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  • stupidhany
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Guys it’s 1am and there’s nothing better to do in that time except redrawing a really dumb convo which I thought was funny af😻

    Sleeping overrated af man

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  • rgbyshipper101
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dot Friday!

    Me waiting for season 2.

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  • toobadmice
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    They’re Pinky and the Brain Pinky and the Brain...
    #pinky and the brain #PatB#animaniacs#pinky#brain#fanart#animation#music#my art#toobadart#my animation#my music #keep an eye out for more spooky fics and pics from me this week #it's that time of year :)
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  • galactic-glamour-girl-posts
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    In celebration of the Animaniacs reboot's second season coming out soon...

    I'm going to list a few things I think the reboot does better than the original show so far (not including technical things like animation quality or sound quality, that's not a fair comparison). Here we go:

    1. There's a "Here's the show's namey" variant every episode now rather than re-used lines (like "Pinky and the Brain-y"). I totally get why the original show re-used lines (although by season 3 they do so way less), but it's just really cool the a new and unique one every episode now.

    2. Yakko's role as big brother seems more apparent now. He was always the leader in the original show sure, and he clearly did care for his siblings, but there wasn't really a sense of authority there. The Warners, either alone or together, always did their own thing. The fact that they weren't all (physically) the same age didn't really matter in most episodes, and often only apparent due to their (kind of inconsistent in the original-I SAID I WOULDN'T TALK ABOUT THE ANIMATION) height differences. Now, in addition to him being the leader, there's multiple episodes where Dot/Wakko will ask Yakko for permission to do stuff, like keeping the bunnies as pets or to watch TV.

    It's a cute touch, a nice little reminder that "Oh yeah they're not triplets".

    3. The PG rating has allowed for edgier jokes/language. Characters can say "Hell" now, Pinky almost said "bull-(you know what)" and Wakko almost said "motherf-(you know what)", then there's these:

    It's dark but I think it's funny darn it 🤣.

    4. Less mediocre segments. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the Warners, Pinky and the Brain and Slappy carried the original show. I also enjoyed Rita and Runt and Minerva Mink segments, but they were cut from the show after season 1, so that sucks. Every other segment on the show I consider kinda okay/mediocre/bad 🤷‍♀️. A lot of characters would've worked better as recurring characters within segments where they're not the stars. Honestly their absence is a positive in my book, while watching the original show I often found myself thinking "Man I wish this show only had the Warners, Pinky and the Brain and Slappy segments in it". I know Slappy isn't in the reboot but that's not a deal breaker for me (the other two segments are a lot more popular so I understand prioritising them). If no Slappy also means no Katie Kaboom, I'm good.

    5. More heartfelt moments - outside of the Rita and Runt segments (as in there's a higher ratio of them, not trying to compare how heartfelt they are). In the original, pretty much the only segments that had heartfelt moments consistently was Rita and Runt (Rita's song about humans, "Smitten with Kitttens", "Puttin' on the Blitz", etc). This is fine, it's a comedy show; but it would have been nice if some of the characters that got a lot more screen time than those two (the Warners, Pinky and the Brain, etc) had some too, especially since there are no Rita and Runt segments past season 1 anyway.

    I know before the reboot there were quite a quite few heartfelt moments related to Animaniacs-the climax of the Pinky and the Brain Christmas special, Dot's fake out death (spoilers for a movie from over two decades ago-yes it's that old get over it) in Wakko's Wish...basically all of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock". But most of those aren't actually in the original show, only one of them is. Wakko's Wish is a non-canon (I swear "Animaniacs" and "canon" are two words that don't mix but you get my point) movie and Pinky and the Brain series is a spin-off. If we're talking exclusively about the original series that ran from 1993 to 1998, then only "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock" counts really.

    Maaaaaybe that one moment in Taming of the Screwy when Scratchy tells the Warners to leave...but it was really quick and not taken that seriously (it kinda just felt like build up for a punchline) so I think that one's a stretch (although it was a little sad).

    Meanwhile the reboot already has caught up to it (in only 13 episodes as well) with two moments; Brain's backstory in "Roadent Trip" and Yakko's panic attack in "Fear and Laughter in Burbank". They're both taken seriously, last over a minute and say something pretty interesting about the characters involved. It's just nice to see characters other than Rita and Runt be allowed to have emotional moments (again, within the actual show). It's on-par with the original in this regard despite having 86 less episodes. And there's probably more heartfelt moments to come!

