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  • like yes Mayans MC is about a group of very serious men doing very serious things but like… have you seen them smile

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  • Felipe’s Problem: Her Solution


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    Angel raps twice on your apartment door and comes in, flopping onto the couch and heaving a sigh.

    “What’s the matter, moose?” You ask, looking across the living room to your best friend laying on your couch groaning.

    “Pop, man. He basically said he let me choose this life. Said he didn’t judge me when I chose this. But Ez wasn’t meant for this life. Ya know how shitty it makes me feel, ma? It’s like I’m this fucking disappointment. I always have been. He just accepts that I’m a fuck up. He let Ez use me. Let him use me to get to the club. I just, it hurts. Ma, you know?” He asks, huffing as if to stop the tears that burned the corners of his eyes.

    “Goddamit. I’m done with this shit.” You hiss, slamming your baking sheet on the counter and grabbing your keys. Flooring it to Pop’s, Angel is quick to follow afraid of what you might do. “Felipe Reyes! You son of a bitch!” You shriek, stalking into the house. Angel stumbles up the steps after you.

    “Excuse the hell out of me young lady?” He barks, glowering at you. You’d always been respectful to him and this was shocking to him.

    “You know exactly what. You think that Angel chose this life?” She asks, swinging an arm at the older man’s son.

    “Yes, he chose it. And not once did I judge him!”

    “But you resent him! He’s too much like you! You lost your wife, Mister R! Angel isn’t anything like you! I’m sorry about Missus R! I truly am! But because you lost her, you can’t just resent one of your sons! He’s just as smart as Ez!” You snarl, waving at him.

    “Ez just wasn’t meant for the rough life of a biker. Of a Mayan.” He all but spits the word out like a bad taste.

    “A Mayan? Your sons are Mayans. You’re such a hypocrite. How could you hate something you created with someone as beautiful Marisol.” She hisses, jabbing a finger into his chest. “You just don’t want your pride and joy to follow in his big brother’s footsteps. Going to jail for twelve months, joining a gang, carrying a gun, wearing that leather. You can’t stand it.” She demands him to respond.

    “I-I don’t hate him. I’ve never hated you Angel.” He whispers, but she’s already turning and grabbing Angel’s hand. Pulling him to his bike, they get back to her place and Angel wanders in, sitting on the couch in a trance. Heading into the kitchen, you put away the things you had out and head back to the living room with a beer for Angel. Letting the cold bottle slip into his hand, you watch as he tips it back, exposing the sweet sensitive column of his throat. You lips press against the soft skin, pressing gentle kisses to his neck, feeling him gulp hard. Leaning up, you look into his eyes and find clouded confusion and lust.

    “Y/N, baby.” He whispers, and you press a gentle kiss to his lips, but you hear the beer hit the glass table. In seconds, Angel has you pinned against the couch, your arms above your head, his lips inches from yours. “Don’t fuck with me right now.” He silently asks you if you’re serious.

    “Angelito, fuck me.” She murmurs, pulling him against you and crashing his lips to yours. As you turn over, you take his hands and kiss his knuckles. Tugging at his jeans, you giggle as he lurches upwards, trying to get physical contact. “I am valid. Say it.” You murmur as you kiss down his now exposed chest, following the unbuttoning.


    “Say it.” You demand softly, removing your warm lips from his hot skin. Hissing, he gives you a dirty look. “C’mon. I’m not gonna fuck you until you say it.” You giggle, kissing his chin and jaw.

    “I’m valid.” He murmurs so quietly and garbled you barely hear him. Accepting it for now, you tug off his boxer briefs and lick the tip of his throbbing cock. Plunging down and taking him wholly into your mouth, you drag your lips off him with a pop and give his a smirk.

    “Say it again.” She whispers, kissing the base of his cock as she looks at him. He rolls his eyes so you start to stand up. His arms shoot out and drag you back.

    “I’m valid.” He growls. With a nod, you look at him with a genuine smile.

    “Yes, papi. You’re valid. You’re beautiful. You’re loved.” You whisper sweet words to him as you take him into your mouth once more to make sure he’ll slide in smoothly, as he was the largest you’d ever seen.

    “Christ, Y/N. You’ve wanted this before now? Before today?” He pants as you sink down onto his huge cock, letting it stretch you out and fill you up. Your head tipped back in pure ecstasy, you nod to him. “Why didn’t you say something?” He murmurs, rolling his hips up to meet yours, needing movement.

    “Cause. Shut up, Angel. Just enjoy this, let’s talk about that other stuff later.” You nod and so does he as he pulls you down for another kiss.

    “‘Aye ma, you’re so beautiful.” He murmurs, kissing your palms before he plants them on his chest. You start to roll your hips against him, loving every second of him being inside you. “Holy shit,” he whispers, gripping your hips tightly as he he ruts up to meet you. Sliding a little ways out, he rubs the tip of his wet cock against your clit, almost throwing you over the edge right there. Feeling you clench your walls to hold off the orgasm, he rams into you hard. Flipping you over, he ruts down against you. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispers, licking your earlobe and kissing right beneath it. Shivering and arching your back up to his abdomen, you gasp as he slams exceptionally hard into just the right spot. “Ma, where you want me to cum at?” He asks, looking at you, eyes blown wide in ecstasy.

    “On my tits, Angel.” You assure, pressing your perky breasts together to taunt him. With a nod, he pulls out just as he spills his hot seed across your breasts. “Angel? You’re exactly who you’re supposed to be.” You breathe out, smiling at him sated.

    “Senorita? You’re exactly who I want to be with.” He murmurs in response, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before finding a paper towel to clean up his mess.

    After you two get dressed, Angel pulls you into his lap on the couch.

    “Y/N? You really are beautiful. Christ, baby. I never thought I’d work up the nerve to tell you. I love you.” He whispers, his eyes lifting to meet yours for a second.

    “Angel Reyes, are you blushing?” You coo, pinching the rosy apples of his cheeks.

