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    Outfoxed Chapter 5

    So, this is a long chappy. 4300+ words, however, it's such a good one I didn't even want to get rid of anything or move it to the next chapter. Plenty of our favorite sorcerer coming up!

    Previous Chapter

    Rena glanced back at her tail protruding from the makeshift jeans Asmodeus made for her. It was actually quite talented and comfortable. The band had a button, so they were easily removed, and the comfortable layer near the hemming was solid but wouldn’t ruffle her fur.

    The hoodie was even cuter. Asmo had created holes in one of her black hoodies with zippers so she could still wear it but not leave pressure on them. So there she was, walking with Lucifer to the Demon Lord’s Castle in one of her new outfits.

    Lucifer was staring at his phone while they walked down the path, and Rena was distracted by the sheer detail of everything. The sky had a different hue with her sharp eyes. She could see the magnitude of the stars and the moonlight reflecting off trees and buildings. No wonder the demons didn’t mind the dark. It was beautiful in a haunting way.

    She stopped and stared down at the park. There were cats, miles off, that were chasing each other around bushes. Demons running along the path, and she could almost hear the distinct pattering of their shoes on the concrete. The fragrance of the monkshood in the distance as it danced with the moist scent of moss and the stream that led off toward the forest.

    “It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?” Lucifer whispered.

    “You feel this all the time?” Rena asked.

    “Yes,” Lucifer agreed.

    “Can you hear those demons down there talking?” She inquired.

    Lucifer bent enough to see the direction of her gaze. “One of them laughed a bit loudly, that’s it.”

    “The girl is talking about her Devilgram. The boy is saying he ran into Asmodeus the other day and followed him on there,” Rena relayed.

    Lucifer arched an eyebrow. “You can hear them? That’s quite a distance.”

    “Only when I looked in their direction,” Rena murmured.

    “Interesting. So you do have a particularly sharp hearing. That’s excellent for any issues should they arise at your change,” Lucifer said before straightening his form.

    Rena turned from the park and soon fell into pace with Lucifer once again. He pocketed his D.D.D and looked at her once as they neared the castle. It was always an odd thing to try and read him, but this time she happened to feel what dilemma he was plagued with.

    “I’m sorry this is a new issue for you, Lucifer,” Rena sighed, and her ears flickered. “I know you’re upset that I trust Solomon, and now we have to trust him more to get this mended.”

    “Rena, I’m not upset with you. I’m frustrated that he can teach you when I cannot,” Lucifer clarified.

    She licked her lips and glanced over at him. “I just wanted to make your life easier. I know you’re concerned with my safety.”

    “That’s never going to leave,” He grumbled and waved his gloved hand. “You will always be someone I must keep safe. Regardless if you’re a powerful sorceress or a sweet little fox,” he finished with the hint of a smile.

    Her tail swished as a tiny amount of color touched her cheeks. “I worry about you too, you know? You sacrifice your time for everyone. It would be nice to give you a moment or two of peace.”

    He reached over and patted her head between her ears. “You do. You’re a very wonderful being, Rena. I only wish you knew you weren’t a burden. If I had told you sooner, we might have been able to avoid this.”

    She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not so bad. At least it’s a new experience.”

    “And if we can’t fix this? What then?” Lucifer questioned as his hand fell away.

    “I highly doubt that I’m going to walk around like a little fox demon forever, Lucifer,” Rena smiled despite the twisting of her stomach. He was apprehensive about that?

    “Correction, you are a vulpine demoness,” Solomon’s voice sounded from behind them.

    “How long were you there that I didn’t hear you?” Rena growled as she snapped her vision back to him.

    Solomon smiled as he picked up the pace to fall in step behind her. “Not long. I was observing more than listening.”

    “You realize you’re creepy even for a human?” she asked with a smile.

    He shrugged his shoulders and switched hands for his large bag. “To each their own. It seems your tail is longer now.”

    “Yes, Satan said it reached full-length last night,” Rena nodded.

    Solomon stepped next to her empty side and hummed. “That’s great. It means you balanced your energy. We can test for the frequency and see the anomaly in full force.”

