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    Who is tumblr ? What does she know?

    - Anthony Mackie

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    Personally: Chapter One

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

    Series Summary: You and Bucky have decided to give this relationship a real try, and Bucky won’t let anything get in the way of finally giving you the love you deserve. A sequel to Nothing Personal

    Chapter Summary: You’d seen more of Bucky’s life than you were expecting,  but now it was time for him to see what you do every day.

    Chapter Warnings: lotsa fluff, some angst, smut, language, violence, mentions of cheating

    Warnings: just some sweet fluff, a little bit of language

    A/N: Alright, chapter one!! I really hope you guys enjoy it because I’m so excited to finally delve into some fluffiness! Of course, there’s gonna be a little angst as we go along, but everything’s gonna be just fine! As always, my messages, taglists, and inbox are always open!

    Read Nothing Personal here!

    You were planning on sleeping in, just a little bit.

    However, those plans went down the drain when you heard a heavy rapping at your door at 8:24 a.m.

    Begrudgingly, you slipped out from under your warm sheets and trudged over to the front door, not bothering to adjust your oversized shirt or smooth down your bedhead as you yanked the door open.

    Bucky stood on the other side, a soft smile on his face as he leaned against the doorframe. 

    “Bucky,” you hummed, scrubbing at your face. “What’re you doing here? It’s like 8 in the morning.”

    “I thought we’d get an early start and go get some coffee before I take you around town,” he explained, reaching out and resting his hands on your hips. “Are you not wearing pants?”

    “No, Buck, I just woke up. Didn’t have any time to put on pants for you.” You rubbed your droopy eyes before hooking your arms around the back of his neck.

    “I never said I was complaining about this lack of pants.”

    You let out a hum. “Anyways, I can’t do anything today. I’ve got to get my classroom all set up before the school year starts.”

    “You’re going back down to Louisiana?”

    You shook your head. “I transferred to the school district up here. My lease was about to be up at my old apartment anyways, so I figured it’d be best to just move back up here.”

    He smiled softly, pulling you close to him and bumping his nose against yours. “How about we go get coffee and I help you set up?”

    You thought for a moment, letting yourself soak in his touch before you nodded and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Give me like 15 minutes to get ready.”

    “Sounds perfect, sunshine.”

    You let out a small chuckle. “That’s a new one.”

    “What is?”

    “Sunshine. I like it.”

    He reciprocated your cheek kiss, letting his lips linger for a moment longer than normal. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

    “Alright, lover boy, you gotta let me go so I can get ready.”

    He let out a playful groan but obliged, his grip slipping from your waist as your arms fell from around his neck. He followed you into your apartment, settling down onto your couch while you retreated back into your room to get dressed.

    A couple minutes later, you stepped out wearing a pair of jeans and a baggy tee, fingers combing through your hair. Exhaustion was still sitting heavy in your bones, but when Bucky beamed up at you, you felt as though the sun itself had personally shook you awake. 

    Bucky rose to his feet, holding your keys in one hand as his other reached out for your own. With a grin, you took his hand and squeezed it gently. “Did you cut your hair?” you spoke, looking up at him and examining his shorter locks. It definitely wasn’t as short as it was years ago, but it no longer grazed his jaw. Instead, it was messily pushed back, though a few pieces fell in his face and showed you that the length now ended this cheekbones.

    He shrugged. “Just got a little trim,” he explained, leading you two out of your apartment and making sure to lock the door behind him.

    “It looks good, handsome.”

    He smiled, feeling a small blush creep across his cheeks. He tried to think of a clever retort, but when he turned back around and locked eyes with you, he let himself take the compliment, instead deciding to say, “Coffee?”

    You nodded. “Please.”


    With you carrying the coffees and Bucky carrying all of your supplies and decor in his arms, the two of you stepped into the barren and dull classroom. You set the coffees on your desk while Bucky set all of the bags on a grouping of desks, both of you letting out a sigh.

    “We’ve got a lot to get up, so let’s get to it,” you spoke, taking a sip of your coffee before hurrying over to the bags and searching through them to find your staple gun. Bucky had pulled out a chair and sat down while you did so, nearly stumbling when he miscalculated how short the chair was. You gave him a grin and nudged his shoulder as you pulled out the stapler and staples. “You alright there?”

    He nodded, shifting awkwardly in the comedically tiny chair. “Perfect,” he hummed, smiling up at you.

