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  • deriroga-123
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    a shitty meme from my side.

    stan aruani or i'll steal your kneecaps

    #armin arlet#annie leonhart#aot#snk#aruani #armin x annie #aot meme#snk meme#armin#annie #HEY GUYS CAN I PLS TALK TO ANY ARUANI FAN #NO PLS SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO AOT FRIENDS
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  • anitora24
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • jeztereddin
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Imagine HitchAnnie playing animal crossing together and somehow Annie's character is still shorter than everyone else's.

    She got hers from Ymir who sold her a hacked version, everythings the same except the character is shorter.

    #HitchAnnie headcanons#HitchAnnie #Hitch x Annie #headcanons#aot headcanons#snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #Historia has a short character aswell but she got her game from Ymir for 60 kisses #which was just Ymir joking around at first but Historia gave her all those kisses and then some
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  • six-magnitude-girl
    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Title: Games // AO3

    Author: miikasaa

    Status: COMPLETED (one-shot)

    Summary: Restless after beginning their days as trainees, the 104th decide to relax a bit by playing strip poker. It goes about as well as anyone can imagine.

    Tags: Gen, Strip Poker, Strong hints of EreMika, trainee days

    Characters: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Ymir (Shingeki no Kyojin), Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, the rest of the 104th

    Thoughts: I miss the 104th. Whenever things become too much for me, this is one of my go-to. It reminds me of the simpler days.

    #104th trainee corps #aot fanfic recommendation #best snk fanfic recommendation #mikasa ackerman #snk fanfic recommendation #hints of eremika #simp jean kirstein #mikasa and annie rivalry #mikasa vs annie #shadis losing his hair #shadis smith #eren x mikasa #ymir being an agent of chaos #strip poker
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  • erensyeagers
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #THE REASON I DIDNT ADD JEAN IS BECAUSE HES NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG IN HIS LIFE IDC #annie zeke and bertolt could be included in this but theyre not literally just bc i was never attached to them #a-lfreedom#answered asks#aot#eren yeager#reiner braun#gabi braun#levi ackerman#snk#armin arlert
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  • just-another-evil-immortal
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    snk characters answering "what are your pronouns"

    Eren: He I guess

    Mikasa: I use she/they, you?

    Armin: My pronouns are he/they, what are yours?

    Jean: I'm a man

    Sasha: she/her/hers

    Connie: what's a pronouns

    Annie: don't refer to me, I use they/she though.

    Bert: uhm, he... or they/them maybe

    Reiner: the male ones, don't you see I'm a man.

    Ymir: I don't care, whatever you think might fit.

    Historia: She/her, which do you use

    Floch: I don't have pronouns

    Levi: why do you want to know...they/them.

    Erwin: he/him but they/them is fine if you want

    Hange: uh... they/them, she/he I don't care just switch it up a bit

    Moblit: I like he/him

    Pieck: she/her or they/them. Which ones do you like

    Galliard: the guy ones

    Zeke: I have a penis

    Yelena: well what do you think I use, whatever it is use the oposite

    Gabi: what are pronouns

    Falco: ojh my brother told me about this, he/him I think

    Colt: I use he but I also wann try they

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  • t3tsku
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago




    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀𝖺𝗇𝗇𝗂𝖾 𝗆𝖾𝗌𝗌𝗒 𝗆𝗈𝗈𝖽!

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀𝖽𝗈𝗇'𝗍 𝖼𝗈𝗉𝗒 𝖻𝗋𝗈! <333




    #messy#messy icon#messy icons#messy moodboard#moodboard#soft moodboard#anime#anime messy #anime messy moodboard #anime soft moodboard #annie leonhart#annie snk#annie aot#annie icon#annie icons #annie messy icons #annie messycore #annie messy moodboard #annie soft icons #annie soft moodboard
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  • sonofthesaiyans
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hey! Remember this guy?

    Remember what his name was? Remember when he used to be the biggest deal on the show, practically the series mascot, not counting Eren or Scarf Girl? Remember what an enigmatic personality he had? 