    6. The Warner's fangs:

    They make then look a little more feral! 😁 Very fitting, I wish they had them originally now. I also appreciate that they (usually) don't have gaps in their teeth anymore. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE their TMS designs, but I honestly prefer the Warners with no gaps in their teeth.

    7. The PatB segments. Just in general, overall I like them more than in the original show (I'm comparing them to the ones in the original Animaniacs, I'm not talking about the PatB segments in the spin off series, Pinky an the Brain). Not only are they more creative, with ideas like Future Brain and Julia, they also do the running gag thing less. What I mean is, in the original show their segments sometimes would have a running gag they do over and over within a segment, to the point where it becomes obvious that gag is how/related to how the plan is gonna fail. Some examples of segments that do this are "Bubba Bo Bob Brain", "Spellbound" and "Brain Meets Brawn". Now of course we know they're gonna fail, but trying to guess how they fail or the surprise how how they fail is one of the fun parts of their segments. Their segments are already quite formulaic, so why add to that? The reboot so far pretty much only did this once in "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind", so that's good.

    8. More variety in terms of musical genres. Most of the songs in the old show are of the old-school Broadway type of music. There's lot of orchestral music, a bit of jazz. Many songs just add lyrics to pre-existing music. Which is good, 'cause those songs are good. But I appreciate the reboot adding some other genres in there, like pop and hip hop. They're NOT what you'd expect an Animaniacs song to sound like, but they're still amazing! (like The Cutening song or Yakko's rap).

    9. The Warners' morality. This one's really important. Ideally, the Warners should act like karmic tricksters. Yeah they can be annoying to anybody, but are generally harmless and actually pretty friendly if left alone/aren't being mistreated. Once someone actually provokes them though, they won't hesitate to humiliate, harm and drive insane their "special friend". This is explained well in "The Sound of Warners" (credit goes to clownmoontoon for the video):


    Sometimes the Warners don't even need to be the ones being provoked for them to go after someone for being a jerk, like in "Morning Malaise", where they call out a radio show host for being rude to their guests, or in "Dot's Entertainment", where they call out a parody of Andrew Lloyd Webber for placing blame onto his actors.

    But then in seasons 4 and 5 of the original show they start bothering people and legitimately harming people who literally weren't being rude to them at all. Some examples of this are "Anchors Awarners", "Acquaintances", and "Back in Style":

    I guess I can understand in "Back in Style", they were mad about being sold off to other studios against their will, but they took it out on actors who probably had no say in the matter.

    Thankfully, in the reboot they seem back to normal, once again only intentionally humiliating and/or harming people who actually provoked them, be it hunters ("Good Warner Hunting",) cocky athletes, ("Gold Meddlers"), rude conductors ("Here Comes Treble"), etc.

    ...and I think that's all I got. There are other things too but they're smaller points not really worth mentioning. I do like both series the same but wanted to praise the reboot specifically given that I have done multiple posts analysing the original show.

    Season 2, here we come!

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  • drawingisfunyuns
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I do believe I'm slowly, but surely getting better at drawing Wakko from memory! 😄 They're completely in pen only because I usually take notes in pen

    I have a lot of trouble with his hat in relation to the top of his head lol

    These were drawn a few days apart with the one on the right being the most recent one

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  • toonapocalypse-2
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Zombie Warners my beloved

    #animaniacs#animaniacs 1993#animaniacs2020 #yakko wakko and dot #yakko warner#wakko warner#dot warner #the warner siblings #the warner brothers #and the warner sister
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  • cf56
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    He fly

    And yell

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  • ace-kaioken-cec
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    You know who you are

    How many of you watched Wakko’s Wish and hit you right in the feels?

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  • hilariouslyedgy
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    it’s just a lot to think about the world I’m used to, the one I can’t get back


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  • dead-outside
    22.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    that trailer, you guys!!!

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  • tumblblabber
    22.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Hulu Releases Animaniacs Season Two Trailer

    Egad, Brain!

