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  • Who is that standing round

    Who is that giving sense

    To a blind and deaf and angry lonely girl


    “ooh what is love?” You washed her hands

    And saw her lips remain untouched

    Love is two in one

    Goodbye Annie Sullivan

    Who was that standing round

    While he was growing up

    And who seduced a world that’s looking for

    A passion

    Swept down those icy clouds above

    Showed us the way to stay corrupt

    Like a loaded gun

    Goodbye Mrs. Robinson

    — The Tonics

    [Elegy for Anne Bancroft]

    Happy Birthday Queen!

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  • 273 Days

    In 273 days, Ty and Annie’s lives changed. It took 273 days for two freshly married, twenty-one year old ‘kids’ to become parents. *Continuation of my last fic, of sorts*

    They’d only been married three months. Three months was not three years, but, by that logic, it wasn’t three weeks either, so he guessed they’d made it so far. He smiled at her, or rather, her reflection in the mirror; messy bun and mismatched pajamas, or rather, what she called pajamas these days – one of his old t-shirts and lacy underwear underneath – with flecks of mascara a contrast against the pale skin of her cheek, and she smiled back, a sleepy sort of smile. They’d at least beaten teen pregnancy. That was something, wasn’t it?

    “Good morning sleepyhead,” he said to her, laughing a little when she crawled over to him from higher on the bed and rested her chin on his shoulder.

    Now she was staring at their reflection, and he met her eyes again in the mirror on the wall. They were bright, but still, she looked tired, run-down, and it occurred to him that they could maybe play the sick card just a little while longer.

    “Me? I should be saying that to you. I felt you get out of bed only half an hour ago. What happened to going out for your run?”

    His gaze fell to her abdomen and he had to hold in the sigh. There was a visible distention now, and sure, she could pass it off as bloat, but that would only hold in court for so long. Because you couldn’t have a period symptom, without an actual period. He was fairly sure that’s how it worked. Despite the stress it was causing, that soft swell to her stomach was a beautiful thing, and as odd as it sounds, its something he feels tethered to, protective over, even, already. He has his hands there every chance he gets.

    Encircling his arms around her waist, he felt her let out a calm breath as his hands reached for her stomach, the pads of his fingertips encroaching over her bellybutton.

    “I was too tired. Wanted to sleep in. And can you blame me? It’s the off-season.”

    He kissed her temple, breathing in the honeyed scent of her shampoo from last night’s shower before his mouth dipped to the crevice between her shoulder and neck, and he could smell the faint aroma of that froufrou green tea shower soap that she’d cajoled him into buying, the same soap he knew that he smelled of, too. The very thought brought back salacious flashes from the night before; her face buried in his chest, her pert, little ass up against the translucent glass of the shower door, her legs hiked up around his waist, her heels locked together for balance while her fingers were in his hair, every so often pushing back the very wet strands that fell into his eyes as the water ran cold. But they didn’t care. Not about that.

    Her eyes fell to his hands there on her body, palming her burgeoning stomach, with a tentative smile. She was scared, he knew that, even if she didn’t tell him as much. Annie didn’t show her vulnerability, not often, and not around many people, and she reminded Ty of himself in that way, in that dumb, paradox where they were emotional people, its just that, they were emotional in private. So, he knew she was scared.

    He knew she was scared just by the little things. In the way her chin dipped slightly, as if to turn away from him, the way her eyes downcast to the hardwood floor of their bedroom when he touched her there, the way she let her hair fall in front of her face, newly gotten bangs rushing forward into her eyes, but then again, when weren’t they always; he loved them, especially in the mornings, like this one, where the fringe gets caught in her eyelashes, a little sticky from yesterday’s mascara, because he loves to push them back from her forehead and leave a kiss there, pursing his lips against the warm, milky skin, tinged with an aroma of sleep.

    He loved her. He loved her so much that he knew all of the little, innocuous things about her, and the things that he wished he didn’t sometimes, and he vowed, right here, holding her like this, her breaths radiating through him too, against his chest, that he would never, ever leave her. He didn’t when things between them were easy, and he wouldn’t when things got tough, and they would, sooner than later. They couldn’t hide this from their parents, their families, forever. She knew that too; he knew that she did.

    “We’re going to be okay, sweetheart. I promise. Even if they’re a bit shocked at first, they’ll come around. We aren’t sixteen. We’re married. We’re twenty-one years old. We’re legal adults.” He placed a kiss into her mused hair. “We can vote.”

    He watched in the mirror as her lips turned up into a coy smile. “Heh. We beat teen pregnancy.”

    Tyler grinned against her scalp, and then raised his head slightly to meet the reflection of her eyes. “I love you. I love you so much, Annabelle Townsend.”

    Her eyes narrowed a bit and she turned to really look at him, no reflection between them now. “That’s Annabelle Sullivan-Townsend to you, mister.”

    He’d tried to fight her on it, to take his name and leave hers behind, citing that their future children would have his name, a future that would come a lot sooner than either of them expected, but she didn’t budge. She’d told him that while the Sullivan name might not be part of their future children, it would always be apart of her, and if he didn’t support her decision to keep it, she just wouldn’t marry him. A shrug of her shoulders. A nonchalance designed to screw with his head.

    It was obvious to him, and it had been since he’d met her, when she downright refused to give Ms. Dana Sue her baby rattle to wash (a story he’s heard countless of times over countless Margarita Nights from the Townsend living room) that stubbornness was also just part of her, a part of her that he just had to get used to. And he had, but it didn’t mean that it was his favorite part of her. At the end of the day, it was such a small concession to have her as his wife, and so he acceded, even as his father nearly had a heart attack on the spot, a reaction that made Dana Sue roll her eyes in a less-than-Southern-matron reaction, which reminded him so startlingly of Annie, he nearly laughed out loud.

    “Right. And Annabelle Sullivan-Townsend…” he leaned forward to push their lips together and she reciprocated in the space of a single breath. “I want to stay in this bed with you all day, if you’ll have me.”

    “No question,” she breathed out between their kisses, and then she gasped when he switched them around so that instead, she was above him.

    “Except we have to tell them about…the pregnancy. We said today.”

    It was still hard to say out loud, for both of them.

    He looked up at her, at her hair, matted a little against her head, those bangs in her face again, but it was sexy; it was all sexy, the way her hands were pressed against his chest, the way his hands were on her waist, his fingertips hooked around the string of her underwear, the satin string that gave way to something that only really covered half of her, the Walmart hip-huggers phase of her teenagerhood good and gone, and the way her breath, soft and expectant, felt against his face.

    He knew they wouldn’t be telling them today, and she couldn’t fool him, not anymore. She knew it too. “Let’s say tomorrow.”

    She smirked at him and he knew it was a done deal, then. “Tomorrow.”

    He took her by surprise when he up and kissed her again without warning, and not necessarily gentle. She laughed in reaction and he laughed too, the both of them sounding happy, so, stupidly happy, as if, for a moment, none of this was happening.

    The next morning, both of them awoke around the same time, both having had equally restless sleeps. For her part, Annie had tossed and turned all night, never staying wrapped in his arms like she would usually, for longer than what felt like three seconds at a time, because usually, she sleeps like a log. And he knew it was around three seconds between each time she turned over, because he had lay awake, staring at the ceiling, then at her, then at the ceiling, again.

    “Good morning love,” she whispered against his chest, and he hummed in response, carding his hands through her hair until he reached her lower back and lifted her shirt up just the smallest bit, so that he could slip his hands through it and feel the heat of her bare skin.

    “It will be in a minute,” he teased seductively as he kissed the bridge of her nose, then her upper lip, and then her mouth, biting the skin lightly.

    She squirmed and gently pushed him away. Without saying anything at first, she got up from the bed and removed her shirt, her back to him, and, just his luck, she had a bra on before she turned back around to him, before he could think about making any moves.

    “We have to tell them today. Brunch, remember?”

    She smoothed her hand against her stomach, and still, it surprised him, the way her skin just stretched and moved and made room for something inside of her. Their baby.

    He didn’t necessarily want to think about it, but there were twins on his side – his grandpa had twin sisters, his dad’s dad, and he read that the twin gene skipped a generation which meant…well, it meant a whole lot more work for him and Annie. Not that he wouldn’t love to have two babies, he would, in fact, maybe he wanted three, like his parents, but just, maybe not at the same time. He shook his head imperceptively, trying not to think about the fact that Annie was showing a lot for only three months. She’d just become an expert at hiding it, and at seeing her mom a little less.

