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  • I’ve continued to do pregnancy tests the last few days, all negative. But, it’s only been two and a half weeks since the sex. I probably should stop with the tests and just wait to see if I get my period next week. But with the continued symptoms growing in number, it’s hard to be patient and not know. I have a few more cheap strip kind and one First Response test left. I’ve been afraid to use the first response because I don’t want to waste it by testing too early. Perhaps I should just wait to use that one next weekend if my period hasn’t come by then. The hard part with that is that my periods aren’t regular. So I don’t really know if the aex was during my fertile window or not. And I’m on a non hormonal birth control but we moved recently and between the move and the chaos of the holidays I missed a couple doses. The birth control I’m on, if you miss a dose, you’re supposed to be protected again after 48 hours of taking it properly again. And I THINK I was in the clear when the sex happened but it’s hard to say. And with my periods not being regular it’s hard to know if it’s late or just not here yet when I have it. Another disadvantage to taking non hormonal birth control as opposed to the hormonal options. Which is what makes it all the more frustrating when I experience symptoms. I’ve had so many pregnancy scares over the years. Maybe I’m just crazy. I probably am. Considering I secretly very much want this to be a pregnancy. And that is crazy because things are way to hectic and chaotic for another baby to brought into it. It’s not ok for the baby, my husband and I or our other kids.

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    #ooc tbd. #she’s baby your honor #and also Bastard but look who raised her #anyway she’s so pretty and fluffy she’s a queen #also I lied I’m doing things tomorrow #I dread driving to [insert big city] and doing #a five hour lab tomorrow #I am#Anxious
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  • Mouth Dry Hands Shaking

    I’m sitting still

    I’m perfectly fine

    I tap my fingers to pace the time

    A glance a look a glance once more

    Just making sure I’ve closed the door

    Take a breath

    I’m completely okay

    My feet tapping

    This is just a usual day

    My whole body is shaking

    I feel goosebumps I feel cold

    My heart racing

    I feel scared like bad things are about to unfold

    I try to swallow

    My mouths dry my hands shaking

    Can barely lift the bottle I’m holding

    Nothing is happening, there’s nothing to fear

    But I’m still terrified

    Headlights on I’m the deer

    I’m all alone in my room there’s no one around

    But I keep shaking and looking and glancing around

    It’s uncontrollable and completely uncalled

    It comes and goes for no reason at all

    If I told you you’d never believe me

    I’m sitting still, I’m calm

    My heart just deceives me

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  • anxiety is the sharp pain in my stomach when i’m in bed and i haven’t finished my essay

    anxiety is the erratic beating of my heart when the walls are closing in on me

    anxiety is the salty tears that mix with the bile in my throat

    anxiety is the energy thrumming through my body when i can’t sit still

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  • I can’t keep living like this. Something has to change. They keep telling me everything will get better but it’s been years and it’s just getting worse. I’m tired.

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  • The thought of doing something gives me anxiety but doing nothing also gives me anxiety so what exactly am I supposed to do now

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  • image
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  • My boyfriend and I literally have a fight every time I call myself fat then when I get anxiety and have panic attacks he says it hurts him and that he is dating two people the happy version of me and the negative one and he dosent wanna love two people what do I do

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  • Part of me wants to start writing drabbles after reading so many but the self doubt is real dude

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  • last year i got really close to my one friend and we were supposed to hang out the day that we went into quarantine which we obviously didnt but we started talking less and less because he was only allowed a certain amount of time on devices and eventually he went off to college five states and half a country away and we didnt talk at all and i was fine with it i mean i knew it was coming with us talking less by the day but i always wondered what couldve happened you know if covid didnt hit and how close or how far wed be now and yesterday he texted me out of the blue saying he needs to talk to me and im worried about him because its literally been six months no contact and all the sudden he needs to talk which makes me think somethings wrong and we didnt get to talk yesterday so he wants to talk today and i dont know if he means text or call because we did both all the time and i miss talking to him but i dont want it to be under bad circumstances and i cant do anything now anyway im just anxious

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  • This list includes helpful tips and tricks that could help your brain when you get anxious. They personally helped me during my struggles, and I wanted to share them in hopes of others finding them useful! I know they aren’t for everyone, but if you can even find one on the list that helps, then I’d consider it a win!

