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    Headcanon that Percy never fails to show up to all of Estelle’s school events—academic ceremonies, theatrical performances, athletic competitions, you name it. She always looks for him in the crowd, her face lighting up when she spots him. One time in sixth grade, Percy was halfway across the country during opening night of A Wrinkle In Time, and Estelle couldn’t help but feeling a bit down, knowing it would be the first time he wouldn’t be watching her from the crowd. Little did she know, Percy had shadow-traveled all the way back to New York just in time to catch the start of Act 1, thanks to the help of Mrs. O’Leary (and he got tackled with the biggest hug after the show).

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    I started crying cause I’m reading a fanfic with Thalia

    I saw my comfort character and started crying…this is a new low

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    all too well, merry christmas

    !! trigger warning: mentions of suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self-harm, emotional abuse in a relationship info: a mortal au where luke is twenty-two and in college, and annabeth and percy are eighteen in their senior year of high school. by the end of the story, they’re both nineteen i wrote this on a whim, it was inspired by the fact that christmas is coming up and taylor swift’s all too well short film

    “You left your scarf at my place.”

    Annabeth snaps up from staring at the sidewalk. They’re walking down the street, and the sky is gloomy, and snow has started to fall, but it melts as soon it touches the pavement. Still, Annabeth knows it’s bound to get heavy.

    She flashes him a smile. “Well, that must be why my neck is cold.”

    Luke laughs, pulling her closer. “My place, then?”

    Annabeth isn’t too anxious to get out of the cold, but she might as well go get her scarf. “Sure.”

    They walk hand in hand the rest of the way, mostly quiet, until Luke mentions a party.

    “A party?” Annabeth forces a laugh through her frozen lips. The snow has picked up, so now there’s snowflakes dotting her hair. “Who’s going?”

    Luke shrugs, tugging his coat tighter around himself. “College friends, mostly. You’re welcome to invite some people.”

    She considers this, then nods. “So you want me to come?”

    “‘Course I want you to come,” Luke tells her, like this is obvious. They tromp up the steps of his apartment and he pulls a key from his pocket, unlocking the door. “You can make it, right?”

    “When is it?” Annabeth asks, following him inside. She’s immediately grateful for the blast of warm hair that hits her square in the face.

    Luke closes the door behind himself. “Tomorrow night.”

    Annabeth bites her lip. “Oh. I actually was planning on studying with Connor and Percy―”

    Luke frowns. “You can invite them, I don’t care.”

    “No, but it’s for a project we’re doing together.”

    “Come on, Beth, you can live a little. You’ll like my friends. Besides, Thalia’s coming, and I know you miss her.”

    Annabeth frowns, teeth tugging at her lip again. “I’m really not sure. The project is due on Monday, and if I neglect tomorrow to study―”

    Luke rolls his eyes, and Annabeth looks away as he says, “You’ll be fine. It’s senior year, it hardly matters. You’re smart, right? You have your credits.”

    “For the most part,” she argues halfheartedly. “But this is the wrap-up for the English semester, and if I don’t―”

    Luke slings his arm around her and pulls her close to him again, but something about it feels forced. “Chill. I wanna show you off. I’ll help you do it Sunday, how about that?”

    Annabeth knows it’s an empty promise, but she supposes she does want to go to this party, anyway, so she nods. “Alright, I’ll go. But I should go home now, so I can get a head start on the project.”

    Luke groans. “God, it’s always one thing or another with you. Fine. I would walk you, but I’m kind of busy. I’ll probably go out with my buddies tonight, maybe catch a bar.” He squeezes her hand. “Be good, yeah? Let me know if anything changes.”

    “Yeah,” she says, her voice smaller now, though she can’t figure out why. “Works for me. Bye, Luke.” She leans up on tiptoes and kisses him on the cheek, because she knows he likes it when she does that.

    Luke flashes her a smile. “I’ll at least walk you out.”

    They’ve hardly retreated from his door, so he just opens it again. When he reaches for her hand, she wants to pull away, but she knows he’ll get upset, so she lets him hold her. 

    “You walking?” he asks.

    She shakes her head. “I’ll probably get a taxi.”

    “Alright. Text me.”

    “I will.”

    “Or call.”

    “Alright, alright.” She pushes her lips up into a smile. Now that she’s thawed-out, it’s easier, but it feels very fake. “Thank you, honey.”

    Luke nods. “See you tomorrow night?”

    “Yeah,” she agrees halfheartedly.

    Once she’s outside, she gets a taxi. The snow has picked up, but it’s not hard to get the attention of one of the yellow and black vehicles. No one in their right mind is out in this weather.

    She hops into the seat and tells the driver her address, then leans her head against the window, watching as the snow slowly coats the trees.

    It’s only then that she realizes she forgot her scarf.

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    “Alright!” Luke grins, rubbing his hands together as he stands in front of the crowd. “Spin the bottle?”

    Most people in the room cheer. There’s not a ton of them―Thalia, Silena, Charlie, and Ethan make up Luke’s friends. Annabeth invited Percy and Connor, who both came, and Connor brought along his twin brother, Travis, and Travis’s girlfriend Katie.

    Katie and Annabeth aren’t exactly friends, but she’s a sweet girl in Annabeth’s grade. As for Percy, she and him have grown closer during their senior year, and Connor and her have been best friends for as long as she can remember. He’s been trying to make out with her half-brother lately, but Malcolm couldn’t come. 

    On Luke’s side, Annabeth is familiar with all of them. She’s as close to Thalia as she is to Connor―the girl practically raised her. Silena and Charlie have been together for over a year, and they’re both sweethearts. The only person Annabeth isn’t too fond of is Ethan―he’s harsh and crude, but Luke insists on him being there whenever they hang out with other people, and Annabeth doesn’t protest. Who is she to pick Luke’s friends?

    They all move to sit in a circle. Connor sits next to Annabeth, and Luke sits on her left. The blonde goes first, since he’s the host, and it lands on Silena. “Well, alright!” he says with a sideways glance at Charlie. “Hope you don’t mind, Charles.”

    Charlie laughs, but something in his face is tight. “Part of the game, man.” Still, both Charlie and Silena look mildly uncomfortable―not that Annabeth blames them. They are dating, after all.

    Quietly, Annabeth thinks that she wouldn’t mind kissing someone else in the room, and she thinks herself a terrible person for that. She always buries those thoughts.