    “Sol, I was theorizing something this morning,” Rena said and waved her hand in a circle. “What if this defense wasn’t about you digging into my energy? What if it was more about the placement of the energy. We both know of my celestial lineage. It’s strongly associated with how I receive passive energy from the pacts. What if that defense is about the preservation of my celestial affluence and not the demonic? Which passive energy ignited with the response creating a mutation?”

    Solomon scowled and scratched his cheek. “Excellent thought process, Rena. You have retained quite a bit of our lessons, haven’t you?”

    “If I can use my big beautiful brain to stay alive as long as I have, I can use it for research too,” Rena giggled, and her tail tickled Solomon’s ear.

    He batted it away with a smile. “Accurate. If we follow the line of this theory, then it wasn’t a magical influence but a response to a threat. Interesting. That would bring a different angle for curing this malady.”

    Rena skipped in front of him and walked backward to Lucifer’s increasingly disagreeable energy. Rena could feel it coming off of him in waves. Is this what demons translate each other with? This instinctual weaving of energy? No matter, she smirked and tilted her head.

    “So, we could cure it?” She asked.

    Solomon snorted as his smile grew. “I don’t promise anything, Rena. Even to beautiful demons.”

    “No, Sol, I won’t make a pact with you,” she giggled, and her ears twitched. “Why did I stay so small?”

    “Likely, there’s a secret part of you that likes to be bite-size,” Solomon teased.

    Rena was nearly cackling with laughter as she shook her head. “Don’t tell Beel you called me bite-size. He might feel weird having midnight snacks with me after.”

    “You’re incredibly playful in this state,” Solomon noted. “Was this hidden under all your little insecurities?”

    “Insecurities,” Rena groaned. “You know, not every human alive doesn’t have empathy like you.”

    “I have plenty,” Solomon voiced.

    “Self-serving interests are not empathy,” Rena retorted.

    “You wound me,” he said with a flat tone.

    She laughed again, and her tail batted around in joy. “Simeon tells me all the time I have an unnatural amount of empathy. Speaking of angels, was he upset yesterday?”

    Solomon shook his head and directed her to walk next to them again as they approached the castle. “He was concerned with the potency of the transformation. His main concern was your exposure to celestial energy while you were still processing everything. It’s a weak moment for a demon when they’re first created.”

    Rena rocked her head and glanced over at Lucifer. “Is that why you were worried yesterday, Lucifer?”

    “Yes, Rena. I isolated Satan for the first day of his creation due to the vulnerability it causes,” he replied.

    They climbed the staircase, and Rena skipped up to them. She was actually excited to see her favorite time-wielding, cheeky demon butler. He opened the door, and she launched into his arms.

    “Barbatos!” she smiled while hugging him.

    “Oh, Rena, you’re feeling spritely,” he chuckled and held her in a polite embrace.

    She pulled from him and tilted her head. “Well, I wasn’t earlier.”

    He rocked his head and gestured for her to walk inside. “That’s quite understandable. Each demon has something it feeds off of to fill its cup. You woke up and felt,” he paused, glancing at her as the two entered the castle.

    “I felt empty,” Rena scowled as her ears flattened. “Like every piece of me that was human was gone.”

    Barbatos breathed and began walking down the corridor. “That’s quite an extreme. I can imagine it frightened you.”

    “I didn’t even feel fear, Barbs. I felt nothing. Empty. Hollow and blank. It wasn’t until Beelzebub came in with food that I felt anything,” She explained while catching up to him.

    “Interesting. When he came into the room with food, you felt what?”

    “Grateful. He didn’t have to save me breakfast and held back his own sin for my care. He’s always been genuine about that with me, but I felt it,” Rena voiced with a nod.

    “Do you feel anyone else? Is this something you did naturally as a human with vast amounts of empathy?” Barbatos asked while opening up a door to their right.

    Rena shrugged her shoulders. “I tried my hardest always to understand someone’s plight. Do all demons feel the energy of other demons?”