    “I know. And we will.”

    They got ready in silence and drove to the restaurant the same way. Dana Sue insisted that they eat anywhere but at Sullivan’s so that’s how they ended up at some Chicken and Waffles place uptown. Annie was picking at her fried chicken, and he could see it in her eyes, she was hoping and praying that she wouldn’t get sick at the table.

    “An…” he said to her, putting a soothing hand on her wrist and rubbing circles along it.

    “I have to go to the – uh – I have to pee,” she said suddenly, abruptly getting up from her chair, not even bothering to push it in closer to the table before she turned towards the washrooms.

    “Annabelle – “

    Dana Sue said in a warning tone but didn’t get to finish before her daughter was already too far away to hear her. “Tyler, sweet boy, do you know what’s gotten into her? She’s been to the washroom three times in the past hour…should I be worried?”

    Ty’s mouth went dry. He could taste metal. “I – uh – she – “

    “Sorry you guys.” Annie got back just in time, putting a reassuring hand on his back before she sat down again.

    “I like your dress, Annie, it’s very cute,” his mom said before she could apologize any further. The nervous look on her face smoothed out, but only for a second.

    “Thanks Maddie. It’s new actually.” Annie stood up from the table again and touched the emerald green fabric, quickly and unwittingly exposing her forming bump.

    “Ha!” Dana Sue cried triumphantly, making him flinch. “I knew it. I totally knew it! Baby girl,” she said, clicking her tongue and giving her daughter an impish look, “you can’t hide a thing from me. I’m your mama. I know everything.”

    “Looks like the cat’s out of the bag, An,” Ty said to her, a little regretfully.

    For as much as they agonized over it, they wanted to be the one’s to tell their parents, not the other way around. Either way, the secret was out there now, and it seemed that hers and his mom were taking the news in stride.

    His mom and Dana Sue glanced at each other, both of their lips showing a glint of a smirk. “At least we beat teen pregnancy,” his mom said, with Dana Sue’s echo, “amen to that!”

    Ty couldn’t help it, and it seemed like Annie couldn’t either as they laughed. Ty looked over at her and when she caught him staring he mouthed ‘I love you’ and not to his surprise, she mouthed it right back.

    It turns out that Ty was right, and the twin gene was definitely a thing where he and Annie were concerned, because at their 16 week ultrasound, it was very obvious that Annie was carrying two babies. And Ty was actually excited about that fact. He had Baby Girl and Baby Boy to be thinking about now. Before, it was just himself, Annie, and one, singular, baby. It had been a lot to process, the change in thinking, but he managed.

    Seven and a half months carrying twins had definetly taken a toll on his wife though. Annie would try and try with all of her might not to complain, but there were days she was just so uncomfortable that it became somewhat cathartic to get angry, otherwise she would quite probably go insane.

    Everyone ogled and awed at her though, his mom most of all, and that seemed to help her ignore the discomfort every now and then, a little more. Today though, today had been hard. Church was one hour too long, brunch afterwards was a relief if only because she got to eat, and then they were home, but she couldn’t get into a position that was comfortable in any sense of the word.

    Right now, she was curled into the loveseat but the babies were kicking up a storm, the skin of her belly rippling like a white-capped ocean and as much as he loved to feel his son and daughter’s little baby feet kick his hand, he knew it had to be causing Annie some sort of something, whether that be pain, general discomfort or a sense of impending parenthood because more frequent movement likely meant that her womb was no longer fit to size for their two little Peanuts, and that scared the crap out of them both. They’d spent the last few early mornings when the babies wouldn’t let her sleep discussing that very thing. They’d concluded that everything was going to be fine, they had their families, they had their friends (sort of), and they could be scared together, and that had to count for something.

    “Agh, Ty,” Annie groaned, trying to switch positions for the third time in as many minutes. “I think these pains I’m feeling are contractions, and I also don’t think they’re going to let up any time soon.”

    He watched her face contort with the pain and then there was relief in her expression, and he deduced that they had in fact let up, at least for the time being.

    “Hey,” he went from the couch to over to her and stood in front of her. “You’re going to be okay. We’ll go to the hospital when you think you’re ready. My mom said five minutes apart. Do you think there’s five minutes in between them?”

    “Mm…not yet. But please distract me. I need a distraction.”

    “A distraction huh?” he asked, raising an eyebrow, and she laughed, grabbing his cheeks in between her hands, and pulling him close to her.

    “Exactly what I was thinking, Mr. Townsend,” she said to him before pressing her mouth against his.

    Soon after though, the next contraction hit. And then again. All the both of them wanted to do was revel in the simple happiness gotten from kissing each other a little bit longer, but they knew it was time to go to the hospital. Now.

    “Time to have these babies, huh? You ready, An?”

    She sighed while he helped her out of the chair and to the front door, grabbing their hospital go-bag on the way out.

    “As ready as I’ll ever be.” She touched her belly softly. “Are you ready in there my little Peanuts? Momma and Daddy are sure ready to meet you.”

    At 7:47 PM and 7:49 PM, on July 23rd, Baby Girl Townsend, and Baby Boy Townsend, respectively, were born. It was long and it was hard, but both Annie (his girl was a superhero, and he would never, ever, have any reason to doubt that now), and Ty were elated to be parents to two, extremely healthy babies. He felt blessed with fraternal twins, and while they’d made a top three list for both genders, Annie gave him the honor of naming their son, and it was unspoken then, that she would name their daughter.

    “Mom, Ms. Dana Sue,” Ty said to their moms, the both of them crowded around Annie, who looked physically and mentally depleted, but nonetheless, entirely fulfilled, with both babies on her chest. In this very moment, she looked as beautiful as Ty had ever seen her.

    “Annie and I would like to introduce you to our big boy on the left, Beau Greyson Townsend, and to our sweet girl on the right, “Sarah Evangeline Townsend. With an H,” he added as an afterthought, not sure why the spelling really mattered in the moment, but to him, for some reason, it mattered.

    “Oh you two, those babies are so wonderful. And their names…so precious,” Maddie spoke first, and then so did Dana Sue.

    “First and foremost, I am so proud of you my beautiful girl,” she said, directing the statement at Annie, who smiled, and then to them both, “you kids are going to be amazing parents to those babies. I have no doubt.”

    “Thanks Mom,” Annie said and there were tears in her eyes. Ty squeezed her hand. “Yeah, thanks Ms. Dana Sue. It means a lot. You too mom.”

    Ty took a minute to look at Annie once their moms left, with some pleading from the nurse because visiting hours were ending, and he took a single breath.

    “We’re going to do this, Annie. And we’re going to do it right. Teach our kids everything we know, love them with everything we have, and love each other just as much.”

    Annie grinned at him, nodding her head as Sarah and Beau slept on in their bassinets next to her hospital bed.

    “I know we are. And I know we will. Because with you, baby, everything is possible. And I am going to love life with you.”

    Ty kissed her gently. “I’m going to love life with you too.“

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  • AU where Annie’s photography blows up after she switches to portraits and starts a business at 18

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  • A Day in the Life

    The energy at Serenity High School is hectic and excited as the entire town rushes into the bleachers at the baseball field for the first game of the season. Annie Sullivan, Cece Matney, and Simon Spry make their way from the newspaper room to the field decked out in school colors, Annie with her camera, Simon with his notepad, and Cece with her phone and AirPods, ready to document the game through all kinds of media. Annie feels her phone buzz and groans.

    “Natasha again?” Cece asks, looking over Annie’s shoulder as she reads the message.

    From: Natasha Wilmington

    The game starts in 30 minutes!! Make sure you are wearing your pin, school colors, and that your boy is ready for the game!! I’ll see y'all in our section!!

    “Why is she like this? She literally has us wearing pins with our boyfriend’s number on it. It’s like we’re in the fifties.” Annie states as Cece snorts.

    “I mean, she is dating Jackson.” Simon mentions.

    “So? That’s her fault, not mine.”

    “Yeah, but imagine having Mary Vaughn as your boyfriend’s mom.” Simon reminds, causing both Annie and Cece to shudder.

    “Good point.” Annie says as they near the baseball field. Annie spots Tyler near the locker room door, pacing.

    “I’m gonna go talk to Ty before the game starts. I’ll see you guys on the field.” Annie says.

    “Do you want me to take your camera?” Cece asks and Annie hesitates.