    Still, Luke doesn’t seem to have any qualms about kissing Silena. He scoots over and cups her face, then kisses her rather aggressively. She hesitates, seeming less privy on the contact. Her fingers flutter, as if she’s not sure what to do with them, but she doesn’t pull away from Luke.

    Annabeth doesn’t watch their faces. She doesn’t need to be bothered by another story of Luke’s. She’s heard enough about how hot his ex was. The comparisons to her and Annabeth aren’t pretty.

    Lucky for Annabeth, though, she’s rather good at hiding her emotions.

    Finally, Luke pulls away and grins, then goes to high five Charlie while Silena smiles awkwardly. Charlie gives him half of a high five, looking extremely uncomfortable, but he manages to shape a grin onto his lips.

    Then Luke scoots back to Annabeth, wiping his lips and slinging an arm around her. She’s trained herself for these types of situations, and she’s not half bad at acting. So when Percy glances at her, an odd look on his face, she just smiles and snuggles closer to Luke.

    “Your turn, Thals,” Luke says. Thalia indulges him in a smile and spins the bottle. It lands on Percy.

    “Oh, nuh-uh,” Thalia says. “We are cousins. I am not kissing him.”

    Percy looks equally as uncomfortable, but Luke shrugs―Annabeth feels it rather than sees it. “You have to!”

    Thalia rolls her eyes and kisses Percy on the cheek.

    They go on like that for a while till it’s finally Annabeth’s turn. She spins the bottle with fingers that feel numb and it lands on Connor.

    Connor grins at her, but she knows him well enough to recognize the undercurrent. He’s asking: Is this okay?

    She nods to confirm that it’s alright. In fact, she doesn’t mind kissing him at all. She knows she’s awful for that, but some part of her is bitter for the way Luke kissed Silena at the start of the game.

    “Hope Malcolm won’t mind,” she says, and then presses her lips to his.

    Connor grins against her mouth. There’s a scraping of teeth, and it’s awkward and sloppy, but when she pulls away she finds she didn’t mind one bit.

    “Cool,” Connor says, and she laughs, scooching back over to Luke.

    Then she looks at his face. It’s set in a scowl, and he spins the bottle with a special kind of anger. It lands on Thalia and he shrugs, kissing her the same way he kissed Silena, and something in Annabeth shrivels.

    When Luke pulls away and turns back toward Annabeth, Annabeth just catches Thalia mouthing the word Sorry as she looks at her.

    Annabeth shakes her head, dismissing it. After all, it’s not Thalia’s fault.

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    Annabeth is washing out the cups of alcohol in Luke’s kitchen while he paces. She’s waiting for him to explode, so she doesn’t dare move.

    “I can’t believe you kissed him like that,” Luke snaps. He finally stops pacing, and she knows he’s facing her, but she doesn’t look up.

    “Connor?” she asks. “You know we’re just friends, Luke.”

    “Yeah, well you seem to like him a lot more than you like me.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?” she snaps, a bite coming into her tone. Her hand tightens around the glass cup.

    “It’s always Connor this, Connor that!” Luke continues pacing, throwing his hands into the air. “You go to him for everything. I’m your boyfriend! You’re supposed to come to me!”

    Annabeth bites back an insult. That’s not fair, because whenever she tries to go to Luke, he brushes her off and then turns it around on her, and how she’s the problem.

    “Sorry,” she mutters, the urge to shatter the glass in her hand there, because maybe Luke would like her better if she bled.

    He shakes his head, blonde hair flopping around. “Whatever. You haven’t even bothered to ask how I’ve been lately. I wanted to fucking cut myself again the other day, and you don’t give a shit, cause you’re so busy with Connor and Percy and your project.”

    Annabeth’s blood chills in her veins. She sets the glass and the rag down with exaggerated gentleness, then turns to face Luke. “You what?”

    “You heard me,” he snaps. “Don’t play dumb. Do you ever ask how I’m doing? It’s always about you, always about your struggles. I know everything about you, and yet I’m always fucking alone.” He slams his fist into the counter.

    She seems to grow smaller under his gaze. “That’s not fair.”

    “How is it not?” Luke’s blue eyes blaze. “I thought you were better than this. I gave you all this praise, and you just treat me like shit. Why don’t you just go date Connor?”

    “I don’t like Connor!” she snaps, trying to remove the wobble from her voice by sheer will. “If I wanted to date Connor, I would! I’m with you for a reason!”

    Luke rolls his eyes. “Please. Then act like it.”

    “You want to get on me for kissing Connor? You were kissing everyone like you wanted to fuck them!” She’s yelling now, standing straighter, and the anger is a red-hot bile in her throat. “I don’t go to you because you always make it seem like my fault!”

    Luke shakes his head. “You need a goal, Beth. I feel like I’m the only one really committing to this relationship. It’s like you hardly even want to be with me.”

    Annabeth swallows, trying to hide her shaking hands. “You always talk about your ex like I’m supposed to be her, Luke. You―”

    “Look,” he interrupts, “I’m sorry, alright? I don’t want to fight. Tonight was just hard. It was a really bad idea.” He walks forward and laces his arms around her stomach. “Just relax, okay? I’m sorry.”

    Annabeth feels like she’s going to throw up, but she can never resist him. She squeezes her eyes shut and turns her face away as tears fall down her cheeks. “Okay.”

    He dances her around the kitchen while she tries to hold herself together, but the jagged edges cut.

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    “This is about Luke, isn’t it?” Silena asks gently.

    Annabeth looks away, her lips pursed tightly. They’re at Connor’s graduation party, but it’s wound down, and only seven people remain―Charlie, who sits with Connor and Malcolm and Silena’s friend Clarisse, along with her girlfriend―Annabeth doesn’t know her name. Silena sits next to Annabeth on the ground a few paces away from the group, out of earshot.

    “Look, honey,” Silena says gently. “I don’t think he’s being good to you.”

    There it is. Annabeth’s heart catches in her chest. “Silena, I don’t know. I just―”

    The older girl shakes her head. “Are you kidding me? After everything you’ve told me―break up with his ass, Annabeth. He’s treating you like shit. Do I need to remind you of everything you just said?”

    Annabeth frowns. “No.” She knows Silena’s right―she’s only told the girl a fraction of everything, but still, she seems horrified.