    “No, shut up. I’m just flushed from the mind-blowing sex we had.” He winks at you.

    “I love you too, Angel Ignacio Reyes.” You smile, hugging his neck.

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  • Bishop’s Niece


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    She was Bishop’s niece, hanging out with a couple girls from high school at the local nightclub when Angel Reyes, Coco Cruz, and Gilly Lopez come walking in with smug grins as their eyes land on their favorite subject matters.

    Her curly hair falling over her shoulder, a glass in her hand of a bright green liquor. Her electric blue freshly manicured nails against the green liquor.

    “Oh shit! Look at you, all pretty and angry.” Angel calls as the group saunters towards them. The chuckling of the three stooges resonates behind her. The two girls she’s with start to cackle as they bikers get to them. Rolling her eyes, she turns on her barstool to face the bar. The three jocks all chuckle, finding seats at the bar and ordering drinks. The lights dance off their body glitter and Angel can’t help but notice that her body glitter was smoothed along her collarbone and neck, the light refracting off it.

    “You’re not old enough to be drinking, querida.” He hushes into her ear. Scoffing, she gives him a side glance.

    “Right, and you are.” She rolls her eyes and averts her eyes back to the drink she swirls in front of her.

    “No, but this is coke. What’s that?” He asks, pointing with a pinky to the drink her hand.

    “Green apple martini, no tequila.” She nips, her eyes never leaving the sparkling drink.

    “Aw c’mon baby. You didn’t come in here dressed like that to sit here.” He murmurs with a sexy smirk on his lips. She all but groans and turns slightly away from him. “If you don’t dance with me, I’m gonna make a scene.” He husks into her ear before he stands and offers her his hand.

    “Angel Reyes, dance with one of them, they’d literally die to dance with you.” She groans, shoving his hand away. Looking over her shoulder a moment later, she finds that he’s disappeared and she smugly grins to herself. Finally. She chuckles, taking a drink. Of course she thought Angel Reyes was the hottest guy in school, everyone did. But him hitting on her and making a spectacle of her was something she hated. He always chose her to dote on, to torture.

    “Miel!” Angel’s voice calls from the dance floor. With a shiver of embarrassment, her face heating. “Miiieeell!” He sing songs, his hands cupped around his mouth like a megaphone. “It’s my birthday!” He shouts.

    “No it’s not!” She replies without ever turning around.

    “But I still look good though!” He cheers, watching her shoulders shake a little as she chuckles.

    “Yeah, hot tamale!” She rolls her eyes and spins on her barstool to face him.

    “I bet you wanna dance with me!” He calls, beckoning her towards him with a smug look on his face.

    “I bet I don’t!”

    “I bet you won’t come out here!”

    “I bet I won’t!”

    “Aw come on I love you!” He yells, laughing.

    “No you don’t!” She cackles, slapping her knee.

    “You never know, I might!” He calls, watching as she doubles over from laughing.

    “What? Can’t dance? Don’t have rhythm?” He comes dancing towards her, shimmying his shoulders. Rolling her eyes, she bites her bottom lip to hide the smile when a stranger steps up to her.

    “You wanna dance?”

    “No thanks.” She chuckles, waving him off as Angel continues his antics.

    “You got a man? I don’t see him.” The stranger barks, trying to sound cool when she grabs her phone and spins around on the barstool to avoid the weirdo.

    “Babygirl, put that phone down let’s go.” Angel laughs, putting her phone into his pocket and dragging her to the dance floor. Bishop walks into the nightclub to find the younger crew and his eyes land on Reyes and his niece, Miel. They’d been going to a dance class together, as Bishop had insisted he pay for a dance class and made Angel go because he trusted him. Angel runs up to the DJ who nods to Angel’s hushed words. As he runs back, he grabs her arm and gives her that smile.

    “You ready, baby?” He murmurs, calling her by her pet name. He loved to dote on her, make her feel loved and put on a pedestal. Giving him her sweetest smile, he places a knee between her own as their song starts. Rolling her eyes, she giggles and Angel just grins. They were about to show the whole club a Hispanic dance and he was a little nervous.

    “Angel, what if I mess up?” She mutters against his neck, her fingers curled around the nape.

    “You won’t.” He promises, nodding to her. His I hand pressed into the small of her back, they start to move, swaying back and forth, their hips rolling together and apart like waves in the ocean. He swings her out, twirling her back against him. Twirling her back out, she taps her toes and sways her hips, her eyes never leaving her partner. As Angel spins her back against him, her back to his front. They swing their hips together in a few low circles, Angel’s hand flat against her tummy as they roll. Once fully straightened, he swings her out, her arm swinging open and then he twirls her fast back against him. Her hand once again on the back of his neck as they roll their bodies together.

    Bishop watches on, mad and mesmerized. He never thought Reyes would actually do the dance class, he figured he’d skip out.

    Angel swings her once more, her toes tapping, her hips swinging, as he slides across the open space between them. One big hand covers her abdomen and the other runs along the curve of her body starting at her thigh and moving upward. Tingles chase his butterfly touch as she raises an arm to extend his path. Intertwining their fingers, Bishop watches as they somehow magically twirl into their beginning stance, his knee between her thighs, their hips rolling together sensually as the song comes to an end Angel gives her a dip and her curls flow behind her. Bishop can’t help but clap slowly. He didn’t really know how to feel. On one hand, the dance was beautiful. On the other hand, his niece was getting handsy with Angel Reyes. And he was the last person he wanted his little preciosa with.

    Stalking forward, he grabs her hand and starts out of the club.

    “Wait, Uncle Obi, what’s wrong?” She cries, pulling her hand from his tight grip.

    “You and Reyes been practicing that dance a lot, pequeno?” He hisses, dragging her completely out of the club. She didn’t dare disrespect him in a public place but she was outraged.

    “You made me go, and you made him go with me!” She groans, waving a hand to the sweet boy who had followed them outside.

