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  • 60coyote
    26.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    some tomione snippets

    “I’ve never hidden my interest for you.” /// “He has.”
    “Tell me, do you believe in god?”
    "You don’t seem like someone who cares about lost causes.” “It’s my specialty, actually.”
    “Tell me you don’t want this.” “It’s a horrible idea” “I doubt that’s never stopped you before”

    read it here

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  • poetry-protest-pornography
    26.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Okay, but why, 6th person? Did you hate it? Was it badly written? Am I a bad person?

    #on writing#fanfiction#ao3 #but really though just got the kudos button? and maybe tell me you liked it? leave an emoji in the comment box? #don't forget to feed your fic writer ('s fragile ego)
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  • lesbinbitsukki
    26.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Today I checked my Gmail and found someone had left a comment, I may be an idiot, but I am a sentimental idiot who cries of joy over these dumb things.

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  • herdragonknights
    26.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Into The Dragon’s Den (season 4)

    (Meeting Chad for the first time in D1)

    Chad: well hello beautiful~

    Evie: not interested

    Chad: what? Scared your girlfriend will get jealousy of me?

    Evie, chuckling: seeing as you came out the womb looking like that I don’t think she will

    Chad: oh please~ It’s obvious you’re just with her until you find someone better

    Evie, deep inhale to remain holy: i’m not gay enough for this right now..

    Evie: *calls Mal* hey babe…yeah can you meet me under the bleachers?….*side eyes him* I have a little problem..

    Chad: what’s she gonna do? My makeup and tell me about her boy troubles?


    Mal, in detention: look all I’m saying is this, I asked him if he likes to play catch right?

    Jay: go on

    Mal: so I ask him if he can catch these hands, he said yes so I fucking hit him, what is the problem?

    Carlos: the fact that you didn’t just hit him, you threw him in a random direction

    Mal: your point?

    Evie, shows Mal the news: you must’ve been pissed he’s still missing

    Gay Cupid✨: why are there 5 of you in here?

    Jay, playing in Carlos’ hair: moral support

    Gay Cupid✨, sighing: Mal..how about next time you be the bigger person?

    Mal: i can’t I’m short, petty and chose violence today

    #malvie#ao3 writer#descendants #i write too much #jaylos#ao3fic #i write fanfiction #blue and purple #pansexual#umaudrey
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  • firefox-official
    26.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #fr im an artist on my main blog #im also a cosplayer and a writer and i have an ao3 that you will NEVER have the pleasure of seeing #actually i have a number of side logs #33 to be exact. including this one
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  • pepitotheantichristandgaz
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Hey guys! Thank you for supporting this tiny blog, not to mention my friend's fiction work.
    CelestialDarkness666 has updated both of her Invader Zim fics, Dib's New Neighbors of Doom! (Shipping Pepito/Gaz) and Lost and Found (Shipping Zim/Gaz). They are both on AO3 and Wattpad.
    Here is a link to chapter 6 of Dib's New Neighbors of Doom on AO3 (warning: Lots of terror & fluff)
    And here it is on Wattpad:
    Thank you, and Happy Halloween 🎃
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  • haly-reads
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    AO3 and fanfiction are so amazing like so many writers giving love and life to their favourite characters and novels, apologize for being late to release the next chapter, put honest notes, not to forget the fabulous smut and romance when required, and whatnot. some stories are have 📈📈📈 plot twists beyond imagination. now that's some serious dedication right there.

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  • batcavescolony
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fanfic writers I love you but please google the age of the children your writing

    A 4 year old can get on a couch easily

    Children arnt that small. 4year olds are roughly hip height (3f 5in (102.3 cm))

    4-5 is when kids start kindergarten

    4-5 is when their in booster seats

    They can have a conversation

    They know shaped, colors, numbers ect

    They usually have a reason for crying or acting out. 'She took my pencil' 'they won't share' 'i want ____' are pretty common ones

    If their in 2021 they know how to use an tablet, I pad, ect they might ask you to find what they want but from their they got it.