    “Look,” Silena says. “I was in a relationship like that. Charlie―Charlie was like a breath of fresh air. I’m happier than I’ve been in years. You can’t stay with Luke.” She reaches over and squeezes Annabeth’s hand, and Annabeth finds herself grateful for the touch, like Silena is keeping her grounded.

    “But you’re his friend,” Annabeth protests.

    Silena snorts. “Hardly. No one likes him, honey. These past few months, I’ve been distancing from him. This would be a great excuse for all of us to cut him off.”

    Annabeth believes she’s telling the truth. It would explain why they acted the way they did at Luke’s party. Still, she can’t help but say, “But what about Ethan?”

    Silena shrugs. “What about Ethan? He doesn’t like anyone, and that includes Luke. He’s not your responsibility.”

    Clarisse walks over, lounging on the grass at their feet. “What are we talking about?”

    Before Annabeth can say some cover-up, Silena says, “Luke.”

    Clarisse wrinkles her nose. “I cut that dick off ages ago. What did he do now?”

    Silena nod at Annabeth. “Tell her.”

    It’s hard, but Annabeth does. She tells the pair about the comparisons to Luke’s ex, and about the way it’s always her fault, and how she can’t have anything to herself ever when she’s with him, including friends.

    When she’s done, Clarisse looks like she’s ready to kill someone. “Break up with his ass, dude. I’m serious. You’re going to end up dead.”

    Silena winces. “Too harsh. But yes. You need to survive, Annabeth.” She gets to her feet. “Text me, alright? When you do it. Either way, I’m here for you.”

    Clarisse nods at Annabeth. “What she said. Text me if you need to. I’ll write down my number, just let me know when you’re leaving.”

    Silena holds out a hand for Clarisse and helps her up. “Write down my number, too.”

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    “Are you happy?” Connor asks.

    She wants to talk to him one last time, before she does it. She trusts Silena and Clarisse, but she’d give up her life for Connor. He’s her best friend, and if she can’t trust him, she can’t trust anyone.

    She leans her head on his shoulder. “I think you know the answer to that.”

    She feels Connor nod. “I’ve been worried about you, you know. You can do this, Chase.” He reaches over and squeezes her hand. 

    She sighs. “Are you happy?”

    “I’ll be happy when you’re happy. If you’re asking if I’m okay, yes. But this isn’t about me.” He pulls away from her and turns to face her, pushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “Do it.”

    Annabeth hesitates, then nods once. “Okay.”

    Because, the truth was, she had been coming to terms with living in a world where Luke wasn’t her boyfriend for quite a while. Annabeth was good at surviving.

    With trembling fingers, she pulls out her phone. She switches to Luke’s contact. He’s spammed her with messages, because he wanted to sext earlier, even though he was fully aware that she was at Connor’s party.

    She types out very slowly, We need to talk. But before she can hit send, Connor’s fingers intercept her own.

    She looks at him, a question in her eyes, and he shakes his head. “Don’t give him a chance to talk, Annabeth. He doesn’t deserve that.”

    So she deletes the message and types out, We need to break up.

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    It’s hard.

    The first few days are easy, but it gets harder, because she feels like she can’t breathe.

    She goes on walks in the snow, and smells the crisp winter air, and lets the snowflakes coat her like she’s some part of nature until the sky starts to brighten.

    Her grades drop because she stops coming to school. She can’t make herself get out of bed anymore. Luke is always a lingering voice in her head, and she’s always alone.

    She stalks his profile. She blocks him.

    She goes on another walk that night, shoulders hunched as the snow falls around her. She turns to a park bench and brushes the snow off of it, then sits down and buries her head in her hands.

    She finally lets herself cry into the fabric of her jacket.

    “Hey, are you okay?”

    She looks up, her face wet with tears.

    In the light of six in the morning, Percy Jackson stands there, holding a skateboard. She hasn’t seen him in weeks, because she stopped going to class.

    “Annabeth?” he asks. “What’s wrong?” Without hesitation, he sits down on the snowy bench.

    She sniffles, her voice thick as she says, “We’re not even friends and it’s like, really early. Why are you out, Jackson?”

    He shrugs. “I like early morning walks. They’re peaceful. I was going to try skating in the snow, but...” he points to his face, and it’s only then she noticed there’s dried blood coming from his nostril. “Bad idea.”

    She actually laughs through her tears. “Idiot.”

    “Yeah, that’s me,” Percy agrees. “Do you have anywhere to be?”

    She shrugs listlessly. “Not really. My life is kind of...” she waves her hands aimlessly. “A disaster.”

    “Well, lucky for you, I tend to attract disasters.” Percy stands, offering her a hand. “Come with me?”

    She takes it, their gloves connecting. “Where are we going?”

    He grins at her. “My mom’s. She wakes up early to make breakfast, and her cooking is killer. Besides, if we have a guest, she’ll make her famous blue cookies, and those are to die for.”

    “Blue cookies,” Annabeth muses.

    He nods, his face very serious. “You have to try them. They’ll cheer anyone up. Also, my little sister gets up super early, and I’ve run out of games to play with her. You’re a genius, aren’t you? I’m sure you have loads of ideas.”

    Despite herself, Annabeth is smiling. “I am not a genius, Jackson. You should see my current grades.”

    “Ah, don’t be so hard on yourself. Abuse hits hard.” He grabs her hand, then hesitates, fingers still locked around hers. “Can I take your hand?”

    “Yes,” she says gently. “What do you mean about abuse?” They start to walk through the cold morning, snow crunching underfoot.

    “My mom’s ex-husband wasn’t so nice. I know what abuse survivors look like. Which is why you’re going to have some cookies. Do you live with anyone?”

    She shakes her head. “I live alone.”

    Percy frowns. “Then I hope you don’t mind my mom adopting you.”

    Annabeth laughs again. “Your mom makes a killer breakfast and blue cookies to die for, so I already like her. I don’t think I’ll mind.”

    Percy grins at her. His hair is smothered by his blue winter coat, and snow flecks his eyelashes and the tip of his nose, but in the dim light, he is the first thing Annabeth has found truly beautiful in a while.

    “Let’s go,” she tells him.

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    She spends Christmas at his house.

    It’s been a year since Luke’s stupid house party, but the past few months, her and Percy have grown awfully close. He’s been the one source of steadiness, of comfort.