    “Okay, well. It’s over now. No more dance. No more Reyes. Go get on the bike.” He jabs a finger to the motorcycle at once.

    “Hey, baby! Your phone!” He shouts, running to her. Gripping her in a quick hug he hands her the cell phone before Bishop grabs Angel’s kutte and tosses him away.

    “Baby? Want to tell me what’s up with that?” Bishop nips, glaring at her.

    “It’s just a nickname, Bish—“ The grown older man swings on his prospect, his fist connecting with his cheekbone with a sick crack and blood pulls to the surface.

    “Jesus Uncle Obi! He didn’t do anything!”

    ”He spoke without being asked!”

    “He was just explaining to you!”

    “I asked you.” His voice was low and threatening, chewed through clenched jaw.

    “I’m sorry. Angel, are you okay?” She whispers to him. He only nods as he gets up, wobbling inside. She climbs on the bike without another word.

    Once they get to Bishop’s, she storms through the door and slams it in his face.

    “Miel!” He yells, grabbing her door handle before she slams that too.

    “What!” She screams back.

    “Where did the nickname come from?” He asks calmly.

    “Angel calls me that at school. Some guys were picking on me and Angel came up and called me baby to get ‘em away from me.” She snips, crossing her arms over her chest.

    “I see, so it’s just a nickname then?” He asks, sitting on the end of her bed and spinning a ring around his finger.

    “Yep. Angel could’ve told you that though. If you hadn’t fucking decked him.” She snarls, glaring at him sideways as she flops on the disc chair in the corner of the room. “You didn’t direct the question, by the way. He had every right to answer.”

    “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry I suck at this uncle-dad thing.”

    “It’s okay, uncle Obi. I know you’re trying. But you sent Angel with me, and we’re actually good friends. So what if we date? Would it be so bad? He got into a fist fight because a guy at school grabbed my butt.” She snorts, getting up and sitting next to her defeated and now quizzical uncle.

    “He did?”

    “Yep. He also hung some kid by his underwear on the flagpole when he snapped my thong.” She smiles, glancing at her uncle to find him smiling a little proudly.

    “Really.” He shakes his head as he chuckles. “Reyes really do that for you?” He asks, looking up from twisting his ring.

    “Si, he likes me, tio. And I like him. I just don’t want to tell him, ya know?” She asks as he pulls her into his side.

    “Yeah, your dad would be so much better at this stuff. He could match make and give the best advice.” He smiles, ruffling her curls.

    “Nah, you give the best advice, tio.” She giggles, hugging him and leaning them back to look at the painting Bishop paid Taza to do. He painted a beautiful sunset on her ceiling when she was a baby and she’d loved sunsets ever since.

    “Thank you, Miel.” He chuckles, resting his arms behind his head.

    “Do you think my dad would like Angel?” She asks as she mimics him, bumping his elbow with hers. He side eyes her as he raises a brow at her before looking back to the ceiling and taking a deep breath.

    “Si.” He nods, sitting up and heading for the door. “Miel? Te amo, pequena.” He nods, shutting the door and heading to the living room for a beer and a moment to himself.

    The next morning, Saturday morning, she heads to the yard early. Around seven-thirty to be exact. She had breakfast for Angel and Ez, ready to see Angel. Nerves suddenly wash over her as she hears Angel’s bike pull into the yard and shut off.

    “Angel!” She cheers, rushing to greet him. His eyes scan the yard for Bishop before he greets her with a warm hug.

    “He didn’t ream you too hard I hope.” He chuckles, sitting on the bench on the porch and snagging the bag from her hands and digging their sandwiches out. Her fingers dance over the bruise on his cheek. “It’s okay, baby.” He murmurs, patting her knee and handing her the warm sandwich.

    “I’m sorry Angel.” She whispers, leaning on his shoulder.

    “It’s okay. You okay?” He asks, patting her knee. Bishop creeps up, watching the two on the front porch. He watches on as Angel wraps one arm around her shoulders and hugs her before eating his sandwich. Every other second or so his eyes would flick to her and he’d smile so very slightly.

    “Hey Angel?” Bishop calls and Angel looks up. Fear fills him, but he stays put right next to her, hip to hip. His hand reaches across her lap and rests on her knee and he gives Bishop a dark look. “Be gentle, yeah?” He asks with a chuckle before disappearing.

    “You talked to him.” He chuckles, turning to face her and grabbing her face in his hands. Chuckling at the butter at the corner of her lips, he swipes it away with his thumb and leans close.

    “I love you, baby.” She whispers, letting him kiss her.

    “I love you too, thanks for talking to Bishop.” He smiles, gripping her in a warm hug against his chest.

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  • A/N: Good afternoon! Sorry for taking so long to update, have not been in a good mindset and still not, but I want to post this just to give you guys something. It’s been hard and my confidence in my writing has been shit. It’s not something I like sharing, but just wanted to be honest with you all. I just want to thank you all for giving me such nice messages regarding my finals, it was awful, but definitely glad to have it over with. 

    Currently, Snapshots and Misconstrued is almost done, just trying to work some things out with it. Two Weeks part two should be coming  up soon as well along with three requests. I’m updating the request list later, if you do not see your request, feel free to message me. 

    Also, got a Rio/Reader/Angel story on the horizon. 

    Thank you all for your patience and support. Hope you all enjoy this update! Love you all!

    I would also like to thank @enamouravecleslivresetlechocolat​ & @justahopelessssromantic​ <3 

    Also, happy birthday @losolvidad0s​ <3

    everything is you

    one : two : three : four : five

    Word count: 8088

    Warnings: Angst


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  • Angel Reyes - Get On Your Knees

    Angel Reyes X Reader

    Warnings: pure fucking filth

    a/n: This is based off of the song by Nicki Minaj ft. Ariana Grande - Get On Your Knees. I apologize in advance for the nastiness🤣


    Originally posted by sethkate

    **lyrics are in bold


    I don’t need a dozen roses

    You ain’t gotta wine and dine me, no

    I don’t need a pretty poet

    Ooh, gettin’ all emotional

    You gotta beg for it, beg for it

    I wanna see you lookin’ up

    Baby I'ma need you to beg, beg beg for it

    It had been almost a month since you and Angel had had a date night. He has been so busy lately with the club, that he didn’t really have time for you. Though you missed him terribly, you understood his life and what you were signing up for. Angel had texted you an hour ago, letting you know that he was on his way and to be ready. You knew he was going to pull out all the stops; wine, roses, an expensive restaurant, but that’s not what you had in mind.

