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    Mary Poppins Returns: 'Can You Imagine That?' clip

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    This is for mainly black readers, but I can’t stop nonblack ppl from reading it but I sure asl hope it reaches all my black folks 😭 TELL ME HOW IT IS THERE MIGHT BE TYPOS BUT IM TOO LAZY TO GO BACK AND LOOK ATSUMUS IS SO LONGGG

    POV: the boys try and tell you what to do since you’re their lover and all🙄

    Included; Tsukishima, Atsumu


    You walked into yours and tsukishimas shared room, setting down the basket filled with yours and his clothes, “tsukki I need you to put these away for me please and thaaank youu.” you said and proceeded to walk back into the living room area to straighten it up.

    You walk back into the room a good 20 minutes later to bring back the basket to the laundry room, thinking he’s finished by now, only to see this nigga still hasn’t gotten up and put them away.

    You raise a eyebrow and put your hands on your hips, “Now…I know I politely asked you to put our clothes away and you sure as hell aren’t deaf.” And mans had the audacity to roll his eyes.

    “If it’s such a problem why don’t you go ahead and put them away? I mean you standing right the-“ before he could even finish his sentence you dumped all the laundry on him, all he could do was look at you with shock and annoyance.

    “Now that you decided to shut the fuck up, the next time you wanna pull some fuck ass shit such as telling ME to put the laundry away after I asked you to do it, especially after I was the one to fold them, imma put your ass out the door” you sternly stated as you looked down at him.

    He looked away from you out of Annoyance, “be all grumpy and a asshole all you want but you’re gonna refold these clothes and put them away, you’re also sleeping on the couch till you can act right and not like some fuckass toddler the hell wrong wit you, you got me all kinds of fucked up with that tsukishima..” you said and sent him a glare before walking out the room.

    He most definitely apologized and made breakfast the next day, he missed your warmth💔


    You were out running errands and getting stuff needed for the house, realizing you won’t make it back to make dinner so you shoot Atsumu a text asking him to make dinner.

    It took this man a good 40 mins to respond back, he said yeah and you sighed out of relief, proceeding to get stuff done before the day ends.

    Little did you know this man decided to completely ignore what you asked him to do and stayed on the game with the boys, the game you bought and would gladly take away and sell if he fucks up.

    You got the last bit of stuff done and headed home, happy to straighten up and have a good dinner with you’re boyfriend, you pulled into the driveway and proceeded to grab everything out the car and head inside.

    You raise a brow at the fact you’re not getting hit in the face with any shape or form of an aroma, you head to the kitchen to set everything down only to find it how you left it and you hear shouting from your shared room, all you could do was massage your temple and sigh.

    You being annoyed didn’t even bother to put everything away, you walked straight to your shared bedroom and found this Nigga playing some random ass game you bought him.

    “BRO SHOOT HIM!!” he sitting in his chair in front of the tv with his headsets on and controller in hand, you’d be lying if you didn’t find him hot with his sweats on and no shirt.

    But you were too frustrated and tired to find this man attractive right now, you walked over to him and pushed one side of his headphones off, you cut him off before he could complain “bae Didn’t I ask you to make dinner tonight?” You asked him with your arms crossed.

    All he did was roll his eyes, “I mean you’re here now so you might as well do it,” and he sat back in his chair manspreading, putting his headphone back over his ear.

    “I mean it’s not like I’m in charge of it anyways, it’s you’re job bro.” He started playing the game as he said that .

    You stared at this man, you glared at this man and started walking over to that fuck ass ps4 you bought him proceeding to unhook.

    “WHAT THE FUCK-“ before he could even finish his sentence you threatened to drop the dammed thing.

    “Now…that I’ve got you’re attention imma let you know now that you’re not gonna be staying here until you apologize and stop acting a fucking fool, I asked you to do a simple thing and you wanna turn around and reply with complete ignorance .” You glared at him.

    “I don’t know if it’s cause of those boys, but the next time you wanna try and act all big and bossy it most definitely isn’t gonna be cute, because I’m not your fucking maid stupid ass.” You walked out with the ps4 and all.

    “Make sure you pack enough clothes for a weeks stay till you wanna think before u speak next time nigga.”

    He apologized crying n sobbing and made it up to you, he cooked dinner for the rest of the year and even bought you your own control to play games with him

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    All of my writings are done in gender neutral! Styles. I feel as if there's not enough of those and everyone deserves to be included 🥰🥰

    #x reader#gender neutral #gender neutral imagine #writers on tumblr #anime#writers#imagine#imagines#fluff
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    Fatgum x Reader

    Three hundred follower special.

    That is insane!!! Holy crap you guys!! Over 300 followers? I was surprised at 200, you have no idea how psyched I am!

    This story took a LOT of time and I am so mentally exhausted over it. I love it, but I also never want to see it again. Lol! I am in LOVE with the idea of reader as a candy maker and I will be playing around with that idea in the future.

    TW!! :

    Abuse, voice shaming, personality shaming, toxic relationship in general (not Fatgum), not explicit depression.

    Read at your own risk.

    Stay safe, I love you.

    Here are some people who inspire me! @princ3rae and @random-mha-thoughts and! @blossominglark

    There are 3196 words to read below the line!


    “Do you ever stop talking?” Those words were thrown around carelessly with no intention of helping you to become a better person, yet you answered them.

    “Why,” you mulled over the question. “I guess I just got excited, I’m sorry.”

    “God! It’s fine, just stop talking around me okay? Loud noises give me head aches.” You nodded at the seemingly innocent request. You could trust them. They were your best friend.

    — — —

    It became harder and harder to talk out loud, the words of your closest friend bouncing through your head.

    — — —

    “Excuse me?” You tapped your friend’s shoulder lightly.

    “What!? I’m trying to tell you about my last trip to the mall and you keep interrupting me! Can you just shut up for five minutes and let me tell you something I’m excited about?” You were stunned by their words. How could you be so selfish? Of course they were telling you something important! Why do you talk so much?

    — — —

    Boiling sugar was poured onto a metal table for it to cool. You pulled out your “sugar scissors” as you called them, and cut seamlessly through the hot sweetness.