    Annabeth is far from being fully healed. She still gets flashbacks. She still has trouble processing her emotions, and she still goes very quiet whenever someone gets angry.

    But the jagged edges inside of her have smoothed.

    “Oh, you shouldn’t have,” she tells Percy, lightly smacking him on the arm. 

    There are three gifts under the tree with her name on each. One from Sally, one from Percy’s little sister Estelle, and one from Percy himself.

    “How could we not, dear?” Sally asks, setting a plate of blue cookies in between them. “You’re part of the family now.”

    Annabeth grins. “But I didn’t bring anything.”

    That’s a lie. She did. But she’s still not sure if she’ll give it to him.

    “Oh, please,” Sally says. “We weren’t expecting anything. You’re a broke college student.”

    Percy laughs, wrapping his arm around Annabeth and pulling her closer. It’s something Luke used to do, but something in Annabeth’s stomach swirls when Percy does it. It’s a different feeling―a good different.

    Sally looks at them knowingly, a gleam in her eyes, and Annabeth hopes her face isn’t as red as it feels.

    “Shall we?” Percy asks, reaching for a gift labeled with his name.

    Annabeth swats his hand. “Wait for Stella.”

    Sure enough, the little girl rushes down the stairs. “Wait for me!” she calls.

    “What would we do without Annabeth?” Sally asks, shaking her head.

    Percy pulls Annabeth tighter against him, then snatches a nearby blanket and places it around the two of them. “I have no idea.”

    ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐ ┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

    They’re still sitting around the Christmas tree. Sally is upstairs tucking Estelle into bed with her boyfriend, Poseidon, who decided to pay her a visit for Christmas.

    “So they’ll be busy for a while,” Percy says, a glint in his eyes.

    Annabeth takes a sip of the hot chocolate Sally made them before she retired upstairs. “Percy, I actually did get you something.” It rushes out of her throat before she can stop.

    He raises his eyebrows. “Well, don’t leave me waiting.”

    She reaches into her bag and pulls out a leather cord with a blue ring on it, inscribed with the sea, because Percy has always been rather fond of the sea. Her hands shake with nerves. “This. I know you like the sea, but I thought maybe it was weird because we’re not―I mean, I know I’m supposed to be smart, but I have bad ideas. I mean. I might have the wrong idea, because―”

    Percy laughs, a quiet, simple sound. He gently places his hand on her arm. “Tie it on me?”

    She complies, wrapping her arms around her neck and fumbling with the cord. She’s so close she can feel his breath on her cheek.

    When she’s done, Percy grabs the ring, examining it. “I love it,” he says softly. “Seriously, Wise Girl. This is the most thoughtful thing―”

    “I mean, it could’ve been better,” she says. “Your whole family got me something, it was the least I could do.”

    “Hush,” Percy says. He drops the ring, and it tightens the cord around his neck. Then he lifts his head and his eyes lock on hers.

    They stare at each other, Annabeth’s heart thudding in her chest, and all she can think about is how she really, really wants to kiss him. She hasn’t kissed any body since Luke.

    “Can I kiss you?” she asks, then reddens. “I mean―”

    Percy stops her by kissing her. His lips are soft against hers and she reaches up and threads her fingers in her hair as his arms lace around her waist. It’s the best kiss she’s ever had, and she’s sure she’s made for him.

    When he pulls away, there’s a soft smile on his face. “Merry Christmas, Annabeth.”

    She pulls him down and kisses him again, and savors the feeling of his laughter in her mouth.

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    remember when nico was corn, and thalia was a tree, and percy was a guinea pig? because I do 💀

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    I need Rick to write a stand-alone about this road trip immediately

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    Annabeth paled. “But, Percy, this means the prophecy might not be about you. It might be about Nico. We have to—”

    “No,” I said. “I choose the prophecy. It will be about me.”

    “Why are you saying that?” she cried. “You want to be responsible for the whole world?” (The Titan’s Curse)


    “I don’t need time. If I die, I die. I can’t worry about that, right?”

    Annabeth’s hands were shaking a little. She wouldn’t meet my eyes. (The Last Olympian)

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    Everything we know about Will Solace, as given to us in cannon-(aka only stuff specified in the books, I like when I make headcannos and stuff they have to be accurate and a possibility to happen in the book, I only consider what is stated in the book nothing from Riordan wiki or if rick said anything on Twitter or any other social media platform will be ignored by me because it was not stated in the books and therefore not cannon)

    N.B. of I have forgotten to add anything or I got something wrong please inform me I will correct it, I will try to be as objective and free of bias as possible.

    N.N.B. I do not wish to invalidate any people's feelings or headcanons of this character you are free to think what ever you want about whoever you want and so I'm I, these are unbiased facts about this character that I have read from the books, I do not wish to offend anyone, and you can take whatever I say and do eat you want with it read it or don't it's your choice.

    Will Andrew Solace:

    Mother: Naomi Solace - whom we know is a country singer, and one of the kindest, most understanding and kind hearted people Apollo has ever met

    Father: Apollo

    Place of birth: not mentioned in the book. It was not stated that he was from Texas, just because his mother may have been raised and born there does not mean so was he, he could have been born in any state.

    Place of residence: not stated in the book, as said above he could live in any state or country in the world, he could live in London or wherever.

    Sexuality: not stated in the book, he does however like boys.

    Gender identity: not stated in the book, it was said that he was the "son of apollo" but people could be misdendering him or just that he so no need to inform everyone all the time unlike Alex Fierro, he could be trans, nonbionary, gender fluid, cis or any other gender identity with any pronouns. (I know in the trials of Apollo, Lester refers to him as " my son" but he hasn't been in his life since he impregnated his mother until like the last Olympian where they could have talked and Will introduced himself and they met for the first time, because it was clearly stated that apollo didn't keep in touch with his kids or any thing or that he cared, he didn't even know and remember that one of his kids existed until tower of Nero, so it's safe 5o say he doesn't know Wills gender identity and could have been misgendering Will the whole time.)

    Age: at the end of the series trials of Apollo during the tower of nero, he was between the ages of 15-17 (nico would have turned 15 during the hidden oracle, that's as big of as an age gap the is respectable, any thing more than 2 years age gap is inappropriate [if you have a problem with the 2 year age gap between them remember there is nearly a 3 year age gap between Frank and Hazel and no one has a problem with them that I'm aware of])

    Description: he is said to be white, with blond hair (shade not specified), with blue eyes (shade not specified), height not given but it is stated during the trials of Apollo that he is taller then Nico and during the Blood of Olympus that he was similar height to Jason (6'0) who is slightly taller than Percy (5'10/2), so Will could be around that height.

