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  • Angel Dust: How do I look?

    Husk: Expensive

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    ~~MagicDust Cuddle Times!!!~~

    An amalgam of requests from Amino and Tumblr: Two users wanted snuggles/cuddles and another just wanted AngelHusk. So what better way to please people then fuse them all together!

    (Any Huskerdust suggestions/ideas would be appreciated!)

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  • i don’t know how to make good amvs so take this before i buy something better than windows movie maker

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  • Another AngelHusk comic….BUT CHRISTMAS

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  • Holiday parties are the perfect place to try to get the cute cat demon to sleep with you. As long as he’s drunk enough…

    #hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel fanart #hazbin fanart #hazbin hotel angel dust #hazbin hotel husk #hazbin hotel angel husk #hazbin angel dust #hazbin husk#hh #hh angel dust #hh husk#angelhusk#huskerdust #angel dust fanart #hh fanart #hazbin hotel ship #my art#my fanart #if this gets enough attention ill post the aftermath ;)
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  • please tell me angel dust is a daddy long legs pleAS—

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    And it’s done! I don’t know if it was one of my best drawings, but I’m training.

    This month I am going to start digitizing my drawings and you guys can expect a lot more from me and hazbin hotel!

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  • angelhusk is that ship where their first kiss is either right after angel does something INCREDIBLY stupid and husk kisses him out of pure relief that he’s alright and it’s followed by “don’t do that ever again you fucking idiot” OR it’s a really fucking casual kiss where they’re just talking and angel gives him a big bugs bunny style smooch, giggles, and BOLTS before husk can even reply or react

    #hazbin hotel#angel dust #hazbin angel dust #husk #hazbin hotel husk #angelhusk
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  • the first post for this sideblog had to be about what ships i like, of course. though this could change as we see more of the characters and their dinamics but for now this is it. if there is a ship i didn’t put i probably feel personally indifferent to it, sorry.

    this shipping chart was made by razberrypuck

    in case you can’t see it well

    otp: alastor/charlie; vaggie/charlie.

    i ship it: sir pentious/cherri bomb; husk/angel dust.

    cute (i didn’t know what “cute but eh” meant so i changed it to “cute”): sir pentious/niffty; husk/niffty; rosie/mimzy.

    maybe: angel dust/sir pentious; cherri bomb/vaggie; vox/valentino.

    platonically: cherri bomb & angel dust; angel dust & charlie & vaggie; alastor & angel dust; alastor & rosie & mimzy; alastor & niffty & husk.

    eh: valentino/angel dust.

    #hazbin hotel#charlastor#chaggie#angelhusk#cherrisnake #otp: charming demon belle #otp: because i know you #i'm not going to tag all these characters #sooooo#hazbin crew#my post
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  • I drew hazbin hotel next gen (kill me pls)


    (Names in order of appearance in pictures)

    Angel/husk’s kids: Carmen, levi, flora

    Charlie/veggie’s kid: tracy

    Sir pentious/nifty’s kids: blossom and Blair

    Alastor/mimzy’s kid: wilford

    Crymini/Everet (my oc)’s kid: lex

    Moxxie/millie’s kid: Melissa

    The first three siblings are each different.

    Carmen, the eldest is a performer for the hotel. She often flirts with the men in the audience, which often makes her father (husk) upset. Levi, the second eldest has angel’s passion for fashion and loves to dress in anything cute. His entire room is decorated in anything cute and adorable, which is somewhat hard to find in hell.

    And flora, the youngest is the only one who has angel’s four arms genes and husk’s wings. She loves to support her siblings and is kind to other demons, despite how mean they are.

    Tracy, Charlie and vaggie’s son is heir to the throne. He is much like Charlie with the beliefs that demons can be redeemed but also has vaggie’s temper. If anyone says anything about his moms or his friends, he easily gets mad and unleashes his demon powers. He gets scared that one day he’ll hurt someone he loves.

    Blossom, the youngest has nifty’s energetic personality and sir pentious’s nack for inventing. She often joins her father on his hunt for new terf after exterminations.

    Blair, the eldest is shy. She doesn’t really talk to anyone other than her sister and her parents. She has a crush on tracy.

    Wilford, the son of alastor and mimzy has the same powers as alastor. Alastor used most of his power to create wilford and is now weak. Wilford wants to make alastor proud by doing what he did. But he is unable to control his powers since he is young. He has a crush on Melissa

    Lex, son of crymini and Everet (my oc) is a dog demon/angel hybrid. He is a young a destructive pup. He has his mother’s edgy and rude attitude and his father’s angel wings. It often makes him a target for demons who hate the angels and believe that he is a mistake

    Melissa, daughter of millie and moxxie also works as a I.M.P with her parents. She has a spunky and cheerful personality. She often visits the hotel to hang out with Tracy and the others.

    I got into the nifty and sir pentious ship by @razzled9 . The art they make is amazing btw, check it out.

    I am thinking about making a separate tumblr about these kids. But I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

    As i always say in the cringy artwork i make..

    *puts gun on table*

    You have my permission to kill me OwO

    And with that, goodbye 💙

    #digital art #hazbin hotel angel dust #alastor#angelhusk#husk#nifty#sir pentious#Charlie#vaggie#hazbin hotel#my art #do not trace #do not steal #you have my permission to shoot me #next gen (?) #should i make this into a separate tumblr? #helluva boss#moxxie#millie
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  • - What?
    - Nothing…
    - Can one no longer smoke naked in his own room at this hotel?
    - …

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    Just some cute shipping shit

    #hazbin hotel #hazbin angel dust #hazbin husk#angelhusk #angel dust x husk #huskerdust#asarts
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  • Okay so bear with me here:

    According to the wiki/Viv, Husk died in the 1970s, somewhere in his 60s.

    Angel dust died in 1947 from PCP overdose, somewhere in his 30s.

    So, if take the 1970s and subtract 1947 from it, we get:

    — 1979-1947 = 32

    — 1970-1947 = 23

    Which means Husk died between 23-32 years after Angel died, sometime in his 60s.

    So we can further extrapolate:

    — 60-32 = 28

    — 69-23 = 46

    Husk was anywhere from 28-46 years old when Angel died in his 30s; they lived in roughly the same time period.

    #hazbin hotel#hazbin husk#huskerdust #hazbin angel dust #angelhusk #feel free to use this however you wish #further thoughts?
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    this is a callout post for my friend max

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    #garycato#zadr#badgermao#angelhusk #i love my dog i swear #i have an addiction #to reading fluff
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  • o’course (sorry for mostly going monochrome here but idk i think it’ looks nice)

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  • I have….a huge bias. ;;;

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  • When Husk proposes to Angel he has to get three rings.

    One for every left hand Angel has.

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