    The candy shop’s workers were quiet, the only speaking was done by the families on the other side of the glass. The taffy stretcher named “Chelsea” was whirring in the background noise as you used a metal rod to fold the cooling candy in on itself. You used your gloved hands to stretch the heavy blob into a flatter square.

    One of the interesting things about this particular candy shop was that the candy was made without fake flavors. Most taffy makers make a white base then add the flavors and colors, but your family’s shop made candy from real ingredients like chocolate and mint leaves; vanilla and pecans. It was hard work but you had plenty of helpful hands to make it easier.

    The door of the shop rang, big footsteps trailed in but you didn’t look away from the sugar you were lifting onto the hard candy roller.

    Cries of, “Fatgum! Fatgum!” had you looking up from cutting the candy canes.

    The pro hero Fatgum stood in front of the register, now surrounded by children reaching up at him, trying to hug him or be picked up. The big man waved happily at the children and gave autographs to the parents. When his big eyes reached yours, you quickly averted eye contact and looked at the work of cutting and twisting the blue and green canes.

    Soon the excitement of a hero slowed and Fatgum was finally able to open his mouth to order.

    “I want whatever that beautiful woman over there is making.” His words made you look up to see who he was talking about; your sister or maybe even one of the other employees? But when you lifted your gaze, his finger was pointed at you.

    Twelve candy canes, fifty-eight salt water taffies, and three bags of caramel covered pretzels. You didn’t mean to memorize the order but it was one that soon was etched into your brain. Fatgum started visiting your father’s candy shop more often and you saw the tall man’s smiles more often as well.

    He ordered the same thing every time and it fascinated you, why didn’t he get tired of the same food all the time? And more over, how did he eat it all so quickly? He was getting close to two visits a week buying the same things!

    You walked into the back room and started putting on your uniform. Your thoughts wandered to your best friend and the stories they would tell you. It made you mad that you interrupted people too much. Your mind stopped the avalanche of self destruction when your dad walked in with a towel around his neck.

    “Hey, pumpkin, I want you working register today.” He used the towel to jokingly whip you and you backed away with a fake gasp.

    “How dare you hit me! I’ll have to show you who’s boss!” You ran up and grabbed his back, trying to pull him down to your height. You giggled as your dad grabbed your arms and pulls them off of him.

    “Why do I have to work register?” You asked after the excitement died down you turned to the old metal sink jutting out of the wall to wash your hands.

    “We’re down a couple employees and I need a smiling face to cover for ‘em.”

    “Who’s out?” You asked, curiosity taking over your other senses.

    “The twins. Their grandparents just passed in a plane crash and they needed to be with their family.” Your dad loved his employees, he had a big heart. You wouldn’t be surprised if he gave the sixteen year olds paid time off.

    “That sucks,” you sighed, tying your apron on as you walked into the front room, “I’ll have to make them a warm meal then.” You nodded to yourself and stepped up to the cash register.

    It was once again quiet as the loud whir and clanking of Chelsea stretching a batch of “Chocolate Marshmallow Supreme” filled the noiseless void.

    “Welcome to UA Sugar-High, how can we go beyond plus ultra to make something sweet for you today?” You asked kindly to the old man in front of you.

    “What a nice young woman, may I please have a small bag of salt water taffy? My grandchildren love it, you know?” His shaky hands held out the amount of money and you excepted it with a kind smile.

    “They’re lucky kids to have such a kind grandfather.” You smiled and handed him his change.

    The coins fell straight through his fingers and you gasped, opening the divider in the counter and crouching to grab the money. A large hand was placed over yours and you looked up to see a shrunken Fatgum.

    He blushed brightly and handed you the amount he picked up. You stepped behind the counter again and smiled to both men.

    “Thank you.” You handed the old man his change and bag of candy.

    “What can I get for you, Fatgum? Twelve candy canes, fifty-eight salt water taffies, and three bags of caramel covered pretzels?” You joked lightly, your smile was as fake as it always was but underneath, there was slight happiness that a pro was taking interest in you. It felt nice to prove your best friend wrong. You did amount to something.

    “Hi, actually, today I was wondering… what time do you get off work?” His hand scratched at the back of his neck while he waited for your answer.

    You were stunned. You never thought he was actually interested in you. “Umm, I just-I just got here but I’ll be off at four o’clock.”

    “Great! May I,” he paused, thinking over his choice of words, “walk you home after a small stroll?” His blush reached passed his ears and he continued to cup the back of his neck.

    “I-uh-I suppose it would be alright,” you mentally punched yourself in the face for stuttering over your words and wasting the pro hero’s time.

    “Amazing! Thank you.” He looked at the candy behind the glass. “Can I have some pumpkin fudge?” He asked quietly.

    “Of course, sir!” Your smile wasn’t fake this time as one of them employees packaged up a block and handed it to you. “Here you are.” The tall blonde smiled and gently grabbed the paper bag from you.

    — — —

    Throughout the day you couldn’t forget the fact that THE FATGUM asked you on a date. Though, he never specified it was a date… it wasn’t a date was it? That’s it! Now it made sense. He just wanted to thank you for the candy. Or ask how you make the candy. Or walk you home to murder you!!!

    You had to calm yourself down so you didn’t have an anxiety attack. You knew you were overthinking things again, yet you couldn’t help but to deny that it was a date.

    You hung up your apron and wiped off your face with cool water from the little sink. The constant heat from the candy rollers’ fire and the boiling sugar always made you sweaty.

    You stepped out the back door and into the cool air. Your brain swirled with a calmness before your phone rang.

    “Hello?” You asked extremely quietly.

    “Oh my God, (Y/n), you’re so fucking loud!” You could hear the irritation drip from their mouth like poison. “Anyway, I wanted to ask if I could grab some cash from you? I’ve really been struggling lately and I don’t have enough money to cover a trip to the store.”

    You knew your friend’s ears were extra sensitive to noise from their quirk, how could you be loud and hurt them?

    “What store?” Your voice was barely a whisper. “Last time I gave you money, you spent it on clothes for yourself then never paid me back.”

