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  • sokkayue
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #literally all hours of the day thinking ab come be angry at a nearer distance #hes so 💕😭❤️😭😭😭💕💕💕 #(<-ab a prince/king who once ripped a childs wing for not bowing) #YOUVE GOTTA UNDERSTAND HE’S HE’S VERY—-
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  • faerhardyn-the-raging-ethereal
    25.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Me watching Latent Image.

    Me to Janeway : Why don't you hug The Doctor you damn idiot!!!

    #it makes me angry #truly angry #like Janeway atleast comfort the damn man #hold him #let him cry #youre the mother of this damn crew #you should know better #take care of your child #it just bothers me #star trek voyager #emergency medical hologram #kathryn janeway#janeway#the doctor#emh
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  • c-3poh-dear
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #this is kind of a repeating theme in these today and its making me emotional cuz like #i was looking at childhood oictures with my mom recently and i was like. that child was so genuinely happy and excited about everything #where did it go...... but like #it didnt go did it. yesh its a bit harder now cuz well im a grown up or becoming one and my life is more hard. but i am still happier and #more energetic than i realoze.... i Haven't lost it just because my self perception changed to be more. idk tired or angry or scared idk
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  • sacredempressnatlyia
    25.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Me, using The Borgias/Borgia: Faith and Fear actors as my Romeo and Juliet fancasts?

    It's more likely than you think.

    #minors do not interact #i am simping for one ( 1 ) angry capulet and that is majorly because ive fancast him as francois arnaud #i hc him at 21 which works out i think #we're talking play!verse here because i can't talk about the movies for personal reasons #juliet my child who i want very much to protec 🥺🥺 #rly i just need another francois x holly fancast because one is never enough #y'all can't stop me now - it's about to get shakespearean #chatting with natlyia #shakespearean fancasts with natlyia
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  • dependsonwhospitching
    25.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Because to leave out these parts would be less than the whole truth. To tell you only the parts that exonerate me would make me slip back into the old, old trap. Because it was the lies that got me here in the first place. And I have to believe that it’s the truth that will get me out.

    Ruth Ware, The Turn of the Key

    #i couldn't find a quote post to be the bookend to completing this but this was good #it took a while to pick up #and i remember being like y is this girl so angry lol #but it was good and embodies most of the elements of a ruth ware book #troubled mother-child relationships/supernatural elements/mystery/the throwaway comment that's actually important/the ~twists #solid#ruth ware #the turn of the key #books
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  • sephet
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    No self, do not create a youtube channel specifically to pick a fight with one specific small video failing entirely to understand both children's books and symbolism.

    Don't do it. It was a random video that showed up on your suggested it wasn't even a big name, just some dude who blatantly fails to get symbolism. Yes it is a symptom of the wider problem of the death of analysis but you have not got the spoons to handle. "Fuck you let's talk about symbolism you anti-intellectualist shitheads"

    "What she turned into a house because she wouldn't eat Lima beans? She's a gumball machine" I am screaming at the absolutely absurd levels gone to to miss the point so so badly.... like you can't even tell she's a pill capsule with the context of being told she was being blindly medicated.

    "Why is she being punished for not eating lima beans?" I'm sorry you are so absurdly obtuse you can't understand the simple message of social anxiety and peer pressure in a child's illustrated picture book and as such have labeled it not for children.

    #why am i still so fucking angry about this? #because it is a child's picture book that i ubderstood perfectly well as a small small child? #because it's an extremely skilled piece of art treated like it's yoo stupid to tell a story when the audience is just absolutely refusing #to engage with it in a way that requires any thought at all? #fuck you a bad case of the stripes was a fucking great book with beautiful symbolism and art and im gonna fucking fight you
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  • fionnalovesanimeboys
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Well I think it's time to hate Gabi again 😶

    #I kinda moved on with Sasha's death since she finally found out that she was wrong #but no one kills my boy eren ! #I know he's wrong messed up and he changed a lot but I still like Eren because you know...I know it's still Eren #I can't even explain how angry I am #and again haters be like: You can't hate a child !!!!!! #attack on titan spoilers #go away gabi !
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  • equalseleventhirds
    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    every once in a while the 'blue curtains' discourse pops up again and every once in a while i sit and stew on it and then once again wind up going,

    'critical analysis of media is an important skill that is valuable to learn' and 'a lot of the classes teenagers, especially in the US public school system, are sitting through that claim to teach literary analysis are doing so badly and it's perfectly justifiable for those teens to be angry & frustrated with what/how they're being taught, and fucking adults on the internet shouldn't be mocking them for being stupid when they express this'

    are ideas that not only can but must coexist, actually

    (yes i know i've said this before but god this keeps showing up, and i do keep repeating myself vaguing about it, sue me or w/e.)

