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  • I’m totally not crying over the idea of Dabi and Hawks slow dancing on a rooftop and crying. Hawks’ head on Dabi’s chest whilst Dabi rests his cheek on top of Hawks’ head, knowing that they only have so much time together…

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    Genre: smut | Wonwoo × reader

    Word count: +3.6k

    Warnings: dirty talk, explicit content, daddy kink, a little angst, kinda gangster au (?)

    Summary: you and Wonwoo have a complicated relationship. Everyone knows you both like each other, but every time he moves to your direction you take a step back. Except for one day when you can’t resist anymore

    Author’s notes: This was actually the first smut fic that I wrote for a friend who really likes Wonwoo. I published it on Wattpad but I thought I should also share it with Tumblr. I hope you like it.

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       You: Wonwoo, where u @?

    Wonwoo: I’m at Mingyu’s. Why?

       You: I was just wondering if u wanted to come by

    Wonwoo: I still have some things to take care of

    But as soon as I’m done I’ll head over to u

       You: Thanks and… be careful

    Wonwoo: Sounds like u don’t know me, I’m never careful 

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    It has been over two years since you got stuck on an elevator with Wonwoo. In the beginning, neither you or your friends liked him due to the rumors that circled about him, but after a deep talk and some laughs, you felt like you could understand him better.

    Everyone you came across always told you “Don’t even go near him.” or “He’s nothing but trouble.” or even “You’re too pure to be around him, he’ll put you in danger.”. Of course, you got scared. What is he? Some kind of gangster? Yes. He actually is.

    Well, that’s not the truth. He was a gangster. Not anymore. But you don’t trust him enough to believe he already left that life.

    He said he gave up on those habits because of you. Because he fell in love with you and wanted to make you happy at any cost. Although his persistence won’t let him give up on you, you still haven’t replied to his feelings. That makes him sad and you know it, but you’re too afraid to end up hurt.  

    One hour and a half later he finally arrives at your house. But when you open the door the first thing you see is the bloodstains on his clothes. You don’t get worried since you know, for sure, that that blood belongs to another person.

    “I can explain.” is the only thing he can say.

    You step away from the door with a sad expression on your face while he comes in and follows you into the kitchen.

    “Explain what, Wonwoo? I knew this was going to happen.” you say paying more attention to the food you’re cooking “You already know where the clean clothes are. Dinner will be ready in no time.” you continue without even looking at him.

    “But can I explain myself first? Please.” he begs as he tries to come close to you.

    You walk away from him, placing stuff on the table and preparing it.

    “I’m tired of your excuses.” you sigh.

    As you hear him walk away from the room you sit down on one of the chairs and rest your head on your hands.

    “Why do you always do this to me? Does it feel good playing with my emotions?” you groan and hit the table furiously.

    “It smells good.” he smiles while entering the kitchen and coming near you.

    You just shrug in response and head over to the table placing the food in it.

    “Sit down. Let’s eat.” you say coldly and he obeys.

    As the two of you start eating you know his eyes are laying on you and he tries several times to say something but eventually gives up every time.

    “Stop it Wonwoo, that’s annoying.” you say finally looking at him.

    “Can you just hear me out? It’s really not what you’re thinking.” he smiled nervously while begging once more.

    “Damnit Wonwoo. Why can’t I resist you?” you think to yourself looking at him.

    “Be fast and spare me from the lies.” you huff and see a smile forming in his lips. 

    “Thank you.” he says before telling you what actually happened “I was at Mingyu’s helping him taking care of his mom ‘cause she’s sick. You can ask him after, you know he’d never lie to you.”, you agree quietly and he continues “When I left to come here I stumbled across a puppy who was hit by a car and I took him to the nearest vet.” he explains because of the blood you saw earlier.

    At this point, you were already filled with guilt for not wanting him to explain in the first place, but you still wondered if that was really true.

    “Now I understand, I’m sorry for not letting you explain yourself before.” you say a little ashamed and he smiles awkwardly.

    “It’s okay, baby. I know my past doesn’t really help me, but I told you I’m working it out…” his smiles widens and you can see the lust in his eyes “…because of you.”.

    You blush and quickly turn your attention to the food in front of you. You hear him chuckle at your embarrassment as he also keeps eating.

    Suddenly your phone rings as you receive a couple of messages from someone. Wonwoo glances at your phone with a suspicious look and his face becomes red seeing the name 'Soonyoung’ on the screen.

    “Why is he texting you so frenetically?” he says with a low tone.

    “He’s jealous.” you think.

    “He probably just wants to talk to me. Isn’t that normal?” you tease him.

    “Whatever.” he just cliques his tongue and finishes his food.

    You finish yours as well and get up to put the dishes in the sink. He follows you and as he leans to place his dish he lays a wet kiss on the skin of your neck.

    “W-what was that for?” you stutter while pushing him away.

    “Don’t deny it. You loved it.” he smirks and walks away to the living room.

    “Don’t be a pervert!” you shout from the kitchen.

    As you’re leaving the kitchen towards the living room you read Hoshi’s messages and laugh at what he told you.

    “What’s so funny?” Wonwoo asks from the couch with an annoyed expression.

    “Nothing.” you say while sitting next to him.

    You keep texting Hoshi and occasionally watching the movie but not paying much attention. You can hear Wonwoo groan beside you each time you giggle with a message. He loses his temper and snatches your phone from your hand.

    “Pay attention to me. Only me.” he groans while moving closer to you.

    You stay paralyzed as he keeps leaning, making your faces closer and closer every second.

    “Wonwoo…” you mutter looking at him.

    “What? You don’t like this?” he makes you lay on the couch staying on top of you “You’re so submissive for me.” he smirks and you just look away blushing. “No.” he places his hand on your chin and makes you face him “I want you to look at me while I make you feel good.”.

    He gets closer to your neck and starts leaving kisses all over it. His soft and wet lips make you lose your senses and you let out a gentle moan as he grabs your thighs firmly.

    “Why does this feel so good? Why is he so good?” you think to yourself while closing your eyes with pleasure.

    He raises his head from your neck and tries to kiss your lips but you turn your head and suddenly get out from under him.

    “T-this is not happening.” you stutter still a little stunned from what just happened and get away from him.

    “Come on, baby. I’ve been craving you for so long.” he gets up and starts walking towards you.

    Without much space to run you just sprint to your room and close the door.

    “I can’t give you what you want, Wonwoo. Not now.” you sigh and mutter quietly.

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       You: U can stay if you want

       But I’m not coming near u

    Wonwoo: Are u really going to leave me here alone?

    With a big ass boner? That’s cruel, baby

       You: Are u really?