    Says something when your Titan has more personality than you do........

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  • just-another-evil-immortal
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    SNK characters during covid-19

    headcanons for how snk characters would act during the current pandemic. this is obviously in the case of a modern AU and set in a scenario where they all live in germany

    implied ships: MikasSasha(kinda),Aruani, YumiHisu, Eruri

    warnings: mention of depression, needles(vaccines)


    when the Virus first started spreading around the world he said it wouldn't even reach europe. a week later it did, then he said it wouldn't reach germany, it did

    He saidit was hoax for a long time, even still does so and quotes a lot of conspiracy theories around it but more as a joke now

    he was literally one of the first to get infected in the are he lived in, like 2 or three months into the pandemic, there hadn't even been many prevential regulations yet

    got pretty sick, like really bad. couldn't get out of bed for a few days even. When he finally got out of quarantine he said it wasn't that bad but he was pretty scared.

    still has some health problems more than a year later, especially breathing problems.

    struggled in online school, a lot, the only reason he didn't fail the year was because Miaksa and Armin did school work with him over video call everyday for two hours

    got vaccinated as soon as it was possible but only because Mikasa dragged him to go with her


    started wearing medical masks as soon as it became mandatory

    she was the one to enforce the 5 foot rule in her social circles, she even refused hugs from Eren for some time

    kinda struggled in online classes and went from a perfect straight A to an okay B in most classes

    got vaccinated as soon as possible and had to drag eren with her because he didn't want to at first.

    still carries around one of those little pink hand sanatizer bottles

    learned to make jewelery during lockdown and also gave herself second earlobe piercings


    Was very anxious about it from the start because he is a risk patiet (asthma)

    started wearing masks before it became mandatory and ordered a huge supply before other people even started buying them. He wore these kinda of masks even though he couldn't really breath in them

    when masks became mandatory he gave them out to his classmates and friends for free even though Eren wanted him to sell them ("Eren I'm not making profit out of a global pandemic we need to stand together in solidarity for this" "you could have made a forutune but you had to be a good person")

    went on at least one angry twitter rant about "I can wear a mask with my asthma so these people can wear a mask too" when antivaxxers came up

    carries hand sanitizer anyways because he has a slight germaphobia and stocked up even more during the pandemic

    was one of the few people who actually flourished in online school and was also the only kid who always had his cam on

    refused to meet with anyone until they were fully vaccinated


    was actually part of the "the virus is a hoax" crowd for the firs tfew moths but then he got it and that was the worst week of his life

    it wasn't as bad as Eren but he definitely was out for a while

    only wore cloth masks before but switched to normal masks later

    failed pretty badly in online school and was at risk of failing most of his classes ut asked Mikasa to help him and she basically saved him

    he bought a guitar during the first lockdown and promised himself to learn playing it, he hasn't touched it in at least a year

    got vaccinated as soon as he saw that Mikasa got vaccinated


    His parents are antivaxxers and anti maskers and he was too at the start but he saw how badly Jean and Eren were hit so he kinda started believing in covid

    only wore cloth masks until medical ones became mandatory

    he was probably the worst during online classes, he missed most video classes and only did like 30% of the schoolwork. Miraculously he did manage to not fail all classes though and barely passed

    asked his parents to let him get vaccinated, they said no, askd again they said no again

    Has spent a lot of time playing video games and has spent at least 700€ on stuff like that in one year

    by now he's the only one in his friend group not vaccinated and he can't go out with them anymore because he doesn't get in anywhee without being vaccinated

    turns 18 in a few months so that'll probably be the first thing he does (was 15 when the pandemic started)


    was pretty much like Mikasa in that she started wearin gmedical masks as soon as masks became mandatory, her parents refused to buy them though so she got some from Armin

    only got through online school bcause of Mikasa and Armin

    got vaccinated a day after Mikasa but only so she could meet with her again, the first thing they did was have a whole weekend sleepover, so did Eren and Armin

    wears medical masks with cute designs on them and get's Mikasa to wear matching ones everyday

