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  • Fake it till you make it


    John Laurens x South African!Black O.C


    1. Swearing/Cursing
    2. Alcohol use
    3. Mentions of sex
    4. My terrible writing (but you know what you signed up for


    1. Asavela: Ah-sah-veh-lah
    2. Ongeziwe: O-ngeh-zi-weh
    3. Sinoyolo: Si-noh-yoh-loh


    The ride back to the house was somewhat exciting for Asa. Aside from reminiscing with Q and Azola, he girl couldn’t wait to see the trainwreck that was going to be John and her dad. Everyone who knew John, knew that he was easy going and chilled. Asa knew that it was all to an extent. Her dad was ruthless when it came to his daughters. Especially Asa. He expected perfection from the man who is supposed to love and protect his daughter. Only perfection. While John might’ve been that perfection, he had one problem. His inflated ego. The man was self centered and always thought of himself as the best thing to ever happen to this world. She couldn’t wait to see her dad put him in his place. Her mom on the other hand, she didn’t even wanna think about that one.

    After a 20 minute car ride of memories (and in the case of John, leverage) they arrived at Asa’s family’s holdiday home. 3 mansions each ranging from 5-6 acres all on about 20 acres of land. He knew her family was well off but he didn’t expect this. They parked out front the house in the middle and were greeted with the sight of Asa’s parents.

    “DAAADDYYY!” Asa squealed as she ran into her father’s arms. “My little princess,” he said fondly as her spun her around like a 6 year old. As soon as she separated from him, she went from “Daddy’s little girl” to “Serious business woman”. “Ma,” she said with a curt nod. “Asavela,” her mom replied in the same curt mannor. “Good to see you,” her mom continued. “Likewise,” Asa responded. Q and Azola decided to leave, knowing what was gonna happen next wasn’t gonna be pretty. At all. Asa grabbed John by the hand and pulled him closer to her side. “Tata. Ma. This is my boyfriend. John Laurens,” she said confidently. “Babe, these are my parents,” she said effortlessly. “Its a pleasure to meet you Mr and Mrs Lumka,” he said nervously as he stuck his hand out for them to shake. “So this is the famous billionaire American who captured my daughter’s heart?” her dad inquired as he shook John’s hand. “Yes sir,” John said confidently. Asa’s dad held John’s hand in a firm grip and glared at him threateningly, making John’s confidence shrink a little much to Asa’s enjoyment. Suddenly his features softened and he let out a soft chuckle. “Welcome to the family John,” he said warmly. Asa let out a slightly frustrated sign at the kind gesture and groaned inwardly. “Thank you sir,” John laughed nervously. Asa’s mom on the other hand kept her neutral demeanor. “Its a pleasure to meet you John.” “The pleasure is all mine ma'am.” “I’m sure you guys are tired. Why dont you go take a nap and then join us for dinner later?” Asa’s dad suggested. The pair agreed and got into the car to drive to the house on the left side.

    “I told you your dad would like me,” John mused. Asa rolled her eyes in response. “So your mom seems nice.”. “Ok,” Asa shrugged. He thought about asking about their relationship but decided to let the matter go and carried their bags into the house with her help. “Wow. Why is this place so huge?” John asked. “Big family,” Asa stated. “Where’s our room?” “Our room?” “Yeah our room. You want to convince your family that we’re dating right?” John smirked. Asa mumbled something under her breath that John couldn’t hear before leading him up to her room aka the room they’d be sharing.

    The walls were a dark shade of grey, a California king in the middle of the room between two black night stands with simple lamps on each, a shelf full of vinyls and records next to the walk in closet and a large vanity and no childhood pictures. But then again it wasn’t her childhood home. She took her shoes off and threw herself onto the bed. “Are you not gonna set bed boundries?” John inquired as he discarded his own sneakers. She let out a frustrated groan and turned to lie on her side. “Later,” she mumbled. “No, now,” he said sternly. She scoffed at his tone and rolled her eyes. “Its a big bed bruh. No touching.” “Okay.”