    “What, you think I don’t have enough money for food? No I can pay for that, I just need money for the mall.” They we’re so entitled… but you just wanted them to be happy.

    “Actually, I need to make a meal for a couple of the employees that lost some family members, I can’t spare any money this week if I want to eat.” You remembered you had to make the twins food and desperately hoped that your best friend would understand.

    “Well then just don’t eat this week. It’s not that big of a deal.” Their words hurt but you knew they were right. You could handle not eating this week.

    But you didn’t get to eat very well last week either… it hurt to know you weren’t anyone’s first priority. You wished you would’ve told your father about your best friend a long time ago but it was too late.

    You opened your mouth to give in when a large gentle hand pulled your phone from your ear.

    “This is (Y/n)’s boyfriend. I’m going to have to ask you to stop asking her for money. She obviously said she can’t. You need to respect her boundaries.” Fatgum looked down at you sympathetically and hung up on your friend.

    “I’m sorry I overstepped my boundaries. I just couldn’t stand seeing you look so distraught.” Fatgum held out your phone, and you gently took it. It was difficult to tell if you were okay with him hanging up on your best friend but maybe he was right.

    “I’m not sure if I appreciate it but thank you for helping.” You felt like you were meant to explain the situation to the tall man. “That was my best friend, they wanted my money again… I should’ve just given it to them I suppose, I ate last week so it wouldn’t have been a problem!” You smiled up at him and his heart clenched. Your relationship was not okay… but he wasn’t close enough to intervene on the toxicity that was brewing between you two. And a week ago? That’s the last you ate?!

    You tried to smile but you were too tired.

    The winter sun was setting and your body finally told you it was cold as a shiver rolled over you violently. Your teeth clanked together and your ears felt numb. “I need to grab my coat,” you whispered before spinning and swinging open the mesh back door.

    The wave of heat and the smell of hot sugar reached your face making you feel warm. You opened your locker with a quiet click and pulled out your hat, gloves, and coat.

    When everything was set, you stepped out of the still swinging door and felt the cold nip at your skin. Breaths came out in puffs of vapor as you both strolled through the crunching snow.

    “Can I take you some place to eat?” You looked up at the blonde’s words.

    “I suppose that would be alright. I’ll pay though.”

    “Absolutely not. I was the one to invite you, I will be the one to pay.” You both argued about the payment before Fatgum led you through the front door with a gentle hand on your back.

    The red carpet and the silk tablecloths made your arguments falter. Large eyes squinted in a smile as they watched your bewildered expression.

    “I’ll pay.” The tall blonde stated. His yellow sneakers padded to the hostess stand and spoke with a hushed voice to the short woman.

    She nodded excitedly and led you both through the restaurant and into a private room. You were thankful for that; having an anxiety attack while people stared at you was not how you wanted to spend the evening.

    A menu was placed in front of you with a fake smile that you knew all too well about.

    “What is fresh?” Fatgum asked the little woman.

    “Our wagyu was brought in yesterday but our fugu came in early this morning.”

    Fatgum looked at you expectingly and waited for you to order.

    “May I just have miso soup?” You asked kindly and shut the menu.

    The woman nodded and wrote it down. She looked up expectingly to the tall man; who, even in his shrunken form, his legs barely fit under the table and his broad shoulders make it difficult to sit in such a narrow chair.

    “I’ll have the wagyu with whatever side you recommend, and we would like a full platter of takoyaki.” He thanked the girl kindly and you both watched as she left the room.


    “Taishirou. Please. I want you to call me Taishirou.” He smiled down at you, making you shift in your seat and blush deeply.

    — — —

    The date went surprisingly well, you ate, laughed a bit, he walked you home, and you had never been on a better date. You leaned against your closed door and sighed deeply, your heart racing so loud you figured your neighbors could hear it.

    “Even your heartbeat is loud.” A voice from your living room scoffed. You gasped and tried to open your front door, maybe Taishirou was still outside.

    You could only jiggle the handle before you were ripped away from the door.

    “Are you kidding me, (Y/n)? You’re pathetic. A date? Since when has anyone thought you were worth their time? Never. I bet you that guy was just pitying you.” You were dragged by your hair into your small living room, although you could barely call it that. There was a singular couch with nothing on the walls and no tv. You couldn’t afford it.

    Your scalp felt like fire was inching down to your neck. You could do nothing, you were in shock. Your best friend finally let go of your head and slammed their foot into your stomach.

    “Do you really think anyone would want you as a friend? You’re far too loud and you obviously don’t know how to be considerate to others. You didn’t even give me the money I needed.” The blows to your body made you cry in agony but before more whimpers could leave your mouth, your “friend” placed tape over your mouth and nose, completely shutting you up.

    In normal circumstances with them, you would just lick around the tape so you could breath but your mouth was dry, you couldn’t BREATHE.

    Again and again you were chastised and hit. And… you couldn’t help but agree. You weren’t worth it. You weren’t worth the pain you caused your friend and family, you weren’t worth a date or food, you weren’t worth living. As long as you died by your best friend’s hands, you would be okay.

    You slowly excepted the black and white dots that shrouded your vision and let them over take your mind as it dropped into static.

    — — —

    Taishirou left your door with a pump of his fists. He was so psyched about the date that he could hardly contain his glee. You walked slowly down the hall of your apartment building as he thought over the night and you, and your beautiful eyes, and face, and body- nope! It’s pure and it will be until you’re ready!

    His steps faltered when he heard your handle jiggle, it was unlocked and he thought you were trying to get back out to see him.

    He walked back to your door and waited outside for you to open it.

    You didn’t.

    He heard a hushed voice but didn’t move.

    He did start to move when he heard a Yelp and a slap.

    He really started hustling when he heard muffled hits and kicks as cry’s suddenly stopped.

    Taishirou pulled out his phone and hit the panic button, immediately sending his address to a few close friends and the police department.

    He tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. Out of desperation, he kicked open the door and was met with the sight of you, blue in the face, on the floor, slowly dying; and an extremely pissed looking person beating the shit out of you.