    Ground yourself - I know we hear this term a lot when it comes to anxiety, but I truly believe it works. Your thoughts are racing, and you can’t keep up. Ground yourself to the earth with a simple 5-4-3-2-1 exercise. This is super easy and can be done anywhere

    Breathe - another typical task to do when you’re anxious, and some people might think, “focusing on my breathing just makes me panic more”. Scientifically, breathing actually helps you calm down and focus on making your anxiety levels go down. A deep breath helps your amygdala, which was mentioned in our last post, quiet down. Remember, when you are anxious, it is just your emotional brain acting up; take a breath to allow your logical mind to catch up!

    Eat some food - chances are when you are anxious, your body has told you not to eat, but the adrenaline has used up a lot of your energy, leaving you feeling drained and maybe nauseous. Eat something small like toast or eat something high in vitamin B like leafy greens or dairy.

    Get some Sun- vitamin D is so good for our bodies and our minds. Try to get 15-20 minutes of sunshine a day or try taking a supplement.

    Limit your Alcohol Intake- alcohol is linked to depression and hence can bring up your anxiety levels.

    Reduce or exclude caffeine - I find that after a cup of coffee, my anxiety can act up, so I stick to decaf coffee to get my coffee fix without the anxiety.

    Weighted Blanket - I use my weighted blanket every night for a good night’s sleep. The weighted blanket pressure helps our autonomic nervous system go into ‘rest mode’ and helps us relax. They can be expensive, but I find deals for them all the time.

    Sleep - Make sure you are getting a good 7-8 hours sleep at night. A sleepless night can raise anxiety levels by 30%.

    Good Sleep Habits - Sleep habits are essential so that we can get our full night’s rest. Cut out screens at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. Use a lavender sleep spray to help relax your mind and body. Listen to relaxing soundscapes or ASMR before sleeping or read a good book.

    Hydrate - Around 70% of our brain is made from water, and dehydration can affect the brain’s energy production, serotonin production and increases stress. These effects can increase anxiety, so we should aim to drink roughly 2 litres. I struggle with drinking loads of water, but I find using a cute water bottle or having a 2-litre bottle of water around you can encourage and remind you to drink it.

    Get active - This is the last thing I want to do when I get anxious but training your mind and anxiety to get used to the increased heart rate and learning to control it can really help you if you struggle with panic attacks. Don’t push yourself too hard, either. Try to go for a mindful walk and take in nature. Don’t push the pace up too high for yourself.

    Listen to some happy songs - Listening to a song you really like can lower your anxiety, so make a playlist of songs that make you want to dance or even just smile. Blast it when you start to feel anxious and let your body be free to get back to itself.

    Try CBD oil- I know this is a relatively new concept, but I have been using CBD for a while and find it really helps my panic attacks. It is entirely up to yourself if you want to try this method as it can be expensive, but there are many different forms of CBD. I definitely recommend some research on this beforehand.

    Be Mindful - Mindfulness can help you train yourself to be in the moment, ground yourself and listen to your thoughts. You can learn to identify which thoughts cause you harm, and you can start to change your thinking patterns. I find sitting down, and breathing can increase my heart rate and anxiety levels, so I love to go for mindful walks. Listen to nature and be aware of yourself.

    These are just some of the things that I do and use that help me with my anxiety. Do you have any tips that I have missed that work for you? Let us know! Our website is always updates before our other social media so check it out to keep up to date! 

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  • Pic of bad teeth below

    I just got done with self care and I examined my teeth that bother me every single day and I just feel so bad,they have become more crooked on the bottom and you might think it’s a simple solution to just go to the dentist but i have very poor insurance and I’m also a disabled and mentally unwell individual,most places around here do not take my insurance and I can never get seen at the government clinic and have been turned away,people shouldn’t have to suffer like this.

    I also added a filter my teeth are more yellow than this


    I apologize to if anyone got disturbed by this post

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  • image

    How my hand deals with my anxiety. 🤗

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  • Today I learned one thing: if something was scary, and you didn’t do it for a while, it can be not scary at all. I don’t afraid anymore of bus trips, I don’t afraid of that place near the bridge, I don’t afraid of walking at night, I don’t afraid to stay awake after dawn. That is my own life, nothing can manage it, except of me. That a big step up for me, my fight with anxiety, and my path of growing up.

    By the way, I am really into weight loss. Grandpa said that I need to not eat after 4 pm but I think that is too much. I can manage my food and I downloaded an app that should help me to do it.

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  • nothings more disappointing than writing out your suicide note for the 5th time

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  • dont you just want to


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