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  • Uh

    #anyway #toilet paper roll #bow on underwear #sleeve #front of the dress #lmk if you find the fifth one
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  • Silly question probably but why was Sam’s son blonde in one scene and had pretty dark hair in the next one? Did he dye his hair during his teenager years?

    Also why the blurry woman? Why not showing just a pic of Eileen at some point and be done with it? Why not trying to save the little that was still savable?

    #I might be wrong because I barely watched the ep one time #I had secondhand embarrassment watching it #Like it was so bad executed #I've seen better works from non professionals #Anyway#destiel#sam winchester#Dean Winchester#castiel#eileen leahy #sam x eileen #saileen
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    #that dreamcember post really blew up huh #we got all the big names on there #it was a simple misdirection of where to place which implied opinions jfc #the artist had every right to be upset at that kind of comment #Joku was under no obligation to reblog with commenting on the ship #but seriously every side of this nonsense had no right to make it as big a deal as it became #don't take your feelings out on other people you could just send an ask or dm explaining how you feel #not like #vague hate and shit #or like#actual hate #(/looking it a CERTAIN person's direction/(oh god i just did it too XD)) #anyway #just let people vibe guys #and if they upset you just try to talk to them like a normal person would #just because we're on another platform for communication doesn't give any of us the right to act like dicks #and if it's unintentional dickage (which of course can be cooled down by actual communication) it can be explained in a calm rational #AND PRIVATE manner #anyway those are my thoughts #ahhh i forgot how i tagged salty posts #click that bell #not now nero
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  • Together | Murmur

    nosdecember day 3 | @neworleansspecial

    Mum!Ava, Mum!Sarah; Vivi spends the evening with two of her favourite people while her mums enjoy a night alone


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    #this is so dialogue heavy :// #anyway #uncle crockett supremacy 😌✨ #ready for one (1) reblog and it’ll be from myself <3 #sarah reese#ava bekker#crockett marcel#maggie lockwood#ethan choi #he’s mentioned anyway #murmur #mum!ava #mum!sarah #my aus#my-writing#nosdecember#mutuals#neworleansspecial#userglow
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    #did some unfollows because from my pc the number of blogs i was following bothered me #i have a thing for numbers unfortunately #anyway #it was mostly account inactive for a couple of years #or even more #if i unfollowed (general) *you* by mistake #let me know #and i'll follow back #and sorry! didn't want to!
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    #love when tumblr doesnt post properly #anyway #theyre not falling apart guys shut up #please#aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA#tommyinnit#tommyinnitfanart#tubbo#tubbo fanart#myart#dreamsmp#minecraft#fanart #tommyinnit and tubbo
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  • Merlin : So what are you in for? 

    Random prisoner that he’s sharing a cell with : Uh…. stealing. You? 

    Merlin : Treason. probably, Or insolence against the king, I don’t really remember the exact wording. 

    RP* With wide eyes* : Are.. uh, how long are you sentenced here? 

    Merlin : Dunno. what about you? A day? 

    RP *still with wide* eyes : A- A week. Aren’t you worried? 

    Prison guard *opening the door *: Merlin, how’s it going? 

    Merlin, *who has made friend with all the guards* : Good. how are the kids Jerry?

    Jerry the prison guard : They’re good. your’e out now. same time next week? 

    Merlin: probably. bye Jerry, bye new guy. 

    RP  :

    Jerry :


    Jerry: You get used to it.

    #merlin (bbc)#Merlin #Don't tell me Merlin didn't make friends with the guards #I will simply not believe it #sometimes he goes in the cells purely by habit #meanwhile arthur's waiting for him like..... #Where's my manservent? #Gaius: Doesn't he go to the cells at this time? #Arthur: I didn't have him arrested today tho? #anyway#merthur#incorrect merlin #incorrect merlin quotes #incorrect merthur
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  • remember that url here that rbg quotes she was super famous here and literally everyone rbg from her lol id remember the name but the one that a few months ago deactivated bc ppl were calling her a terf and being mean to her? anyway funny how actual terfs have to deal with that on the regular and they can’t afford to deactivate bc then their message is missed 

    #anyway #i liked her I guess idk she was normal #but damn if thats all it takes then I must be like a superwoman and so all the other terfs on here #or we must be like rlly fucked up mentally and traumatized #and we must be actual victims yk #but ofc no one would actually consider that #she herself said she didnt like terfs like omg just relate a little bit?
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  • Anybody want a tiny taste of my minotaur retelling???? Because you’ve got one:

    I raise my hands to my head in supplication, and press myself to the floor. 