    Wonwoo: Get out of the room and see for yourself

       You: I’m not leaving

    Wonwoo: Then I’ll just send u a pic

       You: Don’t u dare

    Wonwoo: [media file] 

    Too late, baby 

       You: Wow… it’s hum big

    Wonwoo: U’re still not leaving?

    I’m suffering here, baby

       You: I don’t care

       I’m not falling on ur trap

    Wonwoo: Is that so? What a shame

    If u don’t come to me, I’ll go to u

    I wonder if there’s a spare key… 

       You: Don’t go through my stuff!

       I don’t have spare keys

    Wonwoo: Is that so? Then care to explain what’s this

    [Media file] 

       You: I told u to not go through my stuff, Wonwoo!

       Put that back right now!

    Wonwoo: Make me, baby

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    Suddenly you hear footsteps approaching your room. He must have the keys and will not hesitate to enter for sure. Once he enters you won’t have any place to escape to and resisting him will be impossible. Something in Wonwoo makes it hard to refuse him.

    “If you opened the door yourself it would be a lot easier.” his voice says from the other side.

    “What do you want from me?” you question already on the edge of giving up “Why do you play with me like this, Wonwoo?”.

    As soon as you asked that a weird silence settled in and, not sure if he was still there, you called his name but he didn’t answer. Thus you decide to open the door just to see a sad Wonwoo sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the wall.

    “What’s wrong?” you ask worried at the sudden mood change.

    “You’ll never believe in me, will you?” he raises his head and you feel like a dagger went through your heart, he was… crying?

    “Wonwoo, you’re crying?” you ask still in disbelief, no one has ever seen Wonwoo cry, not even his best friend Mingyu.

    “Yes, I am.” he says sharply “I’m crying because you think you’re getting hurt but you’re only hurting me instead. I also have feelings, even tho I don’t always show it. But I’ve told you several times about how I feel about you and now I know why I don’t share my feelings often.” he states in a mix of sadness and annoyance.

    You just stay there staring at him with pity in your eyes not really knowing what to do. He was crying because you hurt him. Him. The boy who feared nothing and no one was on your floor crying his feelings out for you.

    “I love you.” you quickly say and not waiting for a response you hug him tightly.

    He returned your hug and accommodated himself in your arms just like a little child. After a few minutes, he stopped sobbing and you smiled relieved. After all, Wonwoo was really a sensitive little boy inside of a big man’s body. Only now you realized how unfair and judgmental you were being with the person you most loved.

    “You love me?” he whispers happily pulling you back from your thoughts.

    “I do. I always have.” you state a little embarrassed and he finally faces you.

    “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” he tilts his head in confusion.

    “I guess I was just too afraid of commitment, I’m sorry for hurting you.” you caress his cheek and he smiles.

    “I love you too.” he states.

    “I know.” you smile.

    “I think you should make up for all the pain you made my little heart go through.” he pouts fakely with a completely different expression from earlier.

    He’s back.

    “What do you want?” you ask naively.

    He looks down at his pants and you follow his eyes with yours. His erection from earlier was now half gone but you knew it wouldn’t take too long for it to be full again.

    “Is that all you think about, you pervert?” you roll your eyes and stand up offering your hand to him.

    “Basically.” he grabs your hand but instead of getting up he pulls you down again to sit on his lap “Don’t you dare to try to run away from me again. I’ll punish you, baby.”.

    You surrender completely hypnotized by his touch. He grabbed your thighs firmly and brought you even closer to him. Roughly, but still careful, he pulls your hair back making sure your neck is totally exposed to him. You close your eyes tightly as you feel his wet lips taste your skin. He started leaving marks all over it, making sure they were visible enough for everyone to see.

    “S-stop, I have classes tomorrow..” you whine but he keeps doing as if he didn’t hear you “W-Wonwoo.” his name leaves your mouth almost in a moan and he smirks satisfied.

    “You’re mine.” he says firmly and stands up with you in his arms “I have to make sure everyone knows it.” he walks to your room and throws you to the bed.

    He climbs up on the bed quickly and without any hesitation, he takes your lips in his. Wonwoo kissed you like there was no tomorrow, he was so needy and you shared the same feelings.

    “You make me crazy, Wonwoo.” you thought running your hands through his hair trying to deepen the kiss even more.

    You break apart from the kiss and stare deeply into each other’s eyes. The vision you had was extremely hot and provocative. Wonwoo was on top of you, painting like a thirsty dog, with is messy hair falling in his face and a pair of lustful eyes gazing at you.

    “Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to fuck me?” you say in a husky voice, that made him even more aroused.

    “Eager aren’t we?” he smirks taking your shirt off “You’re so fucking beautiful.” he groans eating you only with his eyes.

    He sets down a slow trail of kisses without taking his eyes off you. His gaze was so powerful that you could cum by looking at him. When finally reaching your pants he starts to open them in an annoying and provocative slow pace. You whine for him to hurry but he ignores your words once again.

    “Beg, baby. Beg for me.”.

    “You know I don’t beg, Wonwoo. Just take it off for fuck’s sake.” you groan but he is too persistent and wants everything his way.

    “Come on. Just say the words and I’ll do as you desire.” he smirks and you just sigh defeated.

    “Please… daddy.” you blush immediately after saying those words and his wild side is activated.

    He quickly gets rid of all the clothes, both his and yours and gets on the bed again. You look at his length and gulp with a bit of concern in your eyes, he notices your expression and caresses your cheek.

    “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you, baby.” he smiles making you less anxious and more comfortable.

    You nod in agreement and he kisses you again while slowly running his hands across all your naked body.

    He stands up to get his pants and from his pocket, he takes out a condom and you watch while he puts it on. He has everything always prepared.

    While distracting you with the kiss he carefully places his member on your entrance and slides it in. You break from the kiss to let out some painful moans and he kisses you again to ease the pain.

    He just stays still in place waiting for your approval to start moving. Slowly your pain becomes pleasure.

    “Can I go, baby?” he gently asks and you nod.

    He starts slow but strong enough to make you let out louder moans. At each one of your moans he gets more and more turned on and his pace becomes faster and wilder.

    “W-Wonwoo…”, as he hears his name come out of your mouth he loses all his sanity and comes out of you just to enter again, roughly and madly.

    “I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” you think while scratching his back and spreading your legs to give him more access.

    He comes out of you suddenly and you whine looking at him. He smirks at your desperation and kisses your skin from your neck to your ear.

    “You should apologize for ignoring me before, baby.” he takes his member and teases you by rubbing it in your entrance.

    “I.. I didn’t.” you tease.

    You were playing his game as well and you wouldn’t let him win that easily. Teasing him was too good.

    “Is he better them me?” he bites your earlobe and rubs his member a little harder making you bite your lip.

    “I never tried with him to know.” you tease and see his expression change completely. He was not happy at that response.