    Barbatos shifted his head from side to side while standing at the open door. “We’ll go into that. Lord Diavolo, Rena, Lucifer, and Solomon are here.”

    Rena stepped inside the room to see Lord Diavolo standing at the window of the sitting room. Her normal human response was to approach. However, a sudden tendril of anxiety breached her feelings. She actually paced back toward Lucifer as Diavolo turned and hid in the slightest.

    Lucifer exhaled and glanced back at her. “Skittish creature,” he hummed.

    Diavolo smirked and crossed his arms in demon form. As gorgeous as this demon was to her human eyes, he was fucking terrifying as a demon. Now, she got it. She understood. The absolute gravity this demon prince radiated was fearsome and frightening. He smelt of burnt sandalwood and ancient forests with the hint of honeysuckle. How did she know that? It filled the room.

    “Come on out, let me see you, Rena,” Diavolo murmured.

    She licked her lips and stepped out from behind Lucifer’s cloak. Her ears drooped, and her tail was low. Yeah, this demon could kill her with a slap, and she felt it in her bones.

    “Oh, you’re so adorable! Lucifer, you didn’t tell me she had the sweetest look about her. Nothing remotely daunting about a wee fox. Looks, however, are quite deceiving, aren’t they?” Diavolo voiced as he bent down and smiled at her.

    Rena managed a smile and tilted her head. “I don’t know yet.”

    “I do,” Diavolo hummed and wagged his index finger. “Come closer. I promise I won’t hurt you. I know fighting instinct is difficult, but you’re still Rena.”

    Rena’s feet willed themselves forward, and his fingers touched her hood, causing her to shudder. Diavolo removed it and tilted her face from side to side. “Barbatos, what was that human legend about the fox?”

    “The kitsune, my lord?” Barbatos asked as he busied himself with the tea tray.

    “No, not that one. The tribal one,” Diavolo hummed as he pressed her chin upward.

    “The fox that caused the stampede and fed the tribe of humans?”

    “Yes, that’s the one,” Diavolo agreed as his fingers went to her horns.

    Rena sincerely tried not to wince as his hands glided along the side of her face, tracing them. Her ears were flat and flickered at the discomfort of his energy beating against her. It wasn’t negative or even disruptive. It was potent and filled with curiosity.

    His fingers cupped her ears as his thumbs ran along the inside of them. “You’re extremely sensitive to other demons’ influence,” he whispered before releasing her head.

    “Uh, well,” she paused when he turned her body. As polite as Diavolo was in the past with her, he definitely knew he had control of this situation. Manipulating her how he wanted to investigate the oddity at the fullest. “I’m not sure what you mean,” she confessed.

    “Lucifer, has she been like this since yesterday?” Diavolo asked as his hand ran down from her shoulder to her spine.

    “Yes, and it seems to be different between all my brothers. She’s quite flinty with Mammon and Leviathan.”

    “I wasn’t trying to be,” Rena sighed.

    “That’s wonderful news,” Diavolo paused as his large hands traced her hips. “I’d rather her stand ground than be a skittish demoness.”

    “I wasn’t a skittish human,” Rena declared.

    “No, you certainly aren’t,” Solomon chuckled.

    Fingers touched her tail, and it flickered from his hand. “Hold still; I’m not done,” Diavolo ordered.

    She breathed and relaxed her twitching limb, allowing his hand to grasp it with tender regard. Diavolo contorted it and ran his fingers through the soft fur several times. This evaluation was nothing she’d ever gone through before, even with Asmo’s prying in the past.

    “Alright, I’m satisfied. Not a demon alive will think to harass you now,” Diavolo hummed and released her tail.

    Rena stared at him, walking around her. “You were doing what?”

    “Oh, silly me,” Diavolo laughed and shook his head. “I was placing a signature. Oh, Solomon, can you explain this more thoroughly?”

    Solomon glanced up from his duty of placing tools on the empty table nearby. “Quite, Lord Diavolo. Rena, as the leader of demons and their prince, Lord Diavolo, was leaving a demonic signature on your person. It’s to let other demons know you’re under his watchful eye. It will reduce the urge for them to want to challenge you.”