    “Holy mistress.” The stone is cold; my lips almost kiss it as I speak. “Your servant begs you, forgive us for what we are about to do." 

    My companions grow still around me. No one breathes. The dark beyond us listens, waits.  

    "We ask you, accept these offerings that we have given, and do not hold our offense against us. We trespass only to obey you, and not by choice. Great Lady, give us a sign that we may enter here.”

    A moment– then all at once the air changes; warmth, soft as a caress, displaces the still cool of the darkness, envelopes me as it rises. The others feel it; I watch them slacken, shift, hear the hitch of their breath in understanding.

    I bend a finger-width forward and touch my lips to the floor. Shuddering, I whisper into the stone, so faintly that no one but the gods and I can hear: Thank you.

    #you know this is a big deal #because I never share anything unless there's a Decent Amount written #(which there never is) #(esp. since I never write anything in order) #cross your fingers y'all #anyway #this is during the escape from Crete #and to get out Ariadne has to lead the Athenians through the labyrinth goddess' inner sanctum #so of course she's got to get the goddess' blessing first #writing#greek mythology #lore and more
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  • @aemiliiu​ said:    🎁


    their gaze lowers and they return their mug of coffee to the surface of the table. suddenly their apartment seems dark and gloomy. apropos, they suppose. sorun can feel her gaze on them, sad, perhaps pitying? their lips part to speak.    it was not meant for you to hear me say, ‘i fear that love would never come my way’.

    they had said it aloud to themself without realizing emily was there in the room with them. usually they try to assure friends love would find them when they mentioned a lack of a love life or a lack of luck in that department, they had even assured emily of such things. and yet… somehow it was hard to believe they would find love or that it would find them. of course they don’t need it but sometimes they catch themself watching couples in the part or in a restaurant and a yearning would fill their heart. but love wasn’t for them, was it? no, surely a love wasn’t meant for a demon. a demon isn’t deserving of happiness.     it is… difficult for me to believe that i will ever have true love in my life. 

    spotify wrapped has arrived. send me a number from 1-100 for a starter based on that song, or a lyric from it, or send a 🎁 for me to shuffle.    /    accepting!

    #:^) #i imagine this is probably a little bit before they start dating #and they're friends #and at some points their realization that they love *her* is sudden ; like it hits them rather than a gradual realization #and they're like ''oh it's you'' #oof i made myself sad #ANYWAY #i hope this is okay ksadhdfg #⸸ ; ic. #she is elegant and bold ; something to behold ( emily ♡ sorun ) #aemiliiu
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    #I spent last night on the toilet with stomach cramps #0/10 would not recommend #idek where or how I would have picked something up #I haven't been our of the house in two weeks #and didn't eat anything weird #anyway #gonna stick to drinking tea today
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  • Six Sentence Sunday - Goodemethydoll Gym AU :)

    Istg I love this fic with my entire heart and soul and I can’t wait until it’s done! I promise methydoll happens in the end they’re just fighting rn </3


    Gigi was totally not standing at the other side of the door with her ear pressed to the cold surface, trying to listen into their conversation while holding her breath because the sounds of her breathing would interfere with the sounds of their speaking. That’s totally not what was happening right then.

    “Have we just been bamboozled?!”

    Nicky gave a tired sound, one that knew there was no way of winning against her now; Gigi could almost see her running her hand over her face in exasperation. “Geege has bamboozled us into a fucking corner, Crystal.”

