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  • “Loving Reaper” has its first anniversary today <3

    One year ago today I put the first mini-comic of “Loving Reaper” online and it went viral over night.  A lot has happened since then, many stories have been told and many donations have been made. A year ago I would never have believed that this comic series would become so big, or hat there would be comic books available to order, or that I could make such large donations.  All the characters I have introduced have grown incredibly close to my heart. Like a small family. I have so much fun drawing them, developing them as characters and being allowed to use my art for a good cause. I’m sorry if I get a little emotional, since my childhood I only wanted to be one thing: an artist. 

    For me you are a part of this family and I am so much more grateful to you than I could ever express in my art. Thank you so very very much.

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  • TW: animal death / animal neglect

    I wanted to draw this comic for a long time, but I never knew how to approach this issue. In my childhood all my friends had budgies, all of them were put aside somewhere and left alone. Treated like “annoying” decoration. Don’t get a bird if you can’t meet its needs.

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  • TW: animal death

    This topic was requested soooo many times, but this one broke me. As a dog owner, this was terrible to draw (and took me way too long) .__.

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  • Kitty took a turn for the worse. Is… Not good. Gonna go see her. Probably be last time.

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  • okay hold up listen
    despite that when henry is first being introduced, we get a line about how he works on his dad’s farm, no one really talks about it?
    and like we know this bitch is traumatized already, and hes SUCH a clear foil to mike that i can’t help but think that he was traumatized by that whole “killing animals” thing too, just in a different way, and of course reacted to it in an opposite way.
    I also can’t help but think that he was started younger, perhaps even at an age he cant really remember
    in the book, he killed that dog to make his dad proud. and it worked.
    not only because it was the hanlon dog, i dont think, but because he killed an animal successfully, and to them that said he was strong.
    and seeing him about to kill that cat in the 2017 movie, it doesn’t… really look like “oh hah for fun lets do this!!” like you’d expect of any old asshole white boy in a scene like this
    it looks like hes trying to prove something. 
    it sounds like hes trying to prove something.
    I feel like theres so much of this movie that people take for shock value that actually has something semblant of thought put into it. and maybe it’s not that deep, but. maybe it is.

    #henry bowers#animal abuse#animaldeath#animal death #if i need to add any tags to this lmk please! #dont want anyone sad
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  • one of our cats had to be put down today. goodbye, Tiger, you were the best.

    #animaldeath#tiger #goodnight my little bastard man #stinky boy
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  • Adonis Waite got a job as a Life Guard.


    Also, in sad news…Othio passed away and William took him to the Graveyard. :(

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  • version without text/slight eye strain under the cut

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    #lyrics from an animal collective song #my art #slight eye strain #animaldeath#vent art
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  • ( #AnimalDeath mention!!)

    Holy shit I just saw a crow fly across the yard with something big and red in its mouth and once it flew away I ran out to look what it was eating, and it was half of another bird!!!!
    The crow is back picking at it, but I’m so tempted to go grab the head piece and hide it under a bucket till its just a skull - I don’t have a bird skull yet!! Aaaaa!!! Do I Really want to get up close with something so fleshy???? Hnnngghhh… That’s IF the crow doesn’t fly away with it again!!

    #vulture culture #i s2g the bird looks like it couldve been the same size as the crow #i think it flew away but aaa ill check back later #animal death#animaldeath#vultureculture #Post.exe #Cori.exe
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  • been thinking a lot abt trauma & having to unlearn things.

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  • Are my thtoughts exactly = rediculousness lol 😹
    I also think it’s crazy how people think because of brainwashing, afraid of change and difference. #awaken
    #Repost @vegmeme
    I can’t help but laugh at how low we think, not open to information that’ll do nothing but benefit us at the end of the day. #chickenperiods #cholesterol #diabeetus #death #illness #animaldeath

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  • Squirrel roadkill memorialized until the next paint job.

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  • I miss ausha so much i want to fucking die, i miss my dog…. We get her ashes tomorrow and its… So sureal…

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  • *spends time with my dying lizard* tomorrow i will call several vets and see how much euthanasia costs

    #petdeath#animaldeath #i have had him for three days and i am already crying a lot #he has been like this for many months possibly longer #my friend got him from some lady that wasn't taking care of him properly #with another one but she is doing better than him #he is going to die #i have had many lizards die on me in the past but it's been awhile #i don't think i can do much more for him #delete later
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  • cat killed another lizard…its so pretty tho

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  • My sweet Belle has come to end of her journey. It’s been a phenomenal 15 years, my angel. Wait for me on the other side. I’ll bring celery.

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