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  • Leo:(to everyone) Can I copy your homework??

    Annabeth: I’ll help you with it.

    Jason: Sure.

    Piper: Maybe..

    Percy: Why would you assume that I did the homework?

    Hazel: I will. Just lemme finish it reaal quick.

    Frank: We had homework??!

    Will: I’ll give it to you if I get it from someone.

    Reyna: No

    Nico:… *read 9:47pm*

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  • image

    Percabeth headers.

    fav or reblog if u save.
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    • Magnus: I hate when cops
    • Annabeth: Are you gonna finish that sentence?
    • Magnus: I already have
    #pjo#mcga #percy jackon and the olympians #magnus chase and the gods of asgard #magnus chase#magnus#annabeth chase#annabeth #incorrect mcga quotes
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    • Annabeth: Okay. You have 10 blue cookies and Jason asks for 2. How many blue cookies do you have left?
    • Percy: 10 cookies. There's no way I'm gonna give Jason my blue foods.
    • Annabeth: Um...Let me rephrase the question. You have 10 blue cookies and Jason forcefully takes 2. How many blue cookies do you have left?
    • Percy: 10 cookies and 1 dead Jason.
    • Annabeth: ...
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  • Link to it:https://archiveofourown.org/works/28873395/chapters/70828737

    “Oh, you must be Annabeth’s cousin, Magnus, right?” I asked, staring straight at him. He was taller than me. I was not sure how I felt about it. Earlier that day, Annabeth told me that her cousin would be going round to drop off Bobby and Matthew after their piano recital because Annabeth had not seen them in a week. Knowing Annie’s family, I had expected a well-dressed sixteen-year-old with blond curly hair. Not whatever had stood in front of me.  

    His hair was bone-straight and dyed bubblegum pink (I think, you never know with demigods). He had these eyes. They were grey but that was never what you noticed. You noticed how he stared right through you. You noticed how they light up when he saw a pretty flower. How they light up when he was saying ‘I love you’. How they light up when he was telling you about the gruesome Cleveland torso murders. He liked that kind of stuff.

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    #hoo#toa#mcga#pjo #heroes of olympus #trials of apollo #magnus chase and the gods of asgard #percy jackon and the olympians #jason grace#jason#magnus chase#magnus#piper mclean#piper#leo valdez#leo#annabeth chase#annabeth
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    • avery: bitch
    • maria, offended: am not!
    • -
    • avery: bitch
    • percy: don't i know it!
    • avery:
    • avery: percy, no
    • -
    • avery: bitch
    • annabeth: thanks
    • -
    • avery: bitch
    • rosie, knowing exactly what avery's looking for: jerk
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  • What was going through the sevens head when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus?

    I’m writing this from memory so some things may be slightly off. Please forgive me.



    Jason was securing the Parthenos onto the ship right? So when they noticed - well Nico did followed by the others - Annabeth and Percy over the edge hanging on for life, what went through his mind.

    I’m assuming due to lack of air down in hell that he could not manipulate it to fly down and catch them like with Piper and the Grand Canyon.

    I can only imagine the agony he felt knowing two of the most important demigods - and friends - were falling to their deaths.

    Not one of them could count on the chance Percy and Annabeth would survive so what went through his head.

    He had to secure the Parthenos and Piper obviously would not have let him risk falling too in a chance he could manipulate the air. I’m sure he tried.

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    #just some#pjo/hoo #what went through the sevens heads when #Percy#and#annabeth #fell into Tartarus #bonus at the end #percy jackson#rick riordan#riordanverse#percabeth#annabeth chase #percy x annabeth #annabethchase#pjoverse#annabeth pjo
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  • The og trio headcanons 🖐🏻✊🏻🖐🏻✊🏻 hand ‘em over

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  • Saw this on @the-ghost-king‘s account. Apparently @best-ofpjo started the trend?

    Percy Jackson: Yes. But not incredibly close. We’d help each other with homework, greet each other in the hallways, and I could see him coming to me for help to get Annabeth gifts on holidays/her bday or if the couple got into a fight. We’d get along great. But. I see Percy being incredibly popular and I’m more of the girl who sits in the back of the class and hides in her book.

    Annabeth Chase: Yes. Definitely. As I mentioned earlier, I’m more of the girl who sits in the back of the class and hides in her book. I see Annabeth similarly. Everyone knows her, but she’s not as popular as Percy. Occasionally a boy would ask her out and it gets to the point she was gonna judo-flip the next dude who did so I made it my job to glare at any unknown boy who gets into a five foot radius of her, with that child-of-hades-imma-kill-you-in-two-seconds-glare. We’d do homework together at my house usually. If any boy asks me out, and if it gets to the point it annoys me, I could see Annabeth punching the poor guy. So yeah. We’d be really close.