    Taishirou, quickly picked you up and ripped the tape off your face, and checked your breathing. When he determined that you were now breathing, although raggedly, he tackled the abuser and pinned them to the floor.

    He grew in size and absorbed the prick in a matter of seconds.

    Heavy breathing filled your small apartment as the blonde man panicked. His date almost just died. His date almost just DIED!

    — — —

    You blinked the grogginess away and looked at the white room around you.

    A hospital? Why were you in— oh. That person, that vile creature! Surely you didn’t have to deal with them after that stunt would you.

    You silently prayed that your ex-BFF went to jail and maybe he’ll later. They may have been right about you, but you don’t attempt to murder someone, fail, then expect to be forgiving so easily.

    You put up with their bullshit for years. Never again.

    As you fumed in your hospital bed, the door to your room slowly creeped open revealing a very tired looking Toyomitsu Taishirou. His entire demeanor relaxed when he saw your figure, awake, and sitting up.

    You looked up to see Fatgum standing over you.

    “Where is that offspring of a bitch that tried to fucking murder me!? I’m going to blow out their fucking eardrums!!!” The anger in your screaming voice slightly surprised the tall man but he calmly explained the situation.

    “They’re in jail. They will be for a very, very long time.” He said gently, sitting in a chair next yo your bed.

    He told you how he found you, that he captured the abuser, and that the police came. Afterwards he calmed you down with a couple stories of his hero work and comforted you with his words.

    It was good to hear someone talk to you without evil intent. It was good to hear someone speak and have an actual conversation with you.

    You felt heard. You felt loved.

    His voice was like honey dripping down the side of a bowl. Or sweet candy being rolled for some lucky person to eat.

    He was like sugar.


    I’m so sorry this was so rushed, I’m like actually so tired and I can’t stand not posting. My mental health has taken a bad drop and I’ve been trying and failing to pick up my broken pieces.

    Thank you for understanding.


    @katsukichu @axidthot @darlingely @totally-not-bakus-hoe @arminlator @sad0ni0n @blossominglark

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    Saw this

    On at @bempo

    And dawg i don't even play animal crossing and i decided to doodle this

    #animal crossing #i dont even fucking play this #for what reason did i draw this #i guess I'm just bored idfk #garfield type shit #imagine mrow in Garfield's voice because thats how i meant it.
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    THE DIMLY LIT LIGHT SHINED ON THE DUO AS THEY SAT EATING CHEAP RAMEN AND SIPPING AT SODA. Sanzu's long fingers twirled the orange-colored token on the table, his eyes boring into it as it was spinning around on the table. When it fell on the table, he let out an exhausted sigh. Four months being clean, was quite the accomplishment according to his sponsor Haru who sat across from him reading a newspaper. Sanzu wanted to question the older gentlemen, who the hell still reads the newspaper in this age of technology.

    The two seem to sit in silence as they waited for their ramen to come. Which in the meantime, Sanzu was spinning around the orange token he received in rehab after being clean months after his incident.

    “So, what’s next Sanzu? Is this the part where you go back and get the girl you been moping about when you were in rehab?” Haru asked as he folded his newspaper neatly.

    Sanzu wanted to get her back. He wanted [Y/N]. But perhaps, it wasn’t the best to drag her back into his life.

    "But I like that girl too much, I wish I never met her." was the only thing that Sanzu uttered out his mouth as he snatched up the orange token on the table.

    ✧˖*°࿐ warning & info — bonten!sanzu x (black fem coded) reader, mentions of drug overdose, slight toxic relationship, drug usage, angst, slight dark content, intalics means flashback, wk: 1.9k, inspired by euphoria christmas special episode with zendaya & the way life goes by lil uzi vert ft nicki minaj.
    © 2021 dejwrites, please don't repost & plagiarize work.

    Haru leaned back into the booth staring at the young man in front of him. Haru couldn’t really read Sanzu, even when he first met the gentlemen he was so stubborn and would sit so quiet during his time rehab. By his intimidating eyes and the scars near his mouth, many people didn’t bother to approach him. But it was Haru who took the challenge of being his sponsor, especially considering that years ago he was in the same shoes as Sanzu.

    “Why? You told me yourself that the last thing she told you was when you get clean to come home,” Haru would move his newspaper out the way as their waiter sat two bowls of ramen down in front of them.

    “Because it’s pointless,” Sanzu says. “What if she found someone else already? Forgot about me.” He’s scratching at the back of his neck nervously.

    “Now you’re just saying anything,” Haru says looking at him before picking up his chopsticks. “You’re afraid.” He uttered as he begin to eat his ramen.

    Sanzu's eyes just stared at Haru as he was eating. Grabbing his own chopsticks not nothing to follow up on Haru’s comment. He stuffed his face with the hot noodles, the warmness of the meal brought back memories with [Y/N].

    “Are you afraid that you’ll hurt her again?” Haru questioned as he looked at Sanzu.

    “Somethin’ like that,” Sanzu’s mumbling with his mouth full of noodles. He swallowed his food before speaking once again, “I never told you this, but she was the one that found me when I had that um’ accident.”

    “When you overdosed,” Haru corrected.

    When Sanzu let that word slide off his tongue it caused his stomach to form the most hideous knots. It caused him to think about the pain he put his loved ones through when it happen. "Yeah, that..." His voice trails off before he's back eating his ramen.

    Sanzu sat in the bed listening to his friends gloat about how relieved they were about him being okay. He wasn't really paying much attention to them due to the fact that he noticed she wasn't here. He fuckin' overdosed and she wasn't by his side. He felt betrayed that she wasn't here.

    "Where's [Y/N]?" Sanzu interrupted everyone's babbling.

    He watched as each Bonten member's eyes shifted to one another. He also just seem to notice that Mochi wasn't even in the room either. His body plopped back on the uncomfortable hospital bed wondering who was going to answer him first.

    "She's with Mochi in the hospital cafe, she said she doesn't know if she wants to see you right now." Mikey bluntly admitted as his eyes were boring into a magazine.

    "I mean in her defense, I too would be fuckin' traumatized if I found you choking on your vomit about to die," Rindou responded as he was flicking through the channels on the television. He soon was hit in the back of his head by his older brother Ran.