    “Animaniacs” returns for a zany new season on Friday, November 5 and to help celebrate Hulu has released a new official trailer for the show’s upcoming second season that you can see below. A third season of the revival series has already been ordered and is currently in production and it sees the return of the Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (voiced respectively by their original voice…

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  • ca-8
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    We'll Be There For Ya! (Warner Siblings/Reader)(Part 2)

    "Yeah! Tomorrow!" Wakko said. 

    She sat Dot on the ground and put a hand on her hip. "You guys aren't going to sabotage the surgery or anything, right?"

    They all frowned and averted their eyes, taking a second to think. "And what do you mean by 'sabotage', exactly?" Yakko asked.

    Her eyebrows furrowed together. They knew exactly what she meant, but maybe she should clarify just in case. "You know, stopping the surgery before it even begins by doing something to the surgeons. Perhaps knocking them out, causing a distraction, or scaring them away for example, and then rushing me home while security chases after you and you have to pull all sorts of stunts to try to lose them and you end up damaging public property in the process."

    The siblings stared at her with widened eyes as if what she said was outrageously impossible. "Ehh-"

    "So the police chase after you and now you have to use your tricks on them and they call back up and you get yourselves into more trouble."


    "And by the time we reach someplace safe, that place ends up being surrounded by hundreds of reinforcements after an hour or two, so we have to escape or else you guys'll end up in jail. Which, let's be honest, would probably mean more bad news to the prisoners rather than you three."


    "And even if we do manage to escape, we'll have to escape the state altogether to avoid being caught, and then we'll have to change our identities since your original ones were labeled as '(S/n)'s most wanted' because you also used your tricks on the reinforcements and about, hmm, eighty percent of them ended up in the hospital." 


    "Okay, I think I'm done now."

    Yakko's shoulders slumped. "Welp, there goes Plan B," he mumbled. "But luckily for you, my dear, your incredibly specific scenario is not our Plan A!"

    (Y/n) raised an eyebrow. "And that's the truth?"

    They gasped dramatically in shock. "(N/n)! You know we wouldn't lie to you!" Wakko said. 

    "Yeah! As your future wife, it'd be criminal of me to be dishonest!" Dot cried. Her brothers rolled their eyes. 

    "So you won't do anything to ruin my surgery tomorrow?" she asked. 

    "Come on, (N/n), of course we won't," Yakko said, putting a hand on her shoulder. 

    (Y/n) searched his eyes for a moment before taking a glimpse of the ground. "Okay. Sorry, guys, I guess I'm just a little nervous," she sighed. Her body stiffened when she was suddenly embraced but soon relaxed in Yakko's arms. Head resting on his shoulder, she heard one of the younger siblings hop on the couch and hug her from behind while the other wrapped their arms around her leg. 

    "It's alright, we get it," Yakko said softly. 

    A tiny grin reached her lips. She wrapped her arms around his waist. They might have caused chaos wherever they went, but they're still the sweetest trio (Y/n)'s ever met.

    It was a comfortable few minutes before they pulled apart, and the Warner siblings made their way back to the door. (Y/n) watched them leave, occasionally glancing around the oddly soothing room, then hurried after them.

    "Uh, guys?" she called, poking her head through the doorway. Dot and Yakko were the only ones in the hallway, and they both looked back at her. "Thank you. For everything, I mean."

    They both smiled warmly. "Anything for our special friend!" Yakko said. "By the way, ya got something on your leg."

    (Y/n) looked down to see Wakko still hugging her leg. "Oh!" She giggled and picked him up. "Don't get into too much trouble," she told him. 

    "That's like telling us to give up breathing." Yakko walked over and took his brother from her grasp. "I'll take that, thank you."

    "See ya tomorrow, (N/n)!" Dot said, waving.

    "Bye guys," (Y/n) said, and remembered something else her mother told her. "If you wanna visit, you'll have to come here before noon. That's when I'll have my surgery!"


    That afternoon and the next morning felt like a second long. (Y/n) was already in the waiting room, clenching and unclenching the armrest while her mother filled out the forms the front desk lady gave her. Before they arrived, the Warner Brothers and Sister were nowhere to be found, so all she had for comfort were her mother's words. 

    She scanned the room; the only other person there was a woman, who was either a patient herself or waiting for someone that had already begun their appointment. (Y/n) spent a couple of minutes distracting herself with what the woman could be there for. 

