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  • Don’t know it’s just me or, Dazai angst is so,…


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  • the anxiety i feel when I’m playing the imposter in among us makes me wanna hurl

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  • LET GO

    - Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

    - Genre: Angst

    - Word count: 1.7k

    There’s always an ending in every story, and with every end you’ll need to let go to begin a new chapter again. In your case, being an emcee in the event you are handling now also means accepting the end and letting go of the past.

    Posted: 28.10.2020


    You took your phone out when you heard it ringing. The caller id saying that it is your bestfriend.

    “Hello?” you answered while waiting for the green light, watching the people crossing the road in a hurry.

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  • Das Gefühl wenn man alles rausschreien möchte, aber nicht kann.

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  • Suptober20 day 19: Home  |1.1K words | destiel (ficlet) |

    Read on ao3

    This is a continuation of my previous prompt Please Don’t Go. You can read that first.


    Sitting in a deserted park about 20 minutes away from the bunker, Castiel looked up at the sky, light rain falling on his face, washing away all remnants of the tears as they slid down his cheeks, mixing with the raindrops. His trench coat and suit were drenched after staying out in the downpour for the better part of the last almost three hours, but he didn’t pay them any attention. 

    The soothing sound of the falling rain usually lulled him into a deep trance, but tonight, not even the rhythmic patter of the rain was able to numb the pain in his heart. He closed his eyes, trying his best to calm down.

    Dean’s voice echoed in his head, Do you have any idea how much it hurts us? Hurts me?

    He groaned, his hands in his hair, pulling them until it hurt. He never wanted to hurt them. He never wanted to hurt anyone, especially Dean. Dean was the most important person to him, and all he had ever wanted was to protect him from everything. 

    But how can you protect someone when all you do is cause them pain? How can you say that you love someone when all you are capable of is torture?

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    #suptober20#my writing#supernatural#spn#destiel#dean winchester#castiel#angst #castiel is crying #so is dean #why did i do this? #this hurt me #i wanna hug them #can i please hug them? #honestly #i regret nothing
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  • 25. Wochenrückblick

    Hm… Heute bin ich bei genau 60 Kilo angelangt… 700g mehr, als vor einer Woche. Die Erkältung (welche ich nach 2 ½ Wochen endlich überstanden habe) und meine aktuelle Sehnenscheidenentzündung, machen mir wirklich zu schaffen. Noch dazu bin ich seit einiger Zeit auch wieder in einem extremen psychischen - Tief gefangen, welches mir jegliche Kraft raubt. Ich weiß nicht was ich tun soll… Ich bin so wahnsinnig überfordert mit allem. Ich habe Angst, dass ich weiter zunehme und wieder bei meinem anfänglichen Gewicht lande, womit alles umsonst gewesen wäre. Ich will wirklich abnehmen, mich an meinen Essensplan halten, aber irgendwie schaffe ich es nicht. Mir fehlt einfach die Kraft… Ich fühle mich furchtbar schlecht. Wie ein Versager…

    Kann mir jemand helfen? Bitte.. :/

    28. Oktober 2020

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  • Author:  cygnus (sunsprite)

    Rated: Teen and Up

    Length: 3 chapters

    Read on Ao3


    “You look like you just sobered up from an acid trip,” Felix said. “Like you just flopped into the gravy boat of life as a couch potato.”

    Chan blinked at Felix with an egg roll half way to his mouth.

    (In which Felix meets a tattoo artist who surely looks like a gang member, but is most likely a ghost from his past.)

    #chanlix #mind the tags #flower shop/tattoo parlor au #slow burn #mental health issues #past abuse #strangers to lovers #childhood friends au #angst #Angst with a happy ending #stray kids chanlix #stray kids fanfic
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  • Oh! to disappear into the silent night

    like smoke rising in the wind.

    To unfurl and unfetter over the treetops green

    with nary a glance or whisper

    or care of the screeching words

    bleeding bleeding bleeding

    onto your skin;

    - nds

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  • image
    #musing #source: Garfield Gameboy'd #images #text: the world is count to end #sad#angst#despair#death#evil
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  • Draco x Reader 

    Warnings: there’s a suicide joke in this chapter, language, i think that’s it but lmk if I’ve missed something

    word count: 600 and something ish 

    a/n: this is the first time I’ve attempted writing a fanfic as a book and not a oneshot, please be kind, updates may be slow. 

