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  • Angels be like Do Not Be Afraid Head Ass and steal all ya humus

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  • Angel Messages: Numbers part 3 🕊

    “Divine messages in the form of numbers; they can be a specific sequence like 11:11 or 1234 or be represented in a singular form, such as 7 or 9, that carries a message from the angels and the universe.”

    This post is focusing on the messages you may receive from the combination of duplicates of 1 and another number.

    111, 1111 - Manifestation

    The ‘wish’ number - When you see this number, it’s a sign that now is the best time to start working towards your goals, to start planning for your future. It’s the call to make your fantasies into reality, to bring to life all your dreams and aspirations. You may feel subtle pushes towards your goals and opportunities to prove yourself.

    vision, dreams, opportunity, motivation, support, beginnings, change, growth

    121, 1212 - Achievement

    The next step - You’ve laid the foundations you need in order to get closer to your goals. Now is not the time to stray from the path; your resolve and motivation will be tested, but have faith and trust in yourself that you will achieve your aspirations. You may not be able to see/feel it, but you’re already growing.

    life path, growth, attraction, success, labour, courage, confidence, faith, trust

    131, 1313 - Confirmation

    The cosmic ‘yes’ - Whatever doubts that have plagued you, cast them aside. You’re on the right track, heading in the right direction. Heavy spiritual energy is close by.

    confirmation, gut instinct, trust, growth, guidance, attraction, success

    141, 1414 - Warning

    The cosmic ‘no’ - Don’t be disheartened, consider the choice as one that can be remedied later on. Don’t feel discouraged when you see this number; just regain your bearings and get back on track. Setbacks are not failures.

    obstacles, challenges, growth, positive mindset, experience, faith, attraction

    151, 1515 - Change

    Changing tides - You’re bounding over obstacles, charging through all the levels, powering up. New developments and opportunities for growth are close by; there is now a visible difference between the present you and past you. A new mindset, healthy change, and a realisation of potential. Heal from past wounds and grow.

    change, travel, emotional development, healing, growth, labour, rewards

    161, 1616 - Imbalance

    The unsteady bridge - Your thoughts are all over the place, your body and mind unbalanced. Consider this number as a warning sign to not stray too close to the cliff’s edge. The number implies you have lost your focus, your drive. Take some time off to regain your balance, self care is a necessity.

    balance, warning, guidance, advice, rest, recuperation, self care, change

    171, 1717 - Destiny

    The enlightened one - Manifestation and attraction is as easy as breathing for you. You feel sure and confident in yourself and your abilities. You work, motivated, towards your goals with ease. Remember to not let yourself get down by little mistakes and see how much you have grown in the past few days. You welcome opportunities with open arms and do not shy from change.

    destiny, fate, dreamer, manifestation, abundance, opportunity, faith, trust, goals

    181, 1818 - Endings

    The final chapter - A phase is about to end, the chapter drawing to a close. Time to wrap things up and put in the final finishes. Detailed analysis and evaluation is need, critical thinking is a must. A lot of work and effort is needed to help you get through to the finish line. Don’t give up now.

    goals, final touches, hard work, labour, motivation, criticism, healthy mindset

    191, 1919 - Completion

    New horizons - Your tasks are almost over! Soon, it will be time to reap the fruits of your labours. Take a breather and relax, look over the garden you planted and tended to with care and pride. Follow through with the thoughts you have upon seeing this number and the phase may come to a complete end.

    achievement, completion, pride, gifts, reward, success, accomplishment, end

    101, 1010 - Alignment

    A new moon - The level has been complete, the cycle has come to an end. Now is the time for something new, a new focus or maybe, another level to accomplish. Rest on your laurels for a bit and ponder the possibilities. Your potential is vast and growing. Never settle for less.

    relationships, decisions, creation, self power, cycles, beginning and end, spiritual support

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  • Ourselves: Chapter 2


    Throughout the past sixteen years of my new life, I — Ainsel Graves — discovered more about the world I lived in than I ever had in my past eight lifetimes combined. For one, I began to understand the importance of balance in the universe, especially when it came to power. For another, I soon enough realized the limitations that came with such a notion.

    For instance, in my past eight lives, I had been categorized as a majority of the world’s race: human. However, even after sixteen years, I still was not sure if being one of Earth’s minority — otherwise known as a magical being — in my most recent life was truly worth the struggle.