    "(Y/n), your leg," Mom abruptly pointed out.

    Her eyes zoomed to her mother's face and down at her leg. Like a freezing animal stranded in a blizzard, it was ferociously shaking. She put her hand on it to make it still. 

    "Remember to take deep breaths," Mom said, rubbing her arm. "You'll be okay."

    (Y/n) gave her an uncertain smile. "Okay," was all she said. 

    'Where are they?' The thought was unexpected, but she knew exactly what it was about. Her friends said they were going to visit her today; yet, she hadn't run into one thing that hinted at their presence.  

    She wasn't given the chance to think about it. "(Y/n)?" the nurse said as she entered the waiting room. 

    The said patient froze, and it wasn't until Mom gently shook her when she snapped out of it. She took her advice and took deep, shaky breaths, and she forced herself out of the chair. 'It'll be alright,' (Y/n) told herself. 'These people are professionals, so I'll definitely be okay.'

    Once she pulled the empty tube from the IV, her patient was knocked out cold. "Alright," the surgeon said to her assistants, "let's get started. Nurse Regina, get the-"

    Knock Knock Knock!

    Everyone's heads snapped towards the closed door. "Now who could that be?" the surgeon mumbled. 

    One of her assistants gave her an uncertain glance before answering the door. "Um, we're in the middle of-"


    Pushing past the assistant was the oldest Warner sibling, and the second he stepped into the room, it rained multi-colored confetti. His eyes examined each of the staff until they landed on the person he was looking for. By the time he forced his gaze off of her a second later, his heart was already thumping harshly against his chest.

    'Worry not, lady (Y/n)! We're here to save-....oh. She's already asleep. Man, something told me stealing Disney's Prince Charming script would be a waste of time.'

    "You're in luck, ladies!" Yakko declared, quickly getting back to the act. "Your staff has won a free 'round-the-world trip!" 

    Naturally, it took them a few long seconds to respond. "...Excuse me?" the one in the long white coat said. 

    "Our legitimate company has selected this dentistry's entire staff to take a free vacation, with no interest or fees!" he lied. 

    His victims' leader raised an eyebrow. "I'm calling the police," she said. 

    Yakko winced but maintained his smile once his siblings brought Jeffery in. "Ah! No time, your ride's already here!" 

    One of the assistants screamed as her gaze landed on their furry friend. Jeffery only blinked at her as he flicked his tail. 

    "What? Never seen a camel before?" Wakko asked. 

     "Don't worry, he's friendly," Dot informed. "Aren't you, Jeffery?"

    Jeffery's face suddenly shot back and continued to recoil until he let out a violent sneeze. A monstrous glob of snot shot out of his nose and hit the terrified assistant right in her face. Her next scream practically deafened the siblings. 

    "Ewww!" Dot said in disgust and glanced at (Y/n) to make sure none of it got on her ('Awww, she's so cute when she's sleeping!').

    "Eugh, yeah that's probably worrying. I think that's how you get a respiratory virus too…" Yakko said to her. "But anyway, enjoy your trip! And don't worry, we'll take care of your lovely, beautiful patient." He snuck another peek at (Y/n). 

    Dot and Wakko began to haul the doctor and her assistants on Jeffery. 

    "H-Hey! Stop it-! Get your hands off of me!" the doctor demanded with her terribly shrill voice. 

    "Huh, you remind me of our teacher," Wakko commented, then threw her on Jeffery's hump. Ignoring her threats and calls for help, he took out his gag bag and pulled out a long rope. Once they were all on his back, Wakko jumped up and tied them to their lovely camel. 

    "I swear to god, you will pay for this!" the surgeon shouted. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot approached her. "Her mother's outside, so she'll hear about this! And you little shi-"

    "Woah!" Yakko covered his dearest little sibling's ears. "Language! There are children present, ma'am!"

    Her eyes widened. 

    He scoffed as he made his way to Jeffery's behind. "Man, this is how you respond to being surprised with a free vacation? You all don't get out much, do ya?"

    Their demands for freedom and screams of fear overlapping each other was their response. 

    "Ehhh, I'll take that as a yes. TAKE 'EM TO JAMAICA, JEFFREY!" Yakko smacked his behind, and Jeffery huffed and calmly exited the room along with the screaming women. 

