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  • heedra
    23.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    unfortunately, there’s another pet emergency scam blog going around, i’m pretty sure. really wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt but this blog is 3 hrs old as of me posting this at 12:30 am pst 10/23/2021, only has the one post, and the urgent language being used really doesn’t match up with the dates on the provided receipts. the image in the actual blog post is also mildly graphic if you’re sensitive to blood or animal injury, so heads up.

    #scam #animal injury tw
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  • nick-doodles
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    POV: You're cringe

    anyway, sorry for being gone for so long lmao i got injured and then got caught up in school work, but i'm back!

    #kimetsu no yaiba #manga spoilers#demon slayer #kny manga spoilers #kanao tsuyuri#inosuke hashibira #demon slayer manga spoilers #// blood#// injury #i don't wanna spoil any anime-onlys so if i'm missing any tags here let me know!
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  • vet-and-wild
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
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  • mistresseast
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    TW// ANIMAL INJURY w/ pictures below

    Exercise caution.

    Link to original tweets

    A friend of mine on Twitter is trying to save her dog after he was injured in a hit and run. They made their first goal and were able to have one surgery but now they need a second. $875 is manageable if enough people donate just a little!!

    Please help! Reblogs are great too!!

    Her PayPal is @MaryChrisst

    #animal injury tw #pretty graphic photos in source #animals#pets#animal welfare#donation #she is in the phillipines and i dont know what her options are
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  • bacteria-x-x
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hi self harmers

    https://bacteria-x-x.carrd.co/ Pls read my carrd!

    This is first time I’m making a tunglr in years :D

    This is smaller and friendlier than twitter so I’ll reside here

    I’ve self harmed for 5 yrs now n I’m here mainly for posting aesthetic and documenting some of my fascinations/hyperfixations, my main one is Bacteria_x_x

    I also have a pinterest, link in carrd <3 

    I don’t post graphic content/real SH, g0re, p0rn, etc. I only interact with it. So if you just enjoy kawaii/anime/pink/etc. aesthetic feel free t follow, this is sfw when it comes to pictures!

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  • bertrumstrousers
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    When Lacie was first hired onto the Archgate Circus, Bertrum expended the vast majority of his energy trying to find extravagant and over the top ways to woo and impress her but none of it worked.

    Uuuuntil he does a very normal Bertrum thing and takes care of a baby bird. Pigeons are his favorite and he dotes on every single pigeon he sees; apparently this was attractive to Lacie.

    Also—as he and Lacie start dating, he starts calling her “dove” more and more often.

    Very very mild description of bird feeling mildly unwell warning.

    “Where’s you headed in such a hurry?” Lacie looked over her shoulder at Bertrum, who seemed determined to get back to his car as quickly as he could. Something fluttered in his large hands that he kept close to his chest.

    “Come along if you’d like to see.”

    She had nothing better to do that evening—the circus’s menagerie had been tended to and the training regimen for the recently acquired horses had long since been completed. Lacie followed Bertrum into his car.

    The ringmaster greeted Lacie with a soft, “Hello again, Ms. Benton.” as she entered and he fetched a handful of washcloths from his closet. One was immediately wrapped gently around the softly squeaking bundle of fluff in his hand. “I apologize that my attention is a bit split at the moment, but this little one needs help.”

    He led Lacie to his office, turned on the desk lamp, neatly arranged the other towels into a small circle on the table beneath it and set the bundle of feathers down in the middle. A relieved sigh escaped him.

    Before Lacie could ask him what on earth he was doing, Bertrum continued muttering. “Proper miracle that this little one’s not frozen solid in this weather.”

    “What’s goin’ on?”

    Bertrum turned his head to her as though he just realized she was there. “Here.” The giant stepped back for Lacie to see.

    A barely-fledged bird looked back at her through tired, half-closed eyes. It could not have been much larger than her own palm. Though both wings were covered in healthy pinfeathers, it was clear it was hurt. One wing hung limply to its side and its keelbone sat prominent. The bird was in obvious need of help.

    Behind her, Bertrum had begun to dig through his closet a little. “She’s an Inca dove. Perhaps… three, four weeks old.” A box that looked to be a cross between a first aid kit and storage for pet supplies was set upon the desk as Lacie decided to sit in one of the office chairs and watch the ringmaster-turned-veterinarian work. At some point, Bertrum had procured a mug of warm water, a spoon and a pair of glasses, which he perched on his nose as he sat down to examine his patient.

    His voice jumped an octave the instant he heard the dove peep. “Oh, you poor darling. Look at you, sweetheart.” Bertrum cooed. “You’re hurt, aren’t you, love? Goodness…” He pulled a roll of gauze from the box atop his desk before continuing his one-sided conversation with the dove. “And you’re barely out of the nest.” Lacie swore she heard Bertrum whimper in sympathy. “Poor dear…”

    The next few minutes were occupied with more of the same—gentle, soothing words that she didn’t realize could come from a man with such an enormous voice. Many light, quick hand motions were all dedicated to the tiny creature.

    She didn’t realize how much this bird would tolerate his gentle handling. She also didn’t realize how much she would be enamored.

