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    #grimoire of zero #zero kara hajimeru mahou no sho #anime#screencap
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    #crying#jamblr #i love this raccoon so much #animal jam
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    Iris Publishers - Archives of Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science / Charting a Path to Sustainable Agriculture


    Whenever experts gather to talk about the future of agriculture, the one topic that comes up more than any other is sustainability.

    How can farmers, both in the United States and globally, ramp up production enough in the next 30 years to meet the food, fuel, and fiber needs of an additional 2.3 billion people while maintaining, or even improving, the environmental resource base on which we and future generations depend?

    For some, the path forward lies in eschewing technology in favor of organic agriculture and a retreat to simpler forms of farming. Others maintain the best route is to abandon animal agriculture and its methane producing cows altogether in favor of a vegetarian-based diet. But is either approach truly sustainable? And how should sustainability be assessed?

    Keywords: Charting, Farmers, Food, Fuel, Fiber, Methane, Eschewing technology, Soil carbon, Natural resources, Nutrition, Modern, Biotech friendly, High tech adopting


    As the new paper in Global Food Security makes clear, one major difficulty is that these four objectives are often in competition with each other and success in one can lead to failure in another. For example, using these criteria, organic production can’t be considered sustainable because even though it can be a great option for farmers or food companies to achieve greater profit for their products and offer consumers another choice, organic can’t achieve the yields per hectare needed to meet future demand without a dramatic increase in land use, thereby destroying natural resources. And the same is true for abandoning animal agriculture. Although there are many who opt for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for health or animal welfare reasons and there may be merit for the well-fed to eat less beef, removing all meat from the global market would mean losing a much-needed diversification of diet and improved nutrition and damage the livelihoods of millions of farmers around the world who rely on livestock and poultry products for a living.

    Fortunately, as the paper clearly shows, there is one road that meets a lot of the criteria for achieving a system of sustainable agriculture, and we’re already on it. Modern, biotech-friendly, hightech adopting, throughput agriculture the kind practiced on most U.S. farms – has demonstrated the ability to improve the livelihoods of farmers while providing an abundance of food, keeping prices low, and increasing choice for consumers. Often not recognized is that the yields obtained per hectare of crops such as maize can be ten times higher than those obtained by many farmers in the developing world. Our future food needs globally could not be met without a major contribution from these intensive forms of agriculture.

    This science-based approach to agriculture has certainly done much toward meeting Objectives 1-3. With respect to Objective 4, the record is mixed but fast improving. Certainly, achieving high yields per hectare conserves land and thus can protect vital natural resources. But there are some trade-offs that have given big ag a bad name by some environmentalists. But this type of technologybased agriculture has made tremendous progress just in the past few decades confronting these challenges. Fortunately, regarding water use, much of the U.S. corn-belt is rainfed (although we must relay upon science to help farmers adjust to future climate change). For drier areas, improved irrigation management combined with improved crops such as modern hybrid maize has improved water use efficiency. Soil management has not only created healthier soils that help farmers increase yields but has increased carbon sequestration in the soil. Sophisticated monitoring of nutrient use and soil characteristics means that fertilizer use in the U.S. has flattened since the 1970’s while yields continue to climb. And don’t forget that livestock and poultry support sustainability objectives 1-3, and even if livestock were totally eliminated in the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by less than 3%..

    To know more information about this article: https://irispublishers.com/aahds/fulltext/charting-a-path-to-sustainable-agriculture.ID.000521.php

    For More Articles in Archives of Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science (AAHDS): https://irispublishers.com/aahds/

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    "No one's gonna mess with Lois and Clark!" - Clark Kent
    #Clois#Gif set#Dc comics#Superman #lois and clark #Superman animated series #Smallville #Superman vs the elite #Man of tomorrow #Superman returns#Dc#Dcau#Dceu#Dctv #death of superman #Justice league throne of Atlantis #Man of steel #Batman vs Superman #Superman and lois #lois and clark the new adventures of superman
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    here's a list of characters I will write one-shots for - you're welcome to request a prompt and a character and I'll be sure to provide!