    Being born as a witch had brought a newfound source of interest in being alive. With enough training and perseverance, the world could be at my finger tips. I had powers beyond what any of my past eight lives could have envisioned, nearly rivaling those of the spiritual realm.

    Yet, just as previously stated, the universe liked balance. And there was nothing more balancing than rivaling godly powers with mortality.

    Despite my own skepticism in even wanting to be immortal, the subject still elicited a curious response within me. After all, every other magical being was granted immortality; vampires, shifters, werewolves, elves, mermaids, faeries, harpies, centaurs, fauns, nymphs…. The list could go on. But as far as witches were concerned, they were cast into the same lifespan longevity as humans.

    I supposed it was fair enough; while each magical being held power over only one section of magic, witches had access to harness as many or as little types of magic as they wanted. To balance out the fairness, the universe gave witches more power, but less time to practice it and vice versa to the rest. Yet, the only thing that truly linked each magical being to each other was their need for humans, or more particularly, the mana to which humans naturally produced.

    While magical beings generated their own mana, an energy to which supplied their power, it manifested far more slowly and much less than that of a single human. Yet, depending on the magical being, the mana was harvested in different ways.

    For example, vampires’ magic consisted of Glamours, otherwise known as the power to manipulate the physical body. They were not only more physically beautiful, but had increased strength and speed, and better senses. Yet, the way they maintained their power and harvested mana was through the drinking of human blood.

    For shifters, their magic had to do with Transmutation. They had the ability to transform into different forms, with the variety and multitude of forms depending solely on their skill and practice. The way they went about their harvesting of mana was a lot more subtle than most magical beings, however. Instead of taking from the body or the mind of a human, shifters subconsciously harvested the mana from a human’s emotions, mostly from those they were in close physical contact with. The only draw back to this type of mana was that if they harvested too much emotion from those around them, their powers would be triggered at a higher rate, almost uncontrollably so.

    For werewolves, their magic had to do with Illusion. Just as the moon they were bound to, their magic had to do with warping reality, making things seem partially hidden in darkness or what shouldn’t be seen shown to the light. Despite what most people thought, werewolves didn’t solely resemble wolves — instead, they took on whatever form that the werewolves felt was most horrifying to who they were trying to scare or manipulate. In some countries, they went by the title of “boggart” or even “wulver.” Yet, what held dominion over their power was the strength of the moon phases that determined what level of their magic could be used. The way they harvested more mana was quite similar to shifters: instead of feeding off of emotions of people they were physically close to (like shifters), they feed off of the intimate touch of people they were emotionally close to. For this reason, werewolves often kept to themselves in a pack with their mates and offspring.

    Mermaids were a bit different; anything with any kind of human energy kept their mana source satisfied. Due to this, they were able to absorb many different kinds of mana in different kinds of ways. It mostly depended on the individual mermaid’s preference. It could range from obtaining man-made objects that humans put time and energy into creating all the way to eating the source (humans) themselves. Thankfully, Waverly preferred the former.


    Forks, Washington, USA

    June, 2003

    It was a rare day for the city of Forks. While not completely warm and sunny, the sun still shone through the bleak clouds above, casting an eerie, but light fog across the span of the tiny town. I had awoken early at the split of dawn and day, taking my old Volkswagen across town towards the Farmer’s Market that sat at the eastern border of La Push.

    The Quileute Market had always reminded me of a guard station, with Old Quil acting as the older and wiser version of Sir Lancelot. Him and a few other men and women from the reservation, who were now deemed too old to work, worked their gardens and crafted their traditional pieces to sell every Saturday and Sunday. They sat around, playing poker and exchanging stories, only bothering to look up when a car passed. And depending on who it was, they would either wave or look up, then look back down to their cards with side glances at each other. I could say, with much pride, that I was a favorite customer of theirs.

    My Volkswagen clambered up onto the slight hill, the red dirt flying and clinging to the white paint of my car. Finding my usual parking space, just off to the side closest to the reservation, I gathered the first of my handmade baskets (courtesy of Julia Littlesea’s Market contribution) from the passenger seat. As I swung open the creaky car door, first hoisting myself out then my woven basket, several of the elders came over to help.

