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    Notes: Anne never got her shoe back on canon, but I really liked this idea, so- here you go.

    Summary: Anne pays a last visit to the remains of toad tower to retrieve a piece from home.


    "Not now, Sprig," Anne muttered quietly, "please." She murmured the last part, her voice nearly cracking. The small frog nodded, hopping somewhere else and moving some debris to the side. She took a few steps back when rubble crumbled down a few feet away from her. She wanted to be doing this alone. Sprig was her friend, yeah—but, this felt...too personal. Like something she should be doing by herself. It was linked to the remains from her life on Earth after all, childhood memories that she held dearly. It was linked to stuff only Marcy and Sasha had shared during their hangouts, their sleepovers and unnamed dates (or at least, that was what Sasha jokingly started calling them whenever they skipped class); she wanted to keep it that way.

    She just wanted to be sad and bitter somewhere else besides the Plantars' basement. Just her luck that he was downstairs the moment she tried to sneak out of the house. She thought he would join Polly and Hop Pop—go and head out to a nearby town to pick something they needed. She wasn't sure why she wasn't allowed to go. Though, she didn't put up much of a fight about it. Given, she was still dealing with what had happened yesterday.

    Slowly, she started climbing on top of the barely stable remains of what was left of Toad Tower. She wasn't sure why she was even looking for her shoe anymore. She was doing just fine with one shoe. She could always ignore it, put the uncomfortable feeling it gave her in a drawer inside her mind and lock it with a key, where it wouldn't matter. Maybe she wanted to latch to the remains of anything that belonged to Earth. Or maybe she just wanted to use it as a excuse to find anything that reminded her of Sasha.

    She paused, were they even friends anymore? The sole thought of the answer to that being 'no' scared her. It was a constant question that had been lingering in the back of her mind for a few years now. When her control over both of them slowly started growing—she was doing it to protect them, she had tried to convince herself at some point. The red line that appeared on Sasha's cheek, the familiar and scary smell of copper tainting the air...that was an image that briefly invaded her mind. She grimaced, trying to shake that idea away, push the guilt quickly bubbling in her chest deep down where it wouldn't bother her. It was still too fresh in her memory, scarring. "Maybe you're better off without me." No, she was not. Not like this at least. The phantom feeling of Sasha's hand in hers still felt fresh against her skin. She clutched it into a fist. Was she aware that that toad—Grime, she thought—would catch her? Or did she-

    "I found it!" Sprig chirped from the other side of the debris, triumphantly holding her shoe over his head. Dirty and tattered. Anne blinked, unaware of the moment she started to tear up. She pulled herself up, wiping her face with her shirt before taking it the moment he proudly offered it to her.

    "Thank you." She said, staring at it briefly, squeezing it between her hands. "Maybe," she said quietly, "we should head back, before someone find us." Before her own thoughts could come back to haunt her. Sprig nodded, leading the way as she slowly followed behind him. "Sasha, please be okay out there." She whispered to nobody before catching up with the frog.

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    three ladies in waiting available in the reincarnation roleplay on discord, if anyone’s interested in joining let me know and i’ll send you the link!

    #six the musical fanfiction #anne boleyn #anne of cleves #catherine of aragon #catherine parr#jane seymour#katherine howard #six the musical #six incorrect quotes #incorrect six quotes
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    am i to take those likes as interest or what

    #do u guys want to meet ghost anne
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    i love going into the frog show . zero expectations . then seeing the grandfather scream ‘eat the rich’ while guillotining a robot’s arm . amphibia writing staff you’ve done it again i literally lost it LKSJDF;KL

    #amphibia#amphibia spoilers#anne boonchuy #hop pop plantar #evil frobo #fight at the museum
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    I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Sasha's VERY long pause here. It reads to me like she's wracking her brain trying to think of a reason why someone would even want to get back home, like "missing your family" isn't a readily available option to her, like she has to really think in order to dredge it up.

    #many ways to read that but this is the one that Feels Right to me #(the other one I like is that she's just trying to wrack her brain thinking of 'what weapon will work to bring anne back under control') #'what button can i press to get her to fall in line' #amphibia#meta#my stuff#sasha waybright #this also makes me think about like #sasha's early drive to get the girls and return home being fueled by #1. 'this place sucks shit #we gotta leave' #and 2. 'this is what the girls would/should want so it's up to me to make it happen
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    Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again.

    #trinity#matrix reloaded#trinityedit#carrie-ann moss#milfsource #i'm doing a rewatch to Prepare #the entire time she's on screen one track brain chanting over and over: she looks so good she looks SO good she looks so GOOD #it's honestly so distracting #the movie talks to me but my brain is just 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 t r i n i t y #alice u kno u KNOW #matrixedit#the matrix#*#bblecher
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    Somehow they fucked up the plot even more!!! Who the fuck was snogging Lucy??

    #the long call #ann cleeves #I am getting irrationally upset at the changes
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    leighannepinnock: My Valentines Day Dress hand made in Italy ❤️

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    Princess Anne arrives at St.Marys Church, reading for a service of rememberance for those killed in the Paddington rail disaster. October 1999.
    #she's so sweet #i love her sm #🥺🥺#princess anne#princess royal#brf #british royal family
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    leighannepinnock: THIS 🖤 @domandink 💜

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    littlemix: Remember the day we finally found our wings 🦋

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    Lockscreens 5532-34

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    little mix halloween layouts

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    Lydia: “it costs nothing to be kind” sometimes it costs my fucking sanity, Delia.

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