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  • drink-n-watch
    05.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline ep9 - Family Ties

    AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline ep9 – Family Ties

    Hi Another week, another episode largely devoid of robots. Sorry about that Scott… Hello Irina! :D. I’ve pretty good so far. I don’t really get seasonal depression usually because I am It’s ok, I’ll get used to it eventually Irina. Hopefully not for too long… (more…)

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  • blueparadis
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Piercings ~ Yoshida Hirofumi

    ft. Chainsaw Man [ Yoshida Hirofumi ]

    +themes : fluff,mild hurt & comfort

    +cw : none

    +pairing : Yoshida Hirofumi x bartender f-reader

    +type : oneshot

    +wc : 1k

    +au' notes : If this made you read Chainsaw Man then I'm honoured :) Tbh, I'm kinda proud of this?not boasting!! This is a part of collaboration : 'Back from the dead' hosted by @cyancherub & @chaos-night I'm so happy that I could participate because I always end up being weak for under-rated characters. Happy Reading ! <3

    You unlocked the door with hasty motion trailed with jingling of keys as his restless movements resonated into your exhausted body. He was tapping his feet constantly on the floor that made your lips curl to a corner. Geez! Such Impatience. Little did the door open than he hurriedly entered into your apartment dashing like a wave on your comfortable bed. You tilted your face in surprise staring at his body thinking how on earth you could let such a thoughtless person be a part of your life. Even the way you met him seemed so out of book that you couldn't surpress the urge to peek into his awfully childish soul.

    As you were busy cleaning the glasswares, keeping them in a row to pose a triangular look a sheepish voice reached your ears. "Oh don't mind me, please carry on" which actually sounded like "Gimme me attention, Gimme me attention" since his lower lip formed a slight pout as his googly eyes travelled all around the bar yet not you.

    Your eyes spotted the mole at the utmost left corner of his lip. It begged to be touched. His hands rested on the wooden counter with clanking of the bangle. He didn't excute the readable, popular, pattern of 'let's hook up' ; instead he sat in silence until you were done with your chores. Though you were aware of his stares but it didn't made you uneasy. He was busy humming a tune. What must be going on in his head?

    As you locked the main entrance & turned around you noticed he was rubbing his hands , he blew a puff of air into his cupped-hands before speaking. "Uhh , so, good night! See you around! " That's it?. And he left without giving a final look until he crossed the road. A smile crept upon your face. That was his first visit to you. It didn't excite you but it wasn't a bother either.

    He started to pay regular visits during closing hours. He didn't talk a lot but he generally dropped a question out of context that you had to answer even if you didn't want to indulge in such deep conversations, especially with customers but he wasn't just any customer or maybe he was. It's too early to judge.

    His questions were about books & libraries, coffees & winters ; about how the moon embellished herself at every ebb & flow to fall in love with the sea. He talked about books that were adapted into movies & how they sucked. As time flew by he started to help you until it slowly fell into a routine. One day, he asked,"can I walk you home?" It felt self, it felt harmless.

    And now he's lying on your bed, left hand covering his forehead; he spread his arms & shot a glare at you. It's my apartment & he acts like he owns it! Huh! Excellent. Burning those thoughts you walked into the bed resting your head on his arms. He wasn't looking at you rather his eyes were on the dull ceiling. Since he was lying a bit higher than you , your orbs fell on his ear. It had piercings. How come I didn't notice those before? Hmmm, well I actually didn't get much time to watch him though!

    To kill your growing curiosity you positioned yourself hovering over him to take a look on his left ear. He let out a loud long sigh grabbing your attention. His eyes stared at you as if it has never known affection before or was it you, your fondness for him. You lay propped on your elbow next to him as you counted his piercings. He had eight piercings in his right ear.

    Your bubbling questions bursted at the tip of your tongue but he probably read them as his lips crashed against yours. Cold, tender and slick. He told you he got his each piercing after his love left him. So,why all on the right ear yet none at other you asked.

    He nibbled your left earlobe saying probably it's him who can't stay for long. He said that he'll get one on his left ear for the love of his life. What if she leaves too? Your questions just kept piling up that made him grin.