    ➛ Emma Swan 

    ➛ Killian Jones 

    ➛ Regina Mills 

    ➛ Robin Hood 

    ➛ Henry Mills 

    ➛ Belle French

    ➛ Zelena Mills 

    ➛ Jefferson

    ➛ Maeve Wiley

    ➛ Otis Milburn

    ➛ Ruby Matthews

    ➛ Lily Iglehert 

    ➛ Adam Groff

    ➛ Ruby Rose

    ➛ Weiss Schnee

    ➛ Blake Belladonna

    ➛ Yang Xioa - Long

    ➛ Jaune Arc

    ➛ Nora Valkyrie

    ➛ Pyrrha Nikos

    ➛ Lie Ren

    ➛ Professor Ozpin

    ➛ Glynda Goodwitch

    ➛ James Ironwood

    ➛ Qrow Branwen

    ➛ Cinder Fall

    ➛ Mercury Black

    ➛ Emerald Sustrai

    ➛ Roman Torchwick

    ➛ Neopolitan

    ➛ Tony Stark

    ➛ Steve Rodgers

    ➛ Sam Wilson

    ➛ Bucky Barnes

    ➛ Natasha Romanoff

    ➛ Yelena Belova

    ➛ Wanda Maximoff

    ➛ Vision

    ➛ Peter Parker

    ➛ T’Challa

    ➛ Shuri

    ➛ Thor Odinson

    ➛ Loki Laufeyson

    ➛ Steve Harrington

    ➛ Jonathan Byers

    ➛ Billy Hargrove

    ➛ Nancy Wheeler

    ➛ Robyn Buckley

    ➛ Marinette Dupain - Cheng

    ➛ Adrien Agreste

    ➛ Alya Cesaire

    ➛ Luka Couffaine

    ➛ Zoe Lee

    note  ➛ there’s 53 characters and 53 prompts, this means one prompt per character therefore if one character has already been written for you must choose a new one. I may do a part two for this with some other fandoms included so stay tuned for that!

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    #demon slayer #anime x reader #demon slayer x reader #kimetsu no yaiba #reader insert #kimetsu no yaiba x reader #Zenitsu #demon slayer Zenitsu #kny zenitsu agatsuma #Zenitsu imagine#Zenitsu oneshot #demon slayer one shot #demon slayer x female reader #female reader#zenitsu fluff#zenitsu scenario
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    Current state of my Island ... Chaos. 🥴

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    One of my favorite characters ever.

    #l death note #death note#anime
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    I took a group picture with my main party. This how it turn out! Sorry for the low quality😅

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    F:NEX Studios

    Material: PVC + ABS

    Statue Scale: 1/7

    Height: 26cm Estimated


    Shipping Date: Q4 2022 Estimated 

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    I won’t do a seasonal overview for autumn, as I didn’t for summer, both of them were dead. I am just giving you this image as the breakdown. 

     Also only one person cared to read the latest version of Aaron. All of you have either read it already or don’t like reading.

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    *tries using dollys in animal crossing the same way Fallout uses gnomes.*

    #animal crossing new horizons #fallout 4 #mmm maybe I should use the gnomes like that too~
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    Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (2012) Ep 12

    Swedish Mecha Pilot 2nd Lieutenant Stella Bremer covers her wingman, American Mecha Pilot 2nd Lieutenant Yuuya Bridges who is rescuing their superior, Imperial Lieutenant Yui Takamura. Stella realizes she is outgunned by the overwhelming number of BETA aliens surrounding the base. She wishes to preserve her ammo and shot a fuel tank, which explosion alarmed Yuuya. 

    She’s probably my favorite character of the series thus far. I hope she doesn’t die. (Please!) She’s cool headed and a sharpshooter. The type of person you want covering your back in battle.

    #muv luv alternative #muv luv alternative total eclipse #mecha anime#anime#mecha#stella bremer#yuuya bridges#yui takamura#japan #tactical surface fighter
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    AOT Studios

    Material: Resin + PU + Light Components

    Size of Standard Version: 40 x 40 x 72cm Estimated

    Size of Advanced Version: 48 x 40 x 72cm Estimated

    Quantity: Limited to 99pcs

    Shipping Date: Q1 2022 Estimated

    Remark: Two Exchangeable Crystal Arm 

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