    Piper McLean: Yeah. I see it. We’d probably fangirl about Solangelo and Percabeth together. And I’ve been told more than once that I’d be an Aphrodite girl. We’d get along great. Piper, Annabeth and I would hang out together a lot. 

    Jason Grace: Nope. Nada. Definitely NOT. I just don’t see it happening. Ya know?

    Hazel Levesque: Sure. We wouldn’t be super close or anything. But we’d get along well. Probably be those kinda friends who only text each other for homework questions and music. 

    Frank Zhang: Meh. Sort of? Idk. We’d be pretty chill. And we’d hang out in groups. But you’ll never see the two of us alone. 

    Leo Valdez: Yes. Yes. Yes. We’d be those two friends attached at the hip. Practically siblings. Leo, Piper and I would hang out a lot together. Talking about shit and just having fun being absolute idiots. I could see Leo being there, comforting me when something’s going on in my hectic, crappy life. Out of everyone, I think I’d be closest to him…

    Nico di Angelo: Nico a close second. I see me and Nico being close and hanging out together. Me teasing him about Will. Just bantering like friends would. Close. Really close. Incredibly close. Like siblings close. A close second after Leo tho. 

    Will Solace: Yeah. Sure. We’d be relatively close. I’d tease him about Nico, because I’m like that. He’d probably fanboy over Star Wars. Because I’m the only one who listens and replies. because I get it. I’d probably vent about stupid nonsense that happens in my fanfiction world. Because he gets it. 

    Here’s the list of how close I am to everyone:

    • Leo Valdez
    • Nico di Angelo
    • Annabeth Chase
    • Piper McLean
    • Will Solace
    • Percy Jackson
    • Hazel Levesque
    • Frank Zhang
    • Jason Grace

    If anyone else does this, reblog this post bc I wanna see it and Im lazy to search :)

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  • Annabeth: I would like my boyfriend to be environmentally aware.

    Percy: *pointing at the sky* that’s a cloud

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  • Taylor Swifts “My Tears Ricochet” Perfectly applies to Luke and Annabeth from Percy Jackson. Fight me.

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  • image

    Poorly drawn Annabeth and Percy

    Click for clear quality

    #art#digital art#annabeth pjo #percy and annabeth #annabeth chase#Annabeth#percy jackson #percy jackon and the olympians #son of poseidon #daughter of athena
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  • if u don’t like Annabeth keep that shit to urself that’s embarrassing 😩

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  • The Titan’s Curse is basically one huge Percabeth moment

    Percy: Where’s Annabeth? Annabeth don’t die! Annabeth don’t leave me for the Hunters! Annabeth please, NO ARTEMIS DON’T ASK ANNABETH! ANNABETH PLEASE DON’T SAY YES!

    (after Thalia is chosen and she says yes)

    Percy: oh Annabeth? She’s just my friend :)

    Grover: *in the background giving Percy a death stare and aggressively eating a can*

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  • Edited the refs of some of the Guild Crew.

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  • image

    Another Annabeth

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  • instead of paying attention i wrote this fic in geo class (which is mind numbingly boring ugh) but i never pay attention anyways :)

    38. “They’re coming. Kiss me!”

    Percy honestly did not expect to see his ex there. He had turned twenty-one a few days ago and Piper and Jason insisted that he try drinking. But there she was, with her flaming red hair and bright green eyes. She was standing with her arms wrapped around a guy. Her new boyfriend, Percy thought. He shouldn’t have been surprised at that. Rachel was really pretty. It was no wonder that she’d gotten a new boyfriend so quickly.

    “I’m sorry, Perce,” Piper said, looking at Rachel with a look of disgust on her face.

    Percy nodded. “It’s fine,” he said, trying to believe it. He had gone out to get drunk and forget about all his troubles. He was determined not to let Rachel spoil that for him.

    “C’mon man. I’ll buy you a drink. That’ll cheer you up.” Jason said and dragged Piper over to the bar with him, and Percy was left alone in the crowd. He knew soon Rachel would spot him and things would get totally awkward. He saw the familiar face of a blonde girl smiling at him from the crowd and got a terrible idea. Terrible, but he kind of had no choice, unless he wanted to be embarrassed to death.