    With a nod, you grabbed one of the large rolls of colored butcher paper and walked over to one of the cork boards. “So I know you’ve told me that there weren’t any pretty girls working at the museum when you were young.” You sat down on the thin and rough carpet, rolling out a length of colored paper and cutting it off from the roll. “But did you have a crush on any of your teachers when you were young?”

    He chuckled at that, attempting to lean back in the seat but when he nearly tipped backwards, he straightened up. “I think I liked my kindergarten teacher. I don’t know if I’d consider it a crush. My sister’s third grade teacher was real pretty, but I don’t know if that counts.” With a bit of struggle, he rose from the chair and walked over to you. “Doesn’t matter, though. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, sunshine.”

    You felt Bucky’s arms slip around your waist as you stapled the butcher paper up to the cork board, pulling your back into his chest once you had stapled up the last corner.

    “Bucky,” you feebly warned, resting your hands atop his. 

    “I’m not doing anything, doll,” he told you, and you could feel his smile graze against your cheek.

    “Likely story, sir.” You spun around in his arms and narrowed your eyes at him. “You know we’re gonna be here until this is done. So the more time you spend loving up on me here, the less time we’re gonna have to cuddle on the couch at my apartment and watch movies.”

    His face dropped to the crook of your neck, letting out a sigh. “Alright, you drive a hard bargain, ma’am.” He loosened his hold on you, though his hands still lingered on your waist. “What do you need me to help with?”

    “Can you start cutting and filling out some flash cards for me?” You slipped away from his hands so you could go back to the heap of supplies and fish out some construction paper, a thick sharpie, and a list of words to put on the flash cards. “You just write the whole word on one side and then the pronunciation on the back, okay?”

    “Got it, darlin’.” He took the supplies from your hands with a smile, moving over to your large desk and taking a seat. 

    You resumed putting up butcher paper on the remaining cork boards, lining the edges with cardstock borders once they were all up. Finally, you were able to set up your boards. You put up interactive calendars, book lists, the words you were going over that quarter, and a few small categories for science, history, and art. 

    Every few minutes, you’d glance over at Bucky to see how he was doing and every time you did, you’d see his face set in a stoic gaze as he focused intently on cutting out the cards perfectly or writing out the words boldly and clearly. Every time, it would bring a smile onto your face, seeing just how concerned he was about getting everything right.

    Once you had finished up on the boards, you walked over to him. “How’s it going over here?”

    His eyes flickered up to you for just a moment before returning to the few flash cards he was still cutting out. “Almost done,” he spoke flatly, separating the last two cards and shuffling them all together into a pile. “There we go. How do they look?”

    “They look perfect, Buck, thank you.” You took the pile from him, along with a rubber band that sat discarded on the desk, and tied the rubber band around them. 

    “Perfect enough for a kiss?”

    You chuckled, setting the cards down on the desk before reaching out and cupping his cheeks. “A cheek kiss.”

    He hummed, a small frown settling on his face. “So what you’re saying is I didn’t do good enough for a real kiss?”

    You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “What I’m saying is that you have to do more than just make some flash cards for me for you to earn your kiss.”

    This “argument” was one that you two had almost every time you were together. After your joint promise of starting over, you’d agreed that you both would wait for a romantic relationship to start when you felt that you were confident enough that Bucky wanted only the best for you. Though Bucky agreed, he couldn’t help but let his hopeless romantic side take over whenever he was around you, which led to his nearly constant begging for a real kiss. You knew that he was joking (for the most part) because he wanted you to take your time, but his persistence became a running joke between you two.

    Bucky sighed, leaning back in the chair and staring up at you. “A cheek kiss is fine, I guess.”

    You giggled, leaning down and pecking his cheek.

    It seemed that the kiss was far too short for his liking, however, as he let out a grunt of protest the moment your lips left his skin. “Hey, that wasn’t even a kiss! That was a peck! C’mon, my grandma’s kissed me longer than that.”

    You threw your head back laughing, settling your hands on his shoulders. “Alright, fine, fine.” After composing yourself, you bent down, grabbing his cheeks with one hand and squishing them. You pressed a kiss to his cheekbone, letting your lips linger for a few moments before pulling away. “Better?”

    He nodded, grinning up at you through his squished cheeks. “Much better.”

