    5k, M, AndyxQuynh and JoexNicky on the road in the 15th century, having a good time.


    Double Snuggle by @lilolilyr

    <1k, T, Quỳnh borrowed Andromache's old cardigan.

    there are just some sights so bright they can't be unseen by @thewolvesrunwild

    1k, M, Andy and Quỳnh enjoy a soft winter morning in their private cabin. (art + fic)

    Love Language: Gift Giving by lilolilyrae

    1k, T, After five hundred years of missed gift-giving opportunities, Andy wants to shower Quynh in presents.

    Sweet Tooth by @andy-the-scythian

    <1k, G, Quynh brings home a bag of sweets.

    my love for you is no jeopardy by @moonlightandromache

    <1k, T, "Playing your fingers through their hair while sitting next to them on the couch."

    It's Too Early For This by Twi_Writes_Sometimes

    1k, G, If you're not dragging each other out of bed before the sun rises, are you even living your best extra long life?

    Scrabble by lilolilyrae

    <1k, T, Kisses to distract her from winning a game

    A Tale of an Inappropriate Heist, a Seduction and other Shenanigans by @cinnamonplums and @lilolilyr

    5k, M, Andronilynh ot3 humor fic + art

    Supercut of us by @sarah-fiers

    3k, G, After Andy and Quynh are reunited they decide to travel the world with Nile.

    Just You And Me Tonight by lilolilyrae

    drabble, T, Quỳnh drags Andromache away from the dancefloor.

    We make a damn good double act by @rupzydaisy

    1k, G, hey babe, you want to steal some museum exhibits that have been waiting to go home?

    Is it even legal to own this many? by lilolilyrae

    1k, T, Quỳnh wants to have a practice fight with Andy - but do they even have any weapons here?

    No, A Mango! by @caffeinatedbraincell

    1k, T, “Oh, no, you did not just-”

    In the in-between by lilolilyrae

    7k, E, Quỳnh and Andromache invite Celeste into their bed for the night.

    So Soft, Our Love by lilolilyrae

    1k, E, Andronilynh ot3 - Quỳnh teaches Nile the best ways to bring Andromache pleasure.

    The fingers are rebuilt by @poemsingreenink

    2k, E, Andy and Quynh and the rest of the immortal family tuck themselves away in a mountain cabin.

    the easy days by strangehighs

    1k, E, "Do you remember the first time we had this idea?"

    More fluff and longfics with happy endings (but without the no angst guarantee) can be found on the Andromache Regains Immortality rec list!

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  • flightsofwonder
    27.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    after much internal debate, I’ve decided “can you feel the love tonight” belongs to andy/quynh

    #it’s enough!!! for this restless warrior!!! just to BE WITH YOU!!!! #andromaquynh #joe and nicky can have ‘I see the light’ #aaand I don’t ship anyone else so! #do not add others to this post please
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  • vngrberg
    27.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    after quynh returns:

    quynh: andromache is no longer mortal. <3

    the power of sapphic love = the return of immortality

    andromaquynh live happily ever after

    #andromaquynh#immortal wives #andy x quynh #the old guard #andromache the scythian #quynh#text#mine
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  • salzundhonig
    27.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Me, going feral in my little corner: nature symbolism for couples, sunmoonjoenicky, earthwaterandyquynh, nature symbolism for couples to show the deep and undying and so old love between them that's equal to those nature symbols used in the metaphor

    #yes we all know the wonderful sun/moon comparison for joe and nicky but have you thought about earth/water for andy and quynh? #because this one makes me want to chew through the cement in the same way #andy as the earth unmoving the everpresent nurturing earth quynh the ever-changing water never the same form never the same place but- #-always there with you. earth and water producing life and some of the deadliest catastrophes. destroying and creating together hand in- #hand and i am gnawing through my enclosure right now!! #em speaks#tog#kaysonova#andromaquynh
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  • lilolilyr
    27.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Frankly obsessed with my Current Top Posts adsfg

    #so many pretty ladies! #also i was getting sick of esc tbh #it's been. months #don't get me wrong i love esc but 1ce a year Not all year round #my other main still has the bloody esc posts as top3 #and they're in the 1000s so nhhhh #at least måneskin tho and not random esc shitposts #x#my post#mine#blog#top post#top posts#jul'21 #27.07.21 #yeoh#charlize#charlize theron#michelle yeoh#andromaquynh#milippa
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  • andromaquynh-ficrecs
    26.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    hold me tight, fear me not by @rupzydaisy (ao3 rupzydaisy)

    Summary: The sea-witch stares so deep into her eyes that Andromache feels a tightness squeezing against her from the air around her.