    Before too long, Bertrum had finished with his tiny patient. Between his care, attention and increasingly soft words, he’d managed to calm the little dove down to the point where its squeaks seemed more curious than distressed.

    Lacie caught sight of a smile tugging at the corner of Bertrum’s mouth as he rested on his elbows, seemingly satisfied with his handiwork. The bird now bore a tiny sling that immobilized her injured wing against her side.

    “See. Nothing was broken—she may have had a hard fall and sprained her wrist or elbow, I’m not sure which. It’s not unusual for squabs.” Bertrum had begun stroking the little bird’s head as it nestled into its small makeshift nest. “Aw. Comfortable, are you? Warm?” He asked the bird, exchanging looks with her now perked-up beady eyes. When Lacie chuckled, Bertrum smiled and explained, “You’ll have to excuse me, I… quite like chattering to them.”

    “This shit’s adorable, keep goin’.”

    “I’ll see if I can get something in her crop and then let her rest—it’s been quite an eventful day for her.” The ringmaster dipped his finger into the water, then grunted in approval at the temperature before spooning a bit of powdered bird formula into it and stirring lightly. “She doesn’t seem ill. Just a bit stunned, maybe not quite used to the world without mum and dad.” Satisfied with the formula he’d prepared, he offered a spoonful of it to the eager bird. “I don’t mind being mum and dad to a pigeon if need be. I like it.” If he’d been looking at Lacie, he would have noticed her expression of adoration.

    “Any dove would be in good hands wit’ you, Piedmont.”

    #batim#bendy #bendy and the ink machine #bertrum piedmont#lacie benton #bertrum x lacie #lacie x bertrum #the giandark writes #animal injury warning #animal injury mention #batim step right up au #batim au#birb………#fanfic#fanfiction
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  • piraticalwit
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The good news is I think she’s giving us a sympathy freebie. I don’t know what I expected from Tank honestly

    #animal injury // #eye injury // #just in case
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  • rocketgal
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    one of my favorite little bits from the thesis:

    #rosemary.txt #lsoh#orin scrivello #mans rlly went all out #i’ve actually adopted most of this as a part of my headcanons for orin’s childhood lol #tw child abuse #tw animal injury #tw animal abuse
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  • 25centsoda
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Whumptober 2021 Day 21 L&V


    Title: Rescue

    Summary: Day 21: THAT’S WHERE THE BLOOD’S SUPPOSED TO BE Bleeding through the bandages | Pressure | Blood-matted hair. Vader retrieves his injured son. Continuation of day 19 "Shelter Me" (bitten/scratched).


    Vader stalked down the hallway, uncaring of the men and women that scrambled to get out of his way. His cape flared behind him.

    He felt his son’s pain and panic even now, a planet away from the boy’s location. The child was lucky he was close enough to hurry there, and not on a mission important enough that he couldn’t make the Executor change course.

    As soon as he had the boy in hand, he would ensure that Luke knew not to attempt stunts as foolish as whatever got him into his current mess. Once his son joined the Empire officially, he would be better protected, and he would be cured of the sorts of foolish notions that prompted him to join the Rebellion in the first place, much less get so injured that the Force itself felt the need to warn his father.

    He reached his personal hangar bay and threw open the door with the Force.

    “Ready my shuttle!” Vader said. Mechanics scrambled around him as he prepared to depart.

    #whumptober 2021 day 21 #star wars#luke skywalker#darth vader#fanfic #animal attack aftermath #blood and injury #darth vader's a+ parenting
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  • bool-prop
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • rogueofrageedits
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #this is essentially me studying for agsci thanks anon #warning for if you google flystrike: there are graphic images on google images. be careful #for bl: #ask to tag #animal injury#animal death
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  • 25centsoda
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Whumptober 2021 Day 19 L&V


    Title: Shelter Me

    Summary: Day 19: JUST A SCRATCH Bitten | Bleeding | Stabbing. When exploring a new planet for a potential base, Luke and the Rogues find something in a cave - or rather, it finds them.


    Luke cursed and wiped the mud off his face, slowly pushing himself up from the puddle he’d landed in. He looked up the slope he just tumbled down, at his fellow pilots still standing there.

    “You alright, Luke?” Wedge called.

    “Yeah!” He stood and hit the mud off his flight suit as much as he was able. “Could’ve done without the fall, though; thanks for that, guys.”

    “Sorry,” Hobbie said. Luke couldn’t see his face from here, but he hoped his friend looked apologetic. If not, he would have to find another mud puddle to push Hobbie into in retaliation.

    He trudged up the hill, keeping low to avoid losing his balance and sliding back down.

    “Real mature, Hobbie, real mature.”

    His friend smiled and Luke punched his arm.

    “Come on, guys, we gotta see what we can find here that could be used for a base.” Luke took back his position at the front of their strung-out line, Hobbie right behind him.

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  • darling-jack
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    A black cat, arched and angry, tears down an abandoned alley, running from an unseen creature. Man? Or more? Who can say. None but the cat have looked it in the eyes. With a thunderous crash, it knocks over a trashcan in its haste to escape.