    “The emotional and mental capacity to deal with them namhlanje, andinayo ke sana (today, I don’t have it girl),” Asa laughed. She and her cousins, Ongeziwe, Laura and Sinoyolo, along with Q had been catching up over glasses of wine. The others were either out or were arriving late or the next day and honestly Asa didn’t mind. These were her favourite people in the family anyway so she needed time with them.

    “No man. Kanye kanye lendoda yakho ivuka nini? (when exactly is this man of yours waking up?),” Ongeziwe wondered out loud. Asa and Q laughed at their cousin’s curiosity. Ever since Q had told them how attractive, strong and smart John is, they’ve been on the edge of their seats. Asa didn’t know if it was because they were genuinely interested or because they all wanted a piece of him, nonetheless she kinda didn’t care. “Jonga ke darlie. Lowo, lizotshona elilanga, kuphinde kuse engeka vuki (Look darling. That one, this sun is gonna set, and rise again and he still won’t have woken up). But I don’t blame him, running a company that stretches out to the rest of the world is exhausting,” Asa sighed.

    Laura raised an eyebrow at her cousin’s statement. “Are we still talking about Johnny Boy?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes. Well we’re talking about me too now,” Asa chuckled. She was kinda tired of talking about the obnoxious, arrogant jerk named John Laurens. Its not easy acting like you adore someone you can barely stand to be in the same room as them for so long. As if she had read her mind, Sinoyolo took a sip of her wine and smirked. Asa knew that whatever she was about to ask her, it would be something that she had been dreading this whole time.

    “So….how’s the sex?”


    After what must’ve been 3 hours, John woke up expecting to find Asa on the other side of the bed snoring her ass off (he didn’t know why he thought that because she doesn’t even snore) but when he opened his eye, her side was clear. It wasn’t until then, that he heard laughter coming from outside the room, probably from downstairs. He made his way down the staircase as quietly as he could to go unnoticed but he failed because who he assumed to be one of Asa’s cousins.

    “Heh, watcho wavuka uMan of the hour (the man of the hour is finally awake),” the young woman chuckled. “Mntase, njani ungatcho ba lomntu wakho sistoko? Ude woqhitha zonke ezintakumba, nezinconconi zalaphekhaya zidibene (Cuz, how do you not mention the fact that your boyfriend is hot? He’s even better than all tics and mosquitoes in this family put together),” she said as she looked him up and down with a raised eyebrow. John had no idea what she had just said, but judging by how hard Asa was trying to hold in her laugh, it probably wasn’t good, but he’d brush it off. For now. He walked over to Asa and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “Hey babe. You gonna introduce me any time soon?” he inquired. She rolled her eyes and wore a fake genuine smile. “Baby, these are my favourite cousins. Our resident yellowbone and damn near alcoholic is my dad’s older brother’s first born daughter, Sinoyolo. She’s also the oldest person sitting here at the age of 30. She’s a Victoria’s secret angel,” Asa explained as the two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. “Our rude, half Portuguese baby over there is Laura. My dad’s older sister’s first born daughter. She is the youngest person sitting here at the tender age of 24. She is still working on her forensic science degree.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you Laura,” John said warmly. “Likewise John,” she giggled. Asa rolled her eyes and moved the the next one. “Now this idiotic loudmouth over here is my favourite cousin. Ongeziwe. She is my dad’s twin brother’s second born daughter and also has a twin. Azola and I were born on the same day as Ongeziwe and her-” “If you call that witch my sister, we’re gonna have a problem,” Ongeziwe warned Asa with a death glare. Asa chuckled and carried on with what she was saying.“What does she do?” John asked. “She is the owner of the company that Lafayette is partnered with and they’re pretty close friends.”

