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  • Still doing some coloring pages, so ya’ll come hang out!

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  • i’d like to point out that my rules and fandoms have been updated!

    thank you for reading!

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    Aneth Ara, friends! The Dragon Age Den Discord server has expanded to Tumblr!

    With everything that is going on right now with Covid-19, the world is quite stressful and worrying, and many of us are mostly stuck inside our homes feeling anxious. We thought it would be nice to have a cozy den-like space focused on Dragon Age so that we could help each other weather this storm as a community. The aim is to help pass the time and take our minds off things through DA-related creative prompts, fan events and general fun like discussing the setting and sharing about our OCs. Everyone who is kind and respectful is welcome to join, just please follow the rules and be excellent to one another!

    You can join here, we would love to have you!

    Here on the blog we will be exhibiting works from our members, whether that’s art, writing, edits or other creative media. We also host themed weeks to help get the creative spark going; this week’s prompts are soft and the Fade (hence Cole up there in the banner!) This week is running until the 10th of April.

    To participate all you have to do is join the Discord, and tag the work you post on Tumblr that you would like featured on this blog with #dragonageden 
    We also have a dedicated channel on the server where you can link your work to be showcased here!

    We are so eager to see what this community comes up with, and excited to build new friendships and new memories throughout this trying time and beyond. 

    Much love from us mods,
    felassan, honeypeabrain, roseategales, resjadeincaensor

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  • Title Change Announcement!

    So a series of mine you might be familair with, my It Rewrite, is undergoing a little makeover if you will. It’s been several months, nearly a year since I began it [wow!] I don’t mind calling it the It Rewrite but, an official title never really happened cause everyone just called it the It Rewrite during the tally and it just stuck. I’ve wanted to give it an official title for sometime now, but I never really got around to it, and I could never really think of one. And it wasn’t until I got help with some new covers with a good friend of mine over on Quotev, that we found one:

    Scars That Heal

    She threw that into the mix and I just loved it, so yay! The Eddie rewrite officially has a real title! I know it’s super late into the game, and it might be a bit confusing for which I apologize but then again, better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Which brings me to my next point: If you have the time, as a favor to me, please go check out my awesome friend Richie [username: RichieTozierKaspbrak and her handle is scamander] on Quotev if you are not familiar with her already. If you’re a big fan of IT, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and more, you’ll love her work! She’s an incredible writer and all around awesome person and I’d love if you would check out her account. And she’s been a big part of this series since the beginning, she’s helped me develop so many of my ideas and is even the beta reader for this series not to mention she just helped me with all this so I have her to thank.

    Anyways, thank you guys for taking the time to read this, I know long wordy posts aren’t always that exciting to read but I just wanted to keep you guys up to date!

    Stay safe loves, and I hope you’re all having a splendid day/night!

    💕💕💕 - Yurtle

    #announcement #it rewrite announcement #scars that heal #eddie kaspbrak x reader #eddie series#yurtle rambles
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  • In case anyone is confused on what layer did I delete, I think it was obvious


    the fact that these are both drawn in two consecutive days is weird. Anyways, yeaaa my current style would now be the one on the left now, I just didn’t bother changing the other panels.. cuz ghad… I’ve made you wait long enough.

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  • Holy hot damn.

    Thank ya’ll so much!! This is amazing! To celebrate, I’m kicking off another angst event for the month of April -


    April Showers Angst has begun! Help me cross off my bingo card with some angsty aus and one shots - and possibly some new multi-chapter fics! Hit me peeps!

    #ninjago#rina speaks#announcement #milestone! #800 followers holy crap #angst bingo #April showers angst bingo
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  • In case there are ppl who are confused:

    fIash-rays → flash-rays → meat-crusader → die-by-threes

    #shut up flash #announcement #thats where the dumb nickname came from
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  • Hello everyone!

    Collab applications are now temporarily closed, since we currently have about 300 artists signed up and we want to wait a bit longer when more videos have been released before opening them up again.

    In order to be aware of when we reopen them, follow us on our social media accounts! 

    Tumblr: @unus-annus-collab 

    Twitter: @ua_collab 

    Instagram: @ua.collab 

    Thank you for your interest and patience, and thanks so much to those of you who have joined or spread the word about it! This project wouldn’t have grown without your support. Big preeshes!

    - UA Collab Mod team

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  • PLEASE, never use any of my whump prompts in real life. This should go without saying but if you have a kink or are into BDSM, PLEASE do not use my prompts. They are written with the intention to cause fictional characters REAL AND LASTING PAIN. 