    “You’re gonna need to be punished. Bad baby.” he says standing up.

    He stands in front of you as you look at him confused.

    “Come here. Now.” he says in a dominant tone and you hesitate “Do I need to repeat myself?” he says impatiently.

    “No..” you stand up in front of him “..daddy.” you smirk and he bites his lip.

    “Don’t tease me, baby.” he groans in frustration “On your knees.”.

    “What?” you pretend to not understand and he grabs you closer by your hip.

    “On. Your. Knees. Now.” he spanks your right thigh and you let out an unexpected moan “If you don’t obey, I’ll do it harder, baby.”.

    You do as he says and kneel on the floor in front of him. He smiles satisfied and pets your head.

    “Good baby.” he bites his lower lip looking at you and continues “Now, make daddy feel good. Will you?”.

    You slowly look away from his eyes to his hard member in front of you and understand what he wants. You take it in your hand and start making up and down movements. Stroking it as well as possible, making him throw his head back in pleasure. As you hear his low tone moans you start moving faster but not you still weren’t satisfied.

    You look at him and decide to take his hard member in your mouth. Surprised by your warmth he lets out a loud moan and looks at you only to see a vision that turned him on even more if that was even possible.

    “Oh baby… you feel so good..” he grabs your hair slowly and starts making hip movements.

    He loses his senses and starts to thrust into your mouth. Because of his sudden action, you gag a little but soon you start to keep up with his movements.

    “I’m… I’m 'gonna cum..” he moans out and quickens his movements.

    Moments later you feel a warm liquid fill your mouth and he slowly comes out of you. You swallow it looking directly at him and he smirks with his standard dirty look.

    You get back on the bed and spread your legs wanting him to finish what he started before. He sits on the bed and taps his lap.

    “Ride me." 

    Without losing any time you hop on his lap and begin a thirsty kiss. He grabs you by your thighs and, as he kisses you dominantly, he places you close to his member. You slide down making him enter you slowly.

    You moan loudly as you feel him fill you entirely and start riding him quickly and desperately. He keeps his hands on your hips guiding your movements. Your hands are on his shoulders to help you support your body and as the pleasure runs through your body you scratch his skin.

    "I… I’m almost t-there..” you are able to say in the middle of the moans.

    You quicken your pace and he squeezes your thighs roughly, and probably it will leave a bruise, as he feels his climax coming.

    You cum with a loud moan and he follows you right after. Wonwoo helps you lay on the be and he lays beside you with a bright smile. You both look at each other and let out a sigh of happiness.

    “Do you have any idea of how long I’ve been waiting for this?” he covers both of you with the covers and lays on his side to look at you.

    “I have a slight idea. I have to be honest, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while too.” you smile looking back at him.

    “Then does this mean we’re dating?” he smirks.

    “Bitch.” you giggle at his question “Did you even ask?”.

    “To be fair I’ve been asking for the past two years. You’re the one who hasn’t been responding.” he pouts like a baby.

    “Oh… that’s true.” you say embarrassed “But it’s a yes. I’ll date you, Wonwoo.”.

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       You: Hey Mingyu ♡

    Mingyu: Heyyy


       You: I wanted to ask you smth

       Was Wonwoo with u today?

    Mingyu: Yeah. Why?

    Why this sudden interest in him? U in love?

       You: It’s just curiosity

       But really? He was with u? Don’t joke :c

    Mingyu: Then why did you take so long to answer?

    You’re using ’:c’ now? He really got into you, literally and metaphorically

    I’m telling the truth, he was with me. He also left in a hurry bc he was going over to your house

       You: Thank you, Gyu

       Yeah he did “got into me”

    Mingyu: HE DID? YOOOO~


       You: Stop overreacting, Guy

    Mingyu: I. AM. NOT.

    Wonwoo didn’t have sex with not even a single soul for the past two years

    He was always telling me that it was bc he was waiting for u

    Bc u were the one

       You: Did he really? Omg

       Thanks for telling me this, Gyu

       You’re an angel

    Mingyu: I know, I know

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    You turn off your phone smiling like a child who just received the best gift. As you turn to your side you face a sleeping Wonwoo and you just stare at him happily. Slowly, trying to not wake him up, you caress his hair and kiss his forehead.

    “Thank you for waiting for me, Wonwoo.” you whisper.

    You seek comfort between his arms and eventually end up falling asleep.

    “Always.” he whispers lightly.

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  • Stanley avait du mal à se séparer d'Étienne. Il s'était réveillé avant l'aube, habillé en hâte et avait rassemblé son ouvrage pour rentrer chez lui avant que les premiers badauds ne sortent.

    Une dernière étreinte, un dernier baiser…

    - C'est vraiment parce qu'il y a de l'ouvrage pressé que je rentre. Autrement, je serais bien resté ! 

    - Et j'aurais été ravi de te garder plus longtemps. Allez, mon chéri, fit Étienne en voyant l'aube se lever par la fenêtre, il faut que tu retournes chez toi…

    - Je sais, je sais… Bon, j'y vais.

    - À très bientôt ! Oh ! Attends une seconde !

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  • angel

    (big fluff. little angst. no caps. religion is involved and no offense is intended.)


    your shoes seemed too loud as they clicked on the pristine marble floor. the room was filled with a kind of reverent silence you could only find at a church or a museum.

    you didn’t know what stunned you the most: the sheer elegance of the room, how everything was white marble with gold inlay and the curtains that draped the walls were a shimmery, see-through silver. or maybe the art on the walls that were so detailed and held such emotion it took your breath away and how the pillars in the four corners of the room looked as much like artworks as the painting themselves. maybe the mosaic on the ceiling that cast gentle colors along the floor from the sunlight outside. maybe it was the way the room held itself like it was waiting for something magical.

    maybe it was the man in center of the room who looked like he was a piece of art; a beautiful sculpture only gods could replicate. his suit and cream-colored turtleneck were pressed to perfection. his glasses had a diamond studded chain that looped around his neck and shone in the ethereal light. or maybe he was ethereal.

    he smiled a bright smile with stunning white teeth and glittering eyes at you. your heart did an unnecessary flutter.

    “do you like it?” his voice was soft, but it carried perfectly in the empty space.

    “it looks a little too fancy for me,” you replied, with a teasing look.

    “the artwork does not judge your taste in clothing, it judges your taste in art.”

    “the art judges?” you asked incredulously.

    “the art, the museum, the curator…” he smiled again and you scoffed.

    it sounded incredibly undignified in the space that was made for queens.

    “it judges my taste in art?” you prompted and he nodded, clasping his hands behind him as he strode toward the painting closest on your right.

