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  • masked-beanie
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Okay soo...anyone remember this??????

    And yes, I put the HOUR LOOP to annoy y’all :00 

    But srsly who remembers this??

    (I know I do, and for one thing, it’s really annoying!!) 

    Anyway sorry for this 🙃

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  • welshponies
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Is colour breeding inherently bad?

    Personally, I don’t think so. 

    But the way it’s done decides really. I don’t have a problem with breeders who aim for colour, but thoroughly go through their options, pick and choose which sire and dam would fit each other the best and mostly, improve. 

    Everything has to start somewhere. A lot of people have been saying “a good horse doesn’t have a colour”, but a lot of those people would also pass on a palomino or cremello warmblood simply because they assume it must be poorly bred. Right now, perhaps I would agree, many of the ‘special coloured’ studs are not necessarily on par with the ‘normal coloured’ studs. Let’s take a look at KWPN’s own Edmundo: 

    Edmundo falls under the branch Gelders Paard. Gelderse & Groningse paarden were the foundation of what is today KWPN, but they still have their own branch within KWPN, besides the Harness horse and the dressage/jumping branches. They were originally intended as the ideal all-round horse that could be used for farm work, as carriage horse and riding horse. Edmundo is currently Third Level (I think!) dressage. Excuse me if this is wrong, because we use a different class system here. He also performs at intermediate driving level. See below: 

    Would there be more correct Gelderse studs? I’m sure there are. If you breed purely for that, then I’m sure some breeders would pass on him. 

    On the other hand, I really don’t see why some of us SHOULDN’T want to achieve both: a nice colour and a quality horse. Edmundo is not a good fit for every mare and certainly not my favourite palomino out there, but he does have qualities that some breeders would like to improve their mares on. (Do keep in mind that these different branches exist for different reasons: Edmundo is a descendant of Saddlebred Holland’s Golden Boy, a saddlebred who was brought here to bring fresh blood to the harness horse breed. You will see a different type of horse than a dressage or jumping bred horse.)

    When this question was asked in other communities, the majority of replies said ‘breeding for colour is not done, quality should come first’ and I find that a narrow minded and kind of simple train of thoughts to some degree. If you turn it around, the answer becomes totally different. Often I see people have requirements for their next studs such as: 

    - no grays

    - preferably no chestnut factor 

    - would prefer a black stallion 

    etc. Those are not shunned. In my opinion, that is a form of colour breeding as well, the difference being that with these colours there is a lot of quality choices you could make. (And even then, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s also the right stud for your mare.) 

    Back in the day, painted warmbloods were not accepted. Even good painted warmbloods were turned away, simply for their colour. Was that not bad? Is that okay, simply because the horse has spots on it’s body? Now that times are changing, and people actually WANT a horse other than your typical bay, black or chestnut, in the warmblood pool we are suddenly seeing that people want to breed for painted horses but there is simply not a lot of (good) options. Those options are limited in my opinion partially because at some point in time they were turned away and thus didn’t spread their genes very much. 

    Another issue in this line: due to the lack of painted studs, most painted KWPN horses nowadays have a stallion common in their line: I introduce to you, the legendary Samber. 

    Samber, pictured here at age 26, was approved for KWPN as a three year old. Born in 1976 by Pericles xx out of a Gelders(e) dam, Samber soon proved to be versatile. I believe he competed at 1.30m show jumping and eventually would go on to GP dressage: 

    The issue then became that there was not much choice - if you were trying to breed a pinto coloured horse - that was not somehow related to Samber. If you’re breeding a painted warmblood to a “”normal”” warmblood, this wasn’t much of an issue, but to further the pool of these horses it ran kind of dry. Nowadays, one of the most frequent requirements when people with a painted mare or wanting to breed one is: “stallion must not contain any Samber blood”. That’s not so easy when there is so little choice. 

