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  • rizarilanbeelord
    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Two vaporwave edits I did of Karl and Donna, Karl for myself and Donna for my close friend <3

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  • pat10012001
    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Towering their big sister


    I got inspired in this fan art

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  • rei-of-sunsh1ne
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    They do this every week as a way to relax :3

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  • ilikebreadhaha
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Idc how evil and intimidating the four lords are presented as. I know they would give me a hug if I were sad.

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  • professionallydeadinside
    18.06.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #go crazy!!!! go stupid go wild!!!! #donna beneviento#angie beneviento #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #my art#fanart#answered#doodles
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  • clownsgobeepbeep
    18.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I have no words for this other than he insisted he wear the costume

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  • la-tete
    18.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    “Please......don’t......” with the begging tone.

    You lifted the veil, saw the scar that has always bothering her. Tear rolling down her cheek, the shy lady beneviento asked you if you will left her after saw her face.

    what will you say to her?

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  • boarsbunniesbirds
    18.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Have seen ppl claiming that Donna listens to Melanie Martinez and ur wrong

    Donna is the biggest mitski bitch ever to mitski

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  • thecassandradimitrescu
    18.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Babies, Babies Everywhere! Cont’d

    Continued from here, @donnabeneviento-doll

    Donna Benevento stole a baby? Did Cassandra understand that correctly? Was it actually Angie that had committed the crime? She gave the smaller woman a odd, questioning look. Even with the number of dolls she had in her house, Cassandra never took her to be a kidnapper of children. She was far too meek to be like that. Quiet and meek, unlike Angie. If she hadn’t known that Angie and Donna were indeed separate individuals, the young vampire would have thought the doll to be nothing more than a simple front for the lady of House Beneviento’s more unsavory tendencies. “You are full of secrets, Lady Beneviento. I’m almost curious to see what other skeletons you have in your closet.” Was she as dark natured as the clothes she wore?

    “I think keeping this entire visit between us is a good idea.” What would mother say if she knew her daughters were visiting other lords on a frequent basis. “May… may I ask why you took the baby?” Her thoughts went back to the grave outside the elevator. The person had died young, but had it been Donna’s sister? Her child? Was she wanting to be a mother again?

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  • jinx-wood
    18.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Angie : I wonder , if Alcina was a Barbie , what would the box look like ?

    Heisenberg: simple . It would be written ‘’ super sized bitch ‘’ -

    Alcina : Both of you , Fuck you .

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  • residentevil8simp
    18.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Heisenberg: Bye (Y/n), bye super-sized bitch, bye (Y/n)

    Angie: You said bye (Y/n) twice

    Heisenberg: I like (Y/n)

    Alcina: *in killer mode with her claws*

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  • tumblingdowntheway2019
    18.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Ok ok, hear me out. Remember last year, there was news that the Annabelle doll escaped from The Warren Occult Museum last year?

    Well, there was this awesome TikTok user named dimpey6, who made hilarious videoes about her escaping. And earlier today I was thinking about the Angie and Annabelle inspiration from a prior conversation here, aaaannnnd now I can't get it out of my head. 😂😂😂😂

    Let me change the cast name here to who I think each character will match:

    Annabelle: Angie, who escapes Ethan in the first video.

    The Devil: Daniela. (Cause she is the more delusional one and they would be close regardless.)

    The Break Dancers: Chris and The Hound Wolf Squad.

    The Preacher/Pastor: Mother Miranda (makes the most sense.)

    Sister Cherline: Donna.

    There. Now I made you all think about it too! 😂😂

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  • dirtboy2000
    18.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    movie night

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  • huyosumi
    17.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Dolls? Phhhht scary? ha! I love dolls, cute ones cursed ones, You can't scare me with DOLLS guys!

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  • drmakoabyssal
    17.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Angie: *coming out of nowhere* hi! i’m a genie!

    Moreau: ok. . . . hi? why are you here?

    Angie: to grant you three wishes! do you want three wishes?

    Moreau: no. . .

    Angie: okay here are the rules! no wishing for death, no falling in love, and no bringing back dead people.