    “do you like this one?” he asked.

    you joined him near the painting and admired it with him. it showed two angels with pearly white wings soaring above a dark city. the stars and galaxies in the sky were brighter than everything else in the picture; a group of stars even formed the angels’ halos. in the city, a smaller figure was reaching a hand to the angels, but it could not reach.

    “they look sad,” you remarked and indeed they did.

    their faces were beautiful but mournful as they looked down up on the dark city. not mournful. longing.

    “something about the city makes them sad,” you said.

    “the city?” he asked.

    you took a longer look and the details revealed the story. one angel was reaching toward the city -earth- towards the outstretched hand, but the other was pulling it away. into the stars. the sky.

    “the person,” you corrected. “it’s reaching for the person.”

    “indeed. an angel falling in love with a human is-… would be, a dreadful thing. angels live for eternity, but humans fade.”

    “they all go to the same place, don’t they?” you looked at ethereal man who’s beauty was almost greater than the angels.

    “souls do, but not people. when they go to the eternal city, they are not the same. their souls are changed to be made perfect, but angels fall in love with their imperfections. what makes them unique. their lord, however, does not allow such things. it is forbidden.” his voice became a quiet, faraway sound at the end; one that was broken.

    “why do you think that?” you asked and he shrugged.

    “angels are already perfect and they live around perfect things, would it not be so unthinkable for them to fall in love with something imperfect?” he replied and you looked back at the painting.

    “i just don’t see angels falling in love. in lore they’re not actually fat, cherub babies, but warriors of god that are powerful and terrifying. for them to fall in love with something as… breakable as a human, it would be tragic. but i guess that’s what the painting depicts, right?” you asked, turning to see him looking at you with an amused stare.

    “do soldiers not fall in love?” he asked.

    “i guess they do. i wonder how,” you said, looking back at the painting, “considering an angel in your presence would be obvious, i imagine.”

    “not as obvious as you think,” his quiet voice replied. “but angels watch and observe as guardians. sometimes they become so infatuated with the person they’re protecting, it turns into more than that.”

    “does it?” you asked, amusement in your voice. “sounds like you believe it.”

    “love is a mysterious force. would that be so improbable?”

    “i suppose not. i bet would god wouldn’t be happy with them falling in love with something as imperfect as a human, no?” you asked with a bemused smile, but it fell when you saw his pained expression.

    “yes,” he replied, then turned to a painting on the far wall.

    you followed his movements and saw a muscular, bearded man ripping the wings off a crying angel. his halo askew and his tears shimmering like diamons as they fell to the earth below. shining, golden liquid poured from the wounds in the angels back and coated the cloud they were on.

    “god rips off their wings?” you asked and he blew an amused breath out of his nose.

    “that’s very simplified, but yes. he takes their wings in a painful way to remind them what they’re missing out on. for as long as they stay in love with human, they stay without wings. without the eternal city. without him.”

    “i didn’t realize god could be so angry.” you turned to look at the man, whose eyes were trained on the art.

    “most don’t.”

    “i don’t know if i could fall in love with an angel,” you said, and he looked at you with surprise on his face. “if i knew i caused that-“ you nodded at the picture, “-i don’t think i could live with myself.”

    there was a moment of silence before he nodded, the chains of his glasses swaying as he did so.

    “sometimes love is worth any amount of pain.”


    i kind of like the atmosphere in this tbh. i love museums and this is like my dream museum. requests are open. thank you for 1.1k :’)


    #kiss#kisses#kissing #imagine your otp #imagine your ship #person a and person b #makeout#passion#love#lips#lust#fallen angel#angel#au#angst #an excerpt from a story i'll never write #an excerpt from a book i'll never write #forbidden#god#stars#planet
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  • Title: Spannungsbogen
    Author: Novemberries
    Characters/Pairing: Sasori and Akimori Rei (OC)
    Genre: Drama/Romance/Mystery
    Word Count: 5528
    Raiting: T (subject to change)
    Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi. No money is being made from this story.
    Completed on: 29SEP2019
    Originally Published on: 02OCT2019
    Chapter Last Revised on: 02OCT2019

    Chapter 1

    Summary: A routine chuunin examination goes wrong and sets both Sasori’s and Rei’s to paths towards the dangerous unknown. Rei is pulled from her long-cherished dream and Sasori is heading towards the inevitable, but things are no longer black and white. And the balance of the shinobi world is at stake. [AU where Sasori didn’t join the Akatsuki] [Sasori/OC]

    Also published on ff.net and ao3


    Originally posted by justgaara


    Pronounced “sear-sha”; freedom.


    “Serizawa Yukio of Cloud is dead.”

    Baki’s words echoed in the stone walls of the young Kazekake’s office.

    “He was killed last night, for reasons as of yet unknown.”

    Not even a half an hour had passed and everyone important in Suna had gathered here: Gaara’s siblings, Kankuro and Temari, Grandma Chiyo and her brother Ebizo, Baki and three other council representatives, the Anbu chief captain. Representatives from other villages were also present, Cloud included. All of them wearing various shades of shock on their grim faces. Apparently, Rei had been chosen as a spokesperson for Konoha, while Kakashi had stayed back to take care of their students. She thought it peculiar, as Kakashi was her senior and a far more experienced shinobi, but maybe they preferred to speak with someone whose father hadn’t dealt significant damage to them during the last war. Let it be their way.

    Sasori was also present here, standing behind her. She could swear she felt his presence there like radiating waves. Someone important. But still suspicious. The others tried casting him hasty glances, but it was as if he was repelling their gaze. Did they knew more of who he was? If so, everyone had an advantage over Rei. She was half in the dark still as to what the function of this Sasori guy was.

    Her heart was pumping pure adrenaline as she thought intently on what this situation really meant. Killing a student during an examination was almost a blunt act of provocation. Yet the Sand-Cloud relations were at this moment peaceful, if not boring, so anyone wanting to stir things up had chosen the wrong target. If they wanted to strain relationships between villages, they should have aimed at her Mitsushi, an obvious blow for Konoha – from allied Suna, if one were staging this. Still, Rei took small comfort in the fact that none of their students was hurt in any way.

    The question was…

    “Are you absolutely certain this was a murder and not an accident?” asked a pale kunoichi from Water. Some grunted in agreement and before Baki could continue with his report, the foreign shinobi attacked him with questions and suppositions.

    “Is someone from here behind this?” interjected the gruff Stone nin that had been sitting at the table next to hers in the arena.

    “We have sent a hawk to the Raikage.” The Cloud shinobi was visibly shaken, his face drawn in, yet holding their composure. “But this is strikingly unprecedented. The situation must be resolved.”

    Baki raised his hand to attempt to tame them. “Our special forces are working to solve this as we speak, with all the resources available to us. And this certainly was a murder. The boy received a stab in the lower right abdomen, which severed the aorta, leading to an internal haemorrhage. He died at approximately one in the morning.”