    "What? You guys know it's true." Rindou mumbled shaking his head.

    Sanzu's lips parted to argue, but a knock was heard on the door as Mochi stepped in. "She wants to talk to him alone." He firmly said as he eyed the room.

    Sanzu watched as they left the room and when he saw [Y/N], his heart seemed to speed up similar to how the drugs he took made it. He was expecting her to hug him, embrace him so closely that he could get a whiff of that expensive perfume she always wore. But she didn't. Instead, her eyes were filled with so much disappointment and hurt.

    "You do know what happened right?" [Y/N] asked as she took a step closer. She sat on the end of the bed. "You overdosed!"


    "Let me finish please," She says as she closed her eyes and releases a sigh. "It scared me. I really thought you were going to die right there on a bathroom floor," She explained.

    "As I was talking with Mochi trying to calm my nerves down, I just kept thinking that if you would have told me straight up you were still taking drugs, I would have got you help. But no, you sat right across from me during our anniversary dinner and told me you quit that shit."

    Sanzu hated when [Y/N] cried. He was sure all guys hated seeing their favorite girl in the world be broken in front of them. He hated the way when she cried it sounded like a loud weep. It sounded like each sob her breathing stopped. A horrific view to be viewing as he's sitting in a hospital bed after getting his stomach pumped.

    His hand reached over to grab a hold of hers, but [Y/N] snatched it back so quickly. As if she didn't even want to be touched by such a horrendous creature. She's climbing off the bed wiping her tears.

    "You need help babe and right now I can't give you that or fuckin' Bonten." She says. "I can't watch you kill yourself, not like this."

    She's toying with her engagement ring on her finger and Sanzu knew what was next as his throat was growing dry every second. His words trampled at the back of his throat completely lost of words.

    [Y/N]'s leaning over placing a kiss on his cheek and placing the engagement ring in the palm of his hand. It seemed like everything was moving in slow motion around Sanzu, but his heart was still beating in his chest rapidly. [Y/N] turned around giving him an exhausted smile.

    "When you get clean, come home Sanzu."

    Haru's fingers are tapping at the table causing Sanzu to snap out of his own thoughts. Haru sipped at his water. "Stop being so stubborn and go get your girl. You've been clean for four months."

    "It's not that simple. I just feel like I'll let her down again and I just don't think I can handle putting her through that again," Sanzu declared as he stared at his bowl of ramen.

    Haru's arms crossed over his chest. Sanzu could get a look at his tattoos that peeked through his shirt on his arms. "Sanzu do you plan on doing drugs again?"

    Sanzu's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "What? No? That would flush all my progress down the damn drain Haru."

    "Well, when you said you don't want to let [Y/N] down again that's what I'm getting from you. That as soon as you go back to your lifestyle, you're going to back poppin' pills and being high," Haru bluntly responded. "And if that's what you're going to do, I'm getting up from this table and leaving you here, and don't consider calling me anymore."

    Sanzu swallowed the large knot in his throat, fingers combing through his faded pink-colored hair. Due to him being in rehab and such, he didn't have time to dye it constantly. It was slowly growing longer and his natural hair color was coming back. He had even ditched the signature mullet he previously had months ago. His hair was now cut fully short in the back, but he still had long strands of hair hanging in his face here and there. "I'm not going to go back to doing drugs Haru." He sighed. "I just don't know where to start when it comes to our relationship. We can't just go back to what it was. She has almost seen me fuckin' die."

    "Give me your phone real quick."


    "Phone now!"

    Sanu's digging in his dark black colored jean jacket and sliding his phone across the table after putting in the code. Haru picks up his phone and soon places the phone to his ear. Sanzu went back to eating his food not bothering to question his sponsor's next move.

    "Hello? Is this [Y/N]?" Haru asked.

    Sanzu's head snapped up so quickly before he's leaning forward for the phone. Haru's pushing his hands out the way trying to talk.

    "I'm Haru, Sanzu's sponsor. You know, he's been clean for four months and I'm treating him to ramen-"

    "Ah, yes. It's been four months, I'm so proud of him even though he's spending such a huge day mopping about you. No offense."

    Sanzu sat with wide eyes watching his sponsor butter up his ex-fiance on the phone.

    "Oh, you want to come down to the restaurant to celebrate with us? I'll send you the address right now. Can't wait to meet you [Y/N]."

    Haru ended the call, quickly typed in the address, and slid the phone back to Sanzu.

    "You're insane, you know that right? How the hell did you become a sponsor?" Sanzu sneered snatching his phone off the table.

    "I've been clean for over five years. I've witnessed many of the people I sponsor spiral back into their old ways so quickly when they're released from rehab. I've gone to five funerals this year due to overdoses." Haru revealed. "I see so much of myself in you Sanzu. And I wish I had someone to go to after I was clean for four months, but I didn't? You want me to tell you why?"

    Sanzu pushed his bowl to the side and leaned forward wanting to know more. "Why?"

    "My family thinks I'm a disgrace to my family lineage cause I got my own daughter taken away because of me chasing a temporary high," Haru said staring at him. "I can't even be alone when I visit my damn daughter." He sighed. "So, I'm sorry for being extremely overbearing when it comes to your life."

    Haru soon picks up the menu with different ramen recipes. "Now, what type of ramen do [Y/N] like?"

    Sanzu couldn't help but smile as he took the menu out of his hand so he could order [Y/N] some ramen. He still remembered how she liked her ramen as if it was his own name. The nervous feeling of seeing her again was the type of high he should have been on the whole time. He should have stuck with the bubbly feeling of feeling those butterflies in the pit of his stomach when he saw her smile. Or the intense feeling of his body radiating so much heat when she moaned out his name.

    He had to get her back. He was clean now, so he had to go home with her.

