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    How about Adrien seeing his Mom for the first time after the Coma?

    (Ooh, this is a good one.)

    In ideal circumstances, he wouldn’t be doing this by himself. His father would be here, his emotions carefully in check on his face, but all too clear by the way his hand would tremble on Adrien’s shoulder. Joy. Relief. Love.

    But his father is in prison for his crimes as Hawk Moth, crimes he committed in the name of the woman who now sat rosy-cheeked and waiting in her private hospital room for her family to come greet her. Crimes that amounted to nothing, in the end, because Emilie Agreste was healed thanks to Ladybug.

    So Adrien is alone.

    He steps forward, a grown adult now but feeling like he’s the same age when he saw her last. When she turns and smiles at him, her gaze heavy with the missed years and the regrets she must hold for how everything turned out. Still, she reaches for her son, and he is drawn to her touch like metal to a magnet. He lets her palm settle against his cheek and there are soon tears in his eyes.

    “Oh, Adrien,” she murmurs. “Don’t you cry, now.”

    He wipes his eyes. “Sorry. I’m sorry. I just…I missed you, Mother.”

    She doesn’t say anything more, just opens her arms up for him, and he falls into her embrace without hesitation. Her body feels smaller, but her arms are as warm as he remembers, and the feeling of her heartbeat next to his own is the most comforting thing in the world.

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  • Who’s got some angs!tdrien prompts for me? I’m bored af and need something to do.

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  • It’s kind of late, but I’m really feeling some Adrien angst tonight. Anyone got some angsty prompts for me to write tonight?

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