    Rei felt the fine hair on her neck rise. This was roughly the time she took a walk yesterday.

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  • so I think of an angst theme for Guy x Sam,, and Bunnyx x Chloé.

    【Lana del Rey】Brooklyn Baby【down pitched and slowed】

    about the Briefcase Buddies one;: I mean,, I make a lot of angst. heartbreakers and such..

    Beenyx/Chlonyx;; because of Chloé in the bad side of Hawk Moth and Bunnyx tried to stop it.

    I think that kinda fit.. only the outro fits them well..

    #miraculous ladybug#chlolix#beenyx#bunnyx#queen bee #green eggs and ham #guy am i #sam i am #guy x sam #sam x guy #briefcase boyfriends#briefcase buddies#angst #lana del rey #brooklyn baby
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  • image
    #alleine #gegen das leben verloren #ritzen #verloren in gedanken #keiner versteht mich #verletzen#angst#selbsthass#kaputt#selbstzweifel
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  • Category: mild Angst, Fluff
    (Suggested) Age: 15+
    Trigger Warnings: Panic attack, nightmare
    Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader
    Summary: Bucky Has A Traumatic Nightmare But Steve And Reader Calm Him Down 
    Request: “You and Steve having to calm Bucky down after he has a nightmare and panic attack. When you finally got Bucky to calm down he just wanted to be held. You and Steve moved him to the middle and held him tightly, while Bucky cuddled the Captain America bear Steve got for him as a joke. Turns out Bucky loves the bear.”
    Contains Spoilers for: Captain America: Civil War 
    Word Count: 1,597

    “Where the hell are you taking me?” Bucky murmurs as he analyses the dark, limescale-covered, brick walls of the tunnel he’s walking down with the man.

    The man he knows nothing about.

    All he knows is that Steve and (Y/N) have been missing for almost a month, no word from anyone about their whereabouts, until now.

    This man shows up and simply asks Bucky if he’s the one they call James Barnes, to which he questioned who’s asking. Apparently his two lovers sent him to find him. And without second thought, he followed.

    “I can’t take them away from where they are, but I can take you to them.” The man simply repeats for the nth time.

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  • don’t pretend that you’re not a sucker for some angst as well!!! please I don’t wanna be alone here

    I’ve been posting/reblogging elsamaren on main like there’s no tomorrow, so it’s about time I added something over here as well! Looking forward to making some proper fanart soon too heheh

    #elsamaren#honeymaren#queen elsa#frozen 2#frozen fanart#frozen #5th spirit elsa #angst#pencil sketch#doodle #I FORGOT THAT SHE WEARS LEGGINS NOW #the sandals? just didn't wanna draw them #but I really did forget about the legins altogether #and i really really need to practice drawing honeymaren - I'm not satisfied at all #but u kno #that's life #we'll get there fam
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  • image

    sometimes the heart can’t fit through the hole of an empty soul

    sometimes being immortal leads to loss of mortality

    #death note #death note fanart #light yagami #light yagami death note #light yagami fanart #shinigami wings#human skeleton #beating heart can have broken notes #angst #a man in a broken world
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  • image

    Originally posted by bennylafitte

    Summary: A rude comment of a hunter and Dean’s agreement make you see you must hide a huge part of your personality.

    Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, Alpha!Sam, OFC Alpha!Jake

    Warnings: angst, abo dynamics, scenting, whiny Alpha, fluff, snuggling and cuddling

    ABO One Shots

    Only one last drink and you can go back to the bunker and hide in your room for a while. Being around too many Alpha’s makes you antsy so you move slightly closer to Dean’s side, subtle scenting the Alpha to calm your nerves.

    Jake, the Alpha the Winchesters and you let join your finished hunt is watching you with darkened eyes. He tried to hit on you from the moment he scented you but you told him you are not interested. Since that moment he seems to take every opportunity to talk low about Omegas, especially Omega’s being a hunter.

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    #spn#spn fanfiction#angst#fluff#dean winchester #dean winchester x you #dean winchester fanfiction #dean winchester SPN #dean winchester x reader #dean x reader #dean x you #alpha!dean #alpha!dean winchester #alpha!dean x reader #alpha!dean x omega!reader #alpha!dean x omegareader #Sam Winchester#abo#abo dynamics#scenting #cuddling & snuggling
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  • Richard Crawford regarded his younger brother with grave, grey eyes, his hands braced on his belt. Francis’s bright, yellow head lay against riotous silk brocade, his blue eyes slack-lidded, his mouth curled slightly at the corner and one leg draped insolently over the chair’s arm, his spurred heel threatening to score the wood with each maddeningly boneless arc that it transcribed. One long-fingered, richly bejewelled hand cupped a glass of Rhenish against a sapphire damask doublet, lavishly slashed to display a cerulean lining and now marked and dashed with blotches of wine. A string-snapped lute lay cradled in the crook of his other arm, the pegs tangling in the sweat-streaked cornsilk of his hair.

    Once – once it would have infuriated him, the rank arrogance of Francis’s posture, each nerve and sinew loosed to utter ruin, all his brother’s skill and talent despoiled by the wine that spilled from the Venetian glass goblet, streaking his fingers with sticky smears and soaking the cuffs of his shirt. He would not have noticed that the wine was untouched and the wide mouth bloodless except where it was scored with tooth marks. He would not have seen the grim intaglio of lines bracketing it, nor the fine, deep-rooted tremor that shook the hand clutching the goblet.

    ‘Francis?’ He came a step forwards and stopped, uncertain. Francis raised his head sightlessly and Richard saw in his face a kind of blank despair that he had hoped never to see there again. ‘Francis? Kate sent word…’

    After a long moment, Francis opened one blue eye dimmed to opacity by the veins mazing the bloodshot white. His hands shook again, more strongly this time, and the lute let out a discordant squawk of protest. With the careful consideration of the very drunk – or the very frightened – he set the glass down, the rim rattling against the lacquered surface of the table, and closed his eyes again.

    ‘For God’s sake, Francis!’ Richard expostulated, and closed his mouth with an audible snap. ‘Francis,’ he began again, more softly, ‘tell me what’s going on. Is Philippa…?’

    ‘Enceinte, enchantée, indomptable.’ The scarred fingers, still trembling, flew over the lute strings and the lute screeched bad-temperedly in response. ‘O blissid queen above sterrid heuene which of the see art callid cheef lodsterre… The wailing has stopped at least, by God. If I wished to set up house with the starlings in the hedgerow, I should accoutre myself as the hurcheon and venture forth enprickled.’

    ‘You seem quite capable of the garruling of the stirlene yourself.’ Richard nodded at the tortured lute. His heart, flattened against his ribs with dread, began to beat again.