    You hear your front door open. “Hey, Querida! You ready?”

    “I’m in the room babe!” You shout back, in response. You can hear his heavy boots against the hardwood floor as he makes his way to your room. “Babe, you’re still in your robe? I told you to be ready an hour ago.”

    “I am ready, Angel”. He raises his brow in confusion. “You’re not ready to go out. Not like that.”

    “I don’t wanna go out.” He crosses his arms over his chest. “So what do you want to do then?”

    “I want you to beg for it.” He cocks his head to the side. “I don’t beg, mami. That’s your job.”

    “Oh, but I think you will.” You slowly untie your robe, revealing your nakedness underneath. Angel bites down on his bottom lip. “I think you’ll beg to be between these legs, daddy.” Still standing, you place your right leg on your bed and slide your fingers between your folds. “I bet you’ll beg me for a taste of this wet pussy. Your wet pussy. Don’t you wanna taste me, daddy?” Angel’s head moves up and down; his ability to talk lost.

    Baby it’s primal

    I want you on all fours

    And before I let you walk, you gotta show me how you crawl

    If you want it all

    It’s non negotiable

    So do as I say

    “Good.” You walk to the other side of the room and stand against the wall; your legs slightly spread apart. “Now get on all fours.”

    “What? No. Fuck that. I ain’t getting on my hands and knees mi dulce. That’s going too far.”

    “If you want this pussy, you will.”

    “No.” He shakes his head and sticks his hands in his front pockets. “I ain’t doing that shit.”

    You shrug. “Okay. Guess I’ll just have to taste myself then.” Sliding your fingers back through your folds, you dip two fingers into your tight entrance, moaning at the sensation. With your eyes on Angel, you remove the fingers from your depths and slowly bring them to your mouth. “mmmm I taste so fucking good.”

    “Fuck mami.” Cursing under his breath, he lowers himself to the floor until he’s on all fours. Looking up at you with lust in his eyes he asks, “now what?”

    “Crawl to me daddy. Come get this pussy.” With both hands, you spread your lips apart; your swollen clit now in full view. Angel’s eyes go wide as he crawls to you as quick as he can.

    Get on your knees, get on your knees, get on your knees

    Baby, just get on your knees

    Say pretty please, say pretty please, say pretty please

    Baby just say pretty please

    You stop him by placing your right foot on his shoulder. “What now??” He seems frustrated, you think to yourself. “Say pretty please.”

    “Are you fucking kidding. Just let me have this pussy already preciosa. Fuck!” You smile. “Just say please baby… and you can put that mouth all over this pussy.”

    He rolls his eyes. “Please. Querida. Please can I taste your pussy… so fuckin wet for me. Please let me taste her.” You nod your head. “Come get your pussy, daddy.”

    In one swift motion, Angel throws your right leg over his shoulder and dives in. His mouth immediately suctioning around your little pearl. Your head hits the wall, back arching. He’s relentless in his sucking. When he slips two fingers between your walls, you’re done for. “mmmm fuck, fuck….make me cum….ANGEEEELLL.” Your knees go weak. He’s the only reason you’re still standing against this wall. He stands up, taking you in his arms. Walking over to the bed, he sits you on the edge. You squeeze your legs together. You can still feel your clit spasming, your orgasm not done yet. “Damn mami, are you still going?”

    I be laughing when you beggin’ me, to just put the head in

    Let me sit on your face, it’s ok you can play with it

    When I’m bouncin’ it, chill out and don’t you make a mistake with it

    Angel sits down on the edge of the bed, next to you. Putting his lips to your ear he whispers, “just let me put the head in mi dulce. That’s it. Just the head.” You giggle, still trying to catch your breath. “Or better yet…. sit on my face.” He lays back on the bed. “Angel nooo…it’s still so sensitive.”

    “Oh fuck no. You made me crawl and beg for this shit. That pussy is mine. She’s gonna cum as many times as I want her to. Get your sexy ass on this face now. Ride my face mami. I want my beard covered in your sweet juices.”

    You make your way onto the bed, straddling Angel’s face. Angel places both hands on your hips as you slowly lower yourself down; his tongue immediately makes contact with your sensitive clit. “Fuck Angel… no… I can’t…” You attempt to move off him, but his hands hold you in place. “I want more mi reina. Give me one more, I know you got it in you.” You begin to rock your hips back and forth; riding his face the way he requested. “Daddy…your tongue is amazing. So fucking good.” You reach down and pull at his thick, black locks. He groans beneath you. “I’m gonna cum Angel…keep going…don’t stop…” You pull tighter on his hair and scream his name as your orgasm rips through you. Your entire body is convulsing, tears are streaming down your cheeks. He gently lifts you off of him and places you flat on the bed. He pulls you into his chest, rubbing circles on your back. “sshhh shhh I got you mi dulce.” You lift your head, smiling lazily at him. “Best date night ever.”


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  • Beach Day

    Angel Reyes x Reader

    A/N: taking a smut break and stepping up my fluff game 🤣🙈 (we still thirsting over this pic tho👇🏻) thanks @wrcn9fvlcver for this idea!!


    Angel knows you hate the ocean. Not just hate… you’re terrified of it. So when he asked you to join him and the guys for a day at the beach, your initial response was ‘fuck no’. But, Angel being Angel, he ended up convincing you to come, ‘you can lay out or read a book under the umbrella, I just want you with me, querida.’