    The headache the siblings didn't know they had faded away. "Um, do you think (Y/n) will be mad at us for sending them away like that?" Wakko wondered.

    "Puh-lease!" Yakko scoffed. "They're heading to sunlight beaches, majestic waterfalls, and the reason why America never wins the sprinting competition in the Olympics. They'll be fine! And besides-"

    They eagerly rushed over to (Y/n)'s peaceful figure. "-we have an operation to do!"

    And so the Warner siblings put on their white robes they got from the nearest convenience store and went right to work.

    "Remind me why I can't be (N/n)'s surgeon?" Dot grumbled, begrudgingly finishing putting on her nurse uniform. 

    "Because Wakko won the human go-karting race yesterday, sis," Yakko explained, dusting off his own. "Should've picked Connor instead of Ralph." 

    Dot huffed, crossing her arms. "Well at least I didn't have to study all night…" she said, and the two exited the closet. Wakko was standing in front of (Y/n) with his arms behind his back. 

    "Alright, what's first, Dr. Warner?" Nurse Yakko asked. 

    Dr. Warner put a hand on his chin. "Hmmm…According to the instructions I read, we need to...ummm…" Staring down at her, he continued to hum as he tried to think of the first step. 

    "Wakko, you did read it, right?" Yakko asked, but he already knew the answer.

    Beads of sweat rolled down from Wakko's cap.

    Dot raised an eyebrow. "You ate the instruction manual, didn't you?" 

    Wakko tensed up and smiled sheepishly. "Ehehehe...mayyybee…" His brother and sister narrowed their eyes. "I'm sorry! It was late, and I was tired and hungry and I thought all the information would go to my brain."

    Yakko approached him to gently pat him on the back. "That's a skill I'm gonna have to teach you, little brother. Now hand it over."

    Wakko sighed, then reached down his mouth and pulled out the instruction manual. Yakko gently took it from him and glanced back at his brother, grinning. "Tell ya what. Once we're done with (N/n), I'll take you to every candy store in town, deal?"

    Instantly, Wakko's eyes lit up. "Deal!" 

    "Alright, let's see here…" Yakko opened the manual, and the more he flipped and scanned each page, the more his ready smile dimmed. At last, he shut the book and threw it over his shoulder. "Yeeeeaaah no. Looks like we'll have to do this our way, sibs."

    Dot flinched. "Now hold on a second, mister!" She walked toward the manual that had flown to the other side of the room. "(Y/n) said she felt safe with professionals working on her, and as her future wife, I have vowed to keep my-" She opened up the book and froze as she stared at the page. Without another word, she pulled out a match from her pocket, lit the manual on fire, and watched it burn to ashes. 

    Dusting off her hands, she walked back to her brothers. "Nevermind, continue," she said.

    "As I was saying-!" The three of them turned back to their sleeping beauty. 

    (Y/n) had the prettiest face when she was asleep. And awake, and talking, and doing literally anything, especially when it involved her paying attention to the Warners. It was up to them, they would sweep her up from that bed and take her straight to the studio. The place where they first met. The place where they realized that they finally found someone who liked them for being themselves. 

    "I want to marry her someday," Wakko abruptly sighed with half-lidded eyes. 

    "In your dreams, pal," Dot said softly.

    "Don't worry, (N/n)," Yakko started, pushing a strand of soft (h/c) hair behind (Y/n)'s ear. "You're in good hands. We'll keep you safe." He stood back up and put his attention on Wakko. "Ya still got that chainsaw, right, Wakko?"

    "Of course!"

    "Then let's get to work, sibs!"

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  • nblaunchpad
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    t h e y

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  • sokkas-first-fangirl
    22.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #CUE THE ANTICS #I need that on a shirt #animaniacs #animaniacs season 2 #animaniacs season 2 release date my beloved #yakko warner#wakko warner#dot warner #yakko wakko and dot #pinky and the brain #patb#pinky#the brain#trailer #LET’S FUCKING GGGGOOOO!
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  • rgbyshipper101
    22.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Ok I give up

    Tumblr keeps deleting my post

    I have Part 4 on my profile

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  • gravityfallsrockz
    22.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    This part really made me crack up! XDXD

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    22.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    The Warner siblings from Animaniacs are autistic besties

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