    Francis slitted open one baleful blue eye but otherwise ignored him, plucking irritably at the lute until his brother, with a snort of impatience, removed it bodily from his hands. Sinking into the opposing chair, he settled the tortured instrument across his spread knees and began, slowly and methodically, to unwind the snaggled strings from the pegs. Through lowered lashes, he watched his brother’s throat convulse once, twice.

    ‘Perhaps five minutes before your so-precipitous appearance, brother mine.’


    ‘She stopped yelling some five minutes before the dainty clatter of your hobnailed boots upon the stair.’ The voice was stronger now, but curiously without inflection, all its quick musicality and sliding wit ruthlessly confined. ‘My epithamalia and my threnodies are expected.’

    ‘Surely your person will suffice,’ Richard murmured dryly. ‘Will you not go up, Francis?’

    ‘Je eu tant de dueil que, par mon ame, je ne sceus que mon cueur devint.’ Lymond’s voice broke and, for a moment, Richard froze in fear, ‘O indomptable, indomptable Philippa, terrible as an army set in array.’

    The tremor that had shaken his hands was more forceful now and the silk encasing his shoulders shimmered with it, dancing in the low light of the candleless room.

    ‘Amour proper prevents me, my dear, amour propre… and abject fear.’ For the first time, the full weight of Francis’s direct gaze rested on Richard and his leg stopped swinging. The room was suddenly very still. ‘She is safe and delivered of a living child and I am afraid, or she is safe and delivered of a child not living and I am afraid, or she is not safe…’ He paused and a terrible lightlessness fell across his face. ‘And I am afraid once more. You find me quite unmanned by fate.’

    ‘Will you not go up, Francis?’ Richard asked again, and sat still, one calloused thumb stroking back and forth across the lute’s denuded neck. ‘Philippa has waited long enough.’

    ‘I…’ Francis paused and Richard saw a ghost of the shy child he had been pass across his face, softening the sharp eyes and the hard lines of jaw and cheek. ‘I cannot go alone.’

    Richard felt a flush of pleasure start at his collar. ‘Then I will come with you, Francis.’

    Together, they stood, and together moved towards the wheel stair. Richard placed one broad, brown hand on his brother’s back, covering the tense, fragile wing of the scapula and damp chill of fear-wracked flesh under the creased and crumpled silk.

    Francis staggered as if he were drunk in truth, caught himself, and staggered again, but somehow, weaving and sick with fear and exhaustion, they made it to the wide, warm solar above. His fingers were shaking too badly now to work the latch, flesh and bone blurred with it, all their cleverness spun away into a skein of pure terror, and Richard knocked his hands away and opened the door.

    ‘Francis!’ Philippa’s voice was threaded with tiredness and her hair clung to the skin of her neck in clammy strings, but her eyes were warm and vivid. ‘Winter is now past, the rain is over and gone. Will you not come and see?’ The bundle crooked in her arm was small and angry with a shock of Philippa’s dark hair and all the Crawford temper that a scrap of flesh could hold.

    The childish shyness settled again on Francis’s face, and Richard saw that his eyes were the blue of a summer sea under cloudless skies. The fear was still there, yes, but tempered now and restrained by his brother’s iron will.

    Reaching out a finger that still shook, Francis Crawford of Lymond and Sevigny stroked a coil of dark hair from the child’s face and his other hand sought Philippa’s. ‘Put me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm,’ he murmured, ‘for love is strong as death.’

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  • A/N: I apologise for the delay. This was set to be another big chapter but I couldn’t make it work. On Sunday I scrapped what I had and started again from scratch. I’m not going to lie, I really struggled with this but I think it works. I hope you all think so, too. I appreciate all of your support and feedback more than I can say.

    Master List

    Pairing: Chris Evans x Original Female Character

    Summary:  Harvey Brooks spent her childhood moving all over the country until her parents finally settled in Massachusetts. She’d never had a proper friend until she met Chris Evans on their first day as freshmen in high school. They quickly became close friends who kept each other’s secrets. When Chris comes to her one night asking for her help, she makes a decision that starts a chain of events leading to the ultimate secret. Years later, when tragedy strikes, the truth finally comes out, changing both their lives and the lives of everyone around them

    Length: This part: 3162. Total so far: 69973

    Warnings: Swearing, referenced sex, angst, unwanted pregnancy, illness, hospitals, talk of blood and vomit, needles


