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    So, chapter 6 is here.
    A bit of development fro our two idiots. Hope you like it.

    I have chapter 7 and 8 down but they need heavy editing.
    Also, last night I was inspired and I did manage to plot the skeleton of the story, so I know exactly where I am going. There should be 28 chapters and an epilogue.

    Well, I hope, in the meantime that you will enjoy this one.

    Spot the HoF references :)


    The next day Rowan was back at work.
    He opened on time as usual and a couple of tourists came into the shop but left quite quickly. Probably not impressed by the lack of tacky touristy stuff.
    He was working on re-organising a shelf when the door opened and he was not ready to see again the person who crossed the threshold.
    “Hey you.” The woman smiled at him tenderly.
    Rowan forgot how to breath. Aelin had her hair in a braid and a straw hat on her head. A nice colourful shirt and then his gaze trailed south. She was wearing shorts and the sight of her long tanned legs almost killed him. It looked like Aelin was ready to go on a tropical beach to suntan and relax all day.
    She was a goddess. And she was in front of him. Smiling.
    “Back at you.” He said, getting up slowly, not trusting his legs. He felt he could faint anytime at the sight.
    “I am here for my book.” A timid smile appeared on his lips then his legs finally moved and did manage to cover the few steps taking him to the counter. He grabbed the book and handed it to her. He hesitated for a moment, as if to try and have a conversation but then decide against. What was he going to say anyway?

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    after an argument y/n ignores jaehyun, until the rest of the gc decide to figure out whats going on! 💌

    a/n: i thought i’d explore with a little bit of angst, nothing too major tho! :) enjoy ~

    #nct#nct 127#nct jaehyun#kpop#jaehyun#jung jaehyun #jaehyun x reader #nct x reader #smau #nct x reader smau #jaehyun x reader smau #jung jaehyun x reader smau #jung jaehyun x reader #nct au #x reader smau #x reader#fluff#angst#au#one shot#nct u#nct dream
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  • Du ziehst dich zurück, lässt mich allein und gehst mir aus dem Weg . Weißt du eigentlich, wie weh mir das tut? Es ist immer noch ein Geheimnis, was ich wirklich für dich empfinde, doch würde ich dir das sagen würdest du mich erst recht allein lassen. Ist ja auch kein Wunder bei einem Menschen wie mir. Ich mein, schau mich an. Ich bin weder perfekt, noch hübsch noch dünn. Wenn ich mich selbst schon nicht leiden kann, wie sollst du es dann tun?

    #borderline#schmerz #borderline personality problems #zerbrechen#alleine #liebe ist scheiße #liebeskummer#depression#angst#vermissen
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  • — sorry y’all, i’m doing another one of these. as a writer, shockingly, prompt lists are the most fun to make. 