    “I thought she looked familiar. So you wanna tell me what it was you said as I was walking down the stairs?” John challenged with a mischievous grin. “Oh no playboy. You’ll have to earn that translation,” she chuckled. “I see all the girls in your family want me to put in work, some in different ways than others,” mused, shooting a smirk at Asa with a devilish glint in his eyes. All the other girls at the table snickered at the pair. “Anyway, John, how about you sit down while I go get you a glass of?” Q inquired. “You know what. How about he and I just get his drink?” Asa offered. Before anything could answer, she grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the bar which was out of earshot.

    “As much as I love your dirty sense of humour, I need you to burn it,” Asa deadpanned. “What happens if I don’t?” John challenged. “Then I burn you,” Asa chirped. “Yeah, not a chance princess. And besides, I wouldn’t call it humour. The truth works better for me,” John chuckled with a mischievous wink. Asa scoffed and glared as the smug freckled bastard confidently made his way back to the table. “Oh so he wants to play it like that,” she said to herself. A smirk danced onto her lips as an idea made its way into her brain. “Game on Laurens, game on.”

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  • in Dear Theodosia when Alex said “I swear that I’ll be around for you” he meant it. A few years after Phillip died, he died. He is now there for Phillip in the after life. It may have taken time but he eventually made it there.

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  • Peggy: Why do so many people argue over who tops and who bottoms? I’d just be happy to have a bunkbed!



    Angelica: I’m gonna tell her.

    Eliza: Don’t you dare.

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  • so i’m writing a book about time travelling detectives who keep ruining the timeline (one notable example being one of them, after being flirted with by one alexander hamilton, telling one of their bosses having to play marriage therapist. bear in mind that the same one of them, early on in this mission, punches marquis de lafayette in the face because he puts his hand on her waist and she wasn’t really paying attention to who it was and then proceeds to hook up with angelica schuyler - you know, as you do in revolutionary america) and holy shit you have to do so much research about legitimately everything? like i now know so much about tudor murder techniques. i had to google what kind of razors were available in 1888 england because i want one of my other characters, who is both black and a prostitute (which, by the way, isn’t a good thing to be in 1888 whitechapel, because of our dear buddy jack the ripper and also people just being dicks to sex workers, poor people, black people, and women, of which this character is all four) to stab jack the ripper with a razor and then promptly take a nosedive into the thames. that’s a thing that’s in my search history now. i also know that lafayette was all around cool guy and alexander hamilton was actually a bit of a dick, especially in regards to slavery, so thanks for that, google. i am so tired, my legs are dead, legitimately what the fuck has my life become.

    #steal my ideas i steal your sinuses #yes i know #my grammar sucks #but this is a shitpost on tumblr #not the actual book #leave me alone #hamilton#lafayette #marquis de lafayette #alexander hamilton #alexander hamiltons need to flirt with any pretty woman who exists ever #even if she's a lesbian #which she is #angelica schuyler#time travel #time travelling detectives who ruin the timeline all the fucking time accidentally do something right: more at ten #history #jack the ripper #@jack the ripper #stop being a dick #angelica church#angelica #hamilton an american musical #i am so tired #so fucking tired
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  • George Washingmachine, exhausted from his reckless, idiot children: are any of you even a LITTLE bit sane? ANYONE?




    Eliza: *slowly raises hand*

    Angelica, remembering that time Eliza burned Peggy’s diary because it contained the word ‘dumb’ when they were six: *slowly lowers Eliza’s hand*

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  • 45 Master Characters

    21. Athena: The Father’s Daughter

    A studious and intelligent woman who furthers her career by aligning herself with powerful men and trying to prove she’s every bit as capable as the men around her; doesn’t connect with other women, but loves to be in control.

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  • Aaron Burr x Reader

    description: Aaron Burr is your lifeline, but what happens when you lose your lifeline?

    word count: 2.7k

    warning: strong language, fluff, angst, war, mentions of death

    a/n: Y’all this is a long one, buckle up.


    “Aaron! Aaron! I got in! I got accepted into Princeton!” I ran into Aaron. We collided and soon were met with the hardness of the ground. 