    learned how to bake and regularly brought Mikasa, Jean and Connie bread or cake while their school was on lockdown

    visits Connie pretty often since she got vaccinated. They usually take walks or go biking because Connie can't go anywhere exciting

    one time Her, Jean and Connie just sat on a playground for five hours talking


    got medical masks from armin in her favorite color (blue) as soon as he ordered his first big bulk of them

    started wearing them imediately and also started carrying hand sanatizer which was also given to her by Armin (in a little heart shaped bottle)

    was the first to get vaccinated n her social circle, even before Mikasa

    ordered a "get vaccinated" shirt and wore it during online classes whic prompted at least one fight with Reiner

    managed to get covid despite being vaccinated but had almost no symptoms

    got into astrology during lockdown but only because she knew it would annoy Armin


    he was an antivaxxer, his family is pretty conservative so he is too in a way

    it's more of a they influence him and he just kinda goes along with it kinda thing, like they're homophobic so he is too even though he's gay

    eventually everyone in his family get's Covid but they're still all antivaxxers except him because he probably gave it to bertolt who got hit pretty badly

    he had the recovered certificate for half a year and immediately got vaccinated the day it was over because hehad turned 18 during the pandemic

    his parents don't know he's vaccinated to this day

    he did relatively okay in online classes, he kept his B/Cs

    lockdown took a pretty big toll on his mental health. He had to spend so much time at home with his family which he dreaded and pretty much spend all time in his room alone. He was pretty much stuck in a constant depresseive episode until Bert forced him to go out and do things with him


    was pretty paranoid about the pandemic but he is with everything

    got into a few arguments with Reiner over his antivaxx stance and at one point considered to just break off contact with him

    One day Reiner came to school looking miserable and Bert immediately forced him to get tested, turns out he was positive and not even 3 days later so was Bert

    their school went on lockdown a few days after they both got out of quarantine and they hadn't talked since they went into quarantine so they had a pretty emotional convo over video chat and became friends again

    got vaccinated with Reiner, he would have done it earlier but he didn't find the time to do it

    learned programming during lockdown and got really excited to show it to Annie and Reiner


    was not an anti vaxxer per say but sceptical of the virus until people around her started getting it.

    She refused to get vaxxinated at first ("Hisu noone knows what's in the vaccine" "for the love of god babe please get vaccinated") and... got covid.

    She probably got it from Reiner too and was really scared because she thought she had infected Historia but luckily she hadn't

    only passed most classes because Hisu forced her to attend online school, was to proud to take tutoring from her though

    was also to proud to ask for her notes and so asked Armin who sent her everything he wrote down


    her parents were sceptical buut she was very cautious from the begining

    got medical masks from Armin. Ymir drew little dicks on some of them

    After Historia got mad she started drawing hearts on them

    her parents aranged for the three of them to get vaccinated pretty early on when the vaccine wasn't even really available to the public and she kinda felt bad for it

    she wouldn't admit it but she struggled in online school, she didn't get all of the stuff they had and didn't manage to do all apointments

    had a pretty bad effect on her mental health and she often felt overwhelmed from everything, she cried a lot during that time

    when Ymir finally got vaccinated the first thing they did was go out together on a date

    she already got a booster vaccine, a lot of people from her social circle went together and she went wit them

    She still religiously wears masks and sometimes has to remind Ymir of doing it

    more than once she pulled Ymirs mask up over her nose because she wasn't wearing it correctly


    was also a scepic but turned the other way around

    his parents are antivaxxers and anti maskers, he at least wears masks

    spent a lot of time with Eren during the lockdown, they weren't close before but occasionally played video games together.