    The afternoon is going well and you’re happily sitting under the shade, watching Angel and Ez toss the football along the shoreline. Smiling as you drop your gaze back down to the book in your hand, you don’t notice Angel as he’s running towards you- with a mischievous grin on his face. Without warning, he leans down and scoops you up…tossing your book in the sand.

    You shriek and curse as he runs into the water with you. “Angel fucking Reyes! I’m going to kill you! Oh my god… get me out of here!! Its not funny!!!” Holding you tightly, he wades further out into the water- while you cling to him like a baby spider monkey. Once the water reaches your waist, you start clambering up his body until you’re sitting on his shoulders… his face pressed against your stomach. Your hands are gripping onto his wet raven locks, as you attempt to push yourself up higher still. Glancing down at him, all that’s visible are his eyes as looks up at you in amusement. Laughing and pressing kisses beneath your bellybutton, he says, “I got you, mami. I got you.”

    After a few seconds, you finally calm down and relax your grip in his hair. “If you try to throw me or drop me, I’m going to cry. You don’t let go of me. Promise??” You whine, surveying all of the people around you laughing and playing in the water. “I would never let anything happen to you. You’re too precious to me.” Angel helps you down and wraps his long and muscular arms around your waist, both hands taking hold of your ass. “Just relax, querida… you’re safe with me. Look how beautiful it is out here…” He looks out towards the sea, looking so content and happy. Arms still wrapped tightly around his neck, you graze his beard and cheek softly with your nose. “I only want to look at you…” you whisper. He brings his gaze back to you and smiles, removing one hand from your waist to caress your face, as he leans in to kiss you.


    Tag list: @justahopelessssromantic : @starrynite7114 : @general-tiny-mouse : @claytoncardenasbabymama : @carlaangel86 : @summertimesadnesswithadashofsass : @samcrobae : @gemini0410 : @teamfreewill79 : @celebsimagines : @cind-in-real-life : @briannab1234 : @scuzmunkie : @toni9 : @briana-mishell24 : @whyisgmora : @sadeyesgf : @thoughtsmeander2tumblingblindly : @marvelmaree : @luna8819 : @strawberrywritings : @woahitslucyylu : @jadert15 : @iambabyharry : @lilac-monster : @trulysuccubus : @witchygagirl @angelreyesgirl89 : @superestrella9 : @totallytremendoushideout : @cherry-icetea : @vsfavs : @damienwitcher : @docsangel : @glorified-angl @hermankopusortizorsumshite : @blackmissfrizzle : @thickemadame : @angelreyesgirl : @lilac-tea-time : @sheeshgivemeabreak : @spookys-girl : @multiyfandomgirl40 : @itsamedeemoney : @blessedboo : @enamouravecleslivresetlechocolat : @1-800-imagines : @sonnycarisiisdaddy @rebel-without-cause-x

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    Angel Reyes x Reader + Miguel Galindo x Sister Reader

    Requested by: @hermankopusortizorsumshite​ //Second ask before they get closed or I forget (😂👏😫) you’re Miguel’s sister and you and Angel are trying to be quiet but Miguel catches you in the act and angel gets all you get all defensive and angel can’t help but watch you go off😫❤️😂😂🤘 

    A/N: I kind of went in a bit of a different direction than thee request hope this is okay hun 

    Mayans Tag List: @chibsytelford​​ @briannab1234​​ @starrynite7114​​ @minnicelli​​ @woahitslucyylu​​ @whyisgmora​​ @talicat713​​ @trulysuccubus​​ @everyhowlmarksthedead​​ @ifoundmyhappythought​​ @abbiesthings​​ @gemini0410

    If you would like adding to the tag list message me :) 


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  • Trust Issues (Chapter 1)

    Angel Reyes X OC

    Mayans/SOA crossover

    Warnings: swearing, mentions of cancer and parent dying

    a/n: For my dear sweet anon who requested this crossover. Reader is dating Angel and has grown up with the Mayans, but she’s hiding a big secret: the identity of her father. I’ve written for SOA in the past, so this little crossover should be fun… I hope lol🤞🏽

    UPDATE: I decided to make reader an OC… It just fits better to me since I’m pretty much saying she’s half Mexican/half white lol 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Originally posted by supagirl


    Originally posted by mistressvera

    **flashbacks are in italics

    Ana’s phone vibrates against the counter signaling an incoming call. Again, she clicks the side button on her iPhone to ignore it. Can’t he take a hint? I don’t want to talk to him. There’s nothing he could say to make what happened hurt any less.

    She goes back to wiping down the bar at the Clubhouse. Though she’s only been working here for a year, she’s grown up with the Mayans. The Reyes brothers quickly became her best friends and, eventually, she and Angel started dating. Her mom and Bishop were cousins and when she died from cancer 4 years ago, he didn’t hesitate to take Ana in; quickly becoming like a father figure to her. She had Mayans blood coursing through her veins, but what they didn’t know was that her body also contained the blood of a Son.

    The phone vibrates again. This time a text message.

    From: The Asshole

    Come on lass, answer me.We need to talk.

    Her mind drifts back to the day she was given his phone number.


    “Please mija, take the number and put it in your phone.”

    “But why mom??”

    “I don’t know how much longer I have and before I leave this Earth, I need to know that you’ll be taken care of.”

    “I have Tio Bish and everyone else. I don’t need him, we don’t need him.”

    “He’s another lifeline, Ana. Don’t be mad at him, there’s things….”

    “Don’t be mad at him?! He left you pregnant and alone to raise a child on your own! Sure, he sent money, but where was he physically?? I grew up without a dad because he wasn’t man enough to face the fact that he knocked up some poor little Mexican girl.”

    “ANA! You think you know everything, but you don’t! Things aren’t always as they seem!”

    “So then tell me!”

    Her mother takes in a shaky breath. The stress of the conversation clearly taking a toll on her already weak body. “It’s a story for another time, mija.”