    Their little shits who like to tattle on siblings

    They are always hungry and want snacks

    They love it when you throw them around (like lift them and throw them at a pile of cushions)

    They will mimic things they hear and loudly sing songs..... It's very annoying

    When they're tired they want to be with you

    They can pick up after them selves.... Will they, no. But they can.

    #fan fiction#fanfic #fan fiction writers #ao3#wattpad #ffn.net #writing tips #im reading a fic and their like 'hes [4yo] struggling to get up on the couch' and im like no 4yo's can do that #children#kids #they also can talk.... like really they never shut up. anything they think will be said #they also love helping you with stuff and drawing on everything #and of theirs an older sibling oof CHAOS #fanfic pet peeves #mcu#comics#dc comics#marvel #They can also be bribed very easily #they also what EVERYTHING and are very opinionated #this doesn't got with ALL 4-5 year olds but in my experience their little hellions (affectionately) #please at least google miles stones of the age your writeing or at least what they look like #they can usually go to the bathroom. they can carry a plate with minimal spills.they can drink out of a cup wouldn't recommend but they can #they might need help getting dressed or putting a jacket on sometimes. they usually know what feet shoes go on #they can write their name
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  • narcissablackasnightmalfoy
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    //Hmmm... I just realized I never dived into Lucius's emotions when they lost Lyra... Good thing editing exists, lol. Time for round 2 on this scene... and he's gonna feel very guilty about it.

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  • jukeandthephantoms
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    so like. I’m the author of Just One Dream (Juke Highschool AU) on AO3 and that shit blew up! I will be writing for it again, chapter 16 is now in the works!! See you guys soon!!

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  • supergeek21
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ineffable Con Zine Entry!

    Here’s another story appropriate for Spooky Season! Aziraphale and Crowley go for a relaxing holiday in the mountains and get scared silly!

    Written for the #ineffablecon3 zine

    #good omens #good omens fanfiction #crowley#aziraphale#fanfiction #archive of our own #ao3 #writers on tumblr #queer platonic partner #aroace#halloween
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  • cockles-is-pure-love
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Destiel, castiel mpreg,chapter 67

    Castiel having meltdown, Charlie home from uncle sam and aunt Eileen, first night of our new baby girl st home.

    Teen or even general

    Link or under the cut

    Castiel emotional after birth, Charlie back home

    Castiel was sobbing, Dean Could see from his face everything was hurting, they knew it was a possibility and castiel couldn't feed her, his body didn't change the same way like last time but emotionally he was again a wreck. Dean took her, letting Castiel lie down and he returned her on his chest, "I'll make her a bottle and after I call Sam to bring Charlie home", Castiel nodded, "I think I want to call her Eve". Dean smiled and kissed her head that had short blond hair, her eyes blue, and he hoped she stayed like this. She was so calm on her Caatiel chest, "can you give me my phone?". Castiel was stretching for his phone on the dresser", Dean gave him and looked confused "low on grace and I want to know Sal okay".

    Dean was holding Eve, feeding her the amount formula said, he made themself reminder to feed her again later, Castiel was relaxed knowing Sal was okay and Gabriel with Jack made sure he would be safe, he saw tears in castiel eyes, "I gave birth I can't feed her" he began sobbing again. Knocked downstairs and key opened the door, Dean gave Eileen the key just in case, "we upstairs" said Dean. He heard the door closed and Charlie laughed. "I missed this sound" said Castiel, lying on side naked under the blanket covering only the lower part, his wings reaching for eve, they heard her walking upstairs slowly and small feet next to her, they looked at each other, "he walking the stairs?" Said Dean, Castiel turned on his back taking Eve on his chest and Dean left the room fast enough to see Eileen holding his hand while slowly taking the last step on stairs. "Dada" he said, he stumbled while walking to Dean and he grabbed him to snuggle and kiss him, Charlie looked tired, "how is he?" She said, "hurting, bonding with Eve", she smiled. They heard Castiel shifting in bed, "you can come in" they heard Castiel from the room, she stood in the entrance while Dean joined with Charlie in the bed, Charlie looked curious of little Eve and stretch hand to touch her, his wings touched her in the end but she was still sleeping. "She is beautiful" said Eileen, she looked at Dean "Charlie looks castiel but she looks like you", she held the phone, "I want to take a picture" she said, "perfect picture for valentine day".