    “What are you doing here?”
               Harvey looked up from her book. Belle’s voice was hoarse and thick with sleep. “Where else would I be?”
               “I told you to go. I don’t want people around me.”
               She put her book to one side and leaned on the edge of the bed. “I’m not people.”
               “I don’t want you to see me like this.”
               “If I can’t see you like this, who can?” She smoothed her hand over Belle’s forehead. She was on her final day of chemotherapy and ATG before her bone marrow transplant. It had been four days of hell. Tomorrow, she would have total body irradiation while Chris donated his bone marrow, then the day after was literally called day zero. Belle’s life, hopefully, began again. “I don’t want to leave you all alone.”
               The chemo hadn’t been so bad. Maybe because it was the treatment that they all feared the most, Harvey had thought the side effects would be awful. But Belle had been sick once on the first day and fine afterwards. It was the ATG that was the worst, making her sick with terrible diarrhea, making her limp and unresponsive.
               She hadn’t wanted any visitors but how could Harvey leave her like that?
               “Mom, please…” Belle choked and heaved and Harvey grabbed a disposable sick bowl from a stack on the table and got it under her mouth just in time.
               “It’s okay, muffin. Just relax.” She gave her a cup of water and held the bowl while Belle rinsed her mouth, then gave her a cap of mouthwash. She couldn’t brush her teeth at all now, her gums bleed profusely every time.
               Belle shook her head, laying back down on the pillows, exhausted. “I don’t want this anymore. I just want to feel normal.”
               “I know, sweetheart. I know. It’s just a couple more days and then it’ll be over.” She took the sick bowl into the bathroom and disposed of the contents then threw the bowl into the bin before washing her hands.
               When she sat back beside the bed, Belle curled up under the covers. “Make it go away.”
               “I would if I could, Belle-Belle. I wish I could…” Harvey swallowed down tears, frantically thinking of something – anything – that would take her mind off of how shitty she felt. Her eye fell on Mrs Bunny, just peeking out from beneath the pillow. “When did you get Mrs Bunny back?”
               “Back from where?”
               “Well,” Harvey took the toy out from beneath the pillow, giving her a little shake, “the last time I saw her she was under a different pillow.”
               “Where?” Belle frowned. “Which pillow?”
               “She was at your dad’s house. Under his pillow. I think he took her when they put you in the coma. He must have returned her before you knew she was missing.”
               “Mom… I have something I want to ask you.”
               “Go on.”
               “You have to promise you won’t lie to me.”
               “I promise, muffin. What is it?”
               Belle took a deep breath, her big blue eyes looking even bigger in her pale face. “What’s up with you and Chris? It’s been weeks now and you’re either ignoring each other or being overly polite.”
               It had been three weeks, to be exact. To the day. The immediate aftermath of their falling out had been fraught and anyone who came into contact with them noticed the atmosphere. It didn’t help that they had been in a period of limbo, awaiting further test results that would confirm Chris’s suitability as Belle’s donor. Harvey tried to be civil and he reciprocated but things weren’t the same between them. Belle, of course, felt it the most. She was utterly perplexed as to why her parents suddenly couldn’t look each other in the eye.
               As usual, when she thought about Chris, tears rushed to the surface. Despite the anger and frustration that she felt, she missed him. She missed him just being beside her for her to talk to or confide in or to hear him laugh. She missed his presence in her bed, the safety she felt while curled up in his arms. “I can’t tell you everything. You asked me not to lie and I won’t but I can’t tell you the whole truth. We argued about something…something kind of dumb. Now I’m angry with him and he’s angry with me and I think we’ve reached the point where we can’t be friends anymore.”
               “Is it really that bad?”
               She shook her head and then shrugged. “I don’t think that it’s that bad but he does and that makes me angry…” She shifted slightly and said flatly, “It feels like we can’t go back.”
               “It happens, sweetheart,” she said firmly. “Friends aren’t always forever.”
               “But it’s Chris, Mom.” Belle’s eyes filled with tears and Harvey had to look away. “Like, I just found out he’s my father and now you’re not friends with him.”
               “It won’t affect you.”
               “It does affect me. I want my mom and my dad. I want things to be exactly as they were.”
               My mom and my dad. She called him dad. Harvey wiped tears away with the tips of her fingers. “So do I.”
               “Are you still in love with him?”
               Harvey hesitated but looked Belle in the eye. “Yes. I am.”
               “Then why don’t you just tell him?”
               “I can’t do that,” she said, shaking her head. “There are things that I can’t tell you but I promise you it’s not what he wants to hear from me.”
               “You’re his best friend. You’re my mom.”
               “I think he’d be even more angry with me because of those things. We…we have an understanding. Being in love with him is exactly what he didn’t want to happen.”
               “That’s just stupid. You can’t control who you fall in love with. We love who we love.”
               She couldn’t hold in her laugh. Schooled in love by her own child. “You’re twelve, where are you getting this from?”
               “Before We Go.”
               Harvey shook her head, exasperated. “If we’ve reached the stage where you’re quoting your dad’s movies at me…”
               “It’s true though.”
               “Okay, yes, it’s true,” she conceded. “We love who we love. The heart wants what it wants. But Before We Go teaches us that there’s not always a happy ending. Life isn’t a Disney movie. We have to learn to adapt, to change course, to find alternate routes to our happiness.”
               Belle opened her mouth for the rebuttal but the door opened and a nurse walked in carrying a tray. “Good afternoon, Belle. How are you feeling?”
               “Well, hopefully, I’ve got some goodies here that will make you feel a little better.”
               Harvey got up so the nurse could get to the bed. She stretched her arms up and went to stand by the window. Boston still nestled under its blanket of snow, although the magic of it had dwindled now that the Christmas lights had been taken down for another year. The stress of the past few days sat heavily across her shoulders and down her back, her muscles tense and stiff.
               The nurse gave Belle a plethora of drugs. Something to stop the diarrhea, something to stop the sickness, something to reduce stomach acid, antihistamines, pain relief… Harvey watched anxiously. Even though she knew that without this treatment, Belle would die, she couldn’t help worrying about the long-term effects all of this might have on her still-developing body.
               Once the nurse left, Belle adjusted the bed so she sat up a little and Harvey straightened her covers. “Mom?”
               “Can we shave my head?”
               Harvey’s poor heart, that never seemed to beat in regular time between all of the pounding, fluttering, plummeting and leaping, seemed to stop for a moment. “A-are you sure that’s what you want?”
               She nodded, twirling the end of her braid around her finger. “Chris asked me if I’d like him to get me a wig made. He said he has a friend who can make me any wig I want. It’s going to fall out anyway and I don’t know if I can face seeing it come out in clumps.”
               For some reason, this upset Harvey more than almost anything they’d been through in the past weeks. She tried her hardest to hide her tears. “Sure. I…” She faltered, her voice failing as a sob fought its way up her throat.
               “Mom?” Belle’s voice rose in alarm. “What’s wrong?”
               “N-nothing,” she stammered, bolting into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her.
               She sank to the floor, cramming her fist into her mouth as tears overwhelmed her. She tried not to make a sound, not wanting to scare Belle anymore than she already had. They wouldn’t stop coming and her shoulders shook uncontrollably.
               “Harvey? Are you okay?”
               To her surprise, it was Lisa’s voice following a quiet tap on the door. She tried to say she was okay but no words would come.
               “Harvey? I’m coming in…” The door opened just enough for Lisa to catch sight of her huddled on the floor. She hurried inside and closed the door. “What’s the matter, honey? What happened?”
               She shook her head, trying to force her voice to work. “I d-don’t know.”
               “You’ve been overdoing it again. When was the last time you went home?”
               She shrugged helplessly. All the days and nights seemed to have merged into one. “What day is it?”
               Lisa sighed, her brow furrowed in concern. “You need to go home.”
               Harvey got to her feet, looking at her wrecked face in the mirror. “I-I can’t. Belle…”
               “Will be just fine. I’m here, Shanna’s here, Chris is on his way. We won’t leave her alone. You can’t drive home in this state. I’ll take you downstairs and put you in a cab.”
               Harvey had no choice but to acquiesce. They went back into the room where Shanna sat beside the bed, showing Belle pictures of Dodger on her phone.