    **end flashback**

    But there wouldn’t be another time. Her mother passed two weeks later. She quickly deletes the text message and goes back to work. The guys will be out of Templo soon and they’ll need beer so she heads to the storage closet for more cases.


    Angel is the first to walk out of Templo. He scans the empty room, looking for Ana, but she’s nowhere in sight. He walks over to the bar and is about to sit at a stool when he hears a buzzing sound coming from behind the bar. He leans over the counter and grabs the source of the buzzing, her phone. His brows furrow.

    “What’s that bro?” EZ comes up behind him, peering over his shoulder. “Who the fuck is The Asshole?”

    Angel shakes his head in confusion. “I have no fucking clue. The Asshole? Could it be an ex, but then why is this fucker still in her phone?”

    “I doubt it. All her last relationships ended amicably and I know for a fact that she doesn’t talk to any of them anymore.”

    “Should I answer it?” Angel questioned. “Fuck it, I’m gonna answer it.” Before EZ can stop him, Angel accepts the call. “Hello, who the fuck is this and why are you calling my girl’s phone?”

    At first silence, but then the voice on the other end clears his throat. “Name’s Filip Telford….President of the Sons of Anarchy… I’m Ana’s…I’m her father.”

    Angel’s eyes go wide with shock. Just then, Ana walks back into the room carrying two cases of beer. It’s silent and all eyes are on her. She sees the phone to Angel’s ear. Her phone and he’s looking right at her. The look on his face says it all. He knows.



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  • Late (Part 1)

    Angel Reyes x Reader

    A/N: no plot. pure smut. gird your loins. inspired by the song “anniversary” by Dylan Scott… thank you @rebel-without-cause-x for the request!! 😚 *** EDIT- the image of the female is for LINGERIE REFERENCE ONLY!!!! 👏🏼


    I know you’re getting ready

    I know we’re in a hurry

    Got a dinner reservation

    Around 8:30

    So whatcha say we go ahead and cancel it

    You’re standing in the bathroom, clothed in only your new lingerie set, on your tip toes as you carefully apply your winged eyeliner. Bishop booked a room at some fancy restaurant and the entire santo padre charter will be there to celebrate Ez’s birthday. It’s his first birthday as a full patch, as well as his first since being released. “Angel!” You call out, quickly putting on your mascara before giving yourself a once-over and tussling your hair. “Angel! We need to leave soon, baby. Please tell me you’re dressed!” You say, peering out the doorway and into the bedroom. “Querida, it’s not like we’re going to dinner with the fucking Pope… it’s okay if we’re a little late…” Angel says, smiling, as he walks into the bathroom and places a soft kiss on your forehead. You sigh and roll your eyes, but feel a bit of relief as you see he’s almost ready. He’s got everything on but his shoes and jacket. “Besides, mi dulce, look at you…” He snakes his arms around your waist and presses his lips against your neck. “I think you want to be late… where’s your dress, huh? You trying to tease me or something, mami?”

    You laugh and rest your hands on top of forearms. “The dress goes on last my love, you know this. Plus, my boobs just look really good in this bra.” Lifting his hand and palming one of your breasts, he relies. “Fuck yeah, they do… they’d look even better out of it, though…” He growls, squeezing your breast, as his other hand slips into the front of your panties.

    With skin that smooth

    It’s hard to keep my hands off you

    Got a few things in mind I wanna do

    Baby, why save it

    When I can lay ya down now and later

    “Angel…” you whine. “We can’t…they’re going to be waiting for us…” But your voice trails off as he slides his hand further down, his fingers sliding up and down your slit. You can’t help yourself- closing your eyes, you guide his hand lower and press his fingers inside of you. “Good. Let them.” Is all he says while he begins massaging your walls with his fingers. Throwing your head back against his shoulder, you find yourself grinding against his growing erection. “Open your eyes, baby… look at me… that’s it…” You reach your arm around and grab ahold of the back of his neck. “I’m gonna cum baby…fuck… My underwear’s gonna be soaked… is that what you want?… yeah, you like the idea of me sitting there in my own juices…knowing you could just slide right in if you wanted to…” You’re not usually one to talk dirty but, for some reason, watching him finger fuck you in the mirror while he’s all dressed up… it’s really doing it for you.

    When you’re right on the edge and about to cum, he pulls his fingers out of you and places them in your mouth. Whimpering from the loss of stimulation, you suck your juices off his fingers. You then turn and kiss him, sloppily and passionately. Obviously as turned on as you are, Angel quickly picks you up and throws you down on the bed… swiftly yanking your panties off and discarding them on the floor. Before you can even process what’s happening, his fingers are back inside you… assaulting your pussy with such speed and force, that you’re entire body is being jolted with every motion. Hovering over you, he brings his mouth down on your nipple- biting and sucking on it as you cry out in pleasure. Your back arches as you reach your climax- like an all encompassing avalanche- and you swear you left your body for a few seconds. Angel doesn’t slow down though, he keeps at his same pace as your legs are shaking from the pleasure. When he pulls his fingers out, your orgasm spills out of you and sprays all over Angel’s clothes. Moaning, he slaps your pussy a few times before sliding his fingers in again… hoping to continue your high and make you squirt again. “Fuck, mami… oh my god… you’re so fucking sexy…did you see that? Fuck…”

    To be continued…. 😉 part 2 coming tonight!