    Charlie was in bed, after stragglers he fell asleep, Eve was in a crib connected to their bed, old Charlie's crib. "Of pregnancy we did celebrate our wedding day and valentine" said Dean kissing Castiel shoulder for attention, he looked back on him with big smile, "I thought about something" castiel raised eyebrow, "you not into symbolism, Charlie was born on day you confess your love, Eve was born on valentine day, it's like gifts for our love", "it really special" said castiel looking back at her and camera from Charlie crib, "our little miracles" he said, he began sobbing, "I don't know why I'm crying" he said with stopping to breath between words, Dean turned him around and hugged him tight, "because you gave birth less than five hours ago", he was sobbing until he feel asleep, every two hours Eve woke up demanding care, most of time Castiel woke up and hold her feeding the bottle Dean made.

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  • girlinlotsoffandoms
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    did I just make myself super emotional writing a scene? Yes, yes I did.

    am I oddly proud of said emotional scene? Yes, yes I am.

    #its a good scene imo #i hope y'all like it #forged by fire #chapter 3#kelly severide#stella kidd#stellaride#fanfic#writer#ao3#chicago fire
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  • blakkat5158
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    when im in my mid twenties, i want to fall in love; i want to swap diaries; i want to go on warm coffee dates; i want to be kissed on the knuckles when we’re holding hands; i want a sweet gentle romance; i want to do stupid things together; i want to be a fool; i want to dive in headfirst into every thing that we do; i want to kiss in the dark; i want to dream about us; i want and want and want and want and-
    i want to fall in love; i want to hurt and be hurt and let hurt and forgive and forget and still smile like you hung the stars and sun and moon and cry alone and together and give the cold shoulder even when there’s a needle thin ache burning in my chest because you make me mad and sad and happy and crazy and i wonder why i do this to myself then i remember:
    i wanted to fall in love.
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  • enture
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    reaching out to my followers! if you guys have any prompts or plots that you'd like me to write, reply on this post and i'll choose to put on my masterlist in the making.

    i write for:

    - criminal minds [season 1-12]

    - mcu/marvel [i'm not too familiar with the x-men timeline though]

    - bbc sherlock

    - harry potter [not really into following the main canon plot bc it's sad asf]

    - twilight [i don't do too much of it bc idk]

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  • cockles-is-pure-love
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Destiel, castiel mpreg, chapter 66

    Birth of baby girl mature chapter

    We got jack, Gabriel and Meg in this chapter

    Link or under the cut

    Birth of baby girl

    "I'm sorry I didn't wear your sweater", Dean smiled at him, caressing his hand, "it's okay" he said, "I feel so big and colors..", said Castiel, "I want you to feel comfortable" said Dean, pulling him into embrace, "my beautiful angel" he kissed his head, "we need to enjoy every moment we can sleep" said Dean, he rolled out of bed crossing the blinds before returning to bed, "let's enjoy Charlie sleeping before we get baby that must eat during the night", castiel nodded before snuggle into Dean embrace.

    They were in Sal's office last night, they scheduled a c-section at the beginning of next week. Castiel was waiting for Dean to come from work before his boss to let him only stand by for the next weeks, Charlie looked at him curious when Castiel felt his womb squeezing and felt himself leaking, "papa?" Said Charlie, his wings were, he hold hand on mouth not to scream in front of charlie and prayed to jack to come, he hugged Charlie tight, jack arrived, he looked on wet floor under castiel's pjs, "your brother take you to your uncle sam", jack took him, "I'll be right back" said Jack, castiel kisses Charlie that looked upset before jack took him, "I'll bring Dean here", Castiel was holding the belly.

    Jack brought back Dean that immediately sat next to sweating Castiel, "she wants to be out" said castiel, Jack looked lost until Dean told him to teleport them to the hospital and castiel said no, he squeeze Dean shoulder, "call Sal, tell him I'm in labor", Dean trying to find the name in his phone until Jack took and it click calling Sal, castiel screamed at the second Sal answer the phone, "we go now" said Jack, holding them both.