    #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #sanzu x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #black reader #anime x reader #tr x reader #tokyo revengers x black reader #sanzu haruchiyo x black reader #reader is visualized/implied to be black #char: sanzu haruchiyo #imagine: tokyo revengers #Spotify#dark content #yeah i made mochi be the somewhat older bro to y/n #cause y'all be leaving him out of everything !!
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  • duckymcdoorknob
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyu#haikyuu tsukishima #haikyuu x reader fluff #haikyuu x reader imagine #haikyuu x reader #tsukki x reader #tsukishima x reader #kei tsukishima x reader #tsukishima x reader fluff #Tsukishima kei x reader #kei tsukishima#tsukishima kei#anime#tsukki imagine#tsukishima imagine#anime imagine #anime x reader #ducky’s date night
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  • maldowritesplz
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    💚A Chance Meeting💚

    With Nanami Kento

    Part 1

    Just a little idea I have for Nanami 💚 I love that man so here ya go! My request box is always open!

    Ambience music:



    Morning routines. Starting as they always do, right on time, every single day.Nanami Kento, Another soul rising before the sun to head off to another shift in an office building. He had just stepped out into the crisp chill morning. The sun barely poking out from the hills. Long shadows decorating the building surrounding him.

    A tired sigh left his lips. Nanami was already mentally preparing a list of everything he needed to do when he clocked in today. Luckily he still has a few spare minutes to grab a cup of coffee and keep himself away from work for a few moments longer.He would need the extra help to get him through the day anyway. He had been meaning to try the new cafe. It had opened up recently and Nanami had heard surpringingly good things about it.

    Soon he would know for himself if he would frequent the location. Though he kept his expectations low so he wouldn't be too disappointed.

    After walking passed several blocks. He finally reached the small illuminated building sitting comfortably in the corner. His eyes rested on the warm colors and lights setting the charm up for customers to fall in love with. He had to admit. It was pleasant looking. Enough for him to take the time to step inside.

    Inside, Nanamis skin basked in the warmth of the shop. The same warm lights tempting him further. A few guests were already inside enjoying themselves. But relatively, the scene was peacefully quiet.

    Nanami made his way up the counter. Clearing his throat as he did so. He was greeted by a cheery young individual. Their smile was bright. Perfectly welcoming compared to the cold morning. Nanamis eyes flickered down to their name tag. Written in inky cursive.


    How fitting. He thought.

    "Welcome in sir. What can I prepare for you today?"

    Laced with honey... Their voice was dripping in sweet sweet honey. He was impressed to say the least. Nanami admitted he wouldn’t mind hearing it a second time.

    Nanami cleared his throat, shaking his head out of his thoughts. Mean while quickly scanning the menu for something simplistic. He would still need to carry the items to work. "A coffee with two creams and 1 sugar please and a cherry pastry as well."

    They smiled again. "Of course sir, let me grab those for you!"

    Nanami watched them turn on their heels. Walking over to the coffee machine to prepare what he had asked for. The glee from their eyes never faltering, even as their apron became just a hair messier from Nanamis coffee...

    He somehow found it admirable. Nanami blinked once and they were back at the counter. Cup and bag in hand, pointed in his direction.

    "Here you are sir! I haven't seen you before so I went ahead and put an extra treat in your bag. Enjoy, and come back soon."

    He couldn't help but utter a, "Thank you, have a nice day." The cashier flashed him one last smile before walking back over to the register. Attending to the next customer in line. Nanamis hands reached for his items. Anticipation running down his veins. Before he turned around to depart, he snuck one last glance at the cashier again.

    Their cheeks were tinted a bit rosy. Eyes wide and attention to the task at hand. Nanami took this moment to memorize the shape of their hands and face.

    He had a feeling he would greatly enjoy visiting here again.

    Their smile was so contagious, Nanami found his own creeping onto himself.

    Today was going to be a good day.

    Clocked in: 8:58am


    Thank you for reading 😊 Feel free to request your own ideas in my box 💙🌷 Also if there's any errors feel free to notify me as well. Thank you 🌷

    ~ Maldo

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  • misss-chrisss
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    pairings: sugar daddy! Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Oikawa x fem reader

    cw: dom! x sub! reader, brat tamer in Iwaizumi’s fingering, clit slapping, mutual masturbation (m+f), exhibitionism, pillow tribbing, nipple play, use of video, daddy kink in kuroo's, implied age gap (hq guys are late 30’s-early 40’s; reader is mid 20’s)

    tags: @dejwrites @gabzlovesu @nanaminshousewife @angwritez @aylablack15 (if you wanna be added, just send me an ask)

    Sugar Daddy!Iwaizumi loves when you throw tantrums. He finds it all the most alluring, fueling the dominance within his veins. Either it’s Every bit of attitude, pout, and sass you give him, he absorbs it, keeping careful count of each occurrence.

    Unbeknownst to you, Iwaizumi finds such joy in your little tantrums, the heel of your pearly white stilettos piercing into the flooring of the store when he denies you of that purse you need —oh so— much. He chuckles intently, guiding his pouty princess back out to the car with the driver waiting patiently.

    He gives you a few minutes to calm down, soothing you with soft pecks along the crook of your neck. He knows exactly what gets your legs spreading and those hips bucking in the air. His girthy digits drift down to your panties, ripping the gossamer material to the side. Iwaizumi toys with your clit for a while, sighing at how easily the tender bud slips against his calloused pads. It’s satisfying to the both of you, giving birth to the arousal brewing at the pit of your belly.

    “Such a mess you’re making on my fingers. So fucking cute,” he grins, teasing the slit of your cunt with pulsing fingers. Just when you prepare yourself mentally for the delicious stretch, an abrupt jab of pain distracts you.

    All that you could do was allow a whimper to fly from out your lips, the slap immediately cause a stinging reaction. Your eyes flutter open, peering down at Iwaizumi’s hand reeling back to land another slap, the palm of his hand glimmering in your slick. Iwaizumi kept his lips at your ear, his warm breath nipping at the shell.

    “Don’t you ever embarrass me in public like that again, or else I’ll fuck the reminder into that thick skull of yours.”

    Sugar Daddy!Kuroo loves when you call his name. He swears it fills his stomach with innocent butterflies, hearing his bubbly muse coo out his name.

    It’s a cute purr, flows right off your tongue, and ends in a smile that could make Kuroo empty out his bank account right in that moment. He likes to play dumb sometimes, claiming his hearing fades in and out from time to time. Kuroo always stands tall and giddy with perked ears, waiting for you to repeat yourself.