    “Well, if it isn’t ole Fruit Basket! Back to collect your weekly basket of fruits, eh?” Billy laughed, already far ahead of the other elders despite his wheelchair. I could almost swear that the man had enchanted his wheels to never hit more than a pebble.

    I offered him a grin, tossing him the laundry container sized basket. He let out a faux groan, mumbling about “disabled, elder abuse” as he set the basket in his lap and reversed back into the Market’s building with it. I continued on my way to the trunk to get the rest of the baskets, grinning thankfully as Quil, Sue, and Harry came over to help gather the baskets.

    “Although we all know that Billy is just a teasing brat on wheels,” Harry joked. “he is right about one thing, you will for sure buy us clean out at this rate!”

    Sue nudged her husband in a playful scold, but I just laughed.

    “Just keep spraying the plants with the tonic Mother gave you and you should be fine!” I shot back. “Speaking of… do you guys need any more?”

    The four of us carried a basket each up to the Market’s porch, barely listening to Billy boast about already having filled his basket with the cherries it was meant for, in the background.

    “Don’t worry, dear.” Sue replied stoically, with the same knowing glint in her eyes. “The tiny bottle seems to never end no matter how much we use it.”

    “Almost like magic!” Harry laughed obliviously.

    “Yes, almost.” Quil set his basket down on the fold out table under the awning, eyeing me skeptically but with the same welcoming smile. “But that tonic has helped us get through the past few Winters, enough to keep the whole reservation fed.”

    I returned the smile, playing innocent once more.

    “Ah, it’s just a little tonic!” I chuckled in false amusement. “I’m sure your hard-work has just been paying off.”

    “C’mon, guys! I’ve already filled three of the baskets now! Cherries, apple, pears — now I hafta—“ Billy complained, rolling around us like a busy bodied, mother hen.

    We laughed at Billy’s antics, but secretly I was quite thankful for his unintentional intervention. Although my family and I never admitted to our abilities, we never quite hid it either. After all, Magic was believed to be that of fiction and burning people alive have long since been deemed illegal in most countries. At this point, it was just inconvenient to explain the ins and outs of the process to everyone who figured it out. Besides, it would become a bit trickier if we also had to explain that the fruits were not just made for magical jams and preserves…


    I had parked the Volkswagen full of fruit baskets off near the edge of the beach and hustled over in the opposite direction of the usual shoreline. Climbing through the sandy trail amongst the sea salt bleached trees — still dripping with the water from the sea breeze — it took nearly past an hour to make it to the cove.

    This particular cove was amongst many on the coast. Yet, it was the most beautiful I had ever seen. The mixture of rocks and boulders — that one had to climb over and jump from one to another to make it to the inside — seemed to glisten despite the small amount of sun. And despite the blinding glimmer of the sea swept rocks, it still held the same sharp glint that foretold an ominous death should one slip. The water was clean and clear as well, giving anyone who looked close enough a stunning view of the tide pools beneath the surface of the water. Starfish, vividly colored aquatic plants, and small, iridescent fish filled the cove’s waters. But I knew that it hosted much more than it appeared.

    After placing down the extra basket — one I had filled with a variety of fruits from the other baskets — onto the stony platform that was at the center of the cove, I swung my leather satchel off. Digging through the different pouches, each drew taught with enchanted drawstring, I finally found what I was looking for; a conch shell, pearly in color with a slight sea green coloring along the grooves with a sigil etched smoothly onto its inner fold. Without a moments hesitation, I knelt down onto the edge of the platform where it sloped down into the sea. The fish darted away in surprise as I dropped the large conch face up into the water. And just as many times before, if I looked closely, I could see the slight vibration from the conch that stretched out into the open sea from the rocky, underwater arch that the shell and myself faced.

    I sat legs crossed and patient as the sun rose behind me. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long. Within a few minutes, the conch doubled in its slight movement, as if another vibrational response was given in turn. And only a few minutes later did a dark figure appear beneath the water’s surface, circling lazily around the stone platform I sat on. Murky, swamp-like fins graced the surface of the water, giving me warning to her arrival. And slowly the figure approached the front of the platform, peeking lazily, yet intimidatingly with dark eyes over the stone. The figure held up the conch, now perfectly still in her grasp.