    “Y/N that’s amazing! We get to go together. Oh, I hope we can con whoever is in our dorms to be able to live together.” Aaron kissed my face.

    I gasp. “Aaron we can’t do that. What would our family say? Especially with your parent’s legacy to uphold. I can’t put your family name to disgrace.” 

    Aaron is a Burr. The son of Aaron Burr Sr., the founder of Princeton College. I couldn’t put the family through a scandal. I can see the headlines now. ‘Founder of Princeton College, Aaron Burr Sr., devastated by son and his mistress’ I was already a disgraced and apparent threat to them anyway. It doesn’t matter how much Mr. and Mrs. Burr loved me like a daughter, I knew society wouldn’t accept me for his family. I came from a poor family living in a 1 bedroom housing with two other siblings. Our parents died from severe illness a couple of years ago. I was the youngest and the wildest, only because my older brothers were tamed and collected.

    “Doll, you are not a disgrace. I don’t want you to ever say that again.” Aaron looked at me seriously with a hint of sympathy. I nod, not daring to look up at him. He gently lifted my chin, “I mean it Y/N. You are so much more than what you tell yourself. Not only are you a star to everyone and yourself, but you’re also my favorite star.” We share a sweet gentle kiss underneath the tree. 

    “When I stargaze at night, watching the time go by. The phasings of the moon, I think of you. And when the stars twinkle in the sky, I thank God that you’re in my life. You are my one and only, Y/N you are my shining star.” Aaron spoke sweetly to me while holding me close. 

    “You know how to sweet talk a girl don’t you, Burr?” I smirked pushing myself away from him gently walking past him towards the dorm building.

    Aaron pulled me close back to his chest. “Only for my best girl.”

    It’s been a long two years, but Aaron and I graduated. However, the war was fully on. King George, the asshat that he is, just kept sending more and more ships filled with ammo and soldiers. One day while walking through the city, we were stopped by a man around our age. He looked lost and mishappening. 

    “Excuse me, are you Aaron Burr?” The man asked Aaron, and knowing Aaron, he tucked me behind him softly.

    “That depends, who’s asking?” 

    “Oh sure, sir. I’m Alexander Hamilton. I’m at your service, sir. I have been looking for you-” Alexander was stopped mid-sentence.

    “I’m getting nervous.” Aaron held my hand tighter.

    “I heard your name at Princeton. I wanted an accelerated course of study just like you. When I got sort of out of sorts with a buddy of yours. I may have punched him, its a blur, sir. I wanted to do what you did. Graduate in two and join the revolution.” Alex told us.

    I stepped out from behind Aaron, “You punched the bursar? Good, someone should’ve done that a while ago.”

    Alex chuckled as Aaron smiled. “Can I buy you a drink?”

    “That would be nice.” Alex followed us towards the bar down the street. We walked in to find John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Lafayette sitting at a table towards the back corner. I knew Aaron didn’t care for them, but I grew accustomed to them. We became friends quickly after bonding over numerous things. I mean, I was Hercules’s model for his new clothing on the side. I let them talk while I ran over to my friends.

    “Alex let me offer you some free advice. Talk less, smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.” 

    Alex looks quizzical, “You can’t be serious.”

    “You wanna get ahead. Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.” Aaron clapped his hand on Alex’s shoulder. Soon they joined us in a drink.

    Some time has past and Alex was now apart of our friend group. Although, have my boys fight in the war was difficult. My brothers were both fighting alongside the boys, so I was truly alone. However, I’ve met General Washington a few times with helping them out with the information I receive. With connections, he introduced me to the Schuyler family. The sisters have been my friends throughout this journey. While my brothers were fighting, we got evicted. General Schuyler was more than generous to have me move in with them for the time being. 

    While we were enjoying our day gardening and making dinner from our fresh garden, there was a knock on the door. It didn’t seem like a knock that came from a friend or a neighbor but of a soldier. Having all the men in your life in the military, you know some things. Angelica opened the door, “Yes sir, how can we help you?”