    1. during an argument, character A has locked themselves inside their house, while character B is outside their house, by the front door, begging them to let them in. ‘’i know you’re in there. please, open up. let me talk to you. would you at least let me say goodbye?’’ (character A is crying their eyes out, so is character B) 
    2. unrequited love, in which one of your characters has to watch the person they love kiss someone else 
    3. ‘‘why are you here?’‘ ‘‘i’m here because i love you.’‘ ‘‘well, i don’t want you here, so get out! followed by the character getting the door slammed in their face.
    4. one of your characters is caught cheating, and when confronted about it, tries to convince their partner that it was a one time thing, and that they only love *their partner* upon which their partner says: ‘’you don’t. you don’t love me. you only love me when it’s beneficial.’’ 
    5. ‘‘I can’t stop thinking about that kiss, *nameofcharacter*.’‘ And I shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t be thinking.’’ 
    6. two characters, having just decided to break up, decides to fall into desire one last time and crashes their lips together 
    7. a character has been told by their family that they’re not allowed to see their love interest (for whatever reason). one day, they’re spending time together, and is confronted by the character’s family. their lover is told to leave, and as they do, the character grabs their lover’s arm, stopping them from taking another step, protecting them from their own family. 
    8. a character forgets their anniversary. remembers on the same day, and proceeds to run around the house, knocking stuff over, trying to get to the car-keys, so they can get down to the store and buy a present (more comedy than anything, but I thought I’d include it). 
    9. one of your characters dying in their lovers arms. as they close their eyes, they place one last kiss on their forehead
    10. two characters, who are yet to reveal their feelings for each other, are swung into an intense argument (and I mean INTENSE. DON’T BE SHY. MAKE IT THE WORST ARGUMENT YOU COULD POSSIBLY THINK OF) upon which one of them then exclaims ‘’i love you.’’ there’s a beat, the other character either continues to argue with them, or leaves in a frantic state of mind, leaving the other one behind, who falls to their knees, crying their eyes out, or they kiss. your choice. 
    11. ‘‘you’re the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.’‘ ‘‘that’s not true.’‘ ‘‘no, listen to me. you’ve destroyed me.’‘ 
    12. two characters are about to kiss, but for some reason, their relationship would be inappropriate (say one of them has been dating the other character’s best friend for example) and said character pulls away… ‘’this isn’t right.’’ ‘’you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.’’ 
    14. one character, who’s either been brainwashed or cursed by the antagonist into trying to kill their lover, has their lover pressed up against the wall, a knife to their throat, having tried to convince their lover to kill them instead, before they hurt them, in which their lover says ‘’go ahead. do it. if you’re telling the truth, if you’re so convinced you’ll kill me, do it.’’ and the character stares at their lover, who then says ‘’if you weren’t in control, you would have done it a long time ago.’’ and it then leads to the character slowly gaining back control, breaking the curse or whatever. alternatively, if you’re related to the devil himself, you could have the character kill their lover, and then right after they’ve killed them, they snap out of it, dropping the knife to the ground, in pure shock as they watch their lover’s dead body fall to the ground, and then… just carry on forward from there. i personal prefer the first option but it’s up to you. 
    15. […] ‘’but that doesn’t mean that our love wasn’t real. doesn’t mean that you didn’t love me enough, or that you weren’t loved. you were. you’ll always be –’’ ‘’just not in the way i love you.’’ 
    16. ‘‘i don’t feel… whatever it is i’m supposed to feel for you.’‘ 
    17. two characters, who’s deeply in love each other, is forced apart by the antagonist. they get to share a heart-wrenching goodbye, clinging onto each other until the moment they’re forced apart 
    18. two characters has been forced apart, or they’re broken up, and one of the characters finds an old letter from their lover, a letter they have yet to read, since their lover told them ‘’not to open it until they need it the most’’ they decide to read the letter, a tear falling down their cheek as they do
    19. two characters has gotten into a huge argument (friends to lovers, they’re still just friends but has feelings for each other) because of this argument, they haven’t spoken in a couple days, or when they’ve spoken, it’s only been passive-aggressive remarks, and then character A goes missing, and is in huge trouble, and in risk of being hurt. when character B finds out about this, they drop just about everything to find character A. eventually, they find them, and has saved them, character B checks character A’s body from injuries, then wrapping them into their arms. grateful they’re alive and well. 
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  • [3:12]

    You lie in bed, restless. A storm echoes in your head, filling the dark room you’ve spent the last 12 months in. A recluse, alone and away from human contact, repairing your broken state of mind. You’re starting your new job today, just as a Waiter, but it fills you with trepidation. You then return to your phone to wait out another sleepless night and hope tomorrow will be different…

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  • I think most of the Phandom can agree that The Ultimate Enemy was one of the best Danny Phantom episodes ever made, and for good reason. It was incredibly dark of a kid’s cartoon, especially one made by Bitch Hartman, and on top of that, it provided some very interesting lore and characters. We get to see Danny pushed to his absolute emotional limit in a way that I don’t think the show ever did before, save maybe for My Brother’s Keeper in season 1, and we get our first glimpse at Clockwork, who thanks to @five-rivers fanfic Mortified, has become one of my favorite DP characters. And of course, we get to see Dark Danny, or Dan.

    But there’s one little thing about this episode that’s always bothered me: the very ending.

    Because at the very end of TUE, we get a shot of the Fenton thermos that Dan is sealed away in rocking back and forth, before Dan’s face forms a massive dent in the side, his laughter echoing as the screen fades to the end credits.

    You would think, with an ending like that, that Dan would come back in a later episode. That he would return in the series finale is this last big bad, this final demon for Danny to confront once and for all. 

    But that’s not what happens. And it kinda pisses me off.