    #listen 2 me. if i stuck to what my high school english teachers claimed was 'literary analysis' #i would be part of the 'but the author didn't MEAN to be racist/homophobic/etc so the bigoted subtext doesn't exist' crew #bcos for some reason my high school teachers focused exclusively on authorial intent as the be-all-end-all #(or uh. supposed authorial intent. lord of the flies was taught as....... u kno how it's taught.) #i learned better from better teachers later! #and also i was a CONTRARY child and got in arguments with my english teachers that did in fact lower my grades #but not everyone has the better teachers later or the luxury to argue with bad ones #let the kids be angry abt the public education system dictating how they interpret media i think #(also like....... if the teacher says blue curtains mean sadness and a student thinks the author liked blue #the student is in fact interpreting the text. among other things they think the blue curtains are positive somehow. #and a GOOD teacher would encourage them to dive into that and ask like. what makes you think this? does this seem like a happy scene? #similarly before you adult on the internet start lecturing children abt how seeing the sadness in blue curtains is something they must do #in order to be smart and good at symbolism or w/e #possibly consider that they are seeing symbolism. just not being taught how to articulate that bcos it differs from what is dictated to the #*them #.................bcos that was absolutely my experience in high school #and someone being high and mighty on the internet about how i was stupid for being frustrated with this #would not at ALL have inclined me towards learning whatever bullshit they were trying to say.)
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  • liberalfartsdegree
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    reparenting my inner teenager :) 

    #this is jokes #my therapist has me convinced that I actually like my inner teenager #they're angry and allowed to feel that way :))) AND also darling child i must get to work
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  • hacknet
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    game journalism is a complete joke because theres not one single article about how the winters games have such a heavy focus on love and family and how the protagonists and main antagonist in 7 are motivated by love and a desire to be loved, respectively. no instead theyre all stuff like "heres what Really happened to the bakers" or "things you NEED to know before you play village" or worst of all "heres my personal opinion about why i think ethan is a bad protagonist presented as fact" (fuck you fuck you fuck you die)

    to give an idea of just how annoying this is its like the absolute most important aspect of the story. 0 mentions anywhere. but i foudn like 3 articles defending a dlc so bad i think people would have eaten capcom alive if it had cost money

    #my post #i am so sleepy. im thinking about evie she really did just want a family :( #she was so angry and sad that she was never allowed to have one...... #like yeah eveline fucked up. but also shes literally a child who was never shown any amount of love because she was treated like a weapon #for her entire life. id be pissed too #the person she imprinted on doesnt even love her. mia does not love her #taking care of her is just her job. #aaaaaaaaaaaaaggghghggghh
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  • yukkurriii
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    I've heard more of "when you were younger, you used to..." rather than "when we were, younger we used to..."

    My family can't handle change.

    #gifted kids #former gifted child #thoughts #i stopped myself from burning out #now everyone's angry
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  • junipersoap
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    unleashed too much of my cranboo love out into the open.... now physically vibrating.......

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  • trustmeifyoudare
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #everything sounds like an adult is really angry and wants to swear but realizes that a child is in the room #like the times that she just stops tlaking #and goes 'uh'
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  • isolatedfeline
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    me coming on the dash to have Kyo get screamed at by my boyfriend's Ritsu? I love to see it and write it. I hope everyone is having a good monday.

    #[ ooc / noctis: the scribe for an angry cat son ] #its a good day indeed yall i love ritsu sm #they are my child and i will fight in the street for their yelling
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  • anima-panic
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    How in the world is Vanny=Vanessa still the prevailing theory :_)

    #FNaf community 'boutta bring me back just by ignoring the facts huh #Security Breach is nice #Just makes me angry reading people using Vanny and Vanessa interchangeably like they're the same person #when we have an ending that pretty much states explicitly otherwise #no hate against headcanons and AUs it's just theory people being dumb #Gregbot is also funny but like buff Helpy funny #tiny terminator child with pistons for fists getting carried like a baby by average white woman
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  • navree
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    someone was criticizing harry potter for being about “how liberals see politics” for some reason that was inaccurate and dumb and written by someone who was either in sixth grade or never attended school beyond sixth grade but this bit just

    there’s a lot to criticize this series for and there likely is an argument to reexamining if it really earned or deserved the huge popularity it had and of course jk rowling is basically giving herself a second job as “scum of the earth” with everything she’s been spitting out but what in the fuck do you mean 

    “didn’t work” this series outsold everything all the time these books were the second most read thing after the literal bible and these movies were huge financial number one hits that catapulted literally their entire cast into massive stardom there was a hugely successful 20 year special for the first movie literally this year i??????? like it did work and it worked well and the people who engaged with it found it satisfying because they enjoyed it (and in a post game of thrones world we know what an unsatisfied audience looks like), that’s part of the the issue people have! it’s super popular and it did work and was universally well received and now the author is using that to be vile and put people in danger that is the entire fucking argument behind people deciding not to interact with the series anymore!!!!!