    We see the same in Friesians, who did not all USE to be black. KFPS singlehandedly made sure that there is very little chance of a non-black Friesian foal. And if there is... Well, you can’t really do much with that. This is also a form of colour breeding, whether we like it or not, and I don’t believe it is for the greater good (because honestly, if you exclude all the stallions - or mares - that carry the chestnut gene, it’s not really doing your genetic pool any good). I have seen various chestnut Friesians as well as black Friesians with white markings with a full Friesian pedigree, who look and act just like our ‘classic’ Friesians, but simply will not get anywhere near the studbook simply because of their colour and marks. 

    Colour breeding can be good. Look at riding ponies. Why would it not be possible to breed good quality coloured warmbloods, when there’s an abundance of good quality coloured riding ponies for example? The breeding is behind in quality perhaps, but certainly doesn’t mean that to breed for a coloured warmblood is inherently bad, as long as the breeder intends on breeding quality into it and not breeding a coloured horse simply because it has a special colour and could potentially spread that. 

    Coloured horses in any breed where they are rare will never be of good quality if there is no one to achieve that dream. 

    That still does not mean I support all colour breeding - while I myself like these rarer colours, I certainly also value responsible and well thought breeding the most. That being said, there will not be a magical quality palomino, cremello or tobiano. They don’t come falling out of the sky, we have to get it there. I’m kind of sick of hearing judgements just by seeing a colour as if colours are the devil. 

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  • milkhorns
    25.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    “So Peter, what brings you here?” ✨

    #yes hello im back in dr strange hell #this mf smiles for noone so seeing him so genuinely happy to see peter broke my heart #anywayyy #have a screenshot redraw #doctorstrangefanart#doctorstrange#stephenstrange#doctor strange#stephen strange#mcu#nowayhome#screenshotredraw#myart
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  • otsu09
    24.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    theyre singing happy birthday, you just wanna lay down and cry

    #just something stupid i drew on my phone during spanish class 2day #yeah yeah ik it doesn’t look good but i’m gonna post it anywayyy #otsu.txt #fnaf
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  • deanloosehole
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Getting better. (2.8k)

    not explicitly about dean’s birthday but about dean and his struggle to feel safe and secure in his new domestic life.

    rated E. (the smut included on ao3.)

    also trans dean!!

    The thing about the quiet is that it’s really fucking deafening actually.

    It’s a thought he keeps coming back to. In the deafening black silence in his bedroom. In the sea of blankets and pillows. He tries not to feel like he’s drowning.

    Dean’s been like this for a couple of days which sucks because he’s been sleeping so good for months since they killed God.

    But of course, as Dean, Cas and Jack — shrunk back down a couple feet — settled into their new home, — a homey, one story fixer upper in some quiet neighborhood in Wichita — Dean’s brain started to do what it does best when Dean finally feels happy.

    It self sabotages itself.

    Nothing too bad. Dean was kind of a cock when they were first moving in but moving is stressful and Cas was no a saint either, so.

    So, there’s an excuse.

    But as they settled Dean started to relax. Then promptly, started the nightmares.

    Just really the most gruesome shit you can imagine.

    Cas being pinned to the ceiling of their house except this time the house is already engulfed in flames and Dean can’t leave to save Jack so he has to watch Cas burn as he listens to Jack burn. And when it’s all over Dean somehow survives but no firefighters ever show.

    Then it’s Cas and Jack just straight up disappearing outta nowhere. No note, no trace, no nothing. And everyone refuses to help Dean try to track them because it’s not their fault they couldn’t be happy with you. Really, what’d you expect? Let them go find their real happiness away from you.

    And anyway.

    So Dean fucked up his sleep schedule real good by staying up in fear of having to watch himself lose everything he’s fought for.

    Mostly, he just watches Cas as he sleeps. Slack faced, chest rising up and down rhymically, steadily, continuously. Oh, how the tables have turned.

    Cas catches him doing it sometimes. When he wakes up from his own nightmares or on those rare occasions that he wakes up before 10.

    When it’s a nightmare, he’s usually too frazzled and sweaty to comment, he just reaches for Dean to hold him through it. Dean always goes to him easily.