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    #Danny Phantom#long post #how I think the finale shouldve gone #Dan Phantom#vlad masters#vlad plasmius#jazz fenton #jack and maddie fenton #sam manson#Tucker Foley#valerie gray#angst #Dan shouldve been the series finale villian and I will fight anyone who says otherwise #Vlad could’ve gotten a redemption arc where he realizes that Danny is technically a kid and is so much stronger than Vlad gives him credit #like yeah I made a post on how Vlad is both an incel and a boomer not two days ago #but like #his character could’ve been so much better? #Danny could’ve gotten a mentor dammit! #BAMF Danny
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  • Es ist schrecklich, ständig die Tränen zurückhalten zu müssen. Innerlich leide ich jedes Mal aufs Neue, wenn ich dich sehe, doch lächel und sage, das es mir gut geht.

    #borderline#schmerz #borderline personality problems #alleine#zerbrechen #ich kann nicht mehr #angst#tränen#liebeskummer #liebe ist scheiße #depression
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  • okay so here’s another one lol, this one’s so cliche my friends, eat my trash :)


    Summary: Logan finally breaks lol

    Word count: 995

    Warnings: uh, hurt comfort, virgil says shit once, a shit on of crying, i guess a panic attack, so sweet and cliche you might want to stop reading :)


    Everything had been so perfect, so perfect. He had Virgil. It was perfect. At least that’s what he’d concluded in his own mind.

    They’d been sitting on Virgil’s bed, watching a movie, and Logan hadn’t really been paying attention. He’d been so focused on his work before Virgil dragged him away.

    You work too hard, Lo,” he’d said running his fingers through Logan’s hair, “come watch a movie with me.”

    Logan had smiled and agreed, not wanting to stress Virgil or heighten his anxiety.

    So there they sat, watching a movie and buried underneath blankets. Logan’s mind was racing, so many thoughts rushing past each other, sentences being unfinished. He thought and thought and thought until he couldn’t handle his own thoughts.

    He sat frozen, words swirling in his head, drowning out his surroundings. He tried to ground himself, trying to find just a single thought to hold onto and complete. His vision blurred and his jaw clenched, everything still going too fast for his liking.

    He identified thoughts about his work, he thought he should work. Sitting around won’t get work done.

    “But Virgil was so worried. But Virgil doesn’t understand. I need to work. I have so much to get done. But Virgil’s still worried. Will he be mad?”

    Logan was swallowed whole by panic, he did not understand why. Everything was wonderful, he did his work well, he had Virgil, he loved Virgil. Virgil loved him, he said so himself.

    “I love you too,” he sniffled. Virgil pulled Logan closer than physically possible and they stood close together for what seemed to be a lifetime. After so long, they were together.

    Logan recalled this moment, his thoughts slowing until it landed on one specific thought. “But does he still love me?”

    And then he broke.

    All sense came back to him, rushing over like a tidal wave. The thought scared him to death. He gasped and grabbed his chest, heaving, squeezing his eyes shut as tears flooded over. His chest was so tight, he couldn’t breathe but air was filtering through him. His heart was pounding, it felt as if it would explode, it felt like he was drowning in a lake and falling from the sky.

    “Logan, holy shit, Logan?” Virgil shook his shoulder, then grabbed Logan’s face between his hands. “Babe, breathe for me. Please? Look at me.”

    Virgil’s voice flooded through his ears, finally, something. He listened to Virgil’s counting, the exaggerated inhales and exhales, the heat of his palms against his face, soaking in every real moment there was.

    Virgil’s thumbs swiped over Logan’s cheeks, trying to stop the tears from wetting his face, trying to wipe Logan’s pains away. His breaths slowed, still uneven but not panicked. Tears still glided down but he was there, he was with Virgil, Virgil was there.

    His head was cleared, he felt relieved, but then embarrassment washed over him. He quickly ducked his head into Virgil’s shoulder, hiding his face from prying eyes. He breathed slowly, inhaling and exhaling, a comforting scent of sunflowers. They sat like that for a few minutes, Logan officially calming down, the only sound being the dialogue from the long forgotten movie.

    “Lo,” Virgil called out softly, gently pushing Logan away from him. He looked away from Virgil, not wanting to address their current situation.