    Kuroo especially loves when you call out to him for his services, ranging in a multitude of forms. His favorite one, of course, is when your orgasm hinges at the tips of your freshly manicured toes, the nerves prickling at the surface of your supple skin.

    With his cock buried so deep inside your—his—cunt, it drags along your walls with such intensity. But Kuroo doesn’t dare to increase the pace, his hips lagging at a languid drive. Not as it even matters, even without using a pummelling force Kuroo still managed to have your body on edge.

    “Aww, what’s wrong, Angelface? Use your words, what do you want from me?” He’ll taunt, using those thick fingers of his to squeeze your cheek together, forcing out a wet pucker from you drooling lips. It’s all just overwhelming, the heat of the room, his hunkering frame shadowing above your own. Your thoughts weren’t your own, only scraps compiled to filled your mush turned brain.

    Your hands claw at his forearm, yet proving his resolve to be stronger than your own. It wasn’t your fault, it was Kuroo’s stubborn ego, acting as the driving effort to see that his needs are met. Kuroo lays a trail of pecks up to your neck, lingering along your jawline and ending at your cheek, each one dressed with apathy. His words are just teasing, the only solace being his hitching pants warming the shell of your ear as he spoke smugly.

    “Say it with me now, Te-tsu-rou. C’mon Baby, say it for Daddy. Tell me just how bad you wanna cum all over my cock.”

    Sugar Daddy! Oikawa loves when you send him pictures. It’s a boost of confidence, sending the man photos whenever you decide to frilly yourself up for the day. Even if it’s just running to the store, Oikawa wants it all. He loves to have a collection of his precious baby looking her best, making up for all the times he couldn’t join you.

    Whether he’s away for work or tucked away in a stuffy hotel room, he’s swiping through his file of photos reserved just for you and that gorgeous smile. Yet when it’s the ungodly hours of the night, he’s upping his game from pictures to full blown videos, even video-calls to please his fancy.

    Each one of these calls consist of you, dollied up and dressed in his favorite set of lingerie. It barely leaves anything to his imagination, aiding the growing impatience that comes with age. All he ever has is one request from you, quite simple as well.

    All Oikawa wants is your pleasure, even from hundreds of miles away.

    So you follow his request to the “T”, propping the front camera of your phone against the headboard of your bed, leaving nothing but you and his pillow on the bed. Your inner thighs scrape along the plush fabric towards your body, your hips rutting into the cotton.

    You knew that keeping a constant pace was key to your impending high, the soft moans flowing from your mouth like a crystal clear stream of the purest water. One hand kept at your breasts, rolling the hardening buds to their peaks. Oikawa had his sights pinned on you, watching your desperate search for a climax unfold before him.

    “Feels good, right Princess?” He’ll ask with a heavy chest, Oikawa wincing at how rough the palm of his hand was. It was nothing like your touch, the plush skin of your digits that would struggle to hold his length. He was struck by an off sense of nostalgia, memories of his salacious youth being re-lived with each uncaring stroke of his fist.

    Just to even come close to your touch, Oikawa removed bits of his barreling strength, the pad of his thumb swiping at the blushing head of his dribbling cock. He bit his lip greedily, his ears piqued for your reply.

    You hum in response, clutching at the mass in between your fist. It did feel nice, working yourself into an orgasm through the rolls of your hips. The satin pillowcase dragged along your clit, taunting the sensitive bud with its smooth material. You buried your cunt deeper into the pillow, searching for some form of friction to throw you down the spiral of hysteria.

    “I-I’m so close, wanna cum with you, ‘Ru,” you mewled out, increasing your mere nudges to erratic grindings of desire. Oikawa could only growl in return, the frustration of his inadequate touch pitting him against time.

    He tossed his head back, the apple of his throat rising and falling at staggering paces. At the final moments of his stability, Oikawa groaned out his final request of the night, something you couldn’t attempt to defy.

    “Cum for me, Pretty. You better make a fucking mess for me to come back to, got it?”

    #anime#reader insert #x fem!reader #x female reader #x black fem reader #x black reader #haikyuu oikawa#haikyuu kuroo#haikyuu iwaizumi #oikawa x you #oikawa drabble#oikawa tooru#oikawa torū#oikawa smut#kuroo imagine #kuroo tetsuro x you #kuroo smut #kuroo x you #iwaizumi smut#iwaizumi hajime #iwaizumi x you #iwaizumi imagine #character x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu smut
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  • tons-of-vball-huns
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    “hmph! it’s always big baby, never just baby,” he pouts and crosses his arms.

    bokuto, oikawa, sakusa (but he only does it once in a blue moon), atsumu, kuroo, saeko, yamamoto, lev, tendou (for fun)
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  • tiecossett
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago


           Sangonomiya !

                  sangonomiya kokomi, the priestess.

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  • sadilga
    30.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    i read the word AIV fodder and i immediately taste it in my mouth

    #✨ just animal husbandry things ✨ #i don't study anymore and i haven't been near livestock feed in a couple of years but i can still imagine the smell #i also remember that one time when i ate rye bread and it started to taste like the smell of AIV fodder #i didn't eat the rest of the bread btw #mine
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  • transfemmes
    30.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I love these panels

    #💖#sxf #I appreciate how Bond imagines Yor with a smiley face while still acknowledging 'If I piss her off she'll kill me' #Loid hunting animals.... in a suit.... and then Bond actually GOES to his job and still helps the same way hdjfh #forger family my beloved
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  • misss-chrisss
    30.11.2021 - 14 hours ago


    warnings: language

    series masterlist

    “Ah, wasn’t that just fun?” I beamed, shifting my sights between the men beside me. Both their arms held the straps of shopping bags from previous stops. The entire day was filled with shopping for whatever I had in mind, courtesy of the Haitani brothers of course.

    It had reached a point where I had to beg them to stop, each swipe of their cards only made my guilt soar to unreasonable heights. Yet here we were now, walking amongst the nightlife of the city with just bits of energy left in our systems.