    "You’ll have your chance to take your beloved from me. If you can hold her through the night, in every form that she passes through. If you can manage that, then your claim on her will break mine. You will have her back.”

    “Deal.” Andromache agrees between thumping heartbeats. “Tomorrow night?”

    “Agreed. Tomorrow night it is.”

    There's not enough air in her lungs to sigh in relief, but there's also no reason to linger in the sea-witch's presence when she had what she came for. Backing off, she mounts her horse in one swift move.

    The witch appraises her slowly, taking in the white knuckles wrapped around both the reins and the axe handle. Her pearly-toothed smile widens, even as another ribbon of seaweed falls away and hits the ground.

    “And know that when you lose, I’ll put you in the water too. Deep where there’s no light. And seven years’ hence, I’ll be able to walk inland so much further with your fiery heart.”

    Rated: General Audiences | Words: 12077 - Chapters: 5 | Another Universe: Folk tale

    What i loved: such an original story. The folk tale in it is great and i like how the story develop through it, making connections with the original story. The parallels of Quynh with the ocean. The flashback of how Andy and Quynh met and fall in love. Lot of angst and feelings, but a very important happy ending!! How all the characters appear in some way and kind of help Andy. Lykon and Andy frienship. Andromaquynh love being the strongest and overcoming all the obstacles.

    #andromaquynh ficrec#andromaquynh #andy x quynh #immortal wives#ao3#rated G #another universe: folk tale #AU #angst with happy ending #reunion#longfic#mod pau
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  • cryhardanddanceharder
    26.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Summary: Nile takes Quỳnh to Goussainville, hoping to find some clues about where the immortal team had been taken.

    Rated: T | Words: 1234 | Post-Canon


    I'm leaving here the next part of my forever & always series in case someone wants to read it ☺

    #nile freeman#quynh #nile x quynh #female friendship#andromaquynh#tog fanfic#my writing #the old guard #forever & always
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  • bewires
    26.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #joe x nicky #kaysanova#immortal husbands#tog #the old guard #yusuf al kaysani #nicolo di genova #nile freeman #andromache the scythian #andromaquynh
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  • cryhardanddanceharder
    26.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    the way i love her ♥

    #she is the cutest #please keep giving us content. you make us happy #ngo thanh van #tog cast #anyway. i'm going to imagine this is quynh having some vacation time and andy filming her because she loves her too much #andromaquynh
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  • peri-helia
    25.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Love, persevering 

    Andromaquynh, Lykon & grieving

    “Hey, you.” Andy kneels, needlessly dusting off the stone. She leaves the too-long blades of grass, the dandelions and wild garlic scenting the air. He’d loved late summer evenings, get lost in them, their scents, their stars. “I didn’t mean to be away so long”

    She’d visited not too long ago, in her year off. But so much is different now, she needs to catch him up.

    Andy traces a thumb over the weather-worn engraving of Lykon’s name on the already smooth stone. It’s so faded now, but still legible, just. She doesn’t want to replace it, doesn’t want to have to.  She’s conceded so much already. Nobody comes here, except herself. And Quynh now, maybe. No, she thinks immediately. Quynh will definitely have been, even if she’s never spoken a word of it to Andy. There was a time when they needed to say so little, they were so attuned to one another. Now… there are things they can talk of still, others that they can’t. Not yet. Maybe not ever. But this was always one of the things they never needed to discuss, would just take themselves off to Lykon and sit with him awhile.

    Andy’s owned the land here ever since they buried him here, all those years ago. And she’s made sure that he actually gets to rest. Amid that long grass and those stars. There’s nothing around for miles. No roads. Just the forest, the village a few leagues away, that’s a village still.  Lykon had loved people, loved travelling. Loved helping. So she sits, crossed knees aching in a way they never did before, besides the smooth stone, one thumb rubbing affectionately at the rounded corner.

