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  • Asylum AU: Prologue

    Some sketches to show what exactly happened to Ellis before he got to the mental hospital and met Nick. 
    One Christmas ride that went all wrong and broke poor kiddo. 

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    Originally posted by thecrazyanimegirl

    N͓̽e͓̽v͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽M͓̽e͓̽a͓̽n͓̽t͓̽ ͓̽T͓̽o͓̽

    Anime : Bungo Stray Dogs

    Pairing : Dazai x Reader

    TW : angst; cheating;

    He never meant to hurt you this much, he had never meant to make you cry, he had told you he loved you, and he truly did.

    It was a mistake, but he couldn’t seem to make you understand how sorry he was, not that he blamed you. He would feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot, he would have left you, he would have hated you with every ounce of his being. He didn’t want you to hate him though, he didn’t want you to leave.

    “Y/N… I swear, she was nothing… I don’t know what happened.” How could he apologize for this? It didn’t sound right, he knew it wouldn’t work, but dammit he had to try.

    “You don’t know what happened?” You were broken, he could hear it in the way you chuckled softly in disbelief. You were curled up on the couch, the tears hadn’t stopped falling down your face, your breathing was shallow but rapid.

    “You were gone… and I was alone…” He knew it was a bad excuse. You were gone for business, he hadn’t expected you to come back so soon, if he knew he wouldn’t have done what he did. You walked in on him during the act. He’ll never get your face out of his head.

    “So that makes it better?”

    “I never said it did, but I need you to believe me.”

    “That’s easier said than done Dazai. How am I supposed to trust you?” Your voice broke at the end, he wished he could comfort you, wrap his arm around your shoulder and hold you close until your sons turned to hiccups and you slowly fell asleep, tiring yourself out from crying so much. He was the one who had hurt you though. He couldn’t comfort you now.

    “I don’t want to lose you.” He was breaking, he would do anything to keep you with him. If you wanted him to get on his knees and beg, he would do it in an instant.

    His words caused you to break down again, your face dropped into your hands, your body was shaking as you tried to hold back.

    “Please, let me try.” You didn’t need to ask him to beg, he was going to do it anyway. He got on his knees in front of you, his chin resting against his arms that were folded on your lap.

    You looked down at him, your eyes were red, your face tear streaked. You wiped the single tear that fell from the corner of his eye. “I should hate you, why don’t I hate you.” You whispered between shuttered breaths.

    “I think I hate me enough for the both of us.”

    “How do I know you won’t do it again?” You whispered, and he sat up, looking you straight in your eyes. How could he make you believe him?

    He grabbed your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours. You didn’t pull away, you gave in, kissing him back. You needed him, he hurt you in the worst way, he broke you, but you didn’t want anyone but him.

    He broke away first, wiping away the fresh tears that had fell down your cheeks. “You’re too important to me, I never meant to hurt you. I’m scared to death you’re going to leave me though. Please don’t leave me.”

    #angst #dazai x reader #bsd#bsd scenarios#bsd imagines#bsd headcanons#dazai imagine#dazai headcanons#dazai osamu #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs #dazai osamu x reader
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    Author’s Note: This is part three of The Best Laid Plans series.

    Summary: Bobby has decided that Y/n needs to learn how to hunt. Dean and John show up on the same hunt.

    Pairing: None (past Alpha!John x Omega!Reader)

    Word count: 2725

    Story Warnings:  A/B/O dynamics, pining, a bit of angst


    “I’m not sure about this,” you said, a nervous pit in your stomach.

    “You need to learn to deal with it, Y/n. Yer not gonna be able to avoid bars full of people if yer gonna be a hunter,” Bobby responded calmly, twisting in his seat to look at you.

    “Maybe I shouldn’t be a hunter.”

    “We been workin’ up to this fer almost two years, girl. You know almost everything I can teach you, but we gotta get you okay out in crowds.”

    You nodded. “I know. I know.” You sighed, grabbing your knockoff Kipling tote purse off the floorboard and getting out of the car.

    “Call if you get overwhelmed. I ain’t gonna go anywhere. I’ve got my phone and I’m right here, okay?” Bobby looked out the open window of his Chevelle and you nodded. “You can do this, Y/n.”

    “I know. I know.” You took a deep breath and headed for the bar. The smells that attacked you when you walked through the door made you want to gag, but you pushed through to a corner booth in the back. One hour. Bobby said you had to endure this stinky, overcrowded bar for one hour.

    You took deep breaths through your nose, hoping that your sensitivity to the smells would go down with your exposure to it…and it did. Eventually the smell of alpha sweat and stale beer and peanut shells lessened to a dull disturbance. Your anxiety stayed high, though. You were taking suppressants, had been since that second heat, but it seemed like every alpha in the room knew what you were.

    You kept your poker face in place, didn’t show the fear rolling in waves across your body as you ordered a beer with the fake ID Bobby made you. You were about to call it, though, your shoulders too tense to deal with it, when the door opened and a new scent took over the entire bar. Alpha scent. Lavender, honeysuckle…anise.