    Eren complained he felt lonely because Armin and Mikasa didn't want to meet up and spend the school days actually doing the school work whereas Eren mostly just lounged around and did almost nothing

    They at first only played video games but eventually he started coming over to Erens house

    got vaccinated eventually but only because he couldn't get in anywhere without being vaccinated and it annoyed him


    very much like Armin, bulk ordered masks and hand sanitizer before the virus had even reached the country

    forced Erwin to wear masks before it was mandatory

    at first wore the normal white ones but switched to black because he thought they'd fit his clothing style better

    hated teaching online classes but was always dressed in his usual work atire while some other teachers litterally taught in their pajams

    Erwin once walked through the background while he was teaching so the rumor started spreading the were dating, they have been married for 4 years.

    was one of the few teachers that actually enforeced all the safety mesaures when online classes where over and also foreced every student to use hand sanitizer before they came into his classroom

    somehow, despite verything he still got covid, like a week before he was supposed to get vaccinated

    had pretty mild symptoms but Erwin and Hange got sick a few days after him and Erwin and Hange were out cold.

    He sent the students stuff to do during his quarantine and alos required for them to send it back to him.

    eventually did get vaccinated half a year after he had Covid and still wears masks religiously even in places where he has to wear them

    picked up the hobby of knitting during lockdown and is very good now


    he is a conspiracy theorist bust surpsingly didn't have any about Covid ("Yo Mr Smith do you think covid is a bio weapon made by the chinese" "No Eren thats a just xenophobic dogwhistle, anyway 9/11 was an inside job")

    started wearing masks pretty early on because Levi got him a lot of them also carried hand sanitizer which Levi got for him

    he is the kind of person to approach people in public and tell them to wear their masks correctly

    during the time he got covid it got so bad he had to got to the hospital. His students were just suposed to look at the stuff the already had

    "there will be no history or german classes in the next two weeks, I am in the hospital and might need to be artificially respirated. best wished -Mr Smith"

    struggled a lot wth teaching online classes because he couldn't figure out how to use zoom and there were virtually no classes for his students for a week because he couldn't figure it out.

    Eventually Armin emailed him explaining everything in a very detailed and easy way.

    He was one of the teachers that though in their pajamas but it wasn't immediately obvious because he sleeps in long pajama pants and a gray shirt

    got asked a lot of questions after he walked through the background during Levis Zoom classes a few times and eventually just said "yes I'm married to Mr Ackerman, don't tell him I told you though". Levi still thinks it was Hange who told everyone


    they already wore masks a lot because they thought it looked cool with their lab coat so they didn't have to order any

    they were among the first teachers to wear masks and alos tried to get their students to wear masks

    got Covid, probably from Levi or a student and were out cold for at least a week. Not as bad as Erwin but they stayed in bed that week.

    Moblit sent any email to their students and Zeke took over most of their classes in during that time.

    got vaccinated half a year after they had Covid with Levi and Erwin

    They spent the week the quarantine with Erwin and Levi since Moblit wasn't positive and they didn't want him to get it too

    that week was stressful, for them and for Levi. They are a very unorganized person while Levi has a thing for order and cleanlyness.

    their online classes were the best because they actually understand how technology works and also didn't give as much homework as some other teachers.


    was anxious about the virus and immediately started wearing masks like Hange

    self isolated when Hange first started showing symptoms and despite being negative and them staying with Levi he self quarantines for three weeks to be comletely sure.

    got vaccinated with the other teachers that hadn't had covid right after his quarantine

    also kinda struggled with zoom so Hange had to often sit next to him while he taught and show him how to do things


    only started wearing masks as it got mandatory but always wore them correctly and only wore medical masks

    his PE classes during online schools consisted of him giving homework outs over zoom, the students didn't get marks and they weren't required to participate only to be present

    lifted up a lot of students and helped people stay in shape, sometimes parents of students joined in

    also got vaccinated with the other teachers. the vaccine kinda had side effects for him and he got pretty sick for two days but was completely fine afterwards


    also gave home workouts to her students but hers were less cardio and more yoga or gymnastics

    she spent a few lessons introducing her cats because she didn't know what to do in online PE class before she started the workouts

    she made them mandatory for everyone and had everyone turn on their camera too but she didn't give marks either

    some students told her they picked up Yoga as a hobby because of her


    made up conspiracy theories but more as a joke than serious

    got Covid as one of the first people on her school but kept making jokes about it

    also later made jokes about the vaccine turning you gay and making you a cat girl.