    She drinks in the warm scents, the heavy air. Takes an actual sip of water from her bottle and sighs deeply. Then,

    “There’s a new one. Her name is Nile, Nile Freeman. She’s 26,” she chuckles softly, “You’re still the youngest, that way at least, sorry” Lykon would scrunch his face up and stick his tongue out at her, for that. She can still see him doing it. Impossibly, wonderfully. It’s a memory she’s managed to cling to, stubborn as all hell. “You’d love her – she’s so damned kind, so strong and clever. She’ll be the best of us. Shake the dust off us lot”

    A proud smile tugs at the corners of Andy’s mouth, thinking about Nile, at the way she was burning through their training programmes diligently but would dig her heels in and demand to go and do fun, modern shit – paintballing, theme parks, the beach. Bowling last week. Nicky is a sore loser, though he’d borne it well.

    Another breath. Another. Andy rolls the kinks out of her neck. She hates beating about the bush but—

    “It’s my time. I got my mortality back” She wishes she didn’t have to say it. Still remembers the look on Quynh’s face. Can see the look on Lykon’s even now and… She rushes it a little – not that Lykon would judge her - she tells him all about Merrick, that little bastard weasel, about Copley and Booker. Talks till her throat is aching, voice dry and creaking. Her eyes are stinging.

    Andy flips her hair out of her face and tilts her face back to the sky. The sun will dry her tears before she has to go back and face the others. Not that she’d mind them seeing but – not today. Not this. This was just for her and Lykon and the answers she sometimes wishes they did have.

    There’s the rustling of the wind in the grass, and the cool shadow of a cloud lingers just a tad too long.

    “Oh, Andromache” the unbridled gentleness in Quynh’s voice pierces like one of her finest arrows and that’s when the tears slip down Andy’s cheeks. Quynh slips to her knees, and gently brushes them away, tilts Andy’s head in her hands.

    “I’m sorry,” Andy whispers, “I-“ she sucks in a breath, horrified and desperately trying to control herself. Quynh doesn’t need to see this, Quynh needs her to be the strong one, until the end. And oh fuck –

    “It’s alright, Andromache, it’s alright.”

    “It isn’t” Andy retorts because they’ve never bullshitted each other, not once. But she knows what Quynh means. “We had time stolen from us. And-“ another breath sucked down, and the former goddess gives herself a little shake. It’s been a while  - what a fucking understatement, but Andy can do this mortality shit. She needs to remember what she told Nile, in London. It’s still true, she knows how she wants to spend the time she’s got left. She just never thought she’d get to spend it with Quynh. And she can do this, for Quynh.

    “It’s not fair.” Quynh acknowledges and gods, but there’s such a weight to that, a weight there shouldn’t be, in Quynh’s voice. Andy can’t help it, though she isn’t sure if Quynh will welcome it. She lifts one arm, in invitation. Quynh catches sight of her and quirks an eyebrow at her. She shirks out of her fitted jacket – fashionable regardless of the century and leans in, fitting her head into the crook of Andy’s neck.

    “We’ll just have to tip the scales,” Quynh says, without looking at Andy, staring straight out at the wind rushing through the grass. Her voice is firm, sharp. Pointed as an arrowhead.

    It’s an echo of the time before, of one of the things they used to say to each other in times gone by. Something sharp and soft, cutting for the time they lost everything flashes through Andy’s heart, slowing to a lingering ache, the balm of realisation that they haven’t lost everything. It’s the things time leaves behind. Sometimes that can be a good thing.

    They sit there, she’s not sure how long, just tucked together.

    “It’s you and me, my heart,” she says because she can’t not say it anymore. Quynh plucks up her hand, presses a kiss to the back, and when she replies it's pressed tight to Andy’s skin.

    “Until the end”

    #IDK what this is #probably terrible #here have some lykon feels #tog drabble#andromaquynh#lykon#tog fic#my writing #this was in my drafts #the old guard
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  • ournextdoorneighbor
    25.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    ToG posters

    #the old guard #andromache the scythian #andromaquynh #joe x nicky #kaysanova#quynh#nile freeman #sebastian le livre #nicolo di genova #yusuf al kaysani #beloved <3 #dont look at nile’s clothes too closely cant be bothered to fill in that single box #idk why i decided to add a checkered design but i think its neat #its that first battle scene where they were wearing gear and going down a hill but make it fashion™️ #+ nile and quynh bc yes #ournextdoorneighbor art
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