               “Are you okay, Mom?”
               Harvey paused from gathering up her things. She looked at Lisa, knowing if she spoke it would just come out as a sob. “Your mom’s just tired, honey. She’s going to go home and have a sleep and be back first thing tomorrow.”
               Belle looked between her grandmother and her mom, obviously confused. “Call me before bedtime?”
               Harvey nodded, managing a small smile as she bent to kiss Belle’s cheek. Lisa led her out of the room and down the corridor to the elevator. She kept her head down. She didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone. Mercifully, they got into an empty elevator but as soon as the doors hissed shut, Lisa turned to her.
               “You were doing so much better at looking after yourself. What happened?”
               She could only shake her head helplessly. Lisa sighed and stroked her back as they rode down to the lobby and walked outside. It was already getting dark and lots of the support staff were leaving for the day so the main entrance was busier than usual. It still only took Lisa a second to hail a cab and deposit Harvey in the back.
               “Have you got cash?”
               “Yeah,” she mumbled. “Please don’t leave Belle.”
               “We won’t. Make sure you eat, shower and sleep.” Lisa gave her hand a final squeeze, gave the driver her address and closed the door.
               Harvey settled back in the seat and gazed sightlessly out of the window. She didn’t know why she was suddenly so upset. She and Belle had talked at length about her losing her hair. When they had the first transplant meeting with Mel and Doctor Avery, the transplant specialist, it had just been them, her and Chris. They had taken them through the entire process and told them, very bluntly, about all the side effects and what they could expect as they shut down Belle’s immune system and killed off the little bone marrow she had remaining. The first point Mel had impressed upon them that it was almost certain the chemotherapy would make Belle’s hair fall out and it usually happened around fourteen days after the first dose.
               Harvey had told Belle herself and held her as she cried and they agreed that, when Belle was ready, they would shave her head. For some reason, hearing her say it had flicked a switch inside Harvey, even though she had known it would be coming. It wasn’t the loss of Belle’s hair that upset her, it was the loss of what it represented; the hours she spent brushing and styling it, the time they spent together while she braided it or twisted it or tied it up. What would they do with that time now?
               When the cab dropped her off, she trudged up the path to her front door and let herself in. The house was dark, quiet and cold. She leaned back on the door for a while, trying to gather her strength to walk up the stairs. She went into the bathroom, opening cupboards and drawers to find the clippers. She hadn’t seen or used them for years and she hoped they still worked. She found the zip-up case and opened it up. They still looked brand new and all of the combs were tucked into individual pouches. The battery was dead, though, so she plugged in the charger and left them on the side.
               She remembered Lisa’s instructions, to eat, shower and sleep, so she went down to the kitchen. The fridge was almost empty but she had a whole carton of eggs so she made herself scrambled eggs and sat and ate them in the silent kitchen. It had been almost eight weeks since Belle had last been in the house. It felt like it had forgotten her, without her things laying around and her music playing and YouTube videos on every TV. Harvey never seemed to watch TV anymore, or listen to music.
               She rinsed her plate at the sink and returned to the fridge, taking out a bottle of wine and draining it into a glass. She sipped at it as she headed back upstairs to shower. In the bathroom, a light flashed on the clippers and Harvey picked them up, feeling the weight in her hands as she flicked the power switch. The intense vibration startled her at first. As she looked down at them, she realised what she had to do.
               The first cut was easy. She gasped as her hair fell away, looking in the mirror at the short hair left behind. She cut a bit more, then a bit more. Her hair tumbled to the floor as tears misted her eyes once again. She wiped her eyes and carried on but, somehow, got too ambitious and ended up stalling the clippers with a big tangle of hair.
               “Shit,” she murmured, trying to pull the hair free but only succeeding in almost ripping it from her scalp. “Shit!” She started to panic, tugging harder at the clump of hair.
               She stopped dead, sure she had imagined the voice. She held her breath, listening to the familiar rhythm of footsteps on the stairs. She watched the doorway in the mirror over her shoulder, waiting for him to appear.
               “Harvey?” Chris stood in the doorway. He leant against the frame, shock etched onto his features. “What have you done?”
               She looked at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were on the tendrils of hair that snaked across the bathroom floor. “I…”
               He marched inside and gently took the clippers from her hands before carefully detangling the snarl-up and turning them off. “What the fuck, Harvey?”
               All she could do was cry. She had no words, no explanation. She leant against the vanity and sobbed. After a moment, she felt his hands on her shoulders. He turned her around to face him and wrapped her in his arms. This only made her cry even harder. She had no idea how long they stood there but when her tears finally subsided, she’d left a sizeable wet patch on the shoulder of his t-shirt. He reached over to the vanity and handed her a wad of tissue.
               While she dried her eyes and blew her nose, Chris ran his fingers through what was left of her hair. “You should have put it in a braid first and cut it off, then clipped it.” He guided her to the edge of the bathtub and made her sit down, then reached for a brush and set about gathering up the longer parts of her hair.
               Harvey didn’t say anything, just let him brush her remaining hair into a ponytail and cut it off. He picked up the clippers and adjusted the comb. He sighed deeply as he turned them on. She found a spot on the tiled floor and stared at it as he ran the clippers over her head. It didn’t take long. When he turned them back off, he took a step back and looked at her. “You are so beautiful.”
               He said it seriously, meaningfully, without a perky smile designed to cheer her up. She dropped her head, which felt strangely light, and stared into her lap. She couldn’t look at him. It hurt too much.
               “Harvey,” his voice was so gentle she couldn’t bear it. He took her hand and pulled her up beside him, his other hand under her chin, forcing her eyes up to his. “Look in the mirror, sweetheart.”
               She shook her head, dislodging a tear from her eye. “No.”
               His gaze went to her hair, his hands following, his fingers softly grazing over the stubble. “It’s like velvet.”
               His touch caused sensations she’d never felt before, shooting down her spin in unfamiliar jolts, making her shiver. “Chris…”
               For a moment, it seemed as if he would kiss her. His eyes flicked between hers and her lips several times. He looked at her as if the past few weeks had never happened. But he looked away, picking up the clippers and placing them back in her hands. “Now me.”
               “But –”
               “Now me,” he repeated firmly.
               He took her place on the edge of the bath. Harvey tentatively combed her fingers through his hair then, swallowing hard, she turned on the clippers. At least she couldn’t screw it up, all she had to do was push it slowly through his hair. It only took a few minutes for his hair to join hers on the floor. She stood back, making sure the hairline around his sideburns was even on both sides.
               “Done,” she said quietly, putting the clippers down.
               Chris got up, running his hands over his head as he looked in the mirror. “Good job.”
               She frowned, looking at him in confusion. “Chris, what are you doing here?”
               He took her face in his hands again, his eyes roaming over her hair and her face. “This,” he said softly. Then he kissed her.

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  • “He’s so tired. He’s been at this so hard for so long.”

    Trying to work out some concepts for What a Nightmare, have a tired Deceit!

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  • Muzan Kibutsuji x female reader

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    I’m not going to lie, I sobbed my heart out at Rui’s death and him being reunited with his parents. Please enjoy.


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    It was impossible. How… How did a child -a human child- defeat him? Muzan watched as his body collapsed to the floor, slowly disintegrating into crimson dust. Darkness spilling into his vision. No. He could not die. Not like this.

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  • Friends Don’t Lie
    by BazStClair

    Todoroki Shouto knew something was wrong. Things weren’t adding up anymore between him and his roomate: Midoriya Izuku. Despite being friends for so long and living together since the end of University, he knew his best friend was hiding something.
    a BIG something

    Words: 2103, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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