    Angie: what do you wish for?

    Moreau: . . . i want my envelopes to moan when i lick them.

    Angie: okay there are four rules-

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  • stararch4ngell4dy
    17.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Heisenberg x reader Pregnancy Headcanons (+ the rest/more)

    It’s kinda hard to picture Miranda’s influence in this, I would imagine everyone tries their damn hardest to hide reader’s pregnancy from her, so let’s just go with post-Miranda. That or she’s suuuuuper oblivious :).

    So you’re a reader who’s just found out they’re pregnant, let’s goooo. Should I say you’re Alcina’s adopted human daughter? Let’s just pretend this is reader from my fic lol.

    When you find out you’re pregnant, it has you a bit confused. Originally you just got up one morning to have some breakfast, but something felt a bit strange when you were eating. You had this headache going on, the room looked like it was spinning a little, and the food on your plate was a bit hard to keep down. It went on for weeks when you thought it was gonna go away after a few days, things weren’t adding up.

    You looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed your abdomen area was a bit firm. That’s odd. That’s really odd. You needed to go talk to someone about this.


    When you tell him the news after finding out, you had to make sure he wasn’t doing any work or something like that. As an extra precaution, you make sure theirs the least amount of metal items nearby if he were to possibly throw stuff.

    He doesn’t get why you’re acting weird, nervous and scared even. You told him you were pregnant in the most calming voice you could manage, but as soon as you tell him, he goes wide eyed behind his shades. If he had a cigar he’d drop it.

    He’s at a loss for words, throat has gone dry, he stutters out a bit of confused garbles. His hands were balled up, his attention looking towards the floor.

    “You… you sure? How’d you find out? You sure? Who confirmed it? How do you know? You sure??”

    All these questions made you even more nervous than when you first sat him down, making you stand and walk away for a bit. “Could you just.. say something else other than looking confused?? This isn’t helping how I’m feeling!” You look back at him with tears in your eyes, the shock of being pregnant still settling in your mind.

    Heisenberg quickly approached you, pulling off his shades as a huge smile erupted on his face. He held you close, lifting you off the ground as a booming laugh came from him. It was a proud laugh, a beyond overjoyed one. This was a baby! He was going to be a father!

    Oh shit, he was gonna be a father. He never saw this happening, never saw himself heading down this path of raising his own family. The shock cuts deeper than the joy, but he didn’t wanna show it for now. He set you down and held you close, cradling your face in his hands with his forehead pressed against yours, whispering how incredible this was, the both of you were going to have a baby.

    Now that the joy is settling in, here comes the overprotective Heisenberg. You think he wasn’t protective enough? It gets worse. He won’t even let the lycans near you, and the lycans are supposed to protect you.

    You wanna let the lycans near you? Why? Heisenberg was at a loss when he saw the beasts kneeling by you, the varcolacs nuzzling your tummy with their odd muzzles. Alright… guess the lycans won’t hurt you then.

    You’re staying at the top level of the factory. Theirs absolutely positively no way you’re going in that elevator. Not even to call him for dinner no no. Even though you’re not showing yet, theirs just this thing that set off in his head to protect you even more. It’s as cute as it is annoying.

    I can imagine you may argue more. Stubbornness fights stubbornness. You wanna do something but Heisenberg says otherwise, and that leads to arguing a lot. As hot headed as the man is, he’d swallow his pride to keep you happy and has you win the arguments a lot. Eventually he settles his temper more for a reason I’ll say in a sec.

    During those more cuddly moments, even a few months in when you’re showing more, most nights will end with him running a hand over your tummy, or gently resting his head against it to listen on what’s going on in there. He lowers his voice for this purpose, believing that the baby wouldn’t like hearing him yell. He chuckles every time he hears something strange to him, or when the baby kicks and he feels it. He’ll talk to your bump, as if he was ranting to a good friend all while you were listening. He’ll crack jokes like: “And guess what your momma does? She says she’s fine on her own, but almost trips over herself. Can you believe that? Your momma gives me shi-I mean attitude, but she’s the clumsy one. Mhm.. uhuh, see Kitten? Even our pup agrees you’re a klutz.”