    From the garbage falls Whumptober 19. How Fitting.

    Man's Best Friend

    Summary: There really was no forgiveness to be had.

    Tags: whump, angst, guilt, animal attack, animal death, blood, injury

    Warnings: Animal Death

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  • zet-sway
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    You know what hurts worse than sitting at the animal hospital for 3 hours with a bleeding parrot?

    No response when I ask if I can work remote to keep an eye on him (and tbh to just like... recuperate from that entire fucking ordeal).

    I am fucking upset. The world is such an uncompassionate place and this is why people make me sad. Cocoa is ok but I'm fucking exhausted.

    CW blood. Further context on his injury.

    Cocoa broke a blood feather last night. A blood feather is a feather that is not yet fully formed and is still attached to the blood supply. A broken blood feather is like a plastic straw inserted into their body, it will just bleed and bleed and will not close because the feather sheath is made of keratin, like our fingernails, and will not close on it's own. The feather needs to be removed at the follicle so the skin can close and stop the bleeding.

    It must be treated promptly but it's not imminently life-threatening. We took him to the vet because the feather fully broke when I tried to remove it myself and the sheath was too short to remove with my limited tools and knowledge. He is recovering well and acting like his normal buttchicken self. As his owner I take full responsibility for this - I left this feather alone when I clipped his wings so it could finish forming. I never should have clipped him at all until it was done forming. It would have been better protected with the other feathers around it. (INB4 dissenting opinions on wing clipping. It was necessary for my family's safety and I will not explain myself further. I'm too tired for this shit).

    He will be ok. But I'm just so upset that no one gives a shit at work. I'm already exhausted when I go to sleep at 10 - last night I went to bed at like 2am. I'm a human being with needs and yeah it's not like someone died but I still feel like I should be able to take a remote day if I need to. I'm still working if I'm working remote, and I'm ok with that. But my company has a policy on this that I don't agree with.

    And now I have to do these "urgent" shop drawings that I did weeks ago but now have to be redone ASAP because architects are so annoying and jesus christ it's going to be a fucking long day. I just wanna go home and snuggle my bird pls.

    #zet things#cw blood #cw animal injury
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  • darling-jack
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    They say if you speak its name three times, it’ll appear... But that’s just a legend, right? Don’t be such a scaredy cat! Look—

    Whumptober 18.

    W̴h̷u̶m̸p̴t̴o̴b̸e̷r̵ ̴1̷8̵.̸

    Ẅ̶̝̱͍̗́͊̉̋̕h̵̢̤̰͎̤̓U̸̡̨̠͔̻̬̖͉̥͠m̵̨̢̖͙̯̱̹͊̈̌̃̿̀͂ͅP̷̰̰͉͙͕̽͂̑̽̃͊͆̕̚t̵̛͓̘͚͕̗̖͓͒̇̑́͐͆̃̓Ő̸͈̼̳͔̙̼̀̎̎́ͅb̵̛̳̈́͛̚E̵̖̖̙̰̲̓̀͝ṟ̸̬̭̳̱̉̑͑͒͑̅̆́͂̚ ̶̨̞̰̪͙̘͇̭̜͍͋1̸̘̺̜̬̭̥̫̜͚̿́̏͋̈́̊̏̔͊̿8̷͙͌̐̓̏̊͂̆̓̉.̵̨̲͖͒̋̑͘͜

    See, nothing happened! OH GOD NO—

    Arcadia Interrupted

    Summary: There were so many things Albert had never been able to ask his mysterious savior- and now he might never get the chance.

    Tags: Whump, Angst, Injury, Animal Attack, Drowning, Stitches, Blood Loss, Panic, wound care, Hurt/Comfort, Guilt, Accidents, Pre-slash if you squint ;)

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  • gusherbug
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    theres a post from a guy whos brother injured their gecko with a fucking bb gun on purpose on r/leopardgeckos that got locked because everyone was saying op should rip the brother a new one

    which on one hand, fair, you cant have death threats on reddit, but on the other hand if someone SHOT one of my geckos i think id actually murder them so good on op for having that restraint

    #txt #animal abuse mention #animal injury mention #they were also shitting on op for saying they couldnt afford a vet bill #like. yes you should have emergency funds for animals. #BUT HOW THE FUCK IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO ACCOUNT FOR SOMEONE /SHOOTING/ THEIR PET WITH A BB GUN #‘if you ever fall on hard times you should give away your pets immediately’ was a common take in the comments #like. no but please explain why you think its ops fault that #and i will stress this #THEIR BROTHER SHOT THE GECKO WITH A BB GUN.
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  • mortems-mementos
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    My mother's dog got hit by a car and she refused to take it to the vet so I did so like my dog now lol

    #tw animal injury
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  • thetragicallynerdy
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    #whumptober2021 #no.13 #no.17 #no.19 #field care#hemmorage#cauterization#bitten#undeadwood#fic #animal attack tw #blood tw #major injury tw #cauterization tw#burns tw #field care tw #animal death tw #clayton sharpe#aloysius fogg#alyclay #tragicallynerdy attempts whumptober #tragicallynerdy writes
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