    “I won’t break it, I promise.” Cece adds, rolling her eyes.

    “Fine, but be careful.” Annie warns and hands her camera to Cece. She parts ways with Simon and Cece, making her way to Tyler. The closer she gets the more stress she feels radiating off of him.

    “Shouldn’t the team captain be in there giving a rousing pep talk or something?” Annie teases with a smile, finally catching Tyler’s attention. Without saying a word, Tyler pulls Annie into his arms, tightly squeezing her as he buries his face into her shoulder. Annie wraps her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his hair in an attempt to calm him.

    “I’m so happy you’re here.” Tyler mutters into her shoulder.

    “How are you doing?” Annie asks.

    “I’m so nervous, Annie. First game of senior season. Scouts are watching. I’m team captain. I woke up and my shoulder felt a little weird.”

    “Ty, your shoulder-”

    “I know, but it’s not too bad and I really want to end my career as a Bulldog with a win at states. We can’t do that if I sit out the game. I can’t get a final offer from a college if I’m not playing.” Tyler rambles, his anxiety starting to spiral out of control.

    “Hey, look at me.” Annie says, calmly pulling herself back. Tyler does the same and Annie cups Tyler’s face, her thumbs stroking his cheekbones.

    “You, Tyler Townsend, are going to have an amazing senior season. You’re a great pitcher. You were chosen as team captain because your team loves you and looks up to you.” Annie says.

    “How do I make the scouts see that?” Tyler asks.

    “You don’t have to make them see anything. Your talent and determination speak for themselves. The scouts will see how incredible you are and offer you a scholarship, I just know it.” Annie says and Tyler takes a deep breath, leaning his face into her hands.

    “How do you know?”

    “Because I’ve watched you work for this your entire life. I have absolute faith in you, Tyler Townsend.” Annie says sweetly, smiling up at Tyler who returns it with a smile of his own.

    “Thank you.” Tyler murmurs, taking another deep breath, his eyes falling shut.

    “Of course. Though, to be honest, Natasha Wilmington did order me to do this.”

    “What?” Tyler asks, his eyes flying open.

    “Oh I didn’t tell you? I was added into a group chat last week that’s run by Natasha, titled The Girlfriends, where she told all of the significant others of guys on your team what to wear, say, and do today so we can best support our boys.”

    “What about Perry’s boyfriend?”

    “Oh he’s in there too. Natasha just didn’t think The Significant Others had the same ring to it.”

    “So, what exactly are the requirements?” Tyler asks as he teasingly pulls Annie closer and rests his forehead against hers.

    “Well, we have to be in school colors at the game-”

    “Of course.”

    “And she selected a specific section of the bleachers for us all to sit in.”

    “Which you’ll be ignoring in favor of being with the media, I’m sure.”

    “Definitely. Oh and we have these pins with our corresponding boyfriend’s number on it.” Annie says, pointing at her own that’s currently over her heart. Tyler leans back to see what it says.

    I Love #17. That’s kinda sweet.”

    “Yeah, I guess so.”

    “I wonder why she cares so much. I mean, Jackson probably doesn’t care that much.”

    “That’s what Cece and I thought, but Simon reminded us how she has to impress Mary Vaughn. Seeing how passionate Mary Vaughn is about baseball I could see how Natasha would see it as her way in.”

    “That’s true. Poor girl.”

    “Yeah, I got pretty lucky with your mom.” Annie says as she wraps her arms around Tyler’s torso.

    Your mom, however, is terrifying.” Tyler states and Annie laughs.

    “She’s just protective.”

    “I know, and before I was your boyfriend I loved that about her. Now that I am your boyfriend and am seen as something to be protected from, I am thoroughly scared.” Tyler explains and Annie laughs as he rests his forehead on hers again, gently nuzzling her nose with his.

    “Thank you for always supporting me.” Tyler whispers, suddenly serious. Annie smiles softly at him.

    “Thank you for always being worth it.” Annie replies and Tyler crashes his lips into hers and sighs contentedly. Annie’s hands find her way to his cheeks as she smiles into the kiss.

    “Ahem.” Gabe loudly says from the locker room door, causing Annie and Tyler to pull apart with a blush on their faces. Tyler kisses Annie on the nose before fully pulling apart from her as Gabe approaches them.

    “Annie was just helping me focus for the game.” Tyler explains and Gabe chuckles.

    “What about me? I need to focus.” Gabe teases and suddenly wraps Annie in a hug.

    “Will I play well, Annie?” Gabe says in a fake nervous tone as Annie giggles.

    “You will be amazing, Gabe.” Annie replies as they stop hugging.

    “Thank you. We need you in there, team captain.” Gabe says, turning his attention to Tyler.

    “I’ll see you after the game.” Tyler says to Annie, leaning in for a quick kiss.

    “You’re gonna be great.” Annie replies and Tyler and Gabe head towards the locker room door.

    “Take good pictures of me, Annie.” Gabe exclaims.

    “I’ll try.” Annie says as she walks towards the field, eventually reaching Cece and Simon.

    “Camera intact and ready to go.” Cece states and hands Annie her camera. Tyler pitches an amazing game, like Annie knew he would. She waits outside the locker room with the other family members and significant others as the boys come out of the locker room one by one. When Tyler comes out she waits for his family to congratulate him before wrapping her arms around his neck, his arms going around her waist in a tight hug.

    “You were right.” Tyler says and Annie laughs.

    “Of course I was right. You should know by now I’m always right.” Annie teases and Tyler chuckles.

    “You really were awesome.” Annie says sincerely and Tyler hums happily.

    “God I want to kiss you right now.”

    “I don’t recommend it. I can feel my mom staring at us.” Annie says and Tyler sighs, pulling away to appease the parents staring at them.

    “Excuse me, Tyler Townsend?” A man asks from behind Tyler. Tyler turns around, a stunned look on his face.

    “Yes, that’s him. I’m his mom, Maddie Townsend. Hi.” Maddie says, coming to stand beside Tyler and shaking the man’s hand.

    “My name is Harold Steinhart. I’m a representative of the University of Georgia’s baseball team. I was wondering if I could talk to you about your game.” The man says.

    “Sure.” Tyler finally says.

    With his parents.” Maddie insists, Bill joining the conversation.

    “Of course.” The man says and the four walk off. Gabe rushes over to Annie as he watches the four talk.

    “Is that who I think that is?” Gabe asks.

    “UGA scout.” Annie replies, both Annie and Gabe beaming. Later that day, the sun shines through Annie’s living room as she lays on her couch, waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. She smiles as she clicks through the pictures she took at Tyler’s baseball game, many of them featuring Tyler. She already knows Simon is going to tease her about her lack of objectivity in choosing subjects for her photos, especially since these pictures are for the school newspaper, but she doesn’t care.

    To: Ty 💞

    Are you almost here?

    If Annie had gotten it her way, her mom would’ve let her stay to talk to Tyler after he finished his conversation with the scout from UGA. Sadly, her mom insisted on taking Annie home before she went to Sullivan’s. Then Tyler delayed his arrival by insisting on showering before joining Annie for Outer Banks and Erik’s famous brownies and cinnamon ice cream. Her mom is working late though, so Annie tries not to get too bitter. Annie hears the engine of Tyler’s car before feeling the buzz of her phone in her pocket, knowing it’s a text from Tyler.

    From: Ty 💞

    Just pulled up.

    Annie ran to her door and opened it to see Tyler walking towards it, immediately laughing as he saw his girlfriend’s eager face. He jogs the rest of the way to the door and places a sweet kiss on Annie’s lips, who continues to smile. Tyler pulls away, the two of them chuckling.

    “Hi.” Annie says.

    “Hey.” Tyler replies, leaning against the doorframe and immediately wincing.

    “What was that?” Annie asks as Tyler straightens up and rubs his shoulder.

    “My shoulder’s a little sore still, that’s all.” Tyler states.

    “A little?” Annie asks, raising an eyebrow.

    “Okay maybe a lot.” Tyler replies, sheepishly.

    “And you drove here?”


    “Ty, you live within walking distance.”

    “I wanted to get to you as soon as possible.” Tyler says and Annie feels her heart melt a little as he pouts, definitely trying to distract her from his shoulder.

    “Nice try, but I’m not forgetting about that shoulder no matter how charming you are. Come on.” Annie orders and ushers Tyler inside. Tyler sits on the couch as Annie grabs an ice pack from the freezer and brings it over to the couch. Annie sits down next to Tyler and gently puts the ice pack on his shoulder, Tyler trying to hold back another wince as the ice pack makes contact.