    When it’s the morning, Cas always asks him if he slept even a little bit. Dean tells the truth almost all of the time and Cas just frowns and kisses his forehead when Dean doesn’t say anything else.

    But Dean’s so fucking sick of falling dead asleep at four pm for three hours on the couch like a fucking grandpa. Plus his back and neck are killing him for that.

    So he tries. He tries so hard to sleep.

    Cas breaks first, rolling over, unspooning Dean to turn on the lamp.

    Yellow light floods the room. The ceiling’s light blue pops out at Dean. Mockingly, Dean and his sleep deprived brain thinks.

    Dean turns his head to see Cas squinting at him.

    His hair is so messy it’s comical and he looks properly grumpy to have his beauty sleep interrupted by Dean’s restlessness.

    Dean gives a tired smile. “Hey, hotstuff.” He rasps. “Have a nightmare?”

    Cas just rolls his eyes, facing Dean on his side. “You are not sleeping.”

    Dean clicks his tongue. “Nah. You got me there.”

    Cas surveys him for a little, squinting at him. “Why?”

    Dean shrugs against the soft fabric, turning his head back to the ceiling that mocks him. “Bad shit keepin me up. I don’t wanna talk about it, talking about it just makes it worse.” Dean says, then, softly, shyly. “Maybe in the morning.”

    Dean can hear Cas’s small smile when he says. “Alright.”

    Dean lays stiffly as the quiet starts to thrum in his ears again. He waits for the ceiling to disappear again, masked in darkness.

    Instead, Cas gives a hefty sigh that makes Dean turn his head.

    “Well, seeing as you’re not tired and neither am I. How would you like to pass the time?” Cas asks, the total picture of innocence.

    Dean raises his eyebrows a little teasingly. “Are you just awake ‘cause you’re horny?”

    Cas scoffs and shifts where he lays on his side. “No, I’m awake because I may have overloaded on coffee today.” He admits and Dean feels an insane surge of smug pride.

    “What did I say, Cas? Hm? Hm?” Dean shakes his head, he remembers attempting to block Cas from the coffee maker to stop him from making his fourth cup of the day.

    Dean never stood a chance really, because Cas only humored him for about thirty seconds before he grabbed his hips and slammed him to the side of the counter, walking past him.

    Cas sighs.

    Dean grins, rolling over, leaning on his elbow, “Say it, Cas, you gotta say it now.”

    Cas fixes him with a glare but dutifully says. “You were right. I was wrong. Happy?”

    Dean leans back on the headboard. “God, it’s so hot when you admit you’re wrong.”

    Cas rolls his eyes, slapping his forearm with the back of his hand lightly. “You’re an ass.”

    Dean catches his hand with his other hand and brings it up to kiss his knuckles, a stupid, sappy smile on his face. “You wouldn’t’ve married me if I wasn’t.”

    Cas scowls, then, seems to remember something. His face falls flat and kind of sad.

    Dean feels a spike of panic and urgency to take that face away. To crumple it up and throw it away.

    Scooting closer, Cas lays his head on Dean’s chest.

    “Are you okay?”

    Dean sighs heavily with Cas’s head weighing him down. But, it’s comforting.

    He drops a hand in Cas’s hair, smoothing it over. “I don’t know.” He admits quietly, looking at the top of Cas’s head instead of the ceiling. “I mean I’m happy. Happier than I ever thought I could be. But I’m so scared of it getting taken away.”

    It’s stupid, really. Dean has everything he’s ever wanted for over a decade and now, the only thing stopping him from enjoying himself is himself.

    And really, people wonder why he hates himself. He’s a goddamn piece of work.

    But Cas just hums like it makes perfect sense.

    “I can understand that. But you can’t be afraid forever. Eventually, it will drive you insane.”

    Dean squeezes his eyes shut because Cas is right but that doesn’t mean it makes it easier.

    “I can’t, Cas. The last time I tried to have a family and live an apple pie life, I lost everything.”