    Rena beamed at Diavolo. “Thank you.”

    “You’re very welcome, Rena. I don’t often use my rank, but in this case, it is necessary,” Diavolo nodded, and soon he melted to his more human presence.

    She breathed, and Lucifer patted her shoulder. “It’s alright. Just breathe. We have a difficult afternoon ahead,” he declared and moved to sit down on the sofa.

    Barbatos walked over and offered her a teacup. “This will ease your nerves. It’s difficult to be around Lord Diavolo’s presence, but it does get easier.”

    Rena beamed and nodded. “Thank you, Barbs. You’ve always been so good to me,” she sighed, and her tail swayed with a curl.

    “Oh, that’s most definitely advertising, Rena,” Solomon chuckled and pressed his fist to his chin.

    She glared over at him while sipping her cup. “What do you mean?”

    Diavolo settled in the nearby armchair and chuckled. “Your new traits betray you, Rena.”

    She glanced back to observe her tail swaying at the tip. “You stop that,” she huffed and pulled it into her arm.

    “You’re a flirt, aren’t you?” Solomon smirked as he walked over with quartz in hand.

    “I am not,” she scowled.

    “A little,” he smiled and tilted his head. “You were earlier, but it’s pleasant to observe how expressive a set of ears and a tail make you.”

    She scrunched her nose and released her limb. Solomon placed the stone on her neck at the crest of her sternum. He held it there while she sipped her tea. This was routine for them at this point, and she knew he was attuning the frequency of his tools with her energy.

    “I have an interesting question. Did you sleep well last night?” Solomon asked.

    She bounced her shoulders. “I kept dreaming of falling in water until Satan came into my room. After he coaxed me back to relaxing, I didn’t dream.”

    “I knew I should have cursed your doorknob,” Lucifer grumbled.

    “What did you speak about before you had a restful sleep?” Solomon questioned.

    Rena twitched her nose. “He told me about his first night and how numb and confused he felt as well. I expressed how grateful I was to have so many demons around me to care about my welfare. He then told me to get some rest, and he’d keep the nightmares away.”

    “So trust. You trusted him and relinquished your confusion. That’s excellent. It means regardless of your magical persuasion, you still tapped into your emotional connections before the incident.” Solomon pulled the stone from her chest and wandered back over to the table. “Did you wear what I told you to?”

    Rena groaned and glared at him while setting down her empty teacup. “Do I really have to?”

    Barbatos wandered over to grab it and patted her shoulder. “It’s going to be alright,” he murmured.

    “Thank you,” she sighed and tilted her head. “I really don’t like this part, Sol. Can we skip it?”

    “No, Rena, you have to do this. I have to do a full evaluation. We both know that,” Solomon grumbled and shook his head while turned toward the table.

    Rena puffed and unfastened the jeans in the back. She then worked on the front and kicked off her shoes. After yanking the jeans from her body, she folded them. She was wearing a cute pair of pink boxer shorts she bought to match Asmodeus. After setting the denim aside on the small side table, she unzipped her sweater to reveal the pink cropped tank top. This was nightwear but less revealing than standing around in her underwear.

    Once she was situated properly, she bounced on her toes and ignored the heat building on her cheeks. Solomon paced back over with a long turquoise rod. He arched an eyebrow with the playful hint of a smile. “You’re mortified.”

    “You try standing nearly naked in front of everyone, and then we’ll talk,” she huffed.

    Solomon gestured to the stool. “Let’s get started.”

    Rena breathed and sat down, her tail swiping at the air with clear irritation. Solomon began his experiments, and she was tapering her impatience. It was pokes and prods and all sorts of uncomfortable incantations that warmed her skin.

    However, when Solomon didn’t warn Rena about plucking hair from her tail, her reaction wasn’t human. No, that was a pure demon. She jumped and shifted quicker than she’d ever done before, tackling the sorcerer to the ground. Rena snarled, and the hoarsest growling she’d ever heard rumbled in her throat.

    “Rena,” Solomon murmured.

    “How dare you,” she hissed while holding him down.