    “Sorry.” Annie says.

    “It’s okay. It’s normal.” Tyler says and Annie sighs.

    “What?” Tyler asks.

    “I just… I know this happens to pitchers, but it still concerns me, you know?” Annie says tentatively, not wanting to give Tyler the wrong idea. She knows how much he loves baseball and she supports him 100%, but she would be lying if she said the toll it takes on his shoulder doesn’t worry her. She avoids Tyler’s gaze until she feels his hand cover her hand that’s holding the ice pack, giving it a slight squeeze.

    “I know. I’ll take it easy this week, I promise.” Tyler says sincerely, Annie finally meeting his gaze and smiling.

    “Okay.” Annie says and gives him a kiss on the cheek, causing Tyler to beam at her and Annie to blush. After staring into each other’s eyes for an extended period of time, Annie clears her throat and turns her focus to the remote.

    “So, how did talking to the scout go?” Annie asks.

    “Good. He said he was impressed and gave me his card and said I should call him and set up a tour of UGA’s facilities.” Tyler says excitedly, Annie adoring the elated look on his face.

    “Ty, that’s amazing.” Annie exclaims, lunging to give him a side hug, resulting in Tyler groaning.

    “Shoulder.” Tyler winces.

    “Sorry. I forgot.” Annie says, covering her mouth in embarrassment as her boyfriend shifts until he finds a comfortable position.

    “It’s okay.” Tyler chuckles. Annie delicately leans in and gives Tyler a kiss. When she pulls away, Annie rests her forehead on Tyler’s and smiles.


    “Better.” Tyler says, leaning in for a quick kiss.

    “Okay, I can’t wait any longer. We have to start the show.” Annie says, suddenly serious.

    “It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

    “You’re lucky I waited to watch the rest of season two with you. I was starting to get antsy.” Annie states as she gets up to retrieve the brownies and ice cream.

    “The Pogues are so close to finding John B and Sarah. They have to reunite this episode, right?” Tyler adds as Annie puts a scoop of ice cream on each brownie and puts the rest of the ice cream in the freezer.

    “I would think, but I never know what to expect from this show. What really interests me, though, is Kiara’s protests against the police for not arresting Rafe or his dad. This episode’s summary says it reaches a breaking point.” Annie says as she sits down next to Tyler’s good shoulder and hands Tyler his brownie.

    “I just hope JJ isn’t stupid enough to show up with a gun.”

    “I hadn’t even thought of that. Okay now I’m really nervous. I’m pressing play.” Annie says as Tyler wraps his arm around her and she cuddles into his side, careful not to mess up her brownie. She presses play and the two fall silent. At the end of the episode, Annie quickly puts the ice pack back in the freezer and her and Tyler’s plates in the sink before returning to his side and nuzzling her head into his chest. Tyler beams as his arm falls around her again and he kisses the top of her head, causing Annie to sigh contentedly.

    “How’s your shoulder?” Annie asks.

    “Better.” Tyler says, smiling into Annie’s hair.


    “Thank you.”

    “For what?”

    “Taking care of me.” Tyler murmurs and Annie looks up at him, a shy smile on her face.

    “I’ll always take care of you.” Annie says softly and Tyler kisses her temple as she presses play on the next episode.

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    Tyler will be the other person in the car. He bruises some bones and breaks his pitching arm, so he has to do a lot of physiotherapy. This will put things into perspective for him and make him think about other options for his future. Like usually with physio, he’ll come back stronger than ever and be the best pitcher SHS has ever seen.   Erik and Helen will get together. Both committed, but him with the trauma and her with the struggle of wanting to have kids but equally wanting to have a true relationship with him. One that isn’t rushed.Isaac will either be Annie’s half-brother or the revelation is a fluke. It may actually be Peggy. She’s interwoven in so many storylines yet somehow a very vague character. She also left Serenity for a while due to divorced parents. Maybe she accidentally got pregnant and put the child up for adoption. She was still a teenager after all. It was also hinted by Maddie’s mom that young pregnancies were a normal occurence. While I wish Tyler and Annie was a slow burn storyline, based on what we’ve seen in season one, they’re not one to drag things out. As Tyler will be a senior next season, I think they’re going to get together right before the end of the school year. Unless they’re going for a Helen-Ryan parallel and they meet again years later and see each other in a different light. I think it’s going to be the former. Noreen will come back. She has given birth by now and it will bring up the discussion whether family is truly bound by blood or not. Do they want her in their life? Do they want to meet their half-sibling? Great moral dilemmas to discuss.I want CeCe to have a redemption arc. I already know Tyler and her will be broken up by the first episode and I want her to use Helen as a role model. Not focus on boys, hone her craft, join the debate team! Can you imagine her becoming friends with Annie? The POWERI want them to explore college versus scouting more, as that was cut short. Kyle gets the lead in the winter play again. This time he kisses Nellie? Katie gets a storyline! Maybe she wants to become an artist like her grandma? Maybe she wants to live with Bill? Maybe we learn she has a high IQ and has to go into the gifted program at her school!I want Bill to remain single and work on himself. Maddie and Cal will likely patch things up, as they are the main couple of the show. Possibly forced in a room together by Trotter.    More Trotter x Ashley cuteness! More Dolly Parton references!Maddie takes her maiden name Vreeland back. Ronnie and Dana Sue won’t get back together. Season one had been so adament to paint cheating in a bad light so they won’t excuse it for Ronnie. It would also be an injustice to Dana Sue. I don’t know if she and Jeremy will become a thing. It’s too soon to tell.  

    Add on if you’d like!

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  • No One’s Fault: Chapter Five

    Maddie looks around the lobby of the spa and, upon seeing no members approaching her desk, takes out her phone.

    From: Helen Decatur

    Pour it out? This Sunday at my house? It’s been awhile since the three of us got together.

    Maddie sighs, knowing Helen is right. Truth be told, Maddie hasn’t wanted to leave Kyle’s side since the accident and Dana Sue is being just as bad, if not worse, with Annie.

    From: Dana Sue Sullivan

    I don’t know… Annie just got out of the hospital. I don’t want to leave her alone so soon if I don’t have to.

    From: Helen Decatur

    Isn’t Ronnie around? He can stay with her for the night. Maddie? What about you?

    Maddie stares at the screen, pondering if she should even bother with an excuse since Helen does not seem like she’s going to be deterred.

    To: Pour It Out

    I guess I could ask Bill to watch the kids.

    From: Helen Decatur

    Perfect. It’s settled. Margarita night. Sunday. Absolutely no excuses.

    From: Dana Sue Sullivan

    Fine. I’ll be there.

    Maddie clicks on Bill’s contact and puts her phone up to her ear.

    “Hello?” Bill asks.

    “Hi. It’s Maddie. Helen wants to do margarita night on Sunday and is not taking no for an answer. I was wondering if you could watch the kids at the house while I’m gone?” Maddie asks, hopefully.

    “Yeah, sure. I’ll be there.”

    “Perfect. Thanks.” Maddie says and hangs up, cringing at the interaction as Trotter walks up to her desk.

    “Cringing? Let me guess. Your ex husband was on the line.” Trotter teases and Maddie rolls her eyes.

    “Yes, but he didn’t say anything bad. It’s just… awkward.” Maddie replies.

    “Awkward because you two have been spending a lot of time together recently and emotions are high…?”

    “That depends, are you asking as my friend Trotter or as Cal’s best friend Trotter?” Maddie asks and Trotter chuckles.

    “I’m asking as your friend, but if the story slips out of my mouth after one too many beers with Cal… oh well…”

    “There’s nothing going on between me and Bill besides navigating the fact that our son almost died trying to get our attention.”

    “That is incredibly fair.”

    “How is he, if you don’t mind me asking?” Maddie asks, causing both members of the conversation to look anywhere but in the other member’s eyes.

    “He misses you. He doesn’t really understand what he did wrong and, forgive me, I don’t really understand either.”

    “He didn’t… everything with that scout, it wasn’t his fault. I overreacted to a situation that I honestly know nothing about and, yeah, maybe I’m still a little mad that he didn’t tell me his friend was a scout who could take interest in Ty, but I should’ve handled it better.”