    Refers to the baby as pup a lot. It’s cute you gotta admit.

    He will make a metal crib while you make some blankets to go with it. You choose neutral colors, but this man will work on the crib for hours, he’ll even work on the little overhanging charms that go over it, resting everything about it to make sure nothing would break or fall. Everything just had to be perfect for the baby.

    Did you think their wasn’t gonna be NSFW to this? Heheh, their is. This man not only has a breeding kink, but seeing your gorgeous form grow with his child, your body growing more curvy and beautiful, your breasts swelling and plump with milk. C’mon, this man will go crazy. Your hormones will be out of wack, which means you may be more aroused more often. You’d be a fool to think he wouldn’t keep his hands off you. He’ll be more vocal too, having you in comfortable positions while stuffing you full, his hands or mouth latched onto your breasts. He’ll constantly assure you that you’ll have no right to think you’re not beautiful, you’re absolutely gorgeous to this man while gently encouraging you to sit yourself on his face. You’re all his. Your body’s gonna be changing for the next nine months, and he’s gonna take in all of it. Almost makes him tempted to have another baby with you to go through this again… minus the mood swings.

    Alcina/Dimitrescu Daughters

    It’s no surprise that Alcina hates the fact that the father of her grandchild is Heisenberg, always reminded when the man is next to you when you walk through the castle doors, but it’s not like she can say anything now. She’s overly happy that she’s becoming a grandmother, her dream and slight fear of you raising your own family coming true.

    When you visit the castle, you’re always greeted with a wave of overbearing hugs from your sisters and a more gentle hug from Alcina. They adore the glow you have about you, excited to see your belly growing more and more each visit. You can bet Alcina did her research, she is a Mother too after all.

    Alcina despises the thought of how your diet is over at the factory. Every time you visit, theirs always wonderful meals prepared in advance. Your aversion to certain ingredients and spices always makes Alcina gripe at the maids to make sure what you eat can be easily kept down. She’s iffy about you giving into your strange cravings, insisting that some foods you ask for aren’t good for you or the baby, but gives in and gives you a moderate amount to keep you happy.

    Give you gifts such as new outfits and jewelry, even jewelry for your baby as well as other items, always puts in orders to the Duke for said items Practically every week.

    She has gotten into many arguments with Heisenberg, mostly about you moving back into the castle to make sure you’re safe and as comfortable as possible during your later months. Their were times you’ve stayed with Heisenberg in your old room during snow storms or when it got late, but Alcina wanted you to live back with her “temporarily.” They’ve yelled at each other for hours, resulting in you barging in on the both of them with a tear stained face, screaming at them to get along. Alcina would realize this was stressing you too much and forced herself to behave with Heisenberg for your sake. (You may or may not have practiced acting, but to get them to stop it worked.)

    Your sisters are just as overbearing as Alcina, preventing you from almost being alone. At least one of them will insist on helping you going up or down the stairs to prevent any incidents.

    They always question how it feels, knowing they’ll never have the chance to experience this. Each take turns in listening in on your baby, giggling like children when they hear an odd noise or watch your skin protrude when the baby kicks. Bela made a joke the the baby will be a perfect man killer after seeing Daniela’s face get “kicked” when it was on your stomach.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, the smell of blood and the sight of it made you incredibly ill. The girls were messy when they ate, and learned just how bad it was when they stood at the top of the stairs, smiling down at you with blood stained lips, the sight making you violently ill. They quickly learned to wipe their faces with damp washcloths each time after their meals, even going as far as forcing themselves to chew on mint plants for the smell. Daniela always had to be reminded, but she did it to make you happy.


    “You’re pregnant??? Am I getting a new little friend to play with? A new sweet flower! Oh she’ll be so adorable! She’ll have your eyes-or his. Hopefully yours!” Angie couldn’t keep her mouth shut when you told Donna.