    “Excuse me, Ms. Schuyler. I’m looking for Ms. L/N.” The lieutenant asked.

    I came running to the door. “Yes, Lieutenant?” I started to worry.

    “I’m sorry to inform you, but Luca L/N and Douglas L/N have died fighting for the revolution. God bless ladies.” I watch him leave. Everything in me stops as I drop to the floor. My body runs cold with numbness succumbing over me. I can’t breathe. Any and every emotion comes out of me. The initial shock, gut-wrenching pain; I scream out. Angela holds me close on the front porch of their home. Eliza and Peggy run out.

    “What happened?” Eliza knelt down.

    “My brothers,” I hiccuped from sobbing, “They died in a battle.” I couldn’t keep it in. I let out all the emotions coursing through my body. All three siblings wrapped their arms around me for comfort.

    I hadn’t seen Aaron in months. No letter, no communication, nothing from his end. I used to write letters every day, but that soon changed into every week, which then lead to every other and now once a month. I don’t know if I did anything wrong for him to shut me out like this. We’ve been courting for over five years now. I understand fully that he’s in a war, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I’ve needed him and he can’t write me one letter. I hear from General Washington every month on updates. Aaron is fine and healthy, so why won’t he write to me? 

    The Schuyler family is throwing a Winter Ball this coming weekend, and within preparations, I needed a dress. I decided to wear my mother’s wedding gown, it wasn’t a white dress made for marriage. All she had was her mother’s fanciest dress. It happened to be a gold-ish and brown ball gown. The sisters and I were getting ready in Angelica’s room, talking about the men we’d be seeing tonight. 

    “You think Burr’s gonna show up, or be the coward that he is for the past six months?” Peggy asked doing my hair.

    “Pegs.” Eliza scolded her younger sister, knowing she stepped too far.

    “What? He’s being a coward. He can’t take five minutes to write his love a letter? Or if he can’t write because of an injury, one of the other guys could. I just don’t see how he’s gonna get out of this one.” 

    “Ok, thank you Peggy for that great analysis.” Angelica grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs to the party. It didn’t seem too packed, but there were a fair amount of people. 

    I’ve been searching for Aaron all night long, wondering where he could be. Why didn’t he show? What did I do to deserve him to leave me without an explanation or reasoning? Lafayette and Hercules have been keeping me company tonight, knowing that they don’t have a real chance here. Peggy has been in the upstairs back room with John all night; I’m not surprised. Eliza and Alex seem close, but so do Angelica and Alex; that wasn’t going to end well. Around midnight, I give up all hope in everything.

    “I’m going to bed guys. You’re welcome to stay, but I must go.” I hug them all adieu promising to write. As I pace the room back and forth, I can’t get the feeling of betrayal out of my heart. Pain is all I feel from head to toe. Physically, emotionally, mentally; I can’t do this anymore. I calm down from my pacing to begin my last and final letter to Aaron. Promising to send it out in the morning, I wrote for what felt hours. I heard a knock at my door, which turned into an urgent bang. Quickly hiding the letter in my draw, I opened the door to find all three sisters telling me we need to hide for the family’s safety.

    Weeks have passed on since the Winter Ball. To say it has been a busy month is an understatement. Eliza and Alex are to be married soon, which meant preparations. Between helping Eliza, consoling Angelica, and gossiping with Peggy, I haven’t had time to think or dwell in my thoughts about Aaron. Not once since the Winter Ball has he been on my mind.  I didn’t know if that was a positive thing or not. All I knew was that it felt like my heart took a break, a well-needed break. 

    The wedding came faster than I would’ve thought. The venue was beautiful and the banquet hall for the reception was breathtaking. This was going to be a wonderful night; although, I do wish that Aaron was here with me. 

    Emotions are a funny thing. One day you want to be soft and lovey with your person. Cuddled up and talking about the future in a way that expresses love and admiration. Then the next day you want to take batting lessons to their head with a metal bat. Just keep swinging until the anger and frustration dies out of you. 

