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  • not to be h*rny on main but all I want is that feeling you get when you hold hands with someone for the first time

    #the possibilities are endless #and youre nervous #but at the same time #its like#yes #they chose me #theyre here holding my hand #and their hand is soft #and i hope mine isnt sweaty #and i kinda want to lean in #maybe kiss them #maybe just. be in contact #tbd#anyways im#yearning#love#romance #ALL I WANT #touch starved
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  • I’m glad we agree that me being self deprecating isn’t worth arguing over

    #this is abt shit on uh #discord#yeah#:3c#anyways im #No Longer Okay #BUT #i dont wanna bother anyone else with that so im just #not gonna post
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  • do you ever feel completely alone sdjlkf

    #fanz.txt #anyways always joke about my dad starting making stuff when he retires #but like he hasnt retired yet and he's..doing stuff #making* #i can smell the wood sldjkl and yesterday there was this ?? smell ?? like paint idk #anyways im
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  • Shout out to my fiance for being the actual greatest. I love them.

    #i just wanna talk about my mans #because i wub them #so much#anyways im #gonna think about all the cats im gonna raise with him #t
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  • but those fragments from transformer/s when sam says

    50 years from now, when you look back at your life, don’t you wanna say you had the guts to get in the car?

    and then later, when mikaela says

    no matter what happens, i’m really glad i got in the car with you

    give me major jily vibes during hogwarts years, and then lily saying that just before they get killed 

    #50 years from now dont you wanna say you had enough guts to fight #no matter what happens im really glad i fought with you #anyways im
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  • dont you ever realize you’re an adult and ur life is a mess and everybody has it together and ur just a fucking MESS and have a mini anxiety attack

    #negativity /#anyways im #hahahhahaahha god said sike i guess
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  • Yall act like short people like being teased about their height like its literally all of you tall bitches that makes me hate humanity and curse my 11 years of radiation poisoning from sticking my feet in the microwave like how are you even talking with the sky’s dick in your mouth shut the fuck up

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  • [slaps the top of obi wan] this bad boy can fit so much trauma

    #【 ❝ i'm the aggressive anticishet that your parents warned you about ❞ 】 ✕ ooc. #anyways im #adding obi wan #i'm rewatching the clone wars and im. #hyperfixating again.
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  • waiting on yeojin to devour her teaser pic…….

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  • image

    exists loudly

    #[ic;;]#honestly yeah#anyways im #off i think #i need to get more threads going since i only have one rn #mmm #starter call? #maybe i could continue asks ive sent? #who knows#[vox;;] #I need more bastard expressions so im #going to dooble vox for a while
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  • Lmao, its been and off and on problem for a while but ive been so naseous lately and I keep getting concerned to mention it because i am so not interested in hearing jokes or actual comments about me being pregnant unhelped by the trips to atlanta he and I had been taking

    #i mean the house is the main group i complain to and they wouldnt #but every time i want to tag on a 'yeah i just feel kinda naseous' i stop #just in case #anyways im #tired i have a headache and i am naseous ans slightly hungry and sp annoyed by it all #and i wish my dad had gone to bed earlier so i could just suffer without that #and his concerns about why im quiet and i am constantly like this so #idk#tag rambles #dont mind me
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  • god love that whenever i want to write something happens to bring down my mood

    #i.    ooc  :   [slides nasa $20] so tell me about the aliens. #anyways im #not gonna be on tonight bc of some family #ya know like always #drb /
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  • lmao im wine drunk remembering i JUSt remembered i ran a gv once that was a murder msytery at a college and the kids were being killed by a demon of a ghost who was bullied and died and haunted the school and they had to figure out how to stop them but the victims were always chosen at random and each victim would have a bunch of rumors on the wall of text post about them that would circulate and cause them to be isolated and alienated by theirpeers so it made it easier for the ghost t o kill them so the students ahd to work together to overcome the bullying and save their friends and it was fucking . wild . 

    #i tried to galaxy brian a murder mystery and it #it kinda worke daSDFLSADFASDF #me pulling shit out of my ass everyday in that gv : #anyways im #ima do more writing is hould sleep but its writing hours #ooc.
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  • .

    #i want to use my note & just disappear forever #im just so tired #anyways im#sorry—
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  • lgbt+ people: hey maybe stop commenting about the nuances of gay relationships if ur not.. gay

    cishet people: uh ACTUALLY this is oppressive and exclusionary! thank u, next !!

    #im having war flashbacks to my 1d days #all.... the straights.......... ‘shipping’ larry like pls #pls move on #anyways im #done im sorry #anndnsksms#mine
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  • People, unknowingly, ask me the hardest question when asking me if I work here and I wish theyd stop asking

    Because I do work here in this building but i have no knowledge of where theres are, except the things I do know the location of… And since I do know some things I want do help out but ive helped like maybe two people? And they were people I already knew. Which doesnt negate that I helped them, but it kinda takes some of the satisfaction of helping someone away? I dont knpw how or why but yeah

    #anyways im #dying its busy and i forgot a hair tie and also my watch #so i have to keep looking at my phone for the time and i dotn like that #dont mind me #work tag
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  • I like making him cry uwu

    #vent art. #low key mamoru kin ngl #zkdjxcfhvbkgfjgvb#anyways im #im super tired and I should've slept hours ago #night night
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  • DATE & TIME: February 14th, 6:00 P.M.
    LOCATION: Starlight Carnival
    STATUS: Closed for @anoracle

    Lenore had always thought the snow as something achingly romantic. In some ways, it is; she thinks of snowflakes dusting her lashes, brushing them out of the hair of a loved one, remembers laying in it the first time she had seen it, ice against her skin a welcome comfort. But now—

    now, the snow is dark. Hard to tell which is snow and which is ash. Hard to tell how much of it is in Emme’s hair, on her cheeks when she’s pulled out of the fire.

    There wasn’t enough time, not initially, for Lenore to say anything, to wrap her arms around her sister the way she wanted to. The Cryptids she had befriended turned into bared fangs; they had to hole themselves away. It wasn’t until then that she was able to drape her Selkie’s coat over Emmeline, something safe, the both of them curled on the ground like puppies.

    “Everything is okay,” She tells her, words whispered into raven dark hair. “Everyone made it out okay.” Because she knows that even now Emmeline would want to focus on others. It’s what Lenore loves about her. It’s what breaks her heart. (Does she love all that cracks her sternum open?) 

    This feels like nights in Arturo’s sleeper spent hiding underneath bedsheets. Her voice cracks, “What can I do?” How can she fix it? 

    She catches a piece of Emmeline’s hair and twirls it absentmindedly around her finger, “We could tell each other stories.”

    #emmeline leung. #emmeline leung 004. #event 006. #anyways im#sad
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  • I relate to Scott summers because I too am a Chronic Tripper™

    #i tripped on the way home rip #and banged my knees up Hdjdjjd #anyways im #home to do stuff soon #scott: trips down the stairs #me: relatable
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