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    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago


    hi babies! 

    today was okay, and then not. I had a steak Taco and 2 pork tacos for dinner along with some chips and salsa... kill me

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    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “You’re Beautiful.” (CW)

    (Content warning; This deals with topics such as self-harm, EDs, and familial abuse. Do not read if this will be a hazard to you to do as such. If you choose to read this, discretion is advised. )

    Remember, too, that if any of you that see this are dealing with something entailed (or even a different topic that is just as triggering), don’t hesitate to tell someone that you trust. There are people out there that care, and that don’t want you hurt or hurting, and that want to help you. You’re not alone.

    E m e r g e n c y R e q u e s t: I think this counts as an emergency request but I’m not sure. Can I get a drabble with Yuri Plisetsky and an anor3xic, self-harm!ng s/o who has some seriously bad issues with her family (specifically her mother (narcissist) and sister (The golden child))? He’s been my comfort character for so long and things have started getting bad at home again. Thank you x

    Title: “You’re Beautiful.” 

    Genre: very angsty (ie: depressing and triggering), comforting towards the end

    Pairing: Yuri Plisetsky x Fem!Reader

    Notes: Okay, so seeing as this is an emergency request, I feel I should preface this by saying that I hope this will get you through. I have personally never dealt with some of what you requested, anon, but I want you to know that it gets better even if it sucks right now (as annoying as it may be to hear/read). I commend you for requesting and trusting me with this - I hope you feel a little better after reading, and that you enjoy this. 

    Yuri is also one of my biggest comfort characters as well, and he has helped me come to terms with some of my own problems. I haven’t really found anyone else that has shared a similar sentiment in regards to him. Either way, I hope that he turns out well (characterization-wise) for you. 


    A movie covered the sound of the cell phone ringing from the coffee table in front of the couple. A fluffy leopard print blanket covered the both of you, cuddled together on the couch with your legs interconnected. 


    Still there, it seemed as if only paying attention to the crappy comedy film playing on the TV was the only thing on the mind of (Y/n). Sadly, that thought was soon short-lived. 

    brring...brring...brring... clunk

    “What the?” raised Yuri, tone curious and a little perturbed. The girl beside him shrugged, bottom lip jutting out as she stared at the (f/c) phone case face down on the floor. 

    “It was probably (Friend’s/name). Gimme a second.” She pulled her legs from Yuri’s, proceeding to throw the blanket off her body and reach for the handheld device. With it in her hand, she pressed a button on the side of her phone, and upon seeing the notification in combination with the time, froze. It felt cold, and time almost froze. 

    Of course, Yuri noticed the change in his girlfriend’s body language. Frankly, it worried him a lot. He was ready to ask what was going on - he really does care, though it may seem like he doesn’t - but (Y/n) was already flying for her shoes at was halfway out the door in a few seconds flat. 

    Yuri ran for the (taller/shorter) girl, but despite his training, even he failed to catch up with her as she seemed to be leaving at breakneck speed. Left in disbelief, his eyebrows furrowed, he retreated inside his home and cleaned up the living area. 

    (Y/n) was spotted by half the people in her neighborhood, yet she was still too fast for their questions. Her (long/short) (h/c) hair flew with the wind behind her, and as much as she wished she hadn’t ran, a time crunch was always her worst nightmare. 

    By the time half past noon came, she was at her house and panting rapidly. Sweaty palms haunted her senses, and the overwhelming fear that came did nothing to ease her nerves. 

    She shuffled through her pockets to find her house keys, finally finding the correct one and quickly unlocking the front door and slamming it shut as she ran inside. With her rapid pace, she made a b-line for her bedroom and started to remove her jacket and footwear. 

    Her breathing had slowed a little bit, but by the time she was out of her dirty clothes and was in her pajamas, she had been laying on her bed. Her hair was spread against the old fabric of the pillows she was laid against, and as much as she fought to calm her heart rate, the only thing that was able to be eased was her sweating. 

    Now, she was only preparing herself for the trip that would be coming in a short period of time. Frankly, the thought terrified her, but she was so used to it that she only had to bide her time by now. 

    As she laid, she got even further into her own head. Leaving Yuri behind there without even a goodbye was brutal, even she knew that, but she would’ve been left worse off had she not ran as soon as she saw that missed call. 