    “Look at me please, what’s wrong?” He asked softly, brushing hair away from Logan’s face.

    Logan looked at Virgil, grabbing Virgil’s hand and gripping it tightly, pressing his lips firmly together. Inhaling through his nose he took a moment to respond;

    “Do you still love me?” His voice cracked and the question came out broken and scared. He needed the confirmation, no matter how silly the question seemed. He needed Virgil to say it to him, to assure him, even if it was childish.

    What?” Virgil’s eyes widened, bewilderment edging itself into his face.

    “Do…do you still love me?” Logan stuttered out again, tears starting to slowly trickle back down his cheeks again. He was so scared, so scared Virgil would leave him, he knew there was no reason he would leave him but he was still so scared.

    “What? Of course I do. What are you talking about?” He rushed out, stumbling over his words. He had no idea what would make Logan think he didn’t love him anymore.

    “Are you sure?” He sniffled out, a quiet sob wracking his body. He believed Virgil, he knew he was telling him the truth but his mind was still not settled.

    “Yes, yes I’m sure. I’m so sure, I love you so much, I’m so in love with you it scares me sometimes. I promise I love you.” Virgil repeated his words, trying to keep his tears from spilling over. It scared him seeing Logan like this, it scared him to think Logan thought he didn’t love him anymore.

    Logan nodded, wiping at his face with his free hand, trying to be rid of the tears that stained his cheeks. He downcasted his gaze to their linked hands, willing his heart to slow down.

    “I’m sorry, I don’t know why that happened.” He told Virgil, keeping his voice as steady as possible. He sighed deeply, looking up at Virgil, trying to stay composed.

    “I just…I don’t know what came over me. My thoughts were going so fast I couldn’t actually think properly. And then my mind found that question and…,” he trailed, gaze flicking away from Virgil again.

    “You don’t have to apologize,” he said, running his thumb over Logan’s knuckles. “You were stressed, and anxious. Lo, you’re human, well mostly, it’s okay to be worried, it’s okay to be in doubt.”

    “Okay—“ he nodded to himself— “okay.”

    “Let’s go to sleep, we can talk more in the morning, okay?”

    Logan nodded again, sighing and running his hands through his hair. “Thank you, star, so I love you so much.”

    Virgil kissed his forehead, “I love you too, now sleep.”


    lmao okay there you go

    idk how i feel abt this one

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    The Company/Reader

    Goblin tunnels, scapegoats, and life-threatening adventures… Oh, and you’re still supposed to kill these guys, hm.

    Angst, Humor, Action


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    #the company x reader #the hobbit fanfiction #the hobbit#reader insert#thorin oakenshield#fili#kili #killer good looks pt. 2 #assassin reader#angst#bilbo baggins #kili x reader #fili x reader #thorin x reader #bilbo x reader #bofur x reader #dwalin x reader
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  • Person A keeps bringing strays home, and Person B has to break it to them that they can’t take care of all of them.

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  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Genshin Impact

    Character(s): Zhongli 《Geo》

    Genre: Angst + Fluff at the end

    Type: One Shot

    Description: The Reader, member of the Fatui, had been using Zhongli and the Traveler(Lumine) for info. They disappeared for a while before appearing in a fight, wearing a mask to conceal their identity. Zhongli sends Lumine forward whilst he takes care of the enemy’s, but he gets locked out and can longer continue until he gets his hand on the Readers pendant. The Reader suffers with a deadly fate, but Zhongli doesn’t wish them gone.

    Warnings: Violence, Death, PLATONIC, Possible Triggers, Possibly OOC

    That description is the longest I’ve ever had- Also, I went first person POV for the first time in a while 👁👄👁

    Requests are Opened!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A sharp gasp harshly tore through my throat as he pushed his spear in to my scarred gut. With a whine, I drop my weapon, shaking as I reached a hand to my wound. He paused for a moment before bringing a hand to my mask, gently lifting it from my pained face. “(Y/n).” He choked out my name, “..wait- no, you..” Adjusting to to the pain, I breath in, “I.. told you I wasn’t the best person, Zhongli..” With a curt shake of his head he parted his lips, clamping them shut moments later when nothing came out.