    I do not own any of the characters other than the reader’s friends from Ilvermorny. 


       Summer was coming to an end, unfortunately. You and your friends were sitting in the park, sulking about having to go back to school. 

       “At least it’s not normal school, I’d hate to have to learn about math every single day,” Julia says. She’s lying in the grass, looking at the clouds and chewing on a piece of bubblegum. Her strawberry blonde hair is separated into two pigtails and both of them are laid out in the grass. 

       Meghan snorts at Julia’s comment. “I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to get through school now and you’re a pureblood. I’d hate to see you attempting math.” 

       Julia sits up and whips around to glare at Meghan. “Hey! I didn’t choose the pureblood life, the pureblood life chose me!” Julia huffs and crosses her arms. 

       “Jeez, Julia, I didn’t know you were such a brat! Or maybe I did and decided to ignore it until now!” Meg exclaims sarcastically. 

       “Alright, guys, it’s time to stop, you’re both being incredibly annoying,” Natalie says from the swing. Her auburn hair is flowing with her as she swings back and forth, looking like she doesn’t have a care in the world. 

       “Oh, fuck off, Nat!” 


       Meg and Julia both exclaim their insults at the same time. You let out a soft chuckle as you watch your best friends in the entire world argue. They all begin to bicker as Nat jumps off the swing and comes to sit closer to us. It’s only a matter of time before they all begin to ask your opinion on their argument. 

       “Come on, (Y/n), just tell us who the best one is!”

       “Yeah, none of us will be offended!” 

       “Seriously, who is it?” 

       A heavy sigh leaves you as you stand up and brush your pants off. “I’ve already told you, I’m not going to pick favorites, I love you all equally. Now, let’s go get ice cream?” You hold out both hands to help them up and Meg and Nat grab them while Julia stands up by herself. 

       All of you begin walking towards the ice cream shop near your house, chatting along the way. When you enter the ice cream place, you all are immediately filled with a sense of joy. The air around you turns cold and the classical music that’s playing helps everyone relax some. 

       “Hi, Em,” you say as you approach the counter. Emily, the owner of the shop, stands on the other side, her nose stuck in a book. At the sound of your voice she looks up and smiles, closing her book and getting ready to serve you. 

       You, Meg, Julia, and Nat all come here often so Emily knows exactly what you are all going to want. She begins to scoop up the ice cream and as she finished making each cone she hands them to you all. Emily smiles and goes to the register. 

       “Who’s paying this time?” She asks the question with a small grin because she knows you all always argue over it. 

       “I am!” Everyone exclaims at the same time. It’s a race to see who can dig their money out first to pay. 

       The winner happens to be Nat as she slams her money down on the counter with a small, “Yay!” 

       In return, you, Meg, and Julia all sigh in defeat and accept the ice cream cones. 

       Everyone takes a seat in the pastel booth and begin to talk as you all lick away the cold treat. 

       “Hopefully this year will be fun. Last year was so incredibly boring I was ready to kill myself.” 

       “I’m sure it’ll be wonderful,” you say. Everyone gives small noises of agreement as you finish up your ice cream. 

       This is the last day of summer. The last day to have fun together before you’re trapped at school. The last day before it all goes to shit. 

    #draco x reader #draco malfoy imagines #draco lucius malfoy #ilvermorny#hogwarts#harry potter#gof #goblet of fire #cedric#cedric diggory #draco malfoy x reader #fluff#angst
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    • Young and out of control, but bored out of his mind.
    • Then he falls for a human–so hard that he wants to make them his queen.
    • But that person dies and he experiences heartbreak for the first time.
    • Then picture this demon prince unable to accept his beloved’s death so he pretends that they’re sleeping.
    • But he has to accept it somehow, and when he finally realizes that their soul is gone, he just breaks down.
    • Now imagine Diavolo as the big, beautiful man we all know and love–he’s so carefree, right?
    • He’s sweet and friendly and every dad joke rolled into this gorgeous creation.
    • But you don’t see him behind closed doors.
    • You don’t see the regret and yearning that shadows his face when he stares at the empty throne meant for his queen.
    • You don’t see him drinking tea across an empty seat, talking to the air.
    • And you’re not there when he wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating and gasping, searching for a ghost.
    #obey me #obey me headcanons #imagine#picture it#young diavolo #before the storyline #i can't believe i didn't post this earlier haha #i love diavolo #and i'll choke him to death #angst #diavolo x mc #diavolo x reader #i'm actually just trying to avoid that bacteriology paper as much as i can haha #save me #why did i choose this program
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  • image

    Hanzo x Reader

    He knows he shouldn’t do it. He, of all fucking people, the man that threw his brother and his life and his convictions away as soon as it was asked of him, knows that everything ends. And looking back on things ended offers no comfort, no forgiveness.