    His visits became regular. You liked to nibble his right ear when he made love to you. He smiled & said that it made him ticklish. Some days, he would cook dinner with you. And not once he snuck to curl up amongst your arms yet you wished for it.Some days, he would ask you to read him your favourite book. You listened to him as he layed on your lap playing with your hair strands.

    Sometimes, he would ask odd questions, questions that could crumble your little castle of memories with him, questions like "Why would it start if it was meant to end?" And you could never answer him. You wouldn't. You mustn't. You shouldn't let a moth know the desolation of flame.

    Suddenly, just like he appeared, he disappeared. He stopped coming. The door bell that was nothing but a pestering noise to you is now a slow burn to your ears. During closing hours, you used to wait, prolong your activities hoping he might turn up.

    Your eyes occasionally scanned the bar in the search of that familiar face. Few months, nope, five months passed by he didn't show up. Still, your hope didn't die ; it was buried at the corner of your heart, fuming a little brighter at every night during closing hours. As you were locking the door,a voice emerged from behind,"Shall I walk you home?"

    There he was, standing elegantly, wearing black loose-fit jeans & a canarian sweatshirt. A long black overcoat basked his stature that hanged upto his ankles. He seemed different but not entirely foreign to you.

    Your pupils dialted as it fell upon his left ear. It was pierced. A smirk smeared on his face noticing your awestruck facial reclines.

    "Got this five months ago", he whispered ; hands still in his jeans-pocket. You cocked your eye-brow at him for a moment & got busy until you were done with the final lock.

    As you turned around you noticed his arms spreading out in the air, waiting for you. Your annoyance faded & in a blink you jumped into his arms. He groaned that screamed of longing & loneliness.

    Your breath reverberated with a tone tainted with tangy snivels. "Gosh! I missed you!" you cooed as you kissed his cheeks. His embrace become tighter.

    He asked, "Can I take you home? My home?" You pulled back to take a look on his face. He didn't seem to look at you. He was guilty. You chinned up his face saying "Yes please" into his left ear making him chuckle. He was amused. He was happy. He was pleased,pleased that he didn't have to get his right ear pierced ever again.

    I couldn't tag the strike through user IDs.

    Tagging :: @solaceinarts @zoraedits @s3hp @euphoricminsblog @haruphilia @thewordfae @kazuwhora @i4nanami @wakasa-wifey @passionateuchiha @winterv-black @eriskaitto @06rei @sofiakujo

    I know that you all love to read TR OR JJK OR BOTH. Since this is my first post about CSM I'm tagging you hoping it might pique your interest. Such Nobara-like confidence. But, anyways please bear with me, I'm sorry if you feel annoyed but since you all like me writing I felt a bit greedy hehe.

    Join my taglist.

    By @blueparadis :: do not alter and repost elsewhere.

    #bftd collab#chainsaw man#csm#yoshida hirofumi#hirofumi yoshida #csm x reader #csm x you #csm smut#csm anime #chainsaw man smut #chainsaw man x reader #chainsaw man x you #chainsaw man x y/n #csm fanfiction#csm fic#csm imagines #chainsaw man imagines #chainsaw man fluff #chainsaw man fanfiction #chainsaw man spoilers #csm fluff#csm angst#csm headcanons #chainsaw man headcanons #anime fanfic#fanfic writing#oneshots#smut#anime smut#manga smut
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  • cherrykamado
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    dont make me choose yall, i make bad choices :pepesob:

    help me choose what to do for the slutty old men collab<3

    #slutty old men collab #cmon cmon im diving deep into manga animation todayyyyy #n plots#n sujch<3
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  • chiwhorei
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    i miss tumblr and fic writing ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    #i miss it here sigh #and being social and lewding about anime men #and collabs and events #and ask games and interacting wif internet fwiends #leaving for so long feels like closing the door to a whole entire world #☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ #chiwhorei.chatter #chiwhorei.spam
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  • bbysuccubis
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Are you excited for our collab ? I am. Link in bio x

    #irish girl#aesthetic #buy my content #0nlyf?ns #alt girl#anime#cute girls#art#fashion #selling custom content #collab
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  • static-station
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    some furry religious creachers for yall

    my part for the joshua and the promised land collab

    #I HAVENT DONE A FULL ANIMATION IN SO LONG phman o crunched it so bad #joshua and the promised land #jatpl #joshua and the promised land collab #saberspark#static-station art#animation
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  • magicalgirlsandcerulean
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    December has arrived in the Boueibu collab. Check out the large panel and the photo albums which are precious to the city staff (they contain pictures of the blackboard which everyone has drawn and written messages on). You can also enjoy the scenery from the open-air bath.