    Tag list: @justahopelessssromantic : @starrynite7114 : @general-tiny-mouse : @claytoncardenasbabymama : @carlaangel86 : @summertimesadnesswithadashofsass : @samcrobae : @gemini0410 : @teamfreewill79 : @celebsimagines : @cind-in-real-life : @briannab1234 : @scuzmunkie : @toni9 : @wrcn9fvlcver : @briana-mishell24 : @whyisgmora : @sadeyesgf : @thoughtsmeander2tumblingblindly : @marvelmaree : @luna8819 : @strawberrywritings : @woahitslucyylu : @jadert15 : @iambabyharry : @lilac-monster : @trulysuccubus : @witchygagirl @angelreyesgirl89 : @superestrella9 : @totallytremendoushideout : @cherry-icetea : @vsfavs : @damienwitcher : @docsangel : @glorified-angl : @hermankopusortizorsumshite : @blackmissfrizzle : @thickemadame : @angelreyesgirl : @lilac-tea-time : @sheeshgivemeabreak : @spookys-girl : @multiyfandomgirl40 : @itsamedeemoney : @blessedboo : @enamouravecleslivresetlechocolat : @1-800-imagines @sonnycarisiisdaddy

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  • Welcome to the table | Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 1

    #mayans mc#mayans fx#angel reyes#clayton cardenas #should i tag everyone else if you only see angels face? #bbelcher#chewieblog#tvedit#filmtv#cinemapix #cant wait to see ez in there next season #also angel pls give me your rings #coco cruz#bishop losa#taza romero#riz ariza#hank loza#mygifs#mayansmcedit
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    Ya’ll… I’m so sorry! I wanted to finish this and post it tonight… but my house is a MAD HOUSE currently… and I’m falling asleep. So, here’s a teaser for the fic/request I hope will be posted tomorrow! 🙏🏻 Hopefully this will hold you over until then!


    “Angel…” you whine. “We can’t…they’re going to be waiting for us…” But your voice trails off as he slides his hand further down, his fingers sliding up and down your slit. You can’t help yourself- closing your eyes, you guide his hand lower and press his fingers inside of you. “Good. Let them.” Is all he says while he begins massaging your walls with his fingers. Throwing your head back against his shoulder, you find yourself grinding against his growing erection. “Open your eyes, baby… look at me… that’s it…” You reach your arm around and grab ahold of the back of his neck. “I’m gonna cum baby…fuck… My underwear’s gonna be soaked… is that what you want?… yeah, you like the idea of me sitting there in my own juices…knowing you could just slide right in if you wanted to…” You’re not usually one to talk dirty but, for some reason, watching him finger fuck you in the mirror while he’s all dressed up… it’s really doing it for you. When you’re right on the edge and about to cum, he pulls his fingers out of you and places them in your mouth. Whimpering from the loss of stimulation, you suck your juices off his fingers. You then turn and kiss him, sloppily and passionately.

    #angel reyes x reader smut #angel reyes x reader #angel reyes #angel reyes smut #mayans mc smut #mayans smut #angel reyes imagine #angel reyes fanfic #angel reyes request #anniversary#dylan scott
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  • Angel Reyes x Reader | Smut

    Summary: Angel teaches the girl he likes to ride his bike, but they both get too distracted by each other to hold back their feelings any longer

    Warnings: Pure smut, dirty talk, flirty Angel, semi public fingering, sex, light choking, slightly possessive Angel

    Word count: Approx 1200


    A/N: Hi my loves! This turned out a lot smuttier than I had intended 😅 please let me know if I didn’t get Angel’s character right as this is the first time I’ve written for him! Thank you @everyhowlmarksthedead for the request, I hope you enjoy it and it didn’t veer too far from what you requested! 💖 Also, thoughts on a possible part 2??


    Originally posted by juiceortiz


    Angel bit his lip as he slowly guided your hips down, his dark gaze fixed on you, your body meeting his as you sunk onto his length, a soft, drawn out moan leaving your parted lips at the tingling stretch. “C’mon, take all of it baby.” Angel grunted, throwing his head back as you slid all the way down his length until he was fully seated in you.

    “Ride me, make yourself feel good.” His words reached deep, his low voice sounding almost dangerous as he trailed his fingers over your soft skin, circling a nipple before Angel reached your lips, slipping his thumb between them.

    Keep reading

    #angel x reader #angel reyes x reader #angel x you #angel reyes x you #angel x y/n #angel reyes x y/n #angel reyes #angel reyes smut #angel smut#mayans mc#mayans fic#mayans smut#mayans
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  • Summary: Angel tries to convince his girlfriend to have sex in a stairway.
    Pairing: Angel Reyes x Black OC
    Warnings: Public sex.
    Word count: 1.2K
    A/N: I don’t love this but I’m posting it in hopes it will break this period of writer’s block (aka hating everything) I’m experiencing. Hope you all enjoy anyway.

    Nola playfully swats at her boyfriend’s roaming hands that have been pinching and pulling at her for the past minute. Tired of waiting on the slow elevator, the two of them decided to make the trek up the stairs to her apartment on the fifth floor. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, Angel was drunk and feeling possessive, hanging all over her in the lobby because other men were eyeing her. To keep confusion down, she had pulled him by his hand towards the stairwell.

    “Come on mami, please?”

    Keep reading

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  • HEY GUESS WHAT!?!? I’m writing with actual intentions of posting it! I’ve been working on this for quite some time, it will be released in chapters, it will be my first ever published work so I need some feedback real quick PLEASE. What is your preferred perspective? Do you like x reader or x original character? I’ve been writing her pretty opened ended thus far but I can’t help to feel like she really is her own thing. I want to build on her character but also really want the readers to relate!?! IDFK PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING I REALLY APPRECIATE ANYTHING thank you <3

    #angel x reader #angel reyes #angel reyes imagine #angel reyes fic #angel reyes fanfiction #mayans mc fanfic #angel reyes x reader #angel reyes x oc #angel reyes fanfic
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  • Broken Part 6

    Angel Reyes X Reader

    Warnings: swearing

    a/n: Hit a little wall after Part 5, but I think I’ve finally got myself back on the track that heads towards an eventual resolution. Will she forgive him 🤷🏻‍♀️ haven’t decided yet lol Thanks to my boo @ifoundmyhappythought for running through different ideas with me🥰


    Originally posted by juiceortiz

    You pull into the scrapyard and text EZ to let him know you’re there. You needed to speak with him about the shit he pulled the other day. Your cell pings with his response.

    Ezekiel Reyes

    Just come into the office. I’m the only one here.