    If something interests you, please do research extensively before you try this (and always discuss with your partner but I’m sure you already knew that)

    I don’t mind if people have a kink and follow my blog (I’m going to assume they’re of legal age and consent to viewing my posts by clicking past the “keep reading” tab. I’m also assuming that their partners are also of age and consent to the situation. I know there’s no real way to check all of that online but as long as everyone is a consenting adult, you do do.) but I feel the need to make this announcement at least once

    Whump and live safely guys!


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  • Good evening everyone! I hope that you all have been faring well during this time of uncertainty. I myself have been kept busy with online classes, so that sadly has kept me from writing requests and actually starting the next update for Sent from Above ; v ;

    Minor news aside, I just wanted to remind everyone to please, please, PLEASE check my blog description to see whether requests are open or not. I’ve been having people send in requests despite my description stating that they’re closed. 

    I have made the mistake of not saying anything because I was worried that I’d upset some people. However, since I’m stressed enough from the current situation going on and my academic career, I’m going to have to change that.

    For now, I’m going to keep all the requests that were sent in prior to this post. Any requests that are sent in AFTER this post (Timestamp: April 5th, 9:37 pm) will be answered to privately with a gentle reminder that I’m full. 

    I’m very sorry that I had to make this post, but my mental health has been taking a huge toll as of late, and I really rather not keep repeating this process. It’s also not fair to the other people who’ve already sent in requests a while ago as well.

    With love, 


    #shut up polter #announcement #potentially delete later
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  • hi everyone! we got a group of new requests, and with that i just wanted to remind everyone to read the rules before sending any! here’s a link to the mobile friendly version. thanks!

    #mod rj#announcement #not a moodboard
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  • What’s the general category of things you like to see the most here?

    #y'know like food nature rain whispers music etc #not asmr#text post#announcement
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  • A short post to say goodbye to the sims that are lost now :(

    Kalani and Elsa, I was really excited to play with your future family. Moreover, their respective families are also gone.


    It was good while it lasted

    #a new chapter #announcement
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  • So, I know everyone has their opinions about this fandom and I may or may not lose followers for saying this, but I like Hazbin Hotel. I love the animation. I think that it was VERY well done! Everybody has their opinions about it and that is okay. I personally just enjoy the art and I think Vivz is very talented. I am going to start posting some stuff about Hazbin. If I lose followers, that’s fine. You are entitled to your opinion. I just wanted to let you all know. That being said! You can ask me for headcanons for any of the Hazbin characters!

    #announcement #Cat does words
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  • image



    Please please PLEASE message me or comment or whatever to let me know what it is. Idc if it’s been an hour, a day, a MONTH, FIVE MONTHS, but plz message me and tell me what I missed

    Thank youuuuuuuu

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  • Hello, everyone! We’ve got an exciting announcement.

    The roster will be released on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 at 15:00PST, so approximately 48 hours from now! At 09:00PST on April 7th, we’ll be disbanding the hopeful’s chat. If there’s anything in there that you want to save (pictures, etc), please save them ASAP!

    Thank you all for your patience, we’re just as excited for the roster as you are. We both hope to see you soon 👁️.

    - Mod Team

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    Some of you might know I’ve been working on a story I want to turn into a webcomic sometime. It’s not quite in shape enough for that yet as I want to polish the plot from the start until the end of the story but here is the thing :

    From now on I want to focus on drawing my OCs from this story. As well as work on my art style. So I’ll be experimenting on things for design and art style as well as start learning about PS.
    I will still be drawing some fanarts but it won’t be the focus anymore.
    I will be changing name/watermark for my original works only, the fanarts will still be watermarked as Ariadusts.

    So far I have a lot more concepts, moments detailed and character personnalities and background done. Most my characters got names after numbers or letters also and none of the main cast are fully designed : so I’ll start posting mostly side characters or recurring “event” characters.

    So yeah, if you followed this blog for a specific fandom then I’m sorry to tell you that I’m trying to be original now so you probably can unfollow me~
    Then again I won’t completely stop posting fanarts but for those who stays then thank you very much and welcome to a blog ends and beginning, I hope you’ll enjoy my characters and their story until I can fully start drawing the complete story and share it to you all!
    Depending on how things goes for those new things, I might share the synopsis early, hopefully it will go well. I’m prety nervous about sharing this but I’ve decided that I would, for the better or the worst, there is no going back now.


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  • 8 New Temples

    Bahia Blanca, Argentina

    Tallahassee Florida

    Lubanboshi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Benin City, Nigeria

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Syracuse, Utah

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Shanghai, China

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  • 1K Followers Celebration! ✨✨

    i think for 1k followers,,, i’m gonna open my ask box up again :)

    i’ll be posting some ask memes, too! it’ll be open till Wednesday, 12 am EST.

    have fun!

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  • Come and join us on Twitch and Youtube!

    #here we gooo #announcement
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