    All of us women are in Eliza’s room getting ready in our bridesmaid dresses when Eliza walks out of the bathroom in her dress.

    “E! You look gorgeous. Oh my gosh, that dress suits you so well!” Peggy hugged her sister. 

    “You’re the most beautiful bride ever hun.” Angelica hugged her next. 

    “Eliza you look like an angel. This dress is perfect for you!” I was the last to hug her. 

    Not long after, they were married, happily walking down the aisle. As I stood a few steps down from the alter getting reading to follow them out, I knew that whatever I had with Aaron, was over with. There he was. Sitting in the back row with another woman. Both looking so in love and happy together. It was as if I never existed in his life. Peggy tried getting my attention but soon followed where my eyes were. I looped my arm through Lafayette walking out, hiding my face. This wasn’t the place or time, but it will be tomorrow. 

    All throughout the wedding I was on edge. I didn’t show any emotion but happiness for Alex and Eliza. Nothing helped, but I knew that it was now for certain overwith. Lafayette and Peggys are the only ones who saw, which meant I spent most of my time with them tonight. Dancing, drinking, and eating was making me forget, but in the worst ways. I wasn’t healing, I was forgetting for a night. After a bottle and a half Peggy had to keep me away from the bar. I got friendly with the bartender to the point I was slipping him money to get a drink. Lafayette saw and had to pull me to the dancefloor as a distraction. That was an hour ago, but now I was sitting on the balcony crying against the wall. Sobering up to a mental breakdown isn’t fun, but neither was my situation. 

    “Pegs, we need to tell them what’s going on.” Lafayette was leaning against the doorway.

    “I know, c’mon the wedding’s over. We can bug them now.” Peggy lead Laf down the stairs to the rest of the reception where their friends were sitting. Lafayette and Peggy explained from their both sides. Laf talked on the war perspective and Pegs from the perspective of living at home.

    Hercules interrupted in rage, “He will not get away with this.” Not long after the guys left. 

    “Eliza I am so sorry. I didn’t want to handle this on your wedding day.” I bowed my head.

    “Oh sweetie don’t worry anout it. We had a wondeful wedding, it’s over now. Now it’s time for revenge.” I leaned my head on her shoulder.

    Eliza, Angelica, Peggy, and I watched the incoming encounter from a nearby stoop.

    “Well if it isn’t Aaron Burr.” Alex said walking towards him. “Sir.” Aaron nodded.

    “You are the worst, Burr.” Laf said angrily, getting his fist ready.

    “Excuse me?” Aaron looked at Lafayette.

    John came up behind him, “You’ve got a special someone on the side, Burr. What are you tryin’ to hide, Burr?”

    “I don’t know what you’re referencing.” Sweat started to form on his forehead. 

    “I think you do. I think you know what you did and have been doing to our dearest Y/N.” Herc gritted his teeth. At this point I walked down the step to the street to see him.

    “I saw her Aaron. I know what you haven’t done and what you have done. Don’t try to lie or deny anything.” I crossed my arms not going near him.

    “You don’t know the full story. I didn’t see the colors of the coats. I didn’t see where they were standing. I didn’t see who was on whose side. I shot them and killed them, hours later I was told they were Luca and Douglas. I’m so sorry Y/N. I never meant to.” Aaron was now sobbing on his knees.

    “So instead, you lie to me, stop talking to me, find a new lover, and try to act as if this was a mutual thing? I gave my whole fucking life you to Aaron. Shit! I’ve known you since we were just kids. Why did you think now would be an exception to just cut me out. Fuck you! Fuck you for putting me through so much shit. Fuck you for killing my ONLY family I had left. Did you even know what I was going through here? Or where you so damn selfish that you really thought of yourself?” I screamed at him.

    “Y/N I’m-” Aaron interrupted.