    You’re having a baby? But you’re so young! Donna took the news with a tilt of her head, seeing how much the news made you smile as you kept a hand over your growing tummy. Goodness, that Heisenberg really made you happy, and now here he sat beside you, looking at you with loving eyes she’s never seen. This is good, this is beautiful.

    Donna will make clothes and toys. By clothes, fabrics she used to make doll clothes will be used to make clothes for your baby, all in soft neutral colors. By toys, she’ll make baby dolls… or baby animals. She might make them come alive when your baby is born, curious to see a newborn’s reaction with her creations.

    She will give you more teas to drink, ones to settle nausea and nerves. All the herbs she’ll be using will be baby safe for you, always keeping you in mind when she gifts you these blends. No mugwort here… No Angie, put the jar back.


    You’re having a baby?! With Heisenberg?!

    You know because you went to Moreau. I believe he has some experience with pregnancy. You trusted him enough to go to him instead of anyone else, but don’t let Heisenberg find that out.

    He had a proper sit down with you, asking how how you felt and allowing him to feel your stomach area. It was strange when it was confirmed that these were the signs, but started to freak out when you started to freak out.

    “No no! Don’t cry, please don’t cry. This is good! It’s not bad! That’s if you want this baby.. you do?! I mean, yes that’s good! That’s very good! It’s good to have a child with someone you love!”

    Your visits may vary the next couple of months on the reservoir. Unfortunately, your sense of smell and the rockiness of the water may unsettle you, but he was quick to understand. During times you did visit, he would make sure you were as comfortable as possible.

    He always asked you symptom questions, how you were feeling and what feels bad. If anything, despite the decreasing visits, it just made you grow closer to Moreau when you could tell him anything.

    If you craved cheese, he’ll be sure to provide it. Just don’t tell Alcina that you’re satisfying this craving. She believes it’s bad, but fibs won’t hurt.

    I can see Heisenberg suddenly speaking through the television and scaring the absolute fuck out of both of you. You shout at the screen when the house seal pops up, the man laughing on the other end just insisting he’s checking up on you.

    “You cocky bastard! We’re watching a movie and you just had to butt in at the best part!” “Kitten that’s good and all but when are you comin’ home? It’s gettin’ late-“

    “I’ll stay another hour if you interrupt the movie one more goddamn fucking time!” “If you do that I’m sending a horde of lycans to come get you. Y’know what? Hell, I’ll come get ya.”

    - -

    Here’s a little birth story cause why not :)

    “What the fuck do you think you’re doin?!” Heisenberg shouted at the tall woman, forcing her grip on his shoulder off of him.

    “If you think for a second I’m letting you stay in here while she gives birth-!” Alcina attempted to shove the man through the door, watching him quickly grab ahold of the doorframe to prevent him from being pushed out. “I’m the goddamn father fatass bitch! I’m not leavin’ her side!”

    “And I’m her Mother! My word overpowers yours!” She barked back, intending to shove him harder through the door.

    “H-hey, you need to stop!” Moreau spoke up, standing near the edge of the bed you laid in. His voice was overpowered by the others who continued arguing, ignoring his insistence to quit the argument.

    You could hear Angie laughing out in the hallway, Donna patiently waiting outside of the room. The doll was mentioning about how many tea parties she’s planned for the future, how many dress up shows they’ll have, hoping your baby would be a girl. Outside were your sisters as well, the loud laugh of Daniela echoing at the sight of Alcina trying to force the man out of the room.

    “Stop it! This isn’t good for her-“ Moreau tried to speak up again, the hunchback man jolting when both pairs of eyes glared back at him, screeching at him to be quiet.

    “For the love of-can the both of you STOP ARGUING!!” Came your scream, a contraction forcing you to draw out your last word as you trembled with the pain.

    All eyes laid on you, laying in your bedroom bed covered with lots of thick white sheets. You were settled in a small pile of pillows, your forehead glistening with sweat as tears threatened to spill from your eyes, the blankets bunched up in your trembling hands.