    “Hey,” Percy said walking up to her, kind of nervously. “You’re Annabeth, right? You’re in my English class at college.”

    “Actually, I’m in your physics class,” she replied.

    “Oh. Anyways, I’m Percy. This might be a weird question but can you be my girlfriend for a while? Just for tonight?”

    “What? Why?”

    “Because my ex is here and I don’t want her to know that I don’t have a girlfriend yet when she already has a boyfriend and it would be totally awkward if she sees me.”

    “So you want me to be your fake girlfriend,” she said.


    “That’s a terrible plan. Let’s do it,” she said, laughing. To Percy, her laugh sounded like the most beautiful sound ever. Percy loved her stormy grey eyes and the cute way her forehead scrunched up when she was thinking. He had seen at least three other girls from his school here tonight, but didn’t know why he asked Annabeth. Probably because he had liked her for ages.

    “Seriously? You’ll do that for me?” Percy asked, brightening.

    “Yeah,” she said, smiling at him.

    Rachel had spotted them now and was making her way towards them, her boyfriend right at her heels.

    “They’re coming. Kiss me!”

    “Kiss you?”

    “Please just do it,” he said desperately.

    “Fine,” she pressed her lips on his. Percy thought it was the best moment of his life.

    Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Rachel talking to her boyfriend and walking alone towards them. They pulled away. “Hey,” she said, as she didn’t just she her ex-boyfriend making out with some random girl who she did not know.

    “Hi,” Percy replied awkwardly.

    “I didn’t know you’d be here,” Rachel said.

    “Me neither. I came with some friends,” he said

    “Oh. Who’s this?” she said, gesturing to Annabeth.

    “This is Annabeth, my girlfriend. Annabeth, this is Rachel, my ex.” From the look on her face Percy could tell that Annabeth didn’t like Rachel. Or maybe she was just a really good actor.

    “Nice to meet you. Percy has told me a lot about you,” Annabeth said, holding out her hand. Rachel shook it.

    “Good things or bad things?” Rachel said, laughing.

    “Um, both. But mostly good things, like how you go to school in Paris and that you’re a really good artist,” she answered, smiling. Rachel laughed and shook her head.

    “So, who’s that?” Percy asked, chin pointing to Rachel’s boyfriend.

    “Oh my gosh, I completely forgot. That’s my boyfriend over there,” she replied.

    “Oh, I see. C’mon babe, there’s Piper and Jason bringing us our drinks,” he said to Annabeth and put his arm around her. Then to Rachel “Sorry, we gotta go. Nice meeting you Rach. Bye!” he said and walked off quickly.

    “That went smoothly, thank god,” Percy said as soon as they were out of earshot.

    “How’d I do?” Annabeth asked him, grinning. “Was I the perfect fake girlfriend or what?”

    “You did amazing, thanks so much,” Percy said, breathing a sigh of relief. And before he could lose his courage, he asked.

    “Um, so I was wondering. Would you like to go get some pizza with me?”

    “Are you asking me out?” she said.


    “But what about your friends?”

    “They’ll understand.”

    “Okay, let’s go,” she said and kissed him. It was a while before they pulled away. Percy grinned and put her arm around her waist. It was a night to remember.

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  • Last thought before I post the long wall of text about Titans Curse but everyone saying facts about the Hoover Dam because of Annabeth- my h e a r t

    #percy jackson #percy jackson books #percy jackson series #percabeth#annabeth chase#book#annabeth #the titan's curse book #the titan's curse #my heart#so sweet#i’m crying
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  • yo i’ve been dead on tumblr so hERE

    Percy: Biromantic Asexual

    Annabeth: Omniromantic Demisexual

    Nico: Homoromantic Asexual

    Will: Homoflexible


    Apollo: Bisexual

    Reyna: Aromantic Asexual

    Thalia: Lesbian

    Bianca: Lesbian

    Octavian: ONE OF THE STRAIGHTS ™

    Leo: oh shit he’s difficult – he gives me flirty gay vibes but uh – maybe pan?

    Meg: Aromantic queen let’s be real

    Calyspo: Heteroflexible? Idk haven’t given her much thought

    Bonus: Georgie’s gonna grow up to be a lesbian or panromantic whatever comes first

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  • image

    Thinkin about her……

    Click for clear quality

    I’ll edit this later and add Percy!

    #art#digital art#annabeth chase#Annabeth#pjo fanart#pjo #percy and annabeth #percy jackon and the olympians #Percy Jackson
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