    Bucky savored the flutter in his chest at your playful antics, his eyes searching yours as your fingers slowly slipped off of his cheeks. His grin slowly shifted to an awe-struck smile as he took in the glimmer in your eye, the slightly quickened rise and fall of your chest as you tried to catch your breath from all of the laughing. He reached out, his hands settling on your waist as his index fingers hooked onto the belt loops of your jeans and pulled you closer, his thumbs starting to rub circles on your hips. 

    “What?” you spoke, catching his dazed expression and his eyes that didn’t seem to want to leave yours.

    “You’re so beautiful,” he nearly whispered, rising to his feet and tugging you even closer to him.

    “Are you okay?” Slowly, your hands reached up and cupped his cheek.

    He was silent for a few moments, letting his gaze drift over every detail of your face. He reached one hand up, his fingers dancing along your cheekbone as his eyes followed the trail. “I’m perfect.”

    You hesitantly nodded, chewing on your lower lip and trying your hardest to breathe regularly as he held you so delicately but stared at you with such an intensity that it made your heart swell. “Buck,” you whispered, moving your hand from his face to catch his hand that was still drifting along your cheekbone. “What has gotten into you?”

    He felt those words settling just on the tip of his tongue, words he’d never been able to say to anyone in a century. Three words that made his palms sweat and his heart race. He couldn’t say it, no matter how much he wanted to.

    Instead, he shrugged. “Guess it just hit me how lucky I am to have the prettiest girl in the universe right here in my arms.” He ducked his head to bump the tip of his nose into yours. 

    You squeezed his hand, a small giggle bubbling in your throat. “You’re a cheeseball, Mr. Barnes.”

    “Only for you.”

    You grinned. “You also know that flattery will get you everywhere, huh?”

    He feigned innocence, though he couldn’t suppress the smirk on his lips. 

    “Well, we’re gonna have to postpone all this rewarding for your flattery because we need to finish setting everything up.” You slipped out of his grip when he was distracted, dodging his grabby hands as you hurried over to your supplies.

    “Oh come on, one more minute!” Bucky whined.

    “Help me balance on this chair and I’ll consider it!”


    With Bucky’s added assistance, the classroom was fully decorated in just a couple of hours. However, you believed that it would’ve taken less time had it not been for his insistent need to flirt and touch you.

    Bucky carried the bag of Chinese takeout into your apartment as you lugged in the decorations that you’d save for next semester. After tossing the bag in a corner, you grabbed two beers and set them down on the coffee table beside the food. 

    “What are we watching tonight?” Bucky spoke, settling down next to you on the couch.

    “I was thinking we can get a little further on New Girl?”

    He nodded, popping off the caps on both bottles with his right hand before sliding one over to you. “Whatever you want, sunshine.”

    You turned on the episode where you two left off and began eating, swapping your sesame chicken out with his beef lo mein every once in a while or stealing bites of the other’s food off of their chopsticks when they weren't paying attention.

    Once you two were finished, you put the leftovers away in the fridge and settled back into the couch cushions.

    “I meant it, y’know,” Bucky spoke, snaking one arm around your waist and pulling you onto his chest as he laid down. His other hand searched for yours, his fingers weaving with yours.

    “Meant what?”

    “That I’m so lucky to have you.”

    You let out a sigh, avoiding his gaze as heat rushed to your cheeks. “Buck-”

    “Oh, come on, doll. I’m serious.” He squeezed your waist, pulling your gaze back to him. “Who else can say that they have the sun in their arms?”

    You bit down on your lower lip, suppressing your smile. “That was smooth, handsome.” Your hand reached up, gliding your finger along his cheekbone before carding them through his hair. “Well, if I’m the sun, are you my moon?”

    He smiled softly. “Absolutely.” Your joined hands rose to his lips and he pressed a kiss to your knuckles. “And the moon can’t shine without the sun, pretty girl.”


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    (Two or more actors, 🎶 means song fic)

    None at the moment

    None at the moment

    Checking Gravity

    Summary: The reader is clumsy and the cast had some funny stories because of that. - Mcu Cast x Teen!reader

    Other Nation

    Summary: The reader covers up the fact she has a boyfriend with a joke but Anthony and Sebastian don't believe it. - Sebastian Stan X Teen!Reader, Anthony Mackie x Teen!reader

    Prettiest girl in the world (🎵)

    Summary: You second guess your dresses worry about imperfections, when you look in the mirror he wishes you'd see what he sees you don't know, he doesnt care how straight or curly your hair any boy anywhere'd be happy to have you like he does. - Sebastian Stan X Daughter!Reader, Tom Holland X Stan!Reader

    Cheer up we got music

    Summary: After an ambush from paparazzi, Anthony, Chris, and Sebastian cheer you up. - Sebastian Stan X Teen!Reader, Chris Evans X Teen!Reader, Anthony Mackie X Teen!Reader.