    Siblings: somewhere in the OG series but I couldn't find it but according to my memory there was about 12 campers (minus Lee and Micheal) so a total of like 10 campers, I'm not sure how many died during the battle of Manhatten or during blood of olympus, there should be a total of six alive including Will that was introduced during trials of Apollo, the other campers could just be summer campers.

    Mortal family: except his mother we don't know anything else about his family, but his mother is not dead, REPEAT NOT DEAD, if she was Rick would have said so outright when apollo mentioned her in the hidden oracle, all that was mentioned was that Apollo remembered her when they were together, but it would have been mentioned if she died, Rick is not shy about mentioning dead mothers so it's safe to say she is alive.

    Camper status: it is not mentioned if he is a summer camper or year round camper, he was not there during the titans curse which was set in December, a year and a half before he became head counselor, it would have been to soon for him to take a leading role if it was only his second summer, he was however there during the lost hero set during December but he wasn't the only camper there alot of the summer campers where there at camp for what ever reason (poor writing by Rick, because Percy was missing, or because it was winter break, or they were just characters to help move the story along)

    We only know he was at camp during the events of toa from January to like May

    We also know from the extra books that Nico and Will text each other constantly, (it was mentioned during a scene in a book were Nico and Hades were being interviewed, I don't know what the book is called) it also mentions Nico was the first to admit his feelings. Plus in the first toa book Nico was still slightly self conscious and uncomfortable with Will calling him boyfriend, so their relationship was still somewhat new with them together at camp.

    So Will could have started the school year in the mortal world but Nico stayed at camp and they were texting each other and calling/face timing and got closer and started dating november or december and Will only came to camp in January to be with Nico at camp instead of him doing home with Will because it was still new and Nico was still getting used to being accepted and being with Wills mother/family would be to much plus Wills mother is famous and therefore so is he, he didn't want the media prying in there new relationship while they were still trying to figure things out for themselves plus with Nicos trauma and mental health it would be better to be close to MR. D to help him because Nico doesn't feel comfortable or safe with any other therapist who would help as much as Mr. D would.

    Devices: it was mentioned that Nico and Will text each other so he has a phone maby wifi and a laptop maby.

    Godly powers: so all we know for certain is that he can glow, he has a sonic whistle, and that he can sense a person's injuries or wounds/the state of their health with just a touch but that is it, it's not stated he can heal someone with magic like Magnus Chase can, he used necter and ambrosia and medical paste and medical gum and stuff to help heal people.

    However, assuming he has ADHD, this is something I learned from that adhd guy on tick tock Conner, adhd hepls learn anything you are interested in faster then the average person, so with learning under chiron's teachings and reading medical books he could have learned all the medical things that he knows and be a pro at it , and therfore the best at camp.

    Wepons: so he was described with having a bow a quiver and having a dagger on him, so I assume those are his weapons of choice.

    But I must add that while Will might be great at archery he is not magical good at it, it's not one of the godly gifts he has to he may be better then the average camper but not as good as the other Apollo campers and is thus insecure about his abilities and believes he I "not good enough". Secondly he said that the whistle is the only music gift that he has, the only magic music gift, unlike Austin who maby picked up an instrument as was amazing with no practice he is just a prodigy, Will has to practice to be good at it and that also makes him insecure because he is not naturally good at it, but he can play multiple instruments it's just that he has been playing since he was a child, and same goes for singing, he can sing amazingly but he had to work with a voice coach to help him find his correct pitch for his vice, while the rest of the Apollo campers are just naturally can do it as their godly gift.

    So he his right, music singing and archery aren't his magic gifts but you don't need magic abilities to be good at any of these things, he is just a regular person like use in his abilities that if he puts his mind to it he can do it.

    Which is also why I think he would be only a summer camper because he isn't a powerful demigod so monsters aren't attracted to him like the other demigods so he is able to be in the mortal world without being attacked.

    (This is why I think Will is the best partner for Nico he is not a powerful demigod with magic abilities, Nico needs stability and normality and what's more normal that just an average demigod that Nico is with because he likes Wills personality or that he makes Nico feel safe and loved and cared about, that's more important then some flashy hero who will have a tragic death.)

    Personality: Will is a kind hearted person, who is described as 'chill' and layedback and patient, but stubon and confident and headstrong when he needs to be. He may be alittle insecure about his abilities but when the time comes he is needed he won't hesitate to help.

    Nowhere in the books is Will said to be a peoplepleaser or a workaholic or anxiety ridden diet culture health nut who doesn't know or understand boundaries and a pushy narcissistic bully who gets mad at Nico for having mental disorders from the shit his been through or has ever said that nico doesn't need therapy and that his light and his overly toxic positivity will save him from his trauma and make him a normal person with the power of love.

    So cut it out because this is literally what fanon Will is like that both the solangelo and anti-solangelo shippers try to make Will out to be and he is not, stop projecting these unhealthy and disgusting traits onto him. And tou want to know why because you are triggering people who read your stuff that have gone through the same things Nico has or people with eating disordes that are trying to get better, or people who read your stuff and know how wrong and toxic it is. I'm so close to never reading under the Will Solace hastag ever again.

    If you made it this far, I didn't mean for it to be this long, and if I had offended you in any way good, do better.

    I hope this helps you all be more mindfull of the people reading your stuff, and that you are in no way only supposed to go by what I listen above you can head Canon what ever on this character as it is fictional but remember-

    -do research on how to properly help a loved one with mental disorders like adhd, autism, depression, ptsd, etc.

    Have the day you deserve.

