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    From the Brio childhood friends to lovers fic (because I’ve got about 5k written for the next chapter of “Off The Record” and I have like, 3 more scenes to work in and I needed a distraction OKAY?!) - 

    Beth settles into a stool at the bar, glancing around quickly, before trying to catch the eye of the bartender.  

    It’s busy tonight, so she’s rushing around and Beth settles back, sympathetic. She desperately needs a drink, but she can be patient.  


    Beth turns her head to the left, the deep rumbled greeting from the guy next to her catching her a bit off guard.  

    He’s pretty cute, with dark hair and eyes and an insanely muscular body, and her thoughts briefly travel to a dirty place before she shakes herself out of it, clearing her throat as she wills herself not to blush.  

    “Hi!” She responds, giving him a polite smile before turning away, tapping her phone screen on to check the time.  

    “Name’s Adam. Can I buy you drink?” He tries again and Beth graces him with another smile, almost feeling bad that he’s decided to try to pick her up tonight, unaware of what a lost cause that particular venture is.  

    She opens her mouth to politely decline, but is jostled from her other side, hard enough that she bumps into the guy trying to buy her a drink–Adam, and her hand comes up to grasp at the edge of the bar top as she pushes away from him and straightens up in her chair. “I am so sorry.”  

    “No, no, not your fault.” He says, glaring at the person behind her and Beth turns to glare too.  

    The first thing she notices is the giant tattoo spread out across his neck. 

    (more under the cut!)

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  • Hi all,

    Just a reminder that Round 5 has a new Archive Of Our Own collection. The title is “MCU Kink Bingo Round 5″ and the identified is “mcukbr5″. If you post to Ao3, feel free to add your works to that collection!

    - Mod Al

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  • Don’t Be Afraid of These Thunderclouds | Chapter 5 (x)

    It seemed like the skies had finally heard the cries of his soul. Even if it was in the form of thunderclouds.

    “I’ll think of something,” Yoongi announced, hands clenched into fists by his sides. “I’ll try.”

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  • Mythical Kurt Hummel

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  • Chapter posted on my ao3 (talpup). ao3 link on my homepage.

    Thank you to those who have left hearts.  And a special THANK YOU to those who have recently left comments or re-blogged. They really mean a lot.

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  • Chapter three of There and Back and There Again is out!

    You can find it on AO3 and Fanfiction.net @WoodAshAndOliveOil

    “Do not think you must sacrifice yourself to do this,” Elrond said knowingly. “Do not close your heart. I can see the scars this is creating. You gain nothing in doing so.” Bilbo’s stomach churned unpleasantly and his fingers twitched towards his pocket, wishing for solitude, to hide from this feeling of being stripped bare and thrown from a cliff. There would be no eagles, no ring to save him from this. “Though I think I know your answer, I feel I must offer regardless. You are welcome to stay here, if that is your wish.”



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  • I have a major soft spot for theonsa and wrote a little drabble for them! I posted it on Ao3 and I’ll post it below too. Thank you for reading! ✌💙


    “Do you see how blue her eyes are?” Sansa asked, cradling their daughter against her breast.

    Theon lay behind his wife, allowing her to rest against his chest. His arms wrapped around her waist, and he hid a smile, as he kissed the top of her head. “Tully blue,” he murmured.

    Both were enraptured with their daughter, named Catelyn after the mother that Sansa had so dearly loved. “She has your nose, I think,” Sansa said softly, and Theon felt his heart stutter inside his chest, “And your pretty curls.”

    Neither of them, the Queen in the North nor her loyal Hand reflected on the night that that saw the creation of their daughter. Theon swallowed thickly, his eyes closing as memories came unbidden to him.

    He was Reek then, and Sansa -

    Sansa was Ramsay’s wife and had suffered as no other woman had. Towards the end, Ramsay had delighted at forcing her to lie with the man she’d once considered a brother, the man that had betrayed her family and now knelt at the feet of her cruel master, her husband, who often laid with her too.

    Ramsay had never gone through on his threat to castrate Reek, and Sansa had confessed that she was pregnant shortly after Ramsay’s death. Only they both knew the last time that she had laid with them both, and there was a possibility, a chance –

    Of something that Sansa couldn’t ever consider, nor begin to accept -


    He blinked, immediately loosening his grip on his wife’s nightgown. She never knew a harsh word from him nor the cut of his hand. He cherished her beyond reason, the sight of the winter queen and her consort walking hand in hand, a frequent sight amidst Winterfell’s court. They often had private moments together, whether in their chambers or the sept, and none but Catelyn’s nurse would disturb them.

    They both lavished love upon their daughter, as the halls of Winterfell came alive once more. Sansa was a natural as a mother, though she often had to reassure Theon when their daughter sneezed or fell when she attempted to toddle toward them, on her unsteady feet. She was the fruit of their love, the testament to the close relationship between them.

    And there were nights still when Theon took Sansa gently in their bed, and she whispered in his ear that she dreamed of more children. She wanted a family once more; the rest of the Starks gone and buried, all but Jon who lived beyond the Wall, after the death of the Dragon Queen.

    “She’s beautiful,” he said, glancing down at their daughter. She had the beginning of dark locks, ones as curly as his own, while she inherited her mother’s docile nature. “And she’s ours.”

    Sansa nodded, and he knew that she was pleased.

    Happy, even.

    “I’ll always keep her safe,” he added, and Sansa tilted her head up toward him. She pressed a kiss to the underside of his jaw as if she knew the direction of his thoughts. “No,” she said lightly, yet as seriously and earnestly as if she was praying to the Stranger. “We both will, my love. We’ll keep her safe, and never allow her to suffer as we have,” and Theon knew she spoke the truth.

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  • Southern Exposure is the latest story in the Decline and Fall series, chronicling the adventures of Princess Verity of Arland in Revaire. It’s a kind of companion piece to the previous story in the series, Cold Shoulder. I’ve been working on this sequence of events for… a while.

    Verity is my trash baby, a study in poor life choices and the regret that attends them. The series as a whole is pretty dark, and this installment in particular is… well, Hyperion is more of a dick than usual, and that’s saying something. Caveat reader, I guess.

    #decline and fall #train wreck verity #hazel's stories#7kpp#fanfiction#links#ao3
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  • Why did I not delve into the Blaine/Mike ao3 fics until now?? They’re incredible.

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  • y’all ever go down a rabbit hole of good fics

    #chats#my posts #i read this really good fic on ao3 and was like woah!!! this is awesome!!! #and then i checked out their profile to see if they had more fics for that fandom #sadly they did not but they DID have large amount of bookmarks #so i thought hmmm they seem like theyd have good taste in fics!! #so i checked out their bookmarks #and it was only after 5 hours of doing this and exhausting every lead for more fics that i was done #i have no regrets tho #10/10 would do again #ao3#bookmarks#fanfiction#fanfics
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  • Jensen Ackles/Lonk is 💣

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  • Sinful Knuckles

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  • You ever checked your own AO3 page just to see if you’ve updated your own fic

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