    Footsteps brought her out of her guilt-induced thought process. Heavy footsteps and clicking heels - not a good sign. She silently groaned into her hands, hoping on hope that whatever would be discussed would fly by. 

    Wrong, wrong, so very wrong. 

    “Hey! Get down here!” 

    So she did, trying not to sweat uncontrollably as she did so. 

    By the next day, the previous days events left (Y/n) shaken enough to ignore everyone that had tried to contact her. She tried to shut herself off, but seeing as her boyfriend wasn’t willing to accept that she wasn’t there to watch him practice, she was already on his checklist.


    (Y/n) looked at the caller ID, flinching when she saw Yuri’s face. She slowly set her phone down, face up, and denied the call. 

    Yuri waited, but it wasn’t returned. No second calls this time around, last night was a bit too sudden to warrant anything - he went straight to her house to address what happened. 

    As (Y/n) laid there with her toes curled into her blanket, eyes puffy from a recent breakdown, a clinking sound coming from her left side shook her from her thoughts. A small shadow was sat by the edge of her transparent curtains. 

    As much as her gut was telling her to ignore it, curiosity killed the cat, so she stood (albeit reluctantly) from her semi-comfortable bed and went to open the window. 

    “Hey! (Y/n), open up!” 

    That definitely wasn’t anyone she needed to run from. 

    Speed overtook her being as she ran to the window and ripped the curtains open, shock settling on her face at the sight of Yuri holding a rock in his hand and rounding up to throw it. Shaking her head, she gestured to the side of her house and beckoned him up. 

    He hopped inside (literally) and brushed any dirt off his pants, holding his arms out for a hug from the (shorter/taller) female. Huffing, she returned the hug and tightened her grip once the both of them relaxed a little bit. 

    Tears started to escape her, and as she soaked his (shirt/hair), he only pulled her closer - not like they could get any closer. Patiently, and awkwardly, he led their forms to the bed and sat down without releasing her. 

    A few more minutes passed by of her crying and him attempting to console her before she sniffled and lifted her head up, wiping any stray tears away. “Thanks, Yuri.”

    “Mmm. Now, do you wanna tell me what’s bothering you?” 

    She hesitated, of course, but she knew that he was persistent. That, and if she didn’t get this off her chest, she may do something that she doesn’t want to do. 

    “It’s my...it’s my mom and sister. I work, and work, and work, and struggle through what they throw on me, but it’s never enough. I can’t even approach school or friendships without thinking that I’m going to get ridiculed or belittled because of what they’ve tried to pull on me.” 

    She paused, catching her breath as a gentle, pale hand rested on the small of her back and started rubbing circles into it. 

    “Last night, my sister had called and she always pitches a fit to my mother when I don’t answer. She came inside with her last night, and the both of them had taken anything that I valued away and hid it somewhere. I haven’t even been eating because of the things they’ve been saying to me, and last night, I tried to- I tried to s-slit my-” 

    “Stop, you don’t have to say it.” He looked at her with love in his eyes, making eye contact with her (e/c) ones. Still maintaining a gentle grip, he lifted a hand to cup her cheek and swipe any fresh tears away. 

    “She’s the golden child, isn’t she?”

    (Y/n) nodded, sniffling and shuffling in her seated position. 

    “Listen, they don’t know. You are beautiful despite your size, but if you haven’t been eating, I’m going to worry. That’s what you were worried about, right? Me finding out?”

    Looking away, she gave a slight nod. 

    “Darling, your scars don’t make you any less beautiful. Your weight doesn’t matter to me, and you are the smartest and strongest person I know. Your worth isn’t measured by your appearance, it’s your character that matters.”

    Yuri raised a hand to the girl’s chin, tilting her head to make eye contact. “You are amazing, and they are blind idiots.” 

    With another sniffle, (Y/n) smiled through her tear-stained cheeks and puffy eyes, and Yuri returned it. She laid her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around hers, the two just sitting in silence for a few minutes before (Y/n) raised a question. “Yuri, could you stay over tonight?”

    “Yeah, Yakov was being annoying, anyway.” 

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    Irony is being anor3xic and your favourite game being Don’t Stave

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    rant 🤬

    my mom told me "oh remember that time when you dieted and lost so much weight, you were so pretty" and i was like "it was not a diet, i was ANOR3XIC" and obviously she didn’t take me seriously. and it’s not even the first time i open up about my ed and NO ONE believes me and everyone thinks that everything is okay when it is NOT.
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