    #will solace #william andrew solace #nico di angelo #percy jackson #percy jackson and the olympians #percy pjo#pjo #trials of apollo #annabeth chase#alex fierro#leo valdez#jason grace#frank zhang#hazel levesque#magnus chase#apollo#apollo cabin#naomi solace #nico di angelo x will solace #anti solangelo#solangelo #trans will solace #gay will solace #will solace healing powers #nico x will #Will solace backstory #rick riordan#camp jupiter #camp half blood #toxic diet culture
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  • thatrivernymph
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    sadie kane headcanons:

    — is studying egyptology and just the whole history at the university;

    — her favourite band is “fall out boys”

    — very into photography

    — broke up with walt/anubis and started dating jaz

    — her face is white, but she has features of a black person (lips, nose)

    — doesn’t understand maths and physics at all

    — when she became older, sadie started dying less her hair, just keeps it light brown and doesn’t straighten it

    — LOVES doing her nails

    — wants to be an archeologist or a historian

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  • bbyannabeth
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    if we loved again


    Percy had never expected to go to prom, but especially not with a date he was head over heels in love with. But the second he’d seen the posters up, he’d had a flash in his head of them on the dance floor and he knew he’d needed to ask her. Lucky for him, Annabeth was Annabeth and he already knew she would be dying to go to prom, so asking her had been the easy part.

    When he’d asked her, though, he hadn’t realized all of the planning that actually went into going to prom. Annabeth got most of it together on her own, but the only thing Percy was left to his own devices for was getting himself a tuxedo. She’d sent him the color of her dress for him to find a matching tie, and that was all. Positive he couldn’t trust himself with this task, he asked Grover to help him, which is why they were at a men’s formal shop now.

    read on ao3! | start from chapter 1!

    i hope i never lose you: the (taylor swift) playlist

    if we loved again : prom night

    #percabeth#annabeth chase#percy jackson#pjo #percy jackson and the olympians #hoo #heroes of olympus #fic#gray writes#iwla
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  • thebigqueer
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    kinda pissed at old pjo fandom for no reason. yes Percy and Annabeth fell off a cliff but it was not a literal cliff hanger cuz they actually fell from the cliff this has been bothering me since middle school

    #/lh #anyway I feel better now #percabeth#percy jackson#annabeth chase#moa #mark of athena #hoo #heroes of olympus #riordanverse#rick riordan
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  • latinobipercy
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    nico being a whole foot shorter than percy and thalia and then, after he decides to go back to school just to fuck it, he comes back for the summer and he's like so much taller than them lol

    #💀💀#percy jackson#toa#hoo#pjo #percy jackson and the olympians #annabeth chase #heroes of olympus #trials of apollo #nico di angelo
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  • poisonpercy
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ahs_ballpoint_pen: the mysterious life of percy jackson

    part 11
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    spreading my propaganda that percabeth acts like jenna&julien

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  • dovegraye
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    Percy didn’t quite know when he stepped into the role of big brother at camp. Maybe it was when Tyson came along or when he was being hailed as the Hero of Olympus which is a pretentious title if you ask him, and the little ones at camp started to flock to him, treating him like he was a god or some great hero. He didn’t have the heart to be the one to break it to them that he wasn’t as great as the stories said.

    There was a special place in his heart for every little kid at camp, a surge of protectiveness whenever one of them got hurt. He knew he couldn’t shelter them for long, but he still tried. He was, after all, that same age when he went on his first quest and knew what it was like for that bubble to pop too quickly. So he gently, lovingly eased them into the harsh life of a demigod.

    He taught them how to fight with any and every weapon and how to make something into one, took a couple kids into the woods and supervised as they killed monsters, stepping in when he saw he needed to. He comforted them after restless nights of sleep, letting them know that if they ever need it, his cabin and arms are open, knowing first-hand how horrible demigod dreams could be. He gave them tips on the rare occasion that a quest was announced and reassured them that he’s an Iris Message away. He told them of the Ancient Laws that forbid gods to be close with their demigod children and held them when they cried, patched up bruised and bleeding knuckles when they raged against how unfair it all was. At times like those, he understood more than ever why Luke defected, why so many half-bloods joined Kronos’s cause.

    It wasn’t until he was walking Tyler, a twelve-year-old son of Ares, through his first sword fighting lesson that he realised it. Tyler was small for an Ares kid, but Percy could tell he had a hidden strength and would take to swords well. He helped him pick out a practice sword until they found one that was balanced. Tyler nervously walked into the arena with his sword in hand and Percy showed him how to hold it, gently correcting his stance until he was satisfied. He went through his usual spiel of “this is your first time, so don’t be embarrassed if you make a mistake” when Tyler asked if he was really the best swordsman in the last three centuries and Percy’s blood went cold. He shook the feeling off, plastered a smirk on and didn’t answer, both to tease Tyler and because he didn’t trust his voice at that particular moment.

    He went on autopilot for the rest of the day, just going through the motions until he had the privacy in his cabin to break down what he had realised. He wondered if the others noticed that he had become Luke’s replacement. He remembered the first time he sparred against Luke, how some of the others had told him that he was the best swordsman in three hundred years. He had taken up all of Luke’s roles at camp except being the counsellor of the Hermes cabin. He wondered if he would be nearly as loved if the campers didn’t look at him and see a poor imitation of Luke. He tried to push the thought out of his head, but they were too loud, too insistent. He remembered how Annabeth looked at him sometimes like she was expecting to see someone else when she turned her head. He had known about her crush on Luke since the first day when they were twelve and wondered if Annabeth just dated him because he reminded her of Luke. He pushed the thoughts away in return for a restless sleep and woke in the morning feeling even worse than he had the night before.

    Percy went through his life like he hadn’t had a realisation that had turned everything upside down, traitorous thoughts not once leaving him alone, telling him he was just like Luke when he did almost anything. He knew he should have talked to someone about it, but felt like if he said it, then it would truly cement the fact that he was just like Luke, that he might turn into Luke. It was during a fight with Annabeth that he realised he should have said something. He can’t even remember what it was originally about, but soon enough, it devolved into words being thrown like poisoned arrows.

    “Gods, Percy, you’re always like this. You need to grow up! The sea needs to be restrained sometimes, damn what your father says!” Annabeth yelled.

    “Then why me? If you knew that it was going to be in my nature to not want to be restrained, then why did you date me? Huh? Maybe you’re the one that needs to grow up and realise that you’re only with me because I’m Luke’s replacement.” Percy hissed back, too caught up in the fight and his temper to notice what he had let slip.

    Annabeth reeled back, struck silent by Percy’s words. “Percy… do you really feel like that?” She asked, voice quietly devastated. Percy’s face scrunched up in confusion and horror before it smoothed out and he grew defensive.