    You step out of your car and start walking towards the office, thanking God that Angel isn’t there. Even though you were grateful for what he had done, you still were unsure how to feel about it. The cool A/C hits your warm skin as soon as you open the office door. “Hey, Y/N.” EZ stands up from his chair situated behind the desk. “What can I help you with?”

    “Don’t give me that bullshit, Ezekiel… ‘what can I help you with’” you mocked him. “I specifically called you for help and you sent Angel in your place? Why the fuck would you do that? By now, you have to know what he did…I need time away from him, so why would you violate my trust like that?”

    “Look, I’m sorry. I had every intention of going, but Bishop called for some club shit and I had to go. I sent Angel because you sounded really bad and someone needed to be there for you.”

    “Oh yea? Bishop needed your help at 2:45 in the morning?”

    “I don’t ask questions, Y/N. I do what I’m told whenever they tell me to.” EZ felt bad for lying to you, but he promised Angel he would help him fix this shit he created and he was going to do just that.

    You eye him suspiciously. “Mmhm. Don’t let it happen again, Ezekiel. I’m still very upset with your brother.” Looking down at your feet, you whisper, “he hurt me.”

    EZ bows his head. “I know, Y/N and I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’m sorry you have to go through everything you’re going through right now, but maybe you should talk to him. Hear him out.” Your head immediately shoots up, eyes wild.

    “Hear him out? HEAR HIM OUT?! There’s no excuse for what he did! What could he possibly tell me that would make this better?”

    “Look, I know there’s no excuse for what he did. All I’m saying is to hear him out. Talk to him. If you don’t like what he has to say then so be it, but at least you will have heard his side.”

    You contemplate for a moment. “I don’t know. I’ll think about it. I just don’t know if I’m ready right now.”

    “No, no I understand. Just think about it. For me.” He smiled. You roll your eyes. “Yea yea, I’ll think about it. Well I gotta get going, I’ll see you later, Ezekiel.”


    Angel rides his bike through the scrapyard gates and parks. He notices your car parked off to the side and is confused. He hears the office door creak open and quickly runs to the side of the building, pushing his tall body flush against the wall. He doesn’t want you to see him and become uncomfortable or worse, angry.

    He sees you emerge from the building wearing a summer dress and combat boots. You immediately take his breath away. You’re fucking beautiful. His heart clenches at the thought of having fucked you two up. He closes his eyes and looks towards the sky “I just need one more chance mom, please help me. I can’t lose her forever.”

    He looks back to where you are just in time to see you trip and fall on both knees.


    “FUCK!!!” You scream. You move to your butt and inspect your knees. They’re both skinned, bloody and caked with dirt. Tears begin to form in your eyes. “Why the fuck is this my life?!” You cry out. You’re about to stand up when you feel two strong hands push down on your shoulders. “Whoa stay down don’t try and stand up.”

    “Angel? What are you… have you been here the whole time?”

    “Just pulled up. There’s a first aid kit in the office. I can carry you in there if you want or I can bring it out here. Whatever is most comfortable for you.”

    You stare at his ringed fingers, unable to look him in the eye. “Uumm yea ok, office is fine. It’s kind of hot out here.” He nods in agreement. “Is it okay if I carry you in?”

    Giving a slight smile, you nod. He lifts you in his arms and walks towards the office. Once inside, he sits you on top of the front desk.

    “Angel? Y/N? What happened?”

    “Hey baby bro. She tripped and fell on her knees. We still got that first aid kit in here?”

    “Yea, it’s right here.” EZ reaches into the top drawer of the desk and pulls out the kit; handing it to Angel. “I gotta check on some orders outside, you two okay in here by yourselves?” Angel looks to you for approval. You nod your head, “yea it’s okay Ezekiel.”

    Once EZ steps out, the office goes silent. Angel busies himself with pulling out everything he needs from the kit. You take this opportunity to steal a glance at him. He looks so…. tired? Worn out? Defeated? Whatever it is, it makes your chest ache. You hate seeing him like this, but at the same time, you know the only one to blame for the state he’s in is himself.

    “I’ve gotta clean the dirt and blood off with this antiseptic wipe. I’m going to have to touch your leg, is that okay?”

    You slowly nod. As soon as his skin touches yours, you feel it. That feeling of comfort and being home…it fills your body. You inhale sharply. “Fuck, did I hurt you?” You shake your head, not trusting your voice. Once he’s finished, he places a band aid on each knee. “There ya go, good as new.”

    You finally meet his gaze. “Thank you, Angel.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    You sit in silence, staring at one another. You’re the first to drop your gaze. “I should get going, it’s almost lunch time and I should probably eat something.” Your stomach growls causing you to giggle. God he missed that sound. “Hey there’s that taco truck you like parked on the corner. I’ll run and grab you something so you don’t have to walk there.”

    Before you can protest he’s out the door. Shit. You think about just getting in your car and leaving, but decide against it. He’s come to your aid two days in a row now, not asking for anything in return. You hop off the counter and walk outside to wait for him.

    “Okay I got 3 of your favorite carne asada tacos. Extra salsa on the side. The hot, not the mild. There’s napkins in the bag and this,” he pulls a glass bottle from his back pocket. Sprite. Your favorite.

    “Oh…thank you, but you didn’t have to do all of this. How much do I owe you?”

    Angel looks down sadly and whispers, “you don’t owe me anything Y/N.” He hands you the stuff and walks away. Before you even know what you’re doing, you shout “Angel!”

    He turns back around. “Yea?”

    “My house. 7:00 pm…… we should talk.”


    Taglist: @ifoundmyhappythought @starrynite7114 @chibsytelford @whyisgmora @losolvidad0s @claytoncardenasbabymama @enamouravecleslivresetlechocolat @blessedboo @behindmyeyes-insidemyhead @nakusaych @trulysuccubus @sadeyesgf @gemini0410 @mrsjaxtellerfan @itsamedeemoney

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