    “Well, how are we gonna get un-bamboozled? I’m not going to have people run around in yoga pants and just recline on mats for an entire session, Miss ‘Uhuh I’m French and can’t run a mile but I’m a gym instructor for some reason—

    Nicky hissed, “You think I want to see people run around like apes all day? Please. No one wants to see you and your hoard of cro-magnons stomp around and swing on things–”

    “Oh, because I thought pilates wanted to talk to me about swinging–”

    Gigi, from behind the door, gave one long, loud, suffering sigh. “I can hear you, y’know,” she opened the door and the two were startled to see her little blond head poke out, “If you’re going to argue, can you do it somewhere else? I have contracts to approve.”

    #can u tell I rly like the word bamboozled #anyway#gigi goode#crystal methyd#nicky doll#minawrites#rpdr fanfiction#rpdr s12 #Rupauls drag race #crygi #crystal x gigi #goodedoll#methydoll
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  • okay. i have two (2) directions i could take micah’s sorry.

    1) the happy direction, where he gets to heal and like be a person and most importantly a teenager. he gets friends and family and yeah sure there are bumps on the way but generally it’s the lighter route

    or 2) the heartbreaking direction, where he basically drives himself insane trying to figure out a way to enact his revenge on the gods and take them out (like luke but a lot more revenge-y and substantially less focused)

    #watch micah try to kill the gods armed with only his slightly above average height and a baseball bat #i have a LOT of thoughts for the darker direction #micah would be a tragic as FUCK villain/antagonist #because micah doesn’t want to hurt anyone other than the gods; in fact he has a lot of sympathy for other demigods #but when push comes to shove he’s still a powerful demigod who can easily hurt people who get in his way #lots of people realizing ‘oh shit this kid could actually kill all of us’ and noticing just how cruel his eyes always seem #kinda like how percy realized how crazed he sounded/acted during the battle in tlo (which is one of my fav moments) #i kinda wanna find a happy medium between these two but idk how to do it #anyway#uwuocs#micah abernathy
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  • damn i really could pull an all nighter if i wanted to

    #candy posts #thing is i never do cause i know it's bad #and itd fuck up my sleep schedule #not that it matters nearly as much at this point #anyway #goodnight for real
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  • #nothing like writing about sam & the frog brothers #& how the older they got the less they clicked #especially edgar & sam #which lbh contributed a lot to edgar's very....... specific..... grudge against sam & wanting to kill him when he became a half-vampire #WHICH let's not forget was at the same time alan was a half-vampire too yet he got no shit from edgar #so you know............. personal grudge #because edgar couldn't handle sam being different #& thinking over the whole kill all vampires bs #anyway #nothing like sam & ginger out in town amirite #‘   ❣ㅤ ━━ ㅤ 𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖊‚     80s  pop  playing  as  i  lay  dead.
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  • wondering if i should have breakfast and what kind of breakfast to have if i do
    i’ve some washing in the washer (can’t find a capsule though so can’t put it on, wandered around a good few minutes aimlessly before wandering around trying to find it since i forgot first time around)
    then i washed the shower floor since it’s manky
    and also i had not only a shower but a bath!! which i haven’t had in literal years

    #personal #thing is though i have class today which dampers things #and also three assessments one of which i'm not too worried about but also very #anyway #i haven't slept and i haven't eaten or drank anything yet but for some reason i'm rather hyper
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  • manifesting tsukki anon in my inbox goodnight

    #i did NOT finish the writing i planned to complete tonight #but damn im tired! #anyway #pspspspspsp tsukishimaaaaaaa cmere #lulu speakz#nanite moon
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  • Once again, me in deepsea shift = tarn thirsting

    #Not sure why this happens #Anyway #Hey tarn I'm free tonight if you wanna #canopus screams
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  • if you’re seeing this post on your dash, prepare for a spam below, friends!

    i’m abt to rebirb all the art created for my tmabb piece

    tags to blacklist (if you want): tmabb2020, tma big bang 2020

    #doing it on my main bc i try to keep my writing sideblog strictly with writing stuff #even tho i know the art is related ;aljd;lkf #anyway #chirp.txt #chirp.tags
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