    “What, like it’s not true? I see how you look at me sometimes and I see how Chiron looks at me like he’s seeing a ghost whenever I interact with the new kids. Face it, I’m just Luke’s replacement.” He huffed out a humourless laugh and wondered if that meant that one day, he, too would turn against Olympus. He was getting closer to Luke’s age when he had joined Kronos, after all. Who would stop him then? Who would take up the mantle that had almost destroyed him, be the so-called Prophecy Child? Bitterness coursed through his veins as it fully hit him that when the Second Titan War took place, he was a child. They were all children. And the gods had known. They had known and did nothing, nothing to help them prepare or even fight. The gods were cowards hiding behind children to fight their battles, giving nothing in return. He wondered if he should just… let go. Let go of his unearned loyalty and just damn them all. The though didn't scare him nearly as much as it should have. Gods, he really was turining inot Luke, wasn't he? But then again, he would have mercy, he would spare the gods who had been kind to their children if they vowed to be better, and Annabeth of course. Annabeth who he loves with his entire being. Annabeth, who is the only reason he’s alive. Annabeth, who he just realised had been staring at him as he zoned out, expecting an answer to a question he hadn’t heard her ask. “What?” He had meant it to come out harsher, demanding, but it came out desperate, pleading. Her face crumpled, tears that she had refused to let fall making their way down her cheeks.

    “Oh Seaweed Brain…” she said softly, distraught. “I love you because you’re Percy Jackson. Not Luke. What I felt for him was hero worship, a schoolgirl crush on the first person to give me safety. I love you because you stood in front of the gods and demanded that they changed their ways. Luke was bitter and reigned, but you are something else entirely.”

    They spent the rest of the day together, apologies made and accepted. She didn’t bring the topic up again until a week later at camp. She took him to the Big House and explained to Chiron that someone else would have to take over their duties for two weeks and that they were not to be contacted unless necessary. Chiron had a knowing glint in his eye and accepted it with a slight smile before Percy could even open his mouth to object. He gave them a day to wrap up any things that they, personally, had to do and off they went. No matter how much he asked Annabeth, she refused to tell him. At one point he gave up and just let her drive, watching the scenery pass by. Soon enough, she stopped them at a seemingly grove of trees. They left the car there and she grabbed his hand, leading them further into the grove before a cabin appeared, about as big as the ones from camp. A little further, he could sense a small lake which Annabeth led them to.

    “So,” she started, sitting down at the edge of the water, “I was thinking. A lot. About you and Luke.” Percy, despite being almost certain about what this trip was about, still stiffened.

    “And?” He said, trying for light, but just ended up sounding anxious.

    “You are what Luke could have been if his mother had been well, what he could have been if he hadn’t gone on that quest. Luke is what you could have been if you hadn’t had your mom, if you weren’t so insanely loyal. You’re two sides of the same coin. But, that doesn’t mean you’re the same, Percy. You play with the little ones and introduce everyone to camp because you love them, because you want them to feel at home the moment they cross the boundary. Luke greeted everyone and made friends with the younger kids because he wanted to indoctrinate them. Because he was manipulating them. It might not have been how it started out, but it is what it became.” Her voice turned bitter, likely remembering exactly how she had been manipulated, how her crush had been used against her.

    “‘Beth—” Percy tried, wanting to comfort her, reassure her that it wasn’t her fault, but she waved it off, grey eyes meeting his, showing that she understood.

    “You are the best swordsman in centuries, maybe even just ever. You learned to fight to protect us, to kill whatever was going to try to kill us first. Luke started out the same way, but somewhere along the line… it became less about protecting us and more about killing. About winning. You’re so much better than him, Percy. I loved him for who I thought he was and what he used to be, but I love you for you. He gave into everything that the Fates threw at him, let resentment fester and grow, but you laughed in their faces, and for that, I adore you.”

    The rest of their two weeks was spent in a similar way. Turned out that the cabin was a place that Annabeth, Thalia, and Luke had used on their way to camp. It was stocked with some emergency stuff and it seemed like Annabeth had brought along some other stuff they would need. In the mornings, they would drive to a diner and have brunch. After that, they would sit in the cabin or take a swim, maybe spar and train, talking all the while. Sometimes about Luke, sometimes not. At noon, they’d make themselves some lunch and just enjoy being together and alone. Then, they’d get leftover school work done and talk some more. And when Apollo drove the sun chariot across the sky, Artemis chasing after him, they’d lay on blankets they placed on the ground and said hello to the stars, to friends they’ve lost, friends they miss so much it aches. They’d head to bed and do it all over again the next day. It was nice.

    Chiron didn’t call them and neither did anyone else. They both loved being there, but by the time the two weeks were up, they couldn’t wait to get back to camp. After the trip (no, Leo, it was not a “sexcation” whatever in Hades’s name that is, and no, Piper, it wasn’t a honeymoon either), Percy felt lighter. He no longer heard those whispers tugging at him and when he did, he knew that Annabeth was there for him.

    There were two things that Percy Jackson knew for sure. He would do anything for those who have his love and loyalty and he will never turn into Luke Castellan.

    This fic is also available here on ao3!

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  • ilikebooksanstuff
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    some of my fandoms and their rank in 'tumblr year in review'

    2. Lumity +5 Luz Noceda & Amity Blight, The Owl House

    30. Adrienette +16 Adrien Agreste & Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

    41. Solangelo +51 Will Solace & Nico di Angelo, the Percy Jackson universe

    60. Percabeth -3 Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase, the Percy Jackson universe

    88.Jily James Potter & Lily Evans, the Harry Potter universe

    77. Raeda Raine Whispers & Eda Clawthorne, The Owl House

    95. Luberto Luca & Alberto, Luca

    guys....we have really got to crank up solangelo and percabeth!

    but lumity did well. anyways just a lazy post but wanted to. have a great day or night

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  • bookns
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    You know it’s rough day when you already played “Take the weight” and “Good Kid” 4 times

    #percy jackson musical #percy jackson and the olympians #annabeth chase#Percy Jackson#grover underwood#pjo musical #the lightning thief #the lightning thief musical
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  • elouisemoore
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Fake date || Percy Jackson

    Percy and (Y/N) are high school mortals

    Percy's POV

    "So you're gonna ask me out on a fake date, just so that all your fangirls leave you alone? It'll never work! They know we're BEST FRIENDS!" (Y/N) screamed, flailing her arms dramatically.