    #personal #this isn't a defense of harry potter it has its criticisms and those are warranted and there are issues i have with it #that i didn't have when i first read it as a child but do now as someone who knows more about the world #but it very much worked. people weren't criticizing it based on an idea that it didn't work. that's the point. #this is the entire reason why rowling has the platform that she has to say the shit she does and why people are angry about it #like i get that this is just a not so secret 'hur hur da libruls' shit that online tankies like to do because you don't have actual ideas #or even solid political views #but it's just so asinine and weird and completely against the core of the issue in such a fundamental way #it was successful and we need to reckon with that success because it is now putting a marginalized group at increased risk #anyway i'm tired and hungry and man oh man can the internet piss me off
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  • theantiddy
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    thots on the way teens kids and young ppl are treated in society irl and online vv (very angry because i am a teenager being treated a way i dislike irl and i know kids n middle school girls and they do not deserve their bad rep)

    no u know what im making my own post because i have OPINIONS and i will make u all read them. i get that not wanting kids is normal and acceptable but like. a) as a human- adult or just teenager older than this hypothetical child/younger teen- it IS your responsibility to make things as good as you can for children. sometimes it shouldn't be, sometimes its more than you can handle but you Have Got to do your best. Now there are circumstances more complicated, sure, but smile at kids and make the world safer and kinder for them, is the point. and then, and i cant emphasize this enough LET THEM REMAIN KIDS we have this weird obsession with young people acting like adults or being as responsible as an adult would be. and its fucking weird that will not work??? literally like. oh my god. bestie. bestie. kids and teens will act like kids and teens and its so fucking bad that we (speaking as a teenager here hi) often feel shamed into not doing that. i am a teenage girl and that is a label i feel like i have to reclaim. like.

    what the fuck about teenagers specifically also makes so many adults think we a) can/will/should act like adults lol and b) are an acceptable target to make fun of?? like yeah my room is messy. im neurodivergent + i have friends + extra curriculars + homework ?? i dont always have time to clean. I'm sure a lot of teenagers have similar experiences why do ppl think its okay to make fun of teenagers for having messy rooms.

    "13 year old girls are scary" thirteen year old girls want to feel confident and good about themselves !!!! thirteen year old girls feel like the world is ending ever day and the rug has been pulled out from under them and they want to be told that theyre going to be okay !!!! "oh are you having your teen rebellion phase" YES !!! my brain is changing and i am learning and growing pretty fast right now and guess what nimrod?? i am waking up to the way ppl my age have little to no autonomy, how we are mocked and laughed at by parents and teachers for. daring to be teenagers. i am realizing that nothing is right with the world and it is up to my generation to fix it because the ones before us either are trying and havent done it yet or dont give a flying fuck !!! so no its not a fucking phase !!! yes teenagers are angry and we are mean and we are still fucking kids?? i dont fuckin know man i am. i get real mad about this cos like. the hating babie/kids jokes are funny until you realize that babies and kids are actual real people and the world is so so scary and i just. idfk this might not be comprehinsible and the words are far from pretty. and every single thing ive described is multiplied by 10 for POC kids im sure. but im right. even if im only right in the context of where i live i am right and i wish i wasnt

    #vent #<- just in case #this is good to reblog tho lol i am correct #im just tired of this entire genre of jokes man #oooh im gonna punk a baby el oh el ill kill a child haha guys 8th grade girls are scary bc theyll talk about u meanly #like oh my god i have baby cousins and also have been that age and like #its not fucking funny when you remember how fucking hard being 13 is #youre beginning to be angry at the injustice of the world and at the way youre treated but you havent yet learned how to take #the autonomy (yours #your autonomy) your parents hold in their hands and wrench it bleeding from their unwilling clasp #you havent yet learned how to force adults to respect you to treat you like a person so you try to act older and youre cutting and mean #because if they wont respect you as a child and they wont respect you as a person maybe theyll respect you as a threat #like. idk man 13 year old girls should not scare you #13 year old girls just want to be treated the way you would treat your friends- kindly and with respect for their boundaries #thats literally it #negative#my thots #sorry this post is kind of a downer i myself am the age group im talking about so. i have a lot of feelings u know how it is
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  • wishfulsketching
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Some requests! @juicednewt asked these two meeting the first time, I instantly thought about them working at the mines together and had to make it into shenanigans, and Anon asked them dressed nice which it turned into them infiltrating a snobby party~

    #my art#sketchy sketch#silco#vander#arcane #why is kid silco biting vander idk man #I can see him being a very feral angry child #what are they mining idk man don't ask me
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  • thebreakfastgenie
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I do Think about the fact that BJ offered to help Hawkeye with the letter in Letters and he said no thanks I'll do it myself and then went to Mulcahy for help. He wanted help just not from BJ... what does it all mean.

    #he might just not want to inflict the angry child letter on bj #i mean yeah he read it to him but like make him answer it #but there also might be a bit of not wanting to say fucking. 'i can't live with it either' to bj #mashposting
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