    Cold feet

    Summary: The reader is clumsy and the cast had some funny stories because of that. - Mcu Cast x Teen!reader

    Dearest Father

    Summary: you try to get your dad to let you go to a party. - Sebastian Stan X Daughter!Reader, Anthony Mackie x Teen!Reader

    Sugar high

    Summary: While at a barbecue Chris was holding you eat a bit too much ice cream. - Sebastian Stan X Daughter!Reader, Chris Evans X Teen!Reader

    Being A Young Artist And Apart Of The Marvel Cast - MCU Cast X Teen!Reader

    Having a Famous Family and being new to the marvel cast - MCU Cast X Teen!Reader

    Chris Evans MasterList

    Tom Holland MasterList

    Sebastian Stan MasterList

    Anthony Mackie MasterList

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    Watch "Full Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Singing (REAL VOICE!!!)" on YouTube

    Priceless! Pretty much everyone in MCU singing through the years, from movies, TV, albums, concerts, or fooling around.

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    marvel cast x stan!reader, teen wolf x stan!reader, Naya Rivera x stan!reader (all platonic)

    Requested: no

    Pronouns: gender neutral (i made the readers role in the marvel movies gn too)

    Headcanon: being Sebastian Stan’s sibling and being a marvel actor

    Warning: swearing, harmless teasing, sibling rivalry (?)

    Gif not mine


    Blog Navigation

    Y/N = your name

    • You and Sebastian had always been close

    • And it wasn't just because you were twins

    • You had the same hobbies, life experiences and a love for performing

    • Unlike Sebastian, once you were old enough and had some credits, you didn't immediately go into on-screen acting

    • You started in theatre. Just small performances at first, but soon enough talent scouts were everywhere and you managed to get a role in a Broadway Musical

    • At this time Seb was filming Gossip Girl and Once Upon a Time, so the two of you had busy lives, and fans had no idea the two of you were related

    • you had a stage name (just your last name) for privacy reasons so it was understandable

    • You stayed with Musical theatre until 2010, when the opportunity to star in a new Marvel movie was proposed

    • You got the role of a SHIELD agent (Riley Carter) in Iron Man 2, who was the grandchild of Peggy Carter

    • One year and a successful movie later, you had headed into helping cast the roles of the next MCU movie, Captain America: The First Avenger

    • You had sat in the chair and to your shock, your one and only twin brother Sebastian Stan walked in and auditioned for Captain America

    • You of course, said he was perfect for the roll

    • "I think Sebastian Stan did a great job personally. Just dye his hair blonde and he's perfect!"

    • not biased at all

    • But unfortunately the casting team did not agree

    • BUT

    • they gave him the role of Bucky Barnes

    • It was a win either way

    • You had a celebratory dinner with Sebastian that night and got wasted

    • While Seb filmed CAFA you were filming some episodes of Teen Wolf

    • the chaos you would create with Dylan and Tyler P

    • "Tyler stop him! Dylan you can't jump off there... STOP!"

    • You also guest stared in a few episodes of Glee as the lead vocalist of your own Show Choir

    • Where your singing and acting could once again be showcased

    • "Have to film a scene with Naya now... I don't actually know what I'm filming but it's fine"

    • By this time your real last name had been leaked

    • Some were able to make the connection between you and Seb but it wasn't common knowledge

    • Then came filming for Avengers

    • You're character was like Maria Hill

    • You weren't an official Avenger to your disappointment

    • Chris Evans and Robert was first to realise you and Sebastian were related

    • "Wait, your twins? Like shared the womb twins?"

    • That lead to you, Chris and Seb going out and once again getting wasted

    • “wait.. so who’s older?” “Mum never told us”

    • Avengers was a success (No suprise) so more movies were put into the works

    • You finally got to film with Seb for CAWS and god was it chaotic

    • The two of you together were a handful

    • "Y/N don't put that in the water... nO STOP" "Sebastian I am my own person! I have rights!"