    came to school with cat ears the day after she got vaccinated. Also said she could listen to radio in her head now

    pulled through most of her classes but went from As to Cs in some

    tried to pick up a few different hobbies throughout quarantine but in the end she was addicted to sims for a few weeks and played almost 13 hours a day, completely stopped playing after that and got addicted to minecraft

    she has made a youtube channel though on which she amkes video essays


    he did not believ in Covid at first and even stayed sceptical when people at his school sarted getting it. Even his parents weren't like that or his brother, it was literally just him

    only stopped when Pieck got sick and he saw how bad she was doing

    Pieck eventually kept saying the vaccine turns you gay, that was right around the time Galliard got vaccinated too and he also started realzig he likes guys so for a few weeks he actually considered if it might be true

    did relatively mediocre in online classes buit he also does mediocre in normal school so nothing really changed

    started playing minecaft with Pieck, they have their own little server where they roleplay and stuff.


    was very paranoid after he heard Eren had gotten it and avoided Eren for weeks after that

    he didn't immediately get masks so he had to take all his pride aside and ask Levi who didn't seem pleased but gave him a whole box regardless

    was one of the few teachers who didn't get vaccinated in the school. not because he's an anti vaxxer but because he's scared of needles

    hated online school because he had to put on a shirt which he usually doesn't do at home. One time he accidentally started teaching a class shirtless, realized haflway through and embarassedly put on a shirt.

    got vaccinated, alsmot started crying before the needle wa even in his arm, didn't feel anything, looked at his arm, realized the needle is laready in his arm and almost fainted

    was out for a day afterwards but otherwise fine

    had to shave his bear because it didn't fit undr his mask

    looked ten year younger instantly, a lot of people didn't recognize him and he looked way to much like his father so he grew it again but kept it very short and neat.

    started wearing contacts because his glasses were constantly foggy but always had the glasses with him because he's sentimental


    had to order custom masks because they were to short for her face and hurt her ears

    only started wearing masks once it became mandatory

    spent her quarantine basically absorbing as much knowledge as possible and read through all of her textbooks which made her lterally the only person that passed all her classes

    was suposed to go to college because she graduated during lockdown but stayed living at home because her college did online classes

    spent a weird amount of time facetiming Zeke because he was her favorite teacher when she was still in highschool

    got vaccinated only because she got annoyed that some places only let you in if you're vaccinated


    very responsible, got medical masks and washed his hands everytime he touched something

    usually he was very big on shaking hands but stopped immediately

    got vaccinated along with the other teachers, was fine after his first shot but the second knocked him out for a few days

    got a whiteboard for his oline classes and pretty much taught like he would in school. didn't give much homework and offfered tutoring if someone didn't understand things

    he usually does a lot of sport but couldn't because gyms were closed so he often biked to nerby lakes and swum a few hours in summer and did home workouts in winter. even got a weight bench so he could keep lifting


    her familiy is not as conservative as reiners but her parents still didn't want to get vaccinated

    she failed pretty much all her classes since she spent most of the lockdown playing fortnite or minecraft and did almost no schoolwork

    currently has to do the 6th grade second time becasue she failed so many classes

    didn't get covid but her family got it and she self isolated in her room as the only one who didn't have it

    doesn't really wear her masks correctly, not because she's anti mask but just beause she finds them annoying


    makes Gabi wear her masks correctly

    also tries to get her to wear medical masks instead of cloth masks

    Gabi always manages to get his mask into her fingers and writes something stupid on it or draws penises

    he got in trouble for it with a teacher once

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  • rivamika-trash
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    進撃の巨人×極楽湯 (らくスパ)・コラボオリジナルコースタープレゼント[Attack on Titan x RAKU SPA Collaboration Original Coasters]

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  • axoxtxhxh
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    PLEASE someone tell me I’m not the only one that sees her as one of those 70s aesthetic skateboarders... Also, I’m not sure why Annie turned out so much more cartoon-y than the others. Reference