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  • Alle so: Party, Alkohol, Sex

    Ich so: Netflix, Bett, Suizidgedanken

    #selbstverletzendes verhalten#gedanken#spruch#depri#meins#angst #i need a hug #thoughts#verletzt #i'm not okay #nachdenken #ich will nicht mehr #depression#verloren #ich hasse menschen #kampf gegen mich selbst #my life#borderline #borderline personality problems #borderline thoughts
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  • What if Morgana’s helmet is removed at some point only when she’s gravely injured and needs help? Bonus points if she really doesn’t want the helmet removed A La’ “The Mandelorian”

    Morgana: “No living thing has seen me without my helmet.”

    Lucy and Ricky Blank: “Well, technically we’re not alive.”

    Morgana: “…”

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  • #dr henrik von schneeplestein #henrik von schneeplestein #marvin the magnificent #jacksepticeye egos#writersofjack#fanfiction#lostandwandering#my writing #lost writing tag #writing prompts#angst#hurt/comfort#asks#darkiplurrr
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  • I am just so smitten by Taron Egerton right now. No one asked for this, but here you go.

    summary: The L-word is scary but you make Taron feel safe. Angst and fluff.

    w/c: 1617

    warnings: none

    It was a sleepy Sunday and you and Taron had spent it laying around your apartment. The day’s exciting events included watching the television, scrolling on your phone, and cuddling. You two only got up for snacks, feeling too lazy to make a full meal and deciding that chips and cookies would suffice. Normally it drove you crazy to sit around doing nothing as you always seemed to be swamped with work and didn’t like to waste time. This weekend, though, you were ahead on your work and at the request of your boyfriend, you took the time to relax.

    This weekend, unfortunately, was Taron’s last free one for a while. He had to go back to set on Monday and it would be back to his long schedule that only allowed you to see him at night. Really it gave you all the more reason to be a couch potato with him because you didn’t know when you would get the chance again.

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    #taron egerton #taron x reader #taron fluff#angst#my post#my writing #taron egerton x reader #taron egerton imagine #taron egerton one shot
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  • #angst#again #i just can't avoid it with him ^^; #rp #@pureangleda #ray x black #black #kezi x red wedding
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    Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

    Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Loss of child, Medical terminology, Overdose, Sedation, Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks *PLEASE HEED THESE WARNINGS*

    A/N: This is the 4th chapter of It’s A Hard Knock Life, commissioned by @awesomesusiebstuff​. Beta’d by @fictionalabyss​ and special thanks to @sorenmarie87​ for letting me bounce this idea off you!

    Series Masterlist.


          Sam nuzzles his nose behind my ear and wraps his arms around me, pulling my back flush against his chest. “Good morning,” he whispers. I stretch and snuggle into his warmth.

    “Good morning,” I whisper back. Sam kisses my shoulder before turning over to get up. I whine in protest, rolling on my back and reaching out to him. “Do you have to go?” Sam helps me sit up and get out of bed before helping me into one of his flannels. 

    “Yeah, I have to go, but it’s the last hunt before little miss gets here.” He places a hand on my belly, getting a kick in return. “Maybe I should stay,” he says frowning.

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  • Chase is lying on the couch idly scrolling through Tumblr when his phone starts to ring. He looks at the caller ID and blinks before picking up slowly. He lifts the receiver up to his ear before saying softly, his voice breaking a little, “Jack?”

    A hoarse voice responds, “Hey Chase.” 

    “What…how-” Chase sputters before saying, a weird mix of confusion ringing in his voice, “You’re awake.” 

    There’s a soft laugh. “Yeah, I guess I am.” 

    A thought occurs to Chase and he pushes himself up quickly. “Is Henrik there?”

    “No, I don’t think so. Why?”

    “Just, he would’ve called me if he knew. He’d probably be yelling at you to rest right now.” Hopefulness starts a warm beating in Chase’s chest and he finds himself smiling without meaning to. “I can’t believe you’re actually awake. It’s been so long, Jack. Gods, you have so much to catch up on.” 

    Chase can almost hear the smile in the other’s voice when he says, “I can’t wait to hear all about it.” 

    Chase stands up, flicking the light on next to him. “Is it okay if I come over?”

    “Oh, uh, sure. I’m a bit tired but as long as you’re cool with doing most of the talking, I’m up for it.” 

    “Great! I’ll be right there.” Chase clicks out of the call before getting a response, grabs his jacket, and rushes out the door. 

    When he arrives outside of the hospital, he takes a moment to look up. Most of the rooms are lit up against the dark night sky. It’s been a while since he went to go visit Jack and he feels a surge of nostalgia mixed with hopefulness set a semi-nauseous feeling in his stomach. 

    When he walks into the lobby, the clerk looks up and smiles softly. “Sorry, visitation hours are over.” 

    Chase says breathlessly, “It’s an emergency.” 

    She sighs and looks down at the book in front of her. “Fine, I’ll make an exception. But just this once. And don’t you dare tell anyone.” She passes him a clip. 