    “I’m not done asshole. I did so much for you. I kept you grounded when you were spiraling. I was there when your parents died. I was there when your sister left. I was there through everything major in your life. I sent you letters constantly, but no. I got NOTHING back. I thought you died asshole. But you know what motherfucker, sometimes I wish I could change my life to where I never fucking met you!!!” I calmed down after a minute. All the emotions slowly filtering out of me. I looked him dead in the eyes. “Don’t you dare do this to that woman. You don’t deserve love and happiness. Choke on a dick Aaron Burr.” I took my jacket from Peggy and walked away. That was the most empowering thing I have ever done. 

    A month later I left the house to go down to the post office. It had been a hard month, but a reaffirming one. I was gaining back my confidence, my stature. I was gaining my courageous self again. I mailed that letter out. Hoping it reaches to the person I hope reads it the most. Dear Mrs. Theodosia Prevost, here’s everything you need to know about the man you think you know.

    #hamilton#hamilton imagines#aaron burr #aaron burr imagine #aaron burr x reader #alexander hamilton #alexander hamilton imagine #alexander hamilton x reader #lafayette #lafayette x reader #lafayette imagine#Hercules Mulligan #hercules mulligan imagine #hercules mulligan x reader #John Laurens #john laurens imagine #john laurens x reader #eliza hamitlon #eliza hamilton x reader #Angelica Schuyler #angelica schuyler x reader #peggy schuyler #peggy schuyler x reader #george washington #george washington imagine #george washington x reader
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  • 𝓔𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓱, 𝓦𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻, 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮, 𝓐𝓲𝓻…𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷!!!

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any  one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations  and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms  became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the  land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our  wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the  time for us to rise up. 

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  • The TURN ladies whenever a man does something stupid:

    #turn: washington's spies #turn amc#anna strong#abigail#mary woodhull#martha washington#peggy shippen#philomena cheer #downton abbey x turn: washington’s spies #angelica schuyler #angelica schuyler be like #my gifs#gif
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  • I just found this from a few years ago… I was ahead of my time

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  • 𝓔𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓱, 𝓦𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻, 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮, 𝓐𝓲𝓻…𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷!!!

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any  one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations  and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms  became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the  land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our  wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the  time for us to rise up. 

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  • Eliza: Maybe you wanna use your inside voice?

    Angelica: Inside voice is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    #incorrect quotes#source: aggretsuko#Hamilton #Hamilton an American musical #eliza schuyler#angelica schuyler #Eliza Schuyler incorrect quotes #Angelica Schuyler incorrect quotes #hamilton incorrect quotes
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  • Angelica, after listening to Alexander rant about Jefferson for the fiftieth time: Look at my face.

    Alexander: Okay?

    Angelica: No, no. Keep looking

    Alexander: I am looking!

    Angelica: No you’re not. Look harder

    Alexander: Is there a point to this?

    Angelica: Yes. So look as hard as you can. Focus on every part of my face

    Alexander: Alright! I am!

    Angelica: Now…does it look like I give a fuck? 

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    Originally posted by captainyourstruly

    Elizabeth and Jane - Pride & Prejudice (2005)


    The March Sisters - Little Women (2019)


    The Schuyler Sisters - Hamilton


    Dani and Maureen - The Man in the Moon (1991)

    the best sister-to-sister relationships in films

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  • Earth, Water, Fire, Air…for the REVOLUTION!!!

    Open Character: Angelica Schuyler

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the time for us to rise up.

    This is an 18+ literate fantasy RP based on the Hamilton musical, but takes place in an alternate universe where elemental bending exists like in Avatar: the Last Airbender. The countries in this universe, and these 13 colonies here, are much more diverse. We intend for the story of this revolution to be kinder, and hopefully create a more compassionate America in the process.

    We’re a brand new server, so most of our canon characters are open and OCs and Turn characters are welcome. Please feel free to come look around! We’re friendly to all, intersectional social justice is our jam.  

    ||Join Here!||

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