    #Art by Joey #axo art#Annie#annie leonhart#Annie modern #Annie Modern au #SNK Annie#AOT Annie #AOT Annie modern #SNK Annie modern #Annie Leonhardt #Annie Leonhardt modern #Annie Leonhart modern #Annie leonhardt fanart #Annie leonhart fanart #Annie leonhart art #Annie Leonhardt art #SNK Modern au #AOT modern au #Attack on Titan #Shingeki no kyojin #AOT Warriors#SNK Warriors
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  • rivamika-trash
    02.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    進撃の巨人×極楽湯 (らくスパ)・コラボキャンペーン [Attack on Titan x RAKU SPA Collaboration Campaign]

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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    02.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Annie Leonhart getting nightmares would include:

    Annie is hard pressed to admit she even dreams, let alone has nightmares. Don’t expect her to be very forthcoming with that kind of information. 

    She avoids talking about her feelings at all cost so it’s unlikely she’ll want to talk about nightmares or her darkest fears either. 

    For her, it’s not about being scared of your reaction - she knows you’ll be supportive and comforting. That’s what she’s avoiding

    Annie loves you, that much is clear. But there are times when she’s in denial about her feelings. If she sees how loving and kind you can be towards her, she’ll be unable to keep any kind of emotional distance at all

    For her, emotions and vulnerability are a weakness - especially considering what she’s there to do. 

    If she gets too attached, she knows it will make everything so much harder when she has to leave

    So when she has a nightmare, she keeps it to herself and doesn’t wake you. Usually, she’ll spend a bit of time just watching you sleep, trying to memorise your face looking so relaxed. 

    If you’re awake and it’s obvious what’s happened, Annie will pull away from you even if all she wants is to be wrapped up in your arms

    She might accept a little comfort but for the most part she feels suffocated. There’s jus so much she can’t tell you and your kindness can be overwhelming to her

    More often than not, you feature in her nightmares. Annie is scared of many things but you hating her or getting hurt above all

    Sometimes she just needs to take a minute to remind herself you’re alright and with her, at least for the time being

    And she hopes more than anything that when the time comes, she’ll remember you like this - relaxed and sleeping without a care in the world, compared to the horrified expression she anticipates when she sees you for the last time.

    #annie leonhardt #annie leonhardt x reader #annie leonhart x reader #annie leonhart#snk annie#snk#aot
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  • nttmanga
    02.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    "Come back home" Nooo, more like "Hey, you! Hey, do you have a cigarette?"

    I really love Ereannie, but it's kind of fucked up! The guys from the post-Soviet countries will understand me perfectly.

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  • knightinshiningplastic
    01.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Mikannie as things my shitty ex and I have said to each other because i'm bored part 1:

    Mikasa: "I love you :)"

    Annie: "Nice."

    Annie: "WAIT"

    Mikasa: "You're not ALWAYS right."

    Annie: "Yeah, no, I am. When I'm wrong, I'm still right, it just takes a while to be proven."

    Annie: "I'm your stay-at-home minecraft wife."

    Mikasa: ....

    #mikannie #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #snk #annie x mikasa #mikasa ackerman #mikasa x annie #mikani#annie leonhart
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  • shimmejii
    01.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Just some hitchannie doodles :))

    Yes hitch is dressed as an olaf wearing orange crocs (badly made but they are still crocs) And yes it is a wedding ring in annie's hand! If it's in the wrong hand, we can pretend it's in the right one👍

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  • ftgbb
    01.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Kawoshin doujinshis are sold out.

    Please read everything before contacting me! ☺️

    Everything is in excellent condition. I prefer to sell batches but you have the possibility to choose one doujin from the batches.

    Don't hesitate to ask for more pics and details about an item! I don't accept reservations. PayPal only, tracked shipping only. Shipping cost will be determined after depending on the package weight and the destination but since the items are light, it should be pretty cheap. Send me a message if you're interested ! Voilà !

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