    Dean’s thought about Ben and Lisa a lot recently. His own house and daily trips to the park with Jack reminds him of them. And it hurts every goddamn time.

    Cas’s head shushes on Dean’s sleeping shirt as he shakes his head. “Not everything.”

    Dean purses his lips. “Felt like it at the time.”

    “Now is not then.” Cas says with conviction yet ever so calm. Like it’s not even scary at all. “God is dead, the world is finally balanced. I am an Angel, Jack is the product of an Archangel so — basically untouchable. If only you could worry half as much about yourself as you do us.”

    “Not gonna happen. Especially when you’ve died on me so many times.” He doesn’t mean to start up this fight again. They’ve already hashed this

    out countless times while they were still moving in.

    Cas, still infuriatingly calm, says, “We were fighting a war then.”

    “What if I’m not ready for it to end?” Dean rasps, terrified of the answer. Terrified he’s not made to survive a world that doesn’t need him as a machine. As a sword.

    “That’s not who you are. That’s who your father was. Violence and revenge was his drive, his prerogative. His life. Your drive is helping people, saving people. You care too much to want back a war that almost tore the world apart.”

    Dean swallows and his throat feels swollen. “You don’t know that.”

    “I do. I know you.” Cas says firmly then adds, softly as if to lighten the mood. “I love you.”

    Dean bites his lip. “I love you too. Love you more than I know what to do with. I love Jack and I’m so scared of something happening.”

    “Nothing’s going to happen.” Cas says like he actually believes that.

    Dean does not. He huffs a laugh.

    “Okay, maybe things will happen.” Cas allows. “But not the kind you’re thinking of.”

    “Maybe.” Dean mumbles, scratching his nails up and now the nape of Cas’s neck. .

    “Come on,” Cas coos, sitting up on his knees, away from Dean’s chest, taking his grounding weight and heat with him. He turns and leans backwards against the headboard, opening his arms. “Come here.”

    Dean swallows down the instinctive need to deny comfort. To deny love.

    But he can’t. Not anymore.

    So, Dean goes there. He’d go anywhere Cas wants.

    He settles himself between Cas’s legs, his shoulder pressed to his ribs and his head cushioned on Cas’s shoulder.

    Cas’s arms cocoon him warmly. Safely.

    “Better?” Cas asks, swiping his hand up and down Dean’s bicep.

    “Yeah.” Dean breathes, relaxing into Cas better than he ever could the memory foam under him.

    They stay there for a while. Dean shifts so his ear can press up against Cas’s heartbeat. He closes his eyes to the sound, like when he used to listen to music to sleep.

    Dean likes this better, though.

    Read the rest on ao3

    #i am scribbling tumblr spacing on my hit list as we speak. it sucks #anywayyy this was very self indulgent cuz I love lazy domesticity even if it’s kinda angsty sorryyy #i also love trans dean❤️ #it’s possible I will add another chapter of Cas getting sexed (emotionally) some time later #dean’s birthday#dean#spn#castiel#destiel
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  • paint-music-with-me
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    What is it about seeing Nanon's characters falling in love that makes me feel feral?

    (Answer: his eyesssss)

    #not in a crush way #but like dudeee #its distinct but its love yknow??? #idk how to explain it but damn #i hope i find someone who had eyes like that for me #or the other way around cuz i want to fall in love that you can just see it from the way i look at them yknow?? #ughhhh #im all gushy and romantic now #damnnit#blabber time#55:15 #55:15 never too late #i dnt think ill ever stop talking about nnn's eyes....(and legs) #goddambit#anywayyy 👁👄👁
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  • prinvil
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #.chatting #.kiddos #how exciting #baby... 🥺 will u wear my hemoglobin around ur neck? 🥺 bc im like.. ur life and all now #.........waht if i said 4 kids was the start.......... ANYWAYYY
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  • scottishstoner
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The way Cobra Kai fixated more on the fact Eli got his mohawk cut off than the fact he was attacked by multiple of the cobras and strangled while doing so - so much it left a big huge red mark on his neck (by his former bully no less 😞)

    #anywayyy #I’m literally working and watching s4 again ok I need to stoppp #cobra kai#eli moskowitz#hawk moskowitz#:((
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  • ctolisso
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #anywayyys #still obsessed with blonde lewis #lewis hamilton#f1*#f1#*
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  • lesbian-jackles
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    resisting the urge to make my desktop theme the myspace one....