    “Does that mean…”



    “Trotter, my son felt so unnoticed by me that he crashed a car. I can’t start dating someone right now, not until Kyle is okay.”

    “Cal can handle it-”

    “I don’t doubt that, but I can’t. It’s too much for me right now, okay? I know he is an amazing man and if you just so happen to mention how grateful I am for everything he did that night, I wouldn’t be mad. But I need to be a mom right now. Just a mom.” Maddie explains, giving Trotter a sad smile.

    “I get that. So will he.”

    “I know.” Before they can say any more, a member walks over to the desk and Maddie gets back to work. As Maddie continues to work, Dana Sue is frantically moving around her den in an attempt to make it comfortable for Annie. Annie’s health, like the doctors told Dana Sue a million times, is well on its way to being perfectly fine. All she needs is bed rest, and yet, Dana Sue cannot seem to fight the anxiety settling in her stomach at the idea of leaving Annie home alone for the day.

    “Mom!” Annie exclaims from the couch. Dana Sue jumps and her hand goes to her chest.

    “You almost gave me a heart attack.” Dana Sue says as she stops fluffing the pillow she had been fixating on.

    “I’ve been calling your name for like five minutes straight.” Annie says as Dana Sue lets out a sigh.

    “Well, sorry I was focused on making this couch as comfortable as possible.”

    “Mom, I’m fine. I don’t need you and Dad hovering over me all of the time. You have work.”

    “Yes, I know. I just wasn’t expecting your father to find a job so quickly. Or at all.” Dana Sue mutters, her newly returned husband being a little too presumptuous in her opinion.

    “That’s good though. It means he’s staying for awhile.” Annie says excitedly and Dana Sue sighs.

    “Yes, it appears so.”

    “Isn’t that a good thing? Don’t you miss him?”

    “I have to go to work, Annie.” Dana Sue says as she quickly packs her bag and heads to the door.

    “Wow great dodge, Mom. Why did you let him move in if you didn’t want him here?”

    “Annie, things are complicated between me and your father, okay?”


    “It’s really none of your concern.”


    “And I have to go. I’ll see you tonight.” Dana Sue says and slams the door shut behind her. Annie groans and stares at the ceiling. Things between her parents have been tense ever since she woke up and, for the life of her, she can’t figure out why. Her dad is back and clearly wants to stay in Serenity, why couldn’t her mom just give him a second chance? The day goes by painfully slow, all of Annie’s friends in school besides Kyle, who still hasn’t talked to her. Annie keeps trying to talk to him, but he won’t even reply to her texts. By the time school, in theory, ends, Annie is watching another movie on Netflix. As the credits roll, Annie hears a knock on the door. She removes herself from the blanket cocoon her mom had wrapped her in and slowly sits up, letting out a grunt as she does. The person knocks again.

    “I’m coming!” Annie yells as she struggles to push herself off the couch. Her muscles are still pretty out of shape from the accident, not that they were ever really in shape before that. It made moving a harder process than Annie would like to admit, fatigue often coming quickly. She finally reaches her front door and opens it to see Cece Matney on the other side of it. Annie is tempted to slam it in her face.

    “Hello?” Annie asks, not sure what Cece is doing here. The two of them have rarely spoken in their entire lives, let alone all of the problems Cece has caused Annie in the past few months.

    “Can I come in?” Cece asks.


    “Because I have something to say.”

    “I really don’t have any interest in what you have to say. Last time we had a real conversation you promised you’d look out for me at a party and then left me to my own devices so…” Annie snarks and goes to close the door.

    “I have Erik’s famous brownies!” Cece quickly says which halts Annie in her tracks.

    “And his cinnamon ice cream. Ty said they were your favorites.” Cece adds as Annie opens the door again.

    “Poison?” Annie asks, unsure.

    “More like a bribe.” Cece says and Annie takes a moment to think.

    “I guess I can deal with your voice for ice cream and brownies.” Annie says and lets Cece in, following her to the kitchen table and getting a spoon for herself. Annie sits down and immediately puts a brownie in her mouth, moaning at just how good it is.

    “So what do you want?” Annie asks as Cece fidgets in the chair across from her.

    “I… I came here to apologize.” Cece says and a hunk of brownie gets caught in Annie’s throat and she struggles to swallow. Once she does she stares at Cece, trying to deduce if this is real.

    “What’s the angle?”

    “There’s no angle.”

    “I don’t believe you.”

    “I didn’t expect you to. Listen, that night… these past few weeks… they were a wake up call for me.”


    “Everything with Kyle was terrifying but I think the worst part was seeing you in a hospital bed, unsure if you were gonna wake up, and knowing that if you didn’t you were gonna die hating me. And for good reasons.”

    “If you’re expecting forgiveness-”

    “I’m not, I just… I want you to know how sorry I am. I’m not proud of the role I’ve played in your life this year, and I could go in depth about my rationale at the time but I know it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I was wrong and I’m sorry for treating you the way I did.” Cece explains and Annie starts opening the ice cream, shoving a spoonful in her mouth so she can have time to think of a response.

    “What did I ever do to you?” Annie asks, staring at the ice cream.

    “Nothing. I just wanted Ty to like me and he didn’t and then I saw how close you two were and how easy it was for you to talk to him and… I got jealous. I still am kinda jealous.”

    “Well you shouldn’t be. Ty and I barely talk now, so…”

    “I know and I feel bad-”

    “Don’t. That part, at least, wasn’t your fault. Ty should’ve deleted that recording and Jackson should’ve, I don’t know-”

    “Had a soul?”

    “Yeah. That.”

    “If it makes you feel better, Ty and I aren’t talking that much either.”

    “Why would that make me feel better?” Annie mutters and takes another bite of her brownie.

    “Because clearly Ty is losing interest in me, if he even fully had it to begin with, which I’m honestly not sure about anymore.”

    “My happiness isn’t contingent on your unhappiness, Cece. It helps sometimes, but I really don’t care about your love life or how it affects mine.”

    “Must be nice.”


    “Meaning that my whole life centers around boys. Or at least, that’s what it feels like especially now that mock trial is over.”

    “Yeah, you were a shark at that.” Annie mutters, not hungry anymore from thinking about that day.

    “I know I was hard on you and I went off script-”

    “No kidding.”

    “My dad showed up and… he doesn’t necessarily bring out the best side of me.” Cece says and Annie sighs.

    “So, what? Are you turning over a new leaf? Trying to get Ty to pay attention to you? What do you want from me?”

    “I… I want to be a better person, and I couldn’t do that without first apologizing to you. I’m not proud of myself, especially leaving you alone to chug a bottle of vodka. I’ve been to those parties and I know there are creeps on the baseball team, I should’ve kept an eye on you. It looked like Gabe and Ty had it handled though…”

    “And you were jealous of that? Ty and Gabe had to drag me home and stop the car every few minutes so I could vomit. It was mortifying.”

    “At least you have people to look out for you. I don’t think anyone would’ve done that for me.”

    “Gabe and Ty would’ve. They love playing superhero and they hate Jackson.” Annie says, chuckling to herself.

    “Who doesn’t?” Cece asks and the two girls chuckle.

    “I’ve been wondering if I should dedicate a whole row of welcome to Serenity to pictures of him.” Annie says and Cece gasps.

    “I knew that was you! I love that account.”

    “You do?”

    “Yes. The people here love to ignore Serenity’s problems, of which it has many. I only have one critique.”

    “Oh we were so close to bonding.” Annie says and shakes her head.

    “No, listen. The account is great and you have a voice, but I never understood why you never took it further.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, putting our raccoon problem on blast is great and all, but we have deeper issues. For example, Serenity loves to market itself as a town where everyone loves everyone and we’re all equal, yet there are people in our own community who struggle to put food on the table everyday and no one talks about it. Think about how much money Mary Vaughn raises each year for baseball when people in her own community don’t have enough clothes. You could be the one to talk about it. Or at least document that it’s a problem we have.”

    “How? It feels a little insensitive to go door to door looking for people who are economically challenged so I can take pictures of them.”

    “I can help with that.”

    “You can? How?”

    “Well… because I know those people. Because I am one of those people.” Cece says awkwardly, avoiding eye contact as Annie blushes.

    “Really? I never thought… you always seem to have amazing clothes.”

    “Yeah, well, a lot of people donate their barely worn clothes to the church so my siblings and I will go thrifting there or sometimes my cousins send hand me downs. I never wanted people to see me any differently so I just never mentioned it.”