    "I'm not ready yet", said Castiel when Dean helped him get into the chair Sal brought him outside, "we had two more days". He was shaking and Dean lowered himself to castiel eye lvl, everyone was looking at them, castiel screamed again, Sal tried to give a syringe with something to delay the birth but it was snapped from his hand, Dean got close to stomach "hey baby girl, your dad it's safe, let the man do what he need", he kissed the stomach and Sal among to inject it. The pain waves relaxed.

    Castiel was hospitalized in the women's gynecological section, he got a private balcony room, they heard people talking about him but Alex fixed the gender to others so she could put him there. What Sal injected him was still working and in an hour he managed to get to the operation room. "I'm not ready also" said Dean suddenly, castiel look embarrassed, "I had meltdown" said Castiel, "you made her relax, like Charlie she trust you from the womb", he turned himself toward Dean, "I know Sal optimistic but I don't think she let him operate on me". Dean smiled and tried to hide the worry but it wasn't easy. they shared, "worst case scenario you will have natural birth, you survive it being a lot weaker".

    He was screaming, he called the nurses that called Sal, Jack came and Gabriel. Sal closed the balcony door and locked it. Gabriel turned away then Sal checked screaming Castiel until the hospital robe, you girl will be stronger than the medicine. Castiel was tired and stopped scream, he was sweating, shaking, "Cas" said Sal, he press his lower belly, "I need you stop pushing for at least few minutes", castiel was grabbing the sheets, they all saw blood coming, jack put his hand on Cas and blood stop leaking, Sal was gone for a second than he returned with nurse with put blood sack ready, she was angel, she smiled to him and got out, he locked the door after her. Castiel was crying, "Gabriel I need to you out of door, I need someone to protect, diamond and angels will know new baby on his way", Gabriel squeeze Castiel shoulder, rare occasion they saw him serious, "you can do it" he say to Castiel, he turn to Sal "I got friends that help me, don't worry and make sure my little brother be fine" he said, "I need to push said castiel, Dean grabbed his hand, Gabriel was gone and Jack got his father second hand letting the grace flowing between them. "Scream and push at the same time, the scream will give you strength" said Sal, castiel looked confused but it sound so similar, he looked at his eyes and remember him in different body and voice, "scream and push" he could hear him with other voice "sweetheart scream and push", Dean voice brought him to reality, "you my here", he heard Dean and felt him kissing his head, he felt like he broke Dean hand bones, "your hand" said Castiel, Jack put hand over Dean healing the hand while castiel scream and pushed again while squeezing the hand.

    The bed was with a huge spot of blood but Castiel was connected to a sack of blood, he didn't notice it happened, Dean said it was during the birth. They heard stragglers from the hallway, a baby girl was laying on Castiel's chest, she was looking for his chest to feed, "Dean I send you mail with a blanket to fill. Now you need to go", they heard yelling outside, "I'll take care of them" said Jack, he put hand on Dean and Castiel, second later Caatiel was in their bed in their house and Dean in bed next to him.

    "There baby?" Said women with black eyes, jack put hand on Sal sending to his own home. "What baby?" Said castiel, she look at the blood on the bed "he died" said Jack, he used the grace to burn her, Gabriel entered the room, "congrats on you new sister" he said, "and you for new niece" said Jack, "I killed few more, I think someone called the police" Meg came into the room, jack lift hand and Gabriel stopped him, "she is a friend" said Gabriel, "she helped me kill them", she smiled "oh look it the new god, anyway I deleted the camera but you should go", she looked at scared woman hiding in bathroom of the main room, "she won't say anything because no one will believe her and I'll convince her that mental hospital not good place for new mom" she said.

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  • ms-moonlight-inn
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    These types of comments are not helpful. They do not inspire writers to post more free content for your favorite ship. If you have something grumpy to say, for heaven's sake send a nicely worded PM/DM. Or, at the very least ask for consent before dumping your negative opinion on someone. Also, there's a difference between constructive criticism & blatant negativity.

    This isn't the first mean-spirited comment this user had left. And, this one's actually one of their milder ones. I've tried engaging them in a conversation & perhaps try to help them understand why these comments are unhealthy for the writers, but I've yet to receive a response.

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