    I huffed as I lifted my lips in to a tired smile and slipped my vision pendant from my hip, “Use this to move forward.. Lumine.. should be down the hall.” “..no.” He gripped my hand, biting his bottom lip when it trembled. “Don’t waste time, she.. needs you.” I frowned when he only shook his head, soon crying out. He tugged his spear from my body, tossing it away before taking my pendant and pressing it to my chest. “..make a contract with me.” Grinding my teeth together, I refuse.

    “..please.” His voice broke, his posture faltering. “Fine, just.. hurry.” I breathed, my throat closing with each huff of air. “I shall give you life in exchange for your loyalty.” Closing my eyes, I hold back a groan, “I accept..” There was a rush of relief and warmth that lulled me to sleep. My breathing slowed and my brows unknitted themselves. “..you’ll be okay..” It seemed as though he was reassuring himself rather than me..


    . .

    . . .

    . .


    Something soft brushed up my arms and legs. Were these petals? Peeling my eyes open, I flinch at the light. I parted my lips to breathe, the dryness of my throat causing me to wheeze.

    “Take it slow.” Zhongli? I quickly lift myself up before falling back once my arms gave out. I felt hands cradle my head before it could hit the platform I was layed upon. “..what did I say?” His voice was gentle and didn’t hold any disapproval. He brought his hands to the side of my face, letting my head rest on what felt like a pillow.

    Looking up at him, I watched as he searched my eyes. “Do you remember?” His thumbs lightly rubbed my cheekbones, his whisper gliding down the bridge of my nose. “I-” Glancing away, I push my lips together. “(Y/n)?” I felt myself quiver as I tried to speak without wavering, “I do.” He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped himself once he felt my tears slide down his hands. Taking a few moments, he finally speaks, “It’s okay-” “No, it’s not!” I heave as I shake my head, “..it’s not okay, ‘Li..”

    He sighs, his fingers twitching at my broken voice, “.. you’re wearing yourself, my dear friend.” He brushed some hair from my face, his gaze never straying from my eyes, “..you also remember our contact, yes?” Humming, I take a few deep and short breaths, sniffling before repeating what he offered, “Give me life for my loyalty..” With a nod of his head, he slowly removes his hands from me, “I hope you know it wasn’t meant to come off as you being my slave.. I just.. wanted to keep our friendship.”

    Lifting my arm, I reach for him, “..you knew I’d leave.” He let me hold his finger, “I knew you’d disappear.” Smiling weakly, I mumbled, “..and you couldn’t let me.” With a hum, he turned back to me- pulling something from a pouch, “Yes.”

    Bringing his hand to my own, he slips the pouches object in to it, “..this belongs to you.” Opening my hand, I observe the object in my palm. It was my pendant, brand new with touches of geo; looking as if it held it together. “It seems like a metaphor.” With a certain gleam in his eyes, he smiles, “Perhaps it is.”

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    #genshin impact#genshin imagines #genshin impact imagines #genshin zhongli #genshin impact zhongli #scenarios #genshin x reader #angst #genshin impact angst #genshin impact x reader angst #x reader#zhongli#writing#video game#game#self indulgent #genshin impact zhongli x reader #zhongli x reader #genshin zhongli x reader #videogames#games
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  • The World Turned Upside Down
    by RJKazooku

    The battle at Jaku had raged on for much longer than any of the heroes had anticipated, especially once Gigantomachi had arrived with the rest of the League. But even before their arrival, it felt like the heroes hadn’t stood a chance.

    How could the heroes hope to defeat him?

    The boy they hadn’t been able to defeat even when he was quirkless, who now had All for One and hundreds, if not thousands, of quirks now at his disposal.

    Akatani Mikumo, the Leader of the League of Villains.

    Who Tenko knew was really Midoriya Izuku.

    Words: 1770, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28774452

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  • “I don’t know why I expected you to love me when you can’t even love yourself.”

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  • push me under(let the water surround me)
    by gowonsfriedscalp

    Picture this: You are Bakugou Katsuki.

    You are sixteen, Seat number seventeen in Class 1-A in motherfucking UA. The rest of the chumps back at Aldera couldn’t even dream to be where you are. You are nearing the end of the first year, and currently fighting Ponytail Bitch for the number one spot.

    And then one day of training the quirk All Might gave you results in black tendrils bursting out of your arms.

    And now this.

    Words: 5605, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28775079

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