    "I know, but pleeeaaasseeeee. It's worth a try!" I argued back.

    "Fine" (Y/N) grumbled.

    "So meet you at school tomorrow."

    "Goodbye" (Y/N) sighed dramatically. Jeez someone should create a crown for Miss. Drama Queen...

    She looks so hot.

    Yup folks, even if I've asked her out on a fake date, I have fallen for my best friend.

    -----Next day just after school----

    I and (Y/N) locked eyes and headed towards my "secret" admirers.

    We started our act "(Y/N), I've been meaning to tell you this for quite some time...I like you...like really REALLY like you...so will you go out with me?" I asked with a faint blush on my face.

    "Yes..." (Y/N) had a tinge of red on her cheeks too. Did she like me? Nah...she probably has good acting skills...

    "Meet you tonight at 7, Imma pick you up...and wear something nice," I said getting out of school boundaries with (Y/N). The fangirls seemed to hear every word we said.

    "Oh, so my usual clothes don't fit your description of nice?" She joked.

    "(Y/N)! You know what I mean, just wear casual stuff" I grumbled as I lightly smacked her arm. She suppressed a giggle. Even her suppressed giggle was so cute!!

    ----Time skip to 5 o'clock----

    (Y/N)'s POV

    "Oh, my gods! Oh, my gods! Oh, my gods! Oh, my gods! OH MY G-"

    "(Y/N), calm down!", Annabeth, one of my BFFs, was seriously annoyed.

    "But Annie..."

    "Don't call me that"

    "Fine...BUT PERCY ASKED ME ON A DATE!!!" I paused for a moment after looking at her expression, "I mean, I know it's a fake date, but gotta make it count, eh?"

    "C'mere", she opened her arms wide, signaling for a hug. Was it that obvious I was disappointed? I hugged her. "Let's get you ready"

    The door burst open and I let go of Annabeth. "Piper?", Another one of my BFFs (I know, I have a lot!)

    "Yup! I Heard Percy finally asked you a date!!!" Piper burst my eardrums.

    "But it's not a real date! He doesn't love me like that!" I argued.

    Piper's POV

    I and Annabeth shared a knowing glance. She gave (Y/N) an apologetic smile.

    Why can't (Y/N) and Percy just see how much they love each other! If Percy doesn't tell her the truth today I'm gonna-

    "So you're here to help?"My thoughts were cut by (Y/N).

    "Of course! Let's start with your dress..."

    ---At 5 minutes to 7 and after a lot of torture to (Y/N) by Piper---

    (Y/N)'s POV

    "OH MY GODS (Y/N)! You look beautiful" Piper practically screamed in my ears. I looked into the mirror. Huh, I suppose Piper did a really good job. 

    "Thank you, Piper!"I screamed back at her.

    "Keep it down, will ya?"

    "Oh you're the one to talk" I grumbled.

    She just showed me her tongue. That girl....honk honk...wait, honk honk? "(Y/N)! Guess who's here?" Annabeth smirked whilst saying that.

    "Coming!!!" I screamed at the car I could see through my window. I hurriedly put on some shoes and ran down the flight of stairs. I could hear Piper say "No heels?" She pouted by the sound of that. Oh, and did I mention I managed to trip on the last stair? Well, let's just say someone caught me right in time.

    "One could say, you fell for me, (Y/N)"I could trace a smirk plastered on Percy's face as he said that.

    "Oh shut up" I countered back. Was that a disappointed look on Percy's face? Nah, couldn't be. He doesn't like me that way...does he? No, he doesn't! I glanced at him again. His frown was replaced by his usual grin, only his seaweed stuffed brain could think of. Maybe the frown was just my imagination...

    I could spot a bunch of 'strangers' looking at us. "UGH!" Percy groaned, "These fangirls never seem to leave me!"

    "But didn't you want them to be present here?"

    "I did... but I wanna tell you something" he looked like he was going to say something but he didn't utter a word. He just looked around for a moment "I'll tell you when we reach the restaurant.

    "Mmk" he opened the car door for me "Thank you, Monsieur," I said dramatically. He just grinned "You're welcome, kind lady," he said that in a really hot voice. Oh my gosh, he's so cute! 

    ---After a few minutes drive--

    "Ah we're finally here..." Percy sighed as he parked the car and got out. He opened the door for me. As I said thank you, I could see his little Fanclub had followed us all the way here as well.

    Percy and I entered the restaurant. He spoke to the man at the desk about something and came back with a waiter, leading us to a reserved seat. "Wait you reserved a seat? How thoughtful." Percy smiled back at me

    The waiter asked for our order and we ordered some (f/f). I and Percy talked about a lot of stuff. Finally, our food arrived and we just dug right into it. After we were done we ordered some blueberry cheesecake flavored ice cream for dessert.

    "You wanted to tell me something, right?" I was wondering what it was...maybe he was just gonna ask me to forget this whole thing, even if it all felt so real. 

    Percy's POV

    "You wanted to tell me something, right?" Should I tell her? Yeah, I probably should.

    ''(Y/N), so you know how I asked you on a fake date, just to escape the fangirls? Well, that's not true, I truly like you. More than a best friend. I know you might not feel the same way but... I'm curious to know if you do feel like that. If you love me back."

    "Percy, I love you too..."

    Wait, REALLY? Wow! My luck's never been so good. "So, um, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

    (Y/N)'s POV

     "So, um, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

    "Of course!!!" I was so happy!

    Then both of us leaned in until our lips touched. My first kiss. That was the best moment of my life.

    Let's just say the fangirls were super jelly at mine and Percy's make-out session!

    Let us also say that Piper and Annabeth were super happy when I told them my events of the night. They said, "We shipped (Y/S/N) (Your ship name) ever since you two met!" They went away which left me to think about how hot Percy would look in a tux!

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  • perseusjackson18
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Annabeth, texting: I love you

    Percy, texting back: I love you more

    Annabeth: No, I love you more

    Percy: No, I love you more

    Thalia: I'd love both of you more if you didn't do this in the group chat

    #Percy: you'd love us anyway #Annabeth: Thalia can never not love us #Thalia: Dad have mercy #Nico: Every god have mercy #incorrect pjo quotes #incorrect quotes#percyjackson #nico di angelo #thalia grace#annabeth chase#percabeth #incorrect percy jackson #incorrect nico di angelo quotes
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