    “Rena, get off of him now,” Diavolo ordered. “You made your point.”

    The tone of his voice snapped her immediately out of the defensive red cloud that lingered in her brain. She leaped off of him and stumbled, finding her balance and breathing.

    “Shit, Sol, I’m so sorry,” she puffed and rubbed her face.

    He chuckled and sat up. “You have quite the agility. I didn’t even have time to register a barrier or ward for the attack.”

    “Small but swift,” Barbatos mused.

    Rena offered her hand to the sorcerer, and he took it. “I’m sorry.”

    He rocked his head. “I will let you know when I’m going to do something like that again. I apologize for not realizing it would set your defensive reactions off.”

    She rubbed the side of her neck when he stood and offered her tail. “I suppose I don’t know my own strength yet.”

    “You are definitely no imp or pixie, Rena,” Solomon chuckled and plucked out a few hairs from her tail.

    She wandered over to his station and hummed. “What does that even mean?”

    “It means that you’d likely be able to incapacitate me without my magic with ease,” he smiled and dropped the hairs into a miniature cauldron.

    “That might be fun to discover what my capabilities are. While we figure out how to fix this,” She voiced.

    “Oh, there’s no fixing this,” Solomon said.

    “What?” Rena blinked.

    “It either will run its course, or you will need to figure out how to turn it off, so to speak. You’re biologically a demon right now,” He said and pointed to the scribbles he had been making. “I’m now trying to figure out what you’ve digested from the passive energy from the pacts to see your composition.”

    “I’m stuck like this? Until when?” Rena questioned.

    Solomon exhaled and twitched his nose. “We’ll do another experiment I can have ready in two weeks. That one will give me a bit more insight into if there’s a possibility of tapering your exposure. Your theory is likely more credible than I first estimated. If your celestial line did spark a defensive measure, using your pacts as its source, then it’s actually a natural reaction.”

    “A natural reaction. You’re saying I mutated into a demon because I have seven powerful demons connected to me?” Rena frowned and glanced at the results of his previous tests.

    “Consider yourself the only human in existence to evolve into a demon by nature alone,” Solomon teased as he stirred the mixture.

    “Well, it could be worse,” She sighed and shifted the pages in her hand.

    “How?” Solomon asked.

    “Well, I could have turned into a mouse,” she laughed.

    “Jeering aside, that isn’t remotely entertaining to imagine,” Barbatos hummed as he approached.

    Rena giggled and handed him the pages as she took the teacup from him. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to upset you.”

    Solomon glanced at the butler. “Barbatos, I’m amused. If she does change back into a human, wouldn’t her magical composition change frequency?”

    Barbatos rocked his head while glancing at the notes. “Yes, Solomon. It would indeed change her. She will no longer just be human. If memory serves me, a human, we both knew suffered a similar fate.”

    “So, it can be done?”

    “He seems to still follow me even after his death,” Solomon mused and gasped. “Ah, a positive reaction. Rena, have a look. The violet hue is an indication that you are of a demonic influence. If it turned any muted color, it would have been human with hints of the influence in question.”

    “Firstly, who are you talking about? Second, what does that tell us? We knew I was a demon, Sol.”

    Barbatos shifted and set down the pages. “He’s speaking about Merlin. I was quite fond of him, but he never enjoyed my company past conversations on time.”

    Rena blinked and pivoted to the demon. “Hold the phone. You knew Merlin? Wasn’t he some weird Arthurian story based on Solomon?”

    Solomon snorted and scribbled on his pages with his pen. “No, Merlin was authentic. We were,” he paused and tilted his head. “Rivaled companions.”

    “So, Merlin turned into a demon? Why wasn’t this ever written about?” Rena scowled.

    “Because what white-magic sorcerer would like to admit that his lineage got the best of him?” Solomon questioned with a smirk.

    “My father enjoyed Merlin,” Diavolo said while walking over. “So much so that he actually asked him to stay a demon. However, Merlin declined and sought out his own cure.”

    Barbatos rocked his head. “And, no, Rena, we don’t have the answer for this from his experience. How he changed was simply a different situation altogether.”