    “Yeah. Anyway. It’s infuriating to see the amount of money they funnel into baseball. The Mayor and his wife are some of the biggest contributors even though they know exactly where that money should go.”

    “Have you ever thought about going into journalism?” Annie asks, an idea already forming in her head as Cece blushes.

    “No. Being a lawyer was cool, if I were to do anything I would do that. I don’t see that happening though.”

    “Why not?”

    “There’s no way I could afford college, let alone law school.”

    “There’s always financial aid and merit scholarships.”

    “Yeah, I guess. I don’t think I’ve really done anything that will get me a merit scholarship.”

    “Maybe not yet. Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?”

    “Not until 7, that’s when aftercare closes and I have to get my siblings.”

    “Perfect. You grab a spoon, I can’t eat all of this by myself, and I’ll call Simon. We have work to do.”

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  • coffeealways side blog ➜ dailysweetmagnolias

    I made another sideblog! I recently binge watched Sweet Magnolia’s on Netflix and I’m obsessed and I can’t find many blogs of it, so yeah. It would mean a great deal if you could follow dailysweetmagnolias!

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  • Annie is the best! So genuine & sweet! And between photography, the restaurant & newspaper…she really is a hard working, great kid! And she is the cutest. Ty needs to wake up and see what a great catch she is 😉

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  • Y’all I decided to attempt to make an edit of Annie and Ty from Sweet Magnolias. If y’all haven’t watched it I suggest that you go do that. It’s on Netflix. You’ll thank me later. I’ve never made an edit with scenes before. So this probably isn’t the best.

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  • No One’s Fault: Chapter Two

    Helen leads Tyler back to where he had been sitting with Miss Grace.

    “I’ll give you two some privacy and call your parents so they know you’re safe, Tyler.” Miss Grace says and walks away. Helen takes one of Tyler’s hands in hers as he stares at the table, tears still running down his face.

    “What happened tonight?” Helen asks, gently.

    “Jackson had a party. I knew Kyle was there with Nellie, but I just assumed Jackson had worked it out with his sister. He hadn’t. I should’ve known better, really. Jackson and Nellie fought but Jackson won out, like always, and he took everyone’s phones. He turned on some music and we started to dance. Then Jackson started making comments about Annie, then Cece, and before I could reach him, Cece punched Jackson in the face. He got up though, so we started fighting as Gabe tried to break us up. I know I shouldn’t have fought him, but Jackson has messed up so many things in my life. He’s mocked my family and every time Gabe reminds me he’s not worth it. But this time? I was over it. I don’t know why Kyle got involved but suddenly he was punching Jackson so I threw him out of the way. I was trying to protect him. That’s all I’ve ever tried to do… protect him…” Tyler trails off as he lets out a few sobs. Helen squeezes his hand as he works to gain control of himself.

    “He got so mad. I knew… I knew the reasons he missed mock trial weren’t gone. They couldn’t have been, you know? But I just… I didn’t know how to ask so I didn’t. He was right. I didn’t see him. He’s been crying for help for months and I never saw it. I was so focused on myself and how I was doing that I never even thought… he just seemed so happy especially when he got cast as Puck-” Tyler rambles.

    “Tyler, sweetie, I need you to tell me what happened.” Helen softly orders and Tyler swallows and takes a deep breath.

    “He yelled at me for never noticing him and he ran off. I don’t know how Annie and I knew we had to follow him, but we did. It just felt bad. Suddenly Nellie was with us then Cece and Simon and Jackson. To be completely honest I don’t know where they went, all I could think about was Kyle. Do you know if they’re okay?”

    “They are. Nellie tripped so Jackson brought her back to their house. Cece twisted her ankle and fell. It didn’t look pretty, but she’s okay. Simon walked her back to Jackson’s house and he and Isaac took her to the hospital. Erik is with Jackson and Nellie now.”

    “Good. Good. Anyway, Annie and I kept chasing Kyle until finally we reached my car. I knew it was stupid. God, it’s all my fault.”

    “What happened?”

    “Kyle demanded that I give him my keys. Said if I wanted to prove that I see him, that I care about him more than the car or baseball or anything, that I needed to give him the keys. I knew it was stupid and he was in no shape to drive-”

    “Does he even know how?”

    “Yes. Back before the divorce our dad was teaching him while he taught me. He was a real kiss-up towards the end and Kyle really wanted to learn.”

    “So you gave him the keys?”

    “Not at first, I told him he wasn’t old enough and that I love him more than any of that stuff, but he wasn’t listening. He couldn’t get that stupid car out of his head. Then Annie… she told Kyle that I would give him the keys if she went with him. She reasoned that she knew how to drive and could help him navigate doing it at night but I think she just wanted to make him happy and apparently the only way to do that was to get him far away from me. He jumped at the idea. I didn’t like it, but Annie insisted, so I gave Kyle the keys. And they sped away. That’s when I broke down, I couldn’t get myself together I just…”

    “Of course you couldn’t, Tyler. Just hearing about all of that makes me want to break down too. After you finished crying, did you come straight to Wharton’s?”

    “Basically, yeah. I really just looked for any open shop where I could have access to a phone, I was closer to town than Jackson’s place. Wharton’s was the first place I saw with a light on. Miss Grace brought me inside and told me everything about the accident… and then she called you. God, it’s all my fault.” Tyler blubbers as he begins to heavily sob.

    “Tyler, it’s not your fault. Am I going to applaud you for giving an unstable, underage child your keys? No. But you’re just a kid and it was an impossible situation, okay? It’s not your fault. It’s not anyone’s fault.” Helen insists, wrapping him up in a hug.

    “Come on, Aunt Helen. You’re a lawyer. You and I both know I should be getting sued or arrested or something.”

    “This is so much more complicated than that, okay? What we need to do is get you to the hospital with your parents.” Helen says and Tyler freezes.

    “No. No, I can’t go there. I can’t face my parents or Aunt Dana Sue knowing I’m responsible for their kids getting injured or worse.”

    “Tyler, they don’t blame you.”

    “That’s a lie.”

    “No, it’s not. They love you and they know this was a lot more than you giving Kyle your keys on a whim.”

    “Aunt Helen-”

    “You’re going. Get up.” Helen orders and Miss Grace waves from behind the counter as the two leave. At the hospital, the Sullivans and the Townsends anxiously sit beside each other in the waiting room. Finally, a doctor walks over to them and both sets of parents stand up.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Townsend?” The doctor asks and the Sullivans collapse back into their chairs.

    “Is he okay?” Maddie asks.

    “Yes, Kyle will be just fine. He’s got a few broken ribs from the airbag and a concussion from his head hitting the steering wheel and some nasty cuts and bruises, but we seem to have fixed everything else.”

    “Can we see him?”

    “Yes, he is in room 301.”

    “Thank you so much-” Maddie is cut off by the door to the waiting room bursting open. Helen and Tyler walk in and Maddie runs to hug Tyler, followed by Bill, as Helen sits in the chair next to Dana Sue.

    “What’s happening?” Helen asks.

    “Maddie and Bill just found out Kyle is fine. He’s got broken ribs and a concussion and bruises but he’s out of surgery.” Dana Sue explains.

    “Oh thank you lord. Any word on Annie?”

    “Nope. But don’t worry, the Townsends now have both of their sons back. Why is it that you two get the happy ending when it’s your family’s fault that my daughter is in the hospital?” Ronnie exclaims as he jumps up and turns towards the three Townsends.

    “Ronnie-” Dana Sue begins.

    “Don’t you dare attack my family, Ronald.” Bill warns.

    “Your family, William? Last time I recalled, you two were divorced. What family?”

    “That is it-” Bill exclaims as he lunges towards Ronnie, Maddie wrapping her arms tighter around Tyler as both Dana Sue and Helen’s eyes widen. The doctor gets between them and threatens to throw them out if they don’t stop immediately. Bill and Ronnie stare at each other for a few moments then both begrudgingly rejoin their families. The three Townsends rush to see Kyle as Helen, Dana Sue, and Ronnie wait to hear about Annie. Hours later, a different doctor comes into the waiting room and heads straight towards the Sullivans and Helen, who all stand up.

    “Annabelle Sullivan’s family?” The doctor asks.

    “Yes.” Dana Sue says and grabs both Helen and Ronnie’s hands.

    “She’s out of surgery and, once she wakes up, she should be in the clear.”

    “What do you mean once she wakes up?”

