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  • dark side of the moon   (43k, complete, 1/1, M)

    by embyr

    tags: fantasy au // murder mystery // romance // fluff // angst // vampire sokjin // banshee jungkook // werewolf taehyung // warlock jimin // vampire namjoon // fairy yoongi // fairy hoseok // violence // found family // there is Murder but also heavily focused on Two Boys Falling in Love // as it should be // minor character death // protective seokjin // jungkook is a sweetheart // detective seokjin // college/university au // blood drinking // magical realism // maknae likes are best fwends // most important tag: toad // hurt/comfort


    When a murderer starts picking off students one by one at a school for magickal creatures, Seokjin and his team go undercover in order to stop them.
    There, he meets Jeongguk, a banshee whose throat is torn up every time he screams for a nearby death.

    The two fall together the same way snow melts and disappears into earth. They sink and sink, until one is completely lost in the other.

    #jinkook#jinkook fic #jinkook fic rec #bts fic #bts fic rec #ao3 jinkook#fantasy au#romance #fluff and angst #minor character death #jungkook is a sweetheart #college/university au #hurt and comfort #20k to 50k #complete#oneshot#rated m
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  • where my pain lies  (27k, complete, 4/4, E) 

    by jks_microwave

    tags: alternate universe // vampires // vampire sex // vampire bites // song demon jungkook // vampire taehyung // vampire seokjin // vampire namjoon // vampire jimin // vampire hoseok // angst // denial of feelings // seokjin is bad at feelings // jin needs a hug // he’s trying his best // he puts his coven before himself // jungkook is a brat // hobi protection squad // jinkook smut // demon black market // kidnapping // guilt // side vmon // side yoonminseok // non-graphic violence // mentions of blood


    [SEQUEL to “This Beautiful Prison”]

    Jungkook wakes up after his night with Vampire Lord Jin to find himself back at his apartment without so much as a goodbye. First order of business? Break into Jin’s castle and get some answers. There, he meets Jin’s coven, and discovers the reason why Jin refuses to let anyone get close.

    part 2 of this beautiful prison

    #jinkook#jinkook fic #jinkook fic rec #bts fic #bts fic rec #alternate universe#vampires#angst #denial of feelings #smut #jungkook is a brat #20k to 50k #series#complete#chaptered#rated e#supernatural au#ao3 jinkook
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  • for my jinkookers out there, if you’re looking for some short jinkook fics, I have two fic recs for you:

    like we were made of water by smallestsecret, summary:

    Four years had made what Seokjin found familiar a dream. He can’t help but mull over it all, feeling the worries shift and move through his head. He wonders if him and Jeongguk can be like the water pouring down his body; fitting into place, moving around each other. Despite their different shapes—despite the fact that time had molded them anew.

    (In which Seokjin and Jeongguk feel love spurring in between them, and Time tries and fails to do something about it.)

    a million and one ways, summary: inspired by the prompt: seokjin gives jeongguk a bath.

    add in a lot of bad decisions, strained relationships, and an unconditional love that will always triumph.

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  • #jinkook#bts jinkook#jeon jungkook#kim seokjin#jinkook fanfic#jinkook ao3#bts fanfic#bts ao3#bangtan boys #bangtan boys fanfic #my writing#kookjin #self boost cuz sometimes you gotta #ill delete this later #um i love jinkook ok
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  • Capa teste (Usando de inspiração uma fanfic real gringa postada no AO3!) 

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