    Your water unexpectedly broke when you walked in on them arguing in the main corridor, staring down at them with a heavy frown from the balcony railway with Cassandra at your side, chuckling at the scene. No matter how hard you tried with these two, it was like watching roosters being restrained from fighting each other. What they were arguing about no longer mattered when they heard you gasp, both heads turning when they saw you leaning against the rails, face contorted with a shocking pain.

    Heisenberg ran up to you first, Alcina quickly following suit during the race up the stairs while Cassandra clutched your shoulders. Everyone was questioning what was wrong, but you were unable to speak. Alcina quickly noticed the ground and you were immediately sent to your room.

    Everyone else arrived as quick as they could, Donna being the last to attend. It had been a couple of hours since the incident, your body struggling through all the stages of pain. Moreau tried to take the lead with a small handful of maids to his aid, instructing you stay in bed for the process you’ll have to be going through soon.

    Both Alcina and Heisenberg looked at you with big doe eyes, not expecting you to shout at them. You glared at them with a look of an angry mother, breathing hard through your nose.

    “I swear, if the two of you don’t shut your goddamn mouths and listen to the only person who’s trying to help around here then both of you can leave!!!”

    “It.. was just another contraction.” Moreau finally spoke up in the middle of the silence. “It won’t be long now.”

    They both stiffened, none of them liking the idea of you being alone during this precious time you were going through. Alcina cleared her throat, walking over to the washbasin to wring out a wet cloth.

    “Fine, alright.” Alcina sat beside you, dabbing the cool cloth over your forehead to clear the sweat from your brow. “The dog will behave.”

    “Mother goose over here was seconds away from gettin’ her head chopped off,” Heisenberg settled himself over on the other side, taking your hand when you reached for his. “How’re you feelin’ liebe?”

    “Tired, pain. Nothing new.” You exhaled, squeezing his hand a little as the pain continued to irritate your nerves. “This hurts a lot.”

    “It’ll be over soon, alright?” Karl leaned closer, cradling your chin with his other hand. “It’ll all fly by and we’ll have our beautiful little pup in your arms in no time. Just focus on that.”

    You nodded slowly, bringing yourself to smile a little. Just the thought of holding your baby real soon settled you just a bit, only for now.

    Alcina’s attention flickered from you to Heisenberg, still not used to the lowered tone he would use with you. It was so odd hearing him speak so softly, whispering loving words and promises that she believed he was incapable of producing. But here he was, clearly proving her wrong.

    When the time came for you to start baring down, Alcina was quick to force Heisenberg out of the room with newfound strength, despite your cries of protest. She said her reasons were that childbirth was no place for a man to witness, but you didn’t care to hear it.

    You clutched her hand, pushing when you were instructed to, all while letting out a restrained grunt and short cry. This was more painful than you expected it to be, the pain going as far as through your entire spine and legs. It was even more uncomfortable when your legs were forced to remain open during your next push, the sensation even more overbearingly painful.

    Heisenberg was forced to listen to your muffled cries on the other side of the door, standing beside the triplets as they remained silent with worry. Daniela whispered something about smelling her sister’s sweet blood, which just made Heisenberg a lot more unsettled.

    Then came your next scream, a whole lot more louder than before, his nerves going haywire with stiff shoulders. Anything metallic in the hallway, the fixtures or framed paintings would begin to tremble and shake under all this stress.

    “Ooooh, that sounds absolutely painful!” Angie cackled, rocking her legs back and forth when Donna silently held her. “Poor little thing!!”

    He growled, quickly approaching the door as he was unable to hear you like this anymore. To his surprise, the door opened before he could slam his fist against the surface or turn the knob. He saw the lower half of Alcina standing on the other side, staring down at the man with dagger eyes.

    “She wants you here.” Came her cold tone, but that was more than what the man wanted to hear. He ran to your side, seeing you covered in more sweat than before, your face flushed with exhaustion and agony.

    “Karl!” You called his name between a mixture of labored panting.

    “Shh!” He clutched your hand, wiping your forehead of moisture. “You’re alright, I’m here.”

    “This really fucking hurts,” You stated, your head falling back against the pillows. “Fucking hell, why the fuck does this hurt?!”