    He smiles. “Thanks.” 

    As he walks towards the elevator, she calls after him, “And be quiet!” 

    The elevator dings its way up to the sixth floor and Chase steps out of the open doors. He turns to see a disheveled pale figure sitting on a bench down the hall. 

    As Chase approaches him, Jack looks up and smiles slightly before waving. “Nice to see you, Chase.” 

    “It’s nice to see you too, Jack, but you just woke up. You shouldn’t be walking around, not for a bit at least.” 

    Jack pouts slightly. “Yeah, I know that, but I’ve been in that bed for way too long. I just wanted to see something different. Just for a little bit.” He looks up at Chase, who sighs and sits down across from him. 

    “Fine. But if Henrik finds out about this, I’m blaming you.”

    Jack nods. He stares at Chase for a bit, almost like he’s studying his features. “You look different.” 

    “Oh, is it the hair?” Chase gently runs his fingers through his short brown locks. “Yeah, I, uh…wasn’t really feeling the blonde anymore. Besides, Henrik says it makes me look serious, and apparently that’s a good thing.” He shrugs. “It’s certainly easier to deal with, I guess.” 

    Jack leans forward a bit. “Have you been sleeping well?”

    Chase blinks, the idea of sleeping well an alien concept to him. “What?”

    “You just look tired.” 

    “Well…I am. I’m really, really tired. For a lot of reasons. But, um…that’s not really a good topic for right now. I don’t want to overload you.” 

    Jack smiles slightly. “It’s alright, Chase. Acknowledging that you feel tired or weak sometimes doesn’t need to be a bad thing.” 

    A gust of wind pushes out of the open window in Jack’s room, nudging the door open. Chase’s eyes drift over to it and his face pales. 

    In what should have been an empty bed, lies the still body of his best friend. Wires are plugged into his skin and the screen above him shoves the jumping beat of his heart.

    The machine beeps, a glitch passing quickly across the black screen, and the lines are replaced by a sad face. 

    Chase’s gaze flies wildly over to the thing sitting in front of him. It smiles crookedly and glitching starts to patch across the breaking bits of reality around it as its skin slowly starts to crumble. 

    A weird mix of anger and dread spreads out through Chase’s body, freezing his limbs and blowing his words to dust. His mind cracks slowly as the air around him starts to fill with black, vines of inky darkness spreading across his vision. 

    The creature in front of him picks him up by the collar and stares down into his empty eyes.

    “Too bad̵. T͠h̢ey aļways ̴b̸r͏e͡ak̕ too sǫon.”

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  • First phase: Denial


    Originally posted by cptnbucky

    “The mourners feel emotionally paralyzed and emaciated, but they also tend to break a lot of emotions. In many cases, the bereaved may not be able to think clearly and speak, which may seem indifferent to others. Rejection may occur not only in the first stage but also later in the processing. In a good case, this is a temporary defense, replaced by partial acceptance of the situation. ”

    Fury acquitted him from service for weeks but also sent him to a psychologist. He didn’t go to the doctor to talk about what happened, and that didn’t surprise anyone. He felt tired, for days he sat alone and looked at front of himself, focusing on nothing. At other times he sobbed, his stomach jumping into knots, sickness coming over him. He survived these attacks by lying on the ground, hugging himself, so that way he won’t feel that lonely. It soon became clear to everyone that Bucky Barnes could no longer be sent on missions. Then S.H.I.E.L.D. moved him to a sheltered house away from everything and everyone.

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  • Ich bin Jemand, der in seinem Kopf lebt. Ich träume zu viel, interpretiere zu viel, denke zu viel.


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  • Arthur had told John where his family was. He had told him to run and not to look back and John did as he was told, he ran as fast as he could despite the bullet lodged into his shoulder. 

    As the gunshots sounds vanished far behind him, John stopped, out of breath. The thoughts plaguing his brain hurt as much as the bullet lodged in his shoulder. As he took Arthur’s hat off his head and observed it -its presence onto his head still feeling foreign, almost unnatural- his eyes stung.

    A howl was all he could utter, tears running down his face, falling onto his hands and Arthur’s hat. There came another one, a screech, louder, before his legs gave in and he sunk to the ground.

    The forest was silent. Arthur was dead.

    #red dead redemption 2 #rdr2#John Marston#angst #I broke my own heart #but I just needed to draw this #because re: #let men cry dammit! #also #wtf is colors? #I'm by no means a writer but I swear this game makes me want to write again #I haven't written for a fandom in years
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    I did a Travis and Larry piece!

    #lgbt artist#illustration#sal fisher #sally face fanart #angst#larry johnson#travis phelps#sally face #sally face au #sally face episode five #sally face episode four #sally face episode 5 #sally face game #sally face gang #sally face larry #sally face travis #larry x travis #game fanart#fanart#traditional art#traditional drawing#pencil#sketch#art#new art#my art#colourart#fight scene#tension #sally face fandom
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