    #i mean on this blog cause it's already that on my main ndgdhsf #anywayyy i'm gonna make a desktop theme tomorrow cause like. it's about time!!
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  • heureux4430
    22.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    omggg felix is playing

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  • paint-music-with-me
    21.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Idk if what I'll say will make sense or will even be relevant but I just what to at least let someone be aware.

    So in the tags I always express that I relate very heavily to Pran, from the way he sees life to how he copes with it (i mean ep8 fucked me up if u didnt see that crossed out post). He is my comfort character to the extreme. I love him so so dearly.

    That being said, when ep 11 dropped and the whole break-up scene happened as a result of Pat letting it sink in that Pran wants to go home and so did he, it made sense ... to me. It made sense that for them, there's only two sides: breaking up to be with family who are not understanding nor supportive or staying together but being cut off from everything you know. So when they "broke up", I accepted that begrudgingly.

    Ofc I couldnt help but wonder what if. What if they did it in secret again? What if they were still together but told their parents different? And to me, I didn't like it too much because I saw how Pran and Pat were in ep8 and the paranoia and anxiety and just-

    It flooded back to me and I knew that wasn't something to look forward to if they did a secret relationship again.

    But this ep? Episode 12? The epitome of everything I wanted and didn't predict?

    It stumped me. It made me realize how much Pran has grown as a character, as a person. It made me cry a bit because he really grew up and chose for himself and what made him happy. He accepted being in a secret relationship again because at least he would be with Pat. Anything is worth it if it means being with Pat. He can have his cake and eat it too.

    As I thought about it more, it made more sense. They'd still be at school together. They'd still have to interact with each other. They'd still be living across from each other (the parents don't even know about that). Like everything will be fine. They can make it work.

    And I guess for me, the reason I was stumped was because I predicted and accepted a choice out of fear and defeat. I didn't believe there was another way. I was scared of the consequences of anything that could happen, anything that they decided. That fear gripped me.

    So their secret relationship for the past 4 years worked for them. They tried to keep the peace with their parents for 4 years and it worked for them. They did this for them.

    It's not an easy solution. It's not the most "happiest, ideal" solution. But it was a far better solution, rooted in the hope of their love withstanding everything because they kept choosing each other, over and over and over and over again.

    Yes, Pran is my comfort character. Yes, he is my everything and more. But he really showed me how different we are in how we view our choices and how we live with them.

    #ye i still dnt know if i made sense #but all the people complajning abt the fake relationship...i mean...i thiught thats ya'lls fav trope??? #why u complaining now? #fhskdhsk jk jk anywayyy #but fr it fit for them and at least im comforted knowing that they didnt actually never talked to e/o for 4 yrs #yeah pran was away for 2 yrs but they are still together #they would facetime e/o #its an ldr and thats okay and they made it work #what we need to take from this is: love will choose us if we keep choosing love #if we do it the right way the honest way #anyway thats been on my mind since the ep dropped...which was like 8hrs ago or something soooo #whateverd #im still grieivjng and dealing so #bad buddy the series #bad buddy#pranpat#pran parakul#blabber time#gmmtv#aof noppharnach
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  • tokyostudying
    21.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    i created this fexi playlist based on fez's pov and idk i wanna share it with you guys so lmk if yall have any suggestions so i can add those as well