    “That’s childbirth dear,” Alcina returned to your other side, returning the cloth to your head for a moment. “Beauty is pain Y/n, you’re working hard to deliver a wonderful cherub into this world-“

    You cut her off with another cry, Moreau’s excited laughter cutting through the tension, the man standing to the side as he was instructing a maid what to properly do. “Haha! It’s almost here!”

    “Good grief, this little devil is persistent!” Alcina set the rag aside, grabbing your hand again while you clutched Karl’s. “Alright sweet girl, you’ll need to push as hard as you can for this one.”

    “I don’t think I can-“

    “You will! You’ll have to, just one large push and then it’s all over!”

    You started to nod the more Karl and Alcina encouraged you, preparing yourself as best as you could before taking a deep breath. The push you had to deal with burned with a fierce amount of raw pain, feeling like your body was being torn open. You felt like you were screaming your head off, drowning the words of encouragement that came from besides you.

    Their was a cry. It was an odd one, like a gargling of someone underwater. It stopped for a second, then returned in the form of an ear splitting screech. All was quiet, this new sound taking the throne of the only noise in the entire room.

    “Is that it?!” Angie’s faint gasp was heard. “I hear them! It’s here!”

    It was them. Your baby.

    The maid who held them quickly brought them over to your arms, leaving you wide eyed at the sight of their tiny body coming towards you. The weight of your child on your naked chest made you wince, your hands raising up as the maid hastily cleaned their body with cloth.

    You glanced over to your Mother, who watched with wide, glassy eyes. She was stuck between smiling and looking shocked, making her look as shocked as you felt. She quickly guided your hands to cradle your baby, your fingers feeling damp skin as it cried against your chest.

    You let out an unsteady laugh, your palms comfortably settling against this tiny new body laying on you. Was this your baby? This was strange. This was your baby, yours and Karl’s, right here in front of you.

    You looked over to the man, seeing him standing deadly silent, mouth firmly shut. His eyes were just as wide as yours, the disbelief written all over his face. He was thinking the same thoughts you were, all while taking in the sight of your exhausted body holding your child. His child. Goddamn.. was this his baby?? This was his baby!

    They took your child away to be properly cleaned while you were cleaned and taken care of after the afterbirth took place. They returned your child back to your arms, wrapped up in a blanket provided by Donna, adorned with a thin layer of soft yellow lace.

    Goodness, the head of hair your baby had was yours! And their skin! It was so soft, and looked just like your own skin. You wondered if they had Karl’s eyes, only time would tell when they opened them.

    “Karl?” You gently beckoned him over, quietly offering for him to take them in his arms. You could tell his hands were shaking the moment he picked them up, looking down at their face with a look of pure awe. His hands continued to shake as he brought his finger against their little puffy cheek, seeing their little content face look so innocent, so pure. This was his child, this baby.. this creation. How did something so divine come from someone like him? The fact he took part in creating something so pure… maybe he wasn’t so monstrous as he saw himself to be.

    “And here I thought he was made of stone,” Alcina muttered into your ear, making you giggle despite the pain it brought. Both of you watched him with your baby, smiling at the way a tear or two trickled down his face. He broke out of this trance, quickly wiping away the tears with an embarrassed chuckle.

    “Hey there pup,” He whispered to his baby, a smile stretching across his face. “Welcome to the freak show.”

    Alcina allowed the rest to come in, Alcina sitting herself at your vanity chair while Donna stood beside her, cradling Angie to get a view of the newborn. Alcina currently held your child in one arm, looking like she was holding a small pillow with tremendous amounts of care. Your sisters gathered around her, hearts of all kinds and temperatures melting at the sight of the new member of the family.

    “Did you see the way they came out?” Karl whispered to you, getting your attention. “Their head took on this weird egg shape, I was about to head for the hills.”

    You slapped his shoulder with another giggle, hissing a little at the sting from your core. Karl cradled your head to his shoulder, unable to take his eyes off the girls as they cooed over your baby.

    His baby. His ultimate, perfect creation.

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