    “Ah, young Ainsel Graves.” Her voice seemed to slither out despite way she clicked her words. “How nice it is to see you….again. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    “Waverly Pearlescent of the Calypso Court, I believe the pleasure is all mine.” I smiled warily. “But I also believe that our meetings have gone on long enough that you must know what I want.”

    “Of course.” Waverly sniffed, her spongey, foam green hair bouncing along with the current as she raised her bored looking face. “I had just hoped for a more… original request for once. No matter…

    “I assume you must know that payment is required?”

    Wordlessly I tossed the woven basket filled to the brim with fruits her way, still far enough so that she couldn’t reach out to grab myself instead of the payment offer.

    She grinned, dark eyes widening to the point that her black irises nearly swallowed the whites of her eyes. Her teeth starting to lengthen and sharpen at the thought of the mana filled fruit, much abound with multiple human’s hard work and care.

    I softly cleared my throat.

    The mermaid looked up annoyed, but having caught my evaluating gaze, a look of contempt, but toleration soon replaced the hunger on her face as she resigned to filling out her end of the bargain.

    “Yes, child?” She questioned, gaze still lingering on the fresh fruit before her. “What do you wish to know? How to accomplish world domination in two years alone? How to enslave a flock of harpies to do your bidding? Or perhaps —“

    “None of that,” I quickly interjected. “Actually, there is a new family coming into town next week…. I would like insight on what I should expect.”

    The mermaid’s face quickly merged from disappointment into a devious smirk, highlighting her canines in the morning light.

    “Insight? Is that all!” She laughed cruelly. “Oh, child how you both bore and underestimate me!”

    She started to sluggishly wade back and forth in front of the platform, fingers softly grazing the fruit she had begun to sort out — in a seemingly random way — during their talk.

    “Yes, the stars have told me a great change is to come within the next few moons…”

    A slight pause.

    “And?” I prompted irritably, but all while still managing a polite tone.

    Waverly grinned mischievously.

    “Hmmmm, perhaps you could… sweeten the deal….”

    I rolled my eyes, tossing a couple apricots from my satchel that I knew I would need in her direction. The mermaid lunged for them, before promptly regaining her composure.

    “Yes, well,” She started, looking into my eyes a bit more seriously this time. “As of now, the world is in a Mars Retrograde — chaos, because of this, is at its all time peak.

    “There will be conflict for this family, as well as the rest of the town, within the next few weeks. Tempers will flare, disputes arise, and it will not stop there.

    Following soon after our Mars Retrograde is the Mercury Retrograde. The anger we express now, will soon lead to it being processed and interpreted differently by those we have shown our anger towards. This will lead to miscommunication, and sometimes inevitably, broken relationships. But…”

    “But what, Waverly.” I narrowed my eyes at her.

    She held her chin up, casually peeling the skin off one of the apricots I threw her with an unsettling smile. Her dark, knowing eyes looked up towards me.

    “But,” She started. “These retrogrades, they take place just as the New Moon assumes it’s place in Cancer…”

    “Your point?”

    Waverly holds her hand out.

    With a groan, I fish around in my bag for the last apricot. I aim for her head. Unfortunately, she manages to catch it in her scaly hand and sharpened nails.

    “My point,” She nonchalantly continues, biting into the unpeeled apricot with a crunch. “Is that when the New Moon is in Cancer, it is a fresh start — a time to heal, if you will.

    “And a time where a great number of souls meet their purpose in life.”

    Before I could even react, there was a splash. My basket had tipped over, spilling its sweet contents into the cove’s deep waters. And Waverly Pearlescent, High Lady of the Calypso Court, had disappeared. Along with her fruits and knowledge, all while leaving a baffled, young witch in the middle of the cove.