    • And the cast who didn't realise you were related couldn't comprehend it

    • Soon enough Chris E let them know after Chris H made a comment about you two being perfect for each other

    • Chris stopped giving dating advice after that

    • When behind the scenes videos were posted fans became more excited for the movie and the Stan twins to share the screen

    • "Bucky, it's okay. You.... No I cant remember" "Y/N seriously?" "Oh shut up Seabass, I'm trying here"

    • Press tours were utter chaos

    • You, Anthony and Seb were the best and worst match at the same time

    • Seb was a quiet human, but you and Anthony drastically made up for that

    • There was screaming, laughing, tormenting and everything else that comes with Anthony Mackie

    • CAWS was released and we got some more marvel movies from the Stan Twins

    • Riley Carter was given their own movie

    • Giving your character more backstory and making them even more of a fan favourite

    • "I think Riley is loved more than Bucky personally. Seb, however, does not agree"

    • Soon enough filming for Civil War commenced

    • Riley was team Cap from the start of the movie

    • And the amount of scenes you and Seb had together was huge

    • The two of you were feeling huge nostalgia of the days when you used to be attached at the hip

    • "Remember our fifth birthday party?" "Don't remind me"

    • You and Anthony hung pictures of the two of you all throughout Sebastians trailer

    • "What the fu..." "so you can appreciate us more often. Enjoy"

    • He still finds them hidden in things to this day

    • You became close with Lizzie Olsen while filming Civil War

    • The two of you went for coffee every Sunday

    • The start of a beautiful chaotic friendship

    • Press tour was once again chaos

    • This time you were given multiple interviews with Tom Holland

    • Who (unlike your brother) you had taken under your wing

    • This created a HollandStan vs MackieStan situation and the fans loved it

    • There was friendly insults thrown back and forth

    • It was a handful for interviewers

    • But it was great content so they didn't care that much

    • You guest starred in a few more movies for Marvel

    • And signed a contract for some cartoon shows based around Riley

    • "I'm a hot ass Cartoon" "looks more like me then you" "we have the same fucking genes Seabass. You're lucky you got my good looks"

    • Infinity War finally came

    • You read the script with Seb and cried into his arms for hours

    • you were a strong wanda and vision stan

    • Filming was probably one of the best experiences you have ever had

    • All the Marvel stars from all the movies together

    • Riley had been in New York and joined Tony, Strange and Peter in space

    • And she finally became an 'official' Avenger

    • That created a LOT of bloopers between you and Benedict

    • Neither of you could keep a straight face around each other

    • "Well, Strange. Some people don't have magic han- no I'm sorry i can't" "Y/N you are so dirty minded-" "oh shut up Bend A Dick"

    • Torture for other cast members

    • Being in the iconic why is gamora scene

    • Riley had been snapped up in space

    • It was weird watching yourself turn to dust when you watched the movie

    • But hey it looked good so who cares

    • Press tour was yet again chaotic

    • You were paired with Benedict and Tom majority of the time

    • The interviewers ended up realising that questions were useless and that giving you a game to play together was a better idea

    • "Is Y/N Stan married to, wait ahaha, married to Sebastian Stan" "Ew what the fuck! No. Twincest is not okay"

    • You all had to try food from different countries

    • "Ah fucking Vegemite, who the fuck invented this" "I think it's great" "course you do Y/N"

    • You got to impress them with your cool ass Romanian

    • Tom stared at you in shock

    • Benedict just nodded as he tried to guess what you were saying

    • It was great

    • You filmed a few movies between inifinty war and Endgame

    • Your fan base had grown immensely

    • You also started a charity to raise money for different situations in Romania

    • Sebastian helped you with it and you raised $1 million in 11 months

    • End Game filming and Press tours were intense

    • The amount of secrets you had to keep

    • But unlike Tom Holland you kept your mouth shut

    • You and Seb messed around on set as normal

    • You and Lizzie got to burst on together and pretend to shoot aliens

    • You were decked out in fake guns for the movie and pretended to shoot people 24/7 behind the scenes

    • Seb had enough and just bought Nerf guns and actually shot you

    • "Hey Seb, Chris needs you in- wait! STOP!"

    • You played the classic sibling card and called your mum

    • "Sebastian Stan! No... don't talk to me, I'm angry" "You talked to me first!"