    “Can we get something to eat, I’m starving,” Rindou groaned, his steps along the pavement beginning to lag. He looked adorable with that pout on his face, I couldn’t help but comfort him for a moment. I laced my arm around his neck, drawing him closer.

    “I appreciate you and Ran so much for this. Half of these were honestly just recommendations from you guys,” I giggled softly into the curve of his ear. A blazen blush bloomed across Rindou’s cheeks, whipping his head to the side.

    “Don’t be like that. It’s the least we could’ve done for you,” he muttered out quietly. Strangely, we held eye contact for much longer than expected, the distance between us was unfamiliarly closer than normal.

    I never took the time to notice but there was an odd tattoo etched onto. He keeps his shirts buttoned so high that I haven't been able to see it. It almost reminds me of a certain pair of earrings my mother once wore.

    Of course, before I could even point that fact out, a warbling cry echoed from beside me, ruining the barely intimate moment among Rindou and I. “Y/NNN, don’t leave me out of the love. I’m here too,” Ran whimpered, his elbow nudging at my side.

    “I’m here for both of you, trust that,” I sighed, peering out towards the distance.

    “Oh look, there’s a cute little restaurant over on the corner, shall we?” I hinted, earning a glaze of confusion from the two. “You wanna eat...there? It doesn’t even look like they can make a decent steak,” Rindou barreled out arrogantly.

    “Mm, not everything is about glitz and glam, Rindou. Try coming down from your high seat and live as we commoners do,” I teased, making way towards the quaint establishment.

    “She’s got you there, Rin. No need to be so harsh of a critic,” Ran added spitefully. “Y/N, I was thinking...we don’t know much about you. If it doesn’t seem too pushy, mind sharing with us what we should know, Darling?” Ran pondered aloud, resting his chin along his palm. I immediately sensed my eyes widening, the question was beyond expected. I never believed that the two would be so interested

    Sadly, they wouldn’t be hearing my true story from my lips, that’s a secret I’ll keep to the grave.

    I sifted around the plush leather, slipping my hands beneath my thighs, my lips pushing out a gentle pout. “Uh, I’m just your average twenty-one yearold college kid trying to make a little money. But to thoroughly answer your question, I grew up in Aoyama and ended up here in Shibuya for college and the next chapter in my life.”

    “Aoyama? That’s the richest part of Japan. Only the wealthiest and influential could afford to even rent there. If you’re really from there, I’m having a hard time comprehending why you work for us,” Ran contemplated, his brows knitting with concern. I flashed him the most innocent

    “I just got lucky. Let’s just say I had to make a living for myself. I enjoy what a casino stands for, the shift in power reflects that of our world. The wealthy run society, others have to gawk in jealousy. Yet, me being a dealer allows me to observe those swift changes, makes me feel blessed just to be around such people.”

    Rindou scoffed at my words, “Sounds like you have a minor god complex to me. I’ve seen what it can do to people and well...things don’t end too pretty for them.” I tilted my head, my view of his visage changing in perspective.

    “I don’t think it’s a god complex at all. I’m more a background person, sitting back and watching as the scenes unfold before me. My exterior is calm, even uninterested at times, barely speaking a word of advice simply because it’s not my place nor do people accept it these days.”

    “But inside my mind, I already knew how everything was going to end, almost like I’d planned it or seen the future. Point is, I just wanted to get a real-life experience. It let me here and so far, I have no complaints. Isn’t that all that matters?” I suggested, bringing about a wave of nods and hums from the brothers.

    “Beautifully said, Y/N. I’m glad to have with us..or with me,” Ran swiftly chuckled, his words granting a deadly stare from Rindou. I simply leaned into the table, studying the brothers with steady eyes. It was truthfully a crime to have handsome suitors at my side.

    But it’s like I said, luck just happened to be on my side.

    After dinner, the two walked me home, even insisting on placing the bags inside for me. I pleaded and pleaded until they gave in, dropping the luxury items near my feet. I waited until the apir was down the block for me to enter, sometimes their unruly protectiveness comes off as more annoying than kind.

    As I pushed the door open, the scent of burned ashes filled my senses, causing my eyes to water. I fumbled inside with the bags, my fingers struggling to find the light switch before slamming the door shut.

    That’s when I found the very blood in my veins coming to a standstill, the thumping of my heart filling my ears.

    “You look well...Y/N,” a familiar voice spat, coaxing me to meet their gaze. Once my eyes settled upon the figure, I immediately developed a bitter taste in my mouth. Never in my life did I think I’d see him again. Then again, that was simply the gullible hope within my heart, of course I would be faced with such a suffocating aura.

    That’s the life I chose to lead, running away from my problems.

    I turned to meet the man dressed in all black, making himself at home along my couch. I swallowed down my fears to address him properly, the words rolling off my tongue confidently.

    “I try my hardest these days...Brother.”

    #anime#reader insert #x fem!reader #x female reader #x black reader #x black fem reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #haitani rindou x reader #haitani brothers #haitani ran x reader #haitani x reader #ran haitani#rindou haitani #haitani ran imagines #haitani rindou imagines #rindo x y/n #rindo x reader #rindou x reader #tokyo revengers ran #ran haitani x reader #tr rindou#tr ran #character x reader #fanfic#tokrev rindou#tokrev ran
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  • nanaminshousewife
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    #voice asks! #from: anon #i didn’t say enough but #he’s the perfect contrast to literally everyone in the anime #he’s just so down to earth and it makes it that much easier to imagine it’s actually taking place #i could write an essay on this man i love him so much
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  • aceedoodles
    30.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    i am having many art thoughts but true despair, because i have no time right now to draw anything >:((

    #wanna do full drawings of andrew and neil with the lyrics from enemies by imagine dragons #i also really want to draw jinx and vi from arcane and maybe silco #also VIKTOR #i love him #and i also want to do more dbh art #HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH #i can't wait for the semester to end ;;; #oh and ALSO some of my classmates who are art majors told me about a program to do animations on and i'm >> #so i also want to try and use that to do my capri animatics #and i had a thought about doing neil's you know i get it speech #anyway so those are my plans as soon as i get the chance :'))
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