    #boueibu#boueibu hk#anime collab #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Happy Kiss!
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  • witches-kisses
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Check out Fruits Basket Arisa … on Mercari!

    Check out what I just listed on Mercari. Tap the link to sign up and get up to $30 off. https://merc.li/pDx24YZjb

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  • magicalgirlsandcerulean
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Thanks for filling in the survey at Yorokobi no Shukushinki. It warms their hearts to know you've spent time replying to it. The staff put up the pictures and messages they receive in their office.

    The A prize of the Love/Happy Snow Dome Collection are these "eco-kairo" (pocket warmers). They are available for sale until December 9th at 2:59 pm (Japanese time) here for Love and here for Happy Kiss.

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  • discolequack
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    To commemorate Yuri on Ice’s 5th anniversary, the Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company, Mizuno, will be collabing with Yuri on Ice to release new official art. They will also do a “mini collaboration!” More details to come around December 26th!

    #I doubt whether or not this’ll have to do with the film bc the jjk 0 film which is also from mappa will be releasing on christmas #also in January they got attack on titan’s final season releasing #still this is really great news and I’m looking forward to this collab with mizuno! #yuri on ice #yoi#anime#manga#me#mine#victor nikirofov#yuri katsuki#yuri plisetsky
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  • tameshrimp
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Asta & Yuno

    “You showed me it was possible, gave me hope... that even though we're poor orphans, commoners... we can still make something of ourselves in this world.”

    Collaboration with @giyyu

    #Black Clover #asta black clover #yuno black clover #asta#yuno#bc#collab edit #asta and yuno #anime#anime edit#anime aesthetic#anime art#shounen#our edit #made by me
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  • iturtrix
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    I have joined a collaboration on tiktok with user: collab_tokyo_revengers_1

    There are lots of spots open for you to join! The characters that are taken are Mikey and Kazutora!

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  • s1n1st3rshibe
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    🍬 🍭 // collab w my boyfriend <3 @iifevils​ - - - - - og pic under cut ♡

    #MIOOO #UR COLORING WAS GODLY #I LOVE EVEYRTING WHAT THE FUCK !!! #toilet bound hanako kun #jibaku shounen hanako kun #tbhk#jshk#hananene#art collab#art#anime art#tbhk fanart#jshk fanart #toilet bound fanart #redraw#art redraw#yashiro nene#nene yashiro#hanako kun#hanako
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  • rosesilk
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Just totally impulse bought 3 blushes from the colourpop sale hhhahahahaha

    #I got one of the animal crossing collab blushes 😌
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  • collabwithmyself
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    #self esteem#collab animates #multi animator project #Youtube
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  • collabwithmyself
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    wonder what Might be in store for you All? surely nothing imPortant...

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  • someawesomeamvs
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Warning: Spoilers

    Title: Into You

    Editors: Hans D., xon_EDITZ

    Song: Into You

    Artists: Matisse & Sadko

    Anime: Hyouka, Kimi no na wa (film), Weathering with You (film), Violet Evergarden, Darling in the FranXX, Iroduku: The World in Colors, The Garden of Words (film), I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (film), Koe no Katachi (film), Tamako Market, Hotarubi no Mori e (film), Fireworks (film), Hibike! Euphonium

    Category: Romance/Drama

    #anime#amv#video#music#song#youtube#editing#anime mix#collab #Into You -「AMV」- Anime MV (Collab ~ xon_EDITZ) #into you #hans d. #xon_EDITZ#matisse#sadko #matisse & sadko #too many anime to list #romance#drama#Youtube
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  • warakami-vaporwave
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Most of the brands I work with are either running sales now or will be soon so if you're interested you can find links to my merch here.

    (discount codes are usually on each store’s main page)

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