    “Well, she lost a lot of blood before we even got her on the operating table. We fixed everything we could, but losing that much blood and being under anesthesia for so long took a toll on her.”

    “What are the odds she wakes up?” Helen asks.

    “I would say 60/40 in favor of waking up. And if she does wake up she should be fine. She just has to wake up. She’s young, though, and kids tend to be a lot more resilient than adults. I can’t promise anything, but at her age I would even risk giving her a 70% chance of waking up.”

    “That’s still a 30% chance she doesn’t.” Ronnie mutters.

    “I know. I wish I could give you better news. She’s in room 303.” The doctor says and walks away as the three try to keep themselves together.

    “You two should go see Annie. I’ll update the Townsends.” Helen says and the three part ways. Helen enters Kyle’s room and sees Maddie stroking Kyle’s hair as he sleeps. Bill is sitting in the chair next to his bed as Tyler stares out the window, his back to the door and the rest of his family.

    “Hi.” Helen whispers. Tyler whips around as Maddie and Bill’s heads jolt up to look at Helen.

    “How’s Annie?” Tyler asks, walking closer to Helen. Helen swallows and avoids making eye contact with Tyler, instead choosing to look at Maddie.

    “She’s out of surgery and they’ve fixed everything they can fix.” Helen states.

    “Meaning what?” Maddie asks, a pit beginning to grow in her stomach.

    “Meaning if she wakes up she’ll be fine.”


    “Doctor says in a normal case there’s a 60% chance they’ll wake up. Since Annie is a kid they think 70%.”

    “Kids are more resilient.” Bill adds as Maddie lets out a gasp.

    “I have to see her.” Tyler suddenly says and rushes out of the room.

    “Ty, wait.” Maddie exclaims as she rushes after him. Tyler rushes to the nurse’s desk.

    “Annabelle Sullivan?” He asks.

    “Room 303.” The nurse replies after checking her computer and Tyler races down the hall, Maddie chasing after him. Tyler makes a beeline to the door to room 303, but is blocked by Ronnie Sullivan.

    “There is no way in hell that I am letting you anywhere near my daughter.” Ronnie growls as Maddie catches up to Tyler.

    “He’s just a child, Ronnie. It’s not his fault.” Maddie argues.

    “It damn well is his fault. Whose godforsaken car was it? Huh? The only other person to blame is your other son, who’s miraculously doing fine while my daughter is in a coma.” Ronnie seethes as Tyler begins to sob.

    I didn’t want to… Annie…” Tyler sobs as Dana Sue comes to the door.

    “Ronnie, sit down.” Dana Sue orders and after she sends him a glare, Ronnie sits down next to Annie’s bed.

    “Dana Sue, I’m so sorry.” Maddie says as she hugs her friend.

    “70% chance, Maddie. We have to cling to that and pray that God doesn’t take her away from me so soon.” Dana Sue whispers as tears run down her face.

    “Of course. We’ll be sending all of our prayers to you and Annie.” Maddie says as she pulls away from Dana Sue. Dana Sue turns to see Tyler staring at Annie through the window, tears streaming down his face.

    “Tyler Townsend, get your butt over here.” Dana Sue orders. Tyler tries to calm down his breathing as he makes his way over to Dana Sue. Once he’s in arms reach, Dana Sue tugs him closer to her and begins to wipe away his tears.

    “Now, you listen to me. This is not your fault. It’s not. We all brushed Kyle’s issues under the rug. There is no way you could’ve predicted this would happen. No one is to blame.” Dana Sue says softly.

    “I’m so sorry. I should’ve… if I had just…” Tyler trails off.

    “If you had just what? Been in the car instead of Annie? Because that would make this situation so much better?” Dana Sue asks and Tyler lowers his eyes.

    “It wouldn’t have been better, Ty. Stop thinking that, okay?” Maddie says and wraps her arms around her son. Tyler slightly nods.

    “Good. Now, I’m gonna go back to Annie. You two should go back to Kyle.” Dana Sue orders.

    “Let us know if anything changes.” Maddie states.

    “I will.” Dana Sue says and shuts the door. Tyler’s eyes drift to where Annie is visible through the window.

    “Ty, it’s time to go.” Maddie whispers.

    “But… Annie.” Tyler replies.

    “Annie is not going to get better faster because you are standing here. I already called your grandma and she’s gonna bring you home and stay with you and Katie while Kyle gets better.” Maddie explains as she gently leads her son to the entrance of the hospital.

    “I want to stay.”

    “And I adore you for that, but there’s nothing you can do right now. It would make me feel better to know you’re sleeping at home rather than being here and staying awake all night waiting for Kyle to wake up.”

    “I want to be here when he wakes up. He has to know I care.”

    “He will. We will call you and grandma and Katie as soon as he wakes up.” Maddie promises as they exit the hospital and head towards Maddie’s mother’s car.

    “And Annie?”

    “We will call you if anything changes. I promise.” Maddie says as she opens the door to the passenger seat and ushers Tyler in, Katie sleeping soundly in the backseat. The car pulls away and Maddie walks back inside, collapsing in the chair next to Kyle’s bed and stroking his hair like before.

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  • No One’s Fault: Chapter One

    To the Townsends, Sullivans, and Helen Decatur, the paramedics’ process of maneuvering a body out of Ty’s car feels like it takes hours. In reality, it can’t have been more than minutes from when one of the paramedics tells them there is an unidentified passenger in the car to when the same paramedic approaches the three families as the passenger is put on a stretcher and rushed to an ambulance.

    “The passenger is a female with dark hair, wearing a light blue gown-” The paramedic didn’t get to describe the passenger any further before Dana Sue Sullivan let out a sob.

    “That’s our daughter. Annie. She’s 16.” Ronnie Sullivan managed to say as he held Dana Sue tightly.

    “Oh my god.” Maddie Townsend whimpered and covered her mouth with her hand.

    “Is she going to be okay?” Helen Decatur asked, letting her lawyer side overpower the godmother and aunt side of her for the time being.

    “It’s too soon to tell. Both kids need to be taken to the hospital immediately. Parents are allowed to ride in the ambulance, if any of you would like.” The paramedic responds and Ronnie and Dana Sue run to the ambulance holding Annie.

    “Where is Tyler?” Dr. Bill Townsend demands.

    “I don’t know, sir. As far as I’m aware there has been no other accident reported tonight and we still have yet to find the other car involved in this accident, if there was one.”

    “Maddie, you and Bill go with Kyle. I’ll find Tyler.” Helen says, already reaching inside her purse for her phone.

    “Helen, what if-” Maddie begins.

    “No. No what ifs, they only serve to upset us. I will call Erik and Isaac and the damn Mayor if I have to. Do you have any idea where Tyler and Cece were planning on going after prom?”

    “I believe they were going to a party, but I don’t know where. It must have been thrown by someone on the baseball team.”

    “You let our son go to a party without knowing where and with who?” Bill exclaims.

    “Is that really the most important question right now, Bill?” Maddie retorts, more tears springing to her eyes.

    “And where was Kyle tonight?” Helen asks, ignoring Bill’s open mouth.

    “He was hanging out with Nellie Lewis. They were supposed to be playing video games and eating junk food.”

    “You lifted Kyle’s grounding? And you yell at me for making decisions without you? Look what’s happened, Maddie.” Bill yells.

    “Okay, that is enough. This is no one’s fault, alright? Nellie is Jackson Lewis’s sister, correct?” Helen inserts.

    “Yes.” Maddie says.

    “So Tyler must’ve been at Jackson’s house. There’s no other way Kyle would’ve gotten the keys to his car. I’ll head over there and you two go to the hospital. And no more fighting, got it?”

    “Got it.” Maddie says and runs off, Bill hot on her heels. The two ambulances drive away as more police arrive on the scene and Helen makes her exit, speeding to the Mayor’s house while calling everyone in her contacts. Helen arrives at the Lewis home in record time and she races inside, the front door wide open. Helen runs into the den to find a room full of high schoolers decked out in prom gowns and tuxes, but none of them look happy. Helen spots Tyler’s friend Gabe and immediately walks towards him.

    “Where is Tyler?” Helen demands and Gabe lets out a slew of curse words.

    Language.” Helen warns.

    “Sorry, ma'am. I just… I was hoping you could tell me that.” Gabe says.

    “What happened here?”