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  • Amy Fox - The Fallen Angel Series

    Amy is a new Guardian Angel, but for how long? She dislikes rules, is smitten with her partner, takes on bullies, warlords, animal hunters, traffickers, drug barons, abusers and bitchy ex girlfriends. with a little too much vigour. Her deal with the heavens to catch the criminals who slip through law enforcement’s fingers, may have been a mistake!
    #booksforfilm #paranormal #actionthriller #action #thriller #fantasy #angels #karma #crimefiction #sccunningham #thefallenangelseries

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  • butterflies flying around me after speaking positive affirmations to myself ♡︎

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  • Sunset on the Farm Free 5 min psychic reading for you or your pet. Click the “Book Now” button. #angelichealing #healingwithangels #angelcards #angelcardreader #angeltarot #nature #angel #tarot #wildflower #angel #angels #psychic #zen #tao #ayurveda #petwhisperer #angelcards #reiki #hypnosis #astrology #onlinesessions #onlineclasses #intuitiontraining, #horsewhisperer #yoga #joy #onlinetraining #onlineschool #onlineacademy #medicalintuitivecourses #onlineacademy #onlinesessions #onlineclasses #intuitiontraining, #horsewhisperer

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  • We are each of us Angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

    - Luciano de Crescenzo

    #angels #psychicreadings #metaphysics #metaphysical #crystals #horoscope #astrology #psychicadvisor #alignment #synchronicity #zodiac #zodiaposts #psychic #horoscopesigns #birthchart #natalchart #astrologyzone #zodiacastrology #zodiacsociety #psychicmedium #spirituality #spiritual #spiritualhealing #mysticsene #soulmate #love #twinflame #tarot #tarotreading

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  • don’t tell me the connection is lost again…


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  • It must be hard being the best character, 10 Vigilant Gaze

    #ksbd #kill six billion demons #10 vigilant gaze #10 vigilant gaze purges the horizon #angels#illustration#fanart
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  • image

    may 12, 1990 - june 25, 2019 | desmond daniel - 29

    march 29, 1994 - october 14, 2019 | choi jinri - 25

    january 03, 1991 - november 24, 2019 | goo hara - 28

    september 03, 1997 - may 23, 2020 | hana kimura - 21

    may 08, 1990 - july 02, 2020 | byron daniel - 31

    unfortunately, in 1 year we lost 5 people victims of cyberbullying, who unfortunately were killed by haters, these people suffered from depression, and instead of help they received super heavy criticism, from the appearance to the way of living, they took the life in search of peace, but even today people hate, how many more people will have to commit suicide for society to see that your comment hurts? it hurts a lot and they are the proof, please remember we are all human beings and we have feelings, nobody is equal to anyone, let’s love each other in these difficult times that we are going through, thank you.

    now, unfortunately, we will never see these angels smile again, now they are happy smiling in the sky, I hope you are very well and happy, that god comforts your family and close friends, we love you, goodbye.

    etika, sulli, hara, hana and reckful, rest in peace.

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  • image

    Lucifer a torch bearer or an Arc Chief of the Amber spirits of light. He was cast to this hell world called Hyades. His access to the upper dimensions was taken away. Not his spiritual abilities. He was not sent to this planet to rule. He was sent to test all the inhabitants. He ruled 200 mal-messengers whom bred with Adamites to gain more followers for his cause. His suffering is witnessing beings choose an upright way of life instead of disorder. His essence is of Naar. A spiritual fire. He can not burn. But he can be imprisoned.

    #Illuminati of Amber light #Hell#Lucifer#Angels#Spirits
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  • Esta cosa tiene un montón de errores yo lo sé pero entre mas lo veo mas me gusta ayudaaaaaa!!! es solo un pedacito de mucho trabajo que me falta y no sé si seguir adelante o pasar otras 2 semanas corrigiendo… por lo pronto solo quiero mostrarles :3


    This thing has a lot of errors, I know it, but the more I see it, the more I like it. it’s just a bit of a lot of work that I still need to do and I don’t know whether if I should  go ahead or spend another 2 weeks correcting … for now I just want to show you :3

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  • Hey, it’s my babies again, I love them so much and Cassius really loves Jayce

    For context for those who don’t know lol, Jayce is half-angel, half-human. Cassius is a demon lol, he used to work for the demon mafia 🤧😔

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  • Guides & Spirits of the light chime in and talk through me during a lot of the Tarot readings that I do. It feels super special when they do, because I notice the difference on the ‘tone’ of the messages that I give✨👼🔮

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  • !info dump about a project im doing! Reblogs are preferred! <3

    Keep reading

    #Clay Cats#bees art#bee rambles#art#angels #PLEAXE ASK ME QUESTIONS IF YOU READ THIS I WANT TO INFODUMP MORE!! #also not to beg on main but reblog please :) if you like
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