    #fez x lexi #fexi#euphoria #i just know fez n lexi listen to mac miller together i just know it. also lexi made him listen to lana as well. she told me guys!! #anywayyy that was awkward i hope i captured his feelings well lmk what you think #gokcen.txt #Spotify
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  • its-tortle
    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #this ended up being more about bucky than stucky #it also took me way too long to post #i still dont like it #but no amount of editing will make me like it at this point so AHH #just have it #i hope it sparks some joy <3 #also pls excuse the fic plug i just already had written a little ficlet in which bucky has that plant naming moment and it felt right to in #*include #the tags cut me off smh #anywayyy #thank you for sending this in! #and apologies it took so darn long #asks#stucky#stucky drabble#tortle writes#sort of#bucky barnes#steve rogers#stucky hcs
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  • vlyntage
    21.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    one word: clownery

    #that is all #anywayyys #i’m gonna eat and write #{☕️} — tea time with vlynn #they rlly are two faced ngl
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  • lipslikethegardensofbabylon
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    "I love to communicate via Easter eggs," Swift told Entertainment Weekly back in 2019. "I think the best messages are cryptic ones."

    Dancing With Our Hands Tied (2017) // Wildest Dreams (2014) // Death By A Thousand Cuts (2019) // I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (2016) // Back to December (2010) // Cornelia Street (2019) // Delicate (2017) // Blank Space (2014) // Out of the Woods (2014) // Mine (2010)

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  • hidiingplace
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    ooc. writing in english with les guillemets («...») is so fucking weird.

    #( figuring out how to formate them in english is a mind fuck #anywayyy ) #ooc ( screams in horse girl ).
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  • interesteddisaster
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #And also: yes???? Because I have friends????? #Just kiss me on the lips next time 💛💛 no need to be so obsessed #What would the yikes even be about? Me liking ace attorney? #Anywayyy
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  • sleepy-night-child
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Last Lines

    Yesterday I spent nearly all afternoon writing two (short) chapters instead of my academic statement which sounds way more intense than what it actually means but that’s the name and I don’t know what else to call it!😅 So! I might as well share some lines🤷🏻‍♀️ Today’s tag is sponsored by @caspia-writes! Thank you! <3

    In which Nova is nearly send flying because his soul is so damn light

    He watches as she lifts a large weight from the scale as if it’s nothing before plucking something out of the cabinet under her desk and laying it in the weight’s place.
    It is a small, bright scarlet flower, with slim, curled leaves and long stamens. A red spider lily.
    “Step on the bascule,” she says.
    “Why?” he questions, already finding himself taking a step forward.
    “To weigh your soul,” she replies. “I will not have anyone with a heavy soul work for me.”
    He swallows. What if his soul is heavy? What even makes a soul heavy?! And what will he do if he doesn’t pass this test of hers?
    He looks from her, to the bascule, and back to her again, but she just watches him without expression.
    “Is there a problem?” she asks, crossing her arms before her body.
    “Ah, no.” He shakes his head wildly before taking a deep breath as if that will lighten his soul, and he steps, gingerly, on the bascule.
    When he moves to place his other foot on top, the platform shoots up under his weight, nearly making him lose balance and fall forward.

    (Ehhh... it’s a bit longer than usual but I couldn’t bring myself to split this up)

    Can’t think of who to tag, so anyone that wants to be sponsored by me can take this open tag lol

    #tag game #last line tag #my writing#black-feather #am I using the word 'bascule too much'?🤔🤣 #it's such a weird word and my brain can't even pronounce it in English?! like it automatically says it in Dutch right in the middle of the #English words lol #but it *is* the official term. and I can't just say scale or balance bc then everyone would get the wrong image!! #anywayyy #my boy's about to get hired! #(future me here! don't mind that ' in the wrong spot in the 5th tag. it's supposed to go after the word bascule and not after much. sigh) #((lol no one probably noticed and now you do bc I made a point out of it but I can't leave these things alone when I see then XD))
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  • talk-sos
    20.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #no biggie just me forgetting tags like always #lmao i'm like that one person in those movies who always forgets stuff #well i mean technically this ask really doesn't need tags tho #anywayyy#ask#anon#luke hemmings#sierra deaton #luke and sierra #lierra#5sos#talk-sos
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