    “I knew he was some demon child, at least from the stories. Is that true?” Rena asked.

    Barbatos bobbed his head. “Merlin was the production of a lesser demon’s infatuation with a human. That tends to create an interesting dilemma for us. Not quite demonic enough, nor quite human.”

    Lucifer appeared next to Rena. “As interesting as this history lesson is. I have a question,” he declared while swiping up the pages.

    “Yes, Lucifer?” Solomon hummed as he pulled out vials from his bag.

    “If Rena’s composition is demonic, do we have an evaluation on her potency?”

    “Excellent question, Lucifer,” Diavolo nodded.

    Solomon shifted as he scooped up the mixture in a ladle and placed it in an empty jar. “Let me take away the alchemical drabble and express this lamely,” he paused and held up the jar to the light.

    It was a beautiful violet hue but held flecks of glimmering pieces that reflected prismatic light to the table below. “If she were as weak as a Little D, it would be a weaker color. If she were as strong as you and your brothers, it would be dark and murky. There’s no definitive way to say she’s stronger than other demons out there, but she’s not weak.”

    “So, I’m stuck with a fox tail and ears, but at least I’m not as helpless as I was as a human?” Rena asked.

    Solomon nodded and set the jar down, closing it with a tight lid. “Most certainly. I can’t guarantee that you can go one on one with the demons at RAD, but I can tell you that you won’t be eaten alive without a great fight.”

    Rena twitched her nose and glanced at Diavolo and Lucifer. “I guess I’m stuck like this for a while.”

    Lucifer set down the pages and scowled, but Diavolo was grinning. “This might be fun! What an experience for you. You come here as human learning about demons, and now we get to teach you how to be one.”

    “My lord, not to interrupt your enjoyment, but we do have to go over the foundation of rules then,” Barbatos declared.

    “Rules,” Solomon chuckled and shook his head. “Good luck keeping her to them.”

    “Sol, I’m extremely respectful of authority,” Rena puffed.

    “When it suits you,” Lucifer mused before walking back to the sofa. “Pull back on your attire, Rena. This is going to be an extensive conversation.”

    Diavolo rocked his head. “Solomon, keep us abreast of your experiments?” Diavolo asked. Well, it sounded like a question, but his expression clearly stated it was not.

    Solomon rocked his head while placing the last of the objects in his bag. “Of course, Lord Diavolo. I wouldn’t want one of your demons in jeopardy.”

    Rena kissed Solomon’s cheek. “Thank you,” she said before bouncing on her feet toward her clothing.

    The sorcerer was soon walked out by Barbatos, and Rena pulled on her hoodie and jeans. While she was sitting on the stool putting her shoes back on, she caught a silent conversation between Diavolo and Lucifer. There was tension in the room, and something in the next topic was going to be difficult. At least she perceived that by Lucifer’s growing grimace. Diavolo, however, was smiling like he just won the lottery. What next? That’s the million-dollar question of the day.

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    Sui He

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    I had art block and I decided to fix it the best way I know how. That being with clown designs (as well as a little design of a Clown Version of Peepy from ItemLabel, which I will defiantly draw more of. ). So yeah, here are the lineup of all the clowns. 

    1. Vampire Clown

    2. Teddybear Clown

    3. Clown Peepy (my beloved)

    4. Demon Snake Clown

    5. Lovecore Angel Clown

    So yeah. Here, have some clowns. Hope you enjoy. 

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    So it’s past midnight so I’m 23 years old already.


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    The Heights

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    Loved this so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Hermosa Beach Lifeguards Battle For Bragging Rights

    Hermosa Beach Lifeguards Battle For Bragging Rights

    Dozens of lifeguards from several Los Angeles County agencies competed Friday night in ocean and beach races to show off their stamina and swimming talents.

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    31.07.2021 - 53 minutes ago
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  • chuckduhdude
    31.07.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    I really was stressing all week.

    #dodgers#baseball #los angeles dodgers #gavin lux#clayton kershaw#cody bellinger#bestie gavin #now i consider gavin as my best friend
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