    “Prom ended and Jackson said after prom was at his house. Everyone here plus Simon, Ty, Cece, Jackson, and Annie drove here and when we got here Kyle and Jackson’s sister were hanging out. Jackson said some things and long story short a fight broke out between Jackson and Ty and Cece, but then Kyle was in the mix somehow and when Ty pushed him out of the way Kyle yelled something about Ty never seeing him and then he ran out. Ty and Annie chased after him, then Nellie followed and so did Simon and Cece and Jackson. It all happened so fast I started to move too but I figured Kyle wouldn’t want seven people chasing him, you know? So I stayed and hoped they’d come back but they never did.” Gabe explains as several other kids shake their heads in agreement. Faced with the fact that no one knew where the five children were, Helen did the only thing left to do: she prayed. As Helen finished her prayer she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Erik behind her with Isaac a few feet behind Erik.

    “What can we do?” Erik asks, calmly. Helen takes a deep breath and tries to think of the next logical step.

    “We have to call their parents.” Helen finally says.

    “Whose parents?”

    “Jackson and Nellie’s, Simon’s, and Cece’s.”

    “Okay. I can call Mary Vaughn. You can call Cece’s dad. Does anyone here have Simon’s parents’ information?”

    “I do, from mock trial.” Says a voice from the entrance of the home. The entire room turns to see Cal Maddox running into the den, already dialing.

    “Perfect. Isaac, get the rest of these kids home. I don’t care if that means sobering them up first or calling parents or driving or what.” Helen orders.

    “Got it, ma'am.” Isaac says and moves towards the kids as the other three adults separate themselves in order for each of them to hear their own phone call. After a slightly abrasive talk with Cece’s dad, Helen hangs up and sees Cal is done with his call, Erik getting an earful from Mary Vaughn no doubt. As Helen thinks of a new prayer to pass the time with, the front door bursts open and in walk Jackson and Nellie.

    “Where are the others?” Helen asks as she rushes towards them, quickly scanning each of them for injuries in which she finds a scraped knee for Nellie and some dirt for Jackson.

    “We lost them. Nellie fell and I stayed behind to help her up and get her home. She shouldn’t have been there to begin with.” Jackson mutters.

    “Don’t talk about me like I’m not here, Jackson. This is all your fault anyway. Kyle and I were having fun until you had to ruin it with your hideous personality.” Nellie exclaims and a few kids chuckle, causing Jackson’s face to turn red.

    “Nellie, go to your room.”

    “You’re not my dad-”

    “Go.” Jackson seethes and points to the stairs. After a brief staredown, Nellie relents and rushes up the stairs yelling about telling their mom everything that happened tonight.

    “What did you see?” Cal asks Jackson.

    “Last I saw, Kyle was running down the block screaming about how he’s gonna make everyone notice him now. Annie took off her heels so she was really close to Kyle, Ty right behind her. I don’t know where he was running to.” Jackson explains.

    “Where did Ty park his car?” Helen asks.

    “Two streets over. I didn’t want to attract attention by having a bunch of cars in front of my house, so I had everyone spread out amongst the neighborhood. Why? You don’t think Kyle was trying to drive, do you? He’s barely 15.” Jackson scoffs but his smile droops when he sees the look on Helen’s face.

    “What happened? Was there an accident?” Gabe asks, joining the group in the entryway.

    “Yes. Kyle crashed Ty’s car with Annie in the passenger seat. We don’t know where the others are.” Helen replies quietly, her mind racing. Before Helen could think of another question to ask, pleas for help were heard from the street. Helen, Gabe, Erik, and Cal rush out to the road to see Simon assisting a limping Cece towards the Lewis home. Erik runs to meet them and swoops Cece into his arms, rushing her to the house.

    “What happened?” Helen asks Simon, who runs to meet her.

    “Cece was running in her heels and twisted her ankle. She fell and everything, but Kyle, Annie, and Ty kept running. I couldn’t just leave her there, so I’ve been walking her back here for at least twenty minutes. Everyone left their phones in the box inside so we couldn’t call anyone.” Simon explains as they all walk back into the house, Erik already elevating Cece’s foot which has turned a purplish color.

    “Isaac, take Cece to the hospital.” Erik orders after carefully examining her foot.

    “I’ll go with you.” Simon adds and the two of them bring Cece to Isaac’s car and drive away.

    “I’ll call their parents and let them know where they’re going and that Jackson and Nellie are here.” Cal says and leaves the room to make the calls.

    “Whose brilliant idea was it to take away their phones?” Helen demands, her anger at the idiocy of these teenagers getting the better of her.

    “M-Me. Ma'am. I have people put their phones in a box so they don’t take pictures and get us all busted.” Jackson admits, seeming scared for the first time tonight. Helen turns to him.

    “Do you understand how much of this could have been avoided if any of these children had had their cell phones? The one good thing about your generation being addicted to their phones is that in a crisis we can reach you. And now we can’t do that. Where is Tyler, huh? Where is he?” Helen exclaims and begins to hyperventilate.

    “I don’t know. I don’t know, I swear. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

    “And yet, it did.” Helen seethes as Jackson shrinks. Suddenly, Helen’s phone rings. The room stills. Helen slowly looks at her phone and sees Miss Grace’s contact pop up. Her lip wobbles as she accepts the call and puts the phone up to her ear.

    “Yes?” Helen all but whimpers, bracing herself for another bout of useless information.

    “I have Tyler.” Miss Grace calmly states and Helen does let out a whimper this time as she collapses on a chair.

    “What? What is it? Is Tyler okay? Did they find him?” Gabe asks.

    “What do you mean you have Tyler?” Helen asks and puts up a finger in Gabe’s direction, telling him to wait.

    “I mean I was about to leave Wharton’s for the day when I got your voicemail, so I decided to stay put and lo and behold who is to come running up to my door not ten minutes later but Tyler Townsend. Completely fine, physically. Emotionally, however, I think you should get down here as quickly as possible.” Miss Grace calmly explains.

    “Oh bless you, Miss Grace. I am so grateful-”

    “You can tell me that when you get here. I’ll see you soon.” Miss Grace says and hangs up. Helen puts her phone down and lets out a sob of relief into her hands. She feels a hand on her back and looks up to see Erik staring down at her kindly as Cal ushers the remaining kids out of the house, besides Gabe and Jackson.

    “Is he okay?” Gabe asks again.

    “Tyler is fine. He is at Wharton’s. I have to go.” Helen says as she rushes up and heads toward the door.

    “Wait, take me with you.” Gabe says as Erik also moves to follow Helen.

    “No. You need to go home.” Helen says to Gabe.

    “Tyler is my best friend-”

    “And I will tell him how concerned you were. But this is a family matter.”


    “I’ll take you home, Gabe.” Cal says as he walks back in. Gabe sighs, knowing he’s been beat and follows Cal out the door.

    “Helen, you are in no state to drive.” Erik states.

    “I am just fine, thank you. Besides, Jackson and Nellie cannot be left unattended. We saw how well that worked out the last time.” Helen says.


    “I will take deep breaths and I will drive the speed limit, Erik. Trust me, there will be no other car accident tonight.” Helen says and Erik looks like he wants to argue, but instead he sighs in defeat and nods. Without another word, Helen rushes to her car and drives to Wharton’s. After parking her car, she runs to the door and doesn’t stop running until she has Tyler in her arms, who runs to meet her in the middle of the restaurant. The two of them sob in each other’s arms until Helen eventually pulls away.

    “How much do you know?” Helen asks.

    “Everything.” Tyler whispers.

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  • A Touch of Gold - Annie Sullivan


    A quest of mythical proportions to steal back enchanted gold from a bloodthirsty pirate!

    Kora is King Midas’s daughter, and what remains of his cursed Touch lives on in her skin. Afraid of her own abilities, she isolates herself inside the palace, and rumours abound in the kingdom and beyond about what she could be capable of. But when someone breaks in and steals her father’s original cursed gold objects, she has the chance to finally see the world as she sets out on a sea voyage to track down the gold alongside the charming Duke Aris Wystlinos, who may be the only person who can truly understand what it’s like to be cursed.

    Facing down pirates, thieves, sirens, and men who would use her to get rich, Kora learns more about herself and the people around her than she ever could have from inside the crumbling walls of the castle.

    I was a bit slow to get into it, but by the end I was completely absorbed and loving every moment of the action! When I found out there was a sequel, I was worried the ending would be left open, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Now I’m adding the next book to my list so I can find out how they get rid of the curse altogether!

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