    So, it really shouldn’t be this hard for Hanzo to stop his mind from drifting towards you. The loss isn’t even recent, it shouldn’t even be a loss. He shouldn’t remember the weight of your hand on his sleeve across an entire decade, the cuff of his suit pinched between two perfectly gentle fingers, only enough to catch his attention. The polite, wordless, request for him to look at you in one of the options for a wedding kimono.

    In his rented bed in a Hanamura that barely seems like the one he remembers, Hanzo chooses to steer himself away from the unexpected guilt of that day, the sun high through the windows of the great hall when the fitting had started shortly after dawn. You hadn’t even complained, hadn’t even looked tired under all that silk.

    Hanzo wishes he could be that steadfast. He wishes he could be your hand on his chest that first time he kissed you, like you had left a stain on him that darkened with time, made richer in color until it poisoned him with longing. With the humiliating ache to be touched like that again, fleeting warmth as it was.

    Your skin is a safer bet for a memory; if he had stayed, married you like his family demanded, he would’ve had the chance to figure out if the rest of you was as soft as that hand. If a slight, playful pinch on your inner thigh would’ve made you look at him like you looked at Genji whenever he joked at your expense, like you could light him on fire given the chance. And Hanzo curls on his side when his cock starts to stir at the thought.

    The position hides him from the empty room; from the dim lights and the slowly turning fan overhead, as he slips his own palm in his pants, painfully aware that sleep will only come if he takes care of this.

    So, he thinks of you. A lantern shining into a dark room, refusing to be ignored. Maybe you’d cling to his shoulders, he thinks; perhaps you’d take his hands on the curve of your back with a deep breath like you had taken whatever new pointless ritual his family asked of you. No. Hanzo stops that association in its tracks. The animal need in him wants you to welcome him like you used to do every meal presented to you, like every taste was something for you to discover, every dish a distillation of the person that cooked it.

    He laughs, somewhat bitterly, at his own expense. It used to annoy him, that reaction; before this bed and this fantasy, before he’d feel his own orgasm clawing up his thighs at the thought of your eyes smiling with the taste of him, the feel of him. You’d call his name, breathless, barely there —dying, like Genji; his mind betrays him, sours the way he comes all over himself— and a part of him wishes he could be found dead in this room in the morning, clinging to the bones of your memory.

    #hanzo x reader #angst#mw
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    Hallo Chelsea,

    Wir kennen uns jetzt mittlerweile ein wenig länger und ich hätte niemals gedacht,—das es so passt wie es eben passt. Als ich dich das erste mal sah, musste ich mir das schüchternes Grinsen echt verkneifen! —dann umarmten wir uns,—und ich ich vergaß direkt meine Sorgen, all den Schmerz. Du gabst mir direkt das Gefühl, angekommen zu sein. Vorher war ich ein schwimmendes Bot,—wie ein Fähnchen im Wind eben, doch du zeigst mir das die Liebe auch schön sein kann. Das Wochenende war echt schön. Du bist echt schön.! Und ich sehe es als meine Aufgabe dich zu beschützen und zu unterstützen und vor allem zu lieben!

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  • I need to come to terms with the fact that I am an angst peddler and I’m just incapable of writing humor

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  • fire, feathers, and bad fathers
    by hauntic

    Tōya decides that one of two series of events can happen if he tells Keigo his name.

    1. Keigo flashes an even bigger grin and a “Nice to meet you!”
    2. Everything from scenario 1, but then he asks him something dumb like if he wants to be friends with him and get grass stains on their pants and mud in the soles of their shoes for days on end.

    He hates himself for what he begins to say next.

    “Todoroki Tōya”

    What’s the worst that can happen?

    Words: 1865, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27241567

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