    • It was great

    • Press Tours were spent with Sebastian and Anthony again

    • The nostalgia in the interviews was everything

    • They still bullied Tom

    • You still stood up for him

    • "He's a child!" "Exactly our point"

    • And there was still the same amount of noise as there was during CAWS

    • The amount of fan edits of the Stan Twins multiples by hundreds

    • You both were being tagged in them left and right

    • "Gotta say, I'm the more attractive sibling... this edit really highlights my features" "you're just a Wal-Mart version of me"

    • When the movie finally was released to the public it was amazing

    • You met hundreds of fans

    • Signed some contracts for more marvel films (And series)

    • You and Seb went out to eat just the two of you

    • Yet again you both got wasted

    • But it was okay bc you were happy

    • And you made fun if him the next day

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    This is exactly with the world needs, more Sam and Bucky text jokes. Happy Monday!

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    These two need to do a project together! 🔥

    #anthony mackie#anthonymackie #michael b jordan #handsome black men #talented black men #black excellence
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    At this point I just think Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan r gonna be the villains of the no way home movie

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    If I missed someone, I’ll just called them and say”What’s up?” I don’t challenge then to an Empire State run up? Really, is this how you tell someone that you miss them and want to see them again? The Sebastian, Anthony saga continues. They make having a buddy relationship so hard on them and …us😒. Sigh…

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    The Hate U Give (2018)

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 4 out of 5. The Hate U Give opens with a father giving his children The Talk — not the birds and the bees, but the heartbreaking one parents of black children eventually must have about how not to get killed by the police. It’s a scene we’ve seen a few versions of at the movies this year, and a scene we will likely see many more times in the coming years, and isn’t any less…

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    I feel it. The stares, The judgment. And there's nothing i can do to change it. Yet, i'm still here. No super serum, no blond hair, or blue eyes. The only power i have is that i believe we can do better.


    ↳ Episode 1 : New World Order

    #sam wilson#samwilson#samwilsonedit#the falcon #the falcon and the winter solider #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #tfatws#tfatwsedit#tfatwsdaily#tfatws gif #the falcon and the winter soldier gif #anthony mackie #sam wilson is captain america #disney plus#tv#tvedit#tvgif#userhydra#gif#gifs#mine#mygif#gif pack#avengers#mcu#mcugif#mcugifs#mcuedit#marvel studios#marvel
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    #marc-rogers #anthony mackie man you’re looking good #u ever see a guy this handsome walking down the streeet #he’s gonna get arrested #cuz he’s killing all the ladies
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    fuck enemies to lovers, i want "we were dating but didn't know that we were dating until someone asked if we were dating" >:(

    #this is ab sambucky #just spruceleavees thinking about sambucky at school #sam wilson#tfatws#caatws#capatin america#mcu#marvel#sebastian stan #james bucky barnes #anthony mackie
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    That’s americas ass

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    For my autumnal week starting next week, I’ve written my first Sam Wilson x reader fic! I had fun writing for Sam as I love Sam as much as I love Steve & Bucky!

    But I struggled in finding nicknames for the reader to call Sam and Sam to call the reader. If anyone could help me for the future I’d be forever grateful!

    #sam wilson x you #sam wilson x reader #sam x reader #sam wilson#anthony mackie
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  • musical-broken-heart
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey this will be deleted in a few days but I just wanted to bring my story to life.

    I've been in toxic fandoms all my life and I just try and post funny sometimes serious content about it. I know the fandoms I'm in are toxic and I also know it's not everyone's fault. I never try and bring up whatever is happening because normally I dont have all the facts and I don't wanna give misinformation.

    My goal is to make people smile or think deeply about stuff. If theres a problem in a fandom I will rant about my opinions to @imreallygay26 but if it's a problem with actors then I dont find it my place to judge them as I dont think they should be held to a higher standard of being a God just because of their choice of work.

    Harry Potter has its problems yes and I know that but I grew up and was raised on it so I cannot leave it.

    Marvel has helped me love myself and become more confident as a person and who I am. Again the actors are human and I think that wanting to hate them for mistakes they made, roles they play, or opinions they share is wrong.

    I've only been in the Supernatural fandom for maybe 3 months at most and I've already gotten death threats for my opinions and headcanons.

    Please respect people for what they like and their opinions because when I join a fandom I expect a loving family who will understand struggles in a person's life and not hate them for liking a character or an actor.

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  • sunnyteacups
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I've been getting k-y jelly ads on here and every time I see it all I can think about is Seb and his